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I have a 30+ year collection of Glynn Scobey Calls, about 100 in all. They range from very early to last, many are one of a kind and or have a special letter attached. Some are FIRSTS made for me: the 1st duck calls he painted just hens on at my request, 1st painted wood duck, some made for Dale's Decoy Den anniversaries, multiple ducks or geese, etc. Most, if not all, are Mint, most have boxes and papers. If any one has a serious interest in all of them, contact me. I am not interested in breaking them up.


Harlan, Howard and Andrews, Crew. Harlan Anderson Press. 1988, SIGNED AND INSCRIBED. Special Ducks Unlimited Edition. 4to, 324pp. Laid in is a card from DU stating the book has over 800 calls covered and 450 makers, plus the history of duck calls. Also laid in is a 1992 PRICE GUIDE! The photo shows both the book and the laid in price guide, it is not two pics of the book. Yes it is dated, but it gives relative values. Book is nr very fine, dj has some tears, mostly on back, very good+. SOLD (dlx)

Harlan, Howard and Andrews, Crew. Harlan Anderson Press. 1988, Special Ducks Unlimited Edition. 324pp. Harlan, Howard and Andrews, Crew. Harlan Anderson Press. 1988, The book covers over 800 calls and 450 makers, plus the history of duck calls. Book is very fine. Dj has edge chips and small tears. Top left front of dj has a white spot where a price tag was removed, I presume. Book is better than Fine, Nr Very Fine, As New.

Duck Calls of Illinois, Bob Christensen. A wonderful book by a great guy. Interested in Perdew calls? Olt calls? Or any other call made in Illinois before 1963? It is in here. Great photos augment detailed text. Brand new copies available. .95 CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK, trying to get more for you.

McGrath, Brian. Duck Calls and other Game Calls. The first book on duck calls and the hardest to locate. This one As New in like dj which is protected by clear plastic sleeve. It is the sleeve that caused the wrinkle in the photo. The dj is as perfect as the day it was put on the book at printers, Very Fine/Very Fine, As New/As New. (elx) SOLD




This is my Glynn Scobey Collection:

This is my Glynn Scobey Call Collection. It is offered here for the first time. There are just over 100 calls. There is a description of each one below the photo. These are NOT run of the mill Scobey calls. Each one is special for one reason or another. Read the descriptions closely. If you have any questions, contact me. NONE OF THESE CALLS WILL BE SOLD SEPARATELY, so don't ask. I look forward to hearing from you. You will find the price at the end of the descriptions.

P.S. I lightened the photo so you can see the calls better. Keep in mind the calls are vividly brightly colored with Glynn's final coats the way they were when they left his shop, most seeing daylight for the first time for the photo sesession.

Top row, left of middle there is a plain duck call. This is my earliest Glynn Scobey duck call. Pre-signature with very rounded shoulders. Mint

Moving to the right in the top row the next four are scribed with partial paint. They are not all the same, you can see the progression Glynn made as an artist especially in the wings.

Continuing to the right the next three calls are all paint with no scribing.

When you get to the end of a row drop down to the next and go to the approximate middle.

The next thirteeen calls show progresively better painting as his artistic abilities improved.

If your counting we are going to begin with number seventeen still in duck calls. All these have brown inserts that he used for three years. Glynn told me he used these brown inserts for three years approximately 1966-1968.

Numbers 22,23,25 are all wood. Number 22 is Diamonwood, #23 may be Nigerian brownwood and #25 is birdseye maple.

Numbers 25-29 are plastic reed calls; all calls before this have been metal reed calls. Number 24, I believe, is the earliest plastic reed model what he called "three quarter bore".

30 and 31 are a boxed set of duck and goose calls . They are tiger maple calls with cocobolo inserts. Here Glynn has gone back to his beginning by scribing the birds before painting and then scribing a marsh scene below with flocks of either geese or ducks in the air above. The box is signed and dated 2010.

Number 32 has a brown insert and 5 painted ducks.

Number 33 is 2 duck plastic reed.

Number 34 is a 3 duck with brown insert. Number 35-38 are an unusual shape Glynn made for a club in Minnesota about 1990, per Glynn himself.

Number 36 is a tiger maple call with 3 ducks painted on it

#39 is on the next row down a littlee left of middle. It is a plastic reed maple call with brown insert. Glynn made this call as a prototype for a limited edition of 20 he was going to make for me to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Dale's Decoy Den. We changed the insert to cocobolo for the actual 20 he made for the Anniversary calls. That make this call one of only one. There is no other exactly like it.

#40 has three ducks painted on it.

#41 has 4 ducks on it.

#42 has three ducks

#43 is an all wood cocobolo duck call.

#44 is a 2 duck plastic reed call.

#45 was made for the President of the Labrodore Retriever Club of greater Boston, Mark Kaufman. Has 3 hand painted ducks and carved in duck hunting scenes all around the barrel. A unique, one of a kind, Scobey call. Dated 1995.

#46 is an exotic wood call with cocobolo insert, but I can't recall what it is. The call is an unusual plastic reed model he made for a short time in the early 1990s as per the note I have stuck in the barrel, so it must be info Glynn told me at a show or the like.

#47 is tiger maple with cocobolo insert. It is a later call, loosely revisiting the 1990 model he made for the Minnesota club above.

#48 and 49 are plastic reedd calls made especially for me with only a single mallard HEN painted on it. We forget the calls are really hen mallards we are trying to imitate. we talk of "Susie" in its various spellings, so it just seemed right to have a hen on a few calls. He made 6 of them for me, and from his reaction these are the only ones me made with just a female duck on them. Here are two of the six made he made for me. There are no others. #51-53 are wood duck calls with Wood ducks painted on them. Glynn really worked hard at making a quaility painting he could render in a hurry. He once told me in his shop that he could paint a mallard on a call in about 7 minutes! He said his aunt could paint them almost as fast when he needed help. #51 is a special one of a kind Wood duck call he painted for me. He even gave it a unique number in his model categories. The box proudly sports the number 901 instead of the normal 800 number for his production wood duck calls. With it he included a note saying "so now you know I can't paint a wood duck..." That note will be included with the collection. Years later he came up with a Wood duck he could paint in a hurry and that he liked, that he felt truly represented a Wood duck. I never told him, I liked the one he did for me better. You can decide when you buy the collection, as both are included.

#54 is Glynn's personal call in 1980 with a note from him included on my invoice in 2003. When I called in to order calls for resale I asked Glynn at the end of each order to put in a special call for me. This is one such call. He wrapped it in a label that said "Special" in large letters. He put a note on the invoice stating the call has 6 rings, and it was his personal call in 1980, and it is "One of a kind"!

Well, that does it for the duck calls. I am exhausted. I will get to the goose calls as soon as I can. Many of the calls have notes in the barrels telling more about them, but it would take forever for me to look in each call and type all of it.


Beginning on the far left of the top row are 14 goose call roughly in order of age, all with wood inserts.

#2 is a rare very early painted maple call.

# 2 and 3. Wings are hard to envision and paint. I doubt that a goose could get airborne with the wings on these two. But Glynn was tireless in striving to get better, which makes the early attempts more precious to me as a collector.

#8 is the earliest model I have seen two geese painted on it.

# 4,5,7, 8 and 9. Glynn used this style for a while and it is one of very few styles he painted with the winds down.

#10. These wings will carry a goose, big improvement of the earliest style.

#11-14. Now we enter a period of wings drwan back and arching bodies beginning to land. There are a few more of these in the nest row too. I won't take the time to point them out, as you can spot them yourself.

Back to the left and down a row: #15. I believe this call is butternut, as close relatrive of walnut but lighter in weight and color than wanlnut. The instant I picked it up I noticed the weight difference. Pretty wood.

#15-23. Still all wooden calls, barrels and inserts. He told me he went to the plastic inserts about 1985. He also switched from the original gray boxes to the first of two brown boxes in the early 1980s. For a while I am sure he had both the sirst brown boes and left over grays and used them indiscriminately until the grays were used up. The latest gray box I can accurately date was bought by the original buyer in 1984. He and his wife confirmed it was on a trip to drop a daughter off for here first year of college. Who could forget that? Just because he bought it in '84 doesn't mean Glynn still had them that late. The calls could have sat in inventory in the shop he bought them at for a year or two, maybe more. But it is a good approximate date. I have another call dated 1981 that has always lived in a gray box, so I know Glynn still had some on hand then.

#21. "Special Wood" Glynn wrote on one of his mailing labels. It was one of those special calls I asked for each time I ordered calls for resale. The walnut in the barrel is stunning burl. It shimmers in many different places when you turn it in the light. It was a keeper for me as soon as I saw it. There are lots of good guns out there that wish they had walnut like this. #22. is out of order, it looks like the earliest landing style. The closer wing is solid gray with no brush strokes at all.

#24-26. Plastic inserts. 24 has a really deep dark barrel.

27. is his first year Magnum call. For the first year Glynn had made the innards out of a white nylon looking material. That was 1988. I bought this ans one or two in the next row from Glynn in his shop in the 1990s.

28. Another Magnum, later innards but still the conventional barrel.

29. Fancy wood, which I forget and 2 geese painted on it.

30. Later style Magnum with tiger maple and 2 geese.

Drop down a row and move to left edge as if reading a page: 31. Magnum. This is the first variation on the standard barrel Glynn made to make the Magnum short reed call look different than his standard, conventional, goose call. Very limited production!

32. Another of his first year Magnum calls, with hand made guts and 2 painted geese. Special wood. Rare


33. Osage orange with 2 geese.

34. Fancy walnut with 3 geese.

35. Later style Magnum made of tiger maple with 2 geese.

36. (goose) and 37. (duck) Set. This is a very scarce set made for L L Bean and sold thru them. 2 Gees on goose call and 2 ducks on duck call. Inside lid of custome box has hand painted birds by Glynn, signed also. Front lower corner has L L Bean on it. Since I collect both Scobey and Bean, it has been a perfect fit for me. I trust it will be for you also. Very difficult to find.

Next row down, starting at left: 38 - 46. Snow goose calls, all painted, in rough order of age, except one.

38 and 43. These seem to be the original snow goose models, becasue they have the standard conventional goose call barrel. Later he made special barrels for his snow goose calls.

44. This is the only 3 goose snow goose I have seen in over 30 years of collecting Glynn Scobey calls.

45. I know this call has no equal. It has 9 snow geese painted around the barrel! One of one I am sure.

46. Latest painting style I have seen.

47. Specklebelly Goose call, with painted Specklebelly landing painted on it.

48. This is a unique call made for me to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Dale' Decoy Den. It comes with a letter from Glynn (on invoice) stating he made this design specifically for me and he would not use the design (pattern) again, excepts for me if I needed them. I have not had any more made. Decal announces the 25th etc. Signed of course, by Glynn. One of only 25 such calls.

I have not mentioned the calls that have boxes and or paperwork, as you can seem them yourself in the photo. As with the duck calls, many of the calls may have a note in the barrel with info about that call.

Most of these calls are mint in the box or Excellent. There may be one or two that only grade very good, but I can't recall any off hand. Condition and rarity make this collection stand out in my mind. I have always tried to collect the best and rarest calls available.

All 100+ calls plus papers and letters confirming info above, between Glynn and myself, stand not included unless you want to pick it up, ,000.00

Ken Martin Duck Call. Idaho Falls. Light handling marks on insert. Exc.

Joe Jawroski Duck Call. Joe was amazing. He had no limit to his imagination. He used to come to shows with a bunch of calls and most were different from on another, unlike most call makers who had a design they used all the time. Joe made calls out of bottles, or made wooden calls made to look like bottles. I hope you get the idea. Too say his table was fun to peruse is an understatement. How I wish he were still here and I could look over his table again. This is a design I have not seen before. Mint.

Tom May Duck Call.

Glynn Scobey Duck Call

Glynn Scobey Duck Call

Scotch Flute goose Call.

Olt Wooden Goose, Model 800. Mint

Olt Wooden Goose, Model 800. Mint in box.

Olt Wooden Duck, Model 99M. Metal reed duck call. Mint in box with papers.

Olt Wooden Goose, Model 77. One small scratch under finish and lathe chatter at mouth. Near Mint as made.

Thomas Game Calls, Model 156-D Multi-Reed Duck Call. Plastic call with gold lettering. Looks like a double reed to me. MIB

Lohman Game and Bird Calls, Duck Call. This is the higher grade with fancier wood. Alas, it has been used and the finish is partically worn off, but the pretty walnut shows in the areas where finish is intact. Exc- in Box with Instructions for use and pocket catalog of Lohman products.

Lohman Game and Bird Calls, Duck Call. Model 103. Mint in Box with Instructions for use and pocket catalog of Lohman products.

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Wooden insert dates it to pre 1985. These plain, no turning rings, calls are earlier than those with turning rings according to a family member. This one probably late 1960s-1970s. Red reed is a replacement and it has a different key, else all original. The dark spots near the lanyard ring were caused by the lanyard spring. Displays nicely as an early Scobey or a great user. Very good.

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Wooden insert dates it to pre 1985. These plain, no turning rings, calls are earlier than those with turning rings according to a family member. Photo in the instructions shows only calls without turning rings. Small, fine signature. He used increasingly larger felt tipped pens as time went by. Mint in Mint box with paperwork, telling how to use and care for the call. 5

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Wooden insert dates it to pre 1985.

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Wooden insert dates it to pre 1985. "Fat Boy" Model. Very nice walnut. Exc. 5

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Wooden insert dates it to pre 1985. It is a "fat boy" with very thick barrel. Some erstwhile gentleman took it into his head to remove Glynn's signature. He mostly failed. Why would anyone do that? No geese flying that day I guess. Poor fellow. Makes for a unique call and you can invent your own story once it is yours. Works just fine.

Herter's World Famous Numara Goose Call. You might be able to call a goose with this call. I can almost make it sound like a goose and I am a poor caller. Original owner put the tape on the box to protect it, which it has. There are no splits. Other than the tape, box is as it left Herter's. Call is Mint.

Herter's World Famous Vit Glodo Duck Call. This is the deluxe model made of rosewood with pretty heavy wood. Tight crack at top of barrel and one scratch midway down the barrel about 3/8 inch long. Box end has two unrusted staples which I think helo some sort of note from the guy who tuned or approved of the call before it left Herter's shop. Seams rubbed. The amount of imformation on Herter's boxes always impresses me. Much thought and advertising went into his boxes. Exc- call in Exc- box. Remember this is the best wood Herter's offered, not the plain standard wood most of his calls have. Marbled brown insert provides extra class.

Not in Photo because I forgot to put it in: Herter's Leather Call Bag with heavy snap. Most of us know what they look like, heavy light cream leather with brown trim. Stitching is commendable. Couple dirty spots, may clean off, paint wear on snap top.

Sta-Dry Duck Call. This was a clever design. I am going to quote from Harlan, p. 204: "All plastic call from Kansas City, has unique mouthpiece filled with activated alumina granules, which absorps (sic) all moisture from the breath, keeping the reed and sounding board dry. A very good collector call." Ca 1950. This one retains the granules, which is fairly rare. I have a brown one with light brown ends listed down below. It has a duck and the name Sta-Dri impressed in the barrel. Since this one doesn't I have to guess it is older. This one has the same color brown middle, but green ends (the one below has light brown ends). Light handling marks on mid section. I wonder how many color combinations were made? I hope I don't start another collection-trying to find all the color combinations of this call. Exc-

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Metal reed. Ca early 1980s. Mint in box. (dut) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. One of only 6 Glynn painted a single hen mallard painted on it. He did them for me at my request. It just seems right to have a female duck, a "Susie", on the call since it is the female duck that the duck call copies, not the drake. I woukd bet you have never seen a Glynn Scobey like call this one. Mint in box. Price on request (clx) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. A very nice "fat boy" model, ca 1970s, all wood of course. Nr Mint. 9

James Blakemore Hat Pin and or Tie Tack. This one has a Green-winged teal head on it and is dated '83. Mint.

Mallardtone Crow Call. These are really hard to find. One crow call collector couldn't find one for a long time and I had trouble finding one for him. Mint.

Mallardtone Duck Call. I bought a lot of these calls from an old duck hunter who doesn't hunt any more. Mint.

Mallardtone Duck Call. Take a minute and look at this wood. Photo does not show it off very well, but you can sure tell it is not a run of the mill call. It is the prettiest Mallardtone I have ever seen. Mint. (znl) SOLD

P. S. Olt Hawk Call. Yes, hawk call. Hawk Mt in Pa was named such because of the vast number of hawks the gunners killed there during the fall migration, beginning in late August and into September and as long as the hawks kept coming. It must have been a ball. In those days predators were managed, unlike today. In those days they had rabbits, and game birds in numbers. Ponder those facts for a while and let me know what you conclude. Call is Mint as made. You can see the letters on the forth line of the lettering is hit or miss, the other three lines are strong.

Elam Fisher or Red Duck Type Duck Call. Made for diving ducks. This one from a collection assembled in the 80s. Bell is round with no dents or twists. There is a 1/16 to 1/8 inch split, but it does not move and is true to shape and tight. Rosewood is sound and finish is complete. Better than most its age. VG+

P. S. Olt Mark V Duck Call. These used to be a dime a dozen, but now are a little hard to find. Maybe because they work so well in the field. I showed the worst side_ the varnish finish has some cracks (not the wood, just the varnish) and chips. The other side is ready for any showcase. Still has great sound, so you can use it and collect it both. VG+

Earl Dennison Checkered Duck call with Lip Rest. Hand written with engraving pen is the following: "Earl Dennison, Newbern, Tn. 1985". Walnut with cedar insert. Several tiny nicks, likely from minor catacts in a drawer, keep this from Mint, so Exc++ 5

Yentzen Duck Call. One small chip where insert goes into barrel, shown in photo, and light rub to decal are all that keep this call from Mint, so Exc++

Black Duck Duck Call. Slight wear around mouth. Exc as made in box.

P. S. Olt Model 400 Crow Call. Wooden barrel. Kind of a difficult Olt to find so I doubt many were sold. Someone talented knifeman has carved what looks to me like an indian teepee above lettering. It is the only mark on the call. Exc-

Ralph True Duck Call. This is Mr True's plastic reed call in the larger (older?) size. I recall there was some sort of arrangement between Jimmy Robinson and Ralph True, but the details are fuzzy. I think Jimmy used True's calls in his "duck calling program" or some such. Tight crack, does not open or move, in barrel. Looks unused, sounds right. 1950s. Exc-

Jake Gartner and Jake Gartner Duck Calls. Kind of a special pair, these belonged to a father and son. Harlan, p 154 shows a 1950 ad for Jake Gartner calls which has two grades of calls, Regular and Champion. I have to think these are the more expensive grade, as both have better woood than any other Gartner call I have seen, including the unfinished ones bought by Mike McLemore Sr and finished and sold by him under his Timberlake Mallard brand. The two pics above show the front and back of two calls. Beginning on the left, this call is made of Osage orange and has a very nice grain. The other call is walnut showing some very nice burl aspects. This one was no doubt dad's call and shows more wear. It still grades Exc. Both calls have the hand printed World Championship info, 1947-48-49, etc. The Osage call is Mint. It is not often we see a father and son pair of calls making this a rather unique offering. I would like to keep them together. (llxz)for the pair. SOLD

Scotch Shaker Duck Call. This is the call lying in front on the right. It goes in the older, taped box on the left. This is the first I have had both early and late models together to compare. This is the older model. The rubber is heavier and stiffer. So stiff in cold weather it go too stiff to shake and make any duck sounds! Oops on Shaker. Note the call is walnut and well polished. Other than the tape you see, the box is all intact and the original paperwork, including a listing of the whole line of Scotch calls with photos is in Exc condition. Call, including the rubber bellows, with name and approiate info stamped on it, with an address of Oakfield, NY and no zipcode (pre-1960), is Mint.

Scotch Shaker Duck Call. This is the call on left lying on the box. It is the newer call and goes in the orange box standing on the right of photo above. the call appears to be made of birch, and the bellows is much lighter, thinner rubber. It works no matter how cold the temperature gets. It also contains Scothe name and address with a much smaller, harder to see stamp with address of Elbe NY, and a zipcode. Paper work in side box, folds out to 8 panels, each with info on both sides, showing the entire Scotch line and how to use each call. Also contains an order sheet with prices. Call is Mint in Exc box.

Olt D-2 Duck Call with World Logo. I have listed this call three times before. Each time it gets sold the buyer fails to pay for it. Lucky for you. Each time I relist it I have added to the original listing. I have found a proper lid fir the proper World Logo box. Next I added a partial Olt sheet with part of their call line. This time, I have found the rest of the call line literature and it too is proper for the listing, as it clearly shows the World Logo info on it. one page fold out is torn along one of the original folds, but all there. Box is got the proper red color from the 1950s. Lid has al four corners intact and has the red ink. Call retains the entire banner, although much of the wording has disolved. Most have by now. Some letters on the call have worn, but the logo is very strong. All in all darned hard to find today. Call itself is Mint, box nr Exc. (znl) SOLD

Yentzen or Sure Shot Goose Call. Yes, goose. This call and the one that follows are also father-son calls from the same family as the Gartners above. Near Mint.

Sure-Shot Super Honker Goose Call. Mint.

Fuller Goose Call. Best one I have seen in many years. No dents in the metal, not one! Wood is perfect. Exc. (dnt) SOLD

Herters No. 327 Pheasant Flusher. Mr Herters was a marketing genius. He actually got guys to buy these. Mint in Box with papers on how to use this call and marching orders. Don't forget the extra coat to hang up to keep those roosters in bounds! Ads on bottom of box for Vari-choke and Vari-choke with recoil eliminator. Box shows on mark where a price sticker has been removed, else Mint also.

Herters No 903 Deer Call. Talk about marketing, there is a 9"x6" 32 page manual in side this box covering calling, hunting techniques, butchering (with line drawings), and cooking deer! I believe I could list the catalong alone with my books and get for it alone. Pages brittle but all there. Compare this box with the one aboue. It is heavier stock, nice red ink with lots of graphics on all sides. The other box, not so much, making it much later. Again, these two call were owned by the same father-son team as several above have been. Two ads on bottom of box for Recoil Eliminator (no, it is not a recoil pad) and deer calling record. Call and box are Mint.

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. "Fat Boy Model". Wooden insert made before 1985. Nice dark brown barrel. Mint. 9

Jamie Keith Duck Call. Cocobolo and maple. Insert is a shoulder insert. Signed, numbered and dated. Mint

Ken Martin Goose Call. Unbranded. This is one of those he sold at Olive Branch Il with a gummed label on it when he returned to Illinois from Idaho before he could have a branding iron made. (See calls elsewhere on this page showing the label, stating they were scarce to rare.) Mint. (zll) SOLD

Paul Kingyon Duck Call. Osage Orange, original lanyard, signed. Blow it as hard as you can, it will not squeal. The loudest call I can remember ever hearing. Mint. (cotz) SOLD

Lohmann Duck Call. Mint.

Glynn Scobey Painted Duck Call. Unusual shape, Glynn told me he made them for an banquet in Minnesota about 1987. Light handling marks and two small dents above lanyard ring, likey made by the metal on the lanyard. Very limited production, as I am sure Glynn promised not to use the same pattern again, as he promised me that when he made special calls for me for Dale's Decoy Den 20th and 25th Aniversaries. Plastic reed with 3/4" bore and a very thin plastic reed. He didn't make this type plastic reed call long either. Very few made. Exc condition. (eol) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Metal reed. Pretty burl in this call. I treid to show some of it and his signature, but did get most of the strips flaring off in lights and darks. Glynn was carful not to sing over the prettiest part of the wood. Look above and left of his signature. That continues all around the barrel above the ring and there is some all thru the barrel. Mint in box with papers. 0

`Greenhead Game Calls. Greenhead's John Mckean liked doing different things in the early 1980s. I believe this may have been the first version of this green head Greenhead call. Scarce. Excellent++. 0

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Pre 1985. Exc+ in mint box with lanyard, no papers. (dut) SOLD

Boyd Martin Crow Call. Mint with instruction sheet from Montgomery Ward which sold his calls.

Boyd Martin Duck Call. Sold by Sears Roebuck and Co. In original mailing tube with papers. Call is Mint as made. It has a little lathe chatter on back side resulted in a few minor marks in wood. Scarce with the tube and papers. (Smart money might take both, as it might take a long while to find both in this condition again, one from each of the cometitive stores selling them.) (dyt) SOLD

Elam Fisher Type Tongue Pincher Diving Duck Call. Tiny crack in bell near wood and flare on bell needs a tinsmith to put it round again. I am being nitpicking so you know in advance. Wood is nice, has the additional band in the center. VG.

Glynn Scobey Duck Call in Box. Plastic reed call with very unique and pretty wood, has some tiger striping and some spaulding, not shown in pic. Glynn was careful NOT to sign his name over the prettiest parts of the woods he used. He told me he did that on purpose so as to not dimish the sight of the best parts. I always admired him for that. Mint in box with lanyard. (dot) SOLD

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. All hard rubber, Keyhole, Registered trademark, call in Excellent condition. I believe it has been modified. It blows very easily and is very loud, a screeamer. Exc (ttz) SOLD

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. Very light rubbing of the white paint On the letters closest to the mouth.

P. S. Olt C-3 Duck Call. This is the earlier 3 piece version of the C-3. I always liked this early version of the C-3, but it must have been a paint to keep in adjustment. I assume that is why Olt changed it to the two piece model. Hard rubber, Exc+

Thompson Wildlife Calls, Million Dollar Duck Call. (See elsewhere for the story his grandson told me when he called looking for one.) Teeth marks around exit end keep it from being perfect. Maybe someone let their kid use it for a teething toy? Exc-

Kankee Crow call. Not very loud, but does have a crow sound. Maybe a finisher call. Exc.

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Very early painting by Glynn. I believe this is his earliest painting style. He made some scribed mallards and added some colors to a few of them, but I have not seen an earlier all painted mallard on any of Glynn's calls. The wings look more like paddles than wings, but the man kept at it and made steady improvement. He told me he had to keep the painting simple so he could do them quickly. Want to guess at how long it took him to paint on most of his birds? Send me your guesses and I will tell you what he told me. This call has initials on the reverse side from the painting. They are up on the collar and easy to miss. Some guy thought enough of this call to put his initials on it to claim it. I think it adds some charm. All together the two letters are comprised of only 3 lines. Metal reed, and except for the initials, Mint. (eot) NO LONGER FOR SALE. I BEGAN LOOKING AT SIMILAR CALLS IN MY SCOBEY COLLECTION AND REALIZED THAT THESE SPINDLY WINGS PREDATE ANY OF THE SIMILAR ONES I HAVE. THIS HAS TO GO BACK INTO THE 1960S AND IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW THOSE HE SCRIBED THE DUCKS ON THE CALLS.

P. S. Olt O-32 Pheasant Call. World logo dates it to the mid to late 1950s. The color spices up any collection. Mint.

P. S. Olt L-22 Goose Call. World Logo again, so 1956-59. That's 60 years old folks. Some wear to the lettering as shown in photo above, Logo is strong, call is as new, overall Exc- (ey) SOLD

P. S. Olt T-20 Fox Call. Although called a fox call, it will also call bobcats, coyotes, wild dogs and maybe birds of prey. VG+

P. S. Olt V-16 Crow Call. Known as the Junior crow call, it was made for the kid who was lucky enough to get taken along on the crow hunt. I am still waiting for someone who knows how to call them to take me along. I have never been on a really good crow hunt. A good friend told me a story of one hunt he was on. It went something like this, "We were having a great shoot, when we ran out of shells. He (the caller) pied pipered them all the way back to out car, where the three of us got more shells and contined the shoot right there." Ed had a lot of good stories to tell. I wish I could hear another one. I have never seen one of these Jr crow calls with strong white lettering. Call is Exc.

P. S. Olt D-2 Regular Duck Call. ORANGE! This is NOT part of the Tri-County banquette series. There are no markings on this call except those normally on an Olt D-2. There can't be many of them out there. First one I have ever had. Unique. Scarce. Mint. (ddx) SOLD

Thurman McCann Duck Call. The fanciest shape I have seen on Thurman's calls. I have to think it is fairly early as it has no markings on it, not even on the collar where I have seen his calls marked most frequently. My gut is telling me to keep this call, so I won't mind if you don't buy it. Mint. (eel) NO LONGER FOR SALE. YOU GUYS ARE TOO NICE. IT HAS BEEN POINTED OUT TO ME THAT ONE SIMILAR, BUT IN FAR WORSE CONDITION, HAS SOLD AT AUCTION FOR MORE THAN I WAS ASKING, SO I WILL GO WITH MY ORIGINAL GUY FEELING AND PUT IT IN MY OWN COLLECTION. THANKS FELLOWS

Jack Ray "Duck Kall". His pretiest model, called the "Perfume Bottle" model for it likeness to the perfume bottles of yester- year. The prettiest one I can recall with alternating vertical light and dark bands in the wood, nice deep even brand and in Mint condition.

P. S. Olt Crow call. Model E-1. Mint as made. (zt) SOLD

P. S. Olt Crow call. Model E-1. Lettering worn, call perfect. (zn) SOLD

P. S. Olt Crow call. Model E-1. The circle is what is left of the World Logo, dating this call to 1956-1959. Lettering worn, call perfect. 60 years old! VG+ (dx) SOLD

P. S. Olt Crow call. Hard rubber, predates World logo call. Lettering strong, some handling and use marks, but still Exc.

John Spotts "Duck Talk" Duck Call. MInt. (ot) SOLD

Iverson Timber Call. A diminutive 4 1/2 inches tall. Scarce. Mint. 0

P. S. Olt GB-110 Turkey Gobbler Call. Mint in box with papers, which are folded and ripped, but all there. Even has a piece of chaulk in the call for "retuning".

P. S. Olt A-50 Canadian Honker Call. Black with marbled brown ends makes a nice looking call. Exc. (ee) SOLD

P. S. Olt 66 Duck Call. Mint in mint box with papers. (yx) SOLD

P. S. Olt DR-115 Duck Call. DR stands for double reed in Olt parlance. Very slight rubs to lable on call, else Mint.

Earl Dennison Duck Call. This is a very nice Dennison call. I visited Tom Dennison's shop on several occasions and it was always fun. There were hundreds, maybe thousands, of calls to choose from. This one stands out from the crowd. The barrel is a nice thick chunk of walnut that gives the call a heftiness not normal in many other Dennisons. It almost feels like a cocabolo calls feels. It feels good in my hand and it has the scarce lip rest, always a plus. Cedar insert with metal reed as is normal with Dennison's. Stamped "E.D.". Mint. (ddx) SOLD

Black Duck Duck Call. This is not the call in the photo a few pics below. Lucky you, you can buy two here with one phone call or email. Mint as made. (The c in call was not struck well with the branding iron.)

Art Beauchamp Duck Call. Made by Art, this is an old one with the bright red reed. Art won the World Duck Calling Championsip About 1955. This call Ca 1950s-60s. Mint Bargain priced at (ztx) SOLD

Mallardtone Goose Call. Well branded, Mint. Also a bargain at

Sears Duck Call. So stated on the plastic ring in the barrel. Some of the "gold" on the ring is flacking, so Near Mint.

Sears Roebuck and Co, JC Higgins Duck Call. All that stamped into the barrel, I didn't make any of it up. Arkansas style with metal reed, as made. Yep, I didn't make that up either. That's how the company making these for Sears Roebuck and Co made them. This is a nice call, but it has a tight crack in the barrel from mouth piece to the H in Higgins. I am not sure when the JC Higgins brade began to be used by Sears, but it was done by the early, early 1960s. Mostly the 1950s, maybe 1940s. Except for the tight crack it is Mint. (lt) SOLD

Thomas World Famous Duck Call, Orange Label. Walnut with nice wide lip rest! Has a "shoulder" style insert with plastic reed. Well made. One tiny nick in left edge of lable make this Near Mint.

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. Very early all hard rubber with Patent applied for insert, which had the same toneboard as the Keyhole insert. This one sounds like it has been modified. It is very loud and easy to blow. Exc+ (dxd) SOLD

P. S. Olt 66 Duck Call. Exc-Mint.

P. S. Olt 66 Duck Call. No signs it ever had a label. on one side you can barely make out Peking, Ills. in gold on the light brown wood, making it very hard to see. May have been going to be a Magnum when that endevor was scrapped and it just passed thru as a plain 66. Finish "feels" finer than the one next to it, but who knows. Mint.

Oscar Quam Duck Call. Octagonal barrel! Label chipped, but you can make out enough to read parts of the name and a little or the other information on the label. Made in Minnesota. Oscar was famous for blowing his call to music on the radio. Either I have become a better caller (not likely) or this is a particularly good sounding Quam call. Highly collectable because of the unique barrel. Quam rates 5 pages in Harlan's book and states he was working as early as the 1930s. Wood parts are perfect, lable as shown. 5

Ken Martin Goose Call. Has the sticker he used when he moved to Olive Branch, Il while waiting for his brand to get made for that site. SOLD

Grady White Arkansas Mallard Duck Call. Grady White and Thurman McCann worked together for a time and when they split up Grady made goose calls and Thurman made duck calls. You can see this is exactly like McCann's duck calls, so I have to assume Grady was making calls first and Thurman learned from him. This call predates the joint effort, so pretty early. Exc. 9

Green Head Adjustable Duck Call. I show the tiny split in the wood at collar. The band seems to be doing its job and containing same, as it has not spread any farther. Adjustability is functional. Exc.

Cajun Duck Call. How embarrassing, the inserts got mixed up on this and the goose call for the photo shoot. Black means goose in Cajun calls and I have corrected the inserts into the correct barrels, but the photo stays wrong, so stay with me, please. This is the duck call barrel with the insert without black insert tip, so it looks like the one in the middle of the three Cajun calls. Exc to Mint.

Cajun Duck Call. Exc to Mint.

Cajun Goose Call. The goose call has the insert with black tip from call in photo, now back with its proper barrel. Some wear around mouth. VG+ (et) SOLD

Primos Pheasant Call. Exc+

Ken Martin Small Letter Lemont with Box and Papers Goose Call. Ken only used the small letter brand a couple of years in the very ealy 1960s. He soon realized it was too small to read easily and replaced it withe the large letter lemont brand, continuing that size for all his calls made in all the places he lived and made calls for the rest of his life: Salmon, Id, Idaho Falls Id, and Olive Branch, Il. The call hasn't left the box except to be admirerd judging by it's pristine appearance. Box, call and papers are in remarkablely good condition, clean and bright. One tiny paper loss on back of box, o/w everything is Mint. (det) SOLD

THUNDERSTRIKE Duck Call. Classy and cleaver name. Call is made of Ash wood, a tree that is in dire trouble in Ohio and else where. The damned Emeral ash borer from Asia has killed every Ash on my property and everyone else's all around Ohio. Ash trees were the tree I grew up with, and were some of my favorite trees to climb as a kid back in rural NJ. I still love them. If we don't find a way to eradicate the emerald ash borer, the ash tree will join the Chestnut on the missing list for future generations. What will major league baseball do? Most, if not all, of their bats are made of ash. Pardon my diversion, but this is a serious problem. This call is Mint. (cx) SOLD

Mallardtone M295 Duck Call. This model is more desirable and certainly far less numerous than the standard model. This one is MIB with papers.

Kankakee Crow Call. Relisted above. Go up 7 photos

Sta-Dry Duck Call. This was a cleaver design. I am going to quote from Harlan, p. 204: "All plastic call from Kansas City, has unique mouthpiece filled with activated alumina granules, which absorps (sic) all moisture from the breath, keeping the reed and sounding board dry. A very good collector call." Ca 1950. This one retains the granules, which is fairly rare. Exc+

Green Head Adjustable Duck Call. Adjustableness still works. Some in use marks on barrel, plastic band is perfect and green is bright and shinny. Exc-

Dwight Thomas Hand Crafted Duck Call. Why he chose such a small decal for his hand crafted calls, only Mr Thomas knows. For me, it is too small to see anymore. But it is on this call, barely partially visible just below the lanyard ring. Some flaking to the green finish. Very Good

Tom Weigel Goose Call. Beautiful workmanship from a man left partially blind by a disease in 1974. I still use an wingbone turkey call he made for me. Hedge. Hand signed. Mint.

Black Duck Duck Call. Nice deep brand of the duck. 1950s-1960s. VG+-Exc. (lt)SOLD

Elam Fisher Type. The first collection I bought had several of these, so I just didn't pay much attention to them. At the time, I didn't realize they were for diving duck and wondered how anyone ever called a duck with one. Live and learn. I learned those with the band in the middle of the rosewood pieces were the upper level. This one remarkablly clean and free of any dings, dents, scratches. I won't feel badly if no one buys it. I have never kept one of these, but this one is nice enough that I could make a place for it in my own collection. Mint. (dyt) SOLD

P. S.Olt Model 66 Duck Call.

P. S.Olt Model 200 Duck Call. Mint

Glynn Scobey Painted Duck Call. These gray boxes are the first ones he used and date to the 1970s, maybe earlier. There are not many this old in this condition still in the box in this condition. Mint in Mint box with papers. (eet) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Painted Goose Call. Same comments as previous call. Mint in Mint box with papers. (eet) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Magnum Goose Call. This is an early Magnum when Glynn was still using the regular goose call barrel. Later he designed a unique barrel for his Magnum calls. Cocobolo barrel, a truly beautiful call. This is the earlier of two brown boxes Glynn used. MIB with papers. 0

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Signed. MIB with papers and original tissue paper it came wrapped in. (ztl) SOLD

Purple pair of Olt D-2 and A-50 duck and goose calls. In 1999 only 300 such pairs made. No doubt that number has gone down since then. Mint. Price is for the pair. (dyt) SOLD

F. A. Allen Duck Call. Really a nice early Allen, does not have the date on metal. Hairline split in barrel caused by one of the nail tapped in to hold the metal collar ring. Small area of chrome flaked to black base. (remember the old chrome bumpers on cars?) Otherwise a clean call with good sound. VG+

Curtis Breland Carved Duck Call. Carving goes all the way around barrel. Signed with his "B" with a rocker under it. Duck looks like a teal to me. Double reed and loud! Mint.

Ken Martin Salmon Idaho Goose Call. Salmon is the most difficult of Ken's calls to find. Bright red reed. This one is Mint. (ddx) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Scarce, early wide plastic reed, a model he didn't make for very long. Two painted ducks on tiger striped maple, both are upgrades. One tiny ding on barrel at mouth is it. Nr Mint. (ent) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Signed, MIB with papers. SOLD (dxx)

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Signed, Mint. SOLD (zut)

I lightened the colors in this photo to show the brush work on the calls better. The walnut calls and paintings are really more like my other photos on this page

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Very early painting on the barrel, 1970s or earlier. Some handling marks and tiny dents, still EXC+ 5

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. NOT FOR SALE. This call is part of my Scobey collection (there is a note in the barrel from Glynn stating it was his personal call about 1981) I show it so you can compare the painting style with the next call. Not for sale.

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Compare the painting style with the above call, which I know was made about 1981, and I am sure you will agree this call dates to about the same time, 1981. (dttz) SOLD

Yentzen Duck Call. Early, slimmer model with 1/2" toneboard. There is a split in the barrel and insert, but the call does function properly. Looks like the splits could be easily stableized. Small chip of label remains, call is better than Good, but you decide. Bargain priced at only

Ken Martin Duck Call. Idaho Falls. This is the same call listed below, but I forgot to show the box in the photo. MIB (ddx) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. This is the same call shown in the next photo. For those of you who doubt Ray's Gun Wax does what I said, compare the two pics, before and after cleaning with Ray's. It is not a paste wax that needs to harden and be buffed. It never hardens. Just wipe in on and let it do its magic. It feeds wood and leather. My wife uses it on her English saddles. I use it on my deerskin gloves to retard water penetration. One jar will last you years. Try it. MIB (dnt) SOLD

Peters Rifled Slugs. 16ga. 2 9/16" shells. FULL. Pretty for its simplicity. Spanking clean Exc.


Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Very early plain call in original gray box, ca 1970s. (I love reading all my info when others are selling calls. They seem ready and able to steal my knowledge rather than learn on their own. It almost makes them sound like they know something. Almost.) Original papers in box. I lightened the photos some to show off the paintings and it made this call look like the finish is distressed. It is not. I put some Ray's Gun Wax on it and cleaned off some of the surface dirt form usage. If you don't have Ray's Gun Wax, I sell it. Go to my Gun page and scroll to the bottom. While there, consider ordering a custom made, just for you, Grulla side by side shotgun. That's right, you tell me how you want the gun and Grulla will make it to your specs and deliver it in 4 months, way better than any other gun maker. Grulla is now recognized as the best of the Spanish makers and the Spanish makers are as good as any gun makers anywhere. But their prices are a true bargain in the gun market. Well, I diverged some, but.. Call is Exc+ in Exc box with papers. (dnt) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. This call came to me with the 1981 Goose call above and I have reason to believe it is about that vintage. Mint. (dbl) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. This call is slightly older than the proceeding call, judging by the brush strokes in the painting and shoulder treatment. (dnl) SOLD

Ken Martin Duck Call. Branded Idaho Falls, Id, so made during the 1980s. Mint.

Ken Martin Goose Call. This is one he made soon after moving to Olive Branch. It was sold with a gummed label, most of which didn't last long. Ken only used the labels until his Olive Branch branding iron was made. This call has been relisted above.

Yentzen Duck Call. Label is complete! Looks like the wider tone board. Double reed, step drilled barrel. Mint as made.

P. S. Olt Duck Call. Model 66. Mint. (I goofed, yes, this is the same call as the one three photos down)

Mike McLemore. Black acrylic with brass band and SIGNED in matching gold. Slightly slimmer and, I think, even more graceful than others I have listed recently. Mint. (olzx) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Plastic reed, SIGNED of course, and EXC+. (tlz) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Early, with wooden insert. The goose painted on this call is different than any I have in my own collection of Glynn Scobey calls, so if you don't buy it, I really don't mind. The painting style seems to be late 70s-early 80s. It has been used for its intended purpose and shows wear to finish and lanyard marks around lanyard grove in two places. The painting, however, is still completely intact. The two white spots on the call below the goose were only dust flecks and not part of the call's finish. I have no idea where dust would have come from to get on the call. VG+ 5

Johnny Marsh Duck Call. Big bold metal reed, early, pre-signed call in Exc condition. (otlz) SOLD

P. S. Olt P-17 Wide mouth Squirrel Call. I have three, all Exc or better. Your choice each

Mike McLemore Duck Call. Beautiful wooden cherry. Style is 1980's from memory. Plastic box lid is missing. MIB with papers. (lel) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Painted Goose Call. This is a really early painting style of Glynn's, 1970s I believe. Mint 5

Crow Call. Early and interesting, but the name and history escape me for the moment. More to follow...

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. Keyhole version. Nice all hard rubber call except Joe scratched his name on the side of the barrel. Other than that, it is Exc. You decide how much it bothers you. Great sound.

P. S. Olt S-8 Perfect Squirrel Call. Mint.

P. S. Olt 66 Wooden Duck Call. One small bubble in label, otherwise Mint.

Paul Kingyon Duck Call. Osage orange. Signed. A few spots in the clear finish keep it from Mint, so Exc+. (cet) SOLD

Paul Kingyon Goose Call. Cocabolo. Signed and with "Canada Call" and image of Canada goose landing in gold on barrel. Rubs and chips to clear finish. Exc- (ent) SOLD

P. S. Olt Dove Call. Mint in Exc+ box with instruction sheet for all Olt calls included.

Early Johnny Marsh Duck Call. Impeccably made, as were all Johnny Marsh's calls. A big Metal reed call, said by Mr Harlan, to be one of the finest metal reed calls ever made. Signed. (Several knowledgeable Johnny Marsh scholars have looked at it and concluded that someone took an early call to Johnny to sign in his later years and he did. The letter strokes are the same as his earlier signatures, but as we age our hand writing seems to degenerate. Compare your signature today with yours 20 or 30 years ago. The differences may surprise you, but your pen strokes will be similar. As such, this one is unique. Exc+ 0

P. S. Olt Wooden Duck Call. I believe this is one of the ill fated Magnum calls made in about 1960 by Olt and highly sought. Finish is just a little better than the normal Olt wooden call. Scarce. Mint. SOLD (dzxx)

Thurman McCann. Thurman's calls are among my favorite using calls. They are so easy to blow and sound so ducky. Osage orange. Mint SOLD (dol)

P. S. Olt Patent Applied For Model. Early Olt, all hard rubber. Same tone board as the keyhole. Exc+ to Mint. 0

P. S. Olt Model 200 Duck Call. Basically a D2 with a wooden barrel. Mint.

P. S. Olt 99M Metal Reed Duck Call. I believe this is th only metal reed duck call Olt ever made. It came into existance because of Mr Sounderman's efforts to make the Magnum line of calls which were short lived because of a poor choice of names. Magnum was a name already claimed by an ammunition manufacturer. Mint.

Glynn Scobey 2 Duck Duck Call. Metal reed. I believe the wood is Persimmon, a very rare wood for him. Two mallards hand painted on this beauty. Made in 1999. Mint. (dnl) SOLD

Thompson Wildlife Duck Call. Known as the million dollar duck call, they do have a good sound. His grandson called one day, looking for a call. We got to talking and he recalled them lying about the house as he was growing up. When he found one, he began blowing it, over and over. He said his mother would get tired of hearing it and take it from him and throw it away! This one is Mint.

Pair of Laminated Thurman McCann (and Grady White on the Goose Call) Calls. Taller one is a goose call and shorter one is a duck call. In the years he was wholesaling calls to me, I never knew him to make a laminated call. This is early, before he began to mark his name around the collar. Pretty call. The far side is the opposit of ths side in pic, that is, Walnut on maple. Rotate it 90 degrees and it is alternating walnut and maple vertical stripes. His asscociation with Grady White was early also. I listed these separately below, but now that I see them together, that is how they will stay while I own them. You do what you want after you buy them. Duck has Osage insert, goose insert is walnut. Each call is scarce, both together approch Rare. Both are Mint. Sold only as a pair. (cnt) SOLD

P. S. Olt Model 800 Goose Call. Small chips in label, call is Mint. (ll) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Plastic Reed Duck Call. Model 601 with hand painted mallard. Signed with fine point felt pen, indicating age about 1980. Before that he used a pen. Later he used progressively thicker felt pens. MIB with papers. SOLD (ztl)

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Wooden insert indicates age is before 1985. The thin felt tip marker used for signature points toward 1980, as does the reddish brown box. MIB with papers and early laynard. (dyt) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Wooden insert indicates age is before 1985. Gray box points toward the 1970s. Note the marker used for signature is finer than the previous call, which again is in step with the gray box both showing us this call is older than the previous one. This call is also one of the "fat barrel" models, again pointing us to the 70s for age. MIB. (dut) SOLD

P.S. Olt DV 35 Dove Call. Difficult to find these days. MIB with papers. SOLD (ot)

P.S. Olt Registered Trade Mark D2 Duck. All hard rubber. KEYHOLE INSERT. Exc 0

P.S. Olt Registered Trade Mark D2 Duck. Hard rubber insert with plastic barrel, as made. KEYHOLE INSERT. Exc. 0

P.S. Olt Patent Applied For D2 Duck. All hard rubber. Round hole BUT IT HAS THE SAME TONEBOARD AS THE KEYHOLES (The 3 toneboards are shown in profile in the next photo.) It can be modified the same way. The oldest of the three. Exc. SOLD (dxxz)

Thurman McCann-Grady White Laminated Goose Call. I am unclear what the colaboration was between them was, but I suspect Thurman made the barrels. The walnut and maple laminations are the same as the duck call shown a few pics down. I have not looked at them together, but if I do, they may stay here. I bet you would have to look really hard and long to find another one as pristine. Mint and scarce. See above with matching duck call for price. SOLD

Glynn Scobey Snow Goose Call. Walnut barrel and insert, signed. MIB SOLD (eexz)

Glynn Scobey Metal Reed Duck Call. Reelfoot style with hand painted mallard on barrel, as well as signed. Early call, it came in its original gray box with papers. Box is stable as a holding item, but the top surface of the lid has been wet and original info is hard to read. Box is sound, not rips or tears, but shows dampness wrinkles on most surfaces. Some one cleaverly wrote "Duck Call" in large blue letters. Sold thru Old Guide. My recollection of them is 19070s into 1980s. If anyone has more info, please feel free to share it. Call is Mint in Good gray box with papers. SOLD (dut)

Dwight F. Thomas Handcrafted Duck Call. Mr Thomas also owned and operated Thomas Game Calls, but he did make, by hand, some calls from time to time. This isa large plastic reed call made of Green Hedge. It is heavy and also has a heavy brass band with "HANDCRAFTED BY DWIGHT F. THOMAS" AND NO. 1151". Under that number there is another number: "0073". I believe the 1151 is the model of the duck call from his factory calls and the 0073 number is the number of this handcrafted call. Also on the brass band there is a goose flying on one side and a duck flying on the opposite side of the ring. Mint and scarce. (dlx) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. This is from the "fat barrel" era and is painted with a very early rendering of a Canada goose. There is a rub to the paint on the wing of the goose, else only light handling marks. I date it to the late 1960s, maybe early 1970s. EXC. SOLD (edx)

Unkown (to me) Duck Call. Heavy plastic with heavy brass band, it may be a great call, but I have no knowledge of these plastic calls. Exc.

Ken Martin Duck Call. No name on call, no zip code on old box makes this before 1960. Call retains the knotless lanyard Ken was so proud of. Call is probably unused with lite scratches on the insert. Box has price tage removed as shown in photo. That end of the box is not there, o/w complete. This is the earliest box I have seen or remember of Ken's. Nr Mint in exc- very old box. SOLD (exzx)

Original Green Head Adjustable Duck Call. Yes, this is what the original Green Head Adjustable looked like. Patent number stamped on barrel, granted in 1953. This call is fresh from the maker's estate where it has been kept in Mint condition for almost 70 years. Toneboard is aluminum, not plastic, as in the reissues years later. Mint. SOLD (zul)

Herters 272 Duck Call Box with the patented bactitle insert. Who finds just the insert? Only the lucky. And you just did! There are many, many more lonely barrels out there than inserts. Box very good, insert indestructible it says on box, soo... very good also. (el) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. This and the following call were made at approimately the same time, judging by the painting of the mallards on them. This one may be slightly later because it has the brown box. The address on this box is the same as on the gray box, Route 3. I can recall the box change and recall it was about 1978-1981. I am sure he used up all the old ones, but he probally began to use the brown ones when he got them, so for a while either box would get a call put in it and shipped out. In other words, there was a time he was using both boxes until the older gray ones were gone. Box top has slight sticker gum stain where the price sticker was removed. Did you notice this call barrel is longer than the ones to follow? Old brown insert. MIB SOLD (dnt)

Early Glynn Scobey Duck Call in Old Gray Box. Roughly 1980 or earlier. I really hate to part with these gray boxes. MIB SOLD (dtt)

Glynn Scobey Duck Call with Abercrombie and Fitch Logo on it. Glynn was very easy to work with and that is why he had his calls sold by the big guns of the sporting world: A&F, L L Bean, Cabelas, etc. (I hesitate to add Dale's Decoy Den, but he did make calls for me, 20 duck calls for our 20th Anniversary and 25 goose calls for our 25th. In both cases he made a unique barrel shape and said in a letter to me he would not use those shapes again, except if I wanted more. I never had any more of either made.) This box also has the early Route 3 address. It also has minor gum residue form old price sticker on the top. Of course it is signed by Glynn on the opposite side from the A&S logo. This should appeal to the old A&F collectors (when it WAS a top notch sporting goods seller) as well as Scobey collectors. You get two for one here. Scarce item of Glynn's calls. MIB (dnt) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Wood insert dates it to pre 1985. Another of the "fat barrel" Scobey goose calls, although not as fat as the one sold below. Mint. SOLD (dlx)

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Wood insert dates it to pre 1985. MIB 9

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Wood insert dates it to pre 1985. I have included this call as a show only. Style is exactly like the preceeding call, but this one is in a gray box, both boxes have the same "Route 3" mailing address. I believe this call is made of Butternut and is the only one of Glynn's calls I have seen with this wood. Sorry guys, this is going into my collection. I just wanted you to see it and compare the style with the call above and see both were shipped in different color boxes, further qualifying what I said above about him using both colors at the same time until he used up all the gray ones. NOT FOR SALE

P.S. Olt D2 Duck Call with World Logo. Automaticly dates this call 1956-1958, 60 years ago!. This call retains the banner on the insert. Like all the others known, the lettering is mostly vanished, but the banner is complete. Lettering on the call is worn in places, mostly where it says "Perfect Duck Call". Exc- (yx)SOLD

P.S. Olt D2 Duck Call. By way of comparing, there is no way to date any other Black D2. It could have been made anywhere from the late 50s right up until Olt closed the doors. Has wear the the two l's in Call as shown in photo. Nr Mint.

P.S. Olt D2 Duck Call. WHITE COLOR.This one is one of the colored Olts and carries a date of 1996 and was made for Tri-County for their annual banquet. Has "Tri-County, 1996, map of Illinois with goose flying over and duck on water within the state borders, 141" At most only 300 were made. Those not taken at the banquet were destroyed! So the number existing could be far less then 300. There were only 100 made in the earliest color. That is a tiny number. If you want the colors, buy them now because the prices are rising fast as more guys are trying to collect them all. Mint. 5

P.S. Olt Goose Call. WHITE. This is the mate to the duck call above and has the same info on it. It just hit me that 1996 was 20 years ago! It seems like last week to me. But that is 20 years they could have been lost, damaged, or used and worn, or passed on to the the next generation. Mint.

P.S. Olt Goose Call. YELLOW. Has the same Tri-County info on it, except date which is 1997 and the number is 125. Looking on it closely to grade it iI notice tiny indents in the barrel. Perhaps someone let his puppy hold it? I have had this call for 4 years and never noticed them before, they are that tiny. Yellow seems to be a popular color with collectors who just want an Olt that is not black for their Olt collection. Nr Mint.

P.S. Olt Model 300 Goose Call. Wood barrel with L22 insert. Varnish was flaking before I put a coat of Ray's Gun Wax on it. (If you collect calls and don't have Ray's G. W. give me a call, 740-698-5060) Ray's is not a wax that will make it shiney, did doesn't get hard to buff. It is a magic formula Ray invented in his kitchen, I believe, to coat his traps without odor. It works on metal, wood, leather. Just amazing stuff. I have been selling it for almost 30 years. Try it. Exc- (for info on the camo sack, see next offering below) SOLD (ex)

P.S. Olt Model 200 Duck Call. Wood barrel with D2 insert. The finish is fine on this call, but the paint has faded in the lettering. sdThe part of the stamp that says "Model" never hit the barrel. The "200" is there though. There is an old style camo pouch that holds both of them. If you buy both calls, I will include it for free, but you have to remind me.) Exc. SOLD (cx)

Mike McLemore Duck Call. This is an early call, Mike made this style from 1970-1977. (I met Mike and his dad at the Waterfowl Festival in Easton Md about 1980-84. I bought my first Chick Major call from them that year. It had the red, black and gold lable on it. I wasn't interested in new calls then, and didn't notice what Mike had of his own calls there. A year or two later, I remember him having the call with the wide flare to the insert and a small barrel. I think it was the style he used when he made his plastic call years later. Anyhow, I beleive this call is earlier than that.) This insert shows the beginings of the flare he used later, and he was trying to do something different with the barrel design. It has the signature label intact and complete. However, it is gold signature and border and difficult to see with the passage of time. Call has seen use, but not abuse. It shows handling marks and slight wear to the finish around the rim of the insert. Walnut barrel with cedar insert. Exc. SOLD (oel)

Jim Blakemore Sr. Tie tack (or lapel pin or hat pin, your choice) in shape of one of his calls. I clearly recall buying a whole card of them from him somewhere in the long ago. The paste on is of a green-winged teal head and it states "'83", meaning he made it in 1983. Mint, it still has the clasp on the back so you can wear it.

Broadbill Diving Duck Call. I love it when the seller calls these...fill in the blank: goose, crow, etc and then assures me it sounds "real good". This is the best Broadbill call I have ever had. It has the old hardware and is Mint. (ltz) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. This is one of his "fat boy" barrels, measuring 5 1/4" around at the lanyard groove (not in the groove). Wooden insert dates this call to pre 1985. Yes, I know, he made calls with with wood inserts later, but they were all special calls in one way or another, type of wood, multiple paintings, etc. He didn't make regular production calls with wood inserts after 1985, according to him. Very light handling marks on barrel, so Near Mint. 5

Glynn Scobey Two (2) Goose Call. This call has a lot going for it. Most obvious are the two painted geese, which he did rarely. Glynn really loved good wood. This is a fine piece of tiger stripe maple. Glynn carefully put his name and the painted geese on the plainer sides of the call and allowed the tiger maple show on the other two sides. Photos show all four sides of one call. What they can't show is the striping shimmering as you turn it in the light. With each wholesale order I gave Glynn, I asked him for one special call to be added at his discrection. This is one such call. It has been in my collection since he made it, about 20 years ago. I have the box and papers for this call and they will be included with the purchase. This call is Mint in box with papers. SOLD (eel)

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. This is the fatest (most fat) Scobey barrel I have seen. Why I am not keeping it, I don't know. It measures 5 3/4 inches around the lanyard ring. It is an early call, 70s I think. All wood, barrel and insert. Some signs of use, but only lightly. Exc. You can buy it for your collection, or to use it, or, better yet, both. SOLD (dut)

Ralph True Large Model Duck Call. Ralph was a Minnesota call maker of some reknown around 1950. He made a smaller plastic reed call, and this big metal reed call which measures 6 1/2 inches tall. Checking around for comp pricing, the only one I found was for 5 and it was marked sold! Lucky you, you found this one, exactly like it and same condition, Mint. Scarce. SOLD (dtl)

Thurman McCann Laminated Duck Call. In the years he was wholesaling calls to me, I never knew him to make a laminated call. This is early, before he began to mark his name around the collar. Pretty call. The far side is the opposit of ths side in pic, that is, Walnut on maple. Rotate is 90 degrees and it is alternating walnut and maple vertical stripes. You will not hurt my feelings if you do not buy this call. If I come to my senses, I will put it in my collection. Mint with osage orange insert as made. There can't be many of these out there. See above with matching goose call for price.

Ken Martin Small Letter Lemont Duck Call. This is the box Ken switched to after the sticker shock he got when he received the bill for the one in photo below that had the added Kelly green color in words and mallard heads. This box still has the light green background, but all print and graphics are black. Top fits very tightly and has a split seam, otherwise it is As New. Call is lightly handled with one small place where something white got into an indent. It could proably be removed easily. SOLD (dllz)

P. S. Olt 77 Goose Call. I had a fellow call me one time looking for the value on an "Olt 17 goose call". I tried to tell him it was an Olt 77 goose call. He resisted. Now that I see the label on this one, with part of the first 7 chipped, I can see why. Anyhow here is a nice 77, some chips to the label, maybe made by a bored hunter, on a wooden call that is Mint. SOLD (OL)

P. S. Olt 800 Goose Call. Label is worn, call is Mint. SOLD (ol)

P. S. Olt DR 115 Duck Call. The DR tells us it is a double reed call. Nice wood, notice the grain making a nice v or u 4 times below the label. Very light and small handling mark or two, a scratch in the label, so Near Mint. SOLD (LL)

P. S. Olt 66 Duck Call. Near Mint. Summer priced at SOLD (LL)

Ken Martin Small Letter Lemont in Box. Scarce box! Ken liked these boxes with the green heads on the mallards--until he got the bill for their printing! He never had them printed in color again. His early small letter callbarrels seem to be slightly smaller than later ones. It is enough so I can tell by feel or glance that they are smaller. What are your thoughts on that? Back to this call, it is Mint with original knotless lanyard in place. Nice blonde wood. I have owned a lot of calls, but I prefer his duck calls above all but a reed and a half McCann for calling ducks. It takes very little air to work and it is a joy to handle. The box is what makes this pacage unique. These "green" (the whole top has a light green back ground with Kelly green heads and "Duck Call" in Kelly green also) boxes are highly sought after by avid Martin collectors. Box is Exc- condition. (I grade hard using the NFLCC standards for grading.), so Mint in Exc-, Scarce, box. SOLD (dnl)

Ken Martin Goose Call. Idaho Falls. One small indent (from a falling object?) is all that keeps this from Mint. SOLD (ztl)

E. Stoffer Bean Lake Duck Call. I show the one blemish, where a piece of knot separated from the barrel. What makes this call special is the rare cedar insert. Most were maple. Exc+

Oliveros Pull-em Crow Call. Pre Zip Code (before 1960). The original price on the box was .19. Mint in Exc box.

Johnson Crow Call. Johnson Standard Crow Call. Until I got these, I had only seen one other Johnson call, a duck call I sold a few years ago. Anyone who wants a really scarce, Mint in box crow call should not hesitate to jump on this one. It could be a long time before you see another one. Hand pasted label on box top states, "Hand made and tuned". I had six and I was going to keep two. Somehow they got in the wrong places and I sold too many, so now I only have one myself. This is the last one for sale. (lt) SOLD

L L Bean Crow Call. This one is not for sale, but I thought you might enjoy comparing it to the Johnson Crow call beside it. Obviously made for Bean by Johnson. Anyone have information on who, or what, Johnson calls was? This call will go with my L L Bean collection nicely. It is the first one I have seen. Any help out there?

Charles H. Perdew Crow Call. Nice call with little use. Black paint around inserts is complete, as is the black inside the bell. Very minor varnish loss. The black spots are from sap bleed, common is cedar. It does fleck off with my thumb nail, it you want to and are patient. Gold paint in the lettering is very strong. No wear on mouth pieces. VG+ - EXC- SOLD (dyl)

Paul Kingyon Duck Calling Tape. AS NEW.

Mike McLemore Acrylic Duck Call. I can't get a photo that shows the depth of the silver flecks in this call. It is polished so well, all I get is reflections. Yours eyes may see a great call, but if you close your eyes and just feel this call, your fingers will tell you a master made it. It feels like quality and precision. The band is real silver. SIGNED ON THE BARREL BY MIKE McLEMORE. Mike didn't make very many acrylic calls. Rare. Mint. SOLD (oel)

P.S. Olt TH-96 Timberhole Duck Call. Mint in package with instructions. (ztt) SOLD

Complete Set of all the Colored Olt D-2 Duck and A-50 Goose Calls. That's right, a complete set. These are the only colors Olt issued as special calls in the 1990s. 9 colors in all, including the black set with gold printing. All have the normal Olt info, along with the Tri County chapters info and a goose flying over outline of Illinois. It wold take a long time and more money to assemble a comlete set. Some of the colors are really difficult to find, and none are easy to locate! Keep in mind, these were issued specially for one chapeter's DU banquet, so probably fewer than 300 sets of any one color. There were only ONE HUNDRED (100) sets of the first colors made! That is a tiny number. It also limits the possible number of complete sets to 100. No doubt some of those calls have been lost, used, mutilated, so the number is likey much lower than 100 individual calls so only those remaining can be used to make complete sets. You may never have this oppurtunity again. All are Mint. All or none, I am not going to break them up. The black pair is part of the set and has the Tri County name and goose flying over Illinois just like the other eight sets. Complete Set Price is SOLD (EXXXZ)

F. A. Allen Duck Call. Allen was among the early comercial calls on the market. This one has charm. Someone thought enough of it to carve his initials in the hard maple. I usually take off lanyards, but this little string showed how guys secured their calls before comercial lanyards were around. He probaly put the string through a button hole, rather than around his head. Different times. The metal only has his Allen's name and address on it. I seem to recall others had the date of 1904, so I would presume this is early. It is the BEST sounding Allen I have ever had! I have never heard one sound like a duck before. Exc. except for the initials, which for one of these, adds to the package for me. (yt) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Sold before I could list it.

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Sold before I could list it.

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Sold before I could list it.

P S Olt M-9 Crow Call. Much scarcer than the Regular or E-1 crow calls, I once sold one the Jim Olt for his son's collection! Mint.

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Beautiful Scobey Signed goose call, MIB. SOLD (dcl)

Ken Martin Duck Call. Ken continually tried to make different styles of duck calls, but the public liked his "acorn" style and kept taking him back to it. After he moved to Olive Branch, Il Ken decided to make a different design each year begining in 1987. This was the first year, 1987. It must have taken a lot more work to leave the two rings on it. I have always thought it was rather stately. Not many made in this style. Scarce. MIB with papers. SOLD (delz)

P. S. Olt Old Style C-3 Duck Call. Old hard rubber, three piece call. I have always liked the sound out of these C-3s and this one sounds great. Olt made the three piece version of the C-3 from 1929 to 1946. Exc.

Lohman Duck Call. Early call with Kansas City address on insert. A very nice call whose insert matches the barrel. Look closely at the wood grains in both. Quality on the Kansas City calls always seemed better than the later ones to me. Mint. SOLD (cl)

Mike KcLemore. Silver banded acrylic duck call. Typical of Mike's work, the acrylic is beautiful and must be turned in the light, like fine tiger maple, to see all the many color changes and swirls. And if you close your eyes and just feel this call, it tells you a master made it. It feels like quality and precision. Yes, that band is real silver. SIGNED ON THE BARREL BY MIKE McLEMORE. Mike didn't make very many acrylic calls. Rare. Mint. SOLD (ylxz)

P. S. Olt C-3 Perfect Mallard Call. Screw together hard rubber with perfect empressed lettering. Mint. (yt) SOLD

P. S. Olt D-2 Regular Duck Call. Plastic with some lettering weak, most strong. Exc. SOLD (ct)

P. S. Olt 66 Duck Call. Mint. SOLD (yl)

P. S. Olt A-50 Canadian Honker Call. Photo doesn't show it well, but the lettering on this call is GOLD, not white. I don't know if these were offered in this camo pattern before Olt closed up. I do know that any Olt call with Gold lettering is special. This one is Mint. (ox) SOLD

Paul Kingyon Duck Call. Cocobola. SIGNED BY PAUL KINGYON. With the fancier end to the insert, I think this is an earlier call, more time consuming to produce. Mint. (I even have the original lanyard if you remind me, I will include it). SOLD (cnl)

Thompson Wildlife Calls. The Million Dollar Duck Call. Not easy to find, especially in this condition. Mint. SOLD (lxz)

C. H. Amaden. Hambone call. Banded. The band has done its job of stabilizing the crack shown at the top of the collar. That is the primary reason for bands. Their attractive appearance is second. With this call you get both. Perfect label. Mint as made. Scarce. SOLD (elx)

Yentzen/Sure Shot Double Reed Duck Call. Mint. SOLD (ol)

Rich N Tone Products. Banded Cocabolo Duck Call. Ca early 1990s. Made under a license agreement between Butch Richenback and Buck Gardner. Most of these products were injection molded. However they also mad a cocabolo goose flute call and this banded cocabolo duck call! Unfortunelatey, this agreement didn't last and ended up with Butch suing Buck. (This information came to me from a knowledgeable fellow who took the time to call me and pass the info along. I neglected to ask permission to use his name, so I can't tell you who it was. Thank you sir. Your call was deeply appreciated. It reminded me of the way information was passed around before any of the duck call books came out.) Very few cocabolo calls were made under this agreement. This is one of them. , Rich n Tone, Richenback, collectors take note. Mint. (eezl) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. See description and price below next photo.

Mallartone Duck Call. Mint. SOLD (ox)

Ken Martin Goose Call. This is an early, pre-brand call. Look at the shape of this call. Can you see a 1940s Hollywood movie star? I do, wasp waisted, buxom with well rounded hips. I think these calls are sexy! Mint in box with papers that have no zip codes or area codes on the addresses or phone numbers. Box has a date hand written, presumably by the buyer with the date of purchase, Jan 3, 1964. I think the call is a little older than that date even. The box is in As New condition. It is a plain box, no Ken Martin info at all, which also points to an earlier date than '64. The instructions on the papers show hand drawings of how to use the call, not photos. MIB with papers. SOLD (zexx)

Johnson Standard Crow Call. Until I got these, I had only seen one other Johnson call, a duck call I sold a few years ago. Anyone who wants a really scarce, Mint in box crow call should not hesitate to jump on this one. It could be a long time before you see another one. Hand pasted label on box top states, "Hand made and tuned". I have one left. (lt) SOLD

Bob Hinman Dove Call. In original mailing box and Mint. SOLD (ox)

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Early, ca 1970s with two geese. Light handling marks and two paint loss spots on wing. There were very few this early with two geese painted on them. Scarce. Exc. SOLD (enlz)

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Early, 1970s-80s with two geese painted on it. Tiger maple. Innards replaced. Another scarce early call with two geese. Shows in use wear. Very good+. SOLD (dlx)

P. S. Olt 800 Goose Call. There are not many out there that are this clean. Perfect, Mint. SOLD (yx)

P. S. Olt 66 Duck Call. These are hard to find and darn difficult to find in this condition. The machine cut the label a little off, but perfect as made. Mint. SOLD (yl)

Yentzen Duck Call. This is the older model with the 1/2 inch wide toneboard. Triple reed! Exc. SOLD (nx)

Herters Dove Call. (lying down in photo) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Anyone have one like this? I would like to get another. I would also appreciate your input about this call. 740-698-5060

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. A very early painted Scobey. Imagine trying to fly with wings like that. Glynn kept at it and got better, but that makes these early attempts even more special. 1960s-70s Bill, head, neck and bottom line of body are scribed with paint applied above and inside those lines. Early, small signature. Light handling marks, Exc+ SOLD (elx)

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Glynn told me that he used these brown nylon inserts about 1967-69. Signed. Light handling marks, Exc+ SOLD (dnl)

Glynn Scobey Goose Call. Early, ca 1970s. Similar to the one above, but with one goose painted on it. A few paint loss spots on wing and back of body near the tail, otherwise only light handling marks. Exc. SOLD (eezl)

L L Bean/George Soule Duck Call. Big Reelfoot style metal reed call made for L L Bean by George Soule, the same man who made cork Coastal decoys for L L Bean. It seems to be a close colpy of a Johnny Marsh call. Brass ring around barrel says, "Soule Coastal Call" twice, once on either side. It is held on with two brass screws and sports a brass ring for attatching a lanyard. I am having trouble nailing down accurate dates these were offered, but late 1960s into the '70s is for sure. Very light wear on insert and a few light marks on barrel. Very hard to find, scarce. Exc+ SOLD (eul)

Kum Duck Call. I have described elsewhere how they closely copied the Olt keyhole toneboard. I have also stated they are much louder than the standard Olt keyhole call. You fellows who are in shouting matches with other hunters for duck's attention might want to try one of these. This one is about perfect as made, Exc+ (lx) SOLD

Kum Duck Call. Shows some use and tiny puppy teeth marks but sounds like a champ. Exc-

P S Olt D-2 Duck Call. Wear to white lettering and handling marks, but no damage. This calll has the circular cut out in the tone board. VG

P S Olt P-17 Mouth Squirrel Call. So says the lettering. Works fine, but looks like someone dropped it and ran over it with his wheelchair. VG-

P S Olt C-3 Perfect Mallard Call. Needs some cleaning to be Mint. It looks like some mud in the impressed letters, will clean up to Near Mint.

P S Olt J-15 Junior Duck Call. This is the marblized red version, the one everyone wants. Here is your chance. some wear to the letters and light marks around mouth and top of insert. Do some guys put the call in their teeth to blow them? Still a nice call, Exc- SOLD (yl)

Earl Dennison, "The Duck Call Man" Duck Call. Maple (with a hint of birdseye in it) barrel with lip rest, and cedar stopper. Old Silver label, which predates almost all of the current offerings elsewhere, shinny and bright and perfect. I believe the Silver label dates to the 1960s-70s era. Mint. SOLD (dnl)

P. S. Olt A-50 Flute Goose Call. Camo pattern with Gold lettering. I have several. Mint.

P. S. Olt A-50 Flute Goose Call. Old brown and black model. The brown is "end of the day", with pretty swirl in it. Exc.

P. S. Olt A-50 Flute Goose Call. Special bright orange made on special order. Mint. SOLD (ztt)

P. S. Olt 77 Goose Call. Walnut. The 77 Olt Goose seems to be hard to find. Mint as made (some lathe marks under the finish). SOLD (yl)

Mallardtone Goose Call. A very nice one in Mint condition. SOLD (cx)

Elam Fisher Type Tongue Pincher Duck Call. Diving ducks that is. Those with the extra barrel band have always been thought to be the higher grade of these call. This one is in exceptional condition without dings, dents or scrathes! Exc+ SOLD (dyt)

Thurman McCann Duck Call. Why didn't I keep more of Thurman's calls for myself when I was buying wholesale from him for resale? He sounded fine when I made my last order. The calls came in a few days and he was gone before my check reached him. Great quality, great sound. This call is Mint. SOLD (dol)

Herters Goose Call. Typical Herters sound. Mint. SOLD (cx)

Ken Martin Duck Call. Idaho Falls, Id in box. No structural problems with the box, just dust and surface wear to top. Call is Exc+. SOLD (ztl)

Lohman Double Reed Duck Call. Yes, double reed! Has a few indents in wood, but looks and works fine. Unusual Lohman Exc- SOLD (cl)

P. S. Olt Timberhole Duck Call TH-96. Mint in Box and darned hard to find. (ztt) SOLD (in two hours)

Greenhead Adjustable Duck Call. Exc. SOLD (ex)

Faulks Goose Call. Has the early "RT 2 Box 333" address, has some real age. interior of plastic needs a goo cleaning. Other than that call is Mint, not a mark on it. SOLD (cl)

P. S. Olt Pintail-Wigeon W-12 Duck Call. Very light handling marks. Looks unused. Exc+ SOLD (cl)

P. S. Olt Fox Coyote Call T-20. Light handling marks on barrel. Exc. SOLD (dl)

Beautiful Laminated Duck Call. Unkown to me. I don't know too many current call makers. This is a really well made call and sounds like a duck. Osage, Maple and Walnut (three of the 4 woods that Thurman McCann used. ?)with many turning rings and flame decoration. Maker should be easy to identify. He knows how to make a quality call. Mint. SOLD (ot)

P. S. Olt Squirrel Call, S-8. Old two tone model, all hard rubber. Somes times it is hard to wake up the squirrel in it, but she is there and responds best to a light touch. Sound familiar? Lettering worn. VG.

Kum Duck Duck Call. Much heavier (and step drilled) barrel, than Olt, whom they copied so closely, Olt sued and put them out of business. It is much louder than the Olt D-2 keyhole as is. I don't know why someone couldn't file these to make them even louder. Way cheaper than the Keyhole models (see one below). My memory says 1950s or 60s on these. Exc+ SOLD (ot)

Cutt Down Game Calls. So says the sticker, and yes, it is Cutt. Low, raspy and loud. Lots of volume in this little package. Mint SOLD (el)

Winston Guillory Duck Call. A Louisana Call maker of some reknown, he has been making calls since 1977. Louisana style reed assembly. Signed on bottom of tone board. Mint. SOLD (et)

Yentzen Double Reed Duck Call. Label reads "Yentzen Caller, Patented, Groves, Texas" in three lines. Label is about 60% intact. Call has that sweet sound only double reeds can give. Exc. SOLD (yx)

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. Yes, it is a Keyhole, all hard rubber. Joe scratched in barrel, else Exc, but with that I'll call it VG+ SOLD (ut)

Johnny Marsh Signed Duck Call. This is a one owner call, purchased from Johnny himself in 1968. There is one small flake to the varnish finish near the two n's in Johnny's signature, very light handling marks. A very pretty call, with rich deep finish on the walnut barrel and rosewood insert. Near Mint. SOLD (yxxz)

Herters Goose Call. Exceptionally clean call. Mint SOLD (cx)

Herters duck Call. Exceptionally clean call. Small piece of the rim on the mouth piece off, see photo. Else Mint SOLD (cx)

Lohman Duck Call. Early one, Kansas City address. Mint. SOLD (ox)

Ken Martin Salmon Idaho Duck Call. The premier Ken Martin collector told me that Ken was in Salmon for only a short time and that duck calls made there were the hardest to find. Lucky you! You just found a very nice one. Some varnish flakes, otherwise as new. Exc. SOLD (tlz)

Carved Marshland Duck Call. Signed J. T Bucher. Single hand carved and hand painted mallard. Compare to the one below.

Carved Marshland Duck Call. Signed J. T Bucher and dated 1987. Single hand carved and hand painted mallard. I am showing these to gather more information about them and seek more. Anyone have any for sale or more info on them, please call me, 740-698-5060 or email, . If you do not get a reply within two days, then it went to your spam or junk, look there.

Sears J.C. Higgins Duck Call in Original Box with Paperwork. folded sheet has instructions for the full line of J.C. Higgins calls, crow, duck, goose, squirrel and predator. Ca 1950s. Mint call in vg box with papers. SOLD (cl)

Sears Duck Call. Someone jammed the cork and toneboard in a little hard and cracked the insert slightly. It would still work, as that part is held tightly by the barrel, if it had a reed. No reed. Externally Perfect, displays nicely. I will let you decide how to grade it. Late 50s, early 60s as I recall.

Yentzen Double Reed Duck Call. Comes with tri--folded 7 1/2 by 7 1/2 inch card with info on the call and 5 reasons you should buy it. Mint. SOLD (zyl).

Chick Major Dixie Mallard Duck Call. Remnants of the black tv screen label still attached. What makes this call special is the ephemera with it: There is an envelope with 1975 postage mark on it. Inside envelop is a 5x7 inch 4 page pamphlet. page 2 shows standard and custome models offered with prices. In addition, there is added information hand written by the same hand that addressed the envelope. .00 extra to have a name or duck engraved on band. Also hand written it offered laminated calls and banded rosewood calls. One especially enticing bit, hand written was the offer of a cherry "magnum" call only available at the Stuttgart location. Yes, page one shows three locations, Pine Bluff, Gurdon and Stuttgart. The Cahills were at the first, the Holts at the second and Chick, himself at Stuttgart. Page 3 has a list of titles won by the Major family blowing Dixie Mallard calls. Page 4 lists two records available. I will let the buyer read a few more interesting items for him/herself. All in all pretty unique. But we are not done. There is also a small envelope with two black reeds and two corks, with hand written note saying "reeds & corks" in the same hand writing. I believe it to be Chick's writing. Oh, the call is flame decorated (one ring) hedge with light handling marks, Exc+. SOLD (dnl)

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. World Logo call in World Logo box with partial World Logo banner on insert. Some lettering is faint, Logo is strong. Box is missing lid, but bottom is Exc. I have listed this call twice and twice someone said they would buy it. Twice no payment came, so here it is, third time is a charm. Banner is complet, but worn. Call is Exc. SOLD (zyl)

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. It has the circular cutout in the tome board that guys like. I have shown it because I tried to explain it to a new collector and he got mad implying I was trying to cheat him some way. Call has teeth marks around mouth, otherwise nice. Call it Exc-. (ox) SOLD

P. S. Olt E-1 Crow Call. World logo. Exc.

E. Stofer Bean Lake Duck Call. Ca 1940s. I have never had a better one. Mint. SOLD (zyl)

Mallardtone M-295 Duck Call. Mallartones are the best call for loosing keys, reeds, inserts or all three, that I know of. I lost mine as a young fella running down a cripple in a field. I was able to back track and found all three pieces. I talked to an older man yesterday who said he had about 25 of them over the years. Most of which lost one part or another. Mint except for missing key. (dt)SOLD

Glynn Scobey Snow Goose Call. This is NOT the snow goose call we had listed a few pictures down. Look at the painted goose on each to see the differences. No turning rings, and early painting style. This is similar to the oldest one I have in my collection. Mint. SOLD (eel)

Stevenson's Turkey Talker Turkey Call, Number 425. Made in Wellsboro, Pa from about 1947 into the 70s. Scrach box call. There is no zipcode on the instruction sheet in the box, so pre-1960. Later ones have the zipcode on them. Mint in Mint box with papers. SOLD (olz)

Herter's Vit Glodo Duck Call. Number 272. Advertising on bottom of box shows a price of for the Herters Duck and Goose Calling Record, either 78 or 45rpm. That was the price in 1966 and 1976 catalogs I have. There is a small H stamped in barrel below lanyard groove. This is a factory stamp, NOT something a hunter put there. The box end I have shown is the worst part of the box. The other end has light wear and every other surface is As New. Call is Mint.

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Unusual design #1. See below.

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Unusual design #2. These two calls are not for sale at this time. I am looking for information. Does anyone have any information on either one of these two calls? Or both calls?

P. S. Olt Diving Duck Call, K-11. These calls are unique, clever and they work! Elsewhere I have tolld the story about hunting in my Barneagat sneakbox with nothing in the sky. I knew there were cans in the area, so out of boredom I opened the call to "canvasback" and blew it a couple of times. Within minutes two beautiful drake cans landed on top of my handmade canvasback decoy. (see photo and story on the Decoys page of my website.) The call also accurately makes the sound of bluebills (scaup) and redheads. Three calls in one. Barrel and tip of insert are slightly browned (bakelite does that when exposed to light long enough). Letters on barrel are worn. Rest of insert and lettering on it are As New. Tuff Olt call to find. Exc-. SOLD(znl)

Faulk's Duck Call. Model W-33. Label states "Twice National Champion". Exc+. SOLD (el)

P. S. Olt Goose Call. Does anyone have an idea what this call is? Is it one of the Magnum calls with Olt label over the name Magnum, after the use of Magnum was found to be infringing on another company's use of that name?

P. S. Olt 66 Wooden Duck Call. Mint. What more is there to say? SOLD (ol)

P. S. Olt DR-115 Double Reed Duck Call. See the tiny chip in the ring above lanyard ring? That is all that keep this call from being Mint, so Exc++. SOLD (lx)

P. S. Olt 800 Wooden Goose Call. Minor damage to bottom edge of label, otherwise perfect. Exc+ SOLD (ol)

P. S. Olt 77 Wooden Goose Call. These are suprisingly difficult to locate, expecially in this condition. Mint. SOLD (yx)

Matt Pierce Cocabolo Double Reed Duck Call. Matt was a friend and gunning partner of Paul Kingyon, so it stands to reason their calls would be similar in sound. Made of best grade of cocabolo with O-ring construction to work in any weather. A quality call at a very low price. Mint, Brand New. SOLD (ztt)

P. S. Olt Regular Crow Call. Mint.

Glynn Scobey Snow Goose Call. These are just a little bit hard to find. Mint. SOLD (dul)

Sure Shot Duck Call. Exc-Mint. SOLD (ex)

P. S. Olt A-50 Canadian Flute Goose Call. Exc. SOLD (cl)

Yentzen Double Reed Duck Call. SOLD (llz)

Cajun style Faulks Duck Call. VG SOLD (el)

Scotch Shaker Crow Call. Mint with papers in vg+ box. SOLD (el)

Mallardtone Goose Call. Exc+ SOLD (el)

Olt Model 77 Goose Call. SOLD (lx)

Faulk's Honker (Goose) Call. EXC+ SOLD (cx)

Olt Model 800 Goose Call. I believe the good label is older than purple one. Mint. SOLD (yl)

Scotch Double Reed Duck Call, #1481. Mint. SOLD (zcl)

Paul Kingyon Double Reed Duck Call. Cocabolo. Fresh to the market, I just bought it from the original owner. In Paul's hand writing, in pen, it says: "Made for (man's name)" and Signed by Paul Kingyon. Call is early, made and bought in 1976. Note the nice wide flare on the insert. This is not the normal osage wood, but a step up to cocabolo. A couple of spots in the finish, but all in all Exc. SOLD (cdx)

I sell collectible shot shell boxes also. To view them, go to my Home Page and scroll down to the link to the Shot Shell Box Page.

Charles Haddon Perdew Duck Call. Yes, Haddon's first name was Charles just like his dad's. Mint. SOLD (ottz)

P S Olt S-8 Squirrel Call. Lettering worn, spring weak, but works.

P S Olt C-3 Duck Call. The two piece version of this "cigar" shaped call. I like the sound they make. This one is Mint.

P S Olt D-2 Duck Call. Keyhole. All hard rubber. Exc+ SOLD (DDL)

P S Olt D-200 Duck Call. Wood barrel has light finish loss, Exc-. SOLD (cx)

P S Olt E-1 Crow Call. All hard rubber. Lettering worn about 60% remaining. "Registered trade mark". Call is Mint.

Holiday Shotshell Box. 12ga. (We have many more collectible shotshell boxes for sale, see them on the Shotshell page (go to my Home Page and scroll down to find the link to the boxes.) These Holiday boxes are the only Shotshell boxes the artist put his signature on. This one has pair pheasants on one side and pair mallards on the other side, also unique among shotshell boxes. Highly collectible because of the beautiful graphics. Ca 1970s. Some youngster has outlined the hen mallard faintly in pen. The pheasant side has light spotting, likely picked up on a field excursion. All in all the box is VG and displays well. Modestly priced due to the mentioned issues. See previous photo for the obverse of this box. SOLD (CX)

Sam "Cox Call" Duck Call. Checkered Cocobola with Sam's brand and flying duck. Quality call all the way. Not many made. Mint (eel) SOLD

Chick Major, Herb Parsons Model. I don't use Rare often, but these are beyond Scarce. Brass banded walnut call has called many ducks according to its original owner. It sounds like it has more ducks in it. Wear on lacquer on band and light handling marks, but remarkablly good for the use it has had. Parsons was a trick shooter and well known for his "palm swell" stocks on his shotguns. The calls he had Chick make for him are "meatier" than Chick's normal Dixie model calls. My guess is Herb had big hands and, like with his "palm swell" gun stocks, he wanted more wood to hold on to. Exc. (ltl) SOLD

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. World Logo call in World Logo box with partial World Logo banner on insert. Some lettering is faint, Logo is strong. Box is missing lid, but bottom is Exc. Call is Exc. (nl) SOLD

P. S. Olt D-2 Duck Call. Barrel and lettering are Mint. Insert has teeth marks on end. A bored hunter? Teething child? Puppy? Good sound. Exc- SOLD (zol)

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Metal reed. Check out the shoulder on this call, it is an old one. Signed with a pen, also an indication of age. I'd say about 1960s. Mint with hand painted mallard. (dll) SOLD

Glynn Scobey Duck Call. Unusual shape. Glynn told me he made these on special order about 1987. It is a wider bore than his later plastic reed calls. I think he called it his 5/8th bore. Mint with hand painted mallard. These unusual shapes add greatly to any assemblage of Glynn's calls, whether you call it a collection or not. (dll) SOLD

Jake Gartner Duck Call. One of a kind: Hand written, by Jake, in gold it says, "Special made for Chas. H. Bradshaw". It then has U.S. Patten Office number 537116 and "World's Champion 1947-48-49". Call and lettering are Mint. SOLD (eox)

P. S. Olt Junior Crow, Model J-16. This is the scarce red marblized barrel. Mint in Mint box with papers. SOLD (yx)

Ken Martin Goose Call. This is Ken's earliest brand, the small letter Lemont, Ill., ca early 1960s. It is very difficult to find Ken's calls this old in this condition. There is one tape mark on one side of the box and very light corner rubbing, otherwise it is as new. Mint in old style box with original papers. (dllz) SOLD

Thompson Wildlife Calls Duck Call. This is the Million dollar duck call! Mint. SOLD (cxz)

Glynn Scobey Painted Wood Duck Call. Yes, I must have lost my mind to list this little gem, but here it is. Briefly, here is the story of painted wood duck calls as I know it from conversations with Glynn. I bugged him for one for years. He finally painted a wood duck he thought "did the bird justice". I have that call and a letter with it saying it was the first he made and painted. This call is NOT that one. Glynn went back to work trying and trying to "do the bird justice" in a style he could reproduce swiftly enough to offer at his normal price. Unfortunately that came too close to the end, and there are simply not many out there. Mint in every way. (I bought it from Glynn, sold it and bought it back.) I am almost sure I have the box for it here somewhere. SOLD (in two days: eyl)

Charles "Charlie" H. Perdew Cedar Duck Call. This call is brand new to the market from a northern Illinois town, having been in one family for generations. Photo shows a chip to the ringed end of insert. There is a matching chip on the opposite side also. Otherwise it is a very nice, old Perdew retaining its original German silver reed, complete original finish, gold paint still strong in letters, bands are tightly pinned. Better sound than most I have heard, I believe it could still call a duck. Exc- SOLD (ltl)

Mallardtone 295 Duck Call. Mint. SOLD (lx)

Mallardtone Duck Call. Mint in very good box, bottom only with original paperwork. SOLD (ox)

Faulk's PL-22 Goose Call. Mint in nr exc box.

Sure Shot Double Reed Duck Call. Maker of Yentzen duck call. Owner and maker won World Championships using Yentzen call. Call is Exc+, box vg-, top flap missing. SOLD (cl)

Duck Commander Woodie. You guessed it, a wood duck call. Mint. SOLD (zcx)

Kum Duck Duck Call. Thick green hard rubber. So close a copy to the Olt D-2 keyhole toneboard, that Olt sued and put them out of business. Seems to me to be every bit as loud, maybe louder than the Olt keyhole D-2. No reason it couldn't be modified the same way to produce a real screamer. Exc. SOLD (lt)

Echo. Double Reed Duck Call. Very loud. Mint (zol) SOLD

J. C. Higgins (Sears) Crow Call. Ca late 50s. My very first call was a similar call, long gone. Made by Greenhead for Sears. Looks like it had a plastic band around collar, no longer here, else Exc. (el)

Mangrum Duck Call. This is typical of his unique shape. Mr Mangrum made calls in Michigan in the 1930s (see Harlan). Interesting copper reed design: reed is slipped into a slot and them additional folded pieces of same material inserted to hold the reed tight. Insert is pine, barrel either spruce or pine. This is the best Mangrum call I remember seeing as the soft woods wear easily. Scarce call. Exc+ (eol) SOLD

Mike McLemore Duck Call. Blackwood with brown streaks. Beautiful call made by a craftsman and a gentleman. Mint. SOLD (oex)

Chick Major's Dixie Mallard Call. Only Chick's name is on the label. I think these Gold labels are from the 60s, I am certain they predate the black ones. Label is complete, but has wrinkled. Call is without blemish, Mint. SOLD (eel)

Herb Parsons Duck Call. Thank you all for your input. We agree, this is a Herb Parsons Call, made by Chick Major. It is a later call, being larger than the early ones, but with the same shape and brass band. All that fits the information I got from the daughter of the original owner. Made about 1980, and engraved with the name of the man who bought it originally from Parsons. Once again, thank you to all who took the time to lend their expertise to my request for same. This call is staying with me for a while.

P. S. Olt C-3 Perfect Mallard Call. Hard rubber, threaded keyhole insert with black reed. Dreadfully loud. Strong white lettering, Exc.

Earl Dennison Limited Edition Specially Made, Hand Signed and Numbered Duck and Goose Call Set. The only thing I can add to the above, which is the original descripton for the set, is that this set is #59 of 250, and so stated on both calls. Both calls are individually hand signed also. Special woods as stated above. Mint in Mint presentation case. SOLD (otl)

Remington Shur Shot. FULL. 16ga. 2 9/16 inch shells. One of the known 88 varieties of this red and green box used by Remenington for years. Colors are strong, corners lightly rubbed. Overall VG+ (some would list it a EXC) I have many more shotshell boxes listed. go to my Home Page, link at the bottom of every page, and click on the Shotgun Shell Boxes link to go them.

Art Beachamp Duck Call. The original Beachamp call with the bright red reed and pre-zip code address. Ca 1955. Art was an excellent caller and was a Champion and Champion of Champions. He learned his call making from Chick Major who was a close friend. Some wear to the label, but very few of these lables survived. Call is Exc. SOLD (zux)

Winchester Ranger With Setter on point. 2 5/8 inch shells. FULL, sort of, read on. Is he pointing a grouse or woodcock? We will have to move in and flush it to find out... I love this box. (My first purchase of it was for 27 full boxes. What a thrill. But I digress.) It has all 25 shells, but they have been fired. One of them has a hand written note that says "first rabbit". Pretty cool. Great colors, little wear, EXC. SOLD (nt) I have many more shotshell boxes listed. Go to my Home Page link at the bottom of every page, and click on the Shotgun Shell Boxes link to go them.

I have 19 Clem Blackburn reeds and corks. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr Blackburn on several occasions and he was nice enough to sell me his fabulous calls wholesale so I could carry them in Dale's Decoy Den as inventory. All the calls are long since sold, but I do have these spare reeds and corks he graciously provided to me. 13 of the reeds are signed "CB", 6 are not. You can barely make out the CB in the reed at bottom by itself. I have tried to enhance it, but everything I do makes it worse. He scribed these initials on with a writing needle or something similar. They show in the reed better than in the photo. All have been trimmed and ready to use, Mint of course. Signed ones are each, unsigned each. If you own a Blackburn call jump on this now, you will need an extra reed sooner or later. Unique offering!

John Shoemaker Semi-circular 4 Tier Call Stand. This is a great stand, holds 33 calls, and is designed to stand on its own or be hung on a wall. As shown, it is mounted on wall. I have shown it with only a few calls so you can see the stand itself. Pegs are spaced so calls in front don't hide ones behind. Also, the rises are enough so lower ones don't get in the way of those above. I love mine. I can get you one just like it. Specify if you want light or dark stain on yours. Hand made by John and signed by him. Mint.

P. S. Olt Goose. Model A-50. Canadian Honker Call. Would an Olt by any other color sound as sweet? It does! This is a special bright yellow made by Olt for TriCounty Ducks and Geese Forever, so stated on the reverse of barrel. Also is an outline of the state of Illinois with a canada goose flying in front of it. This call is also marked #19. Call is mint.Same Olt sound, unusual Olt collectible. (The bufflehead is an actual gunning, hollow cedar, decoy made by me. See under Hunting Decoys on this website.) Call is sold. OTHER COLORS AVAILABLE, SEE ELSEWHERE ON THIS PAGE.

We carried a complete line of Glynn Scobey calls while he was alive. Since Glynn's passing all his calls have been sold, except for my personal collection of about 100. I am not interested in piece mealing them out. Serious buyers can contact me about buying them all. These are not average calls, but older ones, unusual ones, special calls made for Dale's Decoy Den, etc. Example: I have the first 5 calls he painted hen mallards on, and a letter to prove it. That kind of calls. I have the first call he painted a wood duck on and letter to back it.

Glynn Scobey painted wood duck call. Mint. Glynn just started painting his wood duck calls, so these are hot. Brand New, mint. sold Glynn Scobey plastic reed duck with one painted mallard. Brand New, mint in box Sold. Glynn Scobey plastic reed duck with two painted mallards. Brand New, mint in box sold.

For more information or to purchase any of the above items please give me a call.

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