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Bridgeport-style Millhead for Sale
I have a bridgeport-style millhead for sale: beltdriven, two-speed motor; previous owner
said the bearings were starting to become noisy, and replaced the head.  For sale, or
parting out, it's supposed to be a running head, and will fit any bridgeport style machine.
Pick-up in Carson City!


440/3ph to 220/3ph Converter
I have a nice, clean commercially made setup that allows a 440-3ph machine to run off of 220-3ph
power; includes all outboard boxes w/ main transformer (wall mount) unit.  This is a 3KVa unit
for smaller machines, is ready to run (just came out of the grinding shop above, well maintained
and clean).  0.00, pickup in Carson City (email for pix)

Various Items for Sale
NOS 50 Taper tool holder; never mounted in a machine, made in Poland; 2" bore opening
Another 50T tool holder, ask!
SquareD Limit Switches; Type 6P, qty = 2
Various Thread Gauges
Bridgeport Handles, fits various mills/grinders/etc.

Material for Sale
One round bar of H13 Tool Steel (6 5/8" OD x 20" L)
Gray ABS Plastic, approximately 4½" OD x 1" thick (flat pieces)
Two Bars of unknown Titanium, 1" x 12'



Cincinnati Workhead out of closed toolgrinding shop; shows use but was well maintained
5C & Morse Taper chucks, fully adjustable
Preferred pick-up here in Carson City as this is a heavy item.
Price is firm!


The (IND#X) is an inventory control number; I do not sell my originals, if you can use a clean copy or need a couple/few pages of scanned info I can assist you - THIS IS NOT A FREE SERVICE AS MANY SEEM TO THINK!!  I DO ASSIST MANY FOR FREE W/ CERTAIN SCANNED INFO, BUT DO NOT ASSUME THAT I CAN SPEND HOURS ASSISTING YOU FOR FREE.  I DO TRY TO PUSH SELLING SCANNED VERSIONS OF MANY OF THESE RATHER THAN HARDCOPIES, BUT I DO PROVIDE CLEAN (heavy cardstock covers,


 When contacting me regarding manuals in these lists it's always best to copy & paste the actual listing of the item you're referring to when emailing me.


  • ABRASIVE DISK Self-Propelled Concrete Saw, Model C-3000-30, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • ACTRON Digital Engine Analyzer Model 3003 Instruction manual; full OPERATING manual w/ additional "Electronic Ignition Supplemental Instruction Manual" (NO schematic/parts list for the unit itself). (IND6)
  • AIR COOLED ENGINES SERVICE MANUALS: includes instructions/service on the following manufacturers: Advanced Engine Products, Briggs & Stratton, Chrysler, Clinto, Cox, Continental, Craftsman, Deco-Grand, Homelite, Honda, Jacobsen, Kohler, Lauson, Lawn Boy, McCulloch, O&R, Onan, Pincor, Power Products, Roper, Sachs, Solo, Tecumseh, West Bend & Wisconsin.
  • AJAX CHEMICAL FIRE ENGINES (THE SAFETY FIRE EXTINGUISHER CO.)Catalog of 2-wheeled fire engines (fire extingusher carts), approximately 1920's/1930's (?). (S)
  • ALBERTSON & CO. Model 1712-M Grinding Kit (Electric) for Valve Seats, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • ALBERTSON & CO. Model 1712-S Grinding Kit (Electric) for Valve Seats, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • ALLEN Programmed Training Course, 16-000 Series Engine Analyzer (S)
  • ALLEN ELECTRIC Model 27-49 Alternator/Generator/Regulator & Battery/Starter Tester Operating Instructions (IND#2)
  • ALLEN ELECTRIC Engine Distributor Tester Model 30-89, Operator's
  • ALLIS-CHALMERS Model "G" Tractor, Op/Maintenance/Parts manual (S)

  • ALLISON AT Series Automatic Transmission Service manual (Model AT540)(IND1)
  • ALLISON Mechanic's Tips booklets: these are short (about 40 pages) booklets containing great info for the mechanic (IND#6):  1)MT(B) 600 Series Transmissions  2) AT500 Series Transmissions  3)AT-MT(B)-HT-V 730 Hydraulic Controls, Troubleshooting   4)AT542, AT545, MT(B)643, MT(B)647, MT(B)653, MT(B)654, HT740, HT747, HT750, HT754 Operator's Manual, 700 Series Transmissions (HT740, HT747, HT754CR, HT750DR(DB), CLT. CLBT 754(DB), VCLBT 754(DB) Mechanic's Tips.
  • AMMCO Brake Lathe, Model 7700-7 , Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • ASCO VALVES Red-Hat II Open-Frame, General Purpose, Watertight/Explosion-Proof Solenoids, Install/Maint.
  • ASCO VALVES 2 Way Internal=Operated Solenoid Valves, Hung Diaphragm, 3/8, ½, 3/4 NPT Normally Closed Operation, Install/Maintenance.
  • ATECO Hydraulic Bank Sloper parts catalog (IND2)
  • ATLAS IMPERIAL DIESEL ENGINE CO.   Marine Diesel Engine, Model 6HM2124, 400hp, 6 cyl, 13x16 direct rever sible, Operators Manual TC54 (actually a service manual for this equipment).
  • ATLAS Motor Analyzer Model AMA-9L, Operation/Instruction manual
  • ATLAS Motor Analyzer Model AMA-9, operating manual
  • AUSTIN CONTINENTAL IND., INC. Ignition Coil, Capacitance & Resistor Test Set (FSN 4910-300-1305) Operating & Maintenance Instructions (S) (S)
  • BAKER MFG. CO. Baker Gradebuilders Models 325/325A, used on Allis-Chalmers HD7/HD7W tractors, Repair Parts book
  • BARBER-GREENE Asphalt Mixer 848: hardbound War Dept. TM 5-1002, includes maintenance, full parts lists, accessories, illlustrations/photos/diagrams/etc. 1942  (IND6)
  • BARBER-GREENE Aggregate Dryer Model 833: 1942 War Dept. TM 5-1004, includes maintenance, parts lists, etc including hot & cold elevators, & reciprocating feeder.  (IND6)
  • BARBER-GREENE   Bucket Loader Model 82-A: hardbound War Dept. TM 5-1006, includes maintenance, full parts lists, accessories, etc.  1942 (IND6)
  • BARBER-GREENE Asphalt Finisher Model 879-A: hardbound War Dept. TM 5-1008, includes maintenance, full parts lists, etc.  1942  (IND6)
  • BARBER-GREENE Mobile Pugmill Mixing Plant: 1942 War Dept. TM 5-2110, includes maintenance, parts lists, etc on Model 841 Pugmill Mixer, Model 831 Single Drum Dryer, Model 821 Soils Preparation Unit, & Model 831 Bucket Elevator.  (IND6)
  • BAUSCH & LOMB Stereo-Zoom Microscopes Instruction Manual; includes exploded views w/ parts list, operation, illumination, preparation for use, maintenance/service, etc.   (Scans only, original sold)
  • BLACK & DECKER CO. Valve Seat Grinding Kit, Electric, Model 6335, Operation/Maintenance/Repair (S)
  • BLACK & DECKER CO. Valve Seat Grinding Kit, Electric, Model 6335-69, Operation/Maintenance/Repair (S)
  • BRIGGS & STRATTON Service & Repair Instructions, General
      AC Motors, ballbearing type
      Motor Protecting Switches, Types N2 & NK2

  • BUFFALOSPRINGFIELD/KOEHRING FLAHERTY Model K Spread-Master op/maint (2) (IND3)
  • BUFFALOSPRINGFIELD/KOEHRING Model 6009 Asphalt Paver/Feeder service/parts  (IND3)
  • CARCO (PACIFIC CAR & FOUNDRY) Model F Single Drum Hoist, used on Allis-Chalmers HD-10 Tractors, Service/Parts manual
  • CARCO (PACIFIC CAR & FOUNDRY) Model F Winch, Service/Parts manual
  • CARCO (PACIFIC CAR & FOUNDRY) Model F Series 6 Winch, used on CAT D6, Service/Parts manual
  • CARCO (PACIFIC CAR & FOUNDRY) Model G Winch, used on IH Model TD-14 Tractors, Service Instructions
  • CASE Model 320 Loader & Backhoe for 320 Wheel Tractor, Backhoe for Model 320 Wheel Tractor, Parts manual
  • CASE Model 530 Construction King Wheel Tractor, Parts manual
  • CASE 580 Construction Loader & Backhoe, Operator's
  • CASE 480-580 Series Construction King Wheel Tractors, Diesel & Gas, Operator's
  • CASE 320 Wheel Tractor, Operator's
  • CASE 5130 & 5140 Tractors (5140 w/ Mechanical Front Drive, 5140 High Clearance, 5130 w/ 2 wheel drive), Operator's
  • CAT Lift Truck 30/40/41/50/51/60/30B/35B/40B/41B/45B/50B/51B/55B/60B  SERVICE (IND5)
  • CAT Lift Truck V160B/V165B/V180B/V200B/V225B/V250B/V300B/V330B SERVICE (IND5)
  • CAT Lift Truck SEBN2546 parts manual (IND2)
  • CAT Lift Truck V60D/V70D/V80D Parts manual  (IND5)
  • CAT Lift Truck V60C thru V80C/V60D thru V80D Lube & maint. (IND5)
  • CAT Lift Truck V160B/V180B/V200BS Parts manual (IND3)
  • CAT Lift Truck V30B/V35B/V40B/V45B/V50B Parts manual (IND5)
  • CAT Lift Truck V250B/V300B/V330B Parts manual  (IND5)
  • CAT Lift Truck V160B thru V300B: Operation & Maintenance (IND3)
  • CAT D7 Tractor, Operation & Maintenance Instructions, s/n 17A1 & up
  • CAT Diesel D7 Diesel Tractor, Operation & Maintenance Instructions, s/n 7M1-7M9999 & 3T1-3T28058
  • CAT D7/D8/D9 Tractors, Operator's Guide
  • CAT D8 Tractor Flywheel/Clutch/Transmission service section
  • CAT No. 8A/8C/8S/8U Bulldozers Parts - covers Blades, Brace & Brace Arms, Bracket Cylinder, Cable & Guard, Cable Cutter, C-Frame, Cylinder - Hydraulic, Hitch - Sheave, Push Arm, Sheaves, Specs, Trunnion
  • CAT No. 12 Motor Grader, Diesel, Serviceman's Reference Book
  • CAT No. 27 Cable  Control, Rear Double Drum (13C1-13C8686, 82C1-82C1585, 71E1-71E804)
  • Parts Book (IND3)
  • CAT No. 29 Cable Control, Rear Double Drum Parts book (56C1 up)(partial)(IND3)
  • CAT No. 173 Hydraulic Control, Front Mounted, Parts Book, s/n 48C1-UP
  • CAT No. 173 Hydraulic Control, s/n 34H1-UP & 35H1-UP, Parts Book
  • CAT No. 183B Hydraulic Control, s/n 41V1-UP, Parts Book
  • CAT No. 456 Scraper Parts book (61C1 - 61C1292)(IND3)
  • CAT 619 Tractor, Power Shift, Parts book (61F - 61F814)(IND3)
  • CAT 633 Tractor Parts book (44J1 to last built)(IND3)
  • CAT 650/660/666 Tractors Parts Book (77F1 up)(IND3)
  • CAT 657/651/641 Tractors Op/Maintenance (64F1 up/31G1 up/33G1 up)(IND3)
  • CAT Binder containing: 657E Transmission Testing/Adjusting (partial?); Use of 8T5200 Signal Generator/Counter Group, Special Instructions: Use of 6V4050 Transmission Shift Analyzer, Power Train (Tractor) Testing & Adjusting (Transmission & Torque Converter)(651E/657E); 651E & 657E Wheel Tractor-Scraper Power Train, Systems Operation; 651E & 657E Specifications; Schematic Power Train (Electrical System) for 657E Equipped w/ Electronic Powershift Transmission Control System for ICM Type Transmission; 631E & 637E Power Train, Systems Operation; Power Train Testing & Adjusting for 631E/637E Equipped w/ Electronic Powershift Transmission Control System for ICM Type Transmission; Power Train Testing & Adjusting (TransmissionTorque Converter) for 637E Equipped w/ Electronic Powershift Transmission Switching Control System; 637E Power Train Specifications; Schematic, Power Train, Electrical System for 637E Equipped w/ Electronic Powershift Transmission Control System for ICM Type Transmissions
  • CAT 922 Traxcavator, Op/Maintenance (63A1 up)(gasoline)(IND3)
  • CAT 950 Traxcavator Parts book (90A1 up)(IND3)
  • CAT 951 Traxcavator, Power Shift, Parts Book (32F1 up)(IND3)
  • CAT 966 Traxcavator Op/Maintenance (33A1 up)(IND3)
  • CAT 980 Wheel Loader Op/Maintenance (42H1 up)(IND3)
  • CAT 1673 Diesel Truck engine Op/Maint. (70B1 up/78B1 up/83b1 up)(IND3)
  • CAT 3208 Diesel truck engine service manual, serial #s 2Z1-up  (IND3)
  • CAT 3208 Industrial & Generator Set Engines, Op/Maintenance (90N1 up, 3Z1-up, 29A225-up, 30A310-up)(IND6)
  • CAT 3215 Generator Set Engine, Parts (24Z1317 - up & 67Z535-up)(IND5)
  • CAT 3304 Vehicular Engine Service Manual, s/n 43V/46V/48V/78P
  • CAT 3306 Vehicular Engine Service Manual , s/n 3N/44V/47V/49V
  • CAT 3306 Truck Engine, Op/Maintenance (76R371-up)(IND6)
  • CAT 3406 Diesel Truck Engine Service manual (92U1 up) (IND3)
  • CAT 3406B Truck engine op/maint management (IND3)
  • CAT 3508/3512/3516 Industrial Engines op/maint.  (IND3)
  • CAT D330/333/3304/3306 Industrial & Marine Engine service manual w/ 4.75" Bore Industrial &
  • Marine Engine Attachments service manual, & D330/333/3304/3306 Assembly/Disassembly
    manuals (IND1)
  • CAT DW20 Tractor (gasoline starting) Parts book (67C1 to 67C980)(IND3)
  • CAT DW20 Tractor (gasoline starting) Parts book (88E1 to 88E1790)(IND3)
  • CAT DW20 Tractor (gasoline starting) Parts book (88E1 up)(IND3)
  • CAT DW20 Tractor, Direct Electric Starting, Parts Book, (87E1 & up)
  • CAT DW21 Tractor (direct electric starting) Parts Book (58C1 to 58C748)(IND3)
  • CEDAR RAPIDS ENGINEERING Model 860 Cylinder Head Grinding Machine, Operation/Maintenance/
    Parts (S)
  • CEDAR RAPIDS ENGINEERING Engine Boring Machine Model FL, Operator's
  • CHAINSAW SERVICE MANUALS: includes manuals for Allis-Chalmers, Clinton, Danarm, John Deere, Dolmar, Echo, Frontier, Homelite, Husqvarna, Jonsereds, Lombard, Massey-Ferguson, McCulloch, Partner, Pioneer, Poulan, Remington, Roper, Solo & Stihl
  • CLARK PMA544 C500: 100-135, Perkins gas/lpg  maint/adjustment procedures, large (IND1)
  • CLARK Universal Hydratork, troubleshooting/theory (IND5)
  • CLARK Transmission Maintenance/Service Manual, Series 390V
  • CLARK Clarklift C500 Planned Maintenance/Adjustment manual (gaspowered 3K - 6K lbs)(IND2)
  • CLARK TRUCTRACTOR Carloader No. 5, Instruction/Parts
  • CLARK/MICHIGAN parts manual: covers CUMMINS (437A101up) & PERKINS (4189A101JAC & After)  (IND3)
  • CLEAVER-BROOKES Tank Car Heater Model DS, 3 Car Capacity; hardbound War Dept. TM 5-1014: maintenance, parts list, etc; also includes Operating/Adjustment/Repair parts list for Briggs & Stratton Model Z (Type No. 304156 & 304340) gasoline engine.  1942 (IND6)
  • COLUMBIA Golf Cart parts catalog, gas/elec, car/utility, '84 - '86 (IND2)
  • CRAFTSMAN ½" Electric Drill Op/Maintenance/RepairParts manual (IND6)
  • CRAFTSMAN Oil Burning Circulating Heater, Assembly/Install/Op/Parts, Models 155.707311 & 155.707312
  • CROSLEY Auto Service Manual, Models CC/CD Op/Maintenance Service manual (IND6)
  • CUMMINS L10 Command Parts Catalog (IND3)
  • CUMMINS 10 Litre Engine Rebuild Manual (massive!)(IND6)
  • CUMMINS C Series Engines Shop Manual (IND3)
  • CUMMINS C444 Parts Manual (IND6)
  • CUMMINS Diesel NH/NT/NTA 855 CID Engines Shop manual (IND3)
  • CUMMINS H/NH Series Shop manual (IND6)
  • CUSHMAN Courtesy Carriage Model 898339, Parts manual
  • CUSHMAN Haulster 1 Ton Industrial Flatbed Parts manual (898450)(IND2)
  • CUSHMAN Haulster Parts manual, off/on road vehicles (898407/408/409/415/417/418)(IND2)
  • CUSHMAN Haulster/TurfTruckster Parts manual (898450/451/452/454/455/456/457/458/459/461/530/531/532)(IND2)
  • CUSHMAN Haulster Flatbed Operators manual (IND2)
  • CUSHMAN MinuteMiser Electric parts manual (IND2)
  • DELCO-REMY Op/Maintenance Handbook, 9/44: collection of service bulletins (IND1)
  • DELCO-REMY Cranking Motors, 37-MT/300 & 42-MT/400, Service Bulletin
  • DENISON Variable Volume Multipumps, Op/Service
  • DETROIT DIESEL Series 53 Operators Manual w/ " some" service & parts (IND2)
  • DeWALT (B&D) Models 710/7710/7710-01/7710-02 8" Radial Arm Saw Instruction/Maintenance Manual (IND6)
  • DODGE TRUCK B-4 Series Truck, 1953, Shop Manual
  • DUFF-NORTON Electric Chain Hoists/Coffing Hoists, Op/Maintenance w/ parts list manual
  • EATON Truck Axles Service manaul EA-104, June '79  (IND1)
  • ELECTRODYNE Brushless Alternators Troubleshooting & Repair Procedures, Models E140-12, E200-12, E100-24DE, E160-24, E180-24, E190-24, E200-24, E200LC-24, E250-24, E150-32, E200-32, E65-48 , E100-48, E50-64, E100-64
  • EUCLID parts catalog (looks like dumptruck style chassis)(IND3)
  • EUCLID Model 37TD parts catalog (IND2)
  • EUCLID Model 46TD Rear Dump, parts catalog (IND2)(2)
  • EUCLID Model 30LOT Tractor parts catalog (IND2)
  • EUCLID Model 34-49 LDT Bottom Dump maintenance manual (IND2)(650p)
  • EXCEL HUSTLER TURF EQPT Model 275/285 Owner's Manual, Dual Hydrostatic Tractor (S)
  • EXCEL HUSTLER TURF EQPT Model 275/285 Illustrated Parts List, Tractor & Deck (S)
  • EXCEL HUSTLER TURF EQPT Mowing/Cutting Attachments Owner's Manual (S)
  • EXCEL HUSTLER TURF EQPT 72" 3-Way Rotary Mower 922831 Owner's Manual & Illustrated Parts List (S)
  • EXCEL HUSTLER TURF EQPT Snow Thrower 920140/920504/921940 Owner's Manual (S)
  • FAIRMONT Railway Inspection Cars, MT19 Series A, Service & Parts List (IND6)
  •   MT19-A-2-9: Bulletin 887H, issued 9-77 (S)
      MT19-A-1-9: Bulletin 887D, issued 8-71 (S)
      Motorola Alternator & Lighting Equipment, Fairmont "OD" & "RO" Engines Bulletin (S)
      Two page bulletin for Onan engines used on Fairmont MT19-A & MT14-L (S)
  • FMC LinkBelt Speeder parts manual, Model LS5000  (IND3)
  • FIATALLIS Engine Service Manual, Models 16000T/17000 MkII/19000 MkII/21000 MkII
    6138 L/LT/I (2/90 datecode)
  • FIATALLIS Electrical Systems Service Manual, for above
  • FORD Backhoe, Series 750/753/755:  
      Assembly Manual (S)
      Operator's Manual (S)
      Parts Manual
  • FORD 172/192 CID Diesel Engine parts list, June '76 (2)(IND3)
  • FORD 172/192 CID Diesel Engine parts list, June '74 (IND3)
  • FORD Industrial Engines Maintenance/Operator's manual: Models 7HNN (226 c.i. 6 cyl) & 8MNN
  • (254 c.i. 6 cyl)(IND6)
  • FORD-DEARBORN Side Delivery Rake Model 14-20 Assembly/Operating instructions (IND6)
  • FREIGHTLINER Service Manual: contains docs from about 1968 - 1980.   This item is for sale: .00 + ship
  • FREIGHTLINER & Big Rigs: (IND2):
  • Aristo-Aire Air Operated Power Window Service
    JVS diesel engine heater installation
    Jacobs Engine Brake Model 71/92 instructions
    Donaldson Service Bulletin: EBA-Series Air Cleaners
    Spicer Angle Spring Clutches service manual
    Bendix TU-FLO 501 Air Compressor Instruction/Service Data
    Leece-Neville Alternator Maintenance Instructions (various)
  • GARDNER-DENVER 86P3DL Series combination hoist & hoistractor
  • GENERAL MOTORS/ELECTRO-MOTIVE DIVISION Model E7 Passenger Locomotive Operating Manual, #2300, inclueds Vapor-Clarkson Steam Generator Operator's Manual, Models OK-4616/4625/4630/
    4635 & DSK-4530, DK-4530/4516 
  • GENERAL MOTORS/ELECTRO-MOTIVE DIVISION Model F3 Diesel Locomotive Operating Manual, #2308A
  • GENERAL RADIO W20H Variac Autotransformer Operating Instructions
  • GM Industrial Diesel parts book for Series 71 engines; 1950 datecode, nice (IND3)
  • GRADALL/WARNER & SWASEY  Gradall Multi-Purpose Construction Machine Op/Maintenance manual
  • HALL-SCOTT Series 400 Engines Service manual (IND2)
  • HALL-SCOTT Series 400 Truck & Industrial Engines Op/Maintenance (IND2)
  • HAMADA 500CDA/600CD Small Offset Press, Parts catalog (IND6)
  • HAMADA 700CD Small Offset Press, Parts Catalog (IND6)
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON Electric Golf Cart DE-40 Service manual  w/ 1978 supplement (IND1)
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON DE-40 Electric Golf Car parts catalog, 1976-1978   (2)(IND2)
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON Electric Golf Car/Utilicar, 1963 - 1975 parts catalog supplement (2)(IND2)
  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON Electric Golf Car/Utilicar, 1963 - 1971 parts catalog (IND2)
  • HEIL CO. Collectomatic Mark III Refuse Collection Unit (w/ Body s/n 41231B up, tailgate s/n 442264 up), Operation/Maintenance/Parts manual (IND6)
  • HERCULES DOO Series 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine manual  (IND6)
  • HERCULES YX/RX/TDX/RXL Series gas engines, Op/Maintenance manual (IND6)
  • HERD Sure-Feed Broadcaster Model 750 Instruction manual (IND1)
  • HEYER PRODUCTS CO. Engine Distributor Tester Model 168, Operator//Maintenance
  • HITACHI Slide Compound Saw Model 10" C10FS Instruction manual (IND4)
  • HITACHI Electric Chain Hoist 
  • HOUGH (FRANK G. HOUGH CO.) Model HO Payloaders, Operator's manual, s/n 22C-1231 (gas) & 23C-1071 (diesel), including Supplement D (s/n 23D-1101 diesel)
  • HUSKIE TOOLS operating instruction manual for Hydraulic Pumps w/ parts list (IND3)
  • HYSTER D6N Towing Winch, Parts Book, s/n TRN-4729 & up
  • HYSTER D7N Towing Winch, Parts Book, s/n VW-3971 & up
  • HYSTER D8N Winch, Tractor mounting, Single Drum, Reversible (this is military TM5-9302). Maintenance/Parts
  • HYSTER SpaceSaver Forklift Service Manual (S70XL/S80XL & BCS/S100XL/S120XLS/S120XL)
  • massive original looseleaf manual, covers EVERYTHING (IND5)
  • INGERSOLL-RAND Gyro-Flo Rotary Mobil-Air Compressor, Instructions/Parts List, 1957 (IND6)
  • INGERSOLL-RAND Series 5L/5RL Angle Drills/Angle Wrenches/Angle Screwdrivers, Operation & Maintenance Manual   (S)
  • INTERNATIONAL CTS-4219 Truck Service Manual Set: two massive volumes, 1985 (?) datecode, this is for the S-Series Big Rig Tractors, covering ALL aspects of mechanical , electrical, sheet  metal repair, maintenance, etc.   .00 + actual USPS shipping charges for the set
  • INTERNATIONAL W-Line Models, General Service Data  (IND1)
  • INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Model TD-18 Crawler Tractor, Parts manual
  • INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Model TD-24 Crawler Tractor, Service manual
  • INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER , Payline Division: 4 cylinder carbureted engines Service manual  (IND2)
  • INTERNATIONAL U-372/U-450/U-501 Power Units (IND1)
  • INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER U-264-6 Power Unit (PU-45), Parts Book
  • INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER UD-18A Power Unit (PU-20-A), Parts Book
  • INTERNATIONAL UD-236/UD-282 Power Units Operating manual (IND1)
  • IPM ACE Interchange: ACE Numbers to IPM Numbers (1984)
  • IRONTITE PRODUCTS CO. Standard Revolving Pressure Tester Operation Manual (S)
  • JET Electric Chain Hoist, Types 15RS-3/5RS-1/5S1/5S, instructions (IND3)
  • JLG Model 40HT Operating Manual  (IND2)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 5 Caster-Wheel Power Mower, Operator's Manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 20 Loader Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 36A Farm Loader Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 37 Farm Loader Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 51/52 Loaders Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 58 Farm Loader Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 60 Skid-Steer Loader Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 60/70 Loaders Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 67 Loader Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 70 Loader Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 75 Loader Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 88 Cultivator & AB-100 & AB-120 Rear Tool Frames, Operator's Manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 90 Skid-Steer Loader Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE 100/200 Series Farm Loaders: Round Bale Fork Attachment Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 110 Loader Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 125 (Gasoline) Skid-Steer Loader (serial #120,001-) Operator's manual (IND6)(2)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 125 Skid-Steer Loader Operator's manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 143 Farm Loader Operator's manual  (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 158 Farm Loader Operator's manual  (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 240/245 Farm Loaders Operator's manual  (IND6)(2)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 243 Corn Head for 38 Forage Harvester Operator's manual  (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 245 Farm Loader Operator's manual  (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 260 Farm Loader Operator's manual  (IND6)(2)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 280 Farm Loader Operator's manual  (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 400 Rod Weeder, Operator's
  • JOHN DEERE Model 3800 Forage Harvester Operator's manual  (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE 3179D & 3179T OEM Engines & Accessories Parts Catalog; nice and clean, full
  • breakdown and parts listing. (IND5)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 3950/3970 Forage Harvester Operator's manual  (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE Model A400/B400/G400 Series Tractor Cultivators for A, B & G Tractors, Operator's Manual (IND6)
  • JOHN DEERE QXD-3 Hercules Engine Service Manual, original
  • JOHN DEERE Technical Manual: 500 Series EnginesStationary Power UnitsAccessories: factory original looseleaf manual in excellent shape!  Full service manual on 6531D6531A6619A models, this is TM-1107, dated Jan '79.  Covers enginefuel & airelectricalpower train, including repair & operationtest.  (IND4)
  • JOHN DEERE Technical Manual: 400 Series EnginesStationary Power UnitsAccessories: factory
  • original looseleaf manual in excellent condition.  Full service manual on 4270D6404D/T/A6466D 6466T6466A models, this is TM-1106 (Jan '79).  (IND4)
  • JOHN DEERE Technical Manual: 300 Series Engines: Manual TM-1190 (Sep '77), factory original
  • looseleaf manual in excellent condition, covers engineauxiliary systemselectricalsheet metal
    PTO drivesystem testing.  (IND4)
  • JOHN DEERE Model 4400 & 4420 Combines Technical Manual  (IND1)
  • KALAMAZOO Speed Trucks: 2500B-L Long Deck, 2500B Standard Automotive Steering, 2500B-LW Long-Wide Deck; Service/Parts manual, also contains (S) : (IND3)
  •   Motorola service manual for alternators A12NX451/A12NX550/A12NX600 & regulator
         TVR12X1 (24 pages) (S)
       WISCONSIN Instruction Book for Two Cylinder Engines, Models TH/THD/TJD
        ZENITH Carbs, Series 68-7 (Teledyne-Wisconsin p/n L-63 series) (S)
        FAIRBANKS-MORSE Magneto, Type FM-X2B7, Wisconsin Motor Y-80 Series (S)
        FAIRBANKS-MORSE Magneto, Type FM-X1-2B7-1, Wisconsin Motor Y-80 series   (S)
        WICO Model XH-2D Magneto (S)                                                                                                                      
      WISCONSIN Flywheel Alternator w/ solid state ignition (1/2/4 cylinder engines) (S)
        L.P.G. Pressure Carburetors (Wisconsin & Zenith p/n's) (S)
        L.P.G. Liquid/Vapor Withdrawal Systems, engine Model THDG (S)
        L.P.G./SK-1254-F-1 Liquid Withdrawal System, engine models THDG/TH/THD (S)
        L.P.G./SK-1254-G-1 Vapor Withdrawal System, engine models THDG/TH/THD (S)
  • KALAMAZOO Electric Speed Truck, Models 2500 Bee/3600 Bee, Parts Catalog & Instructions; also includes:
      GE Models EV-1A/-1B/-1C/-1D SCR Control for Electric Vehicles, 24 - 48 & 48 - 84 volts (GEK-40724A)
  • KOBELCO Hydraulic Shovel Serviceman Handbook: covers 903B/K9035/K904D/K904DL/DW904/ KW904D/K905/K905L/K907C/K907C-LC/K909A/K910/K912/K914/K935  (IND6)
  • KOHLER Electric Power Plant Installation Guide, All Models
  • KOHLER Model K532/K582 Engine Owners Manual; 2 cylinder air-cooled  (IND5) (S)
  • KOHLER Model K482/532/582/662 Two Cylinder Service Manual (JP) (S)
  • KOHLER TT-177A, Governor Kit 48 310 28-S, Installation Instructions (S)
  • KOHLER TT-251A, K482K582 Governor Adjustment Instructions (S)
  • K.O. LEE Model K403CM Valve Seat Grinder, Operation/Maintenance (S)
  • K.O. LEE Model P300BB -M2, Electric Valve Seat Grinding Kit, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • K.O. LEE Model P302BB , Electric Valve Seat Grinding Kit, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • K.O. LEE Models K403C/K500C Valve Grinder, Operation/Maintenance/Repair (S)
  • KREBS ENGINEERS Cyclone Pumps, Models D-108EE10-9B, Installation/Operation/Maintenance
  • KUBOTA Diesel Engine Model V1702-BBS-1 Parts List (IND6)
  • KWIK-WAY Model KK Valve Grinding Machine, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • KWIK-WAY Model RR Rod Master Instructions (S)
  • KWIK-WAY Model VL Valve Grinding Machine, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • LEMPCO PRODUCTS INC. Brake Lathe, Model 802, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • LE ROI  Valve-in-Head Engines, Model D226  (1947)
  • LeTOURNEAU Model FTD7 Power Control Unit, Cable Operatiing, Front Mounting, 1-Drum (this is military TM 5-9372), Maintenance/Parts
  • LODESTAR Electric Chain hoist 1/8, ¼, ½, 1, 2 & 3 Ton Op/Maint/Parts manual (IND3)
  • LONG MANUFACTURING CO. Long 60 One-Man Automatic Pick-Up Hay Baler, Owners Manual
  • LW Haulpak Truck models 27/30/32/35 parts catalog  (IND1)
  • LW Haulpak Truck, missing front cover, hard to tell what model, like above                        ??????
  • MASSEY-FERGUSON MF 356 Tractor-Shovel, Parts Manual
  • MASSEY-FERGUSON MF 3165 Industrial Wheel Tractor, Parts Manual
  • McELROY H2O Tap Model 2, Operator's (S)
  • MELROE CO. BOBCAT Service Manual, Models 741/742/742B/743/743B/743DS
  • MERCER CRANE Model 5 Single/Double Drum Hoist for Model i-6 Int'l Tractor & Model DI, J.I. Case Tractor, Operating & Parts list manual. (S)
  • MILWAUKEE TOOLS Service Manual: this massive collection covers about mid-60s thru mid-90s;
  • included are short docs on: alternators (7000W+), pistol drills (including Hole-Shooters, etc), hoists (electric, lever, etc), cleaners (drain, vacuum), battery chargers, "D" handle drills, compact drills, large drills, mag stand drills, diamond drills, hammers, impact wrenches, grinders (hand, bench), nibblers, vacuum attachments, panels, polishers, vacuum pumps, right angle drills, routers, sanders, saws, screwdrivers, shears, stands (magnetic, etc).  Typically exploded views w/ parts ID, wiring diagrams, etc.
  • MINNEAPLIS-MOLINE POWER IMPLEMENT CO. Standard & Universal Model RT Tractor, Instruction & Parts Manual, Number R1006E
  • MITSUBISHI FUSO Diesel Engine maintenance manual, Model DR (industrial); softcover, 75  pages
  • MURPHY-DIESEL CO. Model Mk-4 (?) diesel engine parts manual (IND2)
  • NEW HOLLAND Model 269 - 272 Hayliner manual, assembly/pre-delivery  (IND1)
  • NEW HOLLAND Model 1040 Automatic Bale Wagon Owner's manual (IND1)
  • NORDSKOG Model 280 B/C/D & 282B/C/D CarryAll parts/serv/maint/op (IND3) (S)
  • NORDSKOG Model 150 Loadster parts/service/maint/operator (IND3) (S)
  • OLIVER Model OC-3 Crawler Tractor, Instruction manual
  • ONAN Series CCK/CCKA Industrial Engines, Parts manual
  • ONAN Series CCKB Op/Service manual, & Parts manual (in Fairmont Inspection Car binder)
  • ONAN CK-ENG/G Instruction & Parts Manual
  • ONAN Series P216/218/220 Operator's & Service Manual
  • ONAN Parts Manual: P216/218/220 (IND3)(2)
  • P&H (HARNISCHFEGER Corp) Model 255A Truck Crane, 6 wheel/4 wheel drive, Care & Operation manual
  • PEERLESS Convertible Jet Pump, Instruction/Operation/Service
  • PETTIBONE Wood Model 54S Stabilization Mixer, ill. parts breakdown, well-worn (IND1)
  • RAMSEY Vey-R-Weigh Scale System instruction manual (MACH2)
  • RAND AUTOMATED COMPACTION SYSTEMS, INC. Challenger Series Automated Refuse Collection Bodies Parts Manual No. SC-8901-P  
  • RELIANCE ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING CO. How to Service Reliance V-S Drives (Paper D-7083)
  • ROCKWELL Highway Truck & Tractor Axles, Field Maintenance Manual  (IND1)
  • ROTTLER Engine Boring Machine, Model DA-1H , Operator's 
  • ROTTLER Engine Boring Machine, Model DA-4, Operator's
  • SEARS Portable Alternators, Manual Start, Owner's Manual, Model #580.327110 (1.8KW), #580.327120 (2.6KW) & #580.327130 (3.5KW)
  • SPERRY/NEW HOLLAND Speedrower 1100 (planetary, above serial #378912), Operator's (IND2)
  • STAR MACHINE & TOOL CO. Brake Drum Lathe Model 1960 Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • STAR MACHINE & TOOL CO. Brake Drum Lathe, Model 1400, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • STAR MACHINE & TOOL CO. Brake Drum Lathe, Model 1476, Operator/Maintenance, Parts (S)
  • STORM VULCAN Crankshaft Grinding Machine, Model 15A(G), Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • SUN ELECTRIC Engine Distributor Tester Model PDT-5,  Op/Maintenance & Parts Manual (S) (S)
  • SUN ELECTRIC Engine Generator/Voltage Regulator Tester, Model VAT-25, Operator's (S)
  • SUN ELECTRICTest Set, Generator & Voltage Regulator, 12/24V, Model LVR-3A , Operator's, schematic & parts list included (S)
  • SUN ELECTRIC 0 - 30KW Load Bank Model GPT-3D-1; AC, Portable, Skid-Mounted; Op/Maint. & separate Parts Manual(S)(S)
  • SUN ELECTRICTest Set, Ignition Coil, Capacitor/Resistor, Model CCT-20; Operator's Manual w/ schematic (S) (S)
  • SUN ELECTRICTest Stand, Automotive Alternator/Generator/Starter , Model AGT-9 & AGT-9A; Op/Maintenance (S)
  • TAYLOR-DUNN Model B/BN/M Small Industrial Vehicle Op/Maintenance manual; for 1971-79 years, s/n 19300 - 54833; this manual is for model numbers 1238B/1248B/2236M/2246M/237BN/247BN.
  • TCM Forklift Truck Parts Manual, models FG20N2/23N2/25N2/20N12/23N12/25N12, FD20Z2/
  • 23Z2/25Z2/20Z12/23Z12/25Z12 (contains breakdowns/parts lists)(IND2)
  • TECUMSEH Engine's Mechanic's Handbook, 3 - 10hp Models, Light/Medium Frame
  • TEMPKING 907 Series owner's manual (IND1)
  • TORO XL Series Electrical Demystification Guide; 6 pages on electrical(factory document) (S)
  • TORO 70" Professional Tractor/Mower Owner's Manual; electric/recoil, 1973, form 331-977D (2)
  • donated by Evan AK
  • WAUKESHA Series 6M (6MS/6ML/6MKR/6MZ/6MZR) Engines, Parts Book
  • UNITED PARTS MFR. CO. 1943 Replacement fuel pump parts/speedometer cables/housings catalog for U.S. Army Administrative & Tactical Vehicles; lists factory and aftermarket parts numbers;also has NAPA logo present. (S)
  • WAUKESHA Engines, Models F817G-145GZ-GZB & 145GK-GKB, Parts Book
  • WICO  C Magneto Instructions & Parts List (S)
  • WICO  Model XH-2D Magneto Instructions & Parts List (S)    
  • WISCONSIN Engine Manual, Models ABN & AKN (Issue MM-253)(IND6) (S)
  • WISCONSIN Starting/Operating Instructions, Models ACNBKNAENLAGND (S)
  • WISCONSIN Engine Manual, Model AENL (Issue MM-283)(IND2)
  • WISCONSIN Instruction Book for Two Cylinder Engines Model TH/THD/TJD (in Kalamazoo Speed Truck manual) also called the Wisconsin Y-80 series engines (IND3)
  • WISCONSIN Engine manual, Models VE4/VF4 (Issue MM 265-D)(IND6)
  • WISCONSIN Instruction manual, Model VG4D (S)
  • WISCONSIN Robin Engine 6½HP 4 cycle Starting & Operating instructions/owners (IND1)
  • FRANK N. WOOD CORP. Armature & Undercutter Lathe, Model B-10, Operator/Maintenance, Parts (S)
  • YALE MC ForkStacker Parts Manual (IND5)
  • YALE Hi Lift Selector 3000 Maintenance manual (IND5)


The (MACH#X) is an inventory control number; originals are not offered for sale - if you can use a clean copy, or only need a couple pages of scanned info, I can be of assistance.

  • ACME Electric Corporation Custom Power Supplies, PS63171 (60hz), PS63265 (50hz) used in  Cincinnati-Milacron equipment (MACH3) (S) (S)
  • ACCURITE MillMate DRO Reference Manual (mainly operation manual)
  • ACU-RITE/BAUSCH & LOMB Digital Position Readout System Operator's Manual (no schematics)
  • AIRTEK Twin Tower Dryer, Heatless TW; instruction/parts (MACH2)
  • AllenBradley Bandit Communications manual
  • AllenBradley Bandit I CNC Installation Manual, Vol.1 (BDT1-6.1) original (MACH5)(covers many boards)
  • AllenBradley Bandit I CNC Installation Manual, Vol 2 (BDT1-6.1)(1 original/1 photocopy) (MACH5)
  • AllenBradley Bandit I CNC Mill Programming Manual (BDT1-5.2.3)(MACH4)
  • AllenBradley Bandit III CNC Programming/Operations manual (BDT3-5.2.3)(MACH4)
  • AllenBradley Series 7300 Integration Manual (MACH1)
  • Allen-Bradley Series 7300 Interface Design Manual(3/80)(MACH7)
  • AllenBradley Series 7300 Diagnostics Manual (2)(MACH1)
  • AllenBradley Series 8200 instruction  (MACH1)
  • AllenBradley Series 8400 MP (Mill Prompt) CNC Programming/Operations manual (8400-5.2.3.)  (MACH4)
  • AllenBradley Series B 8400 MP/Bandit IV Revision F Firmware Users Manual, this is a 475p programming and user's manual for the control itself  (MACH5)
  • AllenBradley Display Processor 214-026-02, install/op/schematics; this is the Summit/Dana display board for  the Bandit & Taskmaster Controls
  • AllenBradley Threading Board 214-015-02, install/op/schematic; this is the Summit/Dana board  for Bandit &
  • Taskmaster controls
  • Allen-Bradley Hi-Performance AC Drive System Instruction Manual, 460V/230V Series B, Bulletin 1392
  • AllenBradley Software Manuals:
  • Danly/Lockheed, Book 2 (p/n SK 3020-329-00-02)
    Danly/Lockheed, Book 3 (p/n SK 3020-329-00-02)
    Danly/Lockheed, Book 4 (p/n SK 3020-329-00-02)
    Turchan/Lockheed (p/n SK 3021-706-00-02)(A/B Series 7320, s/n 7320-627)
    Turchan/Lockheed (p/n SK 3021-706-00-02)(A/B Series 7320, s/n 7320-627)
  • Allen-Bradley Product Data Bulletins:
  • System Power Supply (Cat. #1771-P1) (IND1)
    Configurations for I/O Equipment (for use w/ PLC-2/Remote PLC/mini-PLC-2)(IND1)
    A/B Pulse Width Modulated DC Servo Controller (IND#1)
    SLC 150 Programmable Controller (Addendum to SLC100 User's Manual)(MACH7)(2)
    SLC 150 Programmable Controller (Processor Unit, Cat #174S-LP151/-LP152/-LP154/156/-157)

    Dana/Summit designed/manufactured the Bandit Control, then sold out to AllenBradley!

  • Summit/Dana Motor Logic Technical Manual, p/n 214-069-00, Bandit (MACH1)
  • Summit/Dana M Function Board Technical Manual, p/n 214-062-07, 8300 Bandit  (MACH1)
  • Summit/Dana R Function Board Technical Manual, p/n 214-062-19, 8300 Bandit  (MACH1)
  • Summit/Dana S Function Board Technical Manual, p/n 214-062-03  for 8300 Bandit Control (MACH1)
  • Summit/Dana T Function Technical Manual, p/n 214-062-04 for 8300 Bandit Control (MACH1)
  • Summit/Dana Quickdraw Automatic Tool Changer technical manual, models 6300/6301; install/op/schematics  (MACH1) (S)
  • Summit/Dana Quickdraw Spindle RPM Changer Technical Manual, install/op/schematics  (MACH1) (S)
  • Summit/Dana Thumbwheel Interface Technical Manual, p/n 214-095-12, Bandit  (MACH1)
  • ALMCO Model OS Oscillating Screener, service/installation (MACH3)
  • ALMCO Model V26-TF Thru-Feed System install/service (MACH3)
  • ALMCO Model C1C Media Converyor install/service (MACH3)
  • ALMCO Cyclonic Filtration System install/service (MACH3)
  • AMADA NC Turret Punch Press PEGA-304040, Parts List 
  • ANILAM Wizard DRO Operating manual (MACH4)(2) (S)
  • American Optical (AO) T/C Hand Refractometer, instruction manual
  • ARO Vertical sander breakdown (MACH4)
  • AUTOMAKER, INC West Positioner
  • AUTOMATED FINISHING, Inc Tumbler 5B7 instruction
  • BARBER-COLMAN Model 3HM, wiring schematic only
  • BARBER-COLEMAN/ROBICON Series 425 3ph AC Power Controllers (2)
  • BEAR BEKOmatic Electronic Balancing Machine instruction manual
  • BECHLER Automatic Lathes, A Type, Instruction
  • BIJUR Type E Automatic-Cyclic pump data sheet (MACH3)
  • BIJUR Lubricator L5H, data sheet w/ cutaway
  • BIJUR Lubricator L5R, data sheet w/ cutaway (S)
  • BIJUR Lubricator Type HIA/JIA data sheet (MACH4)
  • BIJUR Spraymist coolant system (S)
  • BIJUR/DeVLIEG Spraymist coolant system as used on the Micropoint Grinder (S)
  • BLACK DIAMOND SAW & MACHINE WORKS Precision Drill Grinders, Operataors (S)
  • BLACK DIAMOND SAW & MACHINE WORKS Drill Grinding Machine, Model DD-2, Operator/Parts (S)
  • BLANCHARD No. 18 Grinder service manual  (MACH6)
  • BLUE M Ovens: 1976 catalog, possibly useful info (MACH3)
  • BOICE-CRANE CO. Model 2235 Bandsaw, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • BOYAR-SHULTZ Challenger Surface Grinder Owners manual: has great cutaways of all sections,  great assistance  if you don't have the service manual, covers 6x12HF/6x18HF/6x18-1A/6x18-2A   (MACH6)   (S)
  • BOYAR SHULTZ Challenger Surface Grinder, Replacement Parts List  (S)
  • BRIDGEPORT Series I CNC Programming Manual, BOSS 4.0 Software, M-129B
  • BRIDGEPORT Series I CNC Operating Manual, M-128B , Control S/N 5501 & Up
  • BRIDGEPORT Series I CNC Installation Manual, M-130A
  • BRIDGEPORT Series II CNC Installation Manual, M-142
  • BRIDGEPORT Series II CNC Operating Manual, M-140A, Control S/N 5501 & Up
  • BRIDGEPORT Series I DRO installation instructions, Jan '80 (MACH5)
  • BRIDGEPORT Series I Milling machine install/op/maint, manual #M-105, June '73, J/2J/M head, copy (MACH1)
  • BRIDGEPORT Series I Milling Machine install/op/maint, manual #M-105A, 1980, J/2J/M head info 
  • BRIDGEPORT Series I Milling Machine install/op/maint, manual #M-105E, 1980, J/2J/M head info 
  • BRIDGEPORT Series I Milling Machine install/op/maint, manual #M-105F, 1980, J/2J/M head info (MACH1)
  • BRIDGEPORT Series I Milling Machine install/op/maint, manual #M-105H, 1981, J/2J/M head info  (MACH1)
  • BRIDGEPORT Series I Milling Machine Installation/Operation/Maintenance manual, Model M-105J; this is the more extensive/complete manual for repair/teardown/reassembly of the mill (MACH6)
  • BRIDGEPORT Operator's manual  (MACH2)
  • BRIDGEPORT Operator's manual, 1968?  (MACH2)
  • BRIDGEPORT Operator's manual, 1966 (2)  (MACH2); includes the 1964 additions plus:
  •   R milling attachment
  • BRIDGEPORT Operator's manual, 1964  (MACH2); included in the breakdown/parts lists are:
  •   Optical measuring system, Model "C" ¼ hp milling attachment, ½ hp milling attachmnent,
      Cherrying attachment, Shaping attachment, power feed attachment, master milling attachment.
  • BRIDGEPORT Operator's manual, 1957  (MACH4)
  • BRIDGEPORT PowerPath Operator's Manual, in SPANISH
  • BRIDGEPORT TEXTRON M-129D Series I CNC Programming Manual for BOSS 4.0/4.1/5.0/6.0 (MACH2)
  • BRIDGEPORT TEXTRON M-128D Series I CNC Operator's Manual for BOSS 4/5/6 Systems (MACH2)
  • BRIDGEPORT Series I V2E3 Boss 10 Parts Manual (MACH7)
  • BRIDGEPORT Series I V2E3 Boss 10 Maintenance Manual
  • BRIDGEPORT Series II BMC 7-845 Parts Manual (GE 2000 CNC)(MACH7)
  • BRIDGEPORT BPC320H Programming manual (Fanuc 11M)(MACH6)
  • BRIDGEPORT TEXTRON BPC520V Maintenance manual (MACH6)
  • BRIDGEPORT VMC 760/20 Maintenance manual: Heidenhain TNC 2500B/C Control, Siemens Drives (MACH6)
  • BRIDGEPORT VMC 760/22 Maintenance manual: Heidenhain TNC 370 Control, Siemens Drives (MACH6)(2)
  • BRIDGEPORT VMC 800/1000 Mechanical Maintenance Information (MACH6)
  • BRIDGEPORT VMC 1000/20 Maintenance manual: Heidenhain TNC 2500B/C Control, Siemens Drives (MACH6)
  • BRIDGEPORT EZPATH II Operations/Programming Manual (2)(MACH6)
  • BRIDGEPORT ROMI PowerPath-15 CNC Lathe, Installation/Maintenance/Parts/Electrical Diagrams (MACH6)
  • BROWN & SHARPE No. 2 Universal Milling Machine (3 HP), Op/Maintenance 
  • BROWN & SHARPE No. 2/2B Surface Grinders, Parts List
  • BROWN & SHARPE No. 510 Surface Grinder, op/maint/repair list
  • BROWN & SHARPE #618 Micromaster Surface Grinder Op/Service/Parts manual (S)
  • BROWN & SHARPE #618/618PH/618H/818/818PH Operation/Maintenance/Repair (S)
      No. O & OG Automatic Screw Machines, Parts manual
      No. OO & OOG Automatic Screw Machines, Parts manual

  • BUFFALO FORGE CO.   Model 22 Floor Mount Drill Press, Operation/Maintenance/Repair (S)
  • BUFFALO FORGE CO.  Model 22RC Floor Mount Drill Press , Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • BULLARD Man-au-trol Vertical Turret Lathe service manual (MACH4)
  • BURGMASTER Small Turret Machining Centers , CATALOG w/ Descriptions/Specs/Photos, late 70s? (S)
  • BURGMASTER/BURG MFG. CO. Bench Model Drilling/Tapping Machine, Model OB, 301201 (S)
  • BURGMASTER/BURG MFG. CO. Bench Model Drilling/Tapping Machine, Model OB, 302202 (S)
  • BURGMASTER HOUDAILLE Model 1-D Drilling/Tapping Machine Service Manual
  • BURGMASTER HOUDAILLE Model OB Bench Model Drilling/Tapping Machine, Service (S)
  • CARLTON Radial Drilling Machine Models OA & 1A (MACH6)
  • CHICAGO-PNUEMATIC Models CP722 & CP720 Air Wrenches - breakdown/parts (S)
  • CINCINNATI-BICKFORD Super Service Radial Drills w/ 11/13/15/7/19" columns instruct/parts (S)
  • CINCINNATI High Power & Dual Power Milling Machines, Plain/Universal/Vertical Model LA service (MACH1)
  • CINCINNATI 300 Series Centerless Grinding Machine service/parts (MACH3)
  • CINCINNATI No. 2 Centerless Grinder: Service/Parts Manual, & Op/Instruction Manual
  • CINCINNATI 4 Spindle 360 Automatic Profiler, Service/Parts
  • CINCINNATI Shears op/maintenance manual (MACH3)
  • CINCINNATI Plain, Duplex & Tracer Controlled Hydromatic Milling Machines Parts List Catalog, Plain and Duplex Model OL, Tracer-Controlled Model OL (1953, Publication #M-1792)(MACH7)
  • Cincinnati Shaper Co. Cincinnati Shears Operation/Maintenance manual
  • Cincinnati-Milacron : 1884-1984: "Finding Better Ways", photographic history of the company (MACH1)
  • CincinnatiMilacron Electronic Command Plain & Plunge Grinding Machines service manual, Models EC (center-type) & DA (plain & plunge) (MACH1)
  • CincinnatiMilacron Model 200/300/400/500 Dial Type Milling Machines Model LL op/maint/parts (2)(MACH1)
  • CincinnatiMilacron Cinturn Turning Centers Model MO w/ Acramatic 900TC control; parts (MACH3)
  • Cincinnati-Milacron Cinturn 2 Axis Turning, Universal Turning & Chucking Centers, Model MØ w/ Acramatic 900TC control, Service manual (MACH1)
  • Cincinnati-Milacron Cinturn Turning Centers Model MØ w/ Acramatic 85ØTC Control, Parts manual (MACH1)
  • CincinnatiMilacron MaxiMiser Basic Documentation MPU, massive
  • CincinnatiMilacron CIM-Xchanger 72Ø NC Machining Center service manual
  • CincinnatiMilacron Programming Manual: T Line Horizontal Machining Center Model AM w/  Acramatic 950M  CNC Release 2.0 (2)(MACH5)
  • CincinnatiMilacron T-10 HMC parts manual, volume 1 & 2 (more)(MACH3)
  • CincinnatiMilacron T-10 Horizontal Parts Manual, Vol. 3 (MACH6)
  • CincinnatiMilacron T-10 HMC service manual, vols 1/2/3 (MACH4)
  • CincinnatiMilacron T-10 HMC w/ Acramatic 900MC control Diagnostics manual
  • CincinnatiMilacron T-10 HMC w/ Acramatic 900MC control, service manual (MACH3)
  • CincinnatiMilacron T Line HMC Model AM w/ Acramatic 950MC Control, programming (MACH7)
  • CincinnatiMilacron Acramatic CNC control maintenance manual, Version 2 hardware
  • CincinnatiMilacron Acramatic CNC 900MC & Acramatic 900TC Hardware Control Reference Manual
  • CincinnatiMilacron Acramatic 225TA 5V Control Service Manual
  • CincinnatiMilacron Special Manual - Lubricants
  • CincinnatiMilacron Acramatic 900 MC/TC Control technical assistance guide; "pocket" type spi ral bound book  including maint/troubleshooting/operation/etc.  (2)
  • CincinnatiMilacron Acramatic CNC technical assistance guide version 2.1 hardware
  • CincinnatiMilacron Acramatic 900MC/TC Hardware technical assistance guide (MACH3)
  • CincinnatiMilacron Universal AcraRead Tape Reader w/ DC spoolers  (2)
  • CincinnatiMilacron 30 HC Traveling Column CIM-Xchanger w/ Acramatic CNC-MC control  parts & service  manual  (2), 2 volume set
  • CincinnatiMilacron Cintimatic 10V & 10VC-1000/1250/2000 3 axis machining center service  manual, w/ Acramatic  CNC-MC control (MACH6) (S)
  • CincinnatiMilacron Cintimatic 10V & 10VC-1000/1250/2000 3 axis machining center mainten ance manual (MACH6)
  • CincinnatiMilacron 15/20HC CIM-Xchanger NC machining center Diagnostics manual
  • CincinnatiMilacron 12"/16/20/24" Circular Milling Tables parts/service manual
  • CincinnatiMilacron 5 Axis Gantry Rail Type Profiler w/ Acramatic 950MC Control, parts/service (MACH3)
  • CincinnatiMilacron Special 5 axis Gantry Type Profiler w/ Acramatic CNC PC control, op (3)
  • CincinnatiMilacron Symbols for machine tool nc instruction
  • CincinnatiMilacron T3 Industrial Robot, Version 3.0 Robot Control, service manual
  • CincinnatiMilacron T-746/776 CNC Robot Service Manual, industrial robot w/ acramatic control excellent condition (MACH2)
  • CincinnatiMilacron No. 2 Cutter/Tool Grinder Model DO Service Manual/Parts List (MACH6) (S)
  • CincinnatiMilacron No. 2 Cutter/Tool Grinder Model DO Operator's Manual (MACH6) (S)
  • CincinnatiMilacron 2MT Cutter/Grinder, service & parts (2)(MACH6)
  • CincinnatiMilacron Electronic Tool Gage & Remote Tool Management console op/parts/service (2)
  • CincinnatiMilacron DC Slide Servo System for Turning Centers w/ 900TC control, supplemental
  • service manual (MACH3)
  • CINCINNATI Symbolic Representation of Hydraulic Valves (IND1)
  • CLAUSING 12" Lathe, Series 5900, Operating/Maintenance/Parts (includes wiring diagram for Models 4900 & 5900 series) (S)
  • COMET A760 VMC Wiring Schematics: set of 12, these are actually more interconnection board wiring diagrams rather than board schematics; does NOT go down to the component level except in a few instances.
  • CONRAC Tubemaster Models B/C/2B/2C/CP/2CP/2CPV instruction manual (2)
  • CONRAC Tubemaster Models 3CP-HD & 3CP0HDF instruction manual
  • CONRAC Bendmaster model 410 bench model tube bender instruction (S)
  • CONTROLS & DATA SYSTEMS LM & MM SWINC, CTL 4100 Maintenance Manual (MACH7)
  • COSMO Lathe Model L-1860 Instruction manual (S)
  • CROWN TECHNOLOGY CORP. : Piston Proportioning Machines op manual (MACH2)
  • DAKE Arbor Presses, #0/#0S/#1/#1L - parts breakdown (S)
  • DANLY 75 ton non-geared open back inclinable press op/service
  • DAVENPORT 5 Spindle Automatic Screw Machine Model B Instruction manual (MACH6)
  • DAVENPORT 5 Spindle Automatic Screw Machine Model B Parts List manual (1985)(MACH6)
  • DAVENPORT Principles: Basic Instruction" by Davenport (MACH6)
  • DAVIS & WELLS/RANKIN BROS. 20" Bandsaw DB20-1M, Operating Manual w/ exploded view & Parts List (S)
  • DAVIS & WELLS/RANKIN BROS. Boring Machine DBM-1M, Operating Manual w/ exploded view & Parts List (S)
  • DAYCO Variable Speed Cog=Belt replacement manual
  • DEA PRODUCTS "JetSpray" Etcher 6100 series service manual (MACH2)
  • DESPATCH OVEN Installation manual (MACH5)
  • DESPATCH Oven op/install/service manual (2)
  • DEVLIEG Micropoint Tool Grinder instruction manual, includes electrical diagrams
  • DEVLIEG Microbore Technical Manual 280 - Grinding Accessories for Microbore Cartridges (S)
  • DOALL Operator's Instruction manual, Models C-4, C-5A, CE-4, CE-5A (S)
  • DOALL Parts Manual, Models C-4, C-4A, C-5, C-5A and parts of others (S)
  • DOALL Parts Manual, Model C-1212M
  • DOALL Bandsaw Model 1612-OM, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • DOALL Bandsaw Model 2612-1M (w/ Welder), Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S) 
  • DOALL Bandsaw Model 2614-1, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • DOALL Bandsaw Model 3613-20 , Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • DONAU Radial drilling machine DR23 op w/ some breakdown.
  • DUMORE CO. 360º Index Ring Lathe Fixture, Model 8349, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • EATON/DYNAMATIC Fractional HP Adjusto-Spede Instruction Manual
  • EATON/DYNAMATIC Fractional HP Ajusto-Spede Eddy Current Drive instruction manual (MACH1)
  • EATON/DYNAMATIC Fractional HP Adjusto-Spede Control Station #28-30-1 Instruction sheet
  • ECLIPSE Combustion Instruction Manual (everything u need to know about burners)
  • EDISON V130 Turret Milling Machine instruction manual (MACH6)
  • EECO TRS9301 Tape Reader/spooler (MACH3)
  • EKSTROM-CARLSON 480 Depth mill 58-1
  • ELECTRO ARC Metal Disintegrators (MACH4)
  • ENCO Older Rotary Table Instructions: breakdown, specs, indexing (S)
  • ENCO Model H650 Hex Turret Instruction manual (S)
  • ENCO Turret Tool Post Instruction Sheets, Models 2½S, 3½S & 3½ (1973  era) (S)
  • EVERITE Electrolytic Carbide grinding machine
  • EVERETT IND : Parts lists for abrasive cut-off machines; I will scan the list for you if you need it:
  • (Model 12" 90 degree, Model 12" Miter, Model 14 - 16", Model 16" Mitering, No. 20 - 22", No.
    20 - 22" Mitering, Model 14 - 16" wet, Model 20 - 22" wet, Model 28" dry w/ oscillation & power
    head, 26" wet w/ oscillation, power head & air vise, 20" & 26" wet w/ hydraulic feed)
  • FALCON Hand feed surface grinder op/parts (poor shape but usable)
  • FANUC manual set for the Model 15 Series B VMC, ORIGINLS!; this set consists of five manuals: manuals are in "as new" condition, sold as sets only!  (2 sets available)                                              .00
  • FANUC Series 15 Model B Operator's Manual (Programming)
    FANUC Series 15 Model B Operator's Manual (Operation)
    FANUC Series 15 Model B Parameter Manual (Volume 1 of 2)
    FANUC Series 15 Model B Parameter Manual (Volume 2 of 2)
    FANUC Series 15 Model B & Series 150 Model B Maintenance Manual
  • FANUC System 9 - Model A Operator's Manual, Supplementary Explanation for Custom Macro C (B-52364E-1/01)(12/82)(MACH7)(2)
  • FANUC Operator's Manual, AC Spindle Motor (7/83)(B-53424E/03)(MACH7)
  • FANUC Maintenance Manual, AC Spindle Servo Unit (9/84)(B-53425E/05)(MACH7)
  • FAY & EGAN/GREAVES MACHINE TOOL Universal Horizontal Mill, Models 2XH & 2H, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
    3" Fine-Pitch Gear Shaper, Parts manual
    Type 4AGS Gear Shaper, Instruction
    Type 7 Gear Shaper, Parts manual
    Type 7 & 7A Hi-Speed Gear Shapers, Instruction
    Type 7 Hi-Speed Gear Shapers, Instruction
    Type 7 & 7A Hi-Speed Gear Shaper, Parts manual
  • FLOTEC Marathon Series pumps; assembly/disassembly/iinstallation (MACH2)
  • FOLEY MFG. CO. Tool & Cutter Grinder Model Model 374, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • FOLEY MFG. CO. Tool Grinder Model 37401, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • FOOTBURT-REYNOLDS Double Hinge Drilling/Tapping Machine (MACH2)
  • GE FANUC AUTOMATION 21i/210i - Model A Maintenance Manual (5/97)(MACH7)
  • GE Mark Century 7532/3 Numerical Positioning Control w/ Optional Contouring for Standard Line,this is GEK-20217A; massive service manual for a very old control; maybe someone needs info fora conversion they might be doing at home?  contact me if you need info
  • GE Mark Century Numerical Control Support Manual: GE p/n GEK-25330, for 1050T/TZ, 1054 &1050 numerical controls; May '80 datecode, this is a massive manual that covers peripheral devices for this control (logic diagramsflow chartscomputer access panelalphanumeric displaytape readersposition feedback systemsservospower supplies); lots of schematics/wiring diagrams, almost 2" thick. (MACH2)
  • GE Mark Century, Operator's Manual 2000MC CNC (GEK 25386)(MACH7)
  • GE Mark Century, Maintenance/Troubleshooting Manual, 2000 CNC (GEK 25382)(MACH7)
  • GE Mark Century, Part Programming Manual, 2000T CNC (GEK 25383)(MACH7)
  • GE Speed Variator Instruction manual: consists of:  (MACH5)
  •    Warner & Swasey Valutrol Drive Startup Instructions
       Valutrol Half Wave Regenerative Industrial Drive System install/op/maint  (GEK-24908B)(S) (S)
       Valutrol Motor Field Control Card, general description & adjustments
       Valutrol Main Control Card diagrams
       Valutrol Interface Card, for use w/ regenerative Valutrol SCR drive, diagrams
       Valutrol power supply card (1.25A), diagrams
       Valutrol diagnostic card, ½ wave & full wave regenerative, full wave non-regenerative, diagram
       Amplifier card: description, startup/checkout, troubleshooting
       Signal level detector, instructions/diagrams
       Low level relay card, descriptions/diagrams
       Direct current motors & generators, type CD
       AC tach kits, type AN102D/E for Kinamatic II motors
       CR120A relays
  • GEO-STAC Numerical Control Programming System User Guide, Apple computer version (MACH1)
  • GETTY'S Model N350/N135 3 ph ½ wave servo controller, service/install (MACH1) + 1 copy
  • GIDDINGS & LEWIS CMC control instruction manual
  • GIDDINGS & LEWIS VTL & VTC Operators manual (large) w/ CNC-800 control
  • GIDDINGS & LEWISBICKFORD 13/15/19" Radial Drilling Machines, install/op/maint/parts list
  • GIDDINGS & LEWIS-BICKFORD 28" Auto Cycle Drilling Machines, instruction/parts (MACH2)
  • GIDDINGS & LEWISFRASER Machine Electrical Service Manual/Adjustment Procedures, Model A110 & A130, Production Horizontal
  • GIDDINGS & LEWIS 2/4 Axis horizontal lathes Electrical service manual
  • GIDDINGS & LEWIS Model 350-T Horizontal Boring/Milling/Drilling machine parts manual
  • GIDDINGS & LEWIS Vertical Turret Lathe instruction/repair
  • GIDDINGS & LEWIS 340-F/350-F/FQ Horizontal boring/drilling/milling machine Instruction, operation & repair parts list (MACH4)
  • GISHOLT Balancer Dynatric
  • GLEASON No. 2A Straight Bevel Gear Generator, Instruction 
  • GORTON Pantograph Instruction & Parts Book, for COPY-TYPE, MASTERS & CUTTER GRINDING type machines (Models 3-U, 3-F - 3-Z, 3-X - 3-B, 3-L - 3-S - 3-K - 3-R; Parts Lists covering Obsolete Models M-E, 1-A, 1-C, 1-D, 1-G, 1-H, 1-J, 1-S, 1-T, 3-A, 3-C, 3-D, 3-G, 3-H, 3-J, 3-T, & some P13 Ratiobar)
  • GRAHAM Index Table, 20" - 36"
  • GREENERD Hydraulic Presses Models HA-12-11L2, HA-4-5, HA-12-11 operating manuals w/
  • electrical & hydraulic circuits.
  • HAMAR LASER Model 711 Laser Alignment System instruction manual (MACH2); also includes HP5526A Laser Measurement System Instruction manual, HP10559A Reflector Mount Instruction manual, HP10693A Vertical Straightness Adaptor, HP10583A Footspacing Kit op note, HP5526A Operator's handbook for angular/flatness interferometer measurement system, HP5526A Operator's handbook for straightness interferometer, HP10692A Optical Square op note, HP10558A Beam Bender Instruction manual, HP5526A Service handbook supplement for straightness interferometers.
  • HANNIFIN Press Hy-Power Hydraulic generator model No. 17½ instruction/maint., includes riveter info. (S) (MACH5)
  • HARDINGE Model DSM-A Operator's manual (MACH5) (S)
  • HARDINGE Model DSM-A Operator Difficulties & Cures, Repair Kits & Maintenance Checklist MACH(5) (S)
  • HARDINGE Model AHC Chucker Operator's manual 
  • HARDINGE Model AHC Chucker, Parts manual 
  • HARDINGE Model AHC chucker, Operator Difficulties & Cures,  this includes Maintenance Checklist and Repair Kit List (S)
  • HARDINGE Model AHC, Maintenance manual 
  • HARDINGE Model HC, Auto Threading Unit, Maintenance manual   (S)
  • HARDINGE Model HC Chucker Maintenance manual 
  • HARDINGE Model HC/HC-R Operator's manual
  • HARIG Steptool Relief Grinding Fixture Instruction manual (MACH6) (S)
  • HEALD Models 271/272 Plain & Tool Room Models, Universal Model 274, Extended Bridge Models 275/276, Chuck Type Internal Grinding Machines, Instruction/Service/Parts (S)
  • H.E.S. Z1C/ZHV1 Milling Machine maintenance/op/parts manual (MACH6)
  • HEIDENHAIN Commissioning Instructions for TNC 351/356
  • HEIDENHAIN Pilot TNC151/TNC155 (MACH7)
  • HEINZ Radial Drill Summit 3'x8", 4'; Use/Maintenance (2) 
  • HEINZ Radial Drill, Model L4, 30-40; Use/Maintenance
  • HEY No. 3 Automatic Facing & Centering machining center; op/maint manual (MACH2)
  • HIGH SPEED HAMMER CO. Bench Mount Drill Model R-53, Parts/Mechanical Breakdown (S)
  • HILL ACME KLING Model 4 Hydraulic Metalworker operating manual (2)(MACH3)
  • HILL ACME KLING model 4 Hydraulic Metalworker Instruction & Maintenance manual, Serial  #543354 (MACH3)
  • HILYER Spindle tuning drive info
  • HITACHI Slide Compound Saw, 10", Instruction Manual
  • HITACHI SEIKI NR Series Electrical Manual, Yasnac LX3/LX3(ACGCII) (MACH7)
  • HOFFMANN Horizontal Hard Bearing Balancing Machine technical manual (op/maint w/ parts  breakdown)
  • HONEYWELL DR4500 Classic Series Circular Chart Recorder; install/op/cal/service/parts
  • HONEYWELL Model 801C3 Three-Mode Electr-O-Line Control unit; install/op/maint/service
  • HOSSFELD Bender Model No. 2, Instruction manual & parts list (S)
  • HOTTINGER Fine Positioning System adjustment procedures for PC boards #759-030-6970 &
  • 759-028-6970  (MACH1)
  • HYBCO Two-Way Relieving Fixture Instruction manual (S)
  • HYPER-LOOP Multiple Axis Servo Amplifier HLI-1008 (2)(MACH1)
  • IDEAL Bandsaw Welder (found on many quality larger bandsaws) Instruction manual (S)
  • INTERDATA Common Assembler Language (CAL) Documentation Package (MACH6)
  • JAPAX Inc . JAPT EDM, consisting of JAPT Controller w/ JAPT 3E, & V-01 Power Supply, Instruction manual  (MACH6)
  • JENNESS CO. INC. Power Hacksaw Model 3 Heavy Duty, Operation/Maintenance/Repair (S)
  • JENNESS CO. INC. Metal Cutting Bandsaw Model S87, Operation/Maintenance/Repair (S)
  • JOHNSTON BOILER CO .; 200 Series Boilers install/op/maint
  • JONES & LAMSON Topic-14 Comparator, Parts/Service manual (S)
  • JONES & LAMSON (INLAND MOTOR) Technical Manual: 3 Phase SCR Servo Amp (TPAR-3330-00 & TPAR-3330-O1), DC Servo Motor, Tachometer, Generator   (TTR(B)-4030-122-A,  TTR(B)-4030-151-A)   (MACH7)
  • KBC (Rong Fu?) RF-30 Benchtop mill Instruction manual
  • KEARNEY & TRECKER S-12 & S-15; contains 1)S-12 & S-15 Plain-Universal Vertical Mill Machine Maintenance manual (Jan '77); 2)S-Series Installation manual SI-65, for plain/universal/vertical/ramhead styles; & 3)Replacement Parts Manual SR-64 for S-15 plain/universal/plain ram/universal ram styles.
  • KEARNEY & TRECKER Model K Plain/Universal Milling Machine, Parts Manual
  • KITAGAWA Scroll Chuck, Instruction manual (S)
  • K.O. LEE Surface Grinder Model B2062, Operation/Maintenance/Repair (S)
  • KONDIA Model G Vertical Mill, Service/ Instruction Manual (S)
  • KURT Automatic Power Drawbar Installation & Troubleshooting Guide (S)
  • LAGUN/REPUBLIC Turret Milling Machines, Op/Maintenance
  • LANDIS 10" Type CH/12" Type LCH Universal Grinding Machines Operater's Handbook (MACH6)
  • LANDIS 10" Type CH/12" Type LCH Hydraulic Universal Grinders No. 1: Parts Catalog (MACH6)
  • LANDIS 10"/12" Type CH Grinding Machines Hydraulic Circuit Diagram & Description (MACH6)
  • LANDIS Dieheads: some scans from the "Threading & Forming/Thread Data Handbook" by Landis Machine; exploded views of the ALT/ELT/LL style Landis dieheads w/ a little text on op/assembly;  if you need info on using dieheads contact The Threading Equipment Co. in Santa Fe Springs (CA) & speak w/ Tim Bradley; you will need a copy of the book, it is THE bible on threading!   (S)
  • LANDIS Type 3R Plain Grinders w/ Microtronic Feed, Parts Catalog (MACH7)
  • LANDIS Electronic Modules; Microtronic Feed Electronic Modules (MACH7)
  • LANDIS General Applications & Troubleshooting of Landis SMA's, for Landis Grinders w/ stepping motors (MACH7)
  • LAPMASTER Model 12C Op/Parts manual (MACH6)
  • LEBLOND MACHINE TOOL CO.  Floor Mount Engine Lathes, Models 17E5 & 19E7 ,   Operator/ Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • LEBLOND MACHINE TOOL CO. Floor Mount Engine Lathe, Model 17" Regal, Operator/Maintenance/
    Parts (S)
  • LECO CM-20 Cut-Off saws instruction manual
  • LEEDS & NORTHRUP Program Control Unit, Model 10170 (MACH5)
  • LEEDS & NORTHRUP Electric Control Drive Mechanism, 10260 Series (MACH5)
  • LINCOLN WELDERS IdealArc TIG-300/300 Operating manual  (S)
  • LINDE 1985 Full catalog w/ parts
  • LINDE MLRS Welding Gantry parts/drawings
  • LINDE/UNION CARBIDE CM100 CNC Cutting machine (partial) (S) ; includes:
         PT-15 Plasma Arc-Water Injection Cutting Torch (p/n 996252) , Instructions
         PCM-8/PCM-8A Arc Cutting Outfits & PCC-8 Main Control & Plumbing Box, Instructions
          PHC-400 Cutting Power Supply, Instructions
         WC-6 Water Cooler, Instructions
         Water Pump Assembly (p/n 598484), Instructions
         C-67 Machine Cutting Torches, Instructions
         C-67-12 Machine Cutting Torch, Instructions
         C-39 Machine Cutting Torch, Instructions
         Linde LCNC/NC-6 Shape Tapes, Instructions for Use
          Linde Instructions for Numerical Control Test Tapes
         OXWELD R-52 Oxygen/R-99 Propane regulators (for station use only), Instructions
         OXWELD Single Stage Regulators, Parts Information (xploded views, etc)
  • LITTELL #1 Wide Band Ball Bearing Reel, Parts List/Operation (S)
  • LITTLE GIANT Big John Submersible Sump Pump owners manual w/ breakdown
  • LODGE & SHIPLEY Power Squaring Shears Series 0300, Operator's (S)
  • LOGAN Air/Hydraulic operated chucks & rotating cylinders
  • LOVE CONTROLS (DWYER INSTRUMENTATION) 1600 SeriesTemperature/Process Control w/ Fuzzy Logic Option Instruction manual (S)
  • LNS Hydrobar Mini-Sprint Automatic Bar Feed System instruction manual (MACH5)
  • MADISON-KIPP Model FD lubricators instruction/repair
  • MAGNAFLUX Operation manual for Type H-700/710/720/730 Inspection units (MACH6) (S) w/ some shematics/wiring diagrams/etx.; also have Magnaflux's "Wet Method Operating Instructions" & Magnaflux/MagnaFlo Accessory Catalog
  • MAGNAFLUX Instruction manual for Type H-820R Inspection Unit
  • MARVEL Series 81 Band Saw, Instruction & Parts (MACH5)
  • MARVEL Bandsaw, Model No. 81/M2S/M3M, Op/Maintenance
  • MARVEL/MUNICIPAL Bandsaw, Series No. 81; Op/Maintenance 
  • MARVEL/MUNICIPAL Bandsaw, Series No. 81; parts manual w/ hydraulic charts and wiring diagrams 
  • MASTER DIAL Milling Machine op/maint
  • MASTER Shuttle Drill & Tap machine instruction
  • MASTER Vertical Boring Machine op/maint. (MACH3)(2)
  • MASTER Machine Tools Operating Instructions Machining Heads (MACH3)
  • MATTISON High Powered Surface Grinder & Rotary Grinder instruction/operation (MACH4)
  • MATTISON Repair Parts Catalog, Rotary Surface Grinders #24/36/36-48  (MACH4)
  • MAZAK Mazatrol operating manual for M-32
  • MAZAK Mazatrol programming manual for M-32 (MACH3)
  • METALEXPORT (MEX) Engine Lathe TUJ-50 (Poland); Op/Service (2) 
  • METALEXPORT (MEX) Engine Lathe TUJ-50 (Poland); Parts Manual
  • McILVANIE MACHINE WORKS Engine Lathe Model B-40 , Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • MILLER   Gold Star 300SS/400SS/500SS/600SS owners w/ breakdown/parts/schematics/etc
  • MITSUBISHI MELDAS M0 Control Instruction & Programming manuals
  • MITSUBISHI MELDAS MØ Control Maintenance manual (NO board schematics down to the component level)
  • MITTS & MERRILL Shaper, Instructions (S)
  • MITUTOYO Digimatic DRO Display Model 982-537-1 Operation Manual (S)
  • MITUTOYO AL Counter Series 164 Operation manual (S)
  • MITUTOYO KS Counter User's manual (S)
  • MONARCH VMC-150B w/ Dynapath Delta 20M Control maintenance manual (MACH4)
  • MONARCH VMC150 instruction
  • MOORE Jig Borer Model #2 Maint & Op manual
  • MOTCH Vertical Numerical Chucker parts/service (2)(MACH4)
  • MSA Model 560 Hydrogen Cyanide Detector instruction manual
  • NIAGARA E Series Press op/maint.
  • NIAGARA HS Series Shears parts breakdown
  • NIAGARA Power Squaring Shears, Series 3B/4B/5B/6/7B/8/9/10/12 instruction/parts (MACH2&3)
  • NIGATA HN-50C/63C/80C Instruction manual (large)(3)
  • NIGATA HN80C Spec Sheet/Test Record/Foundation/Electric/Hydraulic drawings (4)
  • NIGATA HN80C Electric record (3)
  • NORTON   6" x 18" Surface Grinder, Instruction/Parts/Service manual 687-8 (S)
  • NORTON  6" Type C Grinding Machine Parts Catalog (S)
  • NORTON   10" Type C Cylindrical Grinders, Op/Maintenance (S)
  • NUMERIC PRODUCTS CO. 360º Index Ring Lathe Fixture Model 312, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • OILGEAR Type DS Variable Delivery pumps w/ handwheel controls, instructions (MACH4) w/ other OILGEAR pump & valve instruction sheets
  • OLIVER Model 395 Cutoff saw full manual
  • OOYA Radial Drilling Machine RE3-2000 instruction/parts (original & 1 photocopy)
  • OPTICAL GAGING PRODUCTS (OGP) Contour projector OQ-30, Instruction manual (S) (MACH6)
  • OSTER  #781-A & #782-A Rapiduction Jr. Bolt & Pipe Machine, Installation/Operation (S)
  • OVENS: various info on various makes/models including Coopermaster II, Maxon Model 400 "OvenPak" gas burners, GW Eagle Signal Time Control, Chicago Safety Products Air Flow Inter locking Safety Switches, Honeywell Flame  Safeguard Primary Control RA890F, Honeywell Industrial Gas Valves V5055,
  • ITT KS Series Solenoid gas valves, ITT S252 Model B Vent Valves, Honeywell modutrol motor M944A-G/J/S
  • PACIFICHYDRAULIC J-Series Pressbrakes, install/op/maint.
  • PAIRGAIN PG-Flex PMU-712 Management Unit Installation/Operation
  • PECK, STOW & WILCOX Metal Squaring Shear, Models 132/137/142/152, Instructions (S)
  • PEDRICK Standard Bending Machine, Op/Maintenance 
  • PEERLESS 10" x 10" Standard Metal Cut-Off Saw, 3 Speed; Operating Instructions, includes cutaway w/ parts list (S)
  • PEERLESS Hydra-Cut Plain & Automatic Model HC-51, 7"x7", 11"x11" & 14"x14", Operating Instructions w/ Parts List (S)
  • PEERLESS  Model 1200 High Speed Variable Speed Automatic Cut-Off Saw, Operating Instructions w/ Parts List (S)
  • PINES Tubebender Instruction manual (MACH5)
  • POWERMATIC/HOUDAILLE 12" Bench Mount Engine Lathe Instruction/Opeation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • POWERMATIC/HOUDAILLE /BURKE No. 4 Milling Machine, Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • PROCUNIER Tapping Head E-Series op/maint
  • QUINCY COMPRESSORS Model 350 Parts List (S)
  • RACINE SV Series pumps installation/engineering data (MACH3)
  • RANSOME Headstock Model 6H op/parts
  • RECCO Model R-1220-D Dual Electric Furnace manuals
  • REEVES Vari-Speed Motodrive, 200/300/400/500/600 sizes, Installation/Operation/Maintenance (S)
  • REMEX (Ex-Cell-O) Tape Reader technical manual; model RRS7300BEX/660/DRB (MACH4)
  • ROCKFORD TOOL CO. Horizontal Metal Cutting 16" Shaper, Op/Maintenance/Service (S)
  • ROCKWELL Engine Lathe Model 2516-20, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • ROCKWELL Engine Lathe Model, Benchtop, Models 25-451-W/25-651, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • ROCKWELL Milling Machine Model 21-122-W/49-697 & 52-020, Operation/Maintenance/Repair (S)
  • ROCKWELL Radial Arm Drill Model 15-127, Operation/Maintenance/Repair (S)
  • ROCKWELL Floor Mount Variable Speed Drill Press Model 17-232, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • ROCKWELL Floor Mount Drill Model 70-602, Operation/Maintenance/Repair (S)
  • ROCKWELL 14" Metal Cutting Bandsaw Model 28-300-W/49-963, Operation/Maintenance/Repair (S)
  • ROCKWELL-DELTA 6 Plus 6 15" Drill Press (#139-3001) (S)
  • ROCKWELL-DELTA Electrical Diagrams for Factory-wired 15" Drill Presses (S)
  • ROCKWELL-DELTA 14" Wood/Metal Cutting Bandsaw (S)
  • ROCKWELL-DELTA Electrical Wiring Diagrams for 6" Belt & 12" Disc Abrasive Finishing Machines, 6" Abrasive Belt Finishing Machines, 14" Wood/Metal Cutting Bandsaws, 6" & 8" Jointers Uniplanes (S)
  • RODGERS 300 Ton shop press parts list & other info
  • ROPER WHITNEY Shearing Machine Model 10-U-8 Instruction (S)
  • ROSEBROOK/SCHNEEBECK 3000 Series Tracer
  • ROUNDO Bending Rolls #8263/8264 Instruction manual (MACH3)
  • ROUSELLE Press instruction/op/maint (MACH3 & 4)
  • RUBOMETRIC Self-Opening DieHead, German manufactured; Style D Sizes 5/16" - D1¼", Operating Instructions/breakdown (S)
  • S&L Universal Tapping Machine, install/operation (MACH3)
  • SAIMCA/BAIA/NAPOLI New Series "KID" Single Pulley Engine Lathes, Model KS-155 Series, Op/Maintenance 
  • SAIMP Single Pulley lathes, New "Baby" Standardized Range, Models BSS/M205 & BS/M180, Op/Maintenance 
  • SAIMP Single Pulley Lathes, New Standardized Range Junior Special, Models JS200; Op/Maintenance
  • SARGON 650 Series DRO Display & XT300 Miniscales, Preliminary Op/Maintenance Instructions
  • SETCO Twin Wheel tool grinder & single wheel tool grinder, instruction/parts (MACH4)
  • SETCO Floor Mount grinder, Operation/Maintenance/Repair (S)
  • SHELDON MACHINE CO. Benchtop Engine Lathe Model XL, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • SHIZOUKA B-12V w/ FANUC OM Instruction/Operation manual; electrical wiring circuits, & electrical ladder-type manual  (S)
  • SHIZOUKA Mill instruction manual, Model ANS (MACH6)
  • SHIZOUKA/BANDIT programming manual, by S&K Systems (MACH6)
  • SIP Hydroptic - 7  technical instructions
  • SENECA FALLS MACHINE (SFM)/ROYAL OAK R-O Form Relieving Grinder, Op & Assembly manual (MACH6)
  • SNOW-MATIC Rotary Turrets/Indexers 
  • SOLBERGA Electric Drilling Machine SE-7; instructions 
  • SOUTHBEND LATHE Metal Shaper Model CS100 Instructions (S)
  • SOUTHBEND LATHE 9" Engine Lathe, Model CL-670Z, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • SOUTH BEND LATHE Literature: these items are NOT for sale at this time, scans available:
  •       Handbook, No. 44-A Showing 150 Shop Kinks (1927-28)(32 pages) (S)
          Booklet No. 22-K Describing the New South Bend 9-Inch Jr. Lathe 24  pages (6-1-27) (S)
          No. 89 catalog (May, 1928)(74 pages)
          Catalog No. 23 Featuring the 9-Inch Junior Lathe (20 pages)(Nov '28) (S)
          Bulletin No. 6-G (1936 ): The 9" Workshop Lathe in the Auto Service & Electric Shop   (S)
          "How To Run A Lathe"; revised edition 54 (1956)
  • SPEED PERFORMANCE (S-P Mfg. Corp.) Air & Hydraulic Cylinders install/service instructions
  • SPERRY-VICKERS Vane type single pump service/parts (MACH3)
  • STANDARD-MODERN TOOL Benchtop Engine Lathe, Series 2000 11", Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • STANDARD-MODERN TOOL Engine Lathe Model 1754, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • STANDARD-MODERN TOOL Toolroom Engine Lathe Model 1530, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • STROHM Model M125 Automatic Screw Machine
  • SUPERIOR Hone Corp. Model J2 Hone Maint & parts manual (MACH5)
  • TAKISAWA TSL-D Operating Manual w/ parts breakdown, covers TSL-550D/-800D/-1000D
  • TEEL Ejector Pumps, Models 3P697A - 3P700A, op/parts
  • THERMAL DYNAMICS PAK-3 Plasma cutting system, Instruction manual (S)
  • TIMESAVERS Models 200-2/200-3/200-4 Series, Owners/Op/Service
  • TORIT Dust Collectors - breakdowns
  • TORNOSBECHLER TOP 200 Programming, factory photocopy (MACH2)
  • TORNOSBECHLER TOP 200 Manipulation (Operation), factory photocopy (MACH2)
  • TRI-TOOL BEVELMASTER Model 224B Op manual (breakdowns w/ parts list included)(MACH5)
  • TURBO-CONVEYOR parts/service (MACH3)
  • TUSTIN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY   Environmental Vibration & Shock: Testing, Measurement, Analysis & Calibration, by Wayne Tustin
  • UDYLITE Cyclemaster automatic plating machine install/op/maint
  • UNIDEX 3 Motion Controller User's Manual (MACH6)
  • UNION CARBIDE/LINDE UEC-8 Welding Control
  • UNION CARBIDE/LINDE CM-50 & CM-250 Coordinate drive shape cutting machine electrical parts list (MACH3)
  • UNION CARBIDE/LINDE CM-50 mechanical/electrical/instruction parts list (MACH3)
  • UNION CARBIDE/LINDE   CM-50 Coordinate Drive Shape Cutting Machine w/ Advanced Systems Tracer Instruction manual
  • UNIVERSAL Tool & Cutter Grinder (Taiwanese?) Operation/Service/Parts (MACH6)
  • VAN NORMAN MACHINE CO. Milling Machine, Model IR-3-22 & IRQ-3-22, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • VAPOR BLAST MFG. Various machine setup/operation, hints, etc.
  • VEECO Mass Spectrometer Leak Test Stations MS17A/AB/ABC/AM, Op/Maint (MACH6)
  • VERSON Multi-functional press maintenance manual (MACH3)
  • VERSON Lubrication Instructions for Verson Presses & Press Brakes (MACH3)
  • VERSON   Twin Disc Friction Clutches Operating Instructions
  • VERSON Bending rolls maint. manual
  • VICTOR LATHES , Model 1640; Operation/Parts List (S)
  • WARD MaxiGrind Tool/Cutter grinder, instruction (MACH3)
  • WARNER & SWASEY #1 & #2 Electric, #2 Geared Head service manual, photocopy (MACH5)
  • WARNER & SWASEY #3, #4 & #5 Universal Ram Type Turret Lathes service manual (photocopy)
  • WELDON Model 200 Instructions & Owner's manual (S)
  • WELLS MFG. Bandsaw Model 8, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • WELLS MFG. Bandsaw Model L-9, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • WELLS-INDEX CORP. Vertical Milling Machine Model 747VS, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • WELLSAW W-20 Vertical Bandsaw Instruction manual (S)
  • WINSLOW Model H.C. Exactimatic Drill Pointer, op/service/parts (MACH2)
  • WINSLOW Model HR Drill Point Grinder, install/op/maint/parts
  • YASDA Precision Center, Model YBM-90N Instruction Manual (+ One Photocopy)(MACH7)


      Factory Original Miller & Hobart Welder Technical Manuals

     These are factory original technical manuals, NOT owner's manuals (unless otherwise marked), on
       various late model welders;
these contain extensive information on the welders         including full schematics, breakdowns, theory of operation, installation, etc.                 Datecodes of 1999 & 2000, in "as-new" condtion.


  • Air Pak, TM-478C
  • Big Blue 251D, TM-480E
  • Big Blue 302D, TM-497
  • Big Blue 302P, TM-496A
  • Big Blue 401DXQ, TM-173-413D
  • Big Blue 402D, 502D, 602D, TM-495A
  • Big Blue 402P, 502P, 602P, Technical manual TM-491B
  • Blue Star 3500 generator, TM-490A
  • Blue Star 3500 (Kohler-Powered) generator, TM-498
  • Blue Star 6000 generator (Honda powered), TM-488A
  • Blue Star 6000 generator (Kohler-Powered), TM-499
  • Bobcat 225 NT, OM-405 (1998)(full Operation/Owner's manual)
  • Bobcat 225 NT, TM-405C (2000)(full Technical manual)
  • Cool Runner 3X, TM-2606C
  • Cool Runner CE, TM-630C
  • Coolmate 3, CE/NON-CE, TM-628B
  • Coolmate 4, TM-624C
  • CP-200 DC Welding Power Sources SERVICE manual SM-235B (1980) (S)
  • CP-200 & CP-300 DC Welding Power Sources, SERVICE PARTS manual SPM-235F (1987) (S)
  • D-60 Wire Feeder 4-in-1 kit Field Instructions (1995 & 1996)
  • D-64, OM-1582 (1998)
  • D-64 Wire Feeder, OM-1582N (1996)(3)
  • D-64 Wire Feeder, OM-1582P (1997)
  • Dialarc HF/Dialarc HF-P (1983) Owner's manual (OM-315) & Parts List (S)
  • DU-OP, Technical manual TM-494A
  • Dimension Owners Manual OM-277J, Models 302/452/372/562 (1997)
  • Dimension Owners Manual OM-277, Models 302/452/372/562 (1998)
  • Dimension 1000/1250, TM-2223
  • Dynasty 300 DX, TM-358C
  • EconoTig, TM-303D
  • Gold Star 300SS400SS500SS600SS, 1987 datecode
  • HF-15/HF-15WG/HF-20-1WG/HF-20-2WG, TM-610C
  • HF-251D-1/HF-251-2 (formerly HF-250-2, HF-250D-1, HF-250-1), TM-611B
  • IHPS II 4KW, TM-195 858
  • IHPS II 10 DC, TM-189 508
  • Invision 354MP, TM-188 304
  • Mark VI, TM-2211C
  • Maxstar 300 DX, TM-2222B
  • Model 330 A/B/SP, Parts List/Mechanical Breakdown (S)
  • PipePro 304, Technical manual TM-492A
  • Polarity Reversing/Isolation Control (OM-816)(1994)(4)
  • Spectrum 2050 (55 amp), TM-2228
  • Spectrum 3080, TM-2225
  • Spectrum Thunder & Ice-12C Torch, TM-194 473
  • SRH-222, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • SRH-333 & SRH-444 Owner's Manual OM-230L (1995)
  • Syncrowave 300/500 Service Manual (SM-350A)(1981) (S)
  • Syncrowave 300/500 Service Manual w/ Parts List (SPM-350D)(1985) (S)
  • Syncrowave 500, TM-350A (July 2000)
  • Trailblazer Pro 350, TM-4401
  • Trailblazer 300D NT, TM-487B
  • Trailblazer 280 NT, TM-4402
  • Trailblazer 251 NT, TM-486C
  • XR Control, XR Air & Water-Cooled Guns, TM-1594


  • AG-2000 Welding Gun & Cable (OM-651)
  • AIRCO Model 2351-1209 Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • Champion 8500, TM-493B
  • ESAB HW-20/20R TIG Welding Torch instruction sheet
  • EUTECTIC Model MD301 , Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • EUTECTIC "Missing Link" Model X-2 Hi-Frequency Arc Stabilizer, Installation/Operation/Maintenance, includes schematic (S)
  • EXCEL-ARC 500 & 6045 Transformer-Rectifier DC (OM-826)(2)
  • HOBART Model GCC-300W, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • HOBART   Model GH-3153, GH-3153/S & GR-3153/S , Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • HOBART TR-250HF TIG Welder Instruction manual - full tech manual (S)
  • HARNISCHFEGER Welders - various models, inquire!
  • LIBBY Welders - various models, inquire!
  • LINCOLN WELDERS IdealArc TIG-300/300 Operating manual (S)
  • LINCOLN WELDER , Lincwelder 225 op manual  (WELD1) (S)
  • LINCOLN Shield-Arc SAE DC Welders, Motor (AC & DC) & Belt Driven (IM-229-A)(3/77) (S)
  • LINCOLN Model SAE-400, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • LINDE Model SWM-9-A, Operator/Maintenance/Parts (S)
  • MIDSTATES Model MAG 00 AC/DC T 14, Operator/Maintenance/Repair (S)
  • OM-193 covers: 200A (amp)/300A/400A/600A/500A various spec numbers
  • PIECEMAKER 25-A Welding Gun & Cable (OM-824)
  • PIECEMAKER 40-A Welding Gun & Cable (OM-823)
  • PIECEMAKER 50-W Welding Gun & Cable (OM-818)
  • RC-300
  • RCVS 650
  • TP-6A Plasma Cutting Torch (OM-776) for use w/ HSC-60A
  • WELDCRAFT Instruction sheets: WP-9/9P/9V, WP-26/26V, WP-24/24W, WT-17/17V, WP-17/17V (2)
  • WESTINGHOUSE Welders - various models, inquire!
  • WESTINGHOUSE Model 137 Gas Welder, Instructions (S)


  • MILLER : Ironmate FC-1260, Intellifire 204, Spectrum 701, Flexible Induction blanket,Spoolmate 250, Spectrum 3080 & Spectrum 2255 (400V models), Maxstar 140.
  • HOBART : AirForce 250/250A & Ice-12C Torch, Ironman 210 & M-10 Gun, Beta-Mig1800 & M-15 Gun, Handler 135/175 & H-10 Gun, Olympic 30A, Ironman 275 w/ Meters& M-25 Gun.


  • The Advanced Airbrush Book by Misstear; 1984 hardbound, 160 pages, w/ dj, excellent condition, techniques & procedures w/ large amount of photos/illustrations                                    
  • The Complete Airbrush & Photo-Retouching Manual by Owen/Sutcliffe; hardbound w/ dj, 160 pages, over 400 illustrations (many in color); all aspects of use & maintenance                
  • America's Handyman Book, hardbound 1961 500 page covering home repair                  
  • An Introduction to the Science of Metals by Richman; 1967 hb w/ dj, 400p                    
  • AUDEL's Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia, Volume I; 1000+ page hardbound, 1973, PLENTY of photos/illustrations; a standard for learning correct home repair/service/rebuild/etc           
  • Elementary Manual on Applied Mechanics by Jamieson; 1917 (11th ed.) hardbound, 390p; shows some wear/tear, not bad.  (T?)                                                                                    
  • The Book of Popular Science, Volume 16; includes 1930 - 1940 supplements, clean, interesting! (B1)  
  • The Engine Lathe by Stieri; 1944 small format hardbound, 310p, CLEAN! (B1)               
  • DoAll Instruction Programs: Machines, Tools, Gages: Volume 1 Sawing Machines, Precision
  • Sawing & Filing Methods; 1945 hb, 260p w/ lots of photos (B1)                                    
  • AIRCO Arc Welding Introduction Course, 1949 hb, 80p, clean!
  • How To Weld by the Oxy-Acetylene Process, 1943 softcover, large format, 80 pages, one of a series by Industrial Publishing; practical lessons in joining & cutting by gas welding.                                       
  • Welding: Principles & Applications by Jeffus; massive hardbound, 1993, 750+ pages, covers about EVERYTHING!                                                                                                         
  • Welding Handbook: Metals & Their Weldability by AWS; 1982 hardbound, 675+p; good reference!                                                                                                                
  • Welding Handbook: Fundamentals of Welding, Section 1; 1963 AWS 300+p hardbound, clean (B1)  
  • The Working, Heat Treating, & Welding of Steel, Supplemented With a Series of Laboratory Assignments, by Campbell; 1935 (1st) hardbound, 180p, nice shape, great photos!  (T)                   
  • Arc Welding Instructions for the Beginner by Sosnin; 1964 hb, 150p                               
  • Arc Welding Lessons for School & Farm Shop by Kugler; 1950 hb, 335+ p, lots of old photos (B1)   
  • Introduction to Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer by Mooney; 1956 hb, 400+p               
  • Steam: Its Generation & Use, Babcock & Wilcox; 37th edition (1963), very large format, over
  • 250 pages, CLEAN!   (B1)                                                                                           
  • Heat & Thermodynamics by Zemansky; 1943 hb, 380+ p, a classic (B1)                         
  • Applied Thermodynamics by Faires; 1947 hb, 480p (B1)                                                
  • Thermodynamic Properties of Steam by Keenan/Keyes; 1946 hb 100p   (IND#1)              
  • Solar Thermal Power Plants by Casal; 1987 hb 130p    (IND#1)                                      
  • Dynamos & Motors: Operation of Dynamo-Electric Machinery, Geometrical Drawing, Mechanical
  • Drawing, Steam Heating & Steam Turbines: ICS Reference Library; 1904 hardbound, 400+ pages,
    nice shape, foldouts, industrial drawings, etc.  Nice shape!  (B1)                                     
  • Handbook of Chemistry & Physics, 29th edition (1945); nice shape, 2600+ pages!            
  • GE Direct-Current Marine Motors & Control Equipment: Description/Operation/Maintenance, 1946  (B1)
  • Drafting Methods by Trowbridge; 1925 hardbound, 150+ pages                                    
  • Geometrics II by Foster; geometric tolerancing techniques, 1982 ringbound textbook       
  • Engineering Drawing: Practice & Theory by Taylor; 1943 (2nd) leather, 450+p               
  • The New Encyclopedia of Machine Shop Practice by Barnwell; 1941 (1st edition), 560+ pages, nice shape showing just a little wear, photos/illustrations, machine shop principles & practices, a "must" for  the library!    
  • Electric Appliance Repair & Servicing by Manly; 1950 hardbound, 250 pages; troubleshooting, adjustment, repair & maintenance                                                                                
  • Filler Metal Comparison Charts - American Welding Society, 4th edition (1971)                 
  • Grinding Wheels & Their Uses by Heywood; 1938 (1st ed) hardbound, 375 pages, THE work on grinding wheels, nice shape w/ GREAT photos!                                                             
  • American Machinist Grinding Book by Colvin/Stanley; 1912 (1st ed) hardbound, 350+ page, fairly nice shape, great photos, excellent companion to above book!                                         
  • Modern Metallurgy for Engineers by Sisco; 1941 hardbound, 425p, nice shape  (T)           
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems by Holland; 1984 SME hb, 275p;                                   
  • OMNECO Weight Tables of Steel: pocketbook covering round/square/hexagon/octagon/flat (IND1)
  • Kinematics of Machines by Guillet; 1947 (4th) hardbound, 300p, nice shape (T?)              
  • Marine Electric Power by Newman; 1943 hardbound, 225+p                                           
  • Introduction to Naval Engineering by Gritzen; 1980 hardbound, 425p (T?)                        
  • Combution Engines Manual: 1949/50 US Naval Academy curriculum book, clean! (IND#1)
  • Fundamentals of Naval Construction & Damage Control; 1951 US Naval Academy curriculum  book, clean! (IND#1)
  • Home Repairs Made Easy by Frankl; 1949 hardbound, 425+ pages; covers home construction thru home repair, inside and out, lots of photos/illustrations.                 
  • Do-It-Yourself Projects for Your Own Backyard by Heyn/Lees                                        
  • HUSKIE TOOLS Hydraulic Pumps, operating manual w/ parts list/breakdowns
  • KENT'S Mechanical Engineers  Handbook, Power Volume, 1950 (12th), 1000+ (?) pages, nice shape, this one covers air/steam/heat/hydraulics/turbines/electric/atomic/etc.                      
  • Light Frame House Construction: Technical Info for Apprentice/Journeyman Carpenters, by the
  • feds (GPO); 1931 datecode, 216p softcover w/ lots of old photos, kool! (B1)                   
  • Machinery's Handbook Guide to the Use of Tables & Formulas, 21st edition (1980); small format hardbound, 225 pages, excellent condition;                                                 
  • Manufacturing Processes by Begeman; 1947 hb, 600p, clean! great photos (IND#!)
  • Masonry & Concrete Work by Alth; 1978 hardbound, 500 pages; covers bricklaying, block ma- sonry, stonework & concrete construction, plenty of photos/illustrations                            
  • Robot Manipulators: Mathematics, Programming & Control by Paul; 1983 hardbound w/dj, 275pages dealing w/ the computer control of robot manipulators; part of the MIT series on artificial intelligence.   
  • 1935 B&S Small Tools Catalog; 450p!! pretty darn clean, interesting!                                 
  • Mechanical Measurement & Instrumentation by Ambrosius/Fellows/Brickman; 1966 hardbound,  550 pages;
  • textbook for mechanical engineering,  covering measurement, instrumentation & data   analysis, all phase  
  • Metallurgy by Pulsifer/Freud; 1916 hardbound, 100+ pages, shows a little damage, neat pics  (B1)      
  • An Introduction to the Science of Metals by Richman; 1967 hb, 400p (B1)                        
  • Model Radio-Control by Safford; 1959 Gernsback softcover, 192 pages, dealing mainly w/ the
  • electronics end of the craft                                                                                            
  • Modern Refrigeration & Air Conditioning by Althouse/Turnquist/Bracciano; massive hardbound,
  • 1979, 1000+ pages; textbook in easy to understand terms.                                                
  • Air Conditioning Layout by Kaberlein; 1941 hb, 300+ pages, "how-to", great for any sheet metal  layout man            (B1)                                                                                                 
  • Montgomery Ward PowrKraft reciprocating saw manual, model TGB-89431A (IND#1)
  • Sheet-Metal Pattern Drafting & Shop Problems by Daugherty; 1922 hb, 170p, clean (B1)     
  • Creative Chemistry by Slosson; 1919 hardbound, 310 pages, nice shape, some neat old photos,post=war work on the chemical products of the country in an interesting way          
  • Aluminum Tank Repair by Reynolds Metals Co., 1961 hardbound small format 90 pager, "as new condition, good work on the welding repair of aluminum tanks.                                          
  • VICTOR Welding, Cutting & Heating Guide; 1977 softcover, 60 pages, 5½" x 8½", w/ illustrations, photos, charts, procedures, etc; teaching set-up & safe operating procedures for oxy-fuel welding, cutting, & multi-flame heating equipment; great for the beginner!                                       
  • How to Use Hand & Power Tools by Daniels; a PopScience softcover, 160 pages, photos & llu- strations; use, tool selection, maintenance, safety, etc.  1972                                             
  • SuperConductivity: From Discovery to Breakthrough by Billings                                         
  • How to Build 35 Great Clocks by Daniele, 1984 hardbound, 190 pages, nice shape               
  • Clocks & Watches by Tyler; 1975 large format hardbound w/ dj, 80 pages w/ color photos, lots of
  • neat old clocks!                                                                                                           
  • Handbook of Watch & Clock Repairs by Harris; 1973 hardbound, 190p;                             
  • 1978 SEIKO Casing Parts List; factory, for the serviceman                                             
  • 1994 Complete Price Guide to Watches                                                                            
  • 1995 Complete Price Guide to Watches                                                                           
  • Modern Steel Structures by Grinter, Vol 2: Statically Indeterminate Structures & Space Frames;
  • 1949, hardbound, 300+ pages, photos/illustrations, college level classroom text.                 
  • The Modern Handybook for Boys by Bechdolt; 1933 hardbound, 400+ pages, NICE shape   
  • Motor Applications & Control by Treene/Drake/Markle, 1943 hardbound, 200 pages, as=new, great
  • old photos                                                                                                                    
  • Fundamentals of Automatics Control by Weyrick; 1975 hb, 400p  (B1)                              
  • Rapid Electrical Estimating & Pricing by Kolstad/Kohnert, hardbound 1986, 300 pages, good work
  • on making fast estimates on electrical contract work                                                         
  • Robotics for Engineers by Koren; 1985 hardbound w/ dj, 325 pages;                                  
  • Stainless Steel Handbook by Allegheny Steel, 1951 hardbound, 120 pages, covers 40 different types and their properties, includes analysis/applications/treatments/etc.                                      
  • Time/Life Complete Home Repair Manual, hardbound large format, 450+ pages, excellent condition plenty of photos/illustrations, walk you thru all home repairs                                               
  • The Water Well Manual by Gibson/Singer; softcover, 1971, 150+ pages, guide for locating & con-
  • structing wells for individual & small community water supplies.                                       
  • The Wood Lathe, A Craftsman Power Tool Handbook; 1942 softcover (2nd edition) 32 pages, in
  • very nice shape!                                                                                                            
  • Creative Woodworking by Drotning/Masotto; 1979 softcover                                             
  • Modern Woodworking by Wagner; 1974 textbook                                                            
  • Getting The Most Out of Your Lathe, Delta Power Tools; hardbound 1954, 115 pages         
  • The Great Tool Emporium by Manners; coffeetable type w/ dj, 400p; tools of yesterday and today   
  • Gas Turbine Engines Workbook by Jorgenson; softcover 380 page, possible textbook?        
  • NAVPERS 16179: Diesel Engine Maintenance Training Manual, US Navy, Feb. '46. (thick)(MIL1)
  • Elements of Photogrammetry by Church/Quinn; 1948 hardbound, 120p                              
  • Carpentry & Construction by Miller/Baker; massive how-to                                             
  • Business, Legal & Ethical Phases of Engineering                                                               
  • T/C Hand Refractometer Instruction manual (IND#1)
  • Interpretation of Aerial Photographs by Avery;1968 hardbound, 320p in nice shape
  • Design and Manufacture of Plastic Parts by Brown; 1980 hardbound, 200p
  • DU PONT Kevlar 49 Data Manual (IND#6)
  • The Complete Book of Locks & Locksmithing by Roper; a TAB book, in "as new" condition, 1977
  • hardbound w/ 375+ pages, lots of photos/illustrations/breakdowns, good starter                  


  • B&S #47 1" - 2" micrometer, fairly clean, smooth action, could use a little cleaning             
  • Helios (Germany) adjustable sliding block; 1 5/16" - 1 3/4", 1/4" thick, well made, needs cleaning     
  • Tumico LARGE face .0001 dial indicator; in the original felt lined case, everything in very nice
  • shape, w/ mounting bracketry, smooth action                                                              
  • Hardinge 1" travel dial indicator; nice, clean, US made, .001" divisions, smooth action       




  • ARISTOCRAT Service Manual, Microprocessor Slot Machines (1982, 3/83 revision)
  • BALLY Introduction to Bally Slot Machines, Manual #6000 (1979)
  • BALLY Electronic Slot Machines, Models E-1234/1235/1236, Parts Catalog (2)
  • BALLY FO-5223 Video Poker (no covers)
  • BALLY GameMaker Operator's Instruction manual (FO-5710-H)
  • BALLY Slot Machines Service Instructions & Parts Catalog, Sep '73, 3 Reel Models (2), Manual #2400
  • BALLY Slot Machines Service Instructions & Parts Catalog, 1986, 3/4/5 Reel Games, Manual #2600
  • BALLY Dollar Slot Machines, Service Instructions & Parts Catalog, Manual #5000 (Spring, 1977)
  • BALLY Slot Machines Service Instructions & Parts Catalog, 1/1/75, 3/4/5 Reel models, both
  • standard & console model
  • BALLY Series E Printed Circuit Board Schematics/Parts Lists, All Machines (2)
  • BALLY Hopper AS 3105 Service Instructions & Parts Manual (Supplement Manual 2601, May 1, 1975) (S)
  • BALLY Series E-1000 & E-2000 Operation manual FO-650-7 (w/ schematics)(blue looseleaf)
  • BALLY Series E "2000" Series, Wide Cabinet Models w/ High Volume Hopper Units, Parts Catalogs  (2)
  • BALLY Series E Schematics manual (2)
  • BALLY Series V Parts Catalog: Models V-1265-2 & V-1291
  • BALLY 5000 Plus Keno Operator Instruction manual
  • BALLY 5000 Plus Parts Catalog, Bar Top Models, 1988
  • BALLY System 5000 Operator Instruction manual
  • BALLY System 5000 Operation manual (white looseleaf)
  • BALLY V5000 Plus Installation manual (3)
  • BALLY V5500 Installation manual (3)
  • BALLY V5500 Operator Instructions/Service/Parts manual
  • BALLY Double Progressive Operator Instructions Using V. 5.0, for use w/ Series 1000, E-2000, V-2000, S-5000 & V-5000 (white looseleaf)(manual #FO-5110)(2)
  • BALLY Electronic Slot Machines: Programmable Operation Progressive Supplement, Operating In
  • SDS On-Line Environment Using the Miser Interface, manual
  • CEI Operation manual, Video poker
  • CEI Operation Manual, V. 51.0X Video Poker (1/89)(2, one bound)
  • CERONIX Models 1492 & 2092 Monitors, Service manual (3)
  • COIN MECHANISMS CC-10 & CC-20 Coin Comparitor manual  (burgundy looseleaf)
  • COIN MECHANISMS CC-16 Coin Comparitor manual  w/ schematic for control board & assembly guide.
  • COIN MECHANISMS CC-30 & CC-30WB Coin Comparitor manual (white looseleaf)
  • COIN MECHANISMS CC-40 Coin Comparitor manual (white looseleaf)
  • COIN MECHANISMS CC-62 Coin Comparitor manual (white looseleaf)
  • COIN MECHANISMS CC-62A/C Comparitor w/ "B" Style Interface, 2 page Instruction Sheets (S)
  • COIN MECHANISMS CC-100 Coin Comparitor manual   (S)
  • ELECTROHOME ELECTRONICS G05-802/805 Monochrome Quadrascan X-Y Monitor Instruction & Service Manual
  • ELECTROHOME ELECTRONICS G07 R.G.B. Colour Monitor 13" & 19" Versions, Service & Operation Manual
  • ELECTRONIC DATA TECHNOLOGIES (EDT) Action System  (white looseleaf)
  • ELECTRONIC DATA TECHNOLOGIES (EDT) SDS-II User's Guide (white looseleaf)
  • IGT BG-112-51 Gaming Drop-In Bar manual (1983)(3)
  • IGT FG-301 Double Screen Keno Service & Parts manual
  • IGT Double Screen Keno Service Notes
  • IGT Double Screen Keno Power Supply Manual
  • IGT Double Screen Keno Theory of Operation/IC pinouts manual
  • IGT Double Screen Keno Procedure & Component Data Sheets manual
  • IGT Fortune I Series manual: theory/technician's manual
  • IGT Fortune I Service & Parts manual (S)
  • IGT Fortune II Thin Twin manual
  • IGT PE+ Service & Parts manual
  • IGT PE+/S+ Electronic Repair Manual   THIS IS THE ONE YOU NEED!! This is a RARE,hard to find item, it was an in-house electronic repair manual for use by personnel on the production line, detailing problems and repairs DOWN TO THE COMPONENT LEVEL for the popular PE+/S+ series of slots.  Many schematics, and many of these are NOT found in the service manuals.   STEP-BY-STEP PROCEDURE FOR MANY ELECTRONIC PROBLEMS!  This is p/n  821-126-01, w/ a datecode of 5-24-94  Typically this was NOT available to the public!    .00 + shipping   
  • IGT PE+ Slant-Top Field Service Manual
  • IGT S+ Field Service Manual
  • IGT Progressive Operation in Fortune Slots
  • IGT S-Slot Service/Parts Manual (also one in burgundy looseleaf)
  • IGT S-Slot Service & Parts Manual  (brown looseleaf)
  • IGT S-Slot Pocket Reference Diagnostics Card
  • IGT S-Plus International Stepper Slot Program Reference Guide (IGT p/n 821-047-00 Rev A)
  • IGT "Game Software: Vision Slot Products, Release 3" manual, in the wrap                       
  • IGT "Gaming Systems (IGS): Bus Management User's Guide (Preliminary)"                     
  • IGT "Gaming Systems (IGS): Calendar of Events User's Guide (Preliminary)"                   
  • JENNINGS Chief Machine Parts/Service Catalog
  • MARS ELECTRONICS VFM Series Bill Acceptor Technical manual (white looseleaf)
  • MIKOHN The Mikohn Tour (linked progressive jackpot system)(white looseleaf)
  • MIKOHN M-102 Programming (white looseleaf)
  • MIKOHN Chameleon Message Programming (white looseleaf)
  • MIKOHN Large lot of technical bulletins, etc.  (white looseleaf)
  • MIKOHN Large lot of technical bulletins, etc.  (blue looseleaf)
  • MIKOHN Progressive Jackpot System Manual, V6.4, July 8, 1987
  • MILLS Bell Machine Service Parts
  • RGB 1401B Theory/Instructions/Maintenance Manual (S)(S)
  • RGB Models 1401A/1701A/2501A Theory, Instructions & Maintenance
  • SUMMIT SYSTEMS  Manual set for the microprocessor controlled replacement Reel/Hopper/Handle System referred to as Autoslot, Slot-Kit, Virtual Reel, etc; all are the same, and consist of the following  manuals (AutoSlot also refers to Summit's standalone Slot Machine):
    AUTOSLOT Maintenance manual (p/n 150364E)
    Schematic Book (p/n 150457)
    Slot-Kit Installation Manual (p/n 150440B)
    Illustrated Parts List (p/n 150423)
    Preventative Maintenance (p/n 150416)
    Operator's Manual (p/n 150365)

  • TAKASAGO DISTRIBUTING COMPANY (TDC) PSL Series Stepper Driven Computerized Slot Machine, Owner's Operation Manual (some schematics & board layouts)(blue looseleaf)
  • TATUNG Service Manual, Game Monitor Series, VS-14339S
  • THIRD WAVE ELECTRONICS Adjustment procedure for GTLO Coin Comparitor (burgundy looseleaf)
  • UNIVERSAL Op/Maintenance/Parts manual (reel machines ONLY)(another one in white looseleaf)(3)
  • UNIVERSAL XT Poker Operation Manual
  • VIDEOTRONICS Model GMDPxx Rev G3/G4 conversion from IGT model SG202/SG103 (S)
  • VLC NEVADA Model 87XX Pay Analysis Records for VLC Video Games, 1997
  • VLC NEVADA Model 87XX Pay Analysis Records for VLC Video Games, 1998
  • VLT Video Technician's Manual
  • VLT Nevada 8725 Video Gaming Manual, Hardware, V 1.0
  • WELLS-GARDNER 19" Medium Resolution color video display, Model 19K4915, Service manual
  • Collector's Treasury of Antique Slot Machines from Contemporary Advertising, 1925-50, by Bach;
  • "as new" condition, 1980, 460 pages.                                                                              
  • WICO 1990 Gaming Parts Catalog
  • Electronic Pinball Games Repair Procedures by BALLY-MIDWAY ; very informative manual; nice condition                                                                                                                      
  • BALLY Electronic Pinball Games Theory of Operation
  • BALLY Pinball: Flash Gordon, manual copy
  • BALLY/MIDWAY'S Monitor Systems, General Information & Troubleshooting Procedures, Monitor Part One
  • Ms. Pac-Man parts/op manual, original MIDWAY , covers upright/cocktail/mini     
  • MIDWAY'S Galaxian Parts & Operating Manual, Game #866, Feb. '80                 
  • CLEOPATRA Solid State Instruction Manual; original by GOTTLIEB                                     
  • WILLIAMS Firepower manual (copy)
  • Totally Unauthorized HEXEN Strategy Guide   
  • SEGA Display Manual 20" Color MC-2000-S                                                                 
  • How to Beat Slot Machines by Venture; 1982 "how to become rich" booklet! CLASSIC B1  
  • ATARI Video Game Operator's Handbook; covers test equipment, video game architecture, main-
  • tenance & adjustments, computer logic & devices, troubleshooting procedures, etc.           


  • Wheel of Fortune Reel Driver Board: IGT p/n 75427400 Rev B; nice clean boards, includes pro-
  • grammable chip ("Reel Driver, RDO018, 04/09/01 (1-64), 2001 IGT"), out of closed slot refurb-
    isher inventory.  Also labeled "960 Wheel of Fortune"; untested, sold as-is.                      
  • Wheel of Fortune (?) Spectrum Display Boards + Display board; consists of IGT board p/n 75508400 Rev A w/ programmable chip ("Spectrum Display, SDO092, 11/12/97 (1-256), IGT MI)  also marked "960 SPECTRUM";   w/ companion board IGT p/n 75112000 Rev A which is the display board.
  • Untested, sold as-is.                                                                             
  • IGT Memory Comparator: older 1982 unit for comparing copied eprom's to the original to avoid time spent inserting an incorrectly copied game/reel prom into a machine.                        
  • One pallet full of slot glass in stock, 90% is NOS IGT (w/ about 5% foreign market), the rest is
  • typically used IGT/Bally; some neat glass not only for replacement, but would also make nice
    framed designs for the game room, shop, etc.  Approximately 1200 pieces, possibly sell the lot.
    email barry:
  • I have a few early BALLY machines for sale;  pictures coming!  Plenty of early IGT/SIRCOMA  machines for parts, refurb, etc.

    I have a lot of these (above, left) - missing some parts, but enough to put together, or I sell whatever you need: boards, hoppers, doors, etc.  INQUIRE!

    Older upright Bally Electromechanical out of the CalNeva Hotel/Casino in Reno; Railroads & Indians were always a specialty of this landmark casino!  This one has a Summit Reel Conversion, and shows wear & tear, but is well worth a resurrection!  Untested, sold as-is.  More pix available, INQUIRE!


    Posting for a friend: GAMEX Video Poker Machine, the only datecode we can find is 1985; this machine was NEVER in a casino, it has been a home machine it's whole life  - in very nice condition, it's been spared the abuse that typical casino versions would suffer.  It's setup for nickels, but comes w/ some quarter parts (hopper, boards, etc).  Up and running now, it's a beauty!
    0.00, pickup in Carson.

    I believe these are the earliest video poker machines manufactured;
    Model D107s, "TV Poker"
    I have two of 'em, one nice and appears complete, and this one, which shows some wear/tear, possibly missing parts - haven't opened either one yet.  These are 1982 datecodes, I thought these would be earlier than Fortune 1's, I'll have to doublecheck.

  • IGT Keno Light Pen (p/n 19915000) w/ connector; new in the bag (0.00 new)             
  • NOS IGT Player's Edge Video Slave Boards, p/n 75603700 Rev B, w/ character generator chipsets
  • NOS IGT Vision Series Reel Assemblies, p/n 66004000; complete reel assembly w/ new servo motor, never in a machine; these use the 3 3/4" wide reel strips (unlike the earlier 3¼" wide reel strips used in the early S+ machines); these assemblies also have the built in fluorescent fixture (bulb NOT included) that backlites the reel strip.   Set of 3 for .00 + shipping , hundreds available!

  • CEI video poker gameboards: out of working environment, these are 906 III versions, creditholding boards w/ all gamechips/character generator chips, nice shape!  in the tray                    
  • SUPPLY IS DWINDLIING ON THESE CEI's!!   Also have one CEI 927 Gameboard, in the enclosed  tray, clean and complete w/ gamechip; pictures available - .00 + ship; MORE JUST IN: 906III EX gameboards, many w/ chipsets, in the enclosed tray; will sell any parts separately!
  • Lots of S+ gameboards, some Fortune I/II's INQUIRE!  Some older BALLY boards also!  Running out of PE+ boards; Have some NOS PE+ & S+ boards; never mounted in machines, they are immaculate (only a couple NOS PE+ boards left)!  Also plenty of gameboard signal transformers,  insulation sheets (between the gameboard & tray, make sure you have one there), trays (both uprights & slants).  IGT PE+ early boards available (p/n 7570300), some w/ upgrades.  Examples of some nice, clean boards: these are a PE+ Superboard on the left (video gameboard), S+ (reel gameboard) in the middle, and a specialty S+ w/ S+ Memory Expansion daughterboard attached; more available, including later model boards.  
    Also available are S+ & PE+ boards that have been "demilled"; these are good parts units as many components are becoming hard to find, and expensive.  These typically have 1 - 3 1" shear cuts in from the
    edges, cutting internal lines; all components are still intact (typically no battery or removable ICs are left), but reel driver chips, volume controls, etc are still there and in nice shape.
      You can make out the shear cut in the following picture.

  • Factory original IGT Game/CAP/Character Generator/Etc. CHIPS:  many, many chips, just beginning to organize:
  • CAP Proms: CAPX 2307 (qty=3), CAPX 1321 (qty=7), CAPX 2174 (qty=2), CAPX 707 (qty-4),
       CAPX 740 (qty=2), CAPX 1267 (qty=2).
    PLX1 & PLX2
    CG1 & CG2
    GME1 & GME2
    SND/SND1/SND2/SND3/etc. (sound chips)
    Character Generator (MGO/MRO/MXO/etc)  ie: "Video Chipsets" for PE+/PE+ Superboard
    Bill Validator chips (WBA) HUNDREDS!
    PE+ & S+ Game Chips
    EF, CBA, CUT, SM, DCN + Bonus Boards, DCN BOOT, ID, & some other specialty Chips
    Vacuum Flourescent Display & Spectrum Display
    Super 8 Race: PXL1, PLX2, CG1, CG2, SND, GME1, GME2, etc.

  • NOS IGT S+ Slot Handle Mechanisms, p/n 38802400 F; these are the arm assemblies (minus the arm) located just inside the case; often troublesome w/ machines who've spent their whole life in a casino having the reels spun via the arm - heavy duty, includes all solenoids, etc.  .00 + ship; I am running low on these, not many left - these would be an investment in your S+ machine, as IGT no longer supports these items, and they are about impossible to find NOS.  Includes all the NOS solenoids, etc., direct replacement for those worn-out parts that make for a sloppy arm!  ONLY A COUPLE LEFT!
  • NOS IGT S-Slot Door Wiring Harness, p/n 60011200 Rev B (2-88); factory original for use w/ universal coin acceptor.  .00 + shipping
  • CERONIX Video Boards: these sets (video/yoke/control) are pulls from working machines which were scrapped out; typically, the monitors showed so much burn-in they were useless, and thrown away.  These units are untested, sold as-is, and are often in need of a clean up, but should be good, working units: CHEEEP!  Right now, board IDs include 1491, 1492/C/D/G/H - some are pretty darn clean and would be usable w/out the cleanup, but always a good idea to at least blow out the trays w/ compressed air.  These units are getting hard to find; CERONIX does offer a refurbish service, but from what I see at the website, that is priced @ .00, and I'm not certain that includes the yoke and control boards.  At this time I'm scrapping out a large load of monitors; these include Ceronix 1490/1492s, & Wells-Gardners; some are touch screen units, and I will be offering sets of those boards also; I'm constantly recycling the aluminum (RGB) and steel frameworks (Ceronix & WG); if you need any parts, speak up now, I'm NOT stocking these items!  I do run across some monitors that are in nice shape, and these will be offered for auction or sale, email any requests!  Typically, a Ceronix board set (used) would be .00 + shipping.- a good idea to have a back up!   All wiring is carefully disassembled, NO CUTTING; thus they are ready for insertion w/ minimal work.   Once in a while I also have some RGB boards also, but they seem to be harder to locate, ASK!

  • NOS IGT Backlight Assemblies: not certain which machines these are off; the first has p/n 68513200 Rev B;
    the other unit does not have part numbers; inquire for any further details; perfect for many other applications where florescent light fixture is necessary.
      Custom applications for pinball and other gaming installations would be perfect for these clean, new units.

  • NOS IGT 2 Reel to 3 Reel conversion shelves & NOS IGT bells for all IGT slots.
  • NOS IGT PE+/S+ Gametray/Gameboard Signal Transformers; from NOS boards, & clean pulls.   .00
  • NOS IGT Coin Optic Boards, p/n 75306800; QC'ed, never in a machine.  .00
  • NOS IGT 25¢ Coinheads w/ the numbers cutout; bright shiny chrome!  Nice looking addition to that slot
    .00 + ship
  • S+/PE+/etc CANDLES: various prices from .50, NOS, never mounted on a machine   
  • NOS IGT S+/PE+ gameboard Capacitors; both the 10K & 6.8K uf/16WV ones, hard to find!  .00 ea + ship
  • S+/PE+ Locks: IGT NOS, used at doors/drawers/cashbox, etc; running low on stock!        $ 6.00 ea + ship
  • IGT S-2000 Super Stepper Controller Boards; p/n 75510500 Rev C; clean i960 boards in "as-new" condition - NO  chipsets or memory.  These are later-model boards which control the reel mechanisms on the S-2000 slots.   0.00 + ship

  • IGT Early IGT Lottery boards capable of conversion to GameKing gameboards; NOS and some pulls.  p/n 75703506 Rev ; clean boards, using the Intel i960 chipset .

  • IGT Light Ballasts, NOS
  • IGT NOS Keno Membrane Switch Interface boards, p/n 7541740
  • IGT NOS Jeopardy Light Control boards, p/n 7510050
  • IGT S-2000 Power Board, NOS p/n 75801700 Rev B1
  • IGT Motherboards: 
        NOS "960" Motherboard p/n 75904405 Rev B
        p/n 75903601 Rev H, Player's Edge 2
        p/n 75903801 Rev D
        p/n 75903802 Rev A
        p/n 75903903 Rev A
        p/n 75904003 Rev B, S+ Drop-In Bar
        p/n 75905100 Rev A, 960 F/T motherboard
        p/n 75905300 Rev B, 960 Stepper Video motherboard
  • IGT NOS p/n 76201501 Rev A (looks like some progressive or display type interface board?)
  • IGT "MegaBucks" Eagle signs; these are the colorful plastic signs that hang above this popular progressive Nevada slot; one is the 5' long eagle, the o ther is the 4' style - NOT CHEAP!  Megabucks items are difficult to find as they are typically destroyed to keep them out of the public's hand.
  • IGT "Pinball Mania" Legend; 2" round plastic button from a defunct protoype which combined an actual pinball playing field w/ reel-type cash payout slot machine - RARE, most parts were scrapped out!

  • NOS IGT Fortune 2 Motherboards; immaculate!  p/n 75902500 Rev B (1983 datecode)  .00
  • IGT PE+ Display boards, p/n 75115630 Rev A; used, clean, hard to find; 2 available  .00 each
  • Slot Machine "Heavy Load" Shipping Labels: original IGT permanent labels for crated slot machines
  • "No Person Under 21 Years of Age May Play.  Malfunction Voids All Pays And Plays" stickers - NOS IGT (but of course will work on any machine) adhesive backed stickers (1¼" x 3"), black lettering on transparent label for "see-thru" mounting on glass/monitor surfaces.  Comes in rolls.
  • LiteOn Dot Matrix LED Display Modules: p/n LTP2157AE, used in IGT machines for displays; hundreds of NOS, never used, pulled from NOS boards.

  • LM323K & 2N3055 Transistors for IGT PE+/S+ board repair, etc.
  • ARISTOCRAT MKV Main Boards: 2 NOS boards marked "MKV USA MAIN BD, PCBA 2501-41-0289, ISSUE-A"; IMMACULATE!
  • MIKOHN Progressive parts: power supplies, 2" Chameleon  Slave Rev. A controller cards, some In-Machine Linker controller cards, cabling, CON1, CON2, etc.   Limited availablility, ASK!
  • IGT S+/PE+ Reset Switches, Keyed Alike; NOS gameboard reset switches keyed alike, making multiple machine handling much simpler; each new switch comes w/ two keys; these switches are the
  • manual type, not the spring loaded variety.                                                          $ 6.00 ea + ship
  • WILLIAMS Boards: not certain which are slot boards & which are arcade gaming boards!
  • small daughterboard: the Williams tag (applied to a chip, no room on the board itself) says "470629", w/ another Williams tag on another chip "31101"; embossed into the board is "5772-09614-XO" (Defender board?)(BRDS1)
    Williams tag applied to a chip says "508921", embossed in the board is "1C-2001-146-5" (BRDS1)
    Williams tag applied to a chip says "449259"; embossed in the board is "5771-09615-XO" (BRDS1)
    Williams tag applied to chip says "470731", embossed in board is: "5770-09616-XO" (BRDS1)
  • RIPOFF Monitor assembly: tube, chassis & board, out of a working game  .00, pickup in Carson City.
  • ZAXXON Monitor: complete sub-assembly including tube, chassis, board, wood, etc; out of a working game  .00, pickup in Carson City
  • ZAXXON Gameboards: both boards from a working machine, fairly clean and in good shape; also have the florescent light.  I also have the smaller, upper plexiglass ZAXXON marquee.


This US military gunrack holds 12 M16/M16A1's; rifles are inserted, and are able to be locked down securely, excellent for the Class 2/3 dealer!  Price is .00, pickup in Carson City

        75 Round HK-91/G3 Drum Magazine

Converted MG-34 Drum Magazine w/ Removable Tower; this one was manufactured in 1985, and is
one of seven originally manufactured in the US.  Beautiful job inside and out, this one is immaculate.  Never
fired, I only viewed one of the others being fired, and purchased this one when it's brother worked flawlessly.
The removable tower could be replaced by other 7.62x51 mag uppers and moved from firearm to firearm.
Loading consists of using the key to rotate the drum shaft, and is a little slow, but makes up for it
in firepower!  It needs another key manufactured to decrease the time necessary for loading (both
shafts must be wound).  

00.00 + shipping


  • M998 HUMVEE (HMMV) & Variants Maintenance manual set; three volume set, these are "as-new", heavy & thick, looseleaf style; these are TM 9-2320-280-20-1/2/3, w/ a January 1990 datecode.  It covers all variants including cargo/troop carrier, ambulance, utility truck, TOW vehicle, etc. Everything you need for maintaining/repairing your Hummer. (MIL1)      0.00 + actual shipping
  • Field Artillery Course for Provisional Second Lieutenants, 1917, original Army publication, for
  • "Officers & Cavalry Officers taking Field Artillery Course";  has original owners penciled in name
    (M.H.Dodd, whose estate was recently sold in Reno earlier this year; he was a ballonist during WWI, and operated the first spark gap transmitting station in the country, from the L.A. area);
    shows some wear and tear but in fairly nice shape, this is an extensive manual w/ lots of photos
    and illustrations, many of them foldouts, w/ pix of horsepacked artillery also; neat find for the
    collector!                                                                                                                    0.00
  • The American Navy, Cuba & Hawaii; 1898 (1st edition); rectangular octavo format, collection of
  • photos of ships & sailors (some from the Maine), separate sections on Cuba & Hawaii, about 200
    pages w/ some fairly rare photos (b&w), interesting item!  shows some wear/tear, penciled
     inscription dated 1898                                                                                                  .00
  • 1934 "Pictorial Souvenir of the United States Fleet"; 30p photographic collection of warships & decklife, mainly out of San Diego Harbor; great old photos!
  • Machine Gunner's Handbook, The Infantry Journal, 1942 (3rd edition), shows wear and tear, has
  • 1943 written date by WW2 owner + some of his calculations on separate papers                 .00
  • 1949 US Naval Academy text: "Fundamentals of Naval Construction & Damage Control", from
  • Dept. of Marine Engineering; nice and clean, foldout charts/graphs, beauty!                        .00
  • 1950 US Naval Academy text: "Combustion Engines Manual", another nice and clean Dept. of
  • Marine Engineering text.                                                                                                .00
  • A Basic Manual of Military Small Arms by WHB Smith!  This is the first edition, softcover, very
  • hard to find; for the collector; pic soon!                                                                          .00
  • A Basic Manual of Military Small Arms by WHB Smith; 3rd edition (1945); evolved into hardbound
  • edition, 345 pages, shows wear and tear, rarely seen!                                                      .00
  • Small Arms of the Sea Services by Rankin; 1972 hardbound w/ dj, 225+ pages; history of firearms
  • & edged weapons of the US Navy/Marines/Coast Guard, from Revolution to present; many photos
    excellent reference book, nice condition                                                                           .00
  • JANE'S Weapon Systems, 1986-7, CLEAN!  (MIL1)                                                       .00
  • Pistols of the World by Hogg/Weeks; large 1978 hardbound w/ dj, 300p                             .50
  • SOE In France by Foot; 1966 w/ dj & separate maps; nice shape!                                      .00
  • Badges & Insignia of WWII by Rosignoli; 1976 hardbound, 350p; excellent reference          .50
  • The COLT 1911 Automatic Pistol, Its Predecessor & Variants, A Pocket Chronology; by Larry
  • Hacker, this was meant to be carried in the pocket & used as a reference @ shows             .00
  • COLT one page descriptive brochures, circa 1970: AR15, 70 series MKIV .45, Cobra, Detective
  • Special, Diamondback, Agent, Trooper MKIII, Lawman MKIII, Metropolitan MKIII, Official Po-
    lice, Commander/Gold Cup, handcuffs, gun lubricant,                                                       .00
  • 1972 REMINGTONPETERS "Defistrations": illustrated booklet "to help police officers better un-
  • derstand firearms & ammunition"                                                                                    $ 7.50
  • 1956 ARMS TRADE YEARBOOK - clean edition of the annual listing of Dealers (antiques, collectors, modern, shooters, police equipment), gunsmiths, jobbers, manufacturer's reps, manu- facturers & importers, publishers (books, periodicals), arms collectors, associations, etc.     .00
  • 1947 Trident Calendar/Appointment book, US Naval Academy doc (MIL1)
  • FREELANCE Police Supply (N.CA) catalog; grenades, evidence kits, cameras, radios, etc    .00
  • BOFORS, A CENTURY OF ORDNANCE; hardbound, 90 pages; centennial edition showing quick
  • development of Bofors manufactured ordnance over the past 100 yrs; many photos both B&W and color; rare                                                                                                                   .00
  • The M1 Does My Talking! The U.S. M1 Garand Rifle in Pictures, WW2 & Korea; softcover by Bruce, includes development & experimentation from WW1 - M14; nice shape, lots of rarely seen
  • pix; nice shape                                                                                                             .00
  • BROWNELL'S Encyclopedia of Modern Firearms, Vol. 1 Parts & Assembly; massive 1000+ page
  • reference (this is the 1st edition, 1959), breakdowns/parts lists of hundreds of firearms, lots of
    great gunsmith info, thousands of photos; shows some pretty good use, but plenty left        .00
  • The Story of Colt's Revolver by Edwards (T); w/ dj,                                                        .00
  • The Art of Handgun Shooting by Askins; 1941 hardbound, 210+ p; a classic, neat photos     .00
  • NRA Firearms Assembly I: Guidebook to Shoulder Arms; breakdown of US & foreign civilian & military long arms; softcover, 200 pages, 1972, excellent condition, good reference           .50
  • NRA Firearms Assembly II: Guidebook to Handguns; US & foreign, pre-cartridge & cartridge, in-
  • cludes some Crosman designs; softcover, 1972, 200+ pages, clean!                                   .50
  • Gun Digest Book of Exploded Firearms Drawings by Murtz; 1974 softcover, 288 pages, clean,
  • covers handguns & long guns; exploded views of 275 different arms.                                .50
  • John Olson's Book of the Rifle, 1974 hardbound w/ dj, 250 pages, good work on the rifle    .00
  • World Dictionary of Modern Military Vehicles by Vanderveen; 1984 hardbound w/ dj, as new, lots
  • of pix of SOFT-SKIN military vehicles of the world by country, pic of each vehicle w/ small de-
    scription of each one; good ID reference                                                                         .00
  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Firearms by Hogg; 1984 hd w/ dj, 300+p                           .50
  • UNITED PARTS MFR. CO. 1943 Replacement fuel pump parts/speedometer cables/housings catalog for U.S. Army Administrative & Tactical Vehicles; lists factory and aftermarket parts numbers; also has NAPA logo present. (S)
  • The Gun Digest Book of Assault Weapons by Lewis; 1986 softbound 250 pages, lots of good pho-
  • tos of some rarer subguns/autorifles.                                                                               .00
  • Sporting Arms of the World by Bearse; 1976 hardbound w/ dj, 460 pages; pictures w/ descriptions
  • and some exploded views; good reference for sporting firearms                                         .50
  • JANE'S Weapon Systems, '72 - '73; standard reference, MASSIVE! shows some light wear, in- sides nice.                                                                                                                   .50
  • JANE'S Fighting Ships, US, 1973-4;                                                                               .00
  • JANE'S All The World's Aircraft, 1975 - 6; standard reference                                          .00
  • USS Richard L. Page (FFG5) commemerative  edition: hardbound, photos of officers/crew/ship,     color & b/w, candid onboard shots during deployment to Med during Beirut incident.           .00
  • The Armed Forces of Canada: 1867 - 1967 by Godspeed; Canadian Forces Headquarters publication, hardbound, 275 pages w/ hundreds of color & b&w photos; somewhat poor shape showing some damage; many personal inscriptions by serviceman who apparently served aboard the HMCS Skeena (destroyer), Royal Canadian Navy, 1969; many more inscriptions regarding WWII history also.
  • Merchants of Death: A Study of the International Armament Industry by Engelbrecht/Hanighen; hardbound, 1934 (this is a REAL 1st edition), 300 pages                                                  .50
  • The Art of War by Sun Tzu; hb w/ dj                                                                              $ 4.00
  • Dixie Gun Works Catalog, 1975: very nice condition     (?)                                               $ 8.00
  • Dixie Gun Works Catalog, 1978: very nice condition, extensive 460p                                   $ 8.00
  • STOEGER'S 1949 Edition  (J)                                                                                        .00
  • 1975 LYMAN Black Powder Handbook                                                                            $ 5.00
  • 1984 Natchez Shooter's Supplies Catalog: first edition, "as-new"
  • The Anarchist Cookbook by Powell;                                                                               .00
  • The Hayduke Silencer Book, Quick & Dirty Homemade Silencers by George Hayduke; 1989 soft-
  • cover, classic                                                                                                              

    Owner's Manuals

  • BERETTA BM59 owners manual, 60 page photocopy of original
  • BERETTA BM62 owners manual, 60 page photocopy of original
  • CETME Sport Rifle Model S, abridged description & operation, PHOTOCOPY, MARS Equipment
  • Co., probably sold w/ the rifles, 2 available                                                                      
  • BROWNING B-SS side-by-side shotgun owners manual, looks to be a little older style          
  • BROWNING Centennial 92 lever action owners manual                                                    
  • BROWNING BAR semi-auto high power rifle owners manual                                             
  • BROWNING 2000 shotgun owners manual                                                                    
  • H&K SP89 Owner's Manual, CLEAN!                                                                             .00
  • LLAMA older owners manual covering revolvers & autos (2)                                            
  • MAC subgun manual, reprint (orange cover)?                                                                   
  • REMINGTON Model 700 ADL/BDL/Varmint owners manual, includes breakdown/parts      
  • REMINGTON Models 580/581/582 .22 boltgun owners manual w/ what looks like piece & info to convert to single shot                                                                                         
  • SHILOH SHARPS Model 1874 "Old Reliable" owners manual w/ C. Sharps Arms catalog     
  • 1972 S&W semi-auto owners manual, looks like 9mm/.40/.45                                           
  • 1960 S&W Model 19 owners manual                                                                              
  • 1967 S&W Model 36 owners manual                                                                            
  • TITAN automatic pistol owners manual (.22 auto short)                                                    
  • WEATHERBY MARK V owners manual w/ warranty card (2)                                           
  • 1979 Winchester Firearms/Ammo catalog, clean!                                                              
  • 1980 Winchester Firearms/Ammo catalog, clean!                                                              

    Military Manuals
  • OLDSMOBILE 20MM M2 Training Manual: original WWII era manual on the 20mm automatic gun; also available as a scanned version.   Original manual is .00 + shipping
  • TM 1-407: Aircraft Induction, Fuel, & Oil Systems (clean reprint)
  • TM 1-411: Airplane Hydrualic Systems (5-8-44)
  • TM 9-718B:  90mm Gun Tank T48 (8-52)  .00
  • TM 9-1005-213-25: Organizational & Depot Maint. manual for .50 browning including M2 heavy
  • barrel flexible, M3 tripod mounted, M63 antiaircraft, vehicle mounted .50's, and turret types for
    M1/M13/M45/M48 & Commanders cupola.  July '68, looks like original                           .00
  • TM 9-1005-223-12: 7.62mm Rifle M14 & bipod M2, Operator/Organizational Maint. manual (MIL2)
  • TM 9-1276: Cal .30 Carbines M1, M1A1, M2 & M3; Feb '53, original                              .00
  • TM 9-1005-223-20: Organizational maintenance manual for M14/M14A1 & bipod,  8/72    .00
  • TM 9-1005-224-24: Machine Gun, 7.62mm M60, W/E & Mount, Tripod, MG, 7.62mm M122 (MIL2)
  • TM 9-1005-249-24&P: Organizational maintenance manual w/ repair parts list, Nov '83     .00
  • TM 9-1374: 90MM Gun M3; Gun Mounts M4 & M4A1, Combination Gun Mount M67 for Combat
  • Vehicles; Ordnance Maintenance, Feb. '49
  • TM 9-1374 Change 1: 90mm Guns M3/M3A1/M3A2; Gun Mounts M4/M4A1, & Combination Gun
  • Mounts M67/M67A1/M73 gor Combat Vehicles; Ordnance Maintenance, May '51
  • TM 9-1425-450-24P: Org/DS/GS, Launcher, Tubular, Guided Missile M220E3 (June '83); includes Charger, Battery PP-4884 A/T, Mounting Kits & Power Conditioner Assy.
  • TM 9-1575: Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Stop Watches, & Clocks (4-6-45)
  • TM 9-2350-215-10: Tracked tank M60A1/M60, operators manual, includes operation & mainten ance, Feb '65 (ask!)  .00
  • TM 9-1375-253-14&P: Applique armor for M60A3 (ask!)  Sep '87                                  .00
  • TM 9-2530-200-24: Standards for Inspection & Classification of Tracks, Track Components, &
  • Solid-Rubber Tires, June '89
  • FM 23-7 Changes #2: Carbine, Caliber .30 M1, M1A1, M2 & M3 (MIL1)
  • FM 23-65: Browning MG, Caliber .50 HB, M2 (MIL2)
  • FM 23-41: Submachineguns, Caliber .45, M3 & M3A1; June '74, looks like an original, part of cover missing                                                                                                             .00
  • FM 23-30: Grenades & Pyrotechnic Signals, Dec '88, fundamentals/techniques/use, includes drawings of various international grenades.                                                                    .00
  • FM 23-11: 90mm Recoilless Rifle M67; July '65                                                             .00
  • FM 23-31: 40mm Grenade Launcher M203 (MIL2)
  • FM 25-5: Animal Transport; 1942, no covers
  • FM 21-60: Visual Signals; 1987
  • NAVORD OP 811: 3" Mount Mark 22 & Mods, Description/Operation/Maintenance (MIL2)
  • 5"/38 Gun Components, USCG manual (MIL2)
  • Fuze Setting Projectile Hoist, USCG manual (MIL2)
  • Machine Guns, USCG manual (MIL2)
  • USCG Ordnance manual, COMDTINST M8000-2 (old CG-272)(MIL2)
  • USCG Ordnance manual, CG-272 (MIL2)
  • Intermediate Electricity, USCG manual (MIL2)
  • Ordnance Publications Index, USCG, 1984, COMDTNOTE 8000 (MIL2)
  • Graphic Training Aid 17-6-12: Tank Sight Reticle Patterns; 1971                                      $ 5.00
  • Graphic Training Aid 17-2-14A: Visual Signals Armor: 1985                                             $ 4.00
  • ALICE manual by US Troop Support Command; 1973                                                    $ 5.00
  • Call For Fire, Adjustment Procedures for Armor Leaders, US Armor School                      $ 6.00
  • SAW M249 FM 23-14, Dec '85; field manual for the SAW, includes assembly/disassembly, operation & cycling, performance/problems/maint/ammo/use.      original, I think              .00
  • US 30 Cal. Carbines M1/M1A1/M2//M3 by The Combat Bookshelf; this is actually FM 23-7, 200+ pages, lots of photos                                                                                           $ 9.00
  • TC 23-13: Crew-Served Night Vision Sight training circular                                            .50
  • Lubrication Order (LO-9-2350-238-12) for tracked recovery vehicle M578                       .00
  • Delayed Desert Damage (3D) TACOM (Tank Automotive Command, Warren, MI); special main-
  • tenance procedures for tactical/combat/special purpose equipment                                   .50
  • Army Song Book, original 1941, shows some wear                                                        $ 5.00
  • TM 9-2320-218-10 Operator's manual for ¼ ton, 4x4, M151 Series vehicles; covers M151/151A1/151A2, M151AC, M825, M718 & M718A1
  • TM 38-750: Army Equipment Record Procedures, Jan. '64 (MIL1)
  • TM 5-226: Carpentry, original May 6, 1943 (MIL1)
  • TM 9-2852: Welding, Theory & Application, original 3 June 1943 (MIL1)
  • TM 9-1590: Fuze Setters, M14/22/23/25/27, Ordnance Maintenance, original Nov '52 w/ change (MIL1)
  • TM 9-2820: Shop Mathematics, original 3 May '45 (MIL1)
  • TM 5-551K: Plumbing & Pipefitting, original July '71 (MIL1)
  • TM 6-230: Logarithmic & Mathematical Tables, June '56
  • NAVEDTRA 10640-J: Equipment Operator 3 & 2, original SeaBee school manual               $ 8.00
  • Theory & Dynamics of Tactical Operations, Dept of Army, 1972 hb, 625p                       .00
  • Desert Publications AR15/M16 Assault Rifle Handbook: basically an M16 TM w/ some xtras .00
  • Booby Traps by The Combat Bookshelf; this is FM 5-31                                                  .00
  • Military Requirements for E-5, USCG (MIL1)
  • NAVPERS 16179: Diesel Engine Maintenance Training Manual, US Navy, Feb. '46. (thick)(MIL1)
  • PL-20-6045-J: AntiAircraft Searchlight & Control Station, 60", Parts & Repair List, Sperry Corporation, Model 1941-A; + 20-6045L: Temporary Operating Instructions Sperry 60" AntiAircraft Searchlight Power Plant, 1942 Equipment (MIL2)
  • UNITED PARTS MFR. CO. 1943 Replacement fuel pump parts/speedometer cables/housings catalog for U.S. Army Administrative & Tactical Vehicles; lists factory and aftermarket parts numbers; also has NAPA logo present. (S)
  • Parts

  • Colt Woodsman parts: old, original parts for the Woodsman, including wood grips, slide w/ parts,
  • trigger, hammer, slide stop, mainspring housing, small parts and others I can't ID; some metal parts show some rust, grips show some wear, hard to find parts.                                 $ 90.00
    Original Colt magazine for the Woodsman, very nice!                                     $ 45.00

AUTOMOTIVE Manuals & Books

      I'm looking to get out of the automotive manual business, looking to sell off these in
      one large lot, or whatever it takes (not selling the more desirable, rarer foreign types
      such as the Jaguar, etc.)  Inquire!

      Automotive: U.S.

  • 1980 Buick Skylark Body & Chassis Service Manual, factory
  • 1940 Cheverolet Shop Manual: reprint?  (J)
  • Corvette Servicing Guide by Chev Motor Division, 1962 softcover, covers items not typically cov-
  • ered in the shop manuals, very rare, shows a little wear & tear                                           
  • 1962 Chevrolet Truck Owners Guide (J)
  • 1968 Air Conditioning Instruction Manual, Harrison Radiator Division, GMC
  • 1969 Chev/Chevelle/Camaro/Nova/Corvette Chassis manual, factory original, shows some wear
  • 1970 Chev Chassis Service Manual (factory): Chev/Chevelle/MonteCarlo/Nova/1969 Corvette
  • shows some light wear & tear, fairly nice
  • 1972 Chevrolet Owner's Manual; fairly nice shape
  • 1973 Chevrolet Passenger/Light Duty Truck overhaul manual
  • 1973 Chevrolet Medium Duty Truck service manual
  • 1973 Chevrolet Heavy Duty Truck service manual, series 7000 - 9002
  • 1974 Chevrolet Vega service & overhaul manual
  • 1974 Passenger/Light Duty Truck Overhaul Manual
  • 1974 Chevrolet Chev/Chevelle/Camaro/MonteCarlo/Nova/Corvette service manual
  • 1974 Chevrolet Light Duty Truck service manual
  • 1974 Chevrolet Medium Duty Truck service manual supplement
  • 1974 Cheverolet Light Duty Truck Service Manual
  • 1974 Chevrolet Heavt Duty Truck service manual supplement
  • 1974 Chevrolet Light/Medium/Heavy Duty Trucks Wiring Diagrams
  • 1975 Chevrolet Light Duty Truck Service/OH manual SUPPLEMENT (factory)
  • 1976 Chevrolet Light Duty Truck service & overhaul manual supplement  (J?)
  • 1977 Chev O'haul manual (factory): Chev/Chevelle/MonteCarlo/Nova/Camaro/Corvette/PU (Series 10-30)
  • 1979 Chevrolet Light Duty Trucks Service manual
  • 1979 Chevrolet Passenger/Light Truck Unit Repair Manual (Overhaul), factory
  • 1981 Chevrolet Light Duty Truck Service manual
  • 1981 Chevrolet Passenger Cars/Light Duty Trucks Unit Repair Manual (Overhaul)
  • 1981 Corvette Assembly manual; factory looseleaf reprint
  • 1990 Chevrolet MotorHome Chassis Service Guide (factory)
  • 1995 Chevrolet/GMC S/T Truck S.I.R. System Service Manual (factory)
  • 1949 CROSLEY Auto Service Manual, Models CC/CD Op/Maintenance Service manual
  • 1973 FISHER Body service manual, all body styles except H
  • 1973 FISHER Body service manual, Vega
  • 1974 Fisher Body Service Manual, all body styles
  • 1985 Fisher Body Service Manual, B/D/E/G/K/J styles
  • 1979 GM Truck Wiring Diagrams, Models 10-35 including C,D-80)
  • 1987 GM Body Service Manual for Passenger Cars
  • 1988 GM Body Service Manual for Passenger Cars
  • 1965 OLDSMOBILE owners manual, 98/Starfire/Delta/Dynamic88/JetstarI/Jetstar88
  • 1979 OLDSMOBILE Service Manual: massive, w/ foldout wiring diagrams, factory
  • 1958 FORD THUNDERBIRD Shop Manual
  • 1960-62 FORD FALCON Shop Manual
  • 1969 FORD Car Shop Manual, Vol II: Engine = falcon/fairlane/mustang/ford/thunderbird/montego/
  • cougar/meteor/mercury/lincoln continental/continental mark III; factory
  • 1970 FORD Car Shop Manual Set, 5 Volumes: Chassis/Engine/Body/Electrical/Maint-Lube
  • 1970 FORD Car Shop Manual, Vol 5: Pre-delivery, maintenance & lubrication
  • 1973 FORD Car Shop Manual, Vol. I: Chassis
  • 1974 FORD Owner Maintenance & Light Repair Manual, factory
  • 1975 Ford Truck Series 500/750/7000 Owners Manual; original softcover, 108 pages, 6"x9", shows some wear and tear but fairly nice
  • 1977 Ford/Mercury Passenger Car factory manual set: 5 volumes in good shape: covers Mustang, Bobcat, Pinto, Maverick, Comet, Monarch, Thunderbird, Cougar & Mercury.
  • 1981/82 Ford Carburetor Adjustments: factory spiral bound manual, 48 pages, step by step proce-
  • dures for correct carb adjustments for stock Ford carbs.
  • 1984 FORD Car Shop Manual: Emission Diagnosis, Engine/Electon ics: for ALL CAR models; big factory manual, shows some dirt
  • 1984 FORD Car Shop Manual: Powertrain/Lubrication/Maintenance, ALL Models EXCEPT Tempo
  • Topaz/Escort/Lynx/EXP
  • 1984 FORD Car Shop Manual: Supplement, 2.4L Diesel Turbo Engine & ZF Transmission, for Continental/Mark VII;
  • 1984 FORD Car Shop Manual: Supplement, TRW Steering/TurboCharger/Turbo/Electrical/Body/ Mustang Convertible Power Windows; SVO Mustang/Mustang.
  • 1989 FORD TRUCK Shop manual set: factory originals, consists of two volume set body/chassis/electrical, and one  volume on engine; these cover Light Duty Truck: E, F-150 thru 350, F-Super Duty  & Bronco.
  • Nice Shape!
  • 1989 FORD Taurus factory manual set, complete
  • 1992 FORD Taurus/Sable factory manual set: 1)body/chassis/electrical/powertrain  2)electrical/ vacuum troubleshooting manual  3)car wiring manual
  • "Ford in the Thirties"
  • 1953 DODGE Truck Model B4 Shop Manual
  • 1975 MOPAR Technical Services Bulletins
  • 1976 MOPAR Technical Services Bulletins
  • 1977 Chrysler Emission Controls service training manual
  • 1978 Plymouth Horizon/Dodge Omni service manual, advanced edition
  • 1979 Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge Electrical Service Manual
  • MOPAR 2.2/FWD Speed Secrets, Engine & Chassis Modifications by Carroll Shelby, a Direct
  • Connection manual  (J)
  • ATSG Chrysler A404/413/415/470 Techtran manual (2)
  • STUDEBAKER "M" Series Commercial Car & Truck shop manual; reprint? (J)
  • MOTOR'S MANUAL, 26th edition, covers mechanical specs on 1953-63, and service procedures
  • on 1955-63 models, includes foreign car tune-up data; fairly nice shape  (T)
  • MOTOR'S Manual, 1967
  • MOTOR'S Manual, 1968
  • MOTOR Auto Repair Manual, 1977-84; massive hardbound
  • SNAP-ON Diagnostics ShopKey: "Sensor Location & Specifications Manual: 1998-1000 Import Cars & Light Trucks & Vans, sealed (2)
  • CHILTON'S Auto Repair Manual, 1972; covers American cars 1965-72
  • CHILTON'S Ford Pickups 1965-84 Repair & Tune-Up Guide; 400 page softcover covers all US &
  • Canadian 24WD F100, F150, F250, F300 & F350 including 6.9L diesel
  • CHILTON'S Repair Manual:  Chevy/GMC Pick-Ups & Suburbans, 1970 -87
  • CHILTON'S Chevelle/MonteCarlo Repair & Tune-Up Guide; hb; Chevelle (64-75), ElCamino (64 -75), Monte Carlo (70-75).
  • CHILTON'S Truck & Van Manual, 1992 - 96
  • CHILTON'S JEEP Wagoneer/Comanche/Cherokee 1984-96 Repair manual
  • GLENN'S 1963 Auto Repair Manual,  (J)
  • HAYNES Repair Manual, Chev PU's, 1988 - 1994, 2/4 WD;
  • HAYNES Repair Manual, Chev/GMC S10/S15 pickups, 1982 - 1993, 2WD/4WD, includes Olds Bravada
  • Basic Ignition & Electrical Systems, Hot Rod Magazine 1971 softcover, 191 pages
  • MITCHELL'S Electronic Ignition Troubleshooting Guide, Domestic Vehicles; 1990 softcover, 222 pages, as new
  • Science & Mechanics "Reports on Transistor Ignition Systems", 1963
  • ATLAS Motor Analyzer Model AMA-9, operating manual
  • PERFECT CIRCLE Electronic Speed Control, Installation Instructions, Chevrolet Class B & C Motor Homes
  • 1936 era automotive catalog from Julius Brunton & Sons (SF, CA); products include Zenith carbs
  • & accessories, Leibing governors, & others; some nice info, and lots of neat old photos of products.  (IND#2)
  • ACTRON Digital Engine Analyzer Model 3003 Instruction manual; full OPERATING manual w/ additional "Electronic Ignition Supplemental Instruction Manual" (NO schematic/parts list for the unit itself). (IND6)
  • ALLEN Model 27-49 Alternator/Generator/Regulator & Battery/Starter Tester Operating Instructions (IND#2)
  • Performance Handling by Don Alexander
  • Auto Engine Performance & Driveability by Chris Johnson; in "as-new" condition; softcover, 576p; .00 + ship
  • Automotive: Foreign

  • The Handbook of the BENTLEY S3; this is the factory original handbook (hardbound) for this vehicle, dated 1975;  hard to find!    .00
  • Factory original BRITISH LEYLAND STAG service manual!  Very hard to find, this one shows some  wear, but is complete in original binder        .00     
  • Factory original JAGUAR Mark VII/XK120 service manual    (J)       .00               
  • SPRITE-MG Midget Owners Handbook, 1962 (OLD Clymer!), neat!
  • ALFA-ROMEO 2000 Factory Instruction/Maintenance Manual for the Factory Fuel Injection Setup , 1972 (S)
  • ALFA-ROMEO 1750 Instruction/Maintenance Manual for the Factory Fuel Injection Setup (S)
  • ALFA-ROMEO 1750 Wiring Diagram (S)
  • ALFA-ROMEO 1750 GT Veloce Wiring Diagram (S)
  • AUDI Type 84/85 Fox Repair manual (factory)
  • VW Dasher Service manual; 1974 - 81 including diesel
  • TOYOTA COROLLA Repair Manual (1979): Chassis (factory)
  • TOYOTA "T" Series Engine Repair Manual, includes 2T/2T-B/2T-C/2T-G/3T/3T-C (factory)
  • 1990 TOYOTA Camry factory repair manual: Vol. 1 Engine                                                  .50
  • 1983 TOYOTA Pickup Truck factory Repair Manual; tattered but OK;                               $ 8.00
  • TOYOTA T & 2T Engine Repair Manual w/ supplement; factory manuals for Corolla/Carina/Celica
  • 1972 datecode w/ 1975 supplement, for USA models                                                       .50
  • TOYOTA 20R Engine Repair Manual; factory manual                                                      .50
  • 1986 NISSAN Sentra factory original service manual                                                           .50
  • 1984 NISSAN 300ZX Service manual, factory
  • "How To Keep Your Datsun L-Series & Nissan Z-Series Alive"; Maintenance/Repair 1968-86 510/610/710 & 521/620/720 Cars & Trucks by Messer; lots of info; tattered but OK
  • 914 914/6 Porsche, The Restorer's Guide to Authenticity by Johnson (J)                        .00
  • GLENN'S MG-Morris Magnette Repair & Tune-Up Guide, Performance & Mechanical Specs + Complete Road & Track Road Tests; MG:TD/TF/MGA1500/MGA1600/MGB/MGB1100/MIDGET & MORRIS: MM/II/1000/Oxford V/Mini-Minor & MAGNETTE: Mk III & IV
  • CHILTON'S Import Car Repair Manual, Cars/Lt Trucks, 1973 - 79, massive 2½" thick manual, very nice shape!
  • CHILTON'S Repair & Tune-Up Guide for the Volkswagen; all models including Super Beetle,
  • 1949 - 1971, old hardbound 1971 edition                                                                         .00

    Motorcycles/ATVs/Off Road/etc.  

  • HarleyDavidson Sportster XL/XLH/XLCH/XLT-1000, 1970 - 78 Service manual  (IND3)    .00
  • HarleyDavidson "Enthusiast" magazine, November '39, very nice shape                              .00
  • HD Confidential Net Price List, Motorcycle, effective March 15, 1978                               $  7.00
  • Modern Motorcycle Mechanics & Speed Tuning by Nicholson; a CLASSIC!, and the more desira-
  • ble expanded version, fairly rare, 2nd edition, great old photos, etc!  1940's                         .00
  • Factory HONDA 250/350 (includes CB250/CL250/CB350/CL350) Shop Manual  (IND4)(2)
  • Factory HONDA Model CL350 Owners manual (IND4)
  • Factory HONDA PA-50 Shop Manual, 1978 - 1980 (S)
  • CLYMER'S HONDA 750CC Fours (1969-78) manual
  • Factory original NORTON Commando 750/850 service manual:  (J)                                       .00
  • Factory KAWASAKI KZ-400 Shop Manual (1974-1977)(IND3)
  • Factory KAWASAKI KZ400/500/550 Service Manual (1979-83)
  • Factory KAWASAKI ZX-11 Ninja Owner's Manual (1991)                                                .00
  • Factory KAWASAKI KX125/250/500 Owner's Manual  (1994)                                          $  8.00
  • Factory KAWASAKI 100 Model G4TR Parts Catalog  (IND4)
  • Factory KAWASAKI Supplementary Service manual (thick!) for G31M & G4TR  (IND4)
  • SUZUKI GS650E factory service manual   (J)
  • SUZUKI TS90 Owners manual  (IND4)
  • TRIUMPH 1960 Replacement Parts Catalog No. 16: Thunderbird/Tiger 110/Trophy/Bonneville 120
  • Factory YAMAHA YAS1C Parts List (IND4)
  • Factory YAMAHA TT/XT/SR500 Models Service Manual   (IND#1)
  • Factory YAMAHA Series AT1 & CT1 (1969-71)(includes AT1/AT1B/AT1C/AT1-M/AT1B-MX/
  • AT1C-MX/CT1/CT1B/CT1C) Service manual  (IND4)
  • Factory YAMAHA DT1 (1968-71)(includes DT1A/DT1B/ET1C/DT1S/DT1E/G.Y.T./MX) Service manual (IND4)
  • CLYMER'S YAMAHA 650cc Twins (1970-1979) manual (IND3)
  • YAMAHA YFM200N/DX(T,U) Service Manual, factory
  • YAMAHA YFM200DXU Owner's Manual, factory
  • Factory GEMINI 50cc Owners manual  (IND4)
  • Factory MAVERICK MiniTrail Parts List  (IND4)
  • Motorcycle Racing by Carrick; 1969 hardbound, 160 pages                                               .00
  • The Great Japanese Motorcycles by Ayton; 1981 hardbound, 180+ pages, lots of photos, history of Japanese motorcyle development, specs, etc                                                                   .00
  • Japanese book on the Japanese motorcycles, it's in Japanese!  large format w/ almost all color pho- tos of street/race bikes, lots of pix!                                                                                 .00
  • CYCLE Magazine, February 1956; nice shape      .00
  • CYCLE Magazine, July 1956; nice shape              .00
  • CYCLE Magazine, August 1956; nice shape         .00
  • Small Engines

  • McCullough Racing Kart Engine Manual; 1960 softcover, 26 pages, repair/maint                 .50
  • HOMELITE Owners op/maint manual, XL-12/Super XLA0 chain saws  (T)                           8.00
  • Air Cooled Power Units Service Manual; fundamentals w/ original service manuals              .00
  • Energy & Transportation: Small Engines by Yadon                                                            $ 5.00
  • BRIGGS&STRATTON Service/Repair, Single Cylinder 4 cycle engines, 1989
  • BRIGGS&STRATTON Service/Repair, Single Cylinder 4 cycle engines, 1992 (B1)
  • BRIGGS&STRATTON Repair Instructions II  (Factory detailed, general troubleshooting manual (IND#1)
  • BRIGGS&STRATTON Operating/Maintenance Instructions, Models 92500 - 92596 & 92900 -
  • 92996 (IND#1) & 110900 - 110999 & 111900 - 111999 (IND#1)
  • WISCONSIN Robin Engine 6½HP 4 cycle Starting & Operating instructions/owners
  • Chilton's Guide to Small Engine Repair, Up to 6 HP; softcover, 200 pages, 1983; general how-to +
  • sections on Briggs&Stratton/Clinton/Jacobsen/Kohler/Onan/Tecumseh/Wisconsin.              .00
  • Small Gas Engines by Roth; 1981 hardbound w/ dj, 230 pages, covers 2/4 cycle engines, covers all
  • aspects of engine theory/repair.    (2)                                                                              .00
  • Small Air-Cooled Engines Service Manual, 1981 hardbound 325+ pages w/ dj, engine servicing fun-
  • amentals, and a collection of 25 different manufacturers service manuals                           .50
  • Small Gasoline Engines Training Manual by Pipe; 1971 SAMS, softcover, 220p                   .00
  • The Repair & Maintenance of Small Gasoline Engines by Drake; 1976 hardbound w/ dj, 340p
  • excellent textbook type                                                                                                  .00


  • BENMAR Course Setter 21 Auto Pilot Power Unit: Installation/Operation/Maintenance, 098-0308 schematic, poor copy (IND3)
  • BENMAR Course Setter 21R Auto Pilot: Pilot House Control: Installation/Operation/Maintenance schematics included  #098-0338A (IND3)
  • BENMAR Standard Power Unit: Installation/Operation/Maintenance  (IND3)
  • BONZER SR-20 Radar Installation Instructions
  • GE Direct-Current Marine Motors & Control Equipment: Description/Operation/Maintenance, 1946
  • MERCURY OUTBOARDS V-6 Models Service Manual, 1979  (factory)                             .00
  • SELOC MERCURY OUTBOARD Tune-Up/Repair Manual, 1965-1992, 3/4 cylinder
  • Inboard/Outboard Service Manual, 3rd edition (1977); covers Chrysler (80HP/Commando/Drive
  • 90), Cursader (Model B & C), GrayMarine, MercCruiser (60/80/90, I-A/B/C, E-Z Shift Models,
    110/120/140(4)/140(6)/150/160/165/V8s 888/215E/215H/225S/233/III/IITR/IITRS/PowerEquip),
    Marine Drive Systems, Outboard Marine Corp (Evinrude & Johnson)(DU/NU/110-245hp), PleasureCraft (Waukesha), Volvo (Aquamatic 100/200/250/270), WestBend (Sharkomatic)  (IND#1)
  • CLYMER'S EVINRUDE-JOHNSON Outboard Shop Manual, 50 - 235 hp/1973-87              .50
  • CLYMER'S MERCURY Outboard Shop Manual, 3.9-135HP (1964-71)                               .50
  • CLYMER'S CHRYSLER Outboard Shop Manual, 3.5 - 140hp, 1966 - 1984                        .50
  • GLENN'S Mercruiser Stern Drive Tune-Up & Repair Guide, 1963 - 1977                           .50
  • GLENN'S Mercury outboard repair & tune-up guide, all models thru 1974 (1/3/6 cylinder)   .50
  • Small Boat Engine Manual by Jones; 1948 hardbound w/  dj, 275 pages; covers gas & diesel, in-
  • stall/op/maint, great old photos                                                                                       .00
  • SI-TEX Straight Line Depth Recorders/Fish Finders Model HE-31 Series install/op/service   .00
  • Diesel Engineering Handbook, 1953 Edition, 800p                                                            .00

    Books & Miscellaneous
  • Racing the Small Block Chevy by Thawley; 1977 softcover, 151 pages                               $ 7.50
  • The Design & Tuning of Competition Engines by Smith; hardbound w/ dj, pretty darn clean!        .00 
  • Race Car Engineering & Mechanics by Valkenburgh; hardbound w/ dj, clean w/ a little dirt on page
  • edges, dj shows wear                                                                                                    .50
  • Chevrolet = Racing? by Valkenburgh; hardbound w/ dj, shows some lite wear/use but very collect-
  • ble!  Forward by S. "Bunkie" Knudsen!                                                                           .00
  • The Back-Yard Mechanic!  The first three volumes, in nice shape                                     .00
  • FORD In the Thirties by Petersen's;                                                                                $ 5.00
  • Hi-Performance Chevrolet by Langworth; hb 1981  (J)                                                    .00
  • GLENN'S Complete Bicycle Manual: SelectionMaintenanceRepair, by Coles/Glenn; large format
  • 1973 softcover, 335+ pages, covers repair and maintenance in depth, lots of photos            .00
  • The Complete Encyclopedia of Motorcars, 1885 to Present by Dutton; 1972 hardbound, 640 pages; photos & short descriptions of cars, w/ histories.                                                             .50
  • The Automobile, The First Century by Wise, Boddy, Laban; 1983 coffeetable book, 500+ pages,
  • lots of color photos, nice book!                                                                                     .00
  • The Complete History of General Motors, 1908 - 1986 by Langworth/Norbye; large 1986 hardbound       .00 
  • Elements of Automotive Mechanics: A Pre-Induction Training Course by Heitner/Shidle/Bissell, a
  • War Department publication; hardbound, 1943, 390 pages, shows very little wear, great older pix & illustrations, neat book, hard to find, great shape!                                                          .00
  • The Car Owner's Handbook by Green/Ritchen; 1946 hardbound, 190p;                            .50
  • ABC'S of Trailering, Everything You Should Know About Trailers, 1937 copyright, clean condition
  • small format softcover, 160 pages, interesting!                                                                 .00
  • The Nifties Fifties Fords, An Illustrated History of the 1950's Fords, by Miller; 1974 hardbound,
  • 300 pages, a great reference on the 1950's Fords!                                                            .50


  • Stephen King's "Cycle of the Werewolf":  this is the hardbound edition w/ dustjacket (little tattered)  hard to find!  0.00
  • THINNER by Bachman (King); 1984 hb                                                                         $  6.00
  • EMPEROR CLOCK CO. 100 M Movement Installation/Operation manual (S)
  • Diamond Setting, The Professional Approach by Wooding   (T)                                        $ 25.00
  • Diamonds: Myth, Magic & Reality; "coffetable" large format 1980 hardbound w/ dj, 285p   $ 30.00
  • Gem Cuttiing, A Lapidary's Manual by Sinkankas  (T)                                                     $ 15.00
  • Diamonds by Bruton;                                                                                                    $ 25.00
  • The Great Book of Jewels by Heiniger; LARGE "coffee-table" type book                            $ 30.00
  • Graves & Guineas by McNish; history of the diamond diggers in Kimberly, 1871-3 (T)       $ 35.00
  • Melting & Transformation Temperatures of Mineral & Allied Substrates by Dept of Interior; 1963
  • softcover 80p.                                                                                                               $ 5.00
  • Surveying, Theory & Practice by Davis & Foote; clean 3rd edition (1940) (B1)                   .00
  • Route Surveying by Pickels/Wiley; 3rd edition (1949) in nice shape  (B1)                            .00
  • 1948 Berger & Sons Surveying/Engineering Instruments catalog, extensive w/ breakdowns  (B1)   .00
  • KODAK Reference Handbook: Materials, Processes, Techniques; 1946 looseleaf style, covers lenses, films, filters, color films, papers, formulas & processing, copying, etc. NICE! (T)    .00
  • Advanced Camera Techniques for 126 & 35mm Cameras, by Kodak; 1969 (1st edition) 54p softcover (T)(B1)  .00
  • Filters for Black & White & Color Pictures by Kodak; 1969 44p softcover (T) (B1)             $ 7.00
  • The Argus 35mm Guide & Reference Book by Tydings; 1952 softcover, 128p w/ photos, nice & clean!  (B1)  .50
  • Vagabonding in Europe & North Africa by Buryn; underground travel classic (T)              $ 10.00
  • John Wayne, The Actor, The Man by Bishop (T)                                                            $ 25.00
  • Shaka Zulu, The Rise of the Zulu Empire by Ritter (T)                                                     $  6.00
  • A Civil War Treasury of Tales, Legends & Folklore by Botkin, (T)                                    $ 10.00
  • Cowpokes: Cow Country Cartoons by Ace Reid; 1958 softcover collection of cowboy cartoons!  (T)   .50
  • The Practical Book of Early American Arts & Crafts by Eberlein/McClure; 1916 (T)           $ 25.00
  • The Practical Book of Period Furniture by Eberlein/McClure; 1914  (T)                             $ 17.50
  • Tales of a Wayside Inn by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; Hurst & Co., early 1900s           .00
  • Second Book of Verse by Field; 1893 hb                                                                         $ 9.00
  • Psychedelic Prayers by Timothy Leary; 1966, 100p, "as new"                                          $ 25.00
  • The Ship's Medicine Chest & First Aid At Sea by USGPO; 1947 edition                             $ 11.00
  • Atlas of Surgical Operations by Cutler; large format 1949 hardbound, 225p                         .50
  • The Principles & Practice of Embalming by Strub/Frederick; 1989 hd (T)                           $ 8.00
  • Developmental Anatomy: A Textbook & Laboratory Manual of Embryology, 1943 (T?)       .50
  • The Science of Fingerprints: Classification & Uses, an FBI manual, 1979 revision                $ 8.00
  • The Frontier Years by Brown/Felton; 1955 hardbound w/ dj, 275p; good original photos of the
  • American west                                                                                                              .00
  • San Francisco's Golden Years by Beebe/Clegg; 1960 hardbound w/ dj, signed by both authors
  • Amador County History; 1927 softcover                                                                          .00
  • Ghost Towns of the West by Carter; 1971 hardbound w/ dj, 255p.                                    .00
  • Ghost Towns of the West by Florin; massive 1971 860+p hardbound covering each city (2) .50
  • Silver & Politics in Nevada: 1892 - 1902 by Glass; 1969 hd w/ dj                                        $ 9.00
  • Mines of Tuscarora, Cortez, Seven Troughs & Other Northern Nevada Districts                 .50
  • Guidebook to Uranium Deposits of Western U.S.; US AEC large softcover                        .00
  • Wells Fargo: Advancing the American Frontier by Hungerford; hd w/ dj                              $ 8.00
  • Bombs in the Backyard: Atomic Testing & American Politics by Titus; hd w/dj                    $ 9.00
  • Glamorous Musicals by Bergan; 1984 hardbound w/ dj, 160p                                            .00
  • Las Vegas, The Entertainment Capital, by Knepp; 1987 hardbound w/ dj;                            .00
  • VOLCANO: First Seventy Days, Mt. St. Helens (B1)                                                         $ 8.00
  • How to Fish the Pacific Coast by Cannon; 1956 softcover, 330+ p  (B1)                             $ 6.00
  • Bill Gates: The Road Ahead w/ CDROM; hd w/ dj                                                             $ 5.00
  • Marilyn Monroe: The Biography by Spoto; hb w/ dj, ex-library                                            .00
  • Winter Scouting Handbook, Boy Scouts of Canada, '60s
  • Black Gold: The Story of Oil by Emily Pett; an Orange County Series booklet, 1963             .00
  • L.A./San Diego area historical booklets: Adobe de Palomares by Garner/Post; A Guidebook to the
  • Sunset Ranges of Southern California by Leadabrand; Orange County's Past in Pencil by Gilbert;
    The History of San Diego County Ranchos by Brackett; more later
  • San Jose/San Francisco area old restaurant pictures, including Rex Restaurant (SF)([email protected]), Ha-
  • waiin Gardens (SJ)([email protected]), Claremont Hotel (SJ)([email protected]), Copacabana (SF)([email protected]'40s), La Fi-
    esta (SF)([email protected]'40s), Earl Carroll Theatre Restauarant (L.A.)([email protected]), "Oklahoma" production @
    Civic Auditorium (SJ)(1948), + postcard + old photo, etc.


    "Like Steve NcQueen, all i need's a fast machine"




  • T56-A-15 Turboprop Instruction charts:  full instruction manual w/ parts breakdown & description


  • ARC Type 12 Portable Communicator, VHF (118-148mhz)  (I)
  • ARC Type 210 VHF Communication Equipment  (2)
  • ARC 525A Navigation Set                                                      (I)
  • ARC Type 15F VHF Navigation Equipment (2)
  • ARC Type 515R Communication/Navigation Set                 (I)
  • ARC 515R-1 Communication/Navigation Set                       (I)
  • ARC 517R Communication/Navigation Set                           (I)
  • ARC 524A Communication Set                                              (I)
  • ARC Type R-31A Glide Slope Rx
  • ARC R-543B RX                                                                   (I)
  • ARC R-502B Marker Beacon Rx
  • AN/ARC-4, AN/ARC-4X & 233A Airborne Radio Equipment, Handbook of Operating Instructions  (12/10/43)
  • ARC Type 15 VHF Omnidirectional Range Receiving Equipment Instruction Book


  • R-21/R-21(NMS)/R-21(DMS)                      Operation


  • ADF-T12B/ADF-T-12C                                 I/O
  • ADF-T-12B/C ADF System                           M
  • ART-161A Antenna-RX-TX                          M
  • PAR-70A Receiver, Maintenance Instructions (Schematic included)
  • PAT-40A Transmitter, Maintenance Instructions (Schematic included)
  • RT-221 COMM RX/TX                                 M
  • TA-21A (VHF-TX)/RA-21A (VHF-RX)/NVA-21A (Navigation Unit) &  AccessoriesInstallation (includes all schematics)
  • Preliminary Instruction Book for Bendix Model T-136 D/F Calibration Transmitter


  • Model 188 & T188 Series, Service Manual, 1966 - 83
  • Model 188 Series, 1976 - 1984 Parts Catalog
  • NAV/COM 300 (514A)/300R (514R)         I/O/M
  • NAV/COM 300 (360 Channel)                    I/O/M
  • NAV/COM 400                                            I/O/M


  • RSU-21   Remote Switching Box                    I/O


  • Model 730/731/732 VHF-AM Mobile/Ground Transceiver  Service

     These manuals came out of a commercial pilots personal library; they are the textbooks that he used in
     his classes; as such, some are photocopies, and are the actual textbooks each pilot used.

  • OMEGA Training Manual for Omega Navigation System
  • OMEGA Global Radionavigation: A Guide for Users
  • A300 Operating Manual
  • A300 Maintenance Training Manual: A300 Airframe & Powerplant systems familiarization servicing proce-
  • dures.
  • A300 Maintenance Training Manual: Fuel System/APU/Powerplant
  • Electrical/Electronics Training Manual
  • DELTA 727 Systems/Avionics Technical Operations Training
  • DELTA 727 Operation Training Manual
  • PanAm 747 Aircraft Operating Manual
  • 747 Airframe & Systems
  • Various Airport landing runway info by city
  • BOEING 377 Maintenance Manual (partial)

DYNAIR Aviation Products

  • SKY-515MWP-767A Instruction Manual, VHF Weatherproof Portable Communications Set (S)

Hot Air Balloon

  • Thunder Flight Manual


  • CENTURY Autodin installation manual
  • CENTURY IL Antenna installation manual
  • Starlight Transponder installation manual
  • Starlight Transponder service manual (2)
  • CENTURY 31 Transponder installation manual
  • CENTURY 31 Preliminary service manual
  • SKYLINE 300 service manual
  • GROUND AVOIDANCE RADAR (GAR) Preliminary owners manual
  • GROUND AVOIDANCE RADAR (GAR) Preliminary installation manual (2)


  • NAV-401L Marker, G/S, VOR, LOC, COMM, RAMP & BENCH Test Set                        O/M
  • ATC-1200Y3 Transponder & DME Test Set                                                                           O/M


  • Learjet 60 FAA FIAS Avionics System (Collins Units): System Manual
  • Learjet Model MV-701 Malfunction Early Warning System Instruction manual
  • Lear Model ADF-12E Orienter Installation manual  (2)
  • Lear Model ADF-14B/C/D/ & ADFR14B/C/D maintenance manual (2)
  • Lear Model 5607 Glideslope Receiver 34-9 Instruction manual
  • Lear-Gonio FLA-200 System 34-1 maintenance & overhaul manual
  • Lear Model LC-5 Omnipack & Model LDP-5 Omniscope Instruction manual
  • Lear Model LVT-36 Xmtr & Model LVTR-36 Xmtr/RX Install/Operation/Maintenance/Service manual
  • Lear Model 2200A-B & 2201A-B Marker Beacon Receivers Installation/Operation/Maintenance/Service manual
  • Lear Model 5608 Marker Beacon Receiver 34-8 maintenance/overhaul manual
  • Lear Model LTR-800 VHF Xmtr/RX maintenance manual (2)
  • Lear L2 Autopilot Installation/Maintenance manual


  • 17L-4   VHF aircraft transmitter                                I/O/M
  • 17L-6   VHF transmitter                                             I/O/M
  • 17L-4/6 VHF transmitter (2)                                       I/O/M
  • 17L-7   VHF aircraft transmitter                          Installation only
  • 17L-8   VHF transmitter & 427A-1 modulator p.s.   (2 available)    Instruct
  • 17M-1   VHF Aircraft transmitter                             I/O/M
  • 32RS-1  Transciever Instruction (S)
  • 51R-4   Navigation/communications receiver        Installation only
  • 51R-4   VHF navigation/communication receiver & mount 349D-3A, illustrated parts catalog,   (2 available)
  • 51R-4/4A  VHF navigation/communication & Mount 349D-3A (ill. parts cat.)
  • 51R-7A/8A VOR/LOC receiver                               I/O/M-OH
  • 51RV-2B VOR/ILS Receiver                                      I/M
  • 51RV-1 VOR/ILS receiver                                      OH/w parts
  • 51RV-2B VOR/ILS receiver                                        OH
  • 51S-1/1A/1F/1AF/1B Receiver                                       I
  • 51V    Glide Slope receiver (also have one photocopy)  I/O/M
  • 51V-3   Glide Slope Receiver                               Installation only (2)
  • 51V-3  Glide Slope RX                                                   M
  • 51X-1   Receiver    (2)                                                  I/O/M
  • 51X-2  Navigation/communication receiver, illustrated parts catalog, (2 available)
  • 51X-3   VHF NAV/COMM RX                                 I/O/M
  • 51X-3/3A  VHF navigation/communication receiver & modulator p.s. 427B-()  I/O/M
  • 51Y-3  ADF receiver                                                     O/M
  • 51Y-7   ADF receiver                                               OH/w parts
  • 51Z-6  Marker Beacon receiver (2)                            I/O/M
  • 137A-4/5/6/6A/6B Fixed Loop Antenna,                  M/OH/Parts
  • 137A-4/5/6/6A/6B Fixed Loop Antenna,                      OH
  • 179J-5/6/6A/7/8/8A/8B/12 Sense Antenna Coupler     OH
  • 242F-9C  VHF/UHF transmitter                                  I/O/M
  • 310V-1  Exciter, Instruction  (2, 1 is photocopy)
  • 332D-11  Vertical Reference, Receiver/Transmitter Unit      OH
  • 344A-2   Manual VOR/LOC Instrumentation Unit      I/M
  • 374A-3 RX/TX Unit                                                       OH
  • 426U-2  Power Supply, Instruction
  • 437X-1/1A Antenna,                                                       OH
  • 477U-1   ADF Loop Simulator                                     I/O/M
  • 479S-3   Audio Signal Generator                                     I
  • 490T-1/1A  Antenna Coupler, Overhaul
  • 493A-4   Indicator Type                                                 OH
  • 537F-7/F-8 Antenna Type                                              OH
  • 548L-4A  Linear Power Amplifier, Instruction
  • 578D-1  DME Bench Test Set                                     I/O/M
  • 614L-8   ADF control unit,                                              OH
  • 618F-1   VHF communications transceiver & Fixed I-F, audio & p.s. 427D-1 (2 available)      I/O/M
  • 618M-1  VHF Communications Tcvr                           M/OH
  • 618T-1/618T-2/618T-3 Airborne SSB Xcvr                    OH
  • 618Z-4  RF Translator Instruction
  • 619Q-1  Cabinet, Instruction
  • 635V-1/914B-3/352E-3 Bandpass filter, Filter Control, Mounting Tray, Instruction
  • 636A-1   Power supply                                                  I/O/M    photocopies
  • 671B-1  Receiver/Exciter, Instruction
  • 680T-1 VHF Synthesizer Planar Assembly                    OH
  • 789X-1  I-F Translator   (2)                                           I/O/M
  • 860E-2  Distance Measuring Equipment                    OH/w parts
  • 860F-1   Radio Altimeter                                                 OH
  • 878L-15/16/17 Antenna Coupler Module Testers     INSTRUCT.
  • 878l-1  Amplifier Test Set                                                I/M
  • 878L-2   Relay Control Test Set                                   I/OH/M
  • 914J-4  Receiver/Exciter Control, Instruction
  • 937R-1/2/3/4 Antennas                                               OH w/ parts
  • 978F-4A  Amplifier Test Set & 978F-9A Amplifier Test Set Adapter         Instruct
  • 979X-1  Test Set, Instruction
  • 980L-1   Test Set & 440Y-() Test Adapters (covers 440Y-1 & 440Y-2)(2)            I/O/M
  • 6807-1   VHF Synthesized Planar Assembly                   OH
  • 7506-1/A-2 Standard frequency Counter                    full schematics
  • ADF-650/650A  ADF System, includes RCR-650/650A (RX), ANT-650A                 (Antenna)  IND-650/650A (Indicator), ADA-650/650A (ADF to RMI Adapter)                        M
  • AFCS-110  Line Maintenance Drawings
  • AN/ARC552A Radio Set                                                 M
  • ANS-31C Area Navigation System                        Installation only
  • AP-101E  Automatic Flight Control System              I/O/M-OH
  • AUD-250/250H/251H (Audio Panel), AMR-350/350H (Audio/Marker Panel)      M/OH
  • DF-201 Automatic Direction Finding System    prelim                                Instruct
  • DF-203   ADF Systems RF Cables                                 OH
  • DME System                                                                   OH
  • DME-451 Distance Measuring Equipment                I/O/M-OH
  • DN-101  Doppler Radar System Navigation System    M/OH  (2)
  • FD-108  Integrated Fight System, manual switching     I/M
  • HF-9000 Antenna Couplers                                            I/M (depot)
  • L-1011 AFCS Test Equipment Manual (lists all test equip w/ pix)
  • MKR-350 Marker Rx, includes MKL-350/351 (Remote Marker Lights)
  • MR-102  Antenna Coupler, Instruction
  • MR-104 Marine Transmitter, Instruction
  • NC-103 Doppler navigation computer system , illustrated parts catalog (2)
  • PB-150/PB-190, AB-150/AB-190 Automatic Tape Control        Instruct
  • VHF-20  Comm Transceiver                                     OH w/ parts list
  • WP-103 Weather Radar System                                         M

  • Also have: revision package for 537F-7/8 for OH manual; 477U-1 & 51Y Descriptive Specs manANS-31 Area Nav System product description; engineering proposal for UHF comm equipment for F-104G aircraft (German air force); preliminary handbook for UHF communications equip. for CF-104G aircraft (Lockheed); Field Service Bulletin Index (1961).


  • KA25 Isolation Amp                                     I/M-OH
  • KA134 Audio Panel                                      I/M-OH
  • KA138 Relay                                                    I/M
  • KAA 445 Audio Control System                  I/M-OH
  • KCS55/55A Pictorial Nav System                 I/M-OH
  • KDF 805 ADF                                              I/M-OH
  • KDI 572/573/574 DME Indicators                I/M-OH
  • KDM 705/705A KDI 570/571 DME            I/M-OH
  • KFC200 AFCS (BeechBarons)                           I
  • KGM690/691 Glideslope/Marker RX          I/M-OH
  • KI 226 Radio Magnetic Compass                 I/M-OH
  • KMA 20/KR21 Marker Beacon RX Isolation Amplifier     I/M-OH
  • KN53 NAV/RX                                            I/M-OH\
  • KN60 DME                                                  I/M-OH
  • KN60B DME                                                I/M-OH
  • KN61 DME                                                  I/M-OH
  • KN63 DME                                                  I/M-OH
  • KN65/65A KI266/267 DME                        I/M-OH
  • KN73 Glideslope RX/KN77 VOR/LOC Converter      I/M-OH
  • KN75 Glideslope RX                                    I/M-OH
  • KNC 610 Area-Nav Computer                     I/M-OH
  • KNR 630/631/632/633 VOR/LOC RX         I/M-OH
  • KNR 600/660 VOR/LOC RX                       I/M-OH
  • KNS 80 Digital Area Nav System                 I/M-OH
  • KNS 81 Digital Area Nav System                 I/M-OH
  • KR-80 ADF                                                   I/M-OH
  • KR85 ADF                                                    I/M-OH
  • KRA 10/10A Radar Altimeter                       I/M-OH
  • KRA 405 Radar Altimeter                            I/M-OH
  • KT 70/71 ATC ATCRBS Transponder        I/M-OH
  • KT 79 Transponder                                       I/M-OH
  • KU191/192/193/194 VHF COM XCVR          I/M
  • KWX-40   Weather Radio                             I/M-OH   Includes:  KI-240, KT-44, & KA-49
  • KX125 (Comm TRCVR/NAV RX)              I/M-OH
  • KX-150A NAV/COM                                        M
  • KX-150B  NAV/COM                                     I/M-OH
  • KX-160  NAV/COM                                        I/M-OH   Includes:  KI-201, KI-211 & KS-505  
  • KX 170 NAV/COMM UNIT                      I/M-OH
  • KX 170A/175 KX170B/175B KY 195/195B    I/M-OH
  • KXP 750 Transponder                                 I/M-OH
  • KXP 755 Transponder                                 I/M-OH
  • KY 92 VHF COMM XCVR                         I/M-OH
  • KY 196 VHF COMM XCVR                       I/M-OH

        Installation Manuals,   Bendix-King   Prices vary, possible photocopies, ASK!!

  • DMS44A (Distance Measuring System)
  • KA25 (Isolation Amp) (I/Maintenance)
  • KA25A (Isolation Amp)
  • KA33 (Cooling Blower)
  • KA90 (Interface Adapter)
  • KA134 (Audio Panel) (I/Maintenance)
  • KAA445 (Audio Control System)
  • KAD280 (Air Data System)
  • KAS297C (Altitude/Vertical Speed Selector)
  • KCS55/55A (Pictorial Nav System)
  • KCS305 (Slaved Gyrocompass System)(2)
  • KCU565A/KNR665/665A (Digital Area NAV System)
  • KCU578 (ADF-Transponder Digital Control Unit)
  • KCU591 (COMM Digital Control Unit)(2)
  • KDE566 (Automatic Data I/O System)
  • KDM700 (DME)
  • KFC200 (Flight Control System, AltitudeSelector Option for Piper Aztec)
  • KFC275/325 (Flight Control System)
  • KFS560B (NAV Freq Selector)
  • KFS590B (COMM Freq Selector)
  • KG253 (Horizon Gyro) (I/Maintenance)
  • KGM690 (Glideslope Marker RX)
  • KGS680 (Glideslope RX)
  • KHF950 (HF TRCVR)
  • KI201C/213/214 (VOR/LOC-OBS Indicator)
  • KI202/203/204/206/207 (VOR/LOC/GS Indicators)
  • KI208/209 (Navigation Indicators)
  • KI208A/209A (Navigation Indicators)
  • KI254 (Attitude Gyro) (I/Maintenance)
  • KI229 (RadioMagneticIndicator)
  • KLN35A (GPS RX)
  • KLN89/89B (GPS RNAV)
  • KLN90 (GPS RNAV)
  • KMA20/KR21 (Marker Beacon RX Isolation Amplifier)
  • KMA24 (Audio Panel/Marker Beacon RX)
  • KMA24H-50/54 (Audio Selector Panel & Amp)(I/Maintenance)
  • KMA24H-65/68 (Audio Control Panel)
  • KMA24H-70/71 (Audio Selector Panel & Interphone System)
  • KMR670 (Schematic)
  • KMR675 (Marker Beacon RX)(2)
  • KN53 (NAV RX)
  • KN62/62A/64 (Distance Measuring System)
  • KN65/65A (Distance Measuring Equipment Systems)(w/ KI265/266/267/KFS562)
  • KN72 (VOR/LOC Converter)
  • KN73 (Glideslope RX)
  • KN75 (Glideslope RX)
  • KNI500/500L (Integrated NAV Unit)(3)
  • KNR600 (VOR/LOC RX)
  • KNR660 (Automatic NAV RX)
  • KNS80 (Digital Area Nav System)(2)
  • KPI552/553/A-KDA335 (Pictorial Nav Indicators)
  • KR22 (Marker Beacon RX) (I/Maintenance)
  • KR87 (ADF)
  • KRA405 (Radar Altimeter)
  • KRA405B (Radar Altimeter)
  • KT70 (Mode S Transponder)
  • KT76A/78A (ATCRBS Transponder)(2)
  • KT76C (ATCRBS Transponder)
  • KWA336 (Waypoint Warning Annunciator)
  • KX155/165 (VHF NAV/COM TCVR)(2)
  • KX170A/KX175 (NAV RX/COMM  TCVR)
  • KY155/165 (VHF NAV/COMM TCVR
  • KY196/196E/197/197E (VHF COMM TCVR)
  • KY196A/197A (VHF COMM TCVR)
  • KXP750 (Transponder)
  • MST67A (MODE S Transponder System)
  • RDS82 (Color Weather Radar System)
  • TPR-640 ATC (Transponder System)
  • TRS42A (ATC Transponder System)
  • VCS40A (VHF COMM System)
  • VNS41A (NAV System)

  • I have a load of Service & Installation Bulletins; some go by year, others by equipment; because there are so many, it takes a while to find info on certain equipment; therefore ASK!


  • Avco Lycoming Operator's Manual, IO-720 Series Aircraft Engines, spiral bound pocket version
  • Avco Lycoming Operator's Manual, TIO-540 Series Aircraft Engines, spiral bound pocket version


  • Setchell Carlson Model 524 Beacon Receiver (Signal Corps Nomenclature BC-1206M) Instruction manual (S)
  • Handbook of Operating Instructions for Model AN/ARC-1 Aircraft Radio Equipment
  • Schematic Diagrams: AN/ARC-94 & AN/ARC-102
  • Utility Systems, F-101B & F-101F, T.O.1F-101B-2-4, 7/1/67 (CHANGE)
  • Landing Gear/Brakes/NoseWheel Steering Systems, F-101A & F-101C,   T.O. 1F-101A(I)-2-6, 3/15/68 (CHANGE)
  • Hydraulic Power Supply & Pneumatic Systems, F-101b & ?, T.O. 1F-101B-2-7 (some damage), 7/1/70
  • Flight Control Systems, F-101B & F-101F, T.O. 1F-101B-2-9, 4/6/68   (CHANGE)
  • Illustrated Parts Breakdown, USAF Series, L-26B & L926C Aircraft,   TM 11-1-1L-26B-4, 8/58
  • T.0. 1Z-16(S)A-2  (AN 01-85AB-2): Handbok, Erection & Maintenance: UF-1, -1G, -1T, UF-2, UF-2G (NAVY); SA-16A-GR, SA-16B-GR (USAF)(4-15-52)
  • Flight Manual, HU-16C, HU-16D (NAVY) AIRCRAFT
  • NAVAIR 02A-35GH-4:   Illustrated Parts Breakdown: R1820-76A, -76B, -76C, -76D, -80, -80A, -86A Aircraft Engines  (3-1-73)
  • Technical Manual, Structural Repair Instructions, HU-16A-GR, HU-16B-GR (USAF) & UF-1, -1G, -1T (NAVY)
  • Technical Manual, Organizational Maintenance, Power Plant: HU-16A, HU-16B (USAF)
  • Technical Manual, UF-2
  • UH-1H/V Helicopters, Army Model, Operator's Manual, Feb '88
  • Handbook, Structural Repair Instructions, UF-1/ -1G/ -1T, UF-2, UF-2G (NAVY), SA-16A-GR, SA-16B-GR (USAF) T.O. 1A-16(S)A-3  6/57
  • T.O. 1U-16(H)A-3: Structural Repair Instructions, USAF Models HU-16A-GR, HU-16B-GR  NAVY Models
  • UF-1/-1G-1T  (5-23-66)
  • T.O. 1U-16(H)A-2-11: Wiring Data, USAF Models HU-16A/HU-16B Aircraft (7-24-70)
  • T.O. 1U-16(H)B-5:  Basic Weight Checklist & Loading Data, USAF Series HU-16B-GR Aircraft (11-9-72)
  • T.O. 1U-16(H)A-6:  Aircraft Scheduled Inspection & Maintenance Requirements, USAF Series HU-16 (9-26-74)(2)
  • T.O. 1U-16(H)A-4-1:  Supplementary Technical Manual, Illustrated Parts Breakdown, HU-16A-GR, HU-16B-GR  (2-1-67)
  • T.O. 1U-16(H)A-2-1:   Organizational Maintenance, General Aircraft, HU-16A & HU-16B Aircraft (2-1-59)
  • NAVAIR 01-85AC-1: NATOPS Flight Manual, Navy Models HU-16C/HU-16D Aircraft (3-1-68)
  • NAVWEPS 01-85AB-2 (AN 01-85AB-2): UF-2
  • T.O. 1B-47(R)E-2-10:  Electrical  Systems, RB-47ERB-47K; Technical Manual, Organizational Maintenance Instructions (2-10-58)
  • BC-1206CM Model 524 Beacon Rx, Specially Designed for Aircraft; mfg'ed by Setchell Carlson; Instruction manual (S)


  • BENDIX 1943 Aviation Equipment Service Guide, includes landing gear, accessory equipment, Stromberg Injection carburetor, Pioneer Aircraft instruments, Scintilla magneto, Friez instruments, hydraulic equipment, aircraft armament, Eclipse 20mm automatic gun M1 & AN-M2, Bendix radios & accessories.
  • TACAN-INFIS THEORY, Manual FA-431 (FAA)(9/80); includes
  •  TACAN Beacon Simulator DTS-101C (FA-435, Cat. #22465, 12/76) w/ schematics/parts lists, etc.
  • THUNDER Flight Manual (balloon)
  • ECLIPSE-PIONEER DIV. (BENDIX) PIONEER INST. Test Specifications (1942 - 1943)
  • SPERRY Signal Transmitters & Stabilizing Gyros Brochure (1945); specs & drawing
  • SPERRY DIRECTIONAL GYROS, Brochure (color!), Publication 15-36 (1944?)
  • SPERRY GYRO-HORIZON & DIRECTIONAL-GYRO Instructions No. 15-405B (2/1940)
  • SPERRY GYRO-MAG COMPASS Instructions for Installation/Operation (#15-510)(6/1938)
  • SPERRY GYRO-HORIZON & DIRECTIONAL-GYRO Parts/Price List (#15-709)(6/1941)
  • SPERRY Detonation Detector Equipment, Instructions #23-125B (1930s/1940s?)
  • SPERRY Aeronautical Equipment Catalog (1940s?)(2)
  • GE D-C SELSYN Position Indicators for Aircraft, Instructions/Parts (8/1942)
  • GE Synchroscope Instructions/Installation/Operation/Maintenance (9/1942)(2)
  • ALTAIR Position Light Flashers, Models 3990A/3990B12/3990B24, Service Instructions/Parts Catalog (8/1944)
  • LIQUIDOMETER CORP . EA-31 Liquidometer Service Instructions (1/1941)
  • LIQUIDOMETER CORP. Aircraft Type Electric Tank Gauges for Fuel, Lubricating Oil, De-Icer Fluid, Windshield Alcohol & Other Liquids; Booklet 106 Catalog (12/1945)
  • PIONEER INSTRUMENTS Electric Tachometer Indicator, Electric Tachometer Generator Instructions/Installation/
  • Operation/Maintenance (US Navy)(10/1941)(FSSC #88-I-2500 & #88-G-1380)
  • PIONEER INSTRUMENTS Direct Reading Magnetic Compasses Brochure (1944)(3)
  • ECLIPSE-PIONEER DIV . Electric Turn & Bank Indicator Types 3906/12423/15300 Instructions/Installation/Opeation/Maintenance (1947)
  • ECLIPSE-PIONEER DIV. Flight Control Catalog (1946)
  • ECLIPSE-PIONEER DIV. Spare Parts Price List (1946)
  • KOLLSMAN Aircraft Altimeter, Sensitive Instruction/Installation/Operation/Maintenance (3/1942)
  • KOLLSMAN Aircraft Instrument Test Specifications (1939)
  • CAMBRIDGE INSTRUMENT CO . Aero Mixture Indicator Instructions/Installation/Operation/Maintenance, Type X.I.V., for Pan-Am (1930s/1940s?)
  • CAMBRIDGE INSTRUMENT CO . Auto Mixture Indicator, Dual Dial "H", BM 7241, Instructions "Use & Care Of" (1930s/1940s?)
  • LEWIS INSTRUMENTS For Measuring Temperature Electrically in Aircraft Catalog (1940s?)
  • LEWIS INSTRUMENTS Service Manual for Temperature Indicators (1947)
  • 1954 Pilots' Radio Handbook, US Dept. of Commerce/CAA


  • RAM II Communications Control Center Instruction Manual w/ schematics
  • MARK 20A Owner's Manual (Scans only, original sold)


  • VFR STC Data Flybuddy GPS                       ASK!
  • APOLLO GX55 GPS                                       I
  • APOLLO GX55 Dealer/Customer Training Manual
  • APOLLO NAV Management Computer Installation Manual (Model 2101 DZUS NMC)
  • APOLLO DZUS Keypad/GPS Unit Installation Manual (Model 2002 Keypad, 2102 Keypad/GPS)
  • APOLLO GPS Sensor Installation Manual (Model 2022)
  • APOLLO NAV Management System Installation Manual Supplement (TSO-C129 Installation Upgrade)


  • ADF 31 Automatic Direction Finder                                           I
  • ADF 31/31A Automatic Direction Finder                                I/O/M
  • ADF140 (ADF140 RX/ADF140 ANT./ADF101 ADF140) Installation
  • AR500 Altitude Reporter                                                          I/M
  • AR800 Altitude Reporting Altimeter                                       I/M/OH
  • AR850 Installation/Operation (25k or 30.7K' units)               I/O
  • ATA-6  Flightguard Transponder System, Install/Op/Service, 14/28V systems
  • COM810-TSO/COM811-TSO VHF Transceiver                      M
  • CP127 TSO NAV/COM , Spectrum Line (TSO'd), Master Avionics Control Panel                    M
  • DGO IO  Gyro                                                                        I/O/M
  • DME70                                                                                    I/O/M
  • DME190                                                                                   I/M
  • DME190/190-TSO                                                                    M
  • DME195                                                                                   I/M
  • DME890                                                                                   I/M
  • EXECUTIVE LINE: NAV100/COM100/VOA100/110           I/M
  • ID124/124C VOR-ILS Indicators                                              I/M
  • LRN-820  Loran-C Navigation System, Install/Op
  • MARK III                                                                                I/O/M
  • MARK V w/ supplements                                                       I/O/M
  • MARK V  VHF Transceiver, Op/Install/Service
  • MARK VI  VHF Transceiver, Op/Install/Service (2)
  • MARK 7 VHF Transceiver, Install/Op/Service
  • MARK 7 & MARK 10 VHF XCVR w/ supplements, Install/Op/Service   (also have one photocopy)          
  • MARK  8 NAV/COM  (14V)                                                      I                photocopy
  • MARK  8 NAV/COM  (14V)                                                     M
  • MARK 12                                                                             Instruct/M       photocopy
  • MARK 12 Transceiver w/ T12MP/T24MP-12 modulator - power unit w/supplement          I/O/M
  • MARK 12A                                                                             I/O/M
  • MARK 12B NAV/COM                                                          I/O/M
  • MARK 12B NAV/COM Installation manual - photocopy
  • MARK 16 NAV/COM                                                             I/O/M
  • MARK 24 (2)                                                                         I/O/M
  • MP10  Voltage Converter                                                           I/M
  • NAV-COM 10/11 Series, Preliminary Maintenance manaul (Install/Op/Service)
  • NAV-COM100 Nav Rx                                                               M
  • NAV 121/122/122A Nav System                                               I/M
  • NAV 124/124A/124R                                                                  M
  • NAV-COM 400                                                                            M
  • NAV 824-TSO/NAV825-TSO NAV RX w/ ID824-TSO/ID-825-TSO Indicators                      I/M
  • OC 110  Converter                                                                  I/M
  • Omnigator MARK III  w/ supplements                                   I/O/M
  • PDF35 Receiver/Indicator/Loop Ant.                                       I/M
  • RNAV 112                                                                                I/O/M
  • RNAV860 Area Nav. System                                                   I/O/M
  • RS42 Remote Selector                                                                 I/M
  • COM110-TSO/COM111-TSO/NAV114-TSO                          M
  • SPECTRUM LINE NAV/COMS: NAV10/COM10/A, NAV11/12/14, COM11/A                  I/M
  • TR1000A/TR1000B Com Package                                           I/O/M
  • UAT 1  UHF Transponder (2)                                                    I/O/M
  • UDD-1 Digital Distance Indicator                                               I/M
  • UDI-2 Interrogator                                                                     I/O/M
  • UDI-2A/2AR Interrogator                                                          I/O/M
  • UDI-2R Interrogator                                                                   I/O/M
  • UDI-3 Interrogator                                                                      I/O/M
  • UDI-4 Interrogator  (2)                                                                I/O/M
  • UGR-1/UGR-1A  Glide Slope Receiver, Install/Service
  • UGR-2  Glide Slope Receiver, Install/Op/Service
  • VC-27a  Simplexer, Op/Install/Service (includes V12MP2A/V12MP6/VC12/V(-)MP2, V(-)MP4/VC27 schematics)
  • VHT-3 Superhomer w/ VHT-1 & -2 schematics                     I/O/M
  • VGTR-2A  VHF Radio Telephone, Install/Op/Service
  • VGTR-3  VHF Radio Telephone, Install/Op/Service for CN-108-A
  • VGTR-3/VGTR-3A/VT-4  VHF Radio Telephone, Install/Op/Service for CN-108-A & CN-108-B
  • VOA-2  Omniplexer, Op/Install/Service 
  • VOA-3   Converter/Indicator, Op/Install/Service
  • VOA-8 & VOA-9 Navigation Converters                                   I
  • VTR-2A Omnigator MARK II w/ VTR-1, V12MP-2A, V24MP-2A schematics (2)     I/O/M

  • I have two large looseleafs full of NARCO service bulletins for this era equipment; if you would like info on possible changes to your equipment please ASK!


  • Pawnee Brave Service Manual
  • Pawnee Brave Parts Catalog


  • RADAIR 250 ATC Radar Transponder                                             M


  • AVA-310   Audio System                                                                     I/M
  • AVC-110   VHF Communications Xcvr                                               I/M
  • AVI-200     Series  Radio Magnetic Indicators (2)                             I/M
  • AVN-220   VHF Navigation System   (includes AVN-204/205)         I/M
  • AVQ-20      Weather Radar                                                                  I/M
  • AVQ-20A   Weather Radar                                                                  I/M
  • AVQ-21      Weather Radar                                                                  I/M
  • AVQ-47      Weather Radar                                                                  I/M
  • AVQ-65      ATC Transponder                                                              I/M
  • AVQ-75      DME System                                                                      I/M
  • AVQ-85      DME System                                                                      I/M
  • AVQ-85      Illustrated Parts List
  • AVQ-95      ATC Transponder                                                              I/M
  • Service Bulletins: AVQ-20/A, AVQ-21, AVQ-46, AVQ-47, AVQ-55 & AVQ-95
  • Service Bulletins: AVA-310, AVC-110, AVC-110A, AVI-200, AVN-204/205, AVN-210, AVN-220, AVQ-46
  • Service Bulletins: AVQ-65, AVQ-75, AVQ-85
  • Service Bulletins: AVA-310, AVC-110, AVC-110A, AVC-111A, AVI-200, AVN-204/205, AVN-210


  • Model 505 Transponder                                                         I/M-OH


  • STARS Flight Director Instrument System                              M


  • TI 9200 Series LORAN C Navigator Service Manual


  • CES-116A ADF Signal Simulator                                                 I


  • Large stack of service bulletins - ASK!
  • Large looseleaf of Dealer Sales Reference Brochures


  • Model 1006A (Auto Nav RX)/1000 (GS RX)                            I
  • VHF COMM XTRCVR 1007A                                                M
  • ATC Transponder Model 1014A                                                   I
  • VHF Navigation Receiver Series 805, Type 97605-100; Overhaul Manual
  • VHF Navigation Receiver Series 806, Type 97606-104; Overhaul Manual
  • VHF Transceiver Series 807, Instruction


  • Flitephone III (airborne radiotelephone)                                    I/M


     MILITARY (More on their way!!  Check back in a little while! )  

  • FM 1-204                    Night Flight Techniques & Procedures (H6)
  • FM 55-450-1               Army Helicopter External Load Operations (8-26-82)(H5)(H6)
  • FM 55-450-2               Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations (H6)
  • TM 1-1H-21B-1          Flight Handbook, USAF Series H-21B Army Model H-21C Helicopters (H2)(7-57)
  • TM 1-OH6-S               Preparation for shipment of OH-6A Helicopter (4-23-71)(H4)
  • TM 55-409                  Fundamentals of Aircraft Hydraulics  (H7)(5-71)
  • TM 55-1500-210-L     CH-47A/B/C Helicopters, List of Applicable Publications  (H7)(11-77)
  • TM 55-1510-201-10/4  Army Models U-8D, RU-8D & U-8G Aircraft: Operator's manual  (H7)(4-78)
  • TM 55-1510-201-20P   Airplane, Utility, U-8D, U-8F, U-8G; Airplane, Utility, Reconnaissance, RU-8D; Organ
  • zational Maintenance Repair Parts & Special Tools List  (H7)(5-79)
  • TM 55-1510-201-34P-1  Airplane, Utility, U-8D, U-8F, U-8G, Airplane, Reconnaissance, RU-8D; DS/GS Main
  • tenance Parts & Special Tools List, including Depot Maintenance repair parts & special tools  (H7)(3-79)
  • TM 55-1510-201-34P-2  Airplane, Utility, U-8D, U-8F, U-8G, Airplane, Reconnaissance, RU-8D; DS/GS Main
  • tenance Parts & Special Tools List, including Depot Maintenance repair parts & special tools  (H7)(3-79)
  • TM 55-1510-209-L       List of Applicable Publications, U-21 Series Aircraft (H1)(4-5-73)
  • TM 55-1510-201-20    Army Models U-8D/G, RU-8D & U-8F Aircraft; Organizational Maintenance manual (H7) (1-69)  
  • TM 55-1510-201-35     partial (H2)
  • TM 55-1520-209-10     Army Model CH-47A Helicopter Operator's Manual (3-30-73)(H5)
  • TM 55-1520-209-23-3  Army Model CH-47A Helicopter, Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance   manual (12-29-78)(H5)
  • TM 55-1520-209-23-4  Army Model CH-47A Helicopter, Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance manual (12-29-78)(H5)(H8)
  • TM 55-1520-209-23-5  Army Model CH-47A Helicopter, Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance manual (12-29-78)(H5)(H8)
  • TM 55-1520-209-34P-3  Helicopter, Cargo Transport, CH-47A/B/C(Vertol); DS/GS Maintenance Repair Parts &  Special Tools List including Depot Maintenance Repair Parts & Special Tools (H8)(12-73)
  • TM 55-1520-209-PMS CH-47A Helicopter Preventative Maintenance Services  (H7)(12-75)
  • TM 55-1520-210-PM   UH-1H/V & EH-1H/X Aircraft Phased Maintenance Checklist (1-4-83)(H5)(5)
  • TM 55-1520-210-PM   Change Sheets, various (H5)
  • TM 55-1520-210-10     UH-1H/V Helicopters, Operator's Manual (2-15-88)(H1)
  • TM 55-1520-210-23-1  Army Model UH-1D/H/EH-1H Helicopters, Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance instructions (H3)(2-20-79)
  • TM 55-1520-214-S       Preparation for Shipment of OH-6A Helicopter (H1)(6-28-78)
  • TM 55-1520-214-23P   Helicopter, Observation OH-6A (HUGHES)(6-14-77)(H4)
  • TM 55-1520-217-20-1-2   Army Model CH-54A Helicopters, Organizational Maintenance Manual (H2)(3-29-74)
  • TM 55-1520-217-23-2-2   CH-54B Helicopter, Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance manual (H3)(4-8-77)
  • TM 55-1520-217-23-2-3  CH-54B Helicopter, Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance manual (H2)(4-8-77)
  • TM 55-1520-217-34-2-2   Army Model CH-54B Helicopter, DS/GS Maintenance manual (H3)(4-30-73)
  • TM 55-1520-219-10     Army Model UH-1B Helicopter, Operator's manual (1-69)(H4)
  • TM 55-1520-220-10     Army Model UH-1C/M Helicopter, Operator's manual (11-68)(H5)
  • TM 55-1520-221-PM   AH-1G Aircraft Phased Maintenance Checklist (9-22-78)(H6)
  • TM 55-1520-221-10     Army Model AH-1G Helicopter, Operator's manual (damage)(2)(H5)
  • TM 55-1520-221-34      damaged, missing pages (H0)
  • TM 55-1520-227-PM    CH-47B/CH-47C Helicopters, Phased Maintenance Checklist (H3)(10-8-82)
  • TM 55-1520-227-10-1   Army Model CH-47B Helicopter; Operator's manual (H8)(8-78)
  • TM 55-1520-227-23-1   Army Model CH-47B/CH-47C Helicopters, Aviation Unit & Aviation Intermediate Maintenance manual (H2)(8-16-78)
  • TM 55-1520-227-23-1  as above, mixed w/ 227-23-1-2, damaged, missing pages (H0)
  • TM 55-1520-227-23-5  Army Model CH-47B/CH47C Helicopters, Aviation Unit & Aviation Intermediate Maintenance manual (H3)(8-16-78)
  • TM 55-1520-227-34-1  Army Model CH-47B/CH-47C Helicopters, DS/GS Maintenance manual (7-20-73)(H5)
  • TM 55-1520-228-PM   OH-58A/C Aircraft Phased Maintenance Checklist (9-1-78)(H4)
  • TM 55-1520-228-10     Army Model OH-58A Helicopter, Operator's Manual (H1)(9-7-72)(H5)
  • TM 55-1520-228-20     Army Model OH-58A Helicopter, Organizational/Maintenance Manual (H1)(10-17-72)(damaged)(another incomplete? in H0)
  • TM 55-1520-228-23P   Helicopter, Observation OH-58A/OH-58C,  Aviation Unit & Intermediate Maintenance Repair Parts & Special Tools List (H1)(12-22-80)
  • TM 55-1520-228-23-1  Army Model OH-58A/OH-58C Helicopters, Aviation Unit & Intermediate Maintenance manual (H1)(8-4-78)(H2)
  • TM 55-1520-228-23-2  Army Model OH-58A/OH-58C Helicopters, Aviation Unit & Intermediate Maintenance manual (H1)(8-4-78)
  • TM 55-1520-234-23P-1  Helicopter, Attack, AH-1S (MOD), Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance manual (3-12-82)(H6)
  • TM 55-1520-236-CL   Army Model AH-1S (PROD), AH-1S(ECAS) & AH-1S (Modernized Cobra) Helicopters,  Operator & Crewmember Checklist (H7)(1-80)
  • TM 55-1520-236-L      AH-1S (PROD), AH-1S(ECAS) & AH-1S (Modernized Cobra) Helicopters; List of Appli cable Publications (H7)(12-81)
  • TM 55-1520-236-T-2   AH-1S (MC)  Integrated Armament & Fire Control System  (6-15-83)(H1?)(H10)
  • TM 55-1520-236-T-3   AH-1S (MC)  Integrated Armament & Fire Control System  (6-15-83)(H10)(4)
  • TM 55-1520-236-23-1  Army Model AH-1S(PROD)/AH-1S(ECAS)/AH-1S(Modernized Cobra) Helicopters, Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance manual (5-8-80)(H6)
  • TM 55-1520-236-23-2  Army Model AH-1S(PROD)/AH-1S(ECAS)/AH-1S(Modernized Cobra) Helicopters, Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance manual (5-8-80)(H6)
  • TM 55-1520-236-23-3  Army Model AH-1S(PROD)/AH-1S(ECAS)/AH-1S(Modernized Cobra) Helicopters, Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance manual (5-8-80)(H6)
  • TM 55-1520-236-23-4  Army Model AH-1S/AH-1S(PROD)/AH-1S(ECAS)/AH-1S(Modernized Cobra) Helicopters, Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance manual (5-8-80)(H5)
  • TM 55-1520-236-23P-2    Helicopter, Attack, AH-1S(PROD)(ECAS)(MC), Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance manual(5-3-82)(H5)
  • TM 55-1520-237-PMS-2   Periodic Inspection Checklist, UH-60A Helicopter (6-12-79)(H4)
  • TM 55-1520-237-10         UH-60A Helicopter, Operator's Manual (H9)(5-79)
  • TM 55-1520-237-23-1    UH-60A Helicopter, Wiring Data Manual, Aviation Unit & Intermediate Maintenance (H9)(2-83)
  • TM 55-1520-237-23-2   UH-60A Helicopter, General Information Manual, Aviation Unit & Intermediate Mainen ance Manual (H9)(12-78)
  • TM 55-1520-237-23-4  Servicing, Ground Handling, Air Transportability & General Maintenance Task Manual, UH-60A Helicopter (12-29-78)(H4)
  • TM 55-1520-237-23-5     UH-60A Helicopter, Airframe & Landing Gear Maintenance Task Manual, Aviation Unit & Intermediate Maintenance (H9)(12-78)
  • TM 55-1520-237-23-8     UH-60A Helicopter, Hydraulics & Flight Controls Maintenance Task manual (H9)(12-78)
  • TM 55-1520-237-23-10   UH-60A Helicopter, Structural Repair Maintenance Task Manual, Aviation Unit & Inter mediate Maintenance (H9)(12-78)
  • TM 55-1520-237-23P-1 [TO 1H-60(U)A-4-1]  Helicopter, Utility Tactical Transport, UH-60A, Aviation & Intermediate maintenance manual (9-20-83)(H4)
  • TM 55-1520-239-23P   Helicopter, Attack, AH-1S (MC), Aviation Unit & Intermediate Maintenance manual (11-16-83)(H6)
  • TM 55-1520-239-23-3  Army Model AH-1S (Modernized Cobra) Helicopter, Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance manual (4-7-80)(H6)
  • TM 55-1520-240-PM   CH-47D Helicopter Phased Maintenance Checklist (8-27-82)(H5)
  • TM 55-1520-240-PMS   CH-47D Helicopter 10 Hour/7 Day Inspection Requirement Preventative Maintenance  Services  (H7)(9-82)
  • TM 55-1520-240-23P-2   Helicopter, Cargo Transport, CH-47D, Aviation Unit & Intermediate Maintenance manual  (H3)(5-10-83)
  • TM 55-1520-240-23-2  CH-47D Helicopter; Aviation Unit & Aviation Intermediate Maintenance manual (H8)(5-83)
  • TM 55-1520-237-23-3  Aircraft Fault Isolation Procedures manual, UH-60A Helicopter (12-29-78)(H4)
  • TM 55-1520-23-6       Powerplant, Fuel & Related Systems Maintenance Task manual, UH-60A Helicopter (12-29-78)(H4)
  • TM 55-1520-237-23-7  Powertrain, Maintenance Task Manual (12-29-78)(H4)
  • TM 55-1520-237-23-9  Electrical & Instruments Maintenance Task manual, UH-60A Helicopter (12-29-79)(H4)
  • TM 55-1520-242-S       Preparation for Shipment of UH-1/EH-1 Helicopters  (H7)(1-81)
  • TM 55-1615-201-40     Swashplate & Support Assembly, p/n 540-011-450-5/-7 (H3)(5-14-71)
  • TM 55-1615-211-40     Damper Assembly, p/n 6410-26200-041/042/043 (H1)(2-18-71)(2)
  • TM 55-1615-212-40     Rotor Brake Package P/N 71428 (ADEL), GS Maintenance manaul (H1)(3-69)(3)
  • TM 55-1615-234-40     Swashplate & Support Assembly p/n 206-010-450-5  GS Maintenance manual (6-22-71)(H5)
  • TM 55-1620-228-40     Nose Gear Strut Assembly, p/n 6425-505202-011 (H1)(9-4-70)(2)
  • TM 55-1620-229-40     Main Landing Gear Strut & Fork Assembly, p/n 6425-50102-015 (H1)(10-21-70)
  • TM 55-1620-230-40     Pneumatic Nose Gear Cylinder Assembly p/n 6425-50531-011 (H1)(9-4-70)
  • TM 55-1620-231-40     Tail Skid Strut & Knee Assembly, p/n 6425-50702-011 (H1)(9-21-70)
  • TM 55-1620-239-40     Main Landing Gear Actuator Assemblies p/n 115-810021-1/-2 (H1)(7-20-71)
  • TM 55-1630-229-40     Brake Assembly, p/n 2-863 (H1)(5-27-70)(4)
  • TM 55-1650-337-40     Panel Package Control Valve, p/n HP610100-2C10-1, HP610100-3N10, HP610100-4N10 (Hydrapower)(H1)(6-26-70)(4)
  • TM 55-1650-366-40     Panel Package Control Valve, p/n HP610300-3C10-1 (H1)(10-2-72)(4)
  • TM 55-1650-365-40     Servo Manifold Valve, p/n HP1060100-1 (H1)(9-29-72)(2)
  • TM 55-1650-329-40     Load Leveler Servocylinder Assembly, p/n 6465-62100-017/018/019/020/021/022 (H1)(1-22-71)(5)
  • TM 55-1650-331-40     Pump Assembly, Hydraulic Axial Piston, model #IPV093L0015 (H1)(7-2-71)(5)
  • TM 55-1650-336-40     Load Leveler Servo Valve Assembly, p/n 22740 (H1)(10-15-70)(2)
  • TM 55-1650-326-40     Solenoid Valve, p/n HP909100-10 (H1)(6-25-70)(3)
  • TM 55-1650-333-40     Hydraulic Motor Assembly, Cargo Hoist, p/n PMF117B006A (H1)(6-3-71)(2)
  • TM 55-1650-327-40     Solenoid Operated, Hydraulic, 4 Way Selector Valve, p/n 19740-1 (H1)(3-70)(2)
  • TM 55-1650-338-40     Variable Delivery Hydraulic Pump Model AP2V-55, p/n 57049 (H1)(7-2-70)
  • TM 55-1650-228-40     Dual Parking Brake Hydraulic Valve model 9023 (H1)(3-2-64)
  • TM 55-1650-334-40     Hydraulic Servo Cylinder, p/n CSC-546-3, SGT 220-1, SGT 220-3, SGT 220-5, (H1)(11-21-68) w/ change sheet
  • TM 55-1650-321-40     Solenoid Operated 2 Way Hydraulic Shut-Off Valve models 6203 & 6203-1 (H1)(5-23-69)
  • TM 55-1680-278-40     Liquid Spring Decoupler, p/n 4SS3811-001 (H1)(10-6-70)
  • TM 55-2835-203-23P   Auxiliary Power Unit, Turbine Engine, Aviation Unit & Intermediate maintenance (12-15-80)(H4)
  • TM 55-2835-205-23P  Gas Turbine Engine (Auxiliary Power Unit - APU) Model T-62T02B; Aviation Unit & Inter mediate Maintenance Repair Parts & Special Tools List, including Depot Maintenance Repair
  • Parts & Special Tools  (H7)(3-83)
  • TM 55-2840-213-40     Dual Element Hydraulic Gear Type Lube & Scavenge Pump Assembly (H1)(12-63)
  • TM 55-2840-231-23P   Engine, Aircraft, Gas Turbine; Aviation Unit & Intermediate Maintenance Repair Parts &  Special Tools List (including Depot Maintenance repair parts & special tools)(4-83)(H7)
  • TM 55-2840-232-23P   Engine, Aircraft, Turboprop PT6A-20, T74-CP-700, T74-CP-702; Aviation Unit & Inter mediate Maintenance Repair Parts & Special Tools List including Depot Maintenance Repair
  • Parts & Special Tools (H7)(7-77)
  • TM 55-2840-233-23P   Engine, Aircraft, Gas Turboprop, Aviation Unit & Intermediate Maintenance manual (H3)(6-29-78)
  • TM 55-2840-233-24     Engine, Turboprop, Org/DS/GS Maintenance manual (H3)(7-27-71)
  • TM 55-2840-234-24/2  Engine, Shaft Turbine Model T55-L-11A/D/SA; Organizational, DS & GS Maintenance  manual (H7)(8-71)
  • TM 55-2840-241-23    Engine, Aircraft, Gas Turbine T63-A-720; Aviation Unit & Intermediate Maintenance Manual (H7)(1-81)
  • TM 55-2840-241-23P  Engine, Aircraft, Gas Turbine T63-A-720; Aviation Unit & Intermediate Maintenance Repair  Parts & Special Tools List, including Depot Maintenance Repair Parts & Special Tools (H7)(1-81)
  • TM 55-2840-247-23P  Engine, Aircraft, Turbine T-53-L-703; Aviation Unit & Intermediate Maintenance Repair  Parts & Special Tools including Depot Maintenance Repair Parts & Special Tools (H7)(6-80)
  • TM 55-2840-248-23P  Engine Assembly, T700-GE-700; Aviation Unit & Intermediate Maintenance Repair Parts  & Special Tools List, including Depot Maintenance repair parts & special tools  (H7)(1-82)
  • TM 55-2840-249-23     Engine Assembly: T55-L-7/T55-L-7B/T55-L-7C  (7-8-80)(H4)
  • TM 55-2840-254-23-1  Engine, Gas Turbine Model T55-L-712; Aviation Unit & Aviation Intermediate Maintenance  Manual (H7)(4-83)
  • TM 55-2840-254-23P   Engine, Gas Turbine Model T55-L-712; Aviation Unit & Aviation Intermediate Maintenance  Repair Parts & Special tools List, including Depot Maintenance Repair Parts & Special
  • Tools  (H7)(3-83)
  • TM 55-2840-254-23-4  Engine, Gas Turbine Model T66-L-712 (4-26-83)(2)(H4)
  • TM 55-2915-262-40     Carburetor Assembly, Model PSH-7BD, p/n 391624-19 (H3)(4-64)
  • TM 55-2915-310-40     Gate Valve, Manually Operated p/n AV16A1280B (H1)(2-4-70)
  • TM 55-2995-220-40     Hydraulic Engine Starter Assembly, p/n EA-1430-042 (Vickers)(H1)(10-20-70)(4)
  • NAVAIR 01-110HCA-1 NATOPS Flight Manual, Navy Models, UH-1E/UH-1L/TH-1L/HH-1K Aircraft (H1)(4-1-72)
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  • T.O. 1C-47-2-3    Pneudraulic Systems, USAF Series C-47/A/B/D, AC-47, EC-47, RC-47, C-117A/B/C Aircraft
  • Maintenance Instructions (H8)(7-74)
  • T.O. 1C-47-2-5    Fuel System, USAF Series: C-47/A/B/D, AC-47, EC-47, RC-47, C-117A/B/C Aircraft
  • Maintenance Instructions (H8)(7-74)
  • T.O. 1C-47-2-6    Landing Gear, USAF Series: C-47/A/B/D, AC-47, EC-47, RC-47, C-117A/B/C Aircraft
  • Maintenance Instructions (H8)(7-74)(3)
  • T.O. 1C-47-2-7    Flight Controls, USAF Series: C-47/A/B/D, AC-47, EC-47, RC-47, C-117A/B/C Aircraft
  • Maintenance Instructions (H8)(7-74)
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  • T.O. 1C-47-2-9    Electrical System, USAF Series: C-47/A/B/D, AC-47, EC-47, RC-47, C-117A/B/C Aircraft
  • Maintenance Instructions (H8)(7-74)
  • T.O. 1C-47-2-10  Radio, Communications & Navigation Systems, USAF Series C-47/A/B/D, AC-47, EC-47, RC-47, C-117A/B/C Aircraft (stored in the military electronics section)(7-74)
  • T.O. 1C-47-2-11  Wiring, USAF Series: C-47/A/B/D, AC-47, EC-47, RC-47, C-117A/B/C Aircraft
  • Maintenance Instructions (H8)(7-74)
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  • T.O. 1H-1(H)H-3  HH-1H Helicopter, USAF Series, Structural Repair (H2)(5-1-72)
  • TO 1H-1(U)N-06  Aircraft Maintenance Work Unit Code Manual, USAF Series, UH-1N (4-1-81)(H6)(5)
  • TO 1H-1(U)N-2-1CL-1 Checklist, Helicopter Towing, USAF Series UH-1N (9-1-73)(H6)
  • TO 1H-1(U)N-2-1CL-2 Checklist, Refueling/Defueling Helicopter UH-1N, USAF (11-1-76)(H6)(7) Change sheets also
  • TO 1H-1(U)N-2-1CL-3 Helicopter Jacking, USAF model UH-1N (5-1-70)(H6)(3)
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  • TO 1H-1(U)N-33-1-2CL-4  Non-nuclear Munitions Loading Procedures, USAF Series, UH-1N, Launcher, Rocket, LAU 59/A, LAU 68/A, LAU 68B/A (2-10-81)(H6)
  • TO 1H-1(U)N-33-1-2CL-5  Non-Nuclear Loading Procedures, USAF Series, UH-1N, Armament Systems (12-1-78)(H6)
  • T.O. 1H-1(U)N-34-1-1  Aircrew Non-nuclear weapons delivery manual, USAF Series, UH-1N Helicopter (1-1-75)(H4)
  • T.O. 1H-1(U)P-33-1-1CL-1  UH-1P Helicopter, Armament System, Pintle mount 7.62mm GAU 2B/A Gun, Conventional munitions loading procedures, USAF Series, checklist
  • T.O. 2-1-18   Aircraft Engine & Module Management by Operating Limits & Pipeline Times (H3)(11-15-80)


  • HILLER Aircraft Corp factory original service & parts manual: UH-12E helicopter

  FOREIGN ( have many in Russian/Polish/Eastern bloc langauge, also!  looking for assistance! )


  • Parts Catalogue of Mi-2 Helicopter: MASSIVE large format illustrated breakdown (NO parts
  •  list, tho).  Original Polish manual
  • Helicopter, Mi-2 Maintenance Manual: Two Original (different) Polish manuals in English!
  • Technical Manual, Helicopter Mi-2 Airborne Radio Equipment: Original Polish manual in English
  • block diagrams & interconnection wiring diagrams, cockpit controls, power supplies, but NO schematics.           
  • Technical Manual, Helicopter Mi-2 Airborne Electric Equipment: Original Polish manual in English


  • Data Sheet Manual by Ryan Aeronautical Inst.; engineering data sheets for aircraft hardware   .50
  • American Combat Planes by Wagner; 1960 hb, 440p, dj                                                .00
  • Man-Made UFO's, 1944-1994: 50 Years of Suppression    Vesco/Childress                     .00
  • Airshipwreck                    Deighton/Schwartzman                                                            22.50
  • International Encyclopedia of Aviation       Mondey                                                       20.00
  • The Leading Edge                                    Boyne                                                             16.00
  • Airwar                                                     Jablonski                                                           18.00
  • AOPA Handbook for Pilots 1974            AOPA                                                                5.00
  • UFO - Top Secret                                   Young                                                                12.00
  • Manned Spacecraft                                 Gatland                                                              15.00
  • The Airman's Handbook 1951                 Mil Service Publishing                                       12.00
  • Conquerors of the Air: Evolution of Aircraft 1903-45    Emde                                         25.00
  • Airplanes                                                 Angelucci                                                          30.00
  • The Complete Flying Manual 1940           Hartney                                                          18.00
  • Giants in the Sky                                      Richards                                                             8.00
  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Commercial Aircraft        Gunston                                  20.00
  • America's Flying Book (damage)             Parke                                                                  6.00
  • Fundamentals of Guided Missiles              ATC/USAF                                                     130.00
  • Air Facts & Feats                                    Taylor/Taylor/Mondey                                     14.00
  • Meterology for Pilots   1943                    CAA/Haynes                                                     14.00
  • Russia's Top Guns                                                                                                              12.00
  • The Story of the Texan                            Cervantes                                                         10.00
  • Modern Combat Aircraft                         Chant                                                                 18.00
  • The Great Book of WWII Airplanes                                                                                130.00
  • The Rocket: History/Development of Rocket/Missile Technology   Baker                      150.00
  • Aircraft Powerplant Handbook                CAA/EAA                                                        20.00
  • The World of Model Aircraft                   Williams                                                           15.00
  • Flying Saucers & the USAF                    Tacker                                                                25.00
  • US Civil Aircraft: ATC #101 - 200        Juptner                                                             20.00
  • An Introduction to General Aeronautics  VanDeventer                                                   12.50
  • AERO 56: Airframe Structure & Assembly   Berglund                                                      12.50
  • Ghosts: A Time Remembered                   Makanna                                                          22.50
  • Introduction to Airborne Radar         Stimson/Hughes Air
  • The Hawker Hurricane by Mason, hardbound w/ dj, 1962                                              .00
  • Technical Manual of Airplane Structures: TM1-410 (1941 original)                               15.00
  • Elementary Airplane Structural Analysis by Graphic Methods by Eames, 1938            75.00
  • SPERRY Gyro-Compass & Gyro-Pilot Manual, 1943                                                     20.00
  • Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest, Summer '81                                                                       5.00
  • 1985 Standard Aircraft Workers' Manual                                                                         10.00
  • Lockheed F117A: Operation & Development of the Stealth Fighter                               10.00
  • Soviet X-Planes: Experimental & Prototype Aircraft, 1931 - 1989                                  12.50
  • Russian Propliners & Jetliners                                                                                           12.50
  • The Pilot's Manual: Instrument Flying                                                                            15.00
  • How To Become A Pilot                                                                                                  12.50
  • Aviation, The Complete Book of Aircraft & Flight by Mondey (T)                              10.00
  • High Speed Flight by Ower/Nayler                                                                                 .50
  • History of Rocketry & Space Travel by Von Braun/Ordway                                        .00
  • American Combat Planes by Wagner                                                                              .00
  • Engineering for the Amateur  Aircraft Builder by Hoffman                                            .50
  • Ballantine's Mosquito: Wooden Wonder                                                                        .00
  • Ballantine's P-51: Bomber Escort                                                                                    $ 8.00
  • P-51 Mustang by Grant                                                                                                   $ 9.00
  • The Aviation Artwork of Keith Ferris


Popular Science, December 1959: Contains Popular Science Reference Library No. 15: How to MakeCommon Repairs to Electric Trains!  This is a 12 page booklet still attached to the magazine; the booklet itself is in very nice shape; the magazine is in good shape showing a little use.   Ads by various model train manufacturers are located in the magazine, w/ plenty of other neat old ads, and other great articles.  Scan or photo available, inquire!  This is the Christmas issue for this year!                 .00

  • Association of American Railroads Code of Rules Governing the condition of, and repairs to, Freight &            Passenger cars for the Interchange of Traffic; effective January 1, 1958     .00
  • The Skunk Railroad, Ft. Bragg to Willits, CA: The Story of the California   .50
  • Building A Model Railroad by Coolidge; hardbound, 1929, "as new"     .00
  • How to Run a Model Railroad by Boomer Pete; hardbound, 1944         .00
  • Union Pacific RR Co. Agreement between UPRC & Class of Clerks  & Other Office, Station & Stores Employees;  May,  1955  .00
  • Constitution of the Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America, Sep 1890   .00
  • Northern Pacific Terminal Co. of Oregon Rules & Instructions of  the Motive Power & Machinery Dept.,April 1945      .00
  • Inspection & Maintenance Manual for Couplers, Coupler Parts, &  Coupler Operating Mechanism on Freight Equipment Cars, Assoc. of American Railroads, 1953  .00
  • American Shortline Railway Guide, by Lewis, 1986 (2)   .00
  • Model Railroading (paperback), Lionel Corp., 1951   .50
  • The Train Watcher's Guide to North American Railroads, by Drury,  1984  .00
  • Prize Model Railroad Layouts, softcover, 1952   .50
  • Fun w/ a Model Railroad by Sagle, 1944   .50
  • Two Rails & Special Switches by McKenna, 1946  .00
  • Two Rail, Switches & Circuits, 1946  .00
  • Model Railroad Handbook, softcover, 1952   .00
  • How to Build Model Scenery by Doc Hellman, 1944  .00
  • Interchange Rules, AAR, Mechanical Division, 1959  .00
  • The Train Whistles Echo, 1981  .50
  • Historic Alpine Tunnel by Helmers, 1963   .00
  • Your Model Railroad by Westcott, 1941 .00
  • Model Railroad Track & Layout, by Kalmbach, 1943  .00
  • Amtrak Annual Report, 1979  .00
  • Our Railways in War-Time, English, WWII era  .00
  • How to Wire your Model Railroad, by Westcott, 1950  .50
  • How to Wire your Model Railroad, by Westcott, 1959  .00
  • A Booklet on Signalling for Model Railroaders by Walthers, 1940   .00
  • 20 Model Railroad Projects by Taylor, 1941    .00
  • Your Model Railroad, by Westcott, 1941  .50
  • Miniature Track Design by Walthers, 1944   .00
  • Scenic Effects for Model Railroads, Lionel Trains, 1946  .00
  • What You Should Know About Decals, by Walthers, 1945   .00
  • Lettering & Painting Guides by Walthers, 1944  .00
  • A Booklet on Interlocking for Model Railroaders by Walthers,  1940  .50
  • The Headlight: 40th Anniversary Issue, 1989, featuring the Vista Dome CA. Zephyr  .50
  • Track Plans for Model Trains by Westcott, 1956   .00
  • HO Railroad That Grows by Westcott, 1972  .50
  • HO Primer by Westcott, 1973  .00
  • Track Plans for Sectional Track by Westcott, 1972   .00
  • Model Railways by Popular Science, hardbound, 1939  .00
  • Auto-Electric Model Railways by Stubbs, hardbound 1939  .00
  • Model Railroads in the Home, by May, hardbound 1939  .00
  • Steel Trails, The Epic of the Railroads, by Stevers, hardbound  1933 .00
  • A Treasury of Railroad Folklore by Botkin/Harlow, hardbound 1953 .00
  • The Model Railroader Cyclopedia, 1944: Railroad Equipment Prototype Plans, hardbound 1953   .00
  • Rails to the Rising Sun by Small, hardbound 1965  .00
  • Highliners, A Railroad Album by Beebe, hardbound, 1940  .00
  • Lines West by Wood, hardbound 1967   .00
  • The Collected Colorado Rail Annual, hardbound 1974  .00
  • Great Trains of North America, hardbound 1974  .00
  • Farewell to Steam by Plowden, hardbound 1966   .00
  • Stations West, The Story of the Oregon Railways by Culp, hardbound 1972  .00
  • Spokane, Portland & Seattle RY. by Wood, 1974  .00
  • America's Bicentennail Queen, Engine 4449 by Wright, softcover 1975, signed  .00
  • The Union Pacific Story, 1969 anniversary promotional issue,  softcover  .00
  • Doctor Baker's Railroad, Walla-Walla & Columbia River RR,  softcover, 100th anniversary issue 1973  .50
  • The Lore of the Train by Ellis, harbound 1973  .00
  • LOCO Profile #31: Lima Super Power   .50
  • The Colorful World of Steam by Westwood  .50
  • American Locomotives, A Pictorial Record of Steam Power, 1900 - 1950 by Alexander    .50
  • Out West on the Overland Train, Across the Continent Excursion 1887/1967   (T)       .00
  • Trains Around The World  (T)       .00
  • Railway Track & Track Work by Tratman, 1908 (3rd)(T)       .00
  • ICS Reference Library: Electric Railways, Interior Wiring, 1904 (T)    .00
  • The Model Craftsman: Model Railroad Plan Package, 1943   .00