LEGAL DISCLAIMER: PhotoBlocker is perfectly legal to purchase, however may NOT be legal to use. While applications of PhotoBlocker are undetectable, we do NOT advise using it to defraud the UK driving system.

October 2018 - United Kingdom
Dear Friend,

Would YOU like to make your car INVISIBLE to speed cameras?

NO more fines. NO more points. NO more sudden flashes on the motorway.

Wouldn't that just be a dream come true?

Well, now you CAN -- Thanks to PHOTOBLOCKER!

The brand new, patented PhotoBlocker spray STOPS you from getting caught by speed cameras -- by automatically REFLECTING the light of the camera flash, like a mirror.

The reflected light overexposes the image, making your number plate ABSOLUTELY UNREADABLE. It works EVERY TIME. And that means NO FINE and NO POINTS!

Regular drivers will be able to see your car number plate as normal, and it's UNDETECTABLE to the naked eye. Police officers will have no idea.

But you will NEVER get caught speeding again!

This USA phenomenon has JUST arrived in the United Kingdom, and it's EASY to use.

Just one spray of PhotoBlocker and you become INVISIBLE...