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Earth-199999 is the designated universe number for the , a shared fictional universe which crosses over superhero films and television produced by . It is home to multiple characters including , , , , , , the , , , , and the .

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Unknown Date

2987 B.C.

  • , the leader of the of , planned to use the Convergence to release the , a relic from before the universe, and plunge the back into darkness. The intervened and took the Aether from the Dark Elves by force, watching as that race was apparently decimated in the destruction of their warships. ()
  • , the father of , had the Aether hidden away where no one could find it. ()
  • Malekith and the remaining Dark Elves escaped in the into space. ()

965 A.D.

  • The monstrous race known as the attacked Tønsberg in Norway with the in the first step of their plan to conquer the Nine Realms, wanting to plunge Earth into a new Ice Age. The , led by their king, , intervened and defeated the Jotuns, banishing them back to and confiscating the to leave them powerless. Odin lost his right eye in the battle. ()
  • After defeating , Odin took his child and raised him alongside as his own son. ()

Unknown Date

  • Thor and Loki are told the story of Asgard's defeat of the Frost Giants. ()

12th Century

  • The Asgardian that would come to be known as was a stone mason for thousands of years before being recruited for a military mission to Midgard. Tired of his mundane existence in Asgard and desiring to travel the Realms, Randolph signed on. while on Earth, the Asgardian served with an Asgardian army called "The Berserkers" who gained superior strength, even by Asgardian standards, by touching a device known as the , which brought all of the rage and hatred that the wielder kept suppressed and transformed it into strength. During his time on Earth, Randolph fell in love with the planet and its people, and when the rest of the Asgardian host returned home, Randolph stayed behind. The Berserker Staff was left behind as well. Randolph did not care for the thing or the power it possessed, and so he broke the staff into three pieces and spread them across Europe. ( "")

Unknown Date


  • The Asgardian who would become known as Elliot Randolph lived on Earth for several centuries until the year 1546, when he met and fell in love with a French girl. He told her his story and her brother, who happened to be a priest, wrote the story down and created the legend of "The Warrior Who Stayed". ( "")




  • Margaret "Peggy" Carter is born in London, England.



  • 1st
    • In Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, a young talks to his mother about his father. (Captain America: First Vengeance, tie-in comic #1)



  • 1st


  • 1st
    • In Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, Steve meets during a back ally scuffle with some bullies. The two become friends. (Captain America: First Vengeance, Digital Comic #1)




  • 30th
    • Johann Schmidt meets , and , head of the Special Weapon Division, after a Wagner opera and reveals his theory that Norse gods and their magic could be more than myth. ()
    • Dr. Abraham Erskine and Howard Stark meet at an Engineering Conference.
    • assassinates Erst Kaufmann and seizes control of his weapons program. (Captain America: First Vengeance, Digital Comic #3)


  • 5th
    • Schmidt and SS troops attack an SA Weapons Testing Ground at Kummersdorf where he finds and recruits advanced exo-skeleton battle armor researcher . (Captain America: First Vengeance, Digital Comic #4)
    • founds with . ()


  • In Belarus, a young girl named befriends and the pair learn English through movies. ( "")
  • Anya and Dottie spar against each other. Anya is not as strong as her friend and is put in a stranglehold. When the school's headmistress nods her head Dottie snapes Anya's neck. ( "")



  • 1st
    • World War II begins.



  • Howard Stark begins a demonstration which would showcase vibranium, a metal discovered by Stark Industries researchers in Africa, and then meets with Colonel . After being attacked by HYDRA assassins Stark agrees to join Col Phillip's newly created Strategic Science Reserve.
  • takes part in an test involving Erskine and his which turns Schmidt into what would become known as the Red Skull. ()







  • Rogers invades a castle in the Nazi occupied Danish Straits. The castle is controlled by Nazi special weapons unit HYDRA. Here Cap fights a Nazi wearing an arc reactor powered battle suit, as well as an arc powered tank. Schmidt attempts to destroy them by using a mystical Viking runestone, but Rogers slows the relic from exploding to allow time for the Commandos to escape. ()
  • Rogers boards and captures the HYDRA submarine Leviathan. ()
  • Stark was ordered by General of the US Army to design a gas that would keep soldiers awake for days. However, his experiments failed. The final product, which he named the Midnight Oil, caused symptoms similar to sleep deprivation, anger, hallucinations, and psychosis. Stark decided not to hand it over to the Army. However, General McGinnis had other plans, stealing the gas which his soldiers dropped on the Soviet troops near the German town of Finow, hoping to help them crush the German defenses. The gas turned the soldiers into bloodthirsty savages, and hundreds of them killed each other. A day later, Stark arrived at Finow and saw the carnage. He returned from there distressed and began construction of his vault in his mansion. ( "")
  • Fennhoff and three other men are captured by Leviathan and forced to join their organization. One of the men refused and was killed along with his family. ( "")


  • After falling off a moving train while attempting to capture , is presumed dead. ()
  • Barnes is later recovered by HYDRA for the "Winter Soldier" program. ()
  • Captain America and US forces raid a base. The is disintegrated when he touches the . ()
  • The Tesserect falls into the ocean. crashes into the arctic, where he is frozen in suspended animation. He is presumed dead. (, Nick Fury’s Big Week Prologue)
  • recovers the , while searching for Steve. ()
  • Peggy Carter leads a raiding party of Strategic Scientific Reserve troops, with Dum Dum Dugan and Jim Morita, into a HYDRA Storage Facility run by Reinhardt. While there, she confiscates the alien corpse and labelled the first , an Obelisk devastating to touch. ( "")
  • Reinhardt is held prisoner in an SSR facility known as "the Rat" awaiting to be interrogated by Agent Carter. Dr. Reinhardt tries to strike a deal with the SSR, offering his services as a scientist to them in exchange for his freedom, but Agent Carter refuses his offer due to the horrors he kept in his lab. Reinhardt reveals to Agent Carter that the basis of his studies stem from a story from the East about "blue angels" falling from the sky to save humanity. ( "")
  • Agent Carter begins another interrogation of Dr. Reinhardt. He again offers his services to the SSR, citing the deals the organization recently struck with other HYDRA scientists. Agent Carter again refuses, puts him back in his cell, and tells him no one will be coming for him any more. ( "")


  • Dr. Werner Reinhardt uses the Diviner to experiment on prisoners. The first is killed, but the second, a , survives and activates the Diviner. While Dr. Reinhardt is expressing his curiosity on how she could survive touching the item, one of his subordinates informs him of the Red Skull's demise. ( "")


  • Under the alias Ida Emke, Dottie Underwood dates Howard Stark, who took her to one of his vaults to impress her. Stark told Underwood that he had even more inventions that would impress her in his mansion. ( "")


  • mourns Steve Rogers' death and returns to work for the in New York City. The S.S.R. investigates industrialist Howard Stark, who has disappeared, for apparently selling weapons to US enemies. ( "")
  • Stark reaches out to Carter, and asks her to help him clear his name. Before he leaves, he tells her about his formula for molecular nitramine that is going to be sold at a club. ( "")
  • Infiltrating the club in disguise, Carter learns that the formula has been weaponized. Carter shows a nitramine bomb to Stark Industries scientist Dr. , who deduces that it came from a Roxxon Oil refinery. ( "")
  • Carter and Stark's butler, , investigate the refinery, where they encounter . Brannis, who works for "Leviathan", escapes with a truck full of the nitramine weapons. Before leaving, Brannis drops a weapon that destroys the entire building as Carter and Jarvis escape. ( "")
  • Peggy Carter searches for the truck with the weapons and learns of its location. ( "")
  • The S.S.R. agents interrogate , while Agent learns of the truck's location as well. ( "")
  • Carter and Jarvis find the truck and Brannis. They are attacked by who works for Leviathan, the organization that Brannis has betrayed. Carter fights the man, who still manages to mortally wound Brannis. The truck careens off a cliff, and the weapons inside implode. Before he dies, Brannis draws a symbol in the dirt. ( "")
  • S.S.R. agents , and Sousa later arrive to find woman's footprints and a hotel key. ( "")
  • Agent , sifting through the remains of the Roxxon refinery, finds the license plate for Stark's car that Jarvis was using. ( "")
  • Thompson and Sousa bring Jarvis in for interrogation, and the former threatens him with revealing a former treason charge to the immigration office. Peggy feigning ignorance botches the interrogation to get Jarvis out, and receives a stern reprimand from Dooley. ( "")
  • Jarvis and Peggy follow the sewer system below Howard's vault, through which Brannis took the stolen technology, to the docks where they find the weapons on board The Heartbreak, a ship with Brannis' symbol on it. Jarvis telephones the S.S.R. anonymously giving their location to Sousa, while Peggy fights who had been working with Brannis. She and Jarvis are forced to leave Zandow behind as the S.S.R. arrives. ( "")
  • While being transported back to S.S.R. headquarters by Krzemenski, Zandow is about to identify Carter as the woman interfering with the Stark investigation, when an unidentified assassin kills them both. ( "")
  • The next morning, Peggy comes in to work to see everyone sombre and sullen. She sees the flowers on Krzeminski's desk. Sousa is bothered that the anonymous tip came to SSR directly and thinks it means they were targeted. Dooley addresses everyone, reminding them Krzeminski's death is Howard Stark's fault. ( "")
  • After learning that Brannis and the Leviathan attacker, Sasha Demidov, were supposed to have died during the Battle of Finow, Dooley travels to Germany to speak with the Nazi colonel who lead the opposing forces, and though he doesn't learn how Brannis and Demidov survived, Dooley does discover that their Russian forces were seemingly massacred before the Nazis even arrived. With Carter's only job to collect lunch orders, she meets up with Howard, who has secretly returned in the wake of his technology's discovery. Looking at photographs Peggy takes of the weapons, he identifies one of them as the Blitzkrieg Button, which he claims can cause a permanent blackout throughout the city. However, a suspicious Peggy opens the device to find a vial of Steve Rogers' blood. Angry at Howard for lying to her, she hides the vial. Otto Mink, the criminal who smuggled Howard into New York, but was scammed out of his money by Peggy and Jarvis, follows Carter back to her apartment, but he is killed by her new neighbor Dottie Underwood. On the street, Jarvis admits to Peggy that he knew and regrets his part. When she leaves, Jarvis sits next to Howard at shoe shine stand and blames him for taking Peggy for granted. At SSR, Sousa stares at the photo of the mystery blonde from the nightclub then starts coloring the blonde hair in brown. Dooley returns to the office, Thompson reports that one day after the non-battle a plane landed at the nearby airport and that Howard Stark was one of the passengers. Dooley smells conspiracy. Back at the Griffith, Peggy cranks up her radio and starts hammering away at the plaster in her walls. Next door, with Mr. Mink dead under Dottie bed. Peggy hides the Blitzkrieg device with Steve's blood inside in her wall behind a painting. At SSR, Dooley is reviewing the files when suddenly the long-range typewriter starts tapping. ( )
  • Peggy's neighbor Dottie begins her day with rigorous sit-ups. Then she puts on a giggly face and has breakfast with Peggy. Dottie "accidentally" knocks over Peggy's purse and swipes her keys. Jarvis finds Peggy at a newsstand and tries again to apologize. Peggy is still angry at Howard Stark for using her to get Steve's blood. Jarvis asks if she honestly thinks her male colleagues will ever give her a chance. At SSR HQ, it's a beehive of activity following the long-range typewriter spitting out a message. A code breaker is having no luck with it, but Peggy decodes it quickly and finds map coordinates and a message setting a time to exchange a purchase. It references Leviathan and a havoc reactor. The message ends with saying the payment is for Howard Stark. Peggy has to argue with Chief Dooley to get to go on the mission to Russia, where she spent three years during the war. Agent Thompson argues against her going, and Dooley is about to agree. Peggy suggests she can get the 107th regiment, who know the terrain better than anyone, and Dooley agrees to let her go if she can. She does with one phone call. Dooley sends her in a team with Thompson and two other agents to the map coordinates she deciphered. Arriving there and teaming up with the Howling Commandos, led by Dum Dum Dugan. They find a Soviet military complex which seems to be a training site for children to infiltrate the United States as sleeper agents. Back in New York, Agent Dooley meets with a reporter to learn more about the Battle of Finau, in which 247 Russians died. He says Stark was there for the clean-up. He picked a fight with General McGuinness and lost badly, but McGuinness resigned a week later. McGuinness died a few months ago. A week after that, Stark cut all ties with the army and walked away from a huge contract. He suggests SSR doesn't have the full story about Howard Stark. During the mission, she and Thompson reach an understanding as she proves her value in the field, and helps Thompson deal with his own insecurities with being back in the line of fire. Back home, Dottie revealed to be a product of the same training site breaks into Peggy's apartment and finds the photos she took of the inventory of Stark's weapons, Dooley realizes there is more to the manhunt against Stark, and Sousa begins to suspect that the mysterious blonde might be Peggy. ( )
  • At SSR, Ivchenko tells Agent Dooley about Leviathan. Peggy peppers him with questions about the young girls trained to kill until Dooley hauls her out of the room. She thinks one of those girls grew up and killed Agent Krezminski. The gun that was used was Russian, and small, best suited to a woman's grip. A woman is also the most plausible explanation for how Howard Stark was manipulated. Dooley shocks Carter by telling her to investigate her hunch. Peggy and Jarvis investigate the women that Stark has been involved with over the last six months, believing that a female Leviathan operative may have been used against Stark and to kill Krzeminski, but their search is unsuccessful. Sousa reveals to Dooley that Carter is an apparent traitor, and all agents are tasked with tracking her down. They eventually corner her and Jarvis, but Carter fights them off. During the commotion, Dr. Ivchenko, who is actually working for Leviathan, hypnotizes Agent Yauch, who reveals that only Dooley can access Stark's weapons. Yauch shows Ivchenko how to get out of the S.S.R., before Ivchenko forces him to commit suicide. Peggy retrieves Steve's blood from her apartment. As she tries to escape the building, she is knocked out by Dottie, but not before realizing that she is the Leviathan operative. Dottie is about to kill Peggy when Thompson and Sousa arrive. She feigns ignorance, and the agents arrest Peggy. ( )
  • Peggy undergoes interrogation by her former colleagues at the S.S.R. After some time Jarvis appears with a signed confession from Stark, in which he promises to surrender if Peggy is released without charge. Jarvis then confesses to Carter that the document is fake, and she is angry at him for ruining her chances of release. However, Carter spots Dr. Ivchenko communicating in Morse code with Dottie across the street. Carter decides to reveal the truth to Dooley, Sousa and Thompson in order to gain their trust and stop an impending attack. Dooley eventually decides to trust Carter and dispatches Sousa and Thompson to find Dottie while he watches over Dr. Ivchenko. Alone with Dooley, Ivchenko manages to hypnotize him and has him lock Jarvis and Carter in an interrogation room. Ivchenko and Dooley then head to the S.S.R.'s labs to steal an item from the collection of Stark weapons. Meanwhile, Sousa confronts Dottie, but she manages to escape, killing another S.S.R. agent in the process. Ivchenko, now in possession of one of Stark's weapons, hands Dooley an experimental armor vest to wear. Ivchenko then leaves the S.S.R. and is picked up by Dottie. Thompson frees Carter and Jarvis, and the three of them find the hypnotized Dooley in his office wearing the vest. They manage to rouse him, but Jarvis reveals the vest is temperamental and will explode with no way to deactivate it. Left with little choice, Dooley steals Thompson's sidearm, shoots out a window, and jumps moments before the device detonates, killing him but leaving the S.S.R. offices mostly intact. Having escaped from Sousa and Thompson, Dottie arrives at a crowded cinema with a baby carriage containing a gas cylinder, which she activates before leaving and locking the door behind her. The gas makes many in the audience begin to cough loudly before they become maniacal and begin to attack each other violently. An usher arrives with some latecomers, unlocks the door and reveals the entire audience is bloody and dead, causing the usher to scream. ( )
  • Following the massacre at the cinema, Howard Stark enters the S.S.R. where he reveals to Peggy Carter, Edwin Jarvis, Jack Thompson, and Daniel Sousa that the gas in question was the Midnight Oil which was a failed experiment that was used to kill the Russian soldiers with Johann Fennhoff, Ivchenko's real name, a survivor bent on revenge. Hearing that Howard Stark has been exonerated, Fennhoff orchestrates Howard's capture at a press conference and brainwashes him to distribute the Midnight Oil on Times Square from the air during V-3. Arriving at Howard's location, Jarvis follows a brainwashed Howard into the air while Peggy fights Dottie which ends with the assassin falling out the window. Fennhoff knocks out Thompson and tries to brainwash Sousa only to be defeated by him since he was wearing earplugs. After Howard was broken free from the brainwashing, Johann was gagged and arrested while Dottie is shown to have gotten away. After leaving the S.S.R., Howard give one of his penthouses to Peggy and Angie to live in, Peggy learns from Jarvis that Howard decided to destroy his inventions as he gives her the vial of Steve's blood. Peggy later dumps the vial's contents in the river, finally able to move on with her life. Meanwhile, at a prison, a special gagged Dr. Fennhoff meets his cellmate Arnim Zola who gives the Russian scientist a pencil and paper so they can exchange ideas. ( )


  • Chief Jack Thompson and Agent of the SSR apprehend Soviet spy . Newly appointed Chief of the Los Angeles SSR office meets with Detective Andrew Henry, who has discovered a woman's body in a frozen lake during a heat wave. Sousa, doubting his inexperienced subordinates, asks Thompson for backup—Carter is sent. An autopsy shows that the body glows in the dark, likely caused by Isodyne Energy's particle accelerator. Carter learns from Isodyne scientist Jason Wilkes that the woman was a physicist there who had an affair with Isodyne owner and prospective senator Calvin Chadwick. Underwood is taken into FBI custody, with Thompson's mentor Vernon Masters warning him that the SSR will soon be replaced by a new, peace-time organization. Henry attempts to kill Wilkes, but is killed himself by a police officer; Henry and the officer were hired to cover up the murder by Chadwick and his actress wife Whitney Frost following the former's affair. ( )
  • Calvin Chadwick meets with the secretive , who shut down his Zero Matter program due to its seeming lack of results, and want him to focus on his senatorial ambitions. Chadwick informs Frost, who is the true brains behind the program while struggling with her acting due to sexism in Hollywood. Jason Wilkes meets with Peggy to help with her investigation, though he is hesitant to turn on Isodyne the only company willing to hire him as a black man. Wilkes explains that Isodyne had attempted to replicate the success of the Manhattan Project and in doing so had discovered Zero Matter. The frozen woman must have come into physical contact with it, though its effects are not limited to that. Carter and Wilkes agree to steal the Zero Matter, but at Isodyne find Council agents destroying the program. Wilkes gets to the Zero Matter, where he is confronted by Frost, who is there to steal it herself. They are exposed to the substance in the ensuing scuffle, leaving Wilkes presumed dead and Frost having absorbed Zero Matter. ( )
  • At Frost's behest, Chadwick frames Wilkes as a communist spy who had infiltrated Isodyne and attempted to destroy it. Thompson comes to Los Angeles to 'clean-up' the situation at the invitation of Masters, and when Peggy enlists the help of to investigate the Arena Club—whose membership pin was borne by the Council agents and discovers but is unable to prove that the Council has blackmailed Chadwick's senatorial competitor into dropping out of the race, Thompson sends her home. Peggy 'misses' her flight, and after confronting Frost unsuccessfully, is attacked by a Council hitman, barely fending him off. Investigating a gravitational anomaly around Carter, Howard discovers Wilkes alive but temporarily invisible and non-corporeal, and goes in search of his mentor for help in restoring Wilkes's physical body. Frost accidentally kills her sexist director with her new Zero Matter abilities, and Masters introduces Thompson to Chadwick to celebrate the latter's now guaranteed-senatorship. Thompson realizes that Carter was right. ( )
  • Peggy and Jarvis kidnap Hunt in an attempt to learn more about the Council. After getting names of members of the Council and locations of transcripts of their meetings, Peggy and Sousa prepare the SSR to infiltrate the Arena Club, but are stopped by Masters. They let a bugged Rufus Hunt escape, and he attempts to blackmail Chadwick in exchange for protection. Displeased with the mess he was causing, Frost absorbs Hunt, revealing her abilities to Chadwick. ( )
  • Dr.Wilkes becomes drawn to the Zero Matter in a sample of Scott's body, and temporarily regains his physical body while discovering the location of Scott's after absorbing the small amount of the substance. Carter and Jarvis attempt to steal Scott's body, hoping that the rest of the Zero Matter within it will restore Wilkes permanently, but arrive to see Frost taking the Zero Matter for herself, before convincing Chadwick to help her steal an atomic bomb from the Council so she can replicate the original discovery of Zero Matter. They seek help from Frost's ex-boyfriend Joseph Manfredi, a crime lord, who gives them men for the job in exchange for Chadwick's influence in the media. Peggy, Jarvis, Sousa and some SSR allies break into the Roxxon facility holding the bombs and disable them before Frost can reach them. Peggy confronts Frost but is seriously injured, as Sousa helps her he accidentally reveals to his new fiance that he is in love with Carter. Dr. Wilkes comforts Carter as she recuperates, until his form appears to fade away. ( )
  • Desperate to stabilize himself before he is completely drawn away, Dr.Wilkes designs a containment chamber for himself, but requires more Zero Matter. Peggy realizes that Frost is now the only source of Zero Matter, but is still too injured to get it herself. Instead, she breaks Underwood out of prison, sending her to one of Chadwick's charity events with Jarvis. The event is a cover for a Council meeting, with Chadwick having convinced them to see Frost they usually never speak with outsiders, let alone women. Masters and Thompson are also at the event, Jarvis distracts Thompson while Underwood collects the Zero Matter from Frost, using a device designed by Wilkes. Sousa accidentally reveals to Carter that his fiance left him due to his feelings for her. Dottie eavesdrops on the Council meeting, watching as Chadwick betrays Frost and has her restrained. Frost destroys Chadwick and half of the Council, and proclaims herself leader of the remaining Council members. Masters and Thompson capture Underwood for Frost. ( )
  • Frost and the Council cover up her murder of Chadwick and the other Council members, and Frost makes Manfredi her second-in-command. With the help of Jarvis's wife Ana, Wilkes uses the Zero Matter and containment chamber to restore his physical form, though he knows he cannot leave the chamber for long. Masters tries to interrogate Underwood, before Frost reassigns him to finding the uranium that Peggy and company stole from the Roxxon bombs. Frost interrogates Dottie herself, using her abilities, and learns that Carter wanted the Zero Matter because of Wilkes and his condition. Frost sets a trap, luring Peggy and Jarvis away from Wilkes. Masters attempts to get Sousa to cooperate in getting the uranium, and when he refuses, has men attack him at home, forcing Sousa to take leave Masters takes over SSR L.A. Frost and Manfredi kidnap Wilkes, with Frost hoping to help and study him. To slow down Carter's pursuit of them, Frost shoots Ana, and while Carter and Jarvis are focused on saving Ana, Underwood escapes. ( )
  • Frost tells Wilkes that if he accepts the power of the Zero Matter within him then he will be able to control it. Peggy and Sousa meet with Frost, giving her fake uranium in exchange for Wilkes. Frost soon realizes the ruse, and pursues them. Wilkes, learning to control his abilities and change between corporeal and non-corporeal states, turns on Carter, demanding that Sousa reveal the location of the real uranium. Sousa directs him to a vault at the SSR. Ana survives surgery, but loses the ability to have children. Thompson overhears Frost telling Masters to retrieve the uranium, but is incapacitated by Masters. Peggy and Sousa join Thompson, and, along with Jarvis and a new gamma cannon courtesy of Howard, travel to the Isodyne atomic testing area. Wilkes is sucked into a rift created by the now armed atomic bomb, but the cannon closes the rift and returns Wilkes, now full of Zero Matter. A revenge-seeking Jarvis shoots Frost, but she survives due to her Zero Matter. Jarvis and Peggy are taken hostage by Manfredi's men. ( )
  • Peggy and Jarvis escape capture while Thompson and Sousa return to the SSR. Manfredi sets up a new lab for Frost in an abandoned facility, where she begins trying to take all of Wilkes' Zero Matter for herself. Thompson convinces Masters to use the gamma cannon against Frost, then visits Frost, warning her of Masters' treachery and offering to turn on him in exchange for a seat on the Council. Thompson then turns on Peggy and Sousa, delaying them, as he actually intends to remote detonate the cannon to kill Frost, Masters, and Wilkes. Thompson turns Masters over to Frost, but the SSR manage to jam his detonator signal before he can detonate the cannon. Peggy tries to get Wilkes out of the building, but he refuses to leave knowing what he has become. Thompson holds the others at gunpoint until his signal is un-jammed, though Peggy is still unwilling for Wilkes to die. As Frost begins killing Masters, he notices that the cannon is being activated. However, Wilkes finds them then, and unleashes all the Zero Matter from within himself. ( )
  • Frost absorbs the Zero Matter released from Wilkes, who is rescued by Peggy, as Howard returns and aids in their escape. Thompson finds in Masters' possession a supposedly incriminating file on Carter and a secret Council key. Manfredi becomes concerned with Frost's behavior, and her new obsession with opening another rift, this time with a machine of her own design. He meets with Stark—an old friend of his—and the others, and agrees to distract Frost while Peggy and Sousa photograph the blueprints for Frost's machine, which Howard and Wilkes build themselves. They open a new rift, and Frost is drawn to it. They use the gamma cannon to knock the Zero Matter from her, into the other dimension. Frost is left insane from her time controlled by the Zero Matter, and is placed in a mental asylum. Thompson gives the secret key to Carter, who is convinced to stay in Los Angeles to be with Sousa. Thompson prepares to return to New York, but is shot in his hotel room. the shooter takes the file on Peggy. ( )


  • works for Agent . She gains intel of the location of the criminal organization known as . ()
  • Carter infiltrates the Zodiac base, takes out the Zodiac members single handed and is able to retrieve the serum. ()
  • Agent Flynn reprimands Peggy for not going through the proper procedures. ()
  • Howard Stark recruits Agent Carter to co-run the newly created . ()
  • During Operation Paperclip, is recruited to S.H.I.E.L.D., he used that opportunity to secretly rebuild . ()
  • In the care of the newly recreated HYDRA now working underneath S.H.I.E.L.D.'s nose, Barnes underwent further experimentation at the hands of Arnim Zola and various other doctors. Removing the remnants of his severed arm, the doctors replaced the missing limb with a prosthetic one. Bucky was also subjected to multiple mind control methods to keep him under their command. Over time, Bucky would lose all memory of his former life and became nothing more than a weapon. ()




  • is born in Boston, Massachusetts.


  • deports as a spy. Howard Stark took credit for all Arc Reactor research. Vanko returns to the Soviet Union, but because Anton couldn’t develop the technology on his own and was exiled to Siberia. (, )



  • During the Cold War, Fury was sent on a mission to Russia. ()
  • is born in Russia.
  • is born in Manhattan, New York.
  • A a group of radicals in the Soviet-controlled East Berlin discover a piece of HYDRA technology. ()
  • The leaders of S.H.I.E.L.D. send an agent to Berlin and stop the radicals from reverse-engineering the HYDRA technology. ()
  • confronts S.H.I.E.L.D. Consultant about giving S.H.I.E.L.D. his Ant-Man Suit. Pym is unwilling to give his suit to anyone else, so Agent convinces him to go to Berlin personally. ()
  • In Berlin, Pym successfully crossed the Berlin Wall only to be spotted by a guard dog. Pym manages to escape by jumping on an anti-personnel device which then fired him to safety. He made his way into the radicals' headquarters by controlling a flying ant. He discovered that the group had not even built the device yet. He heard screams and found a group of HYDRA scientists torturing a prisoner. Hank intervened and defeated them, liberating the prisoner in the process. ()
  • At the S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters, Stark thanked Pym and told him that was his last mission but Pym refused, realizing there were more problems in the world. Still only trusting himself to wear the Ant-Man suit, Pym decides to continue to do field missions. ()
  • borrows money from to fund his campaign for a seat on the Third District Council. ( "")
  • gets bullied by who has been knocking down Bill's campaign signs. ( "")
  • Bill Fisk beats Bernie Walker and forces Wilson to kick him while he's down. ( "")
  • Bill Fisk starts to beat his wife, , after forcing Wilson to think about his future. Wilson kills his father with a hammer. ( "")
  • Marlene and Wilson get rid of Bill's body. ( "")


  • Arnim Zola dies, though his mind continued to live in cyberspace, from which he was able to provide easy passage into the agency for HYDRA sleeper agents that either managed to escape justice during the war or were corrupted from within. ()




  • is born.
  • visited Earth to plant one of his seeds in the woods of Missouri. He met human and awed her almost instantly, under the guise of a "spaceman". Ego and Meredith had conceived a child who had inherit Ego's Celestial DNA, becoming the first successful offspring of Ego's to do so. Ego then realized that he was genuinely falling in love with Meredith and that it would put him off-task to stay on Earth with her instead of forwarding his plans to conquer the galaxy. Because of this he deliberately, yet reluctantly, caused a cancer inside Meredith's genes.
  • is born in Missouri.
  • took in and raised and to be devoted, deadly assassins. (")
  • graduates MIT at the top of his class.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. investigate what happened in the Bermunda Triangle. ( )


  • is born in Hell's Kitchen, New York.




  • goes subatomic to defuse a Soviet missile and is assumed dead. ()



  • 2nd


  • leaves in an attempt to protect his from ever being used by anyone other than himself. ()
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. director frees Werner Reinhardt, officially saying that budget cuts were necessary. took Reinhardt to his old headquarters. ( "")
  • A group of HYDRA operatives raided the village in the Hunan Province and abducted the elders, including Jiaying. ( "")
  • Reinhardt inspects the Chinese Elders finding Jiaying unaged after so many years. Reinhardt experiments on Jiaying. Taking her bodily fluids and DNA, Reinhardt used them to get a transfusion that restored his youth. Agent Hauer was told to dispose of her remains. ( "")
  • Jiaying's body was found by Cal, who swore vengeance, driving him into a state of sociopathic rage. ( "")
  • While Cal butchered the HYDRA agents in search of his daughter, Daisy was found by a S.H.I.E.L.D. team was sent in to investigate the massacre. Designating the infant as an 0-8-4, the team was quickly killed off by Cal, prompting S.H.I.E.L.D. to send in a second team consisting of , , and three other agents. They found the infant sleeping in the arms of the dead lead agent. Cal's father continued to search for his daughter, relentless in his search. ( "")



  • and his wife are killed by HYDRA using the Winter Soldier. Their deaths were publicly reported as a car accident. (, , , , )
  • At age 21, inherits becoming the youngest C.E.O. of a Fortune 500 company. In addition to the company’s numerous military contracts, Stark Industries also does pioneering work in medical technology and in combating world hunger with their Intelli-Crops program. In the process, Stark becomes something of a media celebrity and a self-glorified capitalist. ()
  • watches his father, , boxing and patches up the wounds after the fight. ( "")
  • Matt Murdock is blinded by chemicals after saving a man from being killed in a crash. ( "")
  • Matt Murdock learns to read Braille. ( "")
  • Matt Murdock overhears and fixing Jack's fight with . ( "")
  • Jack Murdock places a bet on himself winning against Creel. ( "")
  • Battlin' Jack Murdock knocks Carl "Crusher" Creel out. ( "")
  • Jack Murdock is killed for disobeying his orders. ( "")
  • Matt Murdock is sent to . ( "")


  • King learns of his young brother's actions with . He confronts N'Jobu in Oakland, who becomes angry and threatens to kill T'Chaka's loyal friend, . T'Chaka reluctantly kills N'Jobu to save Zuri, and abandons N'Jobu's son in order to prevent the Wakandan people from learning the truth. ()
  • Matt Murdock is found by and mentored in how to harness his senses and fight. ( "")
  • Stick leaves Matt after he shows affection for him, when he gifting him a bracelet. ( "")
  • Project Deathlok begins development with John Garrett being its first subject. ( "")
  • meets while an undergrad at Harvard. They begin dating and at one point volunteer for an experiment involving hallucinogenics. ()
  • After returning to the United States, the members of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team who recovered start to be eliminated. To ensure her safety, the baby was dropped off by Linda Avery at the Saint Agnes Orphanage, who gave her the name Mary Sue Poots. ( "")
  • Arrangements are made for to be moved to different foster homes to keep her safe. ( "")
  • is imprisoned for fifteen years for selling Soviet era, weapons grade plutonium to Pakistan. ()
  • revives the Super Soldier Program to make humans immune to . ()
  • Dr. and join the group at Culver University in Willowdale, VA in south-western Virginia working on way to strengthen cellular resistance to radiation. ()
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Akela Amador led a team into one of the Gulag's run by Vanchat, where she was captured and lost an eye and the rest of her team was killed. ( "")
  • Thanos sent Nebula to find , but she failed on her mission, losing her arm in the process. (")



  • Since she didn't like her legal name, Mary Sue Poots gives herself the name Skye. When she grew up and became a computer expert, she deleted all official records on her "Mary Sue Poots" identity. ( "")



  • 31st



  • 1st
    • waited for Stark, but was left waiting. Killian decided to continue his experiments in Extremis alone, without Stark's backing. (
  • Phil Coulson does a mission in Peru. ( "")


2002 - 2008

  • is born in Queens.
  • Akela Amador spends four years caged in a copper mine in the Shanxi Province. Amador's jailers performed multiple types of surgery on Amador, eventually installing a bionic eye in her head. Through this eye, she received instructions for jobs she was to perform. At first, she ignored the instructions, but found that she experienced great pain if she did. ( "")
  • A accident transformed scientist into the . During his ensuing rampage, Banner hospitalizes his then lover, , General Ross' daughter. Banner goes on the run from General , who wants to use Banner's power as a weapon. ()
  • Nick Fury meets with Banner in a bar, to see what he can do and in attempt to find a Super Soldier for themselves. Hulk escapes the bar. After this encounter, Fury declares that everything else including Banner is secondary, and that General Ross is who they must deal with. ()
  • HYDRA's personal assassin, the Winter Soldier is sent to kill a nuclear scientist. He found his target being escorted by KGB Agent, Natasha Romanoff. Without hesitation, he attacked his target, sending him and Romanoff over a cliff. Finding Romanoff saved the target from falling to his death, the Winter Soldier fired a single round through Romanoff's stomach and into the scientist, effectively killing him. He then made his getaway without pursuit. ()
  • While Bruce Banner was on the run, he hid on a truck heading to Canada where he was arrested by the police as the truck was passing by the borders, Banner ended up transforming into the Hulk and causing a lot of mess. ()
  • Intergalactic criminal duo and arrive at the Hub in search of work. There, they are hired by Stygian crimelord to hunt down the local Scalluscs. ()
  • A price is put on Rocket's head by a bounty hunter who had enough of Rocket and Groot taking all the bounties, this caused Groot to turn against Rocket. Betrayed Rocket tries to get away, when he meets face to face with the man who started the manhunt. The man reveals to Rocket why he did it and Groot overhears. Groot bursts into the room and scares the bounty hunter into cancelling the manhunt for Rocket. ()
  • Skye became obsessed with finding out the truth about her parents and eventually she ran away and joined the Rising Tide, a computer activist group. Skye and the Rising Tide shared certain beliefs about the freedom and accessibility of information. It was through the Rising Tide, that Skye bonded and became involved with master hacker Miles Lydon. ( "")


  • Melinda May, Phil Coulson and a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were dispatched on an "Index Asset Evaluation and Intake" (or "Welcome Wagon") mission to Manama, Bahrain, investigating a newly discovered powered individual named . ( "")
  • When a civilian girl and several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were being held by the followers (or worshippers) of the "Gifted" individual they had come to investigate, Melinda May took it upon herself to solve the problem. May went in by herself without a weapon and "crossed off" the enemy force, rescuing the agents. The incident earned May the nick-name "The Cavalry" within S.H.I.E.L.D., a designation she despises. ( "")
  • Melinda May withdrew from combat duty, retreating to a desk-bound administrative position within the S.H.I.E.L.D. bureaucracy. ( "")
  • was an electrical engineer who worked for Vistacorp, but when he find out that the company was deceiving customers, he got into the system and after being caught he was fired. Now, despite the misgivings of his wife Maggie, Scott plans to seek justice by stealing this company and return their funds to the people. However, while he is doing "Justice" he turns out to be distracted (starts eating, crashes a car into the pool...) and he's caught by the police, ending in prison, trapped in a jail yard fight. ()



  • Nick Fury started Project T.A.H.I.T.I. and put Coulson as its director. Located within the Guest House, the scientists assigned to the project used the decaying Kree corpse , so they could drain it of its bodily fluids and turn them into powerful drugs. ( "")
  • A drug called the was created with the capability to repair the injured tissue and cure deadly diseases. ( "")
  • Coulson chose six agents who were dying of terminal illnesses to test the drug on. At first, the drug appeared to work but the patients started to speak gibberish and write strange symbols on anything including their bodies. ( "")
  • Coulson resigned from his position as Director of after seeing how the side effects on test subjects were too extreme, recommending that the project be shutdown and the alien corpse be destroyed. ( "")
  • Coulson had the patients' memories erased and gave them new identities, giving them a chance at a normal life. ( "")



  • contacts , leader of a terrorist cell, and offers him Stark weapons in exchange for the capture and execution of .
  • demonstrates his system in Afghanistan, where he is kidnapped by . They forced him to build version of Jericho for them. He instead builds an miniaturized that protects his heart, from the shrapnel embedded inside his chest, and powered a suit of armor. ()
  • Nick Fury and Phil Coulson start to watch over Tony Stark after his capture, afraid that he could end up being a threat. ( )
  • Stark builds the armor with the help of while being held captive. ()


  • On June 25, begins work on Extremis, using it on various people with missing limbs and disabilities. ()


  • escapes using his prototype. During the escape, Yinsen is killed and Stark learns the terrorist cell was armed with weapons created by . Dismayed, Stark returns to the US and announces he will no longer make weapons. ()



  • develops and Iron Man suits. Stark tests his weapon system on a terrorist cell and learns friend and Stark Industries business partner supplied weapons to the terrorists. ()
  • retrieves the remains of the armor from a cell. ()
  • , Tony's friend and secretary, learns that Stane had arranged Tony's kidnapping. Pepper contacts agent for help. ()
  • has a group of scientists build the armor, based on the designs of the Iron Man armor. When his researchers can't build a miniaturized to power the suit, he visits and takes the arc reactor used to power Tony's heart, almost killing him. ()
  • attacks and agents with his armor. fights Stane who is later killed by Pepper. ()
  • Coulson reveals to Stark and Rhodey that there will be press conference about the battle with Stane. ()
  • At a press conference the day following his showdown with , rejects 's constructed alibi for the events of the previous evening and reveals to the world that he is . ()
  • dies in poverty in Moscow. His son, , vows revenge on . He begins building his own portable to power his . ()
  • Fury orders Agent Coulson to recruit Mr. Hendricks to S.H.I.E.L.D. ()
  • heads into the Rio De Janeiro favela known as Rocinha, to find a way to clandestinely contact , professor in Cellular Biology Department at NYC's Grayburn College on the Upper East Side, for help in developing a cure. They communicate using codenames of "Mr. Blue" and "Mr. Green." ()
  • is confronted by about the "." Stark declines, and Fury calls in . ()


  • As Tony was heading to meeting on Gorani Insurance, an Officer tells Tony that there was a Museum robbery, Tony then finds the robbers, defeats them and returns the paintings. ()
  • As some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents discovered the Ten Rings cell control in a vessel, Iron Man arrived on the scene and destroyed the cell control and defeated some members of the Ten Rings. Before leaving, he recorded an conversation that a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent had with Fury. ()
  • Nick Fury keeps watching over Stark. (')
  • With Tony Stark getting worse, have General Ross and work on a new weapon named the Aerodynamic Marvel. ()
  • The Aerodynamic Marvel gets shot down. Stark saves the pilot and meets with General Ross and warned him that if he heard about another innocent being put in harm's way there would be consequences. ()
  • After Stark saved the pilot, Coulson believed that Tony may have finally figured out the role he could play at S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury decides that they will keep watching Stark. ()
  • Fury had the Black Widow get a job on Stark Industries under the alias of Natalie Rushman for get closer to Stark. ()


  • as manages to bring about a period of relative peace and is credited by some press as having stabilized East-West relations. Stark realizes that the core of his is slowly poisoning him. He begins searching for a cure but keeps his condition a secret. ()
  • The is opened with plans to run for one year. ()
  • accidentally drops his blood into a soft drink bottle, allowing to track Banner down, forcing him to flee back to the United States. ()
  • appears before the Senate Armed Services Committee's Weaponized Suit Defense Program Hearings chaired by Pennsylvania . Stern pushes Stark to turn the and technology over to the military but Stark refuses. Stern calls , C.E.O. of Hammer Industries and Lt. to testify against Tony. Tony testifies that although other countries, including North Korea and Iran are working to replicate the technology, they are years away from being able to do so. He also reveals that Hammer Industries have also had their share of lack-of-success, leading to the cancellation of Hammer Industries' contacts with the Department of Defense. ()
  • promotes to Director of . ()
  • is sent by to monitor under the alias of Natalie Rushman. ()
  • is attacked by in . ()
  • The next day, escapes prison and is hired by to build based on the . That night, sees the extent of Tony's intoxication. ()

May (Fury's Big Week)

  • Day 1
    • Fifteen days after the bottle factory incident, reports that cleared customs and detects an atmospheric disturbance. hears that has seventy-two hours until his death and asks for scientists to find a cure to the toxicity. (Fury's Big Week)
    • begins working on . That night, after drunkenly wields the Iron Man suit at his birthday party, friend and Colonel takes the armor, briefly fights Stark, then leaves with the suit. ()
    • phones to tell him is losing control. Fury asks her to stay put and don't blow her cover. (Fury's Big Week)
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
    • At Stark's Mansion, watches video surveillance of and Intern , stationed at Puente Antiguo, New Mexico. Sharing with Fury this information about electromagnetic storms and the fact Foster just called , 's old colleague, Fury urges Coulson to get out to the desert. (Fury's Big Week)
    • arrives at Culver University to see and continue his research in hiding. ()
    • solves the problem with the when says goodbye and travels to New Mexico. That night, and fight and his at the . has arrested. infiltrates Hammer Industries and disables Vanko's control over , allowing Rhodes and Stark to defeat and kill Vanko. ()
    • Before the explosion of Hammer Industries, Romanoff hacks the mainframe and downloads what had been developing. (Fury's Big Week)
    • In , attack 's weapon vault during 's coronation. uses the to kill the attackers. As retribution, Thor and his friends travel to , nearly getting themselves killed. In response to his behavior, banishes Thor and his hammer to Earth. There, and detect the wormhole created by Thor's descent and locate Thor in New Mexico. ()
  • On the way to New Mexico, stops a burglary. ()
  • Day 4
    • Coulson gathers forces from Roswell outpost and direct them to Puente Antiguo. is called by Fury and assigned to New Mexico. (Fury's Big Week)
    • A civilian discovers . finds it shortly after and refers to Fury. Erik Selvig considers Thor a madman for his claims to be Thor but Jane intends to help him. Meanwhile, learns of his heritage. When falls into Odinsleep, Loki is given his spear and claims control over . On Earth, Coulson shuts down 's research lab. That night, breaks into the station to retrieve Mjølnir. makes his appearance watching over the break-in. Thor is captured and interrogated by Coulson. During his detention, Loki appears to Thor and tells him Odin has died. Minutes later, helps Thor escape, while Loki allies himself with . ()
    • In the meantime, Phil Coulson contacts Elliot Randolph for help in New Mexico. ( "")
    • brings Hammer data to Fury, who tells her Ross is about to make a move on at Culver University. He needs her to replace Sitwell, sent to New Mexico, on surveilling Banner. (Fury's Big Week)
    • That night, sees and meets him on a bridge, after what she gives him data concerning the Gamma Incident. Meanwhile, Captain is given the and tasked to capture . ()
  • Day 5
    • A task force including attacks at Culver University. Banner transforms into the , saving Betty and severely injuring Blonsky, then makes his escape. ()
    • Meanwhile, brings into the as a consultant. ()
    • allows and the , friends to , to travel to Earth, but sends the , then turns on and kills him moments before he is able to kill . Thor regains his power, defeats the Destroyer, and returns to . Thor battles Loki and destroys the . Refusing to atone for his sins, Loki allows himself to fall into the void of space. ()
    • finds the and phones Coulson to recover the “extraterrestrial object,” which is brought back to the Roswell Airbase. (Fury's Big Week)
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
    • In the morning, The asks Fury to “stop wasteful programs” like finding , coddling and maintaining surveillance on : funding, equipment and manpower will be dedicated to analysis of the in . In the afternoon, tries to dissuade from continuing research on Super-Soldiers and strongly suggests him to pull from the field. Ross refuses then leaves, “having a to catch.” Fury sends . (Fury's Big Week)
    • That night, attempts to cure . appears and captures Banner. then forces Sterns to inject him with Banner's blood, transforming him into . During the transformation, Sterns also becomes infected with a small amount of Banner's blood. ()
    • finds , brain-enhanced by 's blood. She shoots him in the knee to stop him from leaving the scene then asks for cleanup. (Fury's Big Week)
    • rampages across Harlem. becomes the , defeats Abomination, and escapes pursuit. ()
    • Fury asks the for an increase on budgetary allocations after the recent events: discovery of a new element perhaps useful for reigniting the , an alliance with and , the recovering of the , the concealing of Ross' Super-Soldier experiment, and the future recovering of , the only human being who saw the Tesseract in action. (Fury's Big Week)



  • Tony goes to Dubai and is attacked by a couple of Raiders. ()
  • Bruce Banner heads to Afghanistan, then Pakistan and then India and is attacked by some Mercenary Bandits. He becomes the Hulk and attacks them. ()
  • Natasha arrives in Moscow, Russia disguised as Tatiana Sokolova. She encounters and later defeats Sofia who was trying to take the name "Black Widow". ()
  • James Rhodes attempts to get to the bottom of the Ten Rings terrorist organization. ()
  • recruits and shows him the . is revealed in the reflection to be controlling Selvig. ()
  • With the destruction of the Bifrost, the balance on the Nine Realms starts to shift. ()
  • Jane Foster tries to find a way to open a wormhole from Earth to Asgard in hopes of bringing Thor back to Earth. ()




  • 's self-exile brings him into contact with who gives him knowledge not only of the , a cosmic cube left on earth, but also ancient knowledge of more potent magic as well. Thanos gives him a golden scepter with a blue gem that acted both as a weapon and as a mind control device. Thanos introduced Loki to the leader of the and the three formed a pact that would allow him to become ruler of the Earth. (, )
  • sees the meeting between Loki and Thanos, discovering that he was still alive. ()
  • completes the construction on and uses an as a power supply to have it power itself for over a year. ()
  • The begins to emit low levels of . arrives at the scene moments before travels through a portal generated by the Tesseract and assaults the base. Loki then posseses , and several Agents with the given to him by before escaping the facility with the Tesseract. Nick Fury proclaims that Earth is now at war and reactivates The . ()
  • interrogates . calls and tells her that has been compromised. ()
  • confirms that Loki is on Earth after the Tesseract. ()
  • sends to find and convince him to help them trace the traces given off by the , and sends to meet with to convice him to assist in finding the Tesseract. Meanwhile, Fury visits and gets him to join the . ()
  • contacts Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis and send them to Tromso, Norway. ()
  • sets up shop in an unknown location and gains enough support to allow Selvig to build the device to open the gateway for the forces to come through. He is eventually contacted by , emissary of and is reminded that if he fails, there will be no place in the universe he will be able to hide. Now fearful of any kind of failure, he consults with Barton on what was the next step which is getting iridium to help stabilize the wormhole and knows where to get it. ()
  • Arriving on 's main base, the Helicarrier, Rogers, Romanoff and all meet with Fury and see the Helicarrier in action. ()
  • is spotted in Stuttgart, Germany. Rogers is then sent to go after him, armed with his trusty shield and a new modified uniform, along side Romanoff. ()
  • uses Dark energy to send back Thor to Midgard, as Thor heads back he ends up landing in a forest. ()
  • Captain America confronts . Iron Man joins him and Loki surrenders to ()
  • En route back to the Helicarrier, returns to get Loki and the back. Thor tries to reason with Loki but is stopped by Stark and after a battle with him that is intervened by Captain America, do they realize they are after the same thing and escort Loki to the Helicarrier. ()
  • begin to argue with one another about , the being used to possibly create weapons as deterrence to future threats and to some extent, with one another. At the same time, Barton, along with other brainwashed agents, attack the Helicarrier to free Loki. Stark and Rogers try to fix the damaged engine, while Romanoff had to fend off the threat of , now transformed into the but survives only with the intervention of . ()
  • escapes but kills and jettisons out of the Helicarrier, trapped in an cage meant to be used for the . The Hulk is also jettisoned out of the Helicarrier. However, the death of Coulson finally brings the team together. Rogers, Stark, Romanoff and Barton, now freed of Loki's control, decide to go to New York after Loki. ()
  • War Machine arrives in Hong Kong and continues fighting the Ten Rings organization. ()
  • commandeers to be used as the location to open the wormhole for the to invade as it has a clean supply of energy thanks to the powering it, But also as a means to satisfy his own ego. arrives and confronts Loki to "threaten" him, assuring Loki that the Avengers will defeat him. Selvig activates the device powered by the , opening the gateway for the Chitauri forces to come through and begin their attack on the city. ()
  • Tony contacts Rhodes, asking him if he can help him on New York. But Rhodes is unable to make it in time. ()
  • The Avengers rally in defense of New York and follow the command of Captain America. The Hulk beats Loki into submission. The team hold off the invasion well but are outnumbered by the aliens. A nuclear missile is sent by the World Security Council to destroy the city. Iron Man intercepts the missile and throws it through the portal, destroying the Chitauri fleet. The invaders die immediately. Hulk catches an unconscious Stark, who is revived. The Avengers arrest Loki. ()
  • and the federal government create the U.S. Department of Damage Control (D.O.D.C.), driving salvage company owner out of business. Toomes convinces his crew to not surrender the technology already scavenged from the Battle of New York and use it to further a criminal agenda. ()
  • After the battle, the Avengers head to a Shawarma restaurant to eat. ()
  • James Rhodes meets the Avengers. ()
  • returns to with the and . ()
  •  go their separate ways: Barton and Romanoff return to , and Stark leave for new horizons and Rogers rides off to explore the world he is now a part of. However, Fury realizes, reminded by , that should another similar threat come, the Avengers would be needed again. ()
  • informs of Loki's defeat and warns him that going against Earth would be to court death. Thanos smiles. ()
  • Loki and Thor make it back to Asgard, Odin no longer considers Loki his son and sends him to the Dungeons. ()
  • Tony Stark begins building his Iron Legion army. ()
  • Pepper Potts goes to live with Stark. ()
  • A member of reports to that they're hidden agents under the disguise of Ten Rings members managed to scan the War Machine armor, thus obtaining invaluable information data for use against Tony Stark. ()
  • and find a gun and start using it to get anything they want. ()


  • was an electrical engineer who worked for Vistacorp, but when he find out that the company was deceiving customers, he got into the system and after being caught he was fired. Now, despite the misgivings of his wife Maggie, Scott plans to seek justice by stealing this company and return their funds to the people. However, while he is doing "Justice" he turns out to be distracted (starts eating, crashes a car into the pool...) and he's caught by the police, ending in prison, trapped in a jail yard fight. ()
  • apprehends Claire Wise and Benjamin Pollack and recruits them into S.H.I.E.L.D. ()
  • Thor and Heimdall use the Tesseract to rebuild the Bifrost. ()
  • Tony and Rhodey fight ()
  • Days after Coulson's death, Nick Fury ordered extreme measures be taken to save him. he allowed Project T.A.H.I.T.I. to do it, S.H.I.E.L.D. medics cut open Coulson's skull and connected his brain to a machine of unknown origin. By stimulating the sensors of the brain (and after at least seven operations), Fury's doctors were actually able to bring Coulson back to life days after he had been killed. The process was extremely, inhumanly agonizing for Coulson, who begged the doctors to let him die. During the process, they altered some of his memories to make him believe that he was revived in Tahiti, in order to cope with the pain he felt and to make him less suicidal, as he wanted to die due to the intense agony he was experiencing. in addition his memories of leading Project T.A.H.I.T.I. were also wiped. Fury then had Coulson's recommendation tape buried inside his "grave". ( "")


  • 18th
    • Tony inserts a micro-repeater implanting device into his arm which allows him to summon the new Mark XLII armor with his thoughts. ()
  • 19th
    • Tony's Iron Legion starts creating friction with his girlfriend Pepper Potts. A string of bombings by terrorist the Mandarin has left intelligence agencies bewildered by lack of forensic evidence. ()
    • Happy Hogan is badly injured in an attack on the Chinese Theatre, which was triggered by an Extremis subject, Jack Taggert. ()
  • 20th
    • Tony Stark visits Happy in a hospital. While walking out a group of reporters try to interview him about the Mandarin. Tony overcomes his stupor and issues a televised threat to the Mandarin . ()
    • The Mandarin responds to Tony's threat by destroying Stark's home with helicopter gunships. Maya Hansen, who had come to warn Tony and Pepper. Tony was pulled into the ocean while his home demolished over him, just barely escaping. Pepper and Maya went into hiding after they survive the attack. ()
  • 22th
    • Tony then finds himself in rural Tennessee after his artificial intelligence J.A.R.V.I.S. followed a flight plan from Stark's investigation into the Mandarin. Stark's experimental armor lacks sufficient power to return to California, and the world believes him dead. ()
    • Teaming with young Harley Keener, Tony investigates the remains of a local explosion bearing the hallmarks of a Mandarin attack. He discovers the "bombings" were triggered by soldiers subjected to Extremis, which at this stage of development can cause certain subjects to explosively reject it. After veterans started exploding, their deaths were used to cover up Extremis' flaws by manufacturing a terrorist plot. Stark witnesses Extremis firsthand when Mandarin agents Ellen Brandt and Eric Savin attack him, Tony improvised and used his innovative skills and knowledge with different equipment and technology to outsmart them and seemingly escape, killing Brandt. ()
  • 23rd
    • With Harley's help, Tony traces the Mandarin to Miami and infiltrates his headquarters using improvised weapons. Inside he discovers the Mandarin is actually a British actor, Trevor Slattery, who says that he is oblivious to the actions carried out in his name. The Mandarin is a creation of Killian, who appropriated Hansen's Extremis research as a cure for his own disability and expanded the program to include injured war veterans. After capturing Stark, Killian reveals he has kidnapped Pepper and subjected her to Extremis to gain Stark's aid in fixing Extremis' flaws and thereby saving Pepper. Killian kills Hansen when she has a change of heart about the plan. ()
  • 24th
    • Killian has also manipulated American intelligence agencies regarding the Mandarin's location, luring Iron Patriot into a trap to steal the armor. Stark escapes and reunites with Rhodes, discovering that Killian intends to attack President Ellis aboard Air Force One. Remotely controlling his Iron Man armor, Stark saves some surviving passengers and crew but cannot stop Killian from abducting Ellis. They trace Killian to an impounded damaged oil tanker where Killian intends to kill Ellis on live television. The vice president will become a puppet leader, following Killian's orders in exchange for Extremis to cure his daughter's disability.  ()
  • 25th
    • On the platform, Tony goes to save Potts, and Rhodes saves the president. Stark summons the Iron Legion, controlled remotely by J.A.R.V.I.S. to provide air support. Rhodes secures the president and leads him to safety, while Stark discovers Potts has survived the Extremis procedure. However, before he can save her, a rig collapses around them and she falls to her apparent death. Stark confronts Killian and traps him in an Iron Man suit that self-destructs, but fails to kill him. Potts, whose Extremis powers allowed her to survive her fall, intervenes and kills Killian. ()
    • After the battle, Tony orders J.A.R.V.I.S. to remotely destroy each Iron Man suit as a sign of his intention to devote more time to Potts. The vice president and Slattery are arrested. ()
  • 27th
    • Tony removes Extremis from Pepper body. ()
    • Tony undergoes surgery to remove the shrapnel embedded near his heart. He pitches his obsolete chest arc reactor into the sea, musing he will always be Iron Man. ()


  • Skye spent two years living out of her van and using her skills to reveal classified data to the public while searching for information about her parents. However, in all of her searching, the only evidence she was able to find about them was a document with all of the pertinent data redacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. It was then that she came on to the idea to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. ( "")


  • Tony Stark goes to speak to Bruce Banner about the Mandarin and Killian incident, but Banner falls asleep as Stark begins his story, stating he's not that type of doctor. ()


  • Coulson returned to S.H.I.E.L.D. where only agents in Level 7 can know he survived Loki's attack. The begin experimenting with , using an device called the , injecting and another person with it. During one of the Extremis explosions, Mike saves Debbie, he appears on the news as result, records all this. Skye meets up with Mike Peterson and warns him about S.H.I.E.L.D. After broadcasting a threat to S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson and takes her in, planning to inject her with a truth serum to know more about Peterson. Later Mike Peterson confronts his former boss, Gary, as he looks desperately for work that will allow him to take care of his son. He ends the interaction by killing his boss. Peterson takes Skye hostage in an attempt to save her and himself, also requesting that she delete any and all of his presence so he can effectively disappear and keep himself and his son safe from the powers behind Centipede. Skye skillfully triggers a security breach and gives Coulson the coordinates of her position. A fight breaks out as Peterson tries to escape both Coulson’s team and the assassin that the doctor had instructed to kill him, and results in Ward being forced to shoot Mike in the head. Fortunately, due to his superhuman abilities, Mike Peterson survives and recovers from his wounds. Skye and Coulson are driving Lola, Coulson's hovercraft vintage red car toward what Agent Ward called a “0-8-4”, after Coulson requests that Skye seriously consider joining the team long-term and helping them further their cause. ( "")
  • The team heads to Peru to find the "0-8-4" item which was left behind by the Germans and was powered by the Tesseract, in there Coulson meets up with Camilla Reyes, who betrays him and ended in the being damaged. She was taken into custody and they got rid of the item. Sometime later Fury meets with Coulson after his mission in Peru and is enraged about the damage made to the plane. ( "")
  • Ian Quinn discovers gravitonium. He kidnaps Dr. Franklin Hall, Hall then "allies" with Quinn to aid him with the gravitonium. In reality, Hall wants to sabotage the project. Coulson's team goes to rescue Hall, Ian Quinn escapes. Coulson apparently kills Hall when he's fused with the gravitonium. The gravitonium is taken by S.H.I.E.L.D. with Hall still inside, Hall moves his arms in an attempt to break out the gravitonium revealing that he's still alive. ( "")
  • Akela Amador's handler sent her on a number of jewelry heists, including one in Stockholm Sweden, totaling 30 million dollars. The complexity of these thefts put her back on Coulson's radar. Phil Coulson's team was able to hijack the signal to Akela Amador's eye, which allowed Agent Grant Ward to carry out her mission without alerting her handler to the fact that she had been compromised. While this was happening, Coulson's science team, Agents Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, performed surgery on Amador, removing her bionic eye. When Melinda May tracked down the location of Akela Amador's handler, Coulson confronted him. As soon as he did, the handler's own eye-piece activated its own failsafe, killing him instantly. In the end, Amador's handler was as much of victim as she was. Finally freed from her unknown masters, Akela Amador was taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. Coulson assured her that she would get a fair trial and that he would testify on her behalf. ( "")
  • Skye's teammate in Rising Tide, hacks S.H.I.E.L.D. and sells info on super-powered beings to Raina, a member of working with A.I.M. in order to stabilize . she kidnaps the magician who can manipulate fire. S.H.I.E.L.D. goes after Miles. He and Skye re-encounter each other and they make up, only to be discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. Skye is arrested for treachery alongside Miles. who reveals what he did. Chan Ho Yin is injected with Extremis, The Centipide tries to remove his powers and S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives to save him, but he turns against them, thinking they will do the same, killing a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and a doctor in the process. Chan is killed when the Extremis becomes unstable and explodes. Coulson is angry with Skye for her treachery, but she explains why she joined the Rising Tide and became interested in S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to find the truth about her parents as S.H.I.E.L.D. censored a file about them, Coulson promises to help her out. ( "")
  • Sometime after the battle of New York, some firefighters takes one of the Chitauri helmets and they get infected with a virus that kills them which is contagious, S.H.I.E.L.D. takes custody of the helmet, but Jemma is infected in the process. she and Fitz tries to find a cure, but when all hope seems lost Jemma tries to commit suicide by jumping out of Bus, but after a cure is made. Ward goes to save her and injects her with the cure. Coulson's team brings the helmet to Agent Blake, who notices that Coulson acts different, but Coulson tells him to get used to it. ( "")
  • Fitz and Ward are sent to a Level 8 mission to Russia. Coulson gets some info on Skye's past, which reveals that she was left behind to an orphanage, but he doesn't tell her why. Coulson tries to get access to the file about his "death", but he doesn't have the permission to do so. ( "")
  • The Asgardians prepare for fight the Marauders and protect the Nine Realms from them. ()
  • Erik Selvig begins to suffer mental issues after Loki took over his mind, he goes to Stonehenge completely naked and is taken by the police. Odin sentences Loki to the dungeons after one final conversation with him. Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three battle the Marauders in Vanaheim. After the battle is won, Thor tells Hogun to stay there with his people as the rest of them go back to Asgard. Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis and Ian Boothby investigate the Convergence in London. Jane Foster finds the Aether. Thor takes Jane Foster to Asgard. Malekith feels the call of the Aether and plants Algrim among the captured Marauders. Algrim becomes the last of the Kursed and breaks out of the holding cell. ()
  • During the breakout, Lorelei escapes and leaves Asgard. ( "")
  • Frigga is killed by Kurse. Thor burns half of Malekith's face with a lightning strike. Malekith and Kurse escape. A funeral is held for the dead Asgardians including Frigga. Heimdall, Sif, Volstagg and Fandral help Thor, Loki and Jane escape Asgard into . Loki pretends to betray Thor and Malekith absorbs the Aether. Kurse is stabbed by Loki, stabs Loki in return and then is killed by being sucked through a Black Hole Grenade. Loki apparently dies. Thor and Jane Foster find a portal to Earth. Loki disguises himself as an and returns to Asgard where he lies to Odin telling him that Loki is dead. Darcy Lewis and Ian Boothby find Erik Selvig in a mental hospital and have him released. They meet up with Jane Foster and Thor. Malekith and the Dark Elves begin to attack Earth in order to use the Convergence to plunge the universe back into darkness. Thor battles him, travelling through various portals to other realms including where the follows them through the portal back to Earth. Malekith starts to release the Aether. Thor used Erik's devices to teleport Malekith back to Svartalfheim. Erik Selvig transports the Harrow back to Svartalfheim where it crushes and kills Malekith. Thor returns to Asgard and tells Loki, disguised as Odin, that he does not want the throne. Sif and Volstagg take the Aether to . ()
  • The Collector hires Gamora to find and bring it to him. ()
  • Thor returns to Midgard to be with Jane. The Frost Beast still remains in London. ()
  • Coulson's team goes to Greenwich to clean up in the aftermath of Malekith's defeat. Jakob Nystrom and Petra Larsen find one of the pieces of the Berserker Staff. Coulson's team goes to ask Elliot Randolph about the staff. Later, he finds a second piece of his staff, and his Asgardian status is revealed. The team finds the final part of the staff and defeats Jakob, Petra and their team. ( "")
  • Tobias Ford, a man who is stuck between Earth and Hell, haunts his old friend Hannah Hutchins. He thinks that if Hannah forgives him, he will be out of Hell. When Coulson's team gets on the case, Hannah tells Tobias that only God can forgive him and Melinda May states that he will not forgive him for what he did and tells him to let go of Hannah, he does and is stuck in Hell permanently. ( "")
  • Mike Peterson joins S.H.I.E.L.D. after Edison Po escapes prison. Po and Raina become interested in Peterson and Coulson. Skye finds out that Coulson won't tell her the truth about her parents. Raina kidnaps Ace Peterson in order to exchange him for Coulson. Coulson is taken away and Mike is apparently killed. ( "")



  • Edison Po is killed. Coulson's team try to find Coulson as he learns that he was captured in order to find out how he was resurrected in order to resurrect fallen Centipide soldiers, using a machine Coulson is able to remember bits of his Resurrection, but he's rescued before he can reveal to Raina how he returned. Coulson meets with Dr. Streiten. Streiten confirmed that the process had been ordered by Director Fury himself and that Fury had brought Streiten in with the seventh procedure to restore Coulson. Streiten informed Coulson that the process to restore him had robbed him of his will to live and that they had implanted the false memory of Tahiti to help restore the man he had been. Mike Peterson was recovered by Centipede agents, badly burned, missing his right leg, and implanted with a monitoring ocular implant similar to Akela Amador's Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant. ( "")
  • Coulson's Team goes to Jamaica, tipped off by John Garrett, to find a mysterious weapon that is connected to Ian Quinn. There, Grant Ward and Melinda May fight the weapon's guards but they escape with help from Phil Coulson. (")
  • Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons learn that the weapon is Chitauri-inspired but augmented with Overkill technology. (")
  • Ian Quinn attempted to buy Donnie Gill's freezing device, and his request for a demonstration led to the formation of an icy 'superstorm' over the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy. May and Coulson went to Mexico to find Richard Lumley in order to find more of Skye's past and about the murder of the woman who left her in the orphanage. Lumley warns them to stay away from Skye. Coulson later tells Skye about this. While testing the freezing device, Donnie's friend Seth is killed, Donnie is taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D. after obtaining ice powers. Coulson made a call to Quinn's personal phone to warned him against his malicious dealings. Quinn retaliates with a cryptic mention of "the Clairvoyant", revealing that he has had some form of dealings with the enigmatic figure. ( "")
  • 20th


  • sends to capture Trevor Slattery, posing as a documentary filmmaker. ("")
  • After the mission at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, the team found a lead to the whereabouts of the Clairvoyant through Ian Quinn. Tracking a mysterious package that Quinn acquired from Cybertek Technologies, the team went undercover and boarded the train transferring the package to Quinn's care. The team was jeopardized by Luca Russo, and Cybertek sent operatives to neutralize them. In the ensuing chaos, the group was separated. Leo and Skye arrived at Quinn's compound, where Skye proceeded inside alone and was shocked to find Michael Peterson, still alive but horribly scarred. Skye is shot by Quinn as Coulson's team arrives and arrests Quinn, while Mike escapes. Skye is put inside a Hyperbaric Chamber in order to keep her alive. ( "")


  • Coulson and his team, joined by Agent John Garrett, head to the facility in where Coulson was treated in order to find a drug that they used on Coulson to try and save Skye. ( "")
  • In there, Coulson finds a blue skinned humanoid. ( "")
  • After Skye is injected with the Drug, Quinn is taken to the Fridge. ( "")
  • Lorelei arrives to Earth. ( "")
  • The Chitauri Scepter is given to S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists Nicholas Cooper and Mark Smith for study. Smith, who abhors his scientific position, is approached by secret HYDRA leader Wolfgang von Strucker to join HYDRA, which is working within S.H.I.E.L.D. Accepting Strucker's offer, Smith steals the scepter and kills Cooper, bringing it to Strucker's facility in Sokovia, a European country embroiled in constant conflict. (")
  • Captain America, Black Widow and Brock Rumlow went to a mission to retrieve a stolen Zodiac weapon from S.H.I.E.L.D. (")
  • Sif arrives on Earth in order to capture Lorelei alive by orders of Odin. ( "")
  • Sif meets up with Coulson and his team and with their help she is able to capture Lorelei and bring her back to Asgard. ( "")
  • Coulson tells Skye about the origin of the Drug that saved their lives. Melinda overhears their conversation and reports this to Nick Fury. ( "")
  • Upon receiving intel that Nobel-prize winning scientist was in danger of abduction by the mercenary group known as , Director Fury dispatched Rogers and Natasha Romanoff to Rogers' old neighborhood in Brooklyn on protection detail. Under the guise of showing Natasha the places that he grew up, they managed to draw out the Cadre mercenaries that had set-up in multiple locations throughout the neighborhood. Tracing the mercenary that had abducted Amanat through a maze of alleyways, Cap succeeded in taking out the last mercenary with a little help from Amanat herself. ()


  • gets summoned to the . ( "")
  • meets whilst going for a run in Washington, D.C. ()
  • , and are dispatched to the to regain control and rescue the hostages from . (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
  • While chasing Deathlok, Coulson team encounters with Thomas Nash, who they think its Clairvoyant, but Ward kills him. ( "")
  • talks with at the . Later Fury shows Rogers the new . The three new state-of-the-art Helicarriers being worked on as part of , an operation that would connect the Helicarriers to spy satellites used to prevent any possible terrorist attacks. ()
  • goes to at the and later he visits his old love in the nursing home. ()
  • 's SUV is under attack by undercover soldiers dressed like Washington police and . ()
  • is shot three times in the chest with a sniper rifle, by the Winter Soldier, in ' house. Then Steve starts to chase Winter Soldier but he escapes. ()
  • was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. ()
  • Steve was brought in to speak with Pierce, who asked Steve why Fury was in his apartment, Pierce discovered he had hid something from him. He deployed the Strike team to capture Rogers, but Steve fought them off and escapes the Triskelion. Steve was branded a fugitive by Pierce. He went into hiding along with Natasha. ()
  • and talks with computer A.I. They discover that HYDRA has secretly operated within S.H.I.E.L.D. for decades, sowing chaos across the world in the hope that humanity would willingly surrender its freedom in exchange for safety. They plan to use the new helicarriers, created for Project Insight. The pair narrowly escape death when a S.H.I.E.L.D. missile destroys the bunker. Steve and Natasha enlist the help of Sam Wilson, whom Steve befriended. ()
  • The Winter Soldier visits at his house. Pierce give the Winter Soldier the assignment to kill both Steve and Natasha. ()
  • Victoria Hands redirects the Bus to a different course, ordering to have everyone on board killed, except Coulson. ( "")
  • shoots with sleeper gun. ( "")
  • destroys two that are chasing 's plane. ( "")
  • decrypted the jamming code and finds out that is behind the attacks. ( "")
  • talks with . Weaver tells her that has taken over and she must not trust anyone. After that gives her a knife and tells if she attacks him with it then he knows that he can't trust her. ( "")
  • At the Sandbox, Donnie Gill was trained in harnessing his powers which then amplified. Eventually he was brainwashed into working for HYDRA, who then took the Sandbox with his help. ( "")
  • , and kidnap . They are later attacked on the highway by the Winter Soldier and soldiers. During the attack is killed. Later, when Steve and the Winter Soldier are fighting, the Winter Soldier's mask fell off. In that moment Steve recognizes that this is his old friend . ()
  • and finds out that is still alive. He used a anti stress serum, developed by Bruce Banner, that lowered his heartbeat to only one per minute so that he would appear dead. Fury and Hill told them that Project Insight was only hours away and that they had to act quickly. The Helicarriers would hover in a triangle, connected, targeting all its targets before firing. The only way to prevent this was to use three special chips that would take away S.H.I.E.L.D.'s control over the Helicarriers. Fury intended to save S.H.I.E.L.D. but Steve firmly insisted that the organization be dismantled after all the corruption it had fallen under. ()
  • Harnessing the scepter's power for a variety of effects, such as powering paraphernalia ranging from their own technology to Chitauri tech recovered from New York, Strucker approaches a group of Sokovian rioters, offering them the power needed to save their country. Among the rioters are twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. The Sokovians agree, and each undergo a number of tests where they are exposed to the scepter's energy; out of all of the test subjects, only the Maximoffs survive. (")
  • Steve, Sam and Maria Hill, break into the Triskelion and take control of the helicarriers with microphones. They tell the staff that there are traitors in S.H.I.E.L.D and that Alexander Pierce is one of them and that they cannot initiate Project Insight. kills . ()
  • and manage to put the chips in the Helicarriers, but when Sam is going for the last one his jet-pack is damaged by the Bucky and he is forced to skydive down to the Triskelion where he gets caught up in a fist fight with Rumlow. Steve is force to fight Bucky he tries to convince Bucky that they are best friends. As he tries to get the chip in place with only seconds left before Project Insight will initiate he gets shot multiple times by Bucky. Steve managed to put the chip in place and Maria take control of the other Helicarriers which caused the Helicarriers to target each other, and the assault soon had all three falling from the sky. Bucky became trapped under debris cause by the barrage, yet Steve still took the risk to rescue him. As soon as he was free however, he attacked again. Steve refused to fight against his best friend, and let himself be brutally beaten instead. But before Bucky could deliver the killing blow, Steve told him that he would be with him until the end, a promise that Bucky had given Steve decades before. Steve falls into the water beneath and is about to drown when Bucky grabs him out and brought him to ashore then disappears. ()
  • wakes up on the and finds out that she is locked in the room with . ( "")
  • After the lands in , and find out that is "dead". ( "")
  • and kiss for the first time. ( "")
  • team, and Triplett find out that is The Clairvoyant. ( "")
  • wakes up in the hospital and sees sitting next to him and listening to music. ()
  • has a job interview at . ()
  • is arrested for his crimes. ()
  • Injured, is taken to the hospital. ()
  • and find out that destroyed the Insight at the . ( "")
  • kills and two of her agents. ( "")
  • has a court hearing. ()
  • destroys his identity so he can work in secret. ()
  • , , and talk over Fury's grave. Steve and Sam decide to go looking for Bucky. ()
  • When Natasha Romanoff unveils HYDRA's existence to the world in the Battle at the Triskelion, Strucker remains confident that their work will continue. Strucker and Doctor List monitor the Maximoffs, who have both unlocked extraordinary superpowers as a result of the experiments. ()
  • The Winter Soldier finds out at the at the that he really is . ()
  • Grant Ward frees Raina and sends her to John Garrett and asked her to move the Centipede project into "Phase Three", Coulson and his team go to the Providence where they meet with Eric Koenig. Coulson is informed of Fury's survival. Garrett and Ward go to the Fridge to free some of the prisoners, including Ian Quinn and they recover the Gravitonium with Hall still inside. Skye encrypted the files on the G.H. drugs so that only she could access them. In response, Garrett sent Grant Ward to capture her. ( "")
  • goes to Portland to find . Coulson, Triplett, Fitz and Simmons go to save her. Coulson is unable to tell her that he's alive. Skye discovers Ward is with HYDRA after he kills Koenig, he takes her away on The Bus. May left her team and arranged to have her mother pick her up in Canada, 500 miles from her mother's home. Her mother gave May contact information for Maria Hill, with whom she wanted to talk. (""")
  • After discovering that Ward is with HYDRA, Coulson, with the help of Maria Hill, saves Skye, but not before Deathlok and Ward are able to have her decode the hard drive. May reveals to Coulson that he was the one behind Project T.A.H.I.T.I. ( "")


  • Raina discovers some information on Skye's past. Coulson's Team discovers that Garrett was the first Deathlok subject. HYDRA captures Fitz and Simmons. Garrett's life is saved with the serum. Ward ejects Fitz and Simmons outside the plane causing them to fall into the water. ( "")
  • Coulson team conduct an attack on the Cybertek facility, with Skye going to save Ace Peterson, May fighting Grant Ward, and Coulson going after Garrett. During the attack, Quinn and Raina steal the Gravitonium and depart, having no real loyalty to HYDRA. Meanwhile at the bottom of the sea, Leo Fitz discovers a way to save Jemma Simmons from the chamber, believing it will cost him his own life. Simmons is able to drag him to the surface, where they are rescued by Nick Fury. Simmons survives, though Fitz is left in a dire state. Coulson engages Garrett but is quickly overwhelmed until Fury arrives for support. Coulson and Fury push Garrett back, with Deathlok delivering a fatal blow once he learns Skye has saved his son. The US Army invades the factory and all the Centipede-enhanced soldiers are defeated and taken into custody. the badly wounded Garrett attempts to transform himself into a new Deathlok, only for Coulson to vaporize him a mere moment later with the 0-8-4 from Peru, In the aftermath, Ward, severely injured from May, and the Centipede soldiers are arrested and Ace is reunited with his aunt Mindy Peterson. Mike Peterson, unable to face his son, goes off on his own to redeem himself. Fury appoints Coulson as the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., asking him to rebuild it the right way and gives him the Toolbox. This leads Coulson and his team to a secret base run by Agent Billy Koenig, Eric Koenig's twin brother. Raina delivers a photo of Skye to a mysterious, blood-soaked entity ( "")



  • On the planet Morag, Peter Quill also known as Star-Lord is searching for a . He finds it as and his henchmen find him. Peter escapes Korath and steals the Orb. His mentor calls and tells him to give him the Orb. Quill decides he's going to sell it on his own. ()
  • On the Warship, the Dark Aster, Korath reports to  that he failed in getting the Orb and that it's in the hands of Quill. Ronan sends assassin after him, but before she can go, volunteers instead. ()
  • On the planet , Quill takes the Orb to the Broker and asks what it is because Ronan's goons were after it too. The Broker suddenly doesn't want anything to do with it and kicks Peter out of his shop. Outside, Gamora jumps Peter and tries to retrieve the Orb herself. Nearby, and see there's a bounty on Quills head, so they join in the fight. Its not too long before they're all arrested by Nova Corps and sent to a space prison called . ()
  • Inside Kyln, all the prisoners want to kill Gamora because she's the adopted daughter of . A prisoner called has a personal vendetta against her because Ronan killed his wife and daughter, so he wants to avenge them by taking the life of one of his family members in return. Gamora explains that she's also against Ronan and was planning on double crossing him. Quill steps in and helps argue in Gamora's favor. ()
  • At Sanctuary, Ronan reports to Thanos that Gamora is a traitor. Thanos tells him to take care of her and get the Orb. He also notes that Gamora is his favorite daughter, which enraged Nebula. ()
  • Gamora has a plan to sell the Orb to someone else. Quill, Rocket and Groot agree to help and split the reward. Rocket has a plan to escape the prison. He needs one of the guards wrist devices, a prisoners prosthetic leg and a battery from a tall column in the prison. As he explains that its very important to take the battery last, Groot grabs it first. The alarms go off and security droids fly in. Gamora goes to get a wrist device as Quill negotiates the prisoners leg. Drax decides to join in the escape too realizing that eventually Ronan will go after Gamora and then he can kill Ronan himself. ()
  • The group gets the stuff they need and make it to a guard station near the top of the prison. Rocket rigs up the stuff to turn off the gravity in the prison and to use the security droids as jets to fly the guard station out of the prison. They escape, but Quill goes back and gets his walkman from one of the guards. Yondu goes to his broker and finds out Quill still has the Orb. ()
  • The group on Quill's ship gets to know one another better. They don't like each other at all. Soon they arrive at Knowhere to meet with . While they wait for their appointment, Drax, Rocket and Groot get drunk and gamble. Gamora and Quill bond over music. He explains that his mom made him the mix tape of her favorite songs. She listens and likes it. He asks her to dance, but she doesn't. He makes a pass at her, but she says she's not one of the doe eyed girls he's used to and she won't fall for his pelvic sorcery. Before they can meet with The Collector, Drax, Rocket and Groot, all drunk, get into a big fight. Drax thinks Groot is dumb and Rocket is tired of people calling him a rodent. The Collector's assistant fetches them and they all go to meet him. Drax goes off on his own and makes a call. The Collector opens up the Orb to reveal an Infinity Stone. He explains that its an all-powerful thing. There are more of them. They can destroy planets. His assistant is fed up with him and grabs the stone to destroy him. She and everything in the area blows up. Everyone manages to escape, with the Infinity Stone. They decide the safest place to take it is Nova HQ. It's too dangerous to be anywhere else. ()
  • Suddenly the group is ambushed by Ronan and his crew. That's the call Drax made. He was tired of waiting to face Ronan. Yondu shows up, too. Gamora, Rocket and Quill take off in little mining ships while Nebula and soon goons chase after. Drax tries to fight Ronan, but gets his ass handed to him. Ronan says he doesn't even remember killing his family, nor will he remember killing Drax. Nebula chases Gamora's ship above the atmosphere and blows it up. She gets the Infinity Stone and leaves Gamora floating in space to die. Quill calls Yondu to tell him where he is, then exits his ship, and gives Gamora his mask to keep her alive. Yondu abducts Quill and Gamora right before they die. Onboard the Dark Astor, Ronan tells Thanos that he decided to cut him out of the deal and will destroy Xandar himself and then go after Thanos. ()
  • Yondu is going to kill Quill for double crossing him, but doesn't when Quill says that he has a plan to get the Orb back. On board the Milano, the group asks if he really has a plan or was lying. He says he has the start of a plan. 12% of a plan. Everyone scoffs. Quill points out that they've already lost so much, that at this point they have nothing to lose. Together they form a plan. Quill warns Nova HQ on Xandar that Ronan is coming to destroy them and they should get ready. Rocket is going to blow a hole in Ronan's ship so Quill, Groot, Drax and Gamora can board it. Gamora is going to cut the power for Ronan's security and then they're going to blow him up with a cannon that Rocket made. They start the plan. Rocket blows a hole in the Dark Aster and then helps Yondu and his men defend Xandar against Ronan's fighter ships. Yondu is shot down and uses his arrow weapon to take out an entire platoon of goons. ()
  • On the Dark Aster, Gamora and Nebula fight each other, while Drax, Quill and Groot go to the bridge of the ship. The Nova ships form a giant net and slow the descent of the Dark Aster. Gamora finally beats Nebula, who falls, landing on a Ravager ship and commandeers it, throwing the Ravager out the window. Ronan orders his ships to kamikaze into Xandar. Rocket and Yondu's men shoot as many of the ships down as they can. ()
  • Almost to the bridge, Drax kills Korath. Groot makes a shish-kebob out of a bunch of goons and whips them around taking out even more. Everyone makes it to the bridge to fight Ronan. Again, he's too strong for them, but Quill manages to shoot him with Rockets super cannon. It does nothing. Rocket crashes the Milano into the bridge and seems to have destroyed Ronan. The entire ship is plummeting towards Xandar, so Groot forms a giant nest around the Guardians for safety. Rocket is upset because he knows that Groot is doing will end up killing Groot. Groot, who up to this point has only said, "I Am Groot" responds with, "We are Groot". The ship crashes. ()
  • Ronan is still alive. He sarcastically called Quill and his crew the . Quill stands up to him and starts to sing the song Ooh-ooh Child. Ronan asks what he's doing, he responds, "distracting you" as Drax and Rocket shoot Ronan again. Quill grabs the Infinity Stone from Ronan. It's going to kill him, but Gamora tells him to take her hand. He remembers not having the courage to take his mom's hand, so he grabs Gamora's. Drax and Rocket grab him, too, and the power from it is spread between the four of them. They kill Ronan. ()
  • Yondu shows up and demands the Stone as per his original deal with Quill. Quill hands him the Orb. As Yondu and his men take off, Kraglin notes that he likes Quill and they're glad they didn't take him back to his father like they were supposed to all those years ago. ()
  • Gamora is upset that Quill gave up the stone, but he reveals that he still has the Orb with the stone. At Nova HQ, Quill learns he's only half human and half something else. ()
  • Yondu opens his Orb and sees the Quill tricked him. Inside is a Troll doll much to his amusement. ()
  • Quill finally opens the last present he received from his mother; a cassette tape filled with her favorite songs. He asks the Guardians where they want to go. Gamora says, "You lead, Star-Lord". He asks if they want to do something good or something bad then decides on both. Rocket holds a tiny Groot planted in a pot. ()
  • Groot dances to the Jackson 5 while Drax cleans his daggers. ()
  • The Collector sits in his destroyed archive where he is licked by Cosmo the Space Dog, and mocked by one of his collections . ()


  • Coulson team goes after also known as The Absorbing Man who is after the Obelisk, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Isabelle Hartley and Idaho are killed in the process. ( "")
  • Later, Sunil Bakshi approaches Daniel Whitehall to tell him that Creel was successful. Whitehall is Reinhardt, seventy years later, without aging. ( "")
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Lance Hunter is arrested by the Army. The army drops Hunter off alone in a field, but a helicopter carrying Brigadier General Talbot comes to pick him up. Talbot tries to get Hunter to give up Coulson's location, promising he could use his connections to a senator with "deep pockets" to give Hunter anything he wanted. Hunter at first refuses Talbot's offer, but agrees to give up Coulson if he can get Hartley a proper burial. He goes back to the Playground after losing the tail Talbot put on him. Hunter admits to Coulson that he's to give him up to Talbot in 48 hours. ( "")
  • Creel gets in contact with his superiors at HYDRA, who give him the new drop location for him to give them the Obelisk. Raina soon after approaches him, attempting to use Creel's frustration at Hydra's inability to help him with the Obelisk's infection to her advantage. Even though she offers him a rare substance in exchange, Creel refuses to hand over the device. The next day, Coulson receives a surprise call from her so she could give him Creel's location and prevent the Obelisk from falling into Hydra's hands. With this information, Coulson has Skye, May, Trip and Hunter go out to intercept Creel and retrieve the Obelisk. Trip is put in a sniper position while the rest are on the ground. Once Trip gets his sights on Creel, Hunter betrays the team and takes them out with his I.C.E.R. Creel's contact helps him get the infection under control, but Hunter fires at them from a close range with Trip's sniper rifle. The contact gets out of the way, while Creel turns his body into iron and the bullet bounces off him. Creel chases Hunter into a store and quickly overpowers him. Just as he is about to kill Hunter, Coulson comes out from behind him and puts the device Fitz and Mack came up on Creel's back, causing Creel to lose control of his powers and turn into stone. ( "")
  • During the commotion, Raina made off the Obelisk and brings it back to Skye's father. He orders her to pick up the device, and, despite her reluctance, she does so. The Obelisk does not affect her as it did everyone else who came into contact with hit, and instead starts to glow, making the runes on the device even clearer. Back at the Playground, Skye confides in May that she thinks something is wrong with Coulson. After brushing off Skye's concerns, May heads to Coulson's office. Something is wrong with him, as May says he's overdue for another "episode." Not much later, Coulson starts drawing the runes again, but this time May captures the ordeal on camera. ( "")
  • At the end of Hunter's 48 hours, Coulson shows up in the field to be turned over to Talbot. Before Talbot takes him into custody, Coulson gives him the petrified Creel instead. He then shows off his "arsenal," a cloaked Bus that had been flying over their heads the entire time, and calls it only the tip of the iceberg. Talbot then watches a Coulson flies away in a cloaked QuinJet. ( "")


  • The Guardians of the Galaxy, aka "Star-Lord", , , , and Baby are renowned as heroes after defeating on Xandar. They accept a job from High Priestess , leader of the xenophobic, gold-skinned Sovereign, to defend valuable batteries from an inter-dimensional monster in exchange for , whom the Sovereign captured following the Battle of Xandar. Rocket steals several of the Anulax Batteries for himself, and when the Sovereign discover this, they attack the Guardians' ship, the , with their own fleet of Golden Drones. The Milano is heavily damaged and forced to crash-land on a nearby planet, but the Sovereign fleet is single-handedly destroyed by Ego, who reveals himself as Quill’s father. invites Peter to return to his home, accompanied by Gamora and Drax. Rocket and Groot remain to repair the Milano and guard Nebula. ()
  • Ayesha hires , who has been exiled from the greater Ravager community for trafficking children by to recapture the Guardians. Yondu’s crew track down the Milano and capture Rocket, but when Yondu shows reluctance to turn Peter over to the Sovereign, Ravager Taserface leads a mutiny with help from Nebula, who tricked Groot into freeing her. Peter, Gamora, Drax and Ego, along with Ego’s empathic assistant , travel to Ego’s home, a living planet that is an extension of his body. Ego explains that he is a god-like being called a , who created a humanoid avatar to travel the galaxy and interact with other species. Peter soon learns he can access and manipulate the power within Ego’s planet. Drax becomes friendly with Mantis, who wants to reveal a secret about Ego. ()
  • Taserface imprisons Rocket and Yondu aboard their ship the Eclector and turns Groot into a mascot for the crew, while Nebula takes a ship and leaves, planning to track down and kill Gamora, blaming her for the torturous cybernetic enhancements inflicted by her father . In their imprisonment, Rocket and Yondu discover they are very alike, and Yondu shares his low opinion of Ego, who originally hired Yondu’s Ravagers to deliver Peter after his mother’s death. Groot attempts to steal a new control fin for his Yaka Arrow to aid an escape attempt, and is helped by , a Ravager loyal to Yondu. Together, Rocket, Groot, Yondu and Kraglin escape in a detachable section, and engage in a risky space maneuver to reach Ego’s planet in time to help Peter and the others. Taserface alerts the Sovereign of the escape, before Yondu kills him and the others Ravager mutiny. ()
  • Nebula arrives at Ego’s planet and tries to kill Gamora. Gamora survives and reaches an uneasy truce, and together, she and Nebula explore the caverns beneath Ego’s planet and discover hundreds of skeletal remains. Ego reveals his master plan to Peter, he traveled the universe and planted seedlings on thousands of worlds that would terraform them into new extensions of Ego, but he needed a second Celestial’s power to activate the seedlings, so he conceived children with hundreds of women all across the galaxy and hired Yondu to collect them. Every other child was killed when they proved unable to access Celestial power, but Peter can harness the power, and Ego uses him to activate all the seedlings, which begin their terraforming that will eventually consume every world and every person. Peter is hypnotized by Ego’s power until Ego reveals he deliberately caused the death of Meredith Quill’s mother, prompting Peter to fight back. ()
  • Mantis informs Gamora, Drax and Nebula of Ego’s plan just as Rocket, Groot, Yondu and Kraglin arrive. Reunited, the Guardians fight their way through a fleet of Sovereign drones, as well as Ego himself, to reach the core of Ego’s planet where a thick shell protects Ego’s brain. Groot plants a bomb made from the stolen Sovereign batteries on Ego’s brain, and most of the Guardians escape while Peter remains to battle his father using his access to Ego’s celestial power. When the bomb explodes, Ego dies and the planet collapses, but Yondu sacrifices himself to save Peter. Later, Nebula reconciles with Gamora but chooses to leave anyway. The Guardians give Yondu a traditional Ravager funeral, and dozens of Ravager ships arrive to pay their respects. ()
  • Mantis informs Gamora, Drax and Nebula of Ego’s plan just as Rocket, Groot, Yondu and Kraglin arrive. Reunited, the Guardians fight their way through a fleet of Sovereign drones, as well as Ego himself, to reach the core of Ego’s planet where a thick shell protects Ego’s brain. Groot plants a bomb made from the stolen Sovereign batteries on Ego’s brain, and most of the Guardians escape while Peter remains to battle his father using his access to Ego’s celestial power. When the bomb explodes, Ego dies and the planet collapses, but Yondu sacrifices himself to save Peter. Later, Nebula reconciles with Gamora but chooses to leave anyway. The Guardians give Yondu a traditional Ravager funeral, and dozens of Ravager ships arrive to pay their respects. ()
  • Kraglin takes up Yondu’s Yaka Arrow and control fin. Elsewhere, Ravager leader Stakar Ogord is moved by the death of Yondu, his friend and former teammate, and reunites with fellow ex-teammates Charlie-27, Aleta Ogord, Mainframe and Krugarr. ()
  • Ayesha is seen with a birthing machine, containing a man inside named "Adam", in response to her fellow Sovereign questioning her about said machine. ()
  • Groot continues growing back to normal size, exhibiting typical teenage behavior in the process. ()
  • A discusses his experiences on Earth with a group of Watchers. ()
  • Daniel Whitehall is in the progress of brainwashing a woman called Agent 33 who is hooked up to a device that is holding her eyes open while she stares at a screen of hypnotic shifting shapes. He speaks to her in a hypnotic tone, inviting her to submit. She refuses and he says they'll start over. ( "")
  • HYDRA tries to find Donnie Gill, who escaped from them early, Jemma reports this to Coulson who have his team to try and find him before HYDRA. ( "")
  • Skye is trying to get info from Grant Ward. Ward says he was never loyal to HYDRA, only to Garrett. He says his family tore him down and that Garrett built him up as he wanted. He says every family has its secrets, including Skye's, but she cuts him off. He tells them about HYDRA's protocol as it concerns the "gifted", which is recruit or kill. ( "")
  • Donnie is standing near a freighter on a dock and freezes the water. HYDRA goes to find him there, with Jemma Simmons with the intention that she could convince him. ( "")
  • Fitz He enters Ward's cell. Ward says it's good to see him. Fitz is in shock. Ward tries to explain himself to Fitz, saying that John Garrett expected him to shoot Fitz and Simmons in the head but he gave them a chance to find a way out. He explains what Ward did to him and starts draining the oxygen from Ward's cell. He spills that they're going to find Donnie Gill, and Ward says they don't know what they're walking into. ( "")
  • Mack is playing Xbox when Fitz runs in and tells him they have to find the Bus. ( "")
  • SHIELD arrives to the ship where Donnie and HYDRA are, Coulson orders the field team to stop HYDRA from talking to Gill. Hunter lines up a shot. Agent May takes out Hunter when she sees Simmons. Alerted, Gill runs. Everyone gives chase. Coulson orders they maintain Simmons' cover. Gill runs into Bakshi, who speaks the brainwashing code and Gill falls under his sway. He covers their trail by freezing the door as they leave. Bakshi orders Gill to freeze the ship, and that no one left inside should leave alive. Hunter and May realize they're trapped. Skye shoots Gill, who falls into the ocean. Skye fakes a shot on Bakshi, allowing Simmons to pretend to save him. They leave, leaving the cargo on the HYDRA ship for S.H.I.E.L.D. to take. ( "")
  • Coulson goes to talk to Fitz. Coulson reminds him that he's still an important part of the team, but saw what he did to Ward. Fitz says he's not a killer. Coulson explains that he hates Ward, but needs to know more about HYDRA. Fitz says Coulson should have told him. Coulson says he didn't want to pile onto him. Coulson says there's a lot more he's hiding, but says Simmons is on assignment and that's why she's made no contact. ( "")
  • Whitehall tells Bakshi that S.H.I.E.L.D. is becoming a problem and he wants to know who is in charge. Agent 33 walks in with a file for Whitehall, and says she's happy to comply. Bakshi asks for authorization to bring Simmons from the lab. He says he trusts her but if he's wrong they'll make her comply. ( "")
  • Skye goes to see Ward. She asks about the brainwashing. He says it's mostly used on high value targets. She asks if it was used on him. He says he wishes he could say it was, but he promised to never lie to Skye, so he tells her it was never used on him. She says she doesn't know what he hopes to achieve with all of this. Ward says he knows something and he wants her to believe him when he says it. He tells her that her father is alive, that he's looking for her, and that someday he'll take her to him, if she lets him. She says they're done and leaves. Outside, Skye's heart beats out of control. ( "")
  • Coulson and May go into a mission to retrive a 500 year old painting that have the same symbols that Coulson have been drawing, in the process, Agent 33 impersonates May. Agent 33 entered the Bus, planted a virus in its systems and asked Coulson to accompany her back to "Talbot's" hotel room. Coulson descovers that this is not the real May. Inside the room, Bakshi planned to torture May to obtain S.H.I.E.L.D.'s secrets, but the fight between Coulson and Agent 33 distracted him long enough for May to escape. As Bakshi ran with the painting and Coulson gave chase, May and "May" started their fight. ( "")
  • Meanwhile, on the Bus, the other agents were bonding over stories about their romances and love interests. Fitz though was hesitant to participate. Skye started to do extra research into the painting and Glenn Talbot when the virus started destroying the electrical systems of the plane. Fitz warned them that if this continued the Bus would explode. Fitz and Hunter eventually stopped the cascade effect of the virus, saving everyone on board. ( "")
  • Before a HYDRA back up team could arrive, Coulson shot Bakshi with an I.C.E.R. and took the painting and May won her fight with Agent 33, killing her. ( "")
  • Coulson and May called the real Glenn Talbot to let him know about the veil. Talbot tried to trace the call but Coulson hung up. Coulson revealed that he knows May hates coffee. May reveals her plan to take care of Coulson if insanity comes, but Coulson orders her to kill him if that occurs. May nods her head. ( "")
  • Sometime later, Raina books a flight to Florida, seeking the painting. She gets captured by Daniel Whitehall. He wants the Obelisk returned to him in forty-eight hours or he will torture her cruelly and personally. ( "")
  • HYDRA tests a weapon based on their work with the Obelisk at a wedding where the attendants are Navy officers part of a Hydra task force. However, the test was deemed a failure, so Daniel Whitehall calls a meeting of his best scientists to see where the test went wrong. One of those called to the meeting is Jemma Simmons, who is still working their undercover. She then communicates information back to S.H.I.E.L.D. using a plastic sheet that disguises itself as a discarded menu. ( "")
  • Meanwhile, Raina still needs to deliver the Obelisk to HYDRA or the device Daniel Whitehall placed on her hand will kill her. She returns to Skye's father, who is in the middle of operating on some criminals. Angry that Raina would interrupt this procedure, he lashes out at her and places his hand around her throat. Although he won't hand over the Obelisk, he does remind her that he still needs for her to reunite him with his daughter. Raina leaves and finds Simmons while she is sending the message to S.H.I.E.L.D. and takes a picture of her. She then calls S.H.I.E.L.D. and sets up a meeting with Coulson, who has already revealed to Skye that that he is the source of the carvings they have been investigating and that she might be an alien. ( "")
  • HYDRA meanwhile has been tipped off that one of their agents has been communicating with S.H.I.E.L.D., and they have the plastic sheet Simmons used to send her messages as evidence. Bobbi Morse, Hydra's chief of security, leads the investigation, and while she is questioning Simmons another HYDRA agent finds one of the sheets at her boss Kenneth's workstation. Once Kenneth is knocked out and taken away, Simmons goes to the bathroom to calm down, but Morse followed her in there and resumes questioning her. ( "")
  • Meanwhile, Coulson has met Raina at a nearby restaurant, while Hunter, Skye, and May are positioned throughout the location in case it went bad. Raina shows Coulson the picture he took of Simmons, and threatens to send it to every Hydra agent's email unless he hands Skye over to her. This offer gets to Skye, who wants to meet her father, forcing May to restrain her. Despite the threat, Coulson refuses to hand her over to Raina, and the picture is sent to HYDRA. With her cover blown, Simmons tries to escape from the HYDRA facility, but finds herself being approached by Bakshi on one side and Morse on the other. However, Morse takes out two batons and attacks the Hydra agents accompanying her, and reveals herself to be another undercover agent working for Coulson. The two of them head for the roof, where a cloaked Quinjet piloted by Triplett is waiting to pick them up. ( "")
  • At the restaurant, Raina questions why Coulson would risk one of his own agents. As Hunter joins him, he states that he doesn't take risks in this business. With her leverage gone, Raina pleads to be taken into his custody to flee Whitehall's wrath, but is refused. Coulson then deduces that Skye's father possesses the Obelisk and asks for his location. When she gives it up and they send Raina off with a tracker injected into her leg, Skye leaves for his location alone. He is already gone by the time she arrives, but Skye finds a framed picture of him on the ground. Coulson and the others show up soon after, and find the bodies of the criminals he was working on earlier brutally murdered. Skye calls him a monster, causing her father, who was waiting outside, to smash the tablet he was watching them on and drives away. ( "")
  • Both teams regroup back at the Playground, where Morse almost immediately gets into an argument with Hunter, her ex-husband. Simmons goes to see Fitz, while Coulson takes Skye up to his office to show her the runes. He confides in her that it frustrates him that he has no idea what the carvings mean, but Skye thinks it is a map. Back at HYDRA's offices, as the HYDRA agents are preparing to move house, Skye's father barges into Dr. Whitehall's office, effortlessly killing the HYDRA agents he sends to stop him. He then gives the Obelisk, the "Diviner" in its mother language, and offers to teach Whitehall how to unlock its secrets. Together, the two of them will take on their common foe, Phil Coulson. ( "")
  • A team of HYDRA operatives disguised as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents attacks the United Nations while Brigadier General Glenn Talbot is delivering a speech about the danger S.H.I.E.L.D. poses to the world. In the wake of the attack, the rest of the world starts to turn against S.H.I.E.L.D., and Senator Christian Ward, the older brother of Grant Ward, takes over the mission to take them down. At the Playground, Coulson checks in on his agents in the Netherlands and prepares to deal with this new situation. Simmons recognizes the particular kind of splinter bomb the HYDRA agents used in the attack as something created by Okinawa-based Toshiro Mori, so Coulson sends Hunter and agents May and Morse to Japan. Hunter is at first reluctant to go on a mission with his ex-wife, but eventually relents. Morse and Hunter try to be nice towards each other on the way to Okinawa, each trying to break the tension between them by complimenting their looks. Once they get there, the plan is for Agent Morse, who knows Mori from her days working undercover at HYDRA, to deceive him into giving up HYDRA's plans while May and Hunter wait on the plane. She does this by flirting with him, and Mori reveals HYDRA's next target is Julien Beckers, a Belgian foreign minister who spoke against Senator Ward's crusade against S.H.I.E.L.D. While this information is being revealed, Hunter notices a HYDRA agent coming up being Morse and intervenes to stop him. Morse then takes out Mori, and reminds her ex-husband he didn't need to save her. The three of them then take off for Belgium to save Beckers from HYDRA. ( "")
  • Coulson goes to Washington to speak directly to Senator Ward in his office. Couslon reminds him that they have a common enemy in HYDRA, and warns him that he will reveal his younger brother was a HYDRA agent to the public if he does not call off the hunt for S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. If he does, however, Coulson promises to hand over Ward into his custody. Senator Ward shows a genuine interest in his brother's treatment. This surprises Coulson, who as heard all of Ward's stories about how his older brother abused him and forced him into abusing his younger brother Thomas. Senator Ward reveals that he never abused Grant and that all of those stories were lies he concocted to shield himself from any responsibility. The story about the well in particular is a lie, as Senator Ward merely found his brothers near a river with Grant wielding a screwdriver standing over Thomas. Meanwhile, Skye starts talking to Ward, trying to get all of the information out of him about her father as he can. He reveals that all the horrible things her father has done has been to protect her. The village he wiped out in the Hunan Province wasn't a village at all it was a squad of HYDRA agents there to retrieve Skye, but her mother died in the process. Now that Ward had revealed all he knew about her father, Skye informs him that she no longer needs him, and that he will soon be transferred into his brother's custody. ( "")
  • Meanwhile, Fitz, Simmons and Mack are trying to figure out why Hydra would target Beckers. They discover the splinter bombs the HYDRA agent used were first conceived by Vincent Beckers, a HYDRA scientist who worked with the Red Skull in the 1940's and Julien Beckers' grandfather. Realizing that Hunter, May and Morse are heading into a trap, Coulson tries to send word to the S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house in Bruges, but Hydra has already taken out the team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents stationed there. Hunter barges into the safe house not long after carrying a case of beer and starts acting friendly towards the Hydra agents inside. This distraction gives Morse and May enough time to get into place, and the two of them crash through a window and start fighting HYDRA. May goes after Marcus Scarlotti, the leader of the squad of HYDRA agents, while Morse and Hunter take care of the rest. During the fight, Hunter saves Morse's life yet again, only this time she thanks him for it. Meanwhile, Scarlotti fights May using a whip-like weapon with a knife attached to its end. He uses this weapon to almost strangle May, but she gets out of it and is able to defeat him. Talbot and the military arrive soon after to take the surviving HYDRA agents into custody, and reveals that Beckers was arrested trying to cross the border. Talbot asks may how many men she lost. May answers with "six," and Talbot tells her its always a shame to lose a good soldier and holds out his hand for her to shake. ( "")
  • Back at the Playground, Senator Ward's men have arrived to take away Grant Ward. Coulson tells them not to give him an inch, or he will use it to escape. While being taken away by his brother's men, his former teammates watch in disgust and silence. Ward attempts to reach out to Skye one final time when he passes her on the way out, but she ignores him and is interrupted by Simmons, who very angrily threatens to kill him if she ever sees him again. Meanwhile, Senator Ward holds a press conference to reveal his brother's affiliation with HYDRA and that he will continue the hunt for HYDRA, an organization he says is a threat to the world. Ward meanwhile is able to slide the cuffs off his wrists, and kills the envoy transporting him to his brother. ( "")
  • Elsewhere, a man walks into a tattoo parlor to finish a series of tattoos he's been getting. The man takes off his shirt, revealing he has tattooed the alien glyphs all over his body. ( "")


  • A woman takes back to her apartment. They make small talk over whether they already know each other. Derik takes off his shirt, revealing his tattoos, and kills the woman. ( "")
  • At the Playground, Coulson is busy making his carvings when Skye interrupts him. May, Morse, Hunter, and Triplett are on mission tracking down Grant Ward since he escaped his brother's custody. Skye lets Coulson know that one of her contacts shared with her a murder where the victim, the woman from before had Coulson's carvings carved into her corpse. Coulson recognizes the woman as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, but Skye finds that her record says she died five years ago. Coulson and Skye go to New York to investigate the scene, and find that she had made numerous paintings of the carvings before she died. They take the body back to the playground with her, where Simmons discovers she had the GH.325 serum in her blood, meaning she was a test subject in the T.A.H.I.T.I. project. Realizing that the killer must be another T.A.H.I.T.I. test subject, Coulson puts himself in the memory machine to see if he can uncover his identity. The machine takes Coulson back to his days running the T.A.H.I.T.I. project, and forces him to re-witness the deterioration of the test subjects' mental states as they start making the carvings. Coulson solved the problem by having one of the lead scientists on the project implant the test subjects with false memories and give them a new life. As Coulson is reliving these memories, he starts convulsing and shouting how he needs to know about the carvings, forcing the others to take him out of the machine. They've narrowed the identity of the killer down to two former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents - Hank Thompson and Sebastian Derik. Skye privately tells the Director that he needs to stay behind, as his condition is worsening, but Coulson throws her into Ward's cell and leaves on his own. ( "")
  • After tracking Ward across the country, Hunter follows him to Boston, where he meets up with Bakshi at a bar. Inside, Ward offers to get Bakshi close enough to Coulson to "put a bullet in him point blank." Hunter lets the other agents on the hunt for him know about the meeting. They regroup in Boston, but once they go into the bar they find Ward killed the bartender and tied up Bakshi. The agents take him into their custody and bring him back to the Playground. Meanwhile, Coulson arrives at the house of Hank Thompson, and demands at gunpoint he reveal anything he knows about the carvings. Thompson tells him he couldn't help either of them as the killer, Sebastian Derik, sneaks up behind him and knocks him out. Derik then ties up Thompson, his family, and Coulson in the Thompson's barn, where Thompson and his son have built an elaborate model train set. Derik tells Coulson that he could bring back his memories by experiencing pain, which is why he was killing the former T.A.H.I.T.I. test subjects. Couslon meanwhile realizes Thompson's train set was actually the runes, revealing they are meant to be viewed in three dimensions. As Derik is threatening Coulson with a knife, Thompson manages to cut out of his ties and free his family. Derik realizes his prisoner was escaping and throws his knife at him, but Thompson manages to catch the blade in mid-air and throw it back at him. Derik dives out of the way, but the knife cuts Coulson out of his ties. Derik attacks Coulson while he tries to get his assailant to realize what he has discovered about the carvings. Coulson eventually gets Derik over a railing looking down on the train set, but Derik refuses to open his eyes. Simmons and Skye, who was freed after Simmons realized what Coulson had done arrive on the scene and pull their guns on Coulson and Derik, threatening to shoot both of them as Coulson may have gone crazy like Garrett had. Just as they are about to open fire, Derik opens his eyes and realizes what Coulson had been trying to show him - the carvings aren't as much a map as they are the blueprints to a city. ( "")
  • After turning Derik over to the authorities, Coulson and the team return to the Playground. Bakshi had since been placed in Ward's cell, and Coulson orders Skye to dig through his smart phone to uncover any information about HYDRA and their plans. Coulson then debriefs his team on what he found out about the carvings. He no longer has the cravings to make them, and plans to use this information to get ahead of HYDRA in their race to uncover its secrets. Elsewhere, Ward shaves his head and facial hair and calls Bakshi's phone. Skye answers the call while pretending to be a HYDRA agent, but Ward immediately sees through her facade. He says she hopes she likes the "gift" he gave her with Bakshi, and promises that he'll be sending more gifts her way in the near future. Ward then hangs up, and starts making his way towards his brother. ( "")
  • Ward also appears to join in an alliance with Whitehall, after having first tortured his brother Christian into confessing past sins, and then apparently murdering him and their parents. Meanwhile, Coulson leads a team to hack a USAF mapping satellite, which they successfully use to find the hidden city. At the same time, Coulson meets "The Doctor", who knows that the Obelisk, which he calls the Diviner, is a key that must be taken to the city by someone it deems to be worthy. ( "")


  • The team splits up, with Coulson and Morse leading a group to begin searching for the hidden city under San Juan, and May, Skye, and Hunter leaving to help Sam and Billy Koenig rescue Raina from a Hydra attempt to kidnap her in Vancouver. Raina tells Skye that they are two of the "worthy ones" who could enter the temple in the city, and that any others who try will die. She also reveals that the temple and the Diviner was built by the . Skye tries to warn the main team, but Whitehall blocks their communications, and Ward boards the Bus to take Raina. He also takes Skye, promising to take her to her father, and in exchange agrees to let the others go. Mack has already entered the city where he touches a pattern on the floor which causes him great pain and compels him to attack the others, until he is subdued and falls down a shaft back into the city. Whitehall is surprised to learn that Ward took Skye, and did not destroy the Bus as ordered, and so gives Agent 33 orders to do so. ( )
  • May evades HYDRA’s attempt to shoot down the Bus, while Ward brings Skye to meet her father. He tells her that his name is Cal, that hers is Daisy, and that Whitehall killed her mother. Whitehall then arrives at the Hydra base in San Juan where they are drilling directly into the temple. He immobilizes Cal and menaces Skye, but is interrupted as Coulson's team assaults the base. Coulson kills Whitehall, devastating Cal, who attempts to avenge the loss of his own opportunity at vengeance by trying to kill Coulson himself. Skye shoots Ward and forces Cal to leave, before following Raina and the Diviner into the temple. Agent 33, now with no purpose since Whitehall’s death, assists Ward in escaping. Coulson and Triplett race to the temple to help Skye, with Triplett making it in and Coulson being delayed by Mack, who soon after breaks from the city's control when the temple closes itself, and the Diviner opens, revealing Terrigen Crystals, it subsequently releases a small burst of Terrigen Mist. Skye and Raina are encased in cocoons, while Triplett is killed by the Diviner. Skye erupts out of her cocoon, her new earthquake abilities causing tremors around the city. Elsewhere, another Diviner reveals to a man with no eyes that "there's a new one". ( "")


  • In the wake of Whitehall's death Coulson looks to hit back at Hydra, who are looking at the imprisoned Bakshi as a potential replacement for the leadership role. S.H.I.E.L.D. enacts a plan that sees Bakshi escaping and leading them to other high-ranking Hydra agents, who are then killed. In Puerto Rico, the alien city is flooded, but not before Raina escapes, having transformed into a monstrous creature. When Cal turns his back on her, reminding her that she got what she wanted, Raina attempts to commit suicide, but she is taken by the man with no eyes, Gordon, who can teleport. Fitz and Skye realize that she has also been transformed she created the earthquake in San Juan, but has no control over this ability. Fitz agrees to keep her secret, and hides the truth from the rest of the team. Meanwhile, a model car that Mack built for Coulson scans the latter's office and finds the "toolbox" that previous S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury gave to Coulson. Mack secretly reports this to Morse. ( "")
  • and quit . ( "")


  • Lady Sif comes down from Asgard, her memory wiped by a mysterious enemy. Coulson and his team arrive to help her and find that she does not remember their previous friendship. They eventually discover that Sif was last seen battling an incredibly strong man in Portugal. The team manages to capture him and after watching him restore Sif's memories with his truncheon they learn that he is a Kree named Vin-Tak who has come to destroy those affected by the Diviner. In the ensuing argument, Skye's powers are revealed to the team. Sif and Vin-Tak both attempt to capture her but Vin-Tak has his memories wiped by Bobbi and Sif is convinced to stand down by Coulson, though she later warns him that Skye may be a greater danger than they realize. In the aftermath, Sif takes Vin-Tak back to the Kree homeworld and Skye moves into the Bus's padded cell to avoid hurting the others. Meanwhile, Bobbi tries to break things off with Hunter after Mack warns her that he is getting too close. Hunter angrily confronts Mack about this and his suspicions that Mack and Bobbi are hiding something, but Mack knocks him out. ( "")
  • Cal recruits dangerous individuals from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Gifted Index to settle his vendetta with Coulson. Coulson and Morse investigate, and are lead to the former's hometown of Manitowoc, where the criminals have seized the local school stadium. May enlists Dr. Andrew Garner, her ex-husband and a psychoanalyst to work with Skye, who is now on the Index herself. During one of Garner's talks with Skye, Coulson requests back-up, prompting May to fly the Bus to Manitowoc, with Garner and Skye on board. At the stadium, Coulson is confronted by Cal, while May arrives bluffing to kill Skye. In the stand-off, Gordon appears and teleports away with Cal. As Coulson's team subdue Cal's group, Skye starts causing tremors, only stopping this by directing her abilities inward, causing hairline fractures throughout her body. Elsewhere, Mack hides Hunter in a safe house until they are extracted by an organization that Mack calls "the real S.H.I.E.L.D."; and Gordon takes Cal to his superiors. ( "")
  • On Dr. Andrew Garner's recommendation, Coulson pulls Skye from active duty, and leaves her at a safe house with gloves designed to help repress her abilities, asking her to take some time to learn to control her powers. Ward and Agent 33 hunt down the man who created the technology that allowed Agent 33 to take on May's appearance. He fixes her mask so she can revert to her original appearance, albeit still scarred, and change her appearance to anyone she wishes. Using this, they infiltrate Talbot's base and break out Bakshi, who S.H.I.E.L.D. had handed over as a sign of good faith. From Bakshi they learn about Agent 33's life before he brainwashed her, including her name, Kara, before brainwashing him themselves. Mack introduces Hunter to Robert Gonzales and the leadership of the "real S.H.I.E.L.D.", founded on the ideal of transparency, rather than Fury's mantra of compartmentalization. They see Coulson and his erratic behavior as a threat, and as Hunter escapes, Morse decides to attack Coulson's group immediately. ( "")
  • Coulson confronts Mack about the model car and his behavior, deducing that he is a mole. Morse steals the toolbox from Coulson's office and takes over the base's systems, allowing her and Mack to evade capture, and the rest of their faction to attack. This organization was formed when S.H.I.E.L.D. fell and Morse, Gonzales, Mack, and Hartley disobeyed Fury's orders onboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft carrier Iliad, saving hundreds of loyal S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Gonzales realized all the harm caused by Fury and his secrets, and now wants S.H.I.E.L.D. to continue in a new and better fashion. Meanwhile, Gordon visits Skye to tell her of his home, where she can be safe and learn to control her powers. Gonzales and his colleagues are also wary of other alien/superhuman phenomena, including Skye, but when Morse leads a team to detain Skye, the latter accidentally unleashes her abilities. Horrified at what she can do, Skye agrees to go with Gordon. May helps Coulson escape from Gonzales' control, and he soon regroups with Hunter. ( "")
  • 12th
    • Stark Industries CEO to speaks at annual NYC Tech convention.


  • Gordon takes Skye to Afterlife, a haven, where Lincoln Campbell explains to her that most people who are transformed are chosen and prepared for it, and then a guide is selected to help these people master their new abilities. Skye's guide is the founder of Afterlife, Jiaying, who is also her (un-revealed and somehow alive) mother. When Gonzales asks Fitz and Simmons to help them open Fury's toolbox, Fitz refuses and decides to leave S.H.I.E.L.D., while Simmons agrees to help, though this is a ruse so that Fitz can take the toolbox with him. Coulson and Hunter steal a quinjet from Gonzales' soldiers with the help of Agent Mike Peterson, who has been hunting Hydra scientist Dr. List, and found him experimenting on gifted people. With the appearance of Peterson, Gonzales fears how many super powered operatives Coulson has, but believes that he still deserves fair representation, and so asks May to serve on their S.H.I.E.L.D. board. Coulson soon realizes that the person most involved in this Hydra threat that they can turn to is Ward. ( "")
  • Criminals, including the Russian mafia, Yakuza, and Chinese, have taken advantage of Hell's Kitchen's circumstances since "The Incident" or The Battle of New York. Blinded as a boy in an accident that gave him heightened senses, begins fighting this rising criminal element by night as a costumed vigilante while opening a law firm with his friend, Foggy Nelson. Their first client is , a secretary for construction company Union Allied, who has been framed for the murder of her co-worker, Daniel Fisher, after accidentally uncovering a pension embezzlement scheme. Murdock prevents Karen from being prosecuted and protects her from an assassin, before exposing the scandal through Ben Urich at The New York Bulletin. Grateful for their help, Page offers to work for Murdock and Nelson. covers up the involvement of his employer in the scandal, and orders Anatoly and Vladamir Ranskahov, the Russian's leaders, to deal with Murdock "The Man in Black", they kidnap a young boy to lure him into a trap. ( "")
  • Failing to rescue the kidnapped boy, a severely injured Murdock is found in a dumpster by a night nurse . Nelson meanwhile attempts to comfort Page following her recent traumatic experiences. Temple takes Murdock to her apartment, tends to his wounds, and removes his mask, discovering his blindness. He refuses to reveal his name, but does reveal his heightened senses when they alert him to a Russian who is searching the apartment building, giving Temple time to hide Murdock and convince the man that she knows nothing. Matt realizes that the man didn't believe her, and overpowers him, taking him to the roof. Matt and Temple torture him into revealing the boy's location, before Murdock pushes him off the roof and into the same dumpster. He barely survives. Matt enters the building where they are keeping the boy, defeats the guards, and rescues him. ( "")
  • Wesley, having become aware of Nelson and Murdock thanks to their involvement with Page during the Union Allied scandal, hires them to defend John Healy, an assassin. Though Foggy wishes not to get involved with an obvious criminal element, Matt wishes to use the case to discover who Wesley's employer is, and so accepts Wesley's offer, which includes a substantial sum to ensure their silence. Page receives a similar offer from Union Allied, who don't want her to talk to anyone else about the scandal, and threaten to sue her for leaking company secrets to the press if she doesn't agree. Despite this, Page goes to Urich, whose editor Ellison is forcing him to write superfluous stories rather than the major crime breaks of his youth, and offers to tell him more about the Union Allied scandal. After successfully defending Healy, Matt confronts him in costume and forces him to reveal Wesley's employer, . Healy then commits suicide rather than face the consequences of this. ( "")
  • Matt is unable to find any record of Fisk, and so continues to interrogate criminals, searching for answers. Wesley informs the Ranskahovs of an offer Fisk has made to help with their operations, given their recent failures. Angered at this apparent slight, they attempt to stop the man in black once and for all by visiting the Russian in hospital that Murdock threw from the roof, who tells them of Temple. They send men to kidnap her, but she manages to call Murdock in time to alert him of her kidnapping. The Russians attempt to torture Murdock's name out of Temple, until Matt arrives and defeats all of the gangsters. Seeing the aftermath of this, the Ranskahovs decide to agree to Fisk's offer, with Anatoly going to tell Fisk personally. Fisk is having dinner with Vanessa Marianna, an art gallery curator. When Anatoly barges into the restaurant, Fisk quickly takes a confused Marianna home. Angered at this intrusion and embarrassment, Fisk beheads Anatoly and orders Wesley to send the body to Vladimir. ( "")
  • Fisk explains the situation to his allies, including Chinese leader Madame Gao, of whom he asks a special favor. Elena Cardenas, a renter of powerful businessman Armand Tulley, comes to Nelson and Murdock after Tulley, who wants to convert her apartment building, sends men to wreck her home. Nelson goes to Tulley's lawyers at Landman and Zack where he and Murdock once interned, represented by Marci Stahl, Foggy's ex-girlfriend. She explains that Cardenas and her neighbors can either take a large settlement or be evicted. While looking for complaints against Tulley at the police station, Matt realizes Detectives Carl Hoffman and Blake are corrupt when he hears them kill a Russian. Murdock later incapacitates Blake and uses his cell phone to find Vladimir. Fisk pays Turk Barrett to reveal to Vladimir that Fisk killed Anatoly, and as they prepare for a war against Fisk, their forces are destroyed in a suicide attack by one of Gao's workers. Vladimir survives, but Murdock finds him, as they are surrounded by police. ( "")
  • Matt takes out the police when they try to kill Vladimir on Fisk's orders, and he takes Vladimir to an abandoned warehouse, hoping for answers about Fisk, while Nelson and Cardenas are injured in the bombings. With Temple's help Matt cauterizes Vladimir's wounds, alerting a non-corrupt police officer to their presence. The officer calls in Murdock and Vladimir's location, and the warehouse is soon surrounded. Blake and Hoffman take control of the situation, and await Fisk's orders. Fisk talks to Matt via police radio, telling him of his admiration for what Murdock is trying to do, even though it clashes with Fisk's own plans to save the city. Fisk then frames the vigilante by having a police sniper fire on other officers from the roof of the warehouse, including Blake, as Urich and the media look on. Vladimir, in return for Murdock avenging Anatoly's death, gives him information on Leland Owlsley, the accountant for all of Fisk's operations before giving his life so that Murdock can escape. ( "")
  • Acting on Vladimir's information, Matt tracks down Leland Owlsley, but before he can get him to give up any information, Matt is distracted by the arrival of an elderly man, and Owlsley escapes. The elderly man is revealed to be Matt's mentor, Stick, who taught him to master his abilities as a child. He enlists Matt's help to destroy Black Sky, a weapon that the Japanese, led by Fisk's associate Nobu, are bringing into New York. Matt agrees on the condition that Stick restrain himself from killing, but Stick breaks his promise and attempts to kill Black Sky, who is revealed to be a young boy. Matt stops his first attempt, but is attacked by Nobu's men. While he is fighting them off, Stick chases down and kills Black Sky. After a violent fight in Matt's apartment, Matt defeats Stick, and he agrees to leave the city. He is later seen conversing with a mysterious, heavily scarred man, who asks him if they will be able to rely on Matt in the future, to which Stick is uncertain. ( "")
  • Matt is brought into the plan to take down Fisk by Foggy and Karen, who also introduce him to Ben. Matt advises them to take down Fisk by legal means rather than on the down low. Meanwhile, the vigilante visits Ben and gives him information on Fisk. In a series of flashbacks, Fisk remembers his abusive father, Bill Fisk, who tormented him and his mother. It is eventually revealed that Fisk killed his father after he saw him beating his mother, and that she dismembered the body and disposed of it in a river to hide the crime. Inspired by Vanessa, Fisk goes public with his plans to rebuild Hell's Kitchen, and is hailed as a hero by the media. ( "")
  • In the wake of Fisk's public revelation, Ben, Foggy, and Karen begin to think about how to uncover his past, while Matt continues to insist they go through the legal system. Matt tracks down Vanessa at her art gallery, hoping to gain insight into Fisk by speaking with her, and encounters Fisk himself. The firm's client, Elena Cardenas, is killed by a junkie hired by Fisk's men. Meanwhile, Nobu demands a promised city block from Fisk, who agrees on the condition Nobu provide him with a "specialist" in return to deal with the vigilante, which turns out to be Nobu himself. Fisk makes a public speech designed to lure the vigilante out. Enraged by Elena's death, Matt goes to an abandoned warehouse where he believes he will find Fisk. Instead, he is confronted by Nobu. Matt eventually wins, though not before Nobu manages to severely injure him. Fisk confronts the injured Matt, beating him nearly to death. Matt barely escapes, only to collapse at his home in front of Foggy. ( "")
  • Foggy discovers Matt's alternate identity and confronts him about his apparent blindness and abilities, removing himself from Nelson and Murdock. Meanwhile, Karen tricks Ben into helping her find Fisk's mother at a nursing home in upstate New York, who they interrogate for information about Fisk's troubling past. Fisk and Vanessa attend a fundraising party after Fisk's successful speeches to the public that earned him the respect of the people of Hell's Kitchen, when Vanessa and several others collapse due to poisoned champagne. ( "")
  • Still recovering from his injuries, Matt finds Melvin Potter, a mentally unbalanced engineer who has been coerced into working for Fisk, and asks him to make a suit of body armor like the ones he has made for Fisk. While Vanessa is recovering in the hospital, Karen and Ben locate Fisk's mother and learn the truth about his father's death. While at the hospital, Wesley receives a phone call from Fisk's mother and learns that Karen and Ben have tracked her down. He confronts Karen and attempts to blackmail her into not exposing Fisk, threatening to hurt her friends. In desperation, Karen grabs his gun and shoots him. ( "")
  • Matt dismantles Madame Gao's drug smuggling operation, prompting her to leave the city. While Karen begins drinking heavily to cope with Wesley's death, Matt and Foggy make amends, and Ben attempts to publish his expose on Fisk, but is rejected by his editor. When Ben decides to publish the expose online, Fisk breaks into Ben's apartment and strangles him to death. ( "")
  • Matt and Karen attend Ben Urich's funeral, and Matt reassures Karen that Fisk and his co-conspirators will face justice. Meanwhile, Fisk learns that Owlsley and Madame Gao conspired to poison Vanessa, whom they deemed a distraction, and that Owlsley has been hiding Detective Hoffman as an insurance policy. When Owlsley tries to blackmail him, an infuriated Fisk throws Owlsley into an open elevator shaft. Matt and Foggy meet at Matt's gym and reconcile their differences, and they begin building their case against Fisk. In his vigilante disguise, Matt finds Detective Hoffman and convinces him to agree to testify against Fisk. Acting on Hoffman's testimony, federal agents arrest Fisk and his co-conspirators, but Fisk manages to escape custody. Before he can flee the city, Matt intercepts him, wearing the new set of armor made for him by Potter. After a brutal fight, Matt defeats Fisk and leaves him to the police, avenging Ben's death. Fisk is arrested, Vanessa leaves the city, and Matt, Karen and Foggy celebrate their success and resume their work. The vigilante is named "Daredevil" by the media. ( "")
  • Gonzales make May in charge of the Playground. May than look into Coulson actions since became Director, finding that Coulson has been secretly building another base and consulting with Garner, which Mack believes is because he is creating a gifted army. Skye is training with Jiaying, and begins to focus her abilities to manipulate objects' natural frequencies. Jiaying soon reveals that she is Skye's mother, Cal had pieced her back together and her healing factor revived her, and they searched for Skye, who S.H.I.E.L.D. had taken, until Jiaying realized what monsters they had become, and left Cal to build a new and peaceful life. Their relationship must remain a secret because once a member of their group stole Terrigen crystals for her daughter, who then forced her mother to hurt others to feed on their pain. They were stopped when May killed them both, scarring her for life. However, Jiaying and Skye do agree to join Cal for dinner, a moment that Raina apparently foresaw in a nightmare. Fitz opens the toolbox, and uses it to contact Coulson. ( "")
  • Fitz manages to elude Gonzales' agents to meet up with Coulson, Hunter and Peterson, who reveal they intend to recruit Ward to find Skye. They capture Ward and Agent 33 in Tiajuana and make a deal to infiltrate Hydra in exchange for giving Ward a clean slate by wiping his memories. Using a brainwashed Bakshi to get close to Hydra leader, Doctor List, they learn that List had been following Gordon and seeks to capture him. Meanwhile, Jiaying seeks to banish Cal from Afterlife, but Skye, fearing he may harm innocents, goes with him before calling the Playground for help. Lincoln is soon revealed to be spying on them before they are attacked by Hydra, resulting in Lincoln being captured. Skye is about to be reunited with Coulson before Gordon appears and takes her and Cal away. With no options left, Coulson surrenders himself to Bobbi and Mack. ( "")
  • Coulson offers to take his own team to infiltrate List's base and free Peterson and Campbell. Raina foresees Skye saving Campbell's life, and they convince Gordon to take her to S.H.I.E.L.D. without telling Jiaying, who allows Cal to stay in Afterlife (though he does accidentally reveal to the community that Skye is their daughter). Coulson, May, Skye, Fitz, Simmons, and Ward infiltrate the Hydra base with the help of Bakshi on the inside. Simmons and Ward save Peterson, but Simmons attempts to kill Ward for all that he has done to them. Bakshi sacrifices himself to save Ward, who decides to leave by himself. Skye does save Campbell, while Coulson discovers the base of Hydra's leader, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. He gives the location to Maria Hill so that the Avengers can defeat Hydra. Ward leaves Kara with S.H.I.E.L.D., hoping that she can reclaim her lost life as an agent, while Gonzales reveals to Morse his intentions to use Skye and Campbell to get to their "friends". Raina foresees metal men destroying cities. ( "")


  • In Eastern European country of Sokovia, The Avengers: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, and Clint Barton raid a Hydra outpost led by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, who has been experimenting on humans using the scepter previously wielded by Loki. They encounter two of Strucker's experiments, twins Pietro, who has superhuman speed, and Wanda Maximoff, who can manipulate minds and project energy and apprehend Strucker, while Stark retrieves Loki's scepter. ()
  • Stark and Banner discover an artificial intelligence within the scepter's gem, and secretly use it to complete Stark's "Ultron" program. The unexpectedly sentient Ultron, believing he must eradicate humanity to save Earth, eliminates Stark's A.I. J.A.R.V.I.S. and attacks the Avengers. Escaping with the scepter, Ultron uses the resources in Strucker's Sokovia base to upgrade his rudimentary body and build an army of robot drones. Having killed Strucker, he recruits the Maximoffs, who hold Stark responsible for their parents' deaths by his weapons. Together, they visit the base of arms dealer Ulysses Klaue in an African shipyard to obtain Vibranium. The Avengers pursue them, but Wanda subdues the heroes with haunting visions, causing the Hulk to rampage until Stark stops him with the Hulkbuster armor. ()
  • A worldwide backlash over the resulting destruction, and the fears Wanda's hallucinations incited, send the team into hiding at Barton's safehouse. This turned out to be his farm, where Barton had constituted a family with his wife Laura. Thor departs to consult with Dr. Erik Selvig on the meaning of the apocalyptic future he saw in his hallucination, while Romanoff and Banner plan to flee together after realizing a mutual attraction. However, Nick Fury arrives and encourages the team to form a plan to stop Ultron. In Seoul, Ultron forces the team's friend Dr. Helen Cho to use her synthetic tissue technology, vibranium, and the scepter's gem to perfect a body for him. When Ultron begins uploading himself into the body, Wanda is able to read his mind; discovering his plan for human extinction, the Maximoffs turn on Ultron. Rogers, Romanoff, and Barton find Ultron and retrieve the synthetic body, but Ultron captures Romanoff. ()
  • The Avengers fight amongst themselves when Stark secretly uploads J.A.R.V.I.S. who is still operational after hiding from Ultron inside the Internet, into the synthetic body. Thor returns to help activate the body with lightning, explaining that the gem on its brow one of the six Infinity Stones, the most powerful objects in existence was part of his vision. This "Vision" and the Maximoffs join the Avengers to Sokovia, where Ultron has used the remaining vibranium to build a machine to lift a large part of the capital city skyward, intending to crash it into the ground to cause global extinction. Banner rescues Romanoff, who awakens the Hulk for the battle. The Avengers fight Ultron's army while Fury arrives in a Helicarrier with Maria Hill, James Rhodes and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to assist in evacuating civilians. Pietro dies when he shields Barton from a barrage of fire, and a grieving Wanda abandons her post to destroy Ultron's primary body in revenge, which allows one of his drones to activate the machine. The landmass plummets, but Stark and Thor overload the machine and shatter the city into pieces. In the aftermath, the Hulk, unwilling to endanger Romanoff by being with her, departs in a Quinjet, while Vision confronts Ultron's last remaining body. ()
  • Thor and Stark each had their own agendas to pursue, with Thor needing to investigate the matter of yet another Infinity Stones coming within reach. Barton meanwhile had a new baby to attend to and left the Avengers to return to his wife. Rogers and Romanoff proceeded to a new Avengers facility in New York, and welcomed a new quartet to the fold. They were joined by Falcon, War Machine and the Vision, Wanda Maximoff. ()
  • Thanos, dissatisfied by the failures of Loki and Ronan, dons the Infinity Gauntlet, and vows to personally hunt for the Infinity Stones. ()
  • The new S.H.I.E.L.D. board is grateful to Coulson after Fury uses Coulson's secret helicarrier to help the Avengers save the world, and they agree to merge their factions, with Coulson remaining as director, and the board acting as his oversight and advisory council. Raina has a vision of an ancient Kree weapon, designed to destroy the Inhumans, those who were altered by the Kree. Gordon takes her to search for it, finding it in the cargo hold of Gonzales' ship. S.H.I.E.L.D. discovers the intruders, and uses Hydra technology to track them when they teleport away, learning the location of Afterlife. Palamas reveals Ward's true plan when she helps him kidnap Morse. Gonzales leads a delegation to Afterlife to meet Jiaying and index the community. Raina foresees war if Jiaying meets with S.H.I.E.L.D. but it is assumed that she is lying in order to seize power. When Jiaying and Gonzales meet, she delivers Cal into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, before killing Gonzales and shooting herself to start a war with S.H.I.E.L.D. rather than let her people be indexed. ( "")
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. quickly realizes Jiaying's ruse, but the people of Afterlife, including Skye, fall for it, and agree to fight alongside her. Ward tortures Morse, wanting her to confess to the fact that she had revealed Palamas' location to Hydra while undercover there. Realizing that Morse is confident in her actions, Ward sets a trap that will end with a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, presumably Hunter, being killed in front of her. However, Morse takes the bullet for Hunter, barely surviving, while Ward accidentally kills Palamas while she is disguised as May. As part of Jiaying's plan, Cal takes a serum that he created to give himself Inhuman strength. However, it is killing him, and Coulson helps him see the truth: Jiaying is the true monster, and ever since he had pieced her back together she had been convincing him to do terrible things, including bringing her humans, whose life she absorbs in order to heal and remain young. Cal asks Coulson to let him help them save Skye. ( "")
  • After failing to convince Skye that Jiaying is dangerous, Raina confronts Jiaying, who kills her. Seeing this, Skye turns her back on Jiaying. The Inhumans take her prisoner, and attack the S.H.I.E.L.D. ship, planning to use their artificial Terrigen crystals (laced with Diviner metal) to reveal all Inhumans, and kill all humans. Mack frees Skye, who warns Coulson of Jiaying's plan; Coulson, Fitz, and Cal infiltrate the ship. Fitz kills Gordon, preventing him from unleashing Terrigen mist through the ship's ventilation, but Coulson loses an arm when he stops one of the crystals from shattering. Skye confronts Jiaying, who is attempting to spread more crystals around the world with a Quinjet. When Skye pushes the plane into the ocean, Jiaying begins draining her life, until Cal kills her. S.H.I.E.L.D. later wipes Cal's memories, allowing him to live a new life in peace, while Skye joins a new S.H.I.E.L.D. team of gifted people, May takes a break from S.H.I.E.L.D. with Garner, and Ward plans to lead Hydra against S.H.I.E.L.D. in revenge. As traces of the crystals from the ocean make their way around the world anyway, the Kree weapon absorbs Simmons. ( "")


  • 4th
    • There is a dramatic fireworks display at to celebrate independence day.
  • 16th
  • 17th
    • is released from . Scott's cellmate pick him up. At Luis' apartment Luis informed Scott of a place they could hit but Scott rejected the idea and claimed that he is never turning back to his old ways and get sent back to prison. Arriving at the residence, Scott met and whom Luis rounded up in hopes of helping in his planned heist if Scott agreed. Nevertheless, Scott disclosed that he is never going back to stealing. ()
  • 19th
    • Scott found a job at Baskin-Robbins but was fired because of his criminal records. Elsewhere, Hank gets invited to a presentation at the company he founded. He runs into his estranged daughter, and his former protege, who forced Hank out of Pym Tech. Cross showed pieces of footage of Ant-Man in battle during the Cold War who was Hank, which Pym always deny to Darren to be. Darren than shows Hank and guests a prototype of suit, modeled after the Ant-Man suit. Darren explained the many benefits of The Yellowjacket to the military to the guest including . After, Hank warned Darren not to sell the Yellowjacket, saying that the technology was far too dangerous but Darren refused to listen. Than, Carson made a deal with Darren to obtain the Yellowjacket. Hope asked Hank for the Ant-Man suit, so she can steal the Yellowjacket from Darren but Hank refused and tells her he found a guy that could help them stop Darren. ()
    • Later that day, Scott borrows Luis' van and went to his daughter, birthday party. He runs into Cassie's soon-to-be stepfather, Officer , who is not happy to see him. His ex-wife tells him that he has to find a legitimate job and pay off his delinquent child support before she'll allow visitation with Cassie. Jim insist that Scott leave the party after saying goodbye to Cassie. Scott realizes without a job he can not see Cassie again, so he takes up Luis on his offer. Luis explains in a complicated manner that he was informed through colleagues that there is a house with a giant safe that must hold something of high value. Scott agrees to help them with the robbery. That night, Scott heist team that is Luis as lookout, Dave as getaway driver, and Kurt, as the hacker. Scott was able to break into the house and get into the vault only to find a . He grabs that and heads out. Unbeknownst to Scott, Hank has been watching the whole time. ()
  • 20th
    • Scott checked the suit, wondering why it guarded. He notices tubes full of . Out of curiosity, Scott puts it on and steps into the bathtub to get a better look at himself in the mirror. Noticing a red button on the glove, he pushes it and instantly shrinks to the size of an ant. He heard Hank voice coming from an earpiece in the helmet. Hank revealing to him that he knew about the heist. Luis comes into the bathroom and he turns on the water in the tub, which is like a tidal wave for him. Scott attempts to run away from the incoming wave and he is thrown across the room. He lands in a crack and falls through the floor to the apartment below. In that room, there's a party going on, Scott continued to be thrown across the room without being noticed due to his small size, suffering with landing inside a vacuum cleaner and being attacked by a rat before finally figuring out how to grow back to normal size. Scott horrified by the experience, broke into the house again at night to return the suit to the safe. However, on his way out, Scott was caught by police and was arrested. ()
    • At the police station, Paxton expressed his disappointment to find Scott back inside a jail again. Scott was in a holding cell when Paxton's partner tells Paxton that Scott's lawyer is there. Confused, Scott goes to see the lawyer that he hadn't asked for and doesn't know. The "lawyer" waiting for him is . Hank offers Scott two choices, life in prison or follow his instructions. Scott is thoroughly bewildered, so Hank tells him that he allowed him to steal the suit. Scott is taken back to his cell, where ants brings him back the suit. He puts it on and shrinks, and then quickly escapes from the prison. One of Hank's spreads its wings, and Scott climbs on and flies over the city. ()
  • 21th
    • At Hank's house, Scott woke up in a bed while Hope watching him. After, Scott joined Hope and Hank at their coffee table. Hank then revealed he let Scott steal the suit to test his thieving skills. Afterwards, Hank tells Scott that he invented Ant-Man suit that used the Pym Particles, but was afraid it were too dangerous, and so he had locked it away. Darren had found out about the particles, but when Hank wouldn't give it to him, Darren forced Hank out of Pym Tech. When Hope realized how dangerous Darren was, she teamed up with Hank to stop him. Hank tells Scott that he needs him to become the "Ant-Man" to stop Darren and steal the Yellowjacket suit before he to sell it to Mitchell Carson. ()
    • While having dinner with Maggie and Cassie, Paxton was asked if he was going to find Scott by Cassie, which Paxton assured them he would, though all he wanted was for him to be safe. Cassie told Paxton she hoped he did not find him. ()
    • At Hank's Lab, Scott suggested that they call in the Avengers for help, but Hank dismissed this idea as he claimed he had spent much of his early career ensuring that did not get ahold of this technology, so he would not allow to use it either. Hope then recommend that they not use Scott to be Ant-Man but her instead. Hope said she can break into Pym Technologies and steal the Yellowjacket from Darren, but Hank again refuse much to her dismay. After, Scott remained unconvinced that he was the right man for the job, Hank gave a speech about how they were not doing this mission to save themselves, but to save their children and earn the love in Cassie's eyes, which Scott noted as a good speech before agreeing to help them. ()
  • 22th-29th
    • Hank and Hope trains Scott. Hope trained Scott in martial arts and how to fight with the Ant-Man suit to cause the most effective but non-lethal in combat. Hope also teach Scott how to communicate and use the various forms of ants at his disposal. Hank catch Scott trying to upgrade the suit, he warns Scott not to remove the safeguards of the suit, warning without them he will go "Subatomic" becoming trap in the . During, Hank explains the truth about Hope's mother, telling Hope of how she had sacrificed herself to save millions of lives and been lost in the Quantum Realm which Hank had spent decades trying to understand. Hope hugged her father and their relationship finally began to rebuild once again, although the moment was somewhat ruined by Scott's comments. ()
  • 30th
    • Hank sent Scott on a mission to steal a device from one of Howard Stark's old warehouse. However, the warehouse turn out to be the which was guarded by . Scott were forced to fight him, the two fought on the rooftop and on the grounds. Scott defeated the Falcon by shrinking down into his suit rewiring it. Scott than got the device and escape the facility. ()
    • That night back at Hank's house, the group discussed the heist, Darren arrived at the house. Not wanting Darren to see the plans, Scott had ants roll them up. Cross eventually left but he called Hope to tell her that he was beefing up security. Scott realize that the job will be harder than they thought, and they'll need more people. He brought Luis, Kurt and Dave in on the heist. Later that night, Scott used the suit to see his daughter, Cassie at her home.()
  • 31th
    • Scott break into Pym Technologies through the water main. Luis poses as a security guard and lowers the water pressure so Scott can plants explosives throughout the building. Kurt than hack into security system, for Scott to steal The Yellowjacket. However, Darren knew of their plan and trapped Scott inside the Yellowjacket chamber. He and his bodyguards held both Hank and Hope at gun-point. They were joined by Mitchell Carson who Darren introduced as the representative from , Darren planned to sells both the Ant-Man and Yellowjacket suits to Carson. ()
    • Darren were about to shoot Hank, Scott breaks free from the chamber by using a . Scott and Hope attacked Cross' bodyguards and the HYDRA agents. In the confusion, Carson got away with a tube of Pym Particles, Darren shot Hank and took the Yellowjacket. Scott went after him, Darren got into a helicopter but Scott was able to get inside. Darren put on the Yellowjacket to fight Scott, the two shrink down and began fighting. Their fighting brought down the helicopter, during the fight they end up in a suitcase that landed in a family's swimming pool. The two of them to return to normal size and continue fighting, terrifying the family. Scott throw Darren into a bug-zapper, seemingly overcharging the suit and killing him. Scott was than arrested by Paxton and Gale. Unknown to them, Darren regain conscious and than went to Maggie and Cassie's home, he took Cassie as hostage. ()
    • Scott arrive at the house and confront Darren as the pair engaged in a brutal miniature fight on Cassie's toy train-tracks. Scott called for reinforcements from his army of ants who attacked Darren. But the Yellowjacket advanced weapons overpowered Scott and the ants. Darren attempted to attack Cassie while she was being protected by Jim. Scott with no other choice went "Subatomic", shrinking down small enough to pass through the atomic structure of the Yellowjacket suit destroying it. Darren could only scream as he shrink into nothingness. Scott was than trapped in the Quantum Realm, but managed to escape it by rewiring the suit's regulator with a enlarging Pym Discs, when he heard Cassie's voice. Witnessing Scott bravely Paxton covers up for him and had his charges dropped. ()


  • 1th
    • Scott had dinner with Maggie and Cassie. After, Scott went to see Hank. Hank asked Scott about the quantum realm after his battle with Darren. He tells Hank he don't remember much about it. Hank has hope that Janet may still be alive. Scott than kissed Hope just before Hank walked in on them much to his surprise. Later, Luis tells Scott that there is an Avenger looking for him. ()
    • Hank showed Hope something he and Janet had been working on before she was lost, a new Wasp suit. Hank thought it might be time for the two of them to complete it together. ()


  • After developing metal-melting abilities, Joey Gutierrez is saved from the hostile Advanced Threat Containment Unit by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. When Agent struggles to explain to Gutierrez his Inhuman heritage, activated by exposure to the recently released compound Terrigen, she seeks the help of , who taught her but now wants to live a normal life. S.H.I.E.L.D. Director finds the leader of the ATCU, Rosalind Price, and the two realize that there is a third party interested in new Inhumans, the monstrous Inhuman Lash, who attacks Daisy and Lincole. The subsequent arrival of the ATCU causes both Lash and Campbell to flee. President officially announces the ATCU, now on the trail of Campbell, as the replacement of the underground S.H.I.E.L.D. Meanwhile, Agent acquires an ancient Hebrew scroll describing the Kree Monolith that consumed his partner Jemma Simmons as "Death" (Hebrew: מוות‎), which Fitz is unable to accept. Simmons, in actual fact, is on a desolate alien planet. ( "")
  • Dr. Andrew Garner evaluates Gutierrez and deems him not yet ready to join the Secret Warriors, Daisy's potential team of Inhumans. Grant Ward, looking to rebuild HYDRA, recruits , son of Wolfgang von Strucker HYDRA previous leader, and sends him undercover to Garner's psychology class. Tasked with hunting down and killing Ward, Agent Lance Hunter tracks down Garner's ex-wife Agent Melinda May, who has been on leave from S.H.I.E.L.D. for several months. May is convinced not to run from her life despite difficulties in her relationships with Garner and Coulson, and eventually agrees to join Hunter in his mission. Fitz realizes that the Monolith is a portal, and S.H.I.E.L.D. enlists Asgardian Elliot Randolph, who takes them to an ancient English castle where a deteriorating machine was constructed to open the Monolith using vibrations. Daisy is able to replicate the machine with her abilities, despite the portal causing her physical harm. Fitz enters the portal and finds Simmons, bringing her back as Johnson's power destroys the Monolith. ( "")
  • The ATCU closes in on Campbell, who is betrayed by an old friend when the ATCU asks for public help in capturing the "alien". He calls Daisy for help. Coulson meets with Price, asking her to let S.H.I.E.L.D. take Campbell instead, but realizes that they know of Daisy too, and that to keep her safe he must let the ATCU take Campbell. Unaware of this, Daisy finds Campbell, but is followed by the ATCU. Campbell attacks them and escapes, so they try to take Daisy instead. To save her, Coulson agrees to work with Price to capture the together. Hunter and May meet with a contact Hunter has in HYDRA, who takes them to the new initiation system, Hunter must fight to the death to prove himself worthy of HYDRA. Hunter fights his old friend, kills him, and is accepted into HYDRA's ranks. Fitz attempts to help Simmons acclimatize to her old life, but she is struggling with both the different physics of Earth, and mental trauma. Later, Agent Bobbi Morse finds Simmons wanting to reopen the portal and return to the planet. ( "")
  • Daisy discovers an encoded email at the scene of a attack, and traces it to Dwight Frye, an Inhuman who is negatively affected by the presence of other Inhumans that Lash has been using to find targets. May visits S.H.I.E.L.D. to warn Coulson that Hunter's mission is becoming too personal and reckless, but refuses to talk to , who had left her while they were trying to rekindle their relationship. The ATCU takes Frye, with Daisy and Mack allowed to go with them to see their base and Inhuman facilities. However, Lash ambushes their van, kills Frye, and injures Mack, but spares Daisy, who witnesses him transforming into an ordinary human afterward. Hunter is brought in on a mission with HYDRA, but is seen by Ward and attacks him. May arrives to help, but Ward reveals is prepared to kill Garner unless Hunter and May allow him to escape. May, unable to sacrifice Andrew, is willing to back off, but Hunter attacks Ward, shooting him in the back as he flees. In retaliation, Werner seemingly kills Andrew. ( "")
  • Simmons agrees to tell Fitz of her six months on the planet. After being dragged through the portal, she found herself on an apparently sun-less, deserted planet, where she came across a pool of water and an alien life form inhabiting it, allowing her to sustain herself until she met stranded astronaut Will Daniels. Daniels had traveled through the portal with a team of scientists in 2001, when the monolith was in the possession of NASA, but over time they had been driven mad by the planet and an evil entity upon it, each eventually dying. Simmons realized that the opening of the portal can be predicted by studying the stars and alignment of the planet's moons, and over months they were able to anticipate the next opening of the portal. When they missed it, Simmons lost hope, but found solace with Daniels and fell for him. When they saw a flare sent through the portal by Fitz, Simmons was able to make it to him while Daniels distracted the entity, but now Simmons wants to reopen the portal so they can return to save Daniels. ( "")
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. finds Garner alive after Strucker fled the scene. Hunter is replaced by Morse on the Ward mission; she and May begin tracking Werner. Since Johnson and Mack never made it to the ATCU facility, Coulson visits it himself, while Daisy, Mack, and Hunter believe that Price's right-hand man Banks may be Lash. They find Banks, knock him out, and take some of his blood, before sneak a camera into a building that he was headed to. As an analysis proves that Banks is not an Inhuman, they realize that they are at the ATCU facility, and witness Coulson seeing a captured Inhuman arrive in suspended animation. Price tells Coulson that she wants to 'cure' the Inhumans because she couldn't help her husband, who died of cancer. May and Morse trace Strucker to the apartment of Gideon Malick, who Strucker sought sanctuary with but who turned Strucker over to Hydra in exchange for a future favor. As Morse fights off the HYDRA members, the dying Werner tells May that Garner survived his attack because Garner is Lash. ( "")
  • May confronts Andrew, and he explains that while researching for S.H.I.E.L.D. he opened a ledger of known Inhumans, belonging to Daisy Johnson's late mother Jiaying, which was booby trapped to release Terrigen Mist on its reader. When Garner was subsequently drawn to an 'unworthy' Inhuman, transformed into Lash, and killed him, Andrew broke things off with May. Coulson joins Rosalind Price for a meeting with the President about the outbreak of enhanced people, but is interrupted en route by Lincoln, who has deduced that Lash must have access to the ledger. S.H.I.E.L.D. and the ATCU track down Andrew and May, the latter being held hostage, and Coulson tries to talk down Andrew. Garner's Lash instincts want him to kill Lincoln, and after the latter attacks Lash only May is able to calm him down and return him to his human form. Lincoln warns that the Lash form will soon be permanent, so May has the ATCU put Andrew in stasis until their cure is complete. Coulson then spends the night with Rosalind, who is secretly working with Malick. ( "")
  • Malick knows that Ward wants access to one of Wolfgang von Strucker's vaults, said to contain the true power of HYDRA. Malick sends men to kill Ward, as Ward's vendetta doesn't fit into his plans, but Ward defeats them and tortures the vault's location from them. Hunter and Morse enter the ATCU disguised as FBI agents investigating a security breach triggered by Garner's containment module. Morse discovers that the ATCU is keeping the Inhumans offsite, and are trying to make more instead of curing them. Coulson confronts Price, but she was unaware of this because her long-time business partner, Malick, had been running that side. Ward breaks into the vault and is confronted by Malick. As FitzSimmons realize that Daniels was sent through the portal by HYDRA as a sacrifice to the entity, Malick explains to Ward that the entity is an ancient Inhuman who was banished through the portal, and HYDRA was founded to return it to Earth. Malick agrees to help Ward take down S.H.I.E.L.D., if Ward helps him build an Inhuman army and bring the entity back. ( "")


  • , an alcoholic private investigator "gifted" with superhuman strength and low level of flight, delivers a subpoena to strip-club owner Gregory Spheeris for lawyer Jeri Hogarth, who is having an affair with her assistant Pam behind the back of her wife Wendy Ross-Hogarth, exposing her abilities to him in the process. While not working, Jones spies on , a bar owner who sees her looking into his bar and offers her free alcohol as a "Ladies Night" promotion, leading to the two sleeping together. She leaves upset after seeing a photo of a woman in his bathroom. Jones is approached by Barbara and Bob Shlottman after their daughter Hope began acting differently and disappeared. While investigating, Jones discovers that Hope is with , a man with mind control abilities whose time controlling Jones gave her PTSD, and whom she believed was dead. Jones wants to flee, but is convinced by her friend and foster-sister Trish Walker to help Hope. Jessica finds her, but Kilgrave's hold is still over Hope, and she murders her parents. ( "")
  • Jessica is investigated by Detective Oscar Clemons, who discovers photos she took of Cage. Jones lies to Cage that she had been hired by the husband of a woman who Cage had slept with. Cage, having not known that the woman was married, confronts her about it, and when she goes to her husband, he attacks Cage with a group. Jones helps fight off the men, and learns that Cage is gifted with unbreakable skin. Hogarth agrees to represent Shlottman if Jones can prove that Kilgrave exists. Jones remembers leaving Kilgrave to die after he was hit by a bus, and now tracks down the ambulance driver who had picked him up. The driver had donated both his kidneys to Kilgrave, and is now on dialysis. Jones finds the operating doctor who anonymously donated the dialysis machine. He agrees to testify for Shlottman, and reveals that he operated on Kilgrave without anesthesia since that would have blocked Kilgrave's abilities. When Hogarth meets with Hope, the latter reveals that Jones was once under Kilgrave's control as well. ( "")
  • Jessica and Luke bond over their mutual powers, while Jessica also tracks down a surgical grade anesthetic to subdue Kilgrave with. Hogarth, unwilling to risk herself and her reputation despite the doctor's testimony, organizes for Trish to interview Hope about Kilgrave live on her popular radio talk show. Trish asks that anyone who believes they have been approached or controlled by Kilgrave contact Hogarth, before publicly insulting Kilgrave on air. Angered at this, Kilgrave sends police sergeant to kill Trish, with Jones having to use the anesthetic on Walker to convince Simpson that he has carried out his orders. Follows Simpson back to Kilgrave, Jones is stopped from confronting him when he orders Simpson to walk off the balcony. Jessica again convinces Simpson that he has carried out this order by knocking him out and taking him to the street below, telling him as he wakes that she caught him. Searching through the house that Kilgrave was occupying, Jones discovers a room full of photographs of her.( "")
  • Jessica accepts a case from jewelry designer Audrey Eastman who seeks evidence of her husband cheating. Jessica tracks Eastman's husband to a rendezvous with his girlfriend only to discover a trap set by Eastman, who blames gifted people for the death of her mother during "The Incident" and who learned of Jones' powers from Spheeris. Angered as she recalls the death of her own parents, Jessica convinces the Eastmen's to leave her alone with a show of her power and a bluff over the number of other gifted in the city. Hogarth and Jones process a large number of people claiming to have been controlled by Kilgrave, forming a support group for those legitimately affected by him. Simpson attempts to apologize to a frightened Trish over his action while under Kilgrave's control, they eventually bond over the experience. Jones uses surveillance footage provided by Simpson and clues offered by the Kilgrave support group to learn that the photographer spying on her for Kilgrave is her drug addicted neighbor Malcolm Ducasse. ( "")
  • Jones recalls her brief time as a superhero as she debates whether to save Malcolm or to use him as a means of locating Kilgrave. Trish and Simpson begin a romantic relationship with Jessica grudgingly allowing him to assist in a plot to capture Kilgrave. Simpson supplies ex-special operations skills and contacts, including access to a hermetically sealed room in which Kilgrave could be kept once the effects of the anesthetic wear off. They follow Malcolm to his daily meeting with Kilgrave where photographs of Jones are exchanged for drugs, which Kilgrave had forced Ducasse to become addicted to so he would obey Kilgrave even after his powers wore off, after around 12 hours of no contact. Simpson shoots Kilgrave with the anesthetic, Jessica refused to let him kill Kilgrave so he could be used to prove Hope innocent. Jones gets Kilgrave to Trish and the getaway car, but they are attacked by hired bodyguards who escape with the unconscious Kilgrave. Jones then resolves to help Malcolm overcome his addiction. ( "")
  • Kilgrave uses his powers to win a poker game, and spends his winnings on Jones' childhood home. After paying a fellow inmate to beat her, Hope confesses to Jessica that she is pregnant with Kilgrave's child and has been trying to miscarry. Jones gives her an abortion pill, Hogarth secretly takes the fetal remains. Luke hires Jessica to help find the brother of someone who has evidence on the death of Cage's wife, Reva Connors. Reva had left Cage instructions to find a box she had hidden, but it was not there when he looked. Jessica recalls Kilgrave having Reva lead them to the box, with Jones digging it up before killing Reva. Jones and Cage find the missing brother, and are given the file of the bus driver that accidentally hit Kilgrave, and who Cage believes hit Connors. Seeing that the driver had been drunk, Luke seeks revenge. Jessica intervenes and confesses that Kilgrave forced her to kill Reva. Cage leaves, unable to forgive her for hiding the truth and instigating an intimate relationship with him. ( "")
  • Jessica' neighbours Ruben commit suicide in Jones' bed by Kilgrave when Ruben tell him he has feelings for Jessica. Meanwhile, Jessica try to force Wendy Ross Hogarth to sign divorce papers. As Wendy goes into the subway to go home, Jessica, drunk and emotionally disheveled, threatens her and hangs her over the tracks in front an oncoming train. Unexpectedly, Jones drops Wendy but save her. Returning home to get some sleep, Jessica is helped into her apartment by Malcolm and they find Ruben body. Jones is tired of the deaths due to Kilgrave's obsession with her and decides to remove herself from the equation by having herself locked into Supermax prison; this way, when Kilgrave assuredly comes to retrieve her, there would be video footage of his use of his power. However, Malcolm who strongly disagrees with Jones' plan, calls Trish, and the two clean up the scene. When Jones returns and the sisters have a sit-down conversation about her plan and if it can help Hope. Walker reveals that she has Will on an assignment to locate Kilgrave. But Jessice still turn herself over to the police, she went to the 15th Precinct Police Station with the wet, detached head of Ruben, after she dived into a body of water where Malcolm disposed of the body, and presents it to Oscar Clemons and demands that she should sent to Supermax prison. Clemons is skeptical and wants to investigate further when Brett Mahoney enters, saying that by the captain's orders, Jones is free. Going out to the main area, Jones and Clemons find everyone enthralled by Kilgrave and pointing weapons at others or themselves. Kilgrave declares his love for Jessica and wants her to move in with him. He has the video of his power usage erased, removes the head, and has the police released from his trance, believing that everything was a big joke. The next day, Jones voluntarily go live with Kilgrave at her old house. ( "")
  • Will plants a bomb in the basement of Jessica's old house. When Jessica found the bomb,Jones insisted that Kilgrave couldn't die while Hope was still in jail and innocent people were in the house, Simpson reluctantly allowed her to tell Kilgrave about the bomb. After Jones watch a news report about a man holding his wife and children hostage. Trish and Simpson debate on how to get rid of Kilgrave. Going to eat breakfast with Kilgrave, Jones sees her old neighbor Elizabeth De Luca, who assumes that Jones has returned with her husband. During the conversation with Kilgrave and Jessica, De Luca lies about the Jones' past, in an attempt to make herself seem more important, Kilgrave enthralls and dismisses her. Kilgrave briefly caresses her hand, making her upset. Kilgrave tries to get her to understand by showing her evidence that his parents were conducting medical experiments on him as a child, and that this "torture" led to his adult behavior. Jones asked Kilgrave go to the hostage situation and Kilgrave uses his powers to stop the gunman from killing his family. Jones had to coach Kilgrave on how to do it without loss of life, but they were successful and the wife was very thankful to Kilgrave for saving her. They returns to the house, the gratitude the woman had made Kilgrave realize that the duo of him and Jones could heroes. Jones insists that Kilgrave can do heroics on his own, but Kilgrave reminds her that he would have made the man kill himself, if not for her. Jones goes to Trish and the two discuss what would she do in that situation. she considers whether she might be able to turn him to doing good things. Meanwhile, Hogarth meets with her wife and the lawyers, as Wendy demands massive alimony. Jessica come back and drugs Kilgrave and carries him away. She does not see that Kilgrave left the bomb, intended for Simpson, that kills a neighbor. ( "")
  • Jessica imprisons Kilgrave inside a heavily secure containment unit while she interrogates him from outside. Hogarth arrives and informs Jessica that the D.A. has offered a 15-20 year plea deal for Hope if she pleads guilty. Determined to extract a confession from Kilgrave, Jessica consults NYPD detective Clemons, who requests video evidence. Jessica films herself attacking Kilgrave to provoke him into controlling her, but to no avail. Jessica and Trish uncover a lead on Kilgrave's parents, and Jessica tells Hope to hold off on the plea deal as she's close to getting Kilgrave to confess. At the support group meeting for Kilgrave victims, Jessica finds Kilgrave's mother, Louise, and follows her home. She demands that Louise and her husband Albert assist her in obtaining Kilgrave's confession, as it is their "responsibility". The parents reveal that Kilgrave was born with a neural disease that could be cured with an experimental virus, but before they could cure him, they fell prey to their son's control for years before abandoning him out of fear. At the containment unit, Clemons arrives after Hogarth sends him a video of Jessica attacking Kilgrave, but is cuffed to a wall while Jessica brings in Kilgrave's parents. They attempt to console their son inside his cell, but Kilgrave orders his mother to stab herself once for each year that she abandoned him. A panic breaks out and Trish shoots at Kilgrave, breaking the glass and opening everyone to his control. Kilgrave attempts to have his father kill himself while escaping the area. Kilgrave escapes, but Jessica realizes that she has become immune to his control. ( "")
  • Kilgrave caught up to Hogarth in her car and enthralls her to take him to a doctor whom she trusts is her wife Wendy. There, Kilgrave has her stitch his wounds. Wendy and Kilgrave talk about their respective relationships and how they feel betrayed. During the conversation, Hogarth reveals that Hope was pregnant but had an abortion and that she also says that she kept the fetus to see if the powers of Kilgrave could be duplicated but the experiment failed. Back at the warehouse, Detective Clemons attempts to secure the crime scene. Jessica is forced to bind the hands of Albert to keep him from fulfilling his son's command and has to put a bullet in the mouth of Trish to help her break her trance. Jones tells the others that she is immuned to Kilgrave's power, that Thompson reveals is an airborne virus that he thinks can be permanently cured. Walker and Thompson go to his hotel room to create the antidote while Jones goes to find Kilgrave. In her search, Jones calls Hogarth and becomes suspicious when the lawyer keeps asking about the whereabouts of Albert. When there is a knock on the door of the Wendy home, Kilgrave panics and, as a distraction, tells Wendy to get her revenge on Hogarth by cutting her 1,000 times she chases Hogarth, counting each strike. Pam enters and hits the physician in the head with a vase killing her. Jones arrives, tells Hogarth that she was a murderer for deactivating the live wire in the warehouse, and tells Pam to plead self-defense in killing Wendy before leaving again. Jones finds Kilgrave in her apartment, saying that he had Hope freed from prison with the appropriate paperwork; all he wants in return is his father. Confirming that Jones is immuned to his power, Kilgrave is knocked unconscious and gagged. Meanwhile, Will goes to the warehouse, filled with combat enhancers bills, after getting the location of Trish from Clemons, Will shoots Clemons in the head, pours accelerant over his body, and sets the place aflame. He goes to the hotel room of Thompson and assaults the older man, but Walker is able to push him from the room. She steals the pills Elsewhere, Malcolm tires of holding the secret that Ruben is dead and tells the Kilgrave Support Group to relieve his conscience Robyn, Ruben's sister hears the confession. Robyn convince the group to go after Jones. Robyn and the group enter Jones' Apartment and attack her. Jones is knocked unconscious, and Robyn, not knowing who Kilgrave is set free.The next day, Jessica get a called from Kilgrave he tells her he has Hope and willing to exchange for his father. They met at a restaurant, Jones brings Albert to the restaurant and the scientist sprays himself with his antidote. however, it does not work as Kilgrave commands the man to stand by his side. Jones sees the support group with nooses around their necks while Hope is seated by Kilgrave unable to move. Hope begs Jessica to kill Kilgrave, but Kilgrave gloats that Jones will not because she wants to save Hope and still be a hero. However, Hope breaks a glass and stabs herself in the throat, telling her that is now free to kill him. Kilgrave runs with his father, ordering the group to jump. Jones saves them from hanging. As she is dying Hope begs Jessica to kill Kilgrave Jones swears that she will. ( "")
  • Jessica, coach support group on what to say to the police after suicide of Hope, gets picked up by Trish who sympathizes with Jones' plan to trade Albert for hope's safety, but Jones believes that he is dead, so she and Trish check the morgue to see if his corpse turn up, that may get clues to the whereabouts of Kilgrave. When that fails, Trish warns Jessica that her body needs sleep. Though Jones says that she is going home, she spends the night checking other hospital morgues for Albert. Exhaustion overtakes Jones, but, instead of resting, when she sees a man in a purple suit, she chases him and gets hit by a truck. Jones recovers quickly and leaves the scene hurt. Meanwhile, Trish were in a interview as Will enters her station. He wishes to apologize to Trish for his inappropriate behavior, blaming the combat enhancers bills he took from his Doctor. He also asks the location of Jones, saying that he would like to apologize to her personally. But Trish says she didn't know where Jessica is. After, Trish went to Jessica's apartment to help her with her hurt ribs. The next day Jones went to the morgue and discovers the body of Oscar Clemons and that the warehouse was burnt down. Elsewhere, Trish discovers Will sitting outside her apartment. As he argues with her about getting the location of Jessica, two of Kozlov's men appear, demanding Will to accompany them. Simpson takes two red pills, then kills the men in front of Trish. He then drags them into Walker's apartment and locks Trish in her safe room. Will went to Jessica's apartment to kill her, but before Simpson can kill her, Jessica had learned that Clemons was killed by a police-issue weapon and since will was a member of the same police department, She speculated that Will killed Clemons. Jones fight Will, who justifies his attempt to kill Jones by saying that she is protecting Kilgrave, not trying to eliminate him. The pain Jones has in her ribs slows her fighting skills. When, Trish arrives and takes the combat enhancers bills she stole from Simpson days earlier and begins an attack. Simpson warns Trish that without the blue pills he has to counter the high of the red pills, she will die, but she continues her assault and with Jones helps, knocking Simpson unconscious. After the fight Trish felt empowered and wondered if that was the way that Jessica felt all the time. Suddenly, she lost the ability to breathe and collapsed. Jessica got her to a ambulance, a EMT was able to save Trish's life by giving her an injection that countered bills effects. Meanwhile, in the Alias Investigations Office, two men to collect the unconscious Will Simpson. Then, Kilgrave texts Jones and tells her that he has met Luke Cage and, if she hurries, she can save him. Jones arrives at Luke's, just as it's explosion. ( "")
  • Luke reveals to Jessica that he was ordered by Kilgrave to destroy his bar, and recounts the events leading up to it. The two go in search of leads to Kilgrave and his father, who Kilgrave is using to concoct a way to control Jessica again. Luke tells Jessica that it was wrong to blame her for Reva's death and that he forgives her. Trish's mother, meanwhile, visits her with a file on a company called "IGH", which was responsible for providing Simpson with his pills, and also paid for Jessica's medical care following her childhood accident. Luke and Jessica eventually find a nightclub which Kilgrave was using to test his enhanced powers on an audience. While they look for video footage, Kilgrave appears and reveals that Luke has been under his control the whole time in order to lie to Jessica that he has forgiven her. Kilgrave unleashes Luke on Jessica and escapes while the two fight. The fight culminates in Jessica shooting Luke in the head with a police shotgun. ( "")
  • , after treating Luke for injuries, sees he is superhuman and helps Jessica move him to her apartment for treatment. Kilgrave's powers have reached a powerful new threshold and he is willing to use it to end Jessica however he can. Trish tells Jessica she may have found a clue to how she got her powers. As Jessica and Trish track down Kilgrave, he uses his greatly enhanced power to control a crowd and, unsure whether he can also exert his powers on Jessica, opts to make Trish his sex slave to punish Jessica. Jessica appears to accept this under Kilgrave's commands, but as he approaches her and asks her to say she loves him, she demonstrates she is still immune to his influence. Jessica snaps his neck, freeing everyone, including Luke, from his spell. Jessica is arrested for the murder but Jeri, acting as her lawyer, secures her release. Word of Jessica's heroics begin to reach the population of the city, and she begins to get calls asking for her assistance. ( "")
  • At dinner with Coulson, Price reveals plans to confront Malick before being abruptly sniped by Ward and dying in Coulson's arms. Promoting Mack to interim director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson sets out for revenge and goes off-book with Hunter and Morse to kidnap Ward's younger brother Thomas. Fitz and Simmons go with Banks to investigate the ATCU, but Banks is killed and the two are captured by HYDRA. Simmons is tortured until Fitz agrees to help HYDRA return the Inhuman to Earth, while Coulson uses a phone call between the Ward brothers, where Grant attempts to justify himself and his past actions to Thomas, to locate HYDRA they have set up base at the English castle. Mack clears Gutierrez and Campbell for field duty, and mobilizes the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a rescue mission. HYDRA reopens the portal, and Malick convinces Ward to lead a HYDRA team through it with Fitz, and return with the Inhuman, promising that Coulson will die when they return. Determined to kill Ward, Coulson manages to enter the portal as well. ( "")
  • Fitz finds Daniels and convinces Ward that they will need him to find the exit point. Mack sends May and The Caterpillars Daisy, Lincoln, and Joey to find Simmons while he, Bobbi, and Hunter infiltrate the castle and secure the portal room. Simmons escapes herself after Campbell shuts down HYDRA's power, and discovers several Inhumans that Malick has gathered as an army, including Garner. Simmons agrees to unleash Lash on HYDRA before making her way to the others. Fitz and Daniels lead Ward to the ruins of an ancient civilization where they manage to get away, while Coulson catches up to Ward and overpowers him, forcing him to follow them. At the exit, Daniels attacks Fitz, the Inhuman had killed Will Daniels as Simmons escaped, and now inhabits his body. Ward attacks Coulson when he is distracted by Fitz, but Coulson uses his prosthetic hand to kill Ward, while Fitz uses a flare to destroy Daniels' body. Fitz and Coulson return to Earth, but the Inhuman, secretly does as well now inhabiting Ward's body. ( "")
  • S.H.I.E.L.D agents in Bogotá investigating an Inhuman who is stealing weapons from the police. The woman, Elena Rodriguez, is apprehended despite her super speed with the limitation of returning to where she began moving from after each heartbeat, and reveals that she was destroying the weapons to prevent their misuse by the corrupt police officers. Coulson uses the machine that restored his memories on Werner who is in a vegetative state following brutal treatment by Malick's men and discovers where he contacted Malick. Coulson uses the phone there to find many of Malick's facilities, which are promptly sold by Malick. The police kidnap Morse and Hunter using their own Inhuman, who can temporarily petrify anyone using eye contact, and Rodriguez aids S.H.I.E.L.D. in rescuing them. Though the other Inhuman is captured by HYDRA. Rodriguez agrees to join the Secret Warriors, she remains in Colombia, on call. President Ellis informs Coulson that the new ATCU head, Glenn Talbot will report directly to S.H.I.E.L.D. ( "")



  • Coulson and Talbot meet with delegates from several countries to discuss Inhumans, accompanied by Carl Creel a human who survived terrigenisis thanks to his powers, and whose blood Simmons believes could be used to "cure" Inhumans who have not yet transitioned. Coulson suspects that one of the delegates is an inside man for Malick, and sends Hunter, Bobbi, and May to find who, with Hunter, seeing Creel acting suspiciously, discovers Talbot's son in ATCU stasis. They also discover that the Australian government has captured an Inhuman, Eden Fesi, for experimentation. Talbot turns on Coulson when Malick arrives, the latter convincing the delegates that Coulson is HYDRA, and that they should carry out their plans with Malick instead, namely the building of an Inhuman sanctuary in Russia. May saves Talbot's son, allowing him to escape with Coulson. Hunter and Bobbi track Malick to Russia, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents rescue Fesi, and Hive restores Ward's corpse to full strength by sacrificing several humans. ( "")


  • In Kathmandu, Nepal, a group of rogue sorcerers infiltrate the , an enclave that is known only to the Masters of the Mystic Arts. After beheading the librarian, the group's leader steals a forbidden ritual from a book owned by his former mentor, the who is the Sorcerer Supreme. As the Zealots escape through a portal to London, the Ancient One traps them in a Mirror Dimension that is invisible to the public. She takes down several Zealots but fails to stop Kaecilius and his surviving followers from escaping with the ritual. Meanwhile in New York City, , an acclaimed neurosurgeon, loses the use of his hands in a car accident. His former girlfriend and co-worker tries to help him move on, but the arrogant Strange instead wants to heal his injuries. ()


  • Hunter and Bobbi follow Malick to a decommissioned facility in Siberia, where Russian delegate Anton Petrov wishes to build the sanctuary, against the wishes of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Olshenko. Olshenko sends his attache to shut down the operation, but he is murdered by General Androvich, an opposition minister and Inhuman whose shadow is made of sentient darkforce. Malick suggests that the Prime Minister be invited to the facility himself, and that Androvich be unleashed upon him. Hunter kills Petrov to protect Olshenko, while Morse kills Androvich to destroy his shadow. Olshenko, unaware of the attempt on his life, has the two arrested. Their Interpol interrogator threatens to turn them over to the Russians for execution unless they confirm that S.H.I.E.L.D. still exists, but Morse and Hunter refuse. Ellis intervenes with Coulson; they save the pair's lives, on the condition that they never work for the U.S. government again. With the option of working in secret out of the field, Bobbi and Hunter instead choose to leave S.H.I.E.L.D. ( "")


  • Following the downfall of Wilson Fisk and the Russian mafia, and the disappearance of the Chinese and Yakuza, various gangs attempt to take control of Hell's Kitchen, including the Irish Mob and Cartels. When a group of Irish are gunned down by an apparent "army", the sole survivor, Elliot "Grotto" Grote, seeks out the firm of Nelson and Murdock for protection. Karen Page, Nelson and Murdock's assistant—who is struggling to manage their financial troubles given that the firm's clientele often cannot afford legal fees—takes the wounded Grotto to the hospital, while Foggy Nelson learns from the Dogs of Hell biker gang that a group of their own was murdered by the same "army" as the Irish. Matt Murdock, as Daredevil, investigates the cartels, who he learns had all of their high-power weapons stolen by a single man. At the hospital, Grotto and Page are attacked by this man and barely escape alive. Daredevil confronts the new vigilante in the rooftops near the hospital, and is shot in the head at point blank range. ( "")
  • Foggy finds Matt the next morning. Though his body armor suit saved his life, Murdock's head and heightened senses are damaged and impaired, and Foggy insists that he rest and recover. Nelson attempts to get Grotto into witness protection, but since all of his mob contacts were murdered, District Attorney Samantha Reyes only agrees if Grotto wears a wire to a meeting with a high-level drug lord. After his senses improve, Murdock asks his armorer, Melvin Potter, for a new, improved mask, before investigating the hideout where the Irish were murdered. Realizing that they had a now missing dog, Matt tracks it to a nearby apartment, where the other vigilante nicknamed "" by the DA's office had been listening to the DA's operation with Grotto on a police radio. When the Punisher attacks the operation, Nelson and Page realize that Reyes had always meant it as a trap. Police snipers fire at the Punisher as Daredevil arrives and attacks him. Grotto escapes in the chaos, while Matt is injured and loses consciousness. ( "")
  • Daredevil wakes up as the Punisher's captive, and pleads with him to stop killing, feeling that there is goodness within anyone, and that no criminal is beyond redemption. The Punisher insists that what he does is necessary, that by murdering criminals he stops them from doing wrong ever again, while Daredevil merely delays the inevitable by injuring them. Their debate culminates in Punisher bringing out Grotto, whom he caught stealing a car in an attempt to flee the city, and strapping a gun with a single bullet to Daredevil's hand, offering him the choice of killing Grotto, killing the Punisher before he kills Grotto, or doing nothing and living with the fact that his actions caused someone's death anyway. Daredevil shoots the chains holding him and breaks free, but in doing so gives the Punisher time to fatally shoot Grotto. As the dying Grotto asks why Daredevil allowed him to die, the Punisher attacks a nearby Dogs of Hell group. Daredevil manages to knock the Punisher unconscious, and then fights his way through the angry gang members in a stairwell, that allow the the Punisher to get away. ( "")
  • Finn Cooley, a high-profile member of the Irish mafia whose son was killed by the Punisher, arrives in New York seeking revenge, and tracks the dog Punisher took to his apartment, where he realizes who the Punisher is. Karen begins investigating the Punisher herself, using files slipped to her by assistant DA Blake Tower. She learns that he is Frank Castle, once a husband and father who was hospitalized with a bullet in his head. Barely surviving, Castle escaped an apparent cover up of some kind, potentially of Reyes's doing. The Irish confront Castle at a family carousel and take him hostage. Cooley violently tortures him, until Castle escapes and brutally murders Cooley and several of the other Irish. Daredevil finds them and stops Castle from murdering anyone else, helping him escape. Castle tells Daredevil about his family, who were murdered, before allowing himself to be arrested, with Daredevil giving credit for his capture to Sergeant Brett Mahoney in hopes of restoring the public's faith in the police rather than in vigilante justice. After, Matt returned to his apartment and found , had broken in. ( "")
  • Elektra ask for Matt's help with the Japanese arm of the , with whom her late father had dealings. Matt refuses, but spies on her business meeting with the company, where she plants a bug in their system. Murdock later confronts Natchios about Roxxon, and she claims that she knows Murdock's true nature, which she believes is the same as hers. To prove it, she has manipulated him once again, revealing that she has his Daredevil suit for him as the Yakuza track the bug to her apartment. ( "")
  • Matt and Elektra defeat the Yakuza assailants. Elektra believes that the Yakuza are up to something big in New York, and Matt reluctantly agrees to continue helping her when she promises to leave the city once they are done. Matt, Foggy, and Karen are visited by the public defender on the Punisher case, who reveals that intends to link Castle to other Dogs of Hell murders outside of New York, making the death penalty an option. Matt and Karen convince Foggy that they should be helping Castle themselves, to protect him from Reyes and learn what really happened to him and his family. While Matt and Elektra attend a Roxxon gala and steal a valuable Yakuza ledger, Karen reveals to Castle what she has learned of his past, eventually earning his cooperation. However, in front of Reyes and the judge, Castle refuses a plea deal that would give him life in prison and instead pleads not guilty. An angered Reyes has the trial fast tracked, with The People v. Frank Castle set to begin within a week. ( "")
  • Mack, struggling with the departure of Bobbi and Hunter, takes time off to be with his brother Ruben. When an online hate group called the Watchdogs uses Howard Stark-developed nitramene bombs to perform a terrorist attack on an ATCU facility, Coulson suspects that former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Felix Blake who had been committed to the advancement of Nitramene technology and has been missing since having his back broken by Deathlok has taken over the group. Ruben becomes disillusioned with Mack when he leaves to investigate a Watchdog base and accidentally reveals his S.H.I.E.L.D. agent status, but Mack is able to improve their relationship when he fends off a group of the terrorists that attack the brothers. Coulson takes Campbell to search Blake's known safehouses, and the two are confronted by Blake in one via hologram; he reveals that HYDRA is backing him and the Watchdogs in their crusade to kill all Inhumans, and S.H.I.E.L.D. realizes that the attack was a cover for Hydra to steal something from the ATCU, a nuclear missile. ( "")
  • Because of his dealings with Elektra, Matt is late for Castle's trial, and Foggy steps in for the opening statement. Unable to use a PTSD defense from Castle's time at war. Castle believes it would be disrespectful to real PTSD suffering war veterans, Foggy instead focuses on Castle's family being failed by the justice system. Murdock works with Page in preparing to cross-examine the chief medical examiner, who likely doctored the Castle family death certificates for Reyes, but before he can do so in court the man confesses; he had been tortured the night before into revealing the truth. Matt realizes that Elektra had overheard him and Karen and attempted to 'help', and reveals his involvement with her to Foggy. With the examiner's testimony now invalid, Nelson's relationship with Murdock fractures. Matt confronts Elektra, who agrees to stay away from the trial, before joining her in searching an abandoned building site from which the Yakuza ledger revealed shipments of dirt. Inside they find a giant hole. ( "")
  • Matt and Elektra are attacked by ninjas, and have to be saved by Murdock's old mentor . They escape back to Murdock's apartment, where Stick reveals to Matt that Elektra works for him and has done since before she first met him, which was on a mission to recruit him for Stick as he fights a war for against the ancient group , for which the Japanese Roxxon arm and the Yakuza are fronts. Matt offers to take Elektra back and help her defeat the Hand if she renounces Stick and his murderous ways she agrees. In court, Foggy begins to sway the jury in Castle's favor, but Castle takes the stand and purposefully wrecks his own defense. Karen and Foggy blame Matt for losing the trial. Elektra and Matt share a close moment before they are attacked by a lone Hand ninja. Matt subdues him and discovers that he is only a teenager, before Elektra impulsively slits his throat, to Murdock's horror. Castle enters prison, and is led by a guard to a meeting with . ( "")
  • In prison, Fisk offers Castle a chance at Dutton, the "Kingpin" of Ryker's Island prison whom Fisk believes organised the deal gone wrong which lead to the deaths of Castle's family. Fisk admits that this will allow Fisk to take control of the prison himself. Castle attacks Dutton, who reveals that he organised the deal for a drug dealer called 'the Blacksmith'. Fisk then betrays Castle by releasing Dutton's supporters on him, but Castle slaughters them all. Realizing that Castle could be an asset against Fisk's competitors while the latter is imprisoned, Fisk arranges for Castle to escape the prison. In Hell's Kitchen, Foggy and Matt agree to part ways, while Karen continues her personal investigation of Castle. She confirms with the now former chief medical examiner that in addition to the Castle family there was another victim of the massacre, an undercover cop the deal and subsequent massacre were part of a sting operation. Matt investigates a Hand facility called the Farm, where he is confronted by , whom he previously saw die. ( "")
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. picks up an emergency call about Daisy, and finds the caller, who was shown a vision of his death by the Inhuman Charles Hinton, in time for him to learn Daisy's name before being murdered by HYDRA, who capture Charles. Daisy however touch Hinton, giving her a vision of his death. Hive promises to reward Malick for sending Ward through the portal with "true power". They use Charles to obtain a powerful exoskeleton from a private corporation. Desperate to prove that fate is not fixed, S.H.I.E.L.D. seeks to avoid Johnson's vision from playing out by sending May to find Charles instead of Daisy, as the vision showed, but at the last minute Garner arrives, stating that he wants to say goodbye to May before he transforms into Lash for good. Subsequently, Daisy goes to the corporation, where S.H.I.E.L.D. has tracked HYDRa and Charles, and faces Malick and his exoskeleton. Charles saves Daisy by distracting Malick, giving them both visions, Daisys's is of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agents dying in space and Malick is unknown. ( "")
  • Matt as daredevil asks to send the several children being used as apparent human incubators for a mix of chemicals at the Farm to nurse to receive hospital treatment. Learning of Castle's escape, Reyes has Foggy, Matt, and Karen meet at her office. She confirms that her office had organised the sting on the Blacksmith's deal with the Irish, Cartel, and Dogs of Hell, and explains that she chose not to clear the area so as not to tip off the criminals, leading to the deaths of the undercover cop and Castle's family when the deal went south. Now, she believes that Castle is targeting her daughter, and pleads for help in bringing him in. However, Reyes is gunned down in front of them by an unidentified shooter. Matt visits Fisk in prison and confirms his suspicions, that Fisk is running it and orchestrated Castle's release. Elektra kills an assassin sent by Stick, and Castle saves Karen from a similar attack to the one on Reyes. At the hospital, the children awake as Daredevil prepares to defend the building from the Hand ninjas. ( "")
  • Matt saves Claire from the Hand, but the children willingly leave with the ninjas and drain themselves of their blood to feed the chemicals into an ancient device. Some of the Hand died during the fight, and an attempted autopsy on one of them shows the scars of a prior autopsy. The hospital board chooses to cover this up, compelling Clair to quit. Elsewhere, Karen and Castle are confronted by the Blacksmith's men, and Castle violently beats his location out of them before murdering them. He then leaves the horrified Page. Matt as Daredevil confronts Blake Tower, who reveals the one lead the DA's office has on the Blacksmith, a competitor working out of Chinatown. Daredevil goes there to find , an old ally of Fisk's, who sends him to the pier. Castle attacks a boat there, used to smuggle drugs, and attempts to kill a man claiming to be the Blacksmith. Daredevil stops him, but the Blacksmith's men arrive and attack the boat, Castle pushed Daredevil into the water to save him as before the boat exploded. Learning that Elektra survived the hit, Stick prepares to fight her himself. ( "")
  • Stick regrets never being able to "tame" Elektra, who always had an affinity for murder, and is trying to rectify that mistake. Matt stops the two from killing each other, but the Hand arrive and kidnap Stick. The police believe that Castle is dead, and Karen reluctantly agrees rather than dropping her investigation into Castle, which she was going to write an expose on for the New York Bulletin, Karen decides to write a profile to show the public that there was more to Castle than just the Punisher. She interviews Castle's army commander Ray Schoonover, but realizes that he is the Blacksmith. Castle arrives, and murders Schoonover despite Page's pleas. Matt and Elektra find Stick, with Elektra still bent on killing him. However, they are confronted by Nobu, who reveals that Elektra's killer instincts are because she is the Black Sky, a mythical weapon worshiped by the Hand. She considers accepting the Hand's fealty, but Matt convinces her to choose her own destiny, and she instead helps Stick escape. As Matt fights Nobu and the Hand ninjas off. After Nobu vows that Daredevil must die. ( "")
  • Foggy joins the lawyer firm of . With Stick safe at Murdock's apartment, the Hand raids a police station for information on people Daredevil has helped. At Melvin Potter's Workshop, Melvin give Elektra a protective suit and presents matt with a new billy club of his own design that have a steel fiber cable, allowing him to strike objects at a distance or swing from buildings. The Hand take hostages, including Karen and criminal . Barrett is on house arrest, and police officers who track him are able to report the situation before they are attacked by the Hand. Matt and Elektra use this call to find the hostages, and free them. They are then confronted by a horde of Hand ninjas, led by Yoshioka. Elektra sacrifices herself to save Matt, and he defeats the rest of the Hand with help of Castle, who looks to move on from his past and accept the Punisher mantle. Stick returns to finish off Nobu, beheading him. Matt and Stick mourn Elektra, with Murdock stating that his love for her was worth it, and accepting that Stick's philosophy of cutting off emotional ties is flawed. He arranges a meeting with Karen, and reveals to her that he is Daredevil. Elsewhile, The Hand later exhume Elektra' body, and place her in the ancient the stone sarcophagus. ( "")
  • Gideon tells his daughter Stephanie of his vision: he saw his death at the hands of Hive. Daisy and Lincole track down an untransitioned Inhuman with knowledge of Hive, who gives them an ancient Kree device, while the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. captures Giyera, Gideon's right-hand man who is now loyal to Hive. A telekinetic Inhuman, Giyera takes control of their plane and directs it to a HYDRA base, with most of S.H.I.E.L.D. as his prisoners. Hive comes to the Malicks' house, and reveals to Gideon that he has his brother Nathaniel's memories. Hive elects to not yet kill Gideon, but in punishment for his betrayal of Nathaniel instead murders Stephanie. ( "")
  • Daisy and Lincole unite with Gutierrez and Rodriguez as the Secret Warriors, and infiltrate the HYDRA base to free S.H.I.E.L.D. Gutierrez kills Lucio in the process, while Lincole captures Malick. During questioning, Malick explains to Coulson that Hive can infect the minds of Inhumans, warning him against trusting any of the Secret Warriors. Simmons confirms from an autopsy of Lucio that Hive parasites infected his brain, and the same could have happened to any of the Secret Warriors. When Malick is found dead, the human agents trap the Inhumans in quarantine and search their belongings. They discover the Kree device in Campbell's possession rather than in asset lockup, Lincole protests, but the other three are released. That night, Daisy visits Lincole and offers to break him out. Lincole refuses when he realizes that Hive is controlling her, and used her to murder Malick and frame Lincole. Daisy leaves on her own, creating an earthquake to destroy the S.H.I.E.L.D. base with everyone inside. ( "")
  • Escaping the base mostly unharmed, S.H.I.E.L.D. knows that Daisy could have killed them all, and believe there is hope of freeing her from Hive. Fitz and Simmons seek out transhumanist Holden Radcliffe, who believes in the improvement of humanity through enhancement, and whose studies of parasites could help with counteracting Hive's abilities. Hive turns Alisha Whitley a duplicating Inhuman ally of S.H.I.E.L.D. and James after first giving him terrigen which allows him to imbue objects with fire to his cause, and takes this fledgling army to interrupt Fitz and Simmons. Daisy warns Fitz of her vision; Hive's memories of Will Daniels petition Simmons to move on with her life with Fitz and the others kidnap Radcliffe, taking him to a town that Hive bought with Malick's remaining fortune, where he intends to recreate the original Kree experiments that made the Inhumans. Talbot and the ATCU use Malick's final intel to completely dismantle HYDRA's remaining infrastructure, and Fitz and Simmons finally consummate their relationship. ( "")
  • In Lagos, lead now consists of , and that learn that former HYDRA sleeper agent plans to steal a bioweapon from the Institute for Infectious Diseases. After being cornered, Rumlow detonates a suicide bomb attached to his vest to killed Steve but Wanda contains the blast, but she loses control of her powers and inadvertently destroys a nearby building, killing several relief aid workers from . Meanwhile at MIT, after giving a speech is confronted by a grieving mother whose son was killed in the Avengers' battle with Ultron in Sokovia. ()


  • Radcliffe's first attempt to turn humans into Inhumans fails, as he requires Kree blood. Fitz and Simmons attempt to combine their potential Inhuman cure with what they know of Radcliffe's research, but require an Inhuman test subject. Lincole volunteers himself, severely compromising his immune system, and seemingly proving that the cure cannot free the Inhumans of Hive's connection. S.H.I.E.L.D. locates the town, and Mack and May lead a team to hopefully free Daisy and the others Inhumans by simply killing Hive. The latter activates the Kree artifact, a beacon which calls two Kree reapers to the town. They promptly murder Whitley. Daisy and Hive confront a reaper each, with Daisy managing to begin harvesting hers' blood until the process is sabotaged by Mack. Hive, not realizing this, destroys the other reaper. Daisy attacks Mack, nearly killing him, but is interrupted by May, who helps Mack retreat with the rest of their team. Daisy then offers her own blood as an alternative for Radcliffe's experiment, as it was recently infused with Kree blood. ( "")
  • At the , Steve and the Avengers team find Tony and Secretary of State, who is now , waiting for them. Ross explains that, due to the events in Lagos, the United Nations has decided they can no longer be allowed to operate privately. To that end, it has been decided that the Avengers will sign the "Sokovia Accords", which will establish an international governing body to control the Avengers' movements as well as monitor and police the rapidly growing number of superhumans. The team is divided over the act. Tony supports government oversight because he feels guilty for his role in creating , whereas Steve worries that the Avengers may be compromised if it comes under the control of a third party after the infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D. by HYDRA. Ross states that refusing to sign the accords will be seen as an act of resignation. Elsewhere retired HYDRA general Vasily Karpov is ambushed by , who asks for information regarding the 1991 mission. Karpov refuses, forcing Zemo to kill him. During their debate about the Accords, Steve learns that has passed away in her sleep and leaves for her funeral in London. While there, he learns was Peggy's niece as she delivers a eulogy about how one should never back down from what they believe in. This solidifies Roger's resolve not to sign the accords. Wanda finds herself confined to the New Avengers Facility by Vision, ostensibly for her safety since feelings are running high after what happened in Lagos. ()
  • In Vienna, where the signing of the Accords is to take place, a terrorist bomb kills King T'Chaka of Wakanda. When security cameras reveal the culprit as . T'Chaka's son vows revenge. Against Romanoff's advice, Steve and Sam decide to go behind Ross' back and bring in Bucky themselves. Following a tip-off and a gruelling chase, Bucky is captured, and Rogers, Wilson, and T'Challa are arrested for obstruction of justice. While Bucky is in captivity in Berlin, Steve and Tony argue about signing the accords. A box sent by Helmut Zemo contains an e-bomb which turns off entire Berlin's electricity, including the cameras and computers that were keeping eye on Bucky. Bucky is released by Helmut Zemo, who uses HYDRA's trigger words to send him on a rampage. Rogers manage to stop him and flee awat with Sam. After coming to his senses, Bucky tells Rogers that Zemo is headed for the abandoned HYDRA Siberian facility where he and other Winter Soldiers were created using the formula he stole in 1991. ()
  • Unable to contact "because of the accords," Wilson states he know a guy implying . ()
  • Believing Zemo intends to release the other Winter Soldiers and unleash them onto the world Rogers calls upon for aid in freeing Wanda, which Barton agrees to since he feels he owes her a debt since her brother saved his life in Sokovia. He manages to break into the Avengers Facility and releases Wanda, who uses her abilities to overpower Vision. ()
  • Meanwhile, Tony convinces Ross to let him bring his renegade comrades in, and assembles Romanoff, T'Challa, and . Feeling he is still undermanned, Tony travels to Queens and meet a teenagers named who has been using enhanced agility and tensile webbing of his own design to fight crime while disguised as a spider-based hero know as Spider-Man. When Tony asks him why he's doing this, Peter explains that he understands the price of not doing the right thing. With the teams assembled, Tony confronts Steve and his squad at Leipzig/Halle Airport alongside his allies including Parker who now has a new costume courtesy of Tony. When Steve refuses to back down, the two teams get into a massive fight which destroys a good section of the airport. At one point, Ant-Man uses his suit to turn himself giant which tips the scales and creates enough of a distraction to allow Steve and Bucky to reach a jet. The two are confronted by Natasha, but she can't bring herself to take them down and allows them to leave in Stark's Quinjet, while the rest of their team are captured. As Stark and Rhodey chase the jet, Vision attempts to blast it out of the sky but misses and hits Rhodes who plummets to the ground and is left paralyzed. Natasha, knowing she will be arrested for acting against the accords, goes into hiding. Peter is injured in the fight, and a grateful Tony sends him back home. ()
  • Tony finds evidence that Bucky was framed by Zemo, and finds that the rest of Rogers' team have been thrown into prison. Heading there, he disables the security device and learns where Steve and Bucky are going. He then follows the two to Siberia, and is shadowed by T'Challa. Steve and Tony reconcile, and as they explore the facility, they discover that the other Winter Soldiers have been murdered by Zemo who had never intended to release them. Zemo reveals that he is from and wants to punish the Avengers for the death of his family during Ultron's attack. Zemo shows Stark a security video from 1991, which reveals Bucky as the assassin who murdered Stark's parents to steal samples of the Super Soldier Serum from their car. Steve admits that he knew the circumstances of their deaths, and although he didn't know Bucky was behind it he is still siding with his friend. A enraged Tony turns on Bucky, forcing Steve to fight him to save his friend's life. Bucky loses his robotic arm in the fight, but Steve disables Stark's armor and begins to depart with Bucky. As Rogers leaves, Tony bitterly reminds him that his father gave him the shield he's holding. Steve realizes that he no longer deserves leaves the shield behind. Having succeeded in his plans of ripping apart the Avengers, Zemo waits outside where he meets with T'Challa and the two discuss the nature of vengeance. T'Challa has decided he will not let his desire for revenge consume him like it did Zemo and prevents him from committing suicide, content to send him to prison. Under the custody of Everett Ross, Zemo hints that while he may be imprisoned his plans will continue. ()
  • As Rhodey begins physical therapy and learns to use an exo-suit that will help him walk again, Tony receives a package containing a phone and a letter from Rogers. In the letter, Steve apologizes for everything that happened and for not telling him the truth about his parents, as well as noting his regret that he cannot accept the accords. He tells him that he knows the day will come when the team will need to come together and act as one. When that day arrives, Steve and the others whom he releases from prison will be just a phone call away. ()
  • Meanwhile, Steve and Bucky are being sheltered in Wakanda courtesy of T'Challa. Bucky chooses to be frozen again until his brainwashing can be completely removed. As T'Challa contemplates what would happen if the world finds out about Barnes, he and Rogers gaze at a giant statue of a black panther. In Queens, Peter discovers a portable holographic computer that Stark had programmed into his Web-Shooters. ()
  • Following 's death at the hands of , his son returns to Wakanda to assume the throne. After working with , the leader of the , to extract his ex-girlfriend from an undercover assignment in Nigeria's Sambisa Forest, he reunites with his mother, Queen , and sister, Princess , only to learn that M'Baku, the leader of the mountain-dwelling Jabari Tribe, is challenging him for the crown. The two engage in ritual combat, with T'Challa emerging victorious and becoming the new King of . ()
  • When the tribal elders receive word that has resurfaced in South Korea, T'Challa's friend W'Kabi, who lost his parents as a result of the attack, urges T'Challa to bring him to justice. T'Challa, Okoye, and Nakia plan to intercept Klaue at an underground casino in Busan, where he will be selling a stolen artifact to an unknown buyer. The plan, however, goes wrong when T'Challa discovers the buyer is CIA agent and Klaue suspects the deal is a setup. The deal subsequently goes sour, and a car chase ensues that culminates in Klaue's apprehension. While in CIA custody, however, Klaue is rescued by , an ex-U.S. black ops soldier who goes by the name "Killmonger." Ross is seriously injured saving Nakia in the attack, and rather than pursue Klaue, T'Challa takes Ross to Wakanda where his sister Shuri uses the nation's advanced technology to save Ross' life. ()
  • Killmonger kills Klaue and takes his body to Wakanda as a token, revealing his identity to the tribal elders and challenging T'Challa for the throne. Killmonger triumphs in ritual combat and hurls the defeated T'Challa over a waterfall. After ingesting the heart-shaped herb to gain the powers of the Black Panther, Killmonger enacts his father's plan, preparing shipments of Wakandan weapons to be distributed to Wakandan operatives around the world. Nakia, Shuri, Ross, and T'Challa's mother Ramonda flee to seek the aid of the Jabari and learn M'Baku's men have found and are caring for the comatose T'Challa. ()
  • Healed by a heart-shaped herb brought by Nakia, T'Challa returns to Wakanda and renews his combat with Killmonger, who is now wearing a suit of Black Panther armor of his own. While Shuri, Nakia, and Okoye join the Dora Milaje and Jabari in battling W'Kabi and the Wakandan army, Ross, piloting a remote jet, shoots down the planes carrying the weapons before they can leave the country. T'Challa and Killmonger's battle carries them into the heart of the mine, where sonic disruptors used in the transport of the metal incapacitate their Vibranium armor. While Killmonger's body is briefly exposed, T'Challa stabs his cousin, he takes Killmonger to see the sunset of Wakanda in which Killmonger, T’Challa offers to heal Killmonger, but knowing he’d be imprisoned soon after, he declines stating he’d rather die a free man, he then pulls the dagger out of his chest and dies soon after. ()
  • Rejecting the isolationism of past Wakandan kings, T'Challa establishes an embassy in the United States to be run by Nakia and Shuri. T'Challa appears before the United Nations to reveal Wakanda's true nature to the world. In Wakanda Shuri continues to help with his recuperation. ()
  • Following the signing of the Sokovia Accords, Talbot and Coulson discuss registering the Inhuman agents, with Coulson taking Talbot to the S.H.I.E.L.D. base to introduce him to Rodriguez and Lash, explain the Hive situation, and show him the need to keep the Secret Warriors anonymous. Hive captures several Watchdogs for Radcliffe's next experiment attempt, they are horrifically mutated into primitive Inhumans, but do fall under Hive's sway, prompting him to proceed with his ultimate plan to use a warhead what was stolen from the ATCU to spread Radcliffe's new pathogen around the world and transform all humans into these primitives. Lincole contacts Daisy and convinces her that he wants to be with her. Hacking into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s systems as her blood is drained, Daisy helps him escape the S.H.I.E.L.D. base in a quinjet. However, this was a ruse on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s part, with Lash arriving instead of Lincole. Lash uses his abilities to free Daisy from Hive's sway, but is killed by James. Daisy escapes back to S.H.I.E.L.D. ( "")
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. keeps Daisy in containment while she is showing withdrawal symptoms after losing her connection with Hive, but her intel allows them to find the base where Hive is attempting to launch the warhead. With Talbot's military contacts S.H.I.E.L.D. is able to disable the rocket, while a team of agents infiltrates the base, captures Hive, and extracts Radcliffe, with the latter agreeing to cooperate with S.H.I.E.L.D. and revealing that the Primitive process is irreversible. Giyera and James steal the warhead, and while S.H.I.E.L.D. is focused on locating it, they detonate a bomb that they had smuggled into the S.H.I.E.L.D. base which releases some of Radcliffe's pathogen. Several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents transform into Primitives and free Hive from his containment, and he proceeds to steal Zephyr One, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s airborne mobile command that could take the warhead high enough for the pathogen to transform most of humanity. Johnson escapes and confronts Hive, begging him to connect with her again. ( "")
  • Hive realizes that Lash has made Johnson impervious to his influence, and so instead overpowers and abducts her. Giyera and James bring him the warhead, while many of the Primitives remain to kill the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. May and Fitz infiltrate Zephyr One and free Johnson. Fitz kills Giyera, while Coulson and the others evade the Primitives and escape the base in a quinjet, boarding Zephyr One. Coulson plans to send the warhead into space in the quinjet to detonate safely, and Daisy believes that she must go with it to atone for her actions under Hive's sway, and fulfill her vision. She enters the quinjet where she is confronted by Hive, but Lincole throws her out and overrides the jet's controls, ascending to space, where the warhead detonates and kills both him and Hive, fulfilling Johnson's vision anyway. ( "")


  • After months trying experimental surgeries on his hands, and using all his resources, Strange seeks out Jonathan Pangborn, a paraplegic who mysteriously was able to walk again. Pangborn directs Strange to the secret compound Kamar-Taj, where he is taken in by another sorcerer under the Ancient One, . The Ancient One shows Strange her power, revealing the Astral plane and other dimensions such as the Mirror Dimension. Strange begs her to teach him, and she eventually agrees despite his arrogance, which reminds her of Kaecilius. ()


  • Strange begins his tutelage under the Ancient One and Mordo, and learns from the ancient books in the library which is now protected by the master . It is explained that Earth is protected from other dimensions by a spell formed from three buldings called Sanctums, found in New York City, London, and Hong Kong. The task of the sorcerers is to protect the Sanctums, though Pangborn chose to forgo this responsibility in favor of channeling energy into walking again; Strange will have to decide between regaining the use of his hands and defending the world. ()


  • Strange advances quickly over several months, even secretly reading from the forbidden texts and learning to bend time with the mystical . Mordo and Wong warn Strange against using such power and breaking the laws of nature, comparing his arrogant yearning for power to that of Kaecilius, who believes that everyone should live as long as the Ancient One after the deaths of his loved ones. ()


  • Daisy has left SHIELD and began operating as a vigilante, know as "Quake" by the press. Coulson no longer SHIELD's director and Mack almost track her down as she arranges the relocation of Charles Hinton's wife Polly and daughter Robin, but she escapes after directing Polly to Cal's veterinary practice. In an end tag Radcliffe is revealed to have been working on a robotics project, the 'Life Model Decoy', as part of which he uploads his artificial intelligence AIDA into the prototype android. ( "")
  • , now the vigilante "Quake", is hunting gang members in Los Angeles when they are murdered by the fiery "". Meanwhile, Agents Phil Coulson and Mack, who were forbidden from searching for Daisy by the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D, are tipped off to her location by Agent . S.H.I.E.L.D. ally Holden Radcliffe shows his creation, the android , to Agent , who agrees to help perfect her. He keeps this a secret from his girlfriend, Agent , who is in the paranoid Director's inner circle, and takes daily lie-detector tests. Simmons discovers that Coulson and Mack are investigating Daisy, and orders May to stop them. She arrives to find them surveilling potential targets of Quake, gang members who have obtained a new weapon, a mystical being, who turns the gang members berserk, and secretly infects May as well. Daisy tracks down the Ghost Rider, but he defeats her. She later sees his human form, Robbie Reyes, looking after his disabled brother, . ( "")
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. and Daisy independently investigate the figure, an apparent ghost of a woman named Lucy, both concluding that she originated from an abandoned facility. Daisy confronts Robbie again, and he once more overpowers her. Restraining her, Reyes searches her belongings for a reason to justify killing her, and discovers her research of the facility. He leaves and Daisy escapes her restraints. Meanwhile Director plans to officially announce S.H.I.E.L.D. as a legitimate organization again, the infected May grows increasingly paranoid, seeing all people as monsters, and eventually attacking other agents. Director Mace restrains May with his Inhuman strength, and promises Coulson to take care of her. Mack and Fitz arrive at the facility to find more ghosts, who attempt to blow it up with them inside. Robbie turn into Ghost Rider and intervenes, destroying one of the ghosts, and Daisy arrives to stop S.H.I.E.L.D. from taking him in. Rather than rejoin S.H.I.E.L.D., Daisy agrees to work with Robbie, who believes that the ghosts are tied to him. ( "")
  • is keeping a low profile as a sweeper at a barbershop owned by ex-gangster Henry "Pop" Hunter and as a dishwasher at the "Harlem's Paradise", a nightclub owned by crime boss . Two kids, Shameek and Chico bust up one of Stokes' arms deals with help from Dante, a bartender at the Harlem Paradise. After shooting and leaving Dante for dead, they make off with the money. NYPD detectives and are tasked with the investigation. With help from "Shades" Alvarez, who works for Stokes' supplier "Diamondback", Stokes tracks and kills Shameek and retrieves his share of the money. Scarfe and Knight decide to question Luke, who had replaced Dante during his absence at the club. Meanwhile, Luke beats up and fends off street thugs, who attack his landlady's restaurant demanding contribution for the "New Harlem Renaissance" initiative spearheaded by Stokes' cousin , a councilwoman. ( "")
  • After Stokes' enquiry, Luke locates Chico and brings him to the barbershop for protection at Pop's behest, while Pop lies to Knight and Scarfe about Chico's whereabouts. Pop sends Luke to parley with Stokes on Chico's behalf, but one of Stokes' men, Tone, is tipped off to Chico's location by and performs a drive-by shooting, killing Pop and critically wounding Chico while Luke shields a young boy. Knight becomes suspicious when Luke remains unharmed despite getting shot. Angered by Pop's death, Stokes kills Tone for his actions and gives Dillard the money. When Luke finds out about this, he decides to fight back. ( "")
  • Cottonmouth pays for Pop's funeral and warns Luke to let go of the matter. Luke finds out from a regular customer, Bobby Fish, that the barbershop is facing closure due to unpaid bills, and begins targeting Cottonmouth's business to manipulate him into transferring his assets to Dillard's secure office, "Crispus Attucks". Cottonmouth has a falling out with his associate Domingo Colon, whom he blames for the attacks. Luke attacks Crispus Attucks, steals a share of the money, which he gives to Fish, and leaves the rest for the police to find. After agreeing to testify against Stokes and revealing Cage's involvement in the attacks, Chico is killed by Scarfe, who is on Stokes' payroll. Stokes tracks down Luke to his landlady Connie Lin's restaurant and fires a missile, causing an explosion. ( "")
  • While trapped in the rubble, Luke reminisces about his past as Carl Lucas and his incarceration at Seagate Prison, a private detention facility run by C.O. Albert Rackham. He befriends fellow inmate Squabbles, develops an attraction to psychologist Dr. Reva Connors, and is forced to engage in illegal ring fights by Rackham, and crossed paths with inmates Alvarez and Comanche. Lucas and Reva plan to expose Rackham's activities, but Rackham learns of this by torturing Squabbles and has Lucas brutally beaten. Reva then convinces Dr. Noah Burstein, a scientist conducting experiments on the inmates, to perform the procedure on Lucas. Rackham sabotages the experiment, and the resulting accident gives Lucas his powers. He then escapes and adopts the identity of "Luke Cage". Luke manages to pull himself and Connie out of the rubble and reveals his abilities to the media. ( "")
  • Cottonmouth begins extorting the citizens of Harlem to cover his debts and Luke confronts him to demand he stop. Shades recognizes Cage from Seagate and offers to lend Cottonmouth a prototype weapon stolen from Hammer Industries that could kill Luke on Diamondback's behalf. Realizing this would cost him control of Harlem, Cottonmouth decides to sell the weapons from the botched exchange to Colon and use the money to buy Diamondback's weapon. Scarfe is assigned to retrieve the weapons, but steals them for himself. Meanwhile, Misty begins investigating Scarfe at the behest of her superiors and arrives in Harlem to visit her mother, Soledad Temple, to whom she confides about her experiences with enhanced people. During Pop's memorial, Luke delivers an eulogy and humiliates Cottonmouth in the process, leading Misty to warn him that war against Cottonmouth could destroy Harlem. ( "")
  • Scarfe attempts to blackmail Cottonmouth, but is critically wounded instead and escapes to Pop's for help, where he gives Cage a ledger with incriminating evidence on Cottonmouth. Luke contacts Claire, who treats Scarfe's injuries, while another of Stokes' men, Lieutenant Perez, is ordered to find and kill Scarfe. Misty finds out Perez is also on Stokes' payroll and tricks him into implicating himself, records his admission before arresting him. Luke, Claire and Scarfe are ambushed by mercenaries hired by Cottonmouth on their way to 1 Police Plaza to turn over the evidence, and although Luke fends them off, Scarfe dies from his injuries. Meanwhile, Dillard has an interview with the media. The reporter exposes Dillard's possible involvement in Cottonmouth' actions. Cottonmouth is arrested with the evidence from Scarfe. Knight's supervisor expresses concerns about another disclosure of police corruption after 's case. ( "")
  • Scarfe's ledger is found inadmissible and Cottonmouth is exonerated. He threatens to expose Cage's real identity if challenged again. Luke decides to leave Harlem, but Claire convinces him to stay and fight. Cottonmouth reminisces about being raised by Dillard at the behest of their grandmother, mobster Mama Mabel. As a child, Stokes' musical talents were encouraged by his uncle Pete, whom Mabel later forced Stokes to kill after learning Pete had made side dealings with her rivals, and molested Dillard. Meanwhile, Misty is investigated by the internal affairs bureau while Dillard is put under pressure by her party to resign from the council. Luke attacks Colon and takes the weapons, giving them to Knight. Dillard visits Cottonmouth to convince him to let go of his obsession with Cage, which leads into an argument that ends with her killing him when he says she flirted with Pete. Shades praises her and reveals his plan to frame Cage for the murder. Knight finds out "Luke Cage" is an alias just as he meets Claire to reveal his true identity and is shot by Diamondback with the Judas bullet, made out of Chitauri metal, leaving him badly wounded. ( "")
  • Claire gets Luke in an ambulance to a hospital, but they are attacked by Diamondback on route. They take refuge in a women's clinic, where Claire examines Cage's tissue to find a way to take out the Judas shrapnel. Candace, a waitress and hostess at Stokes' club, tells the police that it was Luke who killed him, making Knight suspicious of Dillard. Misty calls Luke and informs him of the accusation, while another officer triangulates his location. She arrives at the clinic, attempting to arrest him; but they are attacked by Diamondback again. Luke recognizes him from as his childhood friend, Willis Stryker. With Stryker blaming him for leaving him to "rot". Luke follows Stryker to the United Palace and overpowers him, but he manages to escape. Dillard secretly pays Candace for testifying against Luke. In custody, Claire insists that Luke is innocent, making Knight so angry that she assaults her before the inspector intervenes and has Claire released. Stryker confronts Cage on a sidestreet, reveals himself as his brother and shoots him with another Judas bullet, knocking him in a garbage truck. ( "")
  • A police psychologist is tasked to examine Knight. Luke is detected by two policemen, whom he beats up before escaping. Stryker blames Alvarez for Stokes' death. Dillard meets Shades and convinces him to arrange a meeting with all the local crime bosses. Cage reunites with Claire, who convinces him to let her take him to Doctor Burstein for treatment. The inspector releases Misty and tasks her to find Luke, who arrives at Burstein's with Claire. They give him the drive containing the data he needs. Stryker interrupts Dillard's meeting with the crime bosses, killing all of them except Colon. She tells Stryker that the video of Cage attacking the policemen has made him an enemy of the city and Stryker can now sell the Judas bullets to NYPD. Burstein dips Luke inside acid, hoping that it will soften his skin, giving the former the chance to remove the shrapnel. However, the pain of the procedure gives Cage a cardiac arrest. ( "")
  • Claire and Burstein manage to revive luke and take out the shrapnel. Luke finds out that he was chosen as an experiment subject before he was injured. He and Claire look at Connors' files and find videos of her, proving that she was the person who chose Cage, upsetting him. Stryker kills a policeman, framing Cage. The police get angry and get more aggressive to find Cage, with one detective beating a teenage boy. Dillard shows support for the boy and arranges a ceremony in Harlem's Paradise. Luke threatens Burstein not to replicate the experiment and leaves with Claire and the drive. However, Burstein is revealed to have a copy of the data. In the ceremony, Dillard insists on Cage's fault and the need to arm the police against him. Her fellow party member however secretly tells her about their knowledge of the truth. Luke and Claire arrive at Harlem's Paradise while Knight arrives too, attempting to arrest Stryker, who shoots her before Cage interrupts and tries to escape with her but they are surrounded by Stryker's men. ( "")
  • Luke escapes to the kitchen with Misty while Stryker takes Claire, Candace, the servant who testified against Cage, and the remaining civilians hostages. The police surround the club, but inspector Ridley does not authorize any assault. Luke and Misty escape to the basement using a secret entrance in the kitchen just before Stryker's men storm in. Claire tends to Candace's wound, with the latter revealing the truth to the former and telling about where Cage and Knight might be. Claire escapes and joins the pair, tending to Knight's wound. Stryker uses the loudspeakers to demand Luke to meet him by threatening to kill the hostages. Luke leaves to meet him. Shades finds the secret entrance and confronts Misty and Claire, who manage to overpower and lock him. Stryker kills Dillard's fellow party member Boone. Luke arrives and frees the hostages, excluding Candace, whom Stryker uses to cover his own escape just as the SWAT team storms in and forces Luke to surrender using the Judas bullets provided by Dillard. Luke, and Shades are put in custody. ( "")
  • Luke manages to escape from police custody, while Misty works hard to locate Stryker and clear Luke's name. Stryker has Shades released on bail, then orders Zip and his thugs to kill him. Shades prevails and kills them. The tide of public opinion begins to turn back to luke. Although the NYPD is still determined to bring him down. Candace meets Misty and says that she will testify against Mariah if Knight protects her. Misty takes her to Soledad's. Shades approaches Mariah and suggests they get Cage on side by giving him evidence of Carol Lucas's innocence, and that they all work together to defeat Stryker. Luke finds Turk Barrett, who is working for Stryker, and forces him to reveal Stryker's location before locking him in a dumpster. Colon and his men attack Stryker and his mercenaries. Stryker manages to defeat them and escape. Luke arrives and saves a wounded Colon. As the parties converge on Pop's to parley, Stryker attacks, wearing a powered suit which allows him to match Cage's strength and invulnerability. Cage tasks Misty to go after Mariah and Shades while he fight Stryker. ( "")
  • Luke and Stryker continue their fight inside and outside the barber shop. In the confusion, Knight drops her phone and Dillard loses the files which prove Carl Lucas's innocence. Luke tries to reason with Stryker, but eventually knocks him out when the suit's power system fails while Dillard is arrested. Shades uses Knight's phone to lure Candace out of hiding and kills her, without whose testimony Mariah walks free. Ridley blames Misty for keeping Candace at a private place instead of protective custody. Federal marshals arrive to arrest Luke for his escape from Seagate. Claire kisses him before he leaves promising to call a skilled she knows to help him out. Fish finds the Lucas files in the barbershop. Mariah re-opens Harlem's Paradise with Shades by her side. Misty goes undercover in the club again. Claire takes up self-defense lessons. As Stryker recovers in hospital, Burstein enters his room. ( "")


  • Inhuman S.H.I.E.L.D. asset is caught in a blackout in Miami. Robbie and Daisy are caught in another in Los Angeles. A group claiming to be the Inhuman resistance, fighting registration with the , take responsibility. Robbie explains that his uncle, Eli Morrow, use to work at Momentum Labs, and believes that atoning for Morrow's sins will pay his debt to the Devil, ridding himself of the Ghost Rider. At the Reyes' house, Gabe realizes that Daisy is Quake and asks her to leave Robbie alone. Radcliffe uses AIDA's power cell to help Simmons 'restart' May and cure her. Coulson, Mack, and Fitz save Rodriguez from a group of Watchdogs, and find the EMP that caused the blackout—it was set off by the Watchdogs, who have backing from someone with access to the government list of registered Inhumans, this is Senator Rota Nadeer, whose brother is encased in an Inhuman terrigen cocoon. Hoping to assuage public fears of the Inhumans, Director Mace announces the return of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the public. ( "")
  • Daisy forces Simmons to help track the Watchdogs' actions. They discover that the group hacked an Inhuman's monitoring device, and race to save the next Inhuman on the list. Coulson visits in prison, but gets no answers. Robbie arrives to talk to Morrow, and Mack recognizes him as the Ghost Rider. They capture Robbie, and earn his trust. AIDA supervises May's recovery, as a Turing test by Radcliffe. Daisy and Simmons find the Inhuman J.T. James and destroy his monitor. Robbie visits Eli while Coulson and Mack listening on, and learns that the Momentum explosion was caused by a group of scientists studying the Darkhold, a mysterious book. Only Lucy's husband Joseph, whom Morrow had put in a coma trying to stop the experiments, survived. James betrays Daisy he hates being an Inhuman, and gave the Watchdogs access to his monitor. Coulson, Mack, and Robbie save Johnson and Simmons, alerted by the monitor's destruction. They then get May to help find the Darkhold, and when Simmons sees AIDA she deduces her true nature. ( "")
  • After, Lucy wakes Joseph to find where he hid the Darkhold. Coulson arrives, and is able to learn of this before Joseph dies from her ghostly infection. Coulson decides to use Morrow against Lucy, but doesn't tell Director Mace. The latter, whose public approval was high after heroics during a bombing in Vienna, becomes more popular after he reveals his Inhuman status in a television debate with Nadeer. Mace exempts Simmons from any lie-detection tests after she threatens to reveal the truth about Vienna to keep AIDA secret. At the prison, Lucy infects the staff, who attack Coulson and May. Daisy saves them while Mack and Robbie break Morrow out. Robbie confronts the last member of the "Fifth Street Locos" gang who had paralyzed Gabe in a paid. Reyes loses control, and the Ghost Rider kills the prisoner. This allows Lucy to kidnap Morrow, whose help she needs in becoming human again and finishing their work. Mace secretly meets with Nadeer, who threatens to release footage of Ghost Rider killing the prisoner while working with S.H.I.E.L.D. ( "")


  • Director Mace sends Simmons on a secret assignment, then takes a team to board the Zephyr to arrest Robbie and Daisy. The pair hides with a newly picked up Gabe, Robbie explaining that he had convinced Gabe to sneak out with him to race in Morrow's car, but they were attacked by the Fifth Street. Gabe was paralyzed and Robbie was killed before he promised an unknown voice that he would kill the people who murder innocent people in exchange for being revived, and came back to life as another Ghost Rider passed him that power. Director Mace finds the fugitives, but agrees to let Coulson use Robbie against Lucy after the Ghost Rider overpowers him in a fight. Fitz tracks Lucy to an abandoned power plant, where Robbie kills Lucy after she reveals that Eli Morrow craves the Darkhold's power himself he had intentionally created the ghosts, and Joseph had ordered the hit on Morrow's car to try to stop him. Morrow activates an improved version of the Momentum machine and gains the power to create matter. Robbie, Fitz, and Coulson disappear from the facility. ( "")
  • Kaecilius and his followers use the stolen pages to begin summoning the powerful Dormammu of the Dark Dimension, where time does not exist and all can live forever. This destroys the London Sanctum, and sends Strange from Kamar-Taj to the New York Sanctum. Kaecilius and the Zealots then clash there, where Strange holds them off with the mystical until Mordo and the Ancient One arrive. Strange and Mordo become disillusioned with the Ancient One after Kaecilius reveals that her long life has come from her own use of the Dark Dimension power. Kaecilius mortally wounds the Ancient One, and escapes to Hong Kong. The Ancient One tells Strange that he too will have to break the rules, to balance out Mordo's steadfast nature, before dying despite the best efforts of Strange and a bewildered Palmer. Strange and Mordo arrive in Hong Kong to find Wong dead and the Sanctum destroyed, with the Dark Dimension already engulfing Earth. Strange uses the Eye to turn back time and save Wong, before creating an infinite time loop inside the Dark Dimension that traps himself and Dormammu in the same moment forever. After killing Strange many times to no avail, reluctantly agrees to leave Earth if Strange breaks the loop, taking Kaecilius and his zealots with him. ()
  • Disgusted by Strange and the Ancient One's disregard for the consequences of defying nature, Mordo severs all ties to Kamar-Taj and departs on his own. Strange returns the Eye, which Wong calls an , to Kamar-Taj, and then takes up residence in the New York Sanctum to continue his studies. ()
  • Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie are trapped between dimensions, and helplessly watch as Eli kills several agents and escapes. Fitz overhears Mace arguing with Nadeer; he needs Simmons to understand Morrow's technology, but she has been taken to Senator Nadeer's brother, who she helps escape from his terrigen cocoon. In Simmons'absence, Radcliffe studies the technology, and is presented with the Darkhold by May in her desperation to save Coulson. Radcliffe believes the book contains too much knowledge for a person to process, but AIDA is able to read it, revealing her android nature to Coulson and May. AIDA constructs a portal through which Coulson and Fitz return. During this time, the Ghost Rider spirit had left Robbie and possessed Mack to avoid the other dimension, where it had been before. Robbie confronts the spirit, promising to serve it even after they defeat Eli if it leaves Mack. It agrees, and Robbie returns with it through the portal. Secretly, AIDA begins experimenting with her new knowledge from the Darkhold, creating an artificial brain. ( "")
  • Strange is visited there by Thor, who has brought his brother Loki to Earth to search for their father Odin. Elsewhere, Mordo visits Pangborn and steals the energy he uses to walk, stating his intention to stop the continued misuse of power by Earth's sorcerers. ()


  • Coulson tells Director Mace that Aida is an android, and he agrees to use her to fight Eli Morrow. He also approves a strike team consisting of Yo-Yo, Robbie, and Daisy, as long as the latter two keep a low profile. The team attempts to enter an abandoned building that Morrow has barricaded himself in using his growing abilities, but at first only Robbie can make it through one of Morrow's traps. Seeing through a camera on Robbie, Fitz deduces that Morrow draws his power from the other dimension, and has created a demon core which could destroy half the city if activated. Aida creates a new dimensional portal beneath the demon core, through which the device and Morrow are dragged. Robbie also falls through the portal after using the Ghost Rider to hold Morrow in place. Daisy is seen by local media, and Mace publicly clears her name, reinstating her as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. He then allows Radcliffe to continuing working on his Life Model Decoy (LMD) program given the success of Aida, though she has secretly replaced May with an android LMD. ( "")



  • Fitz and Radcliffe are sent to clear Aida's memory of the Darkhold, but she reveals her new-found sentience and overpowers them. Taking control of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s systems, Aida finds the Darkhold after Coulson gives its location to the May LMD which doesn't know it isn't the real May. Fitz is able to take control of the systems before Aida escapes, and Mack "kills" her. Radcliffe later laments about this to a new model of Aida, as he had programmed the original's apparent sentience in an attempt to steal the Darkhold for himself. While elsewhere, Senator Nadeer orders a group of Watchdogs to kill a now recovered Vijay, but he convinces her to spare him as his long terrigenesis appears not to have affected him. Simmons, having identified Vijay from photographs, Director Mace and Daisy arrive, as Vijay discovers he now has super-reflexes. Ellen convinces him to leave with her, but then shoots him in the stomach. Ellen asks the Watchdogs for reinforcements from "The Superior" as Vijay's body is dropped into the ocean and enveloped by another terrigenesis cocoon.( "")
  • Director Mace holds a press conference for Daisy, celebrating her "undercover" actions, until a sniper attempts to assassinate Mace with Judas Bullets. Coulson and Mack escort Mace and PR agent Burrows who is often seen near Mace with a mysterious briefcase to a quinjet, but it explodes mid-flight. Burrows is flung from the plane with the briefcase, and the others crash land in a forest. There they find ex-Hydra agents, hired by the Watchdogs, who have recovered Burrows' body. In the ensuing fight, Mace tries to get a serum from the briefcase, but it is destroyed and he is injured. Mace explains that he is not an Inhuman, and was given his abilities by a super-serum from the government to create a trustworthy enhanced individual to lead S.H.I.E.L.D. After their rescue by Daisy and the LMD May, Coulson tells Mace to continue as "the Patriot", the face and political leader of S.H.I.E.L.D, while Coulson takes back command of operations. Fitz secretly begins studying Aida's decapitated head, The May LMD discovers her robotic skeleton from a wound. ( "")
  • Agent Daisy Johnson and Director Mace attend a Senate hearing to ratify the former's signing of the Sokovia Accords, with Senator Nadeer questioning Johnson's undercover actions. Coulson and Yo-Yo infiltrate Nadeer's office to install surveillance devices, but are caught, giving Nadeer an excuse to start a full investigation of S.H.I.E.L.D. The May LMD realizes that she had subconsciously leaked the details of Coulson's plan and confronts Radcliffe, as Fitz discovers Radcliffe's treachery from the original Aida's programming. Radcliffe explains to the LMD May that her programming will not allow her to reveal her nature to anyone else, before S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives and arrests him. Fitz later confronts Radcliffe in his cell and deduces that he himself is an LMD, the real Radcliffe had sought protection from Nadeer after Aida's initial failure. Mack and Yo-Yo have grown close, and he tells her of his daughter Hope, from a past marriage, who died as an infant. Meanwhile, Radcliffe and Aida have May captive with them, her mind in a virtual reality simulation of Bahrain where she was able to save the Katya Belyakovs. ( "")
  • Agent , who Coulson entrusted with the Darkhold, is abducted by the Watchdogs. Nadeer directs Radcliffe to the Superior, reclusive industrialist Anton Ivanov, and Radcliffe scans Koenig's brain to learn that the Darkhold was hidden in the Labyrinth, a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility known only to the Koenig family. Coulson secures the rest of the Koenig family, who take him, May LMD, and Daisy to get the book. The Radcliffe LMD reveals that Radcliffe knows Fitz's estranged father, and has created another LMD. Simmons remembers that Radcliffe scanned May's brain when they were curing her of ghost Lucy's influence, and warns Daisy of the May LMD in time to stop it from taking the Darkhold and shooting Coulson. The Watchdogs arrive with Billy, and Radcliffe steals the Darkhold in the ensuing fight. S.H.I.E.L.D. later destroys the remains of the first Aida and the Radcliffe LMD. Ivanov explains to Radcliffe that he plans to use the Darkhold to destroy both the Inhumans and the man who appears to be behind the recent alien crises Coulson. ( "")


  • Coulson and Mack locate Agnes Kitsworth, Radcliffe's former lover and partner. Radcliffe left Kitsworth after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and modeled Aida after her. Coulson convinces Kitsworth to meet with Radcliffe. In case Nadeer is an Inhuman like her brother, Ivanov sends Watchdog Tucker Shockley to expose her to terrigen provided by Radcliffe, but the substance transforms him instead. Shockley explodes, killing Nadeer, and then his molecules reassemble. Ivanov agrees to use Shockley's new ability against S.H.I.E.L.D. Radcliffe meets with Kitsworth and convinces her he can save her life if she escapes with him before S.H.I.E.L.D. captures them. Daisy confronts Shockley, and distracts him long enough for Fitz and Simmons to contain him in a specially made device. Ivanov uses this as a distraction to attack and kidnap Mace, who has learned that each time he uses his Patriot serum there is a chance that it will kill him. As Kitsworth dies of the cancer, Radcliffe places her consciousness in the virtual "Framework" with May. ( "")
  • Years ago, Coulson and May recovered an unknown object from a Russian outpost, besting an SVR team that included Anton Ivanov. Coulson and May developed feelings toward each other then. For the failure, the SVR agents other than Ivanov were tortured and killed. In the present, Ivanov leads S.H.I.E.L.D. on a treasure hunt around the world, including to that outpost, in their search for Mace, whom Ivanov continuously tortures. The team eventually finds Ivanov, and Daisy engages and overpowers him. Coulson and Mack save Mace, while Fitz and Simmons attempt to locate any sign of the Framework in hopes of finding May. Unsuccessful, the pair reunite with the others and they return to base. Aida, whom Radcliffe has left to carry out his plans while he spends time in the Framework, finds Ivanov. At base, Fitz and Simmons are alerted by their LMD security system, learning that Coulson, Mack, Mace, and Daisy were all replaced with LMDs by Aida while Fitz and Simmons were separated from the group. The Coulson LMD wakes the May LMD from storage. ( "")
  • The new LMDs are aware of their nature, and plan to carry out Ivanov's goal of destroying all Inhumans. Simmons soon discovers that Coulson Mack, Mace, and later Fitz are the other new LMDs, and Jemma overpowers Fitz. Daisy also discovers the subterfuge, and plans with Simmons to escape the base and hack into the Framework remotely to find the others from the inside. Daisy overpowers the Mace LMD, Mack, and Coulson LMDs, while Simmons recruits other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. They find the May LMD waiting for them at the base entrance, tasked with detonating a large explosive to prevent their escape. The May LMD instead lets them leave, and destroys the base with the LMDs inside. In the Framework, the agents find an altered reality, Johnson is in a relationship with the dead traitor Grant Ward. Simmons is dead, Fitz is rich, Coulson is an anti-Inhuman teacher. Mack's child is alive. and May works for HYDRA, who have replaced S.H.I.E.L.D. In the real world, Aida severs Ivanov's head from his crippled body and builds an android body for his mind to control. ( "")


  • enters Rand Enterprises, asking to meet , but is ignored due to his appearance. He fights his way through security and reaches Harold's children and , who state that Harold has been dead for years, not believing him to be Rand. He starts spending his nights in a park, befriending a beggar calling himself Big Al. He also meets , whom he asks for a training job in her newly opened dojo, but she ignores him too. Rand makes another attempt to convince Joy, and later Ward. The siblings believe that the rivals of Rand Enterprise are planning to show a leadership struggle within the company now that they are going to announce their expansion in China. Danny is attacked by Ward's mercenaries. Colleen attempts to save Rand, but witnesses him overpowering them. Harold is revealed to be alive and in hiding, being in contact with Ward. The former considers the possibility that Danny is alive and orders Ward to leave the situation to him. Danny meet Joy and tells her about Ward's actions. However, she drugs Danny, who is taken to a mental hospital. ( "")
  • Danny is held at a psychiatric hospital, assigned to Dr. Paul Edmonds. Rand continues insisting on his true identity. Harold is revealed to be surveilling the hospital. He has Ward talk to Colleen. Ward offers her money in exchange for her confirmation of Danny's alleged condition. Harold secretly visits Danny, who reveals that he is the current "Iron Fist", the sworn enemy of . Colleen visits Danny, who reveals his true identity and why Ward is afraid of him. She refuses Ward's offer. Joy deduces that Danny is right and tells Ward, who refuses to free him. Edmonds also learns the truth and asks Danny about after the crash. The latter states that he was transferred by two monks to K'un-Lun, another dimension that becomes connected to the Earth every fifteen years. Edmonds does not believe it and diagnoses him with an anxiety disorder caused by trauma. Harold decides to move Danny to a safe place since he can be useful. Instead, Ward orders his men posed as patients to kill Rand, who overpowers them by summoning the Iron Fist, which he uses to break out of the hospital. ( "")
  • Harold is revealed to be under the control of who punishes him for temporarily leaving the penthouse. Colleen is attacked by Ward's mercenaries, whom she overpowers before being confronted by Danny, whom she allows to stay at the dojo. He visits Joy, who offers him 100 million dollars if he changes his identity and leaves the Meachums. Danny refuses and later meets , an old friend of his family. She promises to reclaim his identity in exchange for a permanent contract between her firm and Rand Enterprise. Danny hit an impolite student of Wing's, provoking her to expel the former, who goes to an apartment owned by Hogarth. In a meeting, Hogarth and Rand show Ward and Joy a handmade ceramic bowl of the latter's containing a younger Rand's fingerprint, thus proving his claim, promising to present it in the upcoming court. Deducing that Harold is alive, Danny follows Ward to the penthouse, where he climbs to the window, which he opens before being pushed down by Ward. Meanwhile, Harold forces Ward to buy a specific pier, which is secured by Joy's intellect. ( "")
  • Danny wakes up in the penthouse, where Harold reveals that his cancer was secretly cured by The Hand, which demanded his loyalty in return and allowed him to reveal the truth only to Ward. Harold asks Rand to destroy the Hand in order to free the former, which he accepts. In exchange, Harold orders Ward to accept Danny's return to the company, where his return is announced in a press conference. In a board meeting, Danny uses his position as the majority shareholder to enforce his decision to sell a newly developed leishmaniasis drug at cost in order to save more lives. At his apartment, Joy is attacked by Triad operatives, whom Danny overpowers. He takes her to Colleen's dojo before confronting the Triad leader, who reveals that they hold a grudge against Joy for robbing the pier. However, he completely surrenders to Danny's position after the latter reveals that The Hand was behind it. As a reward for securing the pier, The Hand allows Harold to observe Joy from distance. He notices she has been wounded and asks to be allowed to kill the Triad member responsible, which is accepted. Rand receives a message from Yang Hai-Qing. ( "")
  • A new synthetic heroin appears in New York City. Danny connects it to The Hand, but Ward dismisses it. After a chemical factory owned by the Rand Enterprises on Staten Island produces carcinogenic waste chemicals, Danny personally apologizes to a complaining citizen, with the conversation being recorded by a lawyer and later disclosed to the media. In a board meeting, where he is absent, Ward convinces the shareholders to stand against the accusations instead of accepting responsibility. However, the anxiety of being always watched by Harold causes Ward to have a meltdown. Danny meets , who trains at the Colleen's dojo. He convinces Collen to help him infiltrate the pier in order to prove his theory. At the pier, they find the containers apparently loaded with normal supplies. Danny enters one of the containers, where he finds a hidden room housing Radovan Bernivig, the chemist who created the formula since The Hand has his daughter hostage. Danny engages and overpowers a bodyguard after the latter critically stabs Radovan, whom Danny takes to the dojo, where Claire stabilizes him. Colleen vows to help Danny defeat The Hand, which is revealed to be run by Madame Gao. ( "")
  • In order to satisfy Joy, Ward throws all of his drugs away. He and Danny start searching the warehouses of Rand Enterprises in order to find clues. They find a message left by The Hand challenging Danny to a combat. He tells Ward to proceed to the crisis management meeting about the video alone. Danny enters the building, demanding The Hand to free Sabina, Radovan's daughter, and leave his company if he wins, which Gao accepts in exchange for Danny to leave The Hand alone if he loses, which he accepts in return. Danny wins all three rounds by the help of his mentor from K'un-Lun, Lei Kung. However, Gao threatens to kill Sabina if Danny kills the last opponent, Scythe. Danny spares him, against his Kung's orders. Gao frees Sabina, revealing that she has been in K'un-Lun before, and also knowing Rand's father. She easily overpowers Danny and allows the duo to leave. Meanwhile, Radovan's condition becomes critical, forcing Claire and Colleen to take him to a hospital, where The Hand abducts him. Ward shows withdrawal symptoms in the meeting, forcing him to leave in order to search for drugs. Joy stops him from causing trouble at an infirmary. ( "")
  • Two Hand operatives arrive at the penthouse to interrogate Harold. Danny arrives and engages them with Harold, who kills both. Harold has Ward dump the bodies in a river. Danny develops romance with Colleen. He starts investigating his father's past. Gao arrives at Rand Enterprises, advising Danny to stay out of The Hand's way. She leaves, with him tailing her to an office, where she discusses business with an employee loyal to her. After Gao leaves, Danny confronts the employee and convinces her to leave the city and give him her password. He and Colleen persuade Yang to help them fight The Hand. Joy convinces Ward to go to a vacation. In a board meeting, Danny announces his decision to close the Staten Island plant while keeping the workers on payroll. Danny, Colleen and Yang's operatives attack a Hand facility, where a dying Radovan reveals that Gao has departed for Anzhou, where Rand's family was headed fifteen years ago. The board outs Danny, Ward and Joy. Ward learns that his personal account has been depleted. He confronts Harold, who humiliates him. Ward stabs Harold several times to his death. He dumps the body in the river. ( "")
  • Danny deduces that his father was going to Anzhou to shut down Gao's operatios, but were targeted by her on the plane. The former, Colleen and Claire head to Anzhou, where they acquire information from a nearby beggar. They infiltrate the facility just as Gao arrives. Danny engages Zhou Cheng, who has high martial skills despite being a drunkard. The former overpowers the latter and continues beating him until Claire and Colleen arrive and stop him. Gao arrives and her men engage the trio, who overpower them. Danny deduces that Gao poisoned the pilots. He spares her life and apprehends her. Meanwhile, the board offers each Ward and Joy 100 million dollars as severance. He attempts to accept it but she refuses, later showing him photos taken by , of the board members that can be used to blackmail them. Ward decides to tell her the truth about Harold and takes her to the penthouse but hallucinations of blood change his mind. ( "")
  • Danny takes Gao to the dojo, where Claire offers using truth serum to force her to talk. Danny steals the serum from Rand Enterprises. Claire injects it, with Gao stating some stories about Danny's parents before they turn out to be lies and Gao being resistant to torture. Colleen is revealed to have been poisoned in Anzhou. She contacts her mentor Bakuto. Gao's military operatives attack the dojo, but are defeated. Bakuto arrives and instructs Danny to use the Iron Fist to heal Colleen. Rand's energy is depleted and he falls unconscious. Bakuto, Colleen and his men take Danny and Gao, leaving Claire at the dojo. An unknown person arrives at the dojo. Meanwhile, Harold recovers from his wounds after Ward killed him and gains relatively normal mental function after hours, returning to the penthouse, where he confronts Ward and feigns absolution. Ward learns from Yang that those revived by The Hand become more psychopathic after each revival, and attack those closest to them first. Harold kills his assistant Kyle and places heroin in Ward's car, leading to his arrest and transfer to the psychiatric hospital, where he is assigned to Edmonds. Joy arrives at the penthouse and reunites with Harold. ( "")
  • Danny wakes up in a martial academy run by Bakuto, who teaches him how to recharge his "Chi". The former becomes suspicious and infiltrates a restricted area, where he learns from an imprisoned Madame Gao that Bakuto is a Hand leader. Danny confronts colleen, who states that Gao is the leader of an evil faction of The Hand. Bakuto offers Harold partnership but the latter later determines to kill him. Danny learns that The Hand is conducting mass surveillance. He is confronted by Bakuto, whom he overpowers and attempts to escape before being surrounded by Hand operatives. The person, revealed to be Danny's best friend from K'un-Lun, comes to his aid. Bakuto stabs Danny on his side. The duo fights its way to the gate, which needs to be destroyed by the Iron Fist power, which Danny is unable to summon. The duo continues fighting The Hand until Colleen opens the gate, allowing the duo to escape while she escapes in her own direction. Davos tells Danny that they need to return to K'un-Lun. Meanwhile, Harold kills board member Wilkins, staging it as suicide. Joy manages to convince the board to reinstate the Meachums and Rand. Harold denies his involvement in Wilkins' death to her. ( "")
  • Danny tells Davos that they will not return to K'un-Lun until The Hand is destroyed. They go to Temple's, where she extracts the fragment of Bakuto's weapon from Rand's wound, stopping the bleeding, but failing to control the infection due to lack of antibiotics. Colleen arrives and tries to reason with Danny. She goes to a hospital, where she asks an extern, also a Hand member, for antibiotics. Danny goes to the penthouse, where Joy has discovered that Bakuto has been transferring the Rand Enterprises money to his own accounts. Harold formulates a plan to flush out Bakuto and his operatives from the compound by having Joy freeze the accounts. The former and Danny agree to kill Bakuto, opposed by Joy. The Hand captures Colleen and take her to the compound, where Bakuto decides to use her for revival. Outside the compound, Danny and Davos wait for Bakuto. Davos continues questioning Danny's motive for staying in New York. Joy freezes the accounts. Colleen frees herself and escapes, spotted by Danny, who rushes inside and calms her. Davos learns about the romance. ( "")
  • Ward escapes the hospital and goes to the penthouse, holding a gun and demanding Harold to let him take Joy. Bakuto and his operatives arrive, with the former calling Danny, shooting Joy and giving him half an hour to arrive at the penthouse in order to save the trio. Against Davos's objections, Danny decides to go, arriving just before Bakuto can decapitate Harold, the only way to kill him for good. The Hand locks Danny and takes him to the lobby, where he uses the Fist to free himself just as Davos and Colleen attack The Hand, with Danny overpowering Bakuto, who escapes outside before he is cornered by the trio. Colleen engages and overpowers him, refusing to kill him, which Davos does after Rand's refusal. The latter engages Davos and overpowers him, stating that he wishes to be both Danny and the Iron Fist. Davos departs and the pair finds Bakuto's body gone. Harold and Ward take Joy to a hospital. Danny and Colleen return to the dojo. The next day, Ward texts Danny, alerting him that Harold has set him up. The dojo is attacked by DEA agents, whom the pair defeats and escapes. ( "")
  • Harold enters Rand Enterprises and takes control of it. Danny and Colleen go to Bakuto's facility, which is abandoned by The Hand. However, they find Gao, who reveals that Harold was the mastermind of the plane crash fifteen years prior. Ward tells Joy about Harold's actions. She confronts the latter, who denies framing Danny. She leaves for an unknown destination. Ward allies with Danny Colleen and Claire to defeat Harold. The former enters Rand Enterprises, but is spotted by Harold, who wounds him. Claire creates a distraction for Danny and Colleen to infiltrate the building. Harold instructs his men to shoot Danny, since the Iron Fist is not bulletproof after all. Danny and Colleen manage to overpower Harold's operatives. While Ward acquires evidence of Danny's innocence, the latter follows Harold to the rooftop, where they fight until Ward arrives and shoots Harold, who falls to his death. Ward has the body cremated. Danny convinces Colleen to accompany him to K'un-Lun. In a meeting with Joy, Davos tells her that Danny must be killed, overheard by Gao. Danny and Colleen arrive at the gate, but find it closed and surrounded by bodies of Hand assassins. ( "")


  • In the Framework, Daisy discovers that she and Ward are agents of Hydra, working under May and Fitz. The tragic event from May's past has no longer happened in the real world she killed a young Inhuman girl, but in the Framework she brought the girl back to America as a refugee, who then became a mass murderer and the catalyst for Hydra to take power. Simmons awakens in a mass grave of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and eventually comes across Coulson who is teaching a Hydra-approved curriculum that warns against the dangers of Inhumans. Simmons is unable to convince Coulson that he is inside a virtual simulation, and he calls Hydra. Daisy races to find Simmons before the rest of Hydra, and is followed by Ward, who reveals himself to be a mole inside Hydra for the Resistance. Daisy and Simmons try to exit the Framework using a safeguard the latter created, but it has been blocked by Aida, who has entered the Framework as the Director of Hydra and Fitz's lover. Daisy then goes to Coulson, and he remembers her name. ( "")
  • Hoping Radcliffe can help them escape, Daisy returns to Hydra and locates him, but May gives her a new mission on the orders of Fitz and Aida, the latter choosing to go by Ophelia, or Madame Hydra. Ward directs Coulson who can remember some things, thanks to previous tampering with his mind and Simmons to the Resistance, the remnants of S.H.I.E.L.D under the command of an Inhuman Mace. Ward, Simmons, and Coulson take a stolen Hydra quinjet to extract Radcliffe. May and Daisy arrest Mack, and May forces him to trick her into confessing her true allegiance. The others find Radcliffe living in seclusion with Agnes, and he explains that he and Agnes cannot leave the Framework due to their real bodies having died. Fitz and Madame Hydra arrive, and Radcliffe attempts to appeal to Fitz, though Fitz already knows of the "other world" and that Radcliffe had enslaved Aida there. He kills Agnes and takes Radcliffe hostage, torturing him and than Daisy. Regretting his actions, Mack joins the Resistance. ( "")
  • Mace and Coulson infiltrate a Hydra "Enlightenment Camp" to free an undercover agent , a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who died in the real world. They are tracked there by May, who uses a super serum to fight Mace. Through the vents in their holding cells, Daisy learns from Radcliffe of a backdoor he installed to escape the Framework that Aida is unable to disable. Coulson attempts to save one of his former students who he sees being held in the camp, and Mace follows him into a building to help. Hydra uses a missile to bring the building down, and May enters the rubble to ensure Mace is dead. She finds him stopping debris from crushing the student, with Coulson and Triplett helping other children escape the building. May is horrified to find children being victimized by Hydra. With the others to safety, Mace is crushed beneath the debris, and in the real world Aida finds his physical body has die. Turning on Hydra, May sneaks a Terrigen crystal to Daisy so she can gain her Inhuman abilities within the Framework. ( "")
  • May and Daisy escape Hydra, with Daisy using her powers to break Ophelia's back. Ophelia insists that Fitz complete work on their secret Project: Looking Glass, after which her Framework body will no longer matter. May and Daisy join up with S.H.I.E.L.D., who are struggling to regroup after Mace's death. May provides them with body cam footage from the attack on the Enlightenment Center, which Coulson broadcasts to the world to counteract Hydra's propaganda. Meanwhile, Simmons and Triplett investigate a Russian oil platform which he believes is the location of Looking Glass from his time undercover. The platform is the Framework equivalent of Anton Ivanov's oil platform in the real world, from where Aida is running the Framework. The pair find the platform empty, and Simmons deduces that Looking Glass consists of a machine built on the real world platform, to be connected to a machine in the Framework using knowledge from the Darkhold, allowing Ophelia to go from the Framework to a true human body in the real world. ( "")


  • After Daisy and Simmons entered the Framework, their bodies were protected by Yo-Yo and the others agents aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft Zephyr One. With their connection to the Framework draining the plane's power, Yo-Yo chose to shut off its cloaking ability, revealing their location to the Superior and his men. In the Framework, Simmons visits and accidentally kills Fitz's father Alistair, and Fitz begins hunting her with help from Radcliffe, Fitz offers to send Radcliffe through the machine, restoring his living body. Ophelia initiates her transference into her new body. Daisy takes the group to Radcliffe's exit point, where she, Coulson, and May cross back into the real world. Fitz arrives and confronts Simmons, but is overpowered by Radcliffe, who regrets all his actions since he first saw and wanted the Darkhold. Radcliffe sends Fitz through, followed by Simmons. Mack decides to stay, not wanting to live in a world without Hope. At the Superior's platform, the newly human Ophelia confronts Coulson, May, and Fitz, teleporting away with the latter. ( )
  • The agents on Zephyr One fight off Ivanov's men and race to the platform to save Coulson and May from Ivanov's android bodies. Ivanov launches torpedoes at the platform that threaten Mack's body, but the latter is saved by Ophelia, convinced by Fitz to put to good use the Inhuman abilities his machine had given her new body. In isolation at S.H.I.E.L.D., Fitz and Ophelia discuss her newly discovered human emotions and the fact that he remembers all the terrible things he did inside the Framework. He admits that he ultimately still loves Simmons over her, outraging Ophelia. Talbot arrives at the ruined S.H.I.E.L.D. base, where Ophelia kills several of his soldiers and other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Coulson and the others flee in the Zephyr once more, while Ophelia returns to Ivanov, who plans to use knowledge from the Darkhold to apply the changed reality of the Framework to the real world. Meanwhile, returns through a portal from the other dimension and Yo-Yo enters the Framework herself to try convince Mack to leave. ( )
  • Anton Ivanov takes the Darkhold to an international meeting on S.H.I.E.L.D. and the recent events. He proposes to use the book against the Inhumans, which is timed with an attack on the group by an LMD of Daisy Johnson, who shoots Talbot in the head leaving him comatose. In the ensuing fight, S.H.I.E.L.D. is able to retrieve the Darkhold with Reyes' help. In the Framework, Yo-Yo is unable to convince Mack to leave, but he returns with her after Hope's code is deleted as a result of Ophelia shutting down the Framework. Radcliffe is also deleted, after accepting that immortality without Agnes Kitsworth would not have been worth it. Ophelia comes for the Darkhold, and Coulson surprises her by turning into the Spirit of Vengeance himself, having made a deal to become the Ghost Rider for a short time. He incinerates Ophelia. Reyes, now the Ghost Rider again, takes the Darkhold through a portal. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents then wait to be arrested by the government, but are instead taken by a mysterious group. Sometime later, Coulson is working in space. ( )


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  • Following the Avengers' internal dispute, resumes his studies after tells him he is not yet ready to become an Avenger. Over the objections of his , Peter quits his school's decathlon team in order to spend more time focusing on his "Stark Industries Internship", which is a cover for his crime-fighting activities as Spider-Man.()
  • One night, after preventing criminals with powerful weapons from from robbing an ATM, Peter returns to his Queens apartment only for his best friend Ned to discover his secret identity. On another night, Peter comes across Toomes' associates Schultz and Brice selling Chitauri weaponry to local criminal Aaron Davis. When he tries to intervene, Peter nearly loses his life at Toomes' hands and is rescued by Tony. Toomes later kills Brice for jeopardizing the operation. ()
  • Retrieving a Chitauri weapon left behind by Brice, Peter works with his best friend to remove the power core. A tracking device leads Schultz to Midtown School of Science and Technology, but Peter and Ned manage to evade him. After planting his own tracking device on Schultz and learning that it leads to Maryland, Peter rejoins the decathlon team and accompanies them to Washington, D.C. for Nationals. ()
  • Working with Ned, Peter disables the tracker implanted in his and unlocks all its secret features. He later tries to stop Toomes from stealing weapons from a D.O.D.C. truck but ends up being overpowered and trapped inside the truck, causing him to miss Nationals. When he discovers that the power core is unstable, Peter tracks Ned to the Washington Monument, arriving just as the core explodes and traps Ned in an elevator. Evading local authorities, Peter manages to save Ned and fellow classmate, before the elevator plummets. ()
  • Returning to New York City, Peter persuades Davis to reveal Toomes' whereabouts. Confronting Toomes and his associates at the Staten Island Ferry, Peter captures the group's new buyer Mac Gargan while Toomes escapes after a malfunctioning weapon tears the ferry in half. Tony helps Peter save the passengers before admonishing him for his recklessness and taking the suit away. While picking up Liz for Midtown's annual homecoming dance, Peter learns that she is Toomes' daughter. Deducing Peter's secret identity, Toomes threatens retaliation if he continues to interfere with his plans. ()
  • During the dance, Peter realizes Toomes is planning to hijack the Stark cargo plane transporting weaponry from to the team's new headquarters in upstate New York. Leaving the dance and donning his old Spider-Man suit, Peter is ambushed by Schultz only for Ned to save him. Peter then confronts Toomes in his lair, who attempts to persuade him to his side. When Peter refuses, Toomes destroys the building's support beams and leaves him to die. Peter managing to escape, Peter intercepts Toomes onboard the now-damaged plane, steering it towards the beach near Coney Island. The two engage in a confrontation that ends with Peter saving Toomes' life and leaving him for the police.
  • The next day at school, Peter learns that Liz is moving away and that his class mate nickname is "MJ" will be replacing her as president of the decathlon team. Tony later offers Peter the new suit and an invitation to join . but Peter declines Stark's invitation to join the Avengers and inspires Stark to bring an engagement ring to a press conference where is present. Upon returning home, Peter discovers that Tony has returned his suit and puts it on just as May walks into his room. ()


  • While hunting agents of the Hand in Cambodia, and are told that the war they are fighting is actually taking place in New York City. There, has given up his life as the vigilante Daredevil and is working as a pro bono lawyer. He remains conflicted due to his feelings for , who died fighting the Hand. , his name cleared by Matt's ex-partner , returns from prison to the streets of Harlem where police detective informs him of local kids who have been getting involved with a mysterious business and ending up dead. After learning that all her major organs are failing and she has little time to live, a woman named Alexandra informs to speed up their plans, and subsequently watches with a resurrected Natchios as what seems like an earthquake tears through New York, felt by Danny and Colleen as they return, and private investigator as she discovers explosive while searching for a missing husband that an anonymous caller warned her to avoid. ( "")
  • begins suspecting the nature of the quake. Misty sees Jessica taking some evidence as she leaves the scene. Luke learns from that the employer is a man called the White Hat. Following some leads on local kids, he finds them being sent to clean up a workshop where several enemies of the Hand have been murdered. Rand and Wing are also investigating the workshop, leading to a fight between Danny and Luke which only ends when the police arrive. Alexandra is informed that her group's plans have been halted by a mystical wall. She believes it may actually be a door, and starts interrogating Stick for answers on it. Jones is warned off her investigation by , who later tells Foggy to keep any fallout from Jones' actions away from their firm. Jessica returns to her apartment to find the missing man, John Raymond. They are attacked by Elektra, but he kills himself first. Jessica chases Elektra but is caught and arrested by Misty. Matt soon arrives to serve as Jones's lawyer, having made an agreement with Foggy to carry out some of his extra work. ( "")
  • Months ago, the Hand acquired the ancient weapon Black Sky the body of Elektra and used the last of their resources to resurrect her. Under Alexandra's tutelage, the Black Sky was prepared to fight as a weapon against the Hand's enemies. Now, Jessica dismisses Matt's help, but he becomes interested in her case and begins investigating it himself. Luke tells his girlfriend about his fight with Danny, whom she knows. Claire organizes a meeting between the two, hoping they can work together to fight , but they clash over their respective backgrounds. Inspired by some of Luke's comments, Danny decides to take a different approach and uses his corporate influence to find the Hand's new front, Midland Circle. escapes from Alexandra by cutting off his own hand. Luke visits the mother of one of the local kids the Hand had hired, while Jessica investigates Raymond's job. They also learn of a connection to Midland Circle. Luke arrives there to help Danny fight the Hand, soon followed by Jessica and Matt. They are attacked by Elektra, but Danny drives her off. ( "")
  • Danny, Luke, Jessica, and Matt escape to a nearby restaurant "Royal Dragon", where they hide from the Hand. With everyone introduced, Danny proposes that they work as a team to defeat the Hand, but Matt is unwilling to get involves, and Jesssica leaves. Stick escapes from the Hand and finds the group, having already known Matt and known of Danny. He explains that a long time ago the elders of came together to study the healing powers of chi, but five among them wished to use this power to live forever and were cast out. They became the five fingers of the Hand, and include Alexandra, who has gone by many names through the centuries, Madame Gao, Sowande who has been recruiting the Harlem kids, Murakami, and the recently deceased . Now the Hand had defeated all that oppose them, except for Stick and the Iron Fist. Alexandra arrives and offers to spare New York if Danny leaves with her since their plan requires the Iron Fist, but he rejects her offer. Jessica realizes that the Raymond family is still in danger, and returns to help as Elektra attacks. ( "")
  • The Hand converges on the restaurant, and Matt lures the Elektra away from the fight. When he calls her Elektra, she flees, but not before preventing Murakami from killing Matt. Luke is able to kidnap Sowande while the others escape. After Sowande warns that their loved ones will be targeted next, they convince their friends to stay with Misty at the police precinct until they are out of danger. While doing this, Colleen is confronted by a resurrected Bakuto, who unsuccessfully attempts to recruit her to his cause after raising her as a member of the Hand before she met and joined with Rand. Matt decides to up as Daredevil once again, something that concerns the leaders of the Hand due to his relationship with Elektra. Murakami questions Alexandra's reliance on the Elektra to complete their goals and notes that they can all be killed now that their resources were used on Elektra. He suggests that they devise a new plan without Alexandra. Stick decapitates Sowande when he attempts to escape capture. ( "")
  • Now realizing that the Hand wants the Iron Fist as a key to unlock something, the group decides to hide Danny away while they continue the fight. However, he disagrees and attacks the others. They stop him, and tie him up, with Luke and Stick watching over him while Jessica and Matt continue the investigation of Raymond. Elektra begins to regain memories of her previous life, but Alexandra insists that she is not that person anymore. Meanwhile, the other leaders of the Hand learn of Sowande's death, and continue to lose faith in Alexandra's leadership. Matt and Jessica learn that there is something beneath Midland Circle from the Raymond's home, a hole to which Matt had come across previously when dealing with the Hand. They return to the group with plans of attacking the building, to find Stick attempting to murder Danny to keep the Hand from using him. They are interrupted by Elektra, who kills Stick and takes Danny. Alexandra gloats to the other leaders about this victory, but is murdered by Elektra, who claims leadership of the Hand. ( "")
  • Jessica, Matt, and Luke wake up in the police precinct as suspects for the murders of Sowande and Stick. They tell Misty about the Hand, but try not to go into the details or let her get involved much to the chagrin of her superiors. The remaining fingers of the Hand agree to let Elekrea pursue her goals, hoping that she will grant them access to the substance they need to avoid death the last of their supply was used on Elektra. She takes Danny below the building to the mystical door that they need him to open. Jessica, Matt, and Luke escape the precinct and go to Midland Circle, where they are confronted by Gao, Bakuto, and Murakami. Wing soon arrives to help, bringing with her the explosives that Raymond had been stockpiling. The group drives the fingers of the Hand away. Misty and Claire arrive soon after, and Misty agrees to stall the police while the others get to Danny. Elektra tricks Danny into opening the door, causing a blast that knocks out power throughout the city. Danny awakens beneath the skeleton of a dragon. ( "")
  • Gao explains to Danny that like he gained the power of the Iron Fist from a dragon, the substance that the Hand uses for resurrection comes from the bones of dragons. The Hand begins harvesting the skeleton, and Gao notes that this will weaken the foundations of the city and cause widespread destruction. Colleen and Claire place the explosives so as to destroy the building once the others escape. They are confronted by Bakuto, who cuts off Misty's arm when she arrives to help. Colleen kills Bakuto, but his body sets off the timer for the explosives. Jessica, Matt, and Luke arrive in the cavern to help Danny, and they fight the members of the Hand together. When Matt realizes that the explosives are about to go off, he gets the others to leave immediately. He remains to plead with Elektra, and the two are together as the building implodes around them as they kiss, as well as Gao and Murakami. The entire situation is covered up, and Danny, Jessica, and Luke look to move on with their lives, protecting the city. Matt later wakes up with a nun at his side. ( "")
  • Jessica Jones has become known as a vigilante hero around New York City since she killed her tormentor Kilgrave. Trish Walker, Jones's best friend and adopted sister, attempts to convince Jones to investigate her past and IGH, the company that gave her abilities, but Jessica is not interested. Trish is dealing with declining ratings for her radio show Trish Talk, and sees her ex-boyfried who was also experimented on by IGH following her. Pryce Cheng, another investigator, seeks to absorb Jones into his company at the request of lawyer Jeri Hogarth. When Jones attacks and injures Cheng, he plans to sue her with Hogarth, who is already facing a lawsuit from her former assistant and lover. Jessica is approached by Robert Coleman, who also calls himself "Whizzer" and was given superspeed by IGH. When he is killed in an apparent construction accident, Jesssica traces his medication to an abandoned building which she remembers being taken to and experimented on. ( "")
  • Jessica goes to the home of Miklos Kozlov, the IGH doctor who had experimented on Simpson. She finds a shiva for Kozlov, who has died in a "freak accident". One of Kozlov's army patients believes that Simpson is behind this, and Jones suspectsthat he also killed Coleman. Trish asks Malcolm Ducasse, Jones's neighbor and work partner, to help her rather than further involve the reluctant Jessica. Trish confronts Maximilian Tatum, a director, about the sexual relationship they had when she was a child actress working for him, threatening to publicly reveal this unless he helps her get access to records at a hospital he has influence over. After Tatum refuses, Trish runs into Simpson. Jones also arrives, having tracked Trish down when she did not answer her phone. Simpson claims that someone else who was experimented on by IGH has killed Kozlov and Coleman, and that he is just there to protect Trsih since she was noticed investigating IGH. This other person soon appears and kills Simpson while Jessica gets Trish to safety. ( "")
  • Hogarth is diagnosed with ALS, and her law-firm partners Steven Benowitz and Linda Chou plan to buy her out based on a clause in their contracts. Jessica agrees to investigate the other partners to find blackmail material for Hogarth. Jessica receives an eviction notice from her building's new superintendent Oscar Arocho, who fears Jessica's abilities. She also discovers the name Leslie Hansen in the abandoned IGH building. Hansen was a doctor at the hospital where Jones was taken following the accident that killed her family. Jessica and Trish find Hansen's apartment empty, and a charred human head in the basement. Trish uses her radio show to ask the public for information on Hansen, and receives a call from a woman claiming to be Hansen. Jessica meets with her, and learns that she died after the accident but was brought back to life by IGH, the superpowers were a side-effect. Jessica angers the woman who escapes using abilities similar to Jones'. DNA analysis shows that the charred head belongs to the real Leslie Hansen. ( "")
  • Hogarth looks into ways to painlessly end her life, which her doctor does not support. Cheng fires Hogarth for no longer prioritizing him and his lawsuit, and also offers Malcolm a job at his company. Malcolm turns down the role, and Jessica promises to work with him better. Jessica and Trish try to find out who the mysterious woman posing as Hansen was, and Jones scares Tatum into getting the IGH files from the hospital. In addition to Jones and Coleman, there is a file on Inez Green. They find her living on the streets, where she explains that she was a nurse at the hospital who was seriously injured by the mysterious woman. Jessica and Trish promise to keep her safe. Cheng sends one of his men to steal all of Jones's research from her office, hoping to find something to use against her. The man is attacked by the mysterious woman, who tears him apart. When Jessica arrives, she is arrested for the murder. Trish tries to help her using an IGH performance enhancer she took from Simpson. Malcolm takes Inez to safety. ( "")
  • Jessica spends a day at the police station before Hogarth convinces her to tell the truth. Detective Eddy Costa believes Jones's story, and releases her, with Jessica promising to keep Costa informed as she continues to investigate. Trish, bailed out by her mother, struggles with after-effects of using the IGH drug. Her new boyfriend Griffin Sinclair asks her to marry him, but Walker turns him down. She takes the IGH drug again. Malcolm takes Inez to Hogarth, who agrees to place her in a safehouse. Before then, Hogarth asks Inez about IGH's experiments. Jones meets with David Kawecki, an inmate at a mental hospital serving time for the murder of Green's fellow nurse, who was actually killed by the mysterious woman. Jessica learns of a shared interest in octopi that Kawecki has with an IGH doctor, and visits the aquarium. She recognizes the doctor, Karl Malus, in a new memory from after the accident. He is meeting with the mysterious woman, who smashes a glass enclosure to cover their escape when they see Jessica. ( "")
  • Trish becomes addicted to the IGH drug, and starts looking for criminals to attack. Security footage from outside the aquarium shows Malus drugging the woman and forcing her to leave with him, despite the pair appearing to be a loving couple before. Jessica sends Malcolm to his old university where he was suspended for his previous drug habit—to investigate Malus. They learn of Justis Ambrose, who attended university with Malus and appears to have been paying for all his personal expenses for years. Jessica confronts Ambrose, who explains that his son Eric was born with a fatal genetic defect which Malus cured with his experimental treatments. Eric appears to have no special abilities, and Jessica threatens him to gain Malus's location. Inez realizes that Hogarth has ALS, and tells her that there was an IGH patient that could heal people by touching them, and he saved her life after the woman had attacked her. Jessica goes to the location, where she finds Malus and the woman living together. The latter claims to be Jones's mother, Alisa Jones. ( "")
  • After the accident that killed Brian Jones and his son Phillip, his wife Alisa and daughter Jessica were rushed to hospital. Leslie Hansen, a doctor at the hospital, secretly took the pair to IGH. Jessica was saved and returned to hospital in 20 days, but Alisa's injuries were severe. Her treatments would take years, and cause increased strength and extreme mood swings. Jessica was adopted by the Walkers, but grew away from her foster family over time, avoiding her adopted sister Trish when she became a drug addict as her pop-star career was beginning. Intent on seeing Jessica, Alisa now looking like a different person due to the gene therapy managed to escape IGH by killing a nurse and severely injuring Inez. Alisa found Jessica living with a new boyfriend, Stirling Adams, but believed that he did not love her and killed him in a fit of rage. Returning to IGH, Malus promised Alisa that he would cure her of the side-effects. Adams's death led to Jessica re-connecting with Trish and helping her become sober. Now, knowing Alisa's story, Jessica refuses to forgive Alisa. ( "")
  • Trish sleeps with Malcolm, and he notices that she has become addicted to the IGH drug. When she refuses to admit this, he leaves and decides to continue Jessica's investigation into Hogarth's partners. He discovers that Benowitz is secretly gay, and frequents a gay bar unbeknownst to his wife. Malcolm tells Benowitz that Chou had hired him, and Benowitz gives Malcolm blackmail material that he has on her. Outside of the gay bar, Ducasse is attacked by homophobic thugs. Trish rescues him, and gives him some of the IGH drug to help him heal, but it is too much for Malcolm and he runs off. Hogarth visits Shane Ryback, the man who can heal people with his hands. He is in prison, but she takes him on as a client. Jessica calls the police to Malus's house, and he flees. Alisa decides to stay with Jessica, and hopes to prove that she is the same person who raised Jessica despite looking differently and the anger issues. They go to Jessica's apartment, where they are shot at from outside. Jessica is hit, enraging Alisa. ( "")
  • Wanting revenge for the death of his man, but not wanting to involve the police, Cheng decides to take matters into his own hands and kill Alisa. Shooting at her from across the street, he only hits Jessica. Alisa races to find and kill Cheng, but Jessica is able to knock him out and restrain him first. She tries to convince Alisa to find a different solution from murder. Ryback is released from prison, and attempts to heal Hogarth, but cannot promise that it will work. Under the influence of the IGH drug, Trish quits live on her radio show. She is then offered a job on television that she wanted, but realizes that she has run out of the drug. Arocho, whose relationship with Jessica has become less hostile and more romantic, comes to Jessica when his ex-wife kidnaps their son Vido. Jessica and Alisa race to save Vido, using their abilities for good. Alisa sees the potential of a life together with Jessica doing good like this, but still wants to protect Jessica by killing Cheng and running away. Jessica frees Cheng, and calls the police. Alisa surrenders herself to them. ( "")


  • Hogarth arranges a plea deal for Alisa, where she can avoid the Raft, a superhuman prison, if she gives up Malus. Alisa agrees when Jessica promises to keep Malus safe. Trish struggles with withdrawals during her television audition, where she overhears that the super-powered killer has been caught. Jessica explains everything to Trish and Ducasse, but tells them to stay away. She finds Malus and convinces him to go to a country with no extradition so Alisa can talk about him without fear of him being caught. He first waits for a new passport provided by Arocho, and also tells Jessica that he never treated Ryback. Hogarth does not believe Jessica when she says this, but arrives home to find Green and Ryback have robbed her and thus realizes she was not cured. Trish and Malcolm decide to track down Malus themselves, while Jessica discovers that Alisa is being tormented by one of her guards, Dale Holiday. Investigating him, Jessica finds evidence that he has murdered inmates before. He attacks her, and she accidentally kills him in self-defense. ( "")
  • Jessica makes Holiday's death look like suicide, and begins having hallucinations of . Trish knocks Malcolm out and restrains him, and asks Malus to give her abilities like Jessica's. Jessica arrives with the passport from Arocho to give to Malus, to find him gone. She tracks them down just as Ducasse escapes, but Trish manages to get away with Malus. With Holiday dead, Alisa gets a new guard, Marilyn Toussaint who treats her well. Jessica berates Malcolm for not trusting her, and for taking advantage of their working relationship. They both agree that he should no longer work for her. Malus takes Trish to the old IGH facility, where he begins to put her through the same process that changed Jessica and Alisa. Jessica arrives and stops the procedure, and then is almost convinced by her hallucination of Kilgrave to murder Malus. She stops herself, but he decides to end his own life. Malus destroys the facility with himself inside it, while Jessica gets Trish to the hospital. Alisa learns of Malus' death via a news report, attack Marilyn and escapes from prison. ( "")
  • Alisa goes looking for Trish, blaming her for Malus' death. She terrorizes the Trish Talk studio, before seeing Trish's mother in an interview discussing why Trish is now hospitalized. She finds Jessica protecting Trish at the hospital, but still attempts to kill the latter. When Costa and his partner, Ruth Sunday, arrive they try to arrest Alisa. Jessica tries to talk Alisa down, but Alisa grabs Sunday and jumps out of the hospital, letting Sunday fall to her death. Costa tells Jessica to stay out of the way of the police, but Jessica secretly organizes to meet with Alisa at Trish's apartment. Meanwhile, Trish is angry at Jessica for stopping the procedure early, but soon begins to have violent convulsions. Hogarth tracks down Green, and tells her a story about Ryback secretly conning multiple women. Giving Green a gun, Hogarth watches her confront Ryback and shoot him. Hogarth then calls the police. At Trish's apartment, Jessica considers killing Alisa, but is unable to do it. Alisa knocks Jessica out and kidnaps her. ( "")
  • Jessica attempts to resist Alisa, but eventually decides to work with her. They drive towards the Mexico–U.S. border, saving a family caught in a traffic accident on the way. Jessica meets with Arocho to arrange new papers so they can cross the border, but he is followed by the police. Jessica and Alisa then drive towards the Canada U.S. border, but are confronted with police road blocks. They then go to the nearby amusement park Playland, where Alisa decides to wait until the police arrive. Trish sees a news report on the traffic accident and talks to Costa about the road blocks. Remembering that the Jones family had visited Playland before the accident, Trish goes there and kills Alisa. Jessica takes the blame, but does not forgive Trish. Trish later discovers that her reflexes appear to be heightened. Malcolm gives the blackmail material he found to Hogarth, allowing her to leave the law firm with enough money to start her own. Malcolm then begins working for Hogarth as part of Cheng's agency. Jessica embraces some aspects of normal life with Arocho and his son. ( "")
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  • After tracking down and executing the surviving gangsters involved in the death of his wife and children, lives in a rundown New York City apartment and works at a construction site under the alias "Pete Castiglione". The only person who knows his identity is Curtis Hoyle, a retired Navy SARC who runs a PTSD support group for veterans. One night, Frank's co-workers pressure new employee Donny Chavez into helping them rob mobster Mickey O'Hare. But Donny drops his wallet, and exposes his driver's license. When his co-workers try to assassinate him because of this, Frank saves him by killing them. And then goes and kills all the mobsters. He is unaware that a mysterious figure is using a tracking software to spy on him. Meanwhile, Homeland Security agent uses her new position at the New York field office to find out who killed her former partner Ahmed Zubair, who was investigating American soldiers smuggling heroin before his death. ( "")
  • While at a diner in Hell's Kitchen, Frank receives a phone call from Micro, who asks for his help. He reunites with and with her help, discovers that alias name is "Micro", was a former NSA analyst, was killed while resisting arrest. The story about his death, however, was never released because Homeland Security agent-in-charge Carson Wolf personally shut it down. After visiting Micro's wife Sarah and bonding over the grief they feel for their lost loved ones, Frank tracks down Wolf and breaks into his home, where he elicits a confession about his involvement in Micro's "death" before snapping his neck. After leading Micro on a wild-goose chase across New York City, Frank confronts him at his hideout and prepares to interrogate him. Meanwhile, Dinah meets with Frank's former squad-mate and best friend in an attempt to determine if he was somehow involved in the heroin smuggling only to receive a text informing her about Wolf's death. ( "")
  • In the past, Frank was a members of an illegally-sanctioned assassination squad, with Russo. They were recruited by CIA operative "Agent Orange" to kill Ahmed Zubair. They later raid a compound on Orange's intel only to lose several of their fellow squadmates, prompting Frank to attack Orange and permanently blind him in his left eye. Micro, after finding footage of Zubair's death, encrypts and sends the footage to Dinah only to be found out by Wolf, who shoots him. Micro survives the attempt while Wolf frames him as a traitor. In the present, interrogating Micro, Frank learns that he has rigged the hideout to explode if he is not at his console. Frank, however reveals that he did not see any bombs when he secured the perimeter. Micro reveals he filmed Frank and, after disarming the security, knocks him out with a tranquilizer. Shortly after Frank regains consciousness, David reveals he wants to help him take down the people who destroyed their lives. Meanwhile, Dinah engages in a jurisdictional dispute with the NYPD and the FBI and receives advice from her psychiatrist mother, who tells her not to take on guilt over Wolf's death. Sam Stein, Dinah's partner, proves that Wolf was dirty after discovering that he had million hidden in offshore accounts, prompting Dinah to decide to trust him. ( "")
  • Needing an arsenal, Frank attempts to steal a shipment of weapons from , finding that a Greek gang has already taken them. Frank visits Micro's wife to sign an insurance waiver, growing closer to David's family in the process. Lewis Wilson's mental state continues to deteriorate as he now sleeps in a foxhole in his backyard. He tries to join Anvil, but is rejected when Curtis informs Billy about his instability. Dinah is warned off of investigating Wolf's corruption by her mentor, Rafi Hernandez. She is put in command of a Homeland Security operation to arrest the Greek gang and recover the stolen weapons. David discovers the operation by hacking their files, but is reluctant to get involved in stealing the guns from Homeland Security until Frank convinces him. Frank and David steal a car and foil Homeland's operation, taking the weapons for themselves. Dinah and Frank engage in a car chase, which is ended when David intentionally rams her car with a truck. Frank removes an injured Dinah from the wreckage, and she recognizes him, asking if he killed Wolf. He confirms it, warns her not to get in his way, then leaves. ( "")
  • Frank and Micro search for Gunner Henderson, Frank's old squad-mate, who they realize filmed the video of Zubair's execution. As the official inquiry into Homeland Security's failed operation gets underway, Dinah is forced to confide in Stein and admit that Frank is alive; also asking him to keep it quiet until they find out more. She and Billy become intimate. William Rawlins, the "Agent Orange" who commanded Operation Cerberus in Kandahar, prepares to be promoted to CIA deputy director. Frank finds Gunner in the Kentucky woods, and learns from him that Rawlins and Schoonover were smuggling heroin to the US. He and Gunner are ambushed by a team of mercenaries sent by Rawlins, who wants to silence Gunner before Homeland Security can interrogate him. With the guidance of a recon drone piloted by Micro, Frank and Gunner kill the mercenaries, and Rawlins sees Frank is still alive. Gunner is mortally wounded, and Frank is also seriously wounded. Micro rescues Frank and drives him back to New York. ( "")
  • When Frank's wounds become infected, Micro is forced to ask Curtis to treat him; Curtis blames Micro for Frank's current condition. Billy learns that Dinah is investigating Frank and angrily asks her if she is exploiting him for her investigation. Billy begins broadcasting a radio call to Frank, but Frank does not respond. Dinah investigates Gunner's death and confirms Frank's involvement. She later tells Billy that Frank is alive. Lewis is arrested while handing out leaflets in front of a courthouse with O'Connor. Curtis bails him out and tells him O'Connor lied about serving in Vietnam. Lewis confronts O'Connor and stabs him to death. Frank meets with Billy, who offers to give him a new identity and help him escape New York. Frank visits Micro's family, apologizing for missing a dinner date and reassuring Sarah that things will be all right. Frank chooses not to accept Billy's offer, and it is revealed that Billy is secretly working with Rawlins. ( "")
  • Frank and Micro target Col. Morty Bennett, one of the founders of "Operation Cerberus" and one of Rawlins' allies in the heroin smuggling. Rawlins foresaw this and staged a trap for Frank. Micro, having planned for this, has Frank keep Morty in the room long enough to clone his phone to track down Rawlins. Dinah realizes from Gunner's death that her office is bugged and has Sam stage a "plan" to really trap whoever is listening. Billy starts killing loose ends in Rawlins' op and ends Morty's life in a "safehouse" with a dead dominatrix in the bed. Frank arrives at Rawlins' house and tries to snipe through a window, only to realize that it is bullet proof. Frank flees as the alarms sound off. ( "")
  • Frank and Micro learn Rawlins' identity. After a visit with Sarah, Frank learns that Micro's son Zach brought a knife to school and decides to scare him straight. He learns that since David's "death" he has been acting up and is scared. Frank consoles him acting as a surrogate father. Micro wants to see his son badly, but Frank warns him that it is dangerous. They agree that they need to team up with Dinah. Meanwhile, Rawlins and Russo decide to go after Frank, unaware that Dinah, Sam and their DHS team is going after them. The two engage in an open confrontation that results in Russo's men being gunned down and a disguised Russo stabbing Sam to death. Russo later consoled Dinah and helps wash Sam's blood off her body unaware that he is the murderer. ( "")
  • Dinah is grieving for Sam, blaming herself for his death. Lewis executes a series of bombings throughout the city. Lewis sends Karen a letter, believing she will side with his cause as she had with Frank before, but she does not. During an on-air debate between Karen and pro-gun-control Senator Ori, Lewis calls and says his favorite Latin quote, making both Curtis and Frank realize that he is the bomber. Curtis goes to O'Connor's house looking for Lewis. He finds Lewis' bomb-making supplies and O'Connor's decaying corpse only for Lewis to beats him with his own prosthetic and tie him to a chair with the bomb. Micro meets with Dinah in secret, and reveals Agent Orange's name to her, as well as his work with Frank. Frank finds Curtis, and following a phone call from Lewis, convinces him to help him disarm the bomb. Lewis has called the police, and although Frank manages to escape without killing a police officer, his image is captured by a police car dashcam, and the public is made aware that he is still alive. ( "")
  • As Detective interviews Karen, Dinah, Russo, and Senator Ori to determine the proper sequence of events surrounding an assassination attempt on the Senator, each interviewee recounts the attack from radically different perspectives. Six hours earlier, after learning that the mercenaries who killed Sam are connected to Anvil, Dinah confronts Russo at the hotel where his men are providing security for Senator Ori as he sits down for an interview with Karen. During the interview, Lewis, who previously infiltrated the hotel after killing one of Russo's men and stealing his uniform, barges into Ori's suite with a gun. Frank arrives and shields the two from the gunfire only for Lewis, who is wearing a suicide vest, to take Karen hostage. Frank then flees when the Anvil agents open fire on him. Fighting off Russo, the Anvil agents, and several NYPD officers, Frank confronts Lewis in the hotel kitchen before helping Karen disarm the bomb. After finding and cutting the right wire, Karen shoots Lewis in the foot with a gun she took from an Anvil agent. Lewis then locks himself in the freezer, rewires the bomb and, after reciting verses from Rudyard Kipling's "The Young British Soldier", detonates it, killing himself. To allow Frank to escape, Karen willing lets herself be used as a human shield to get him to an elevator. Inside, Frank uses the emergency hatch to escape into the shaft, reaching the roof to escape via a zip-line. ( "")
  • Sarah and Zach are kidnapped by Russo's men while Frank makes preparations to go after Rawlins. With Leo having eluded capture, Micro reunites with her at an old family hangout and enlists Dinah's aid. Having anticipated that Anvil would trace the call history of Sarah's phone, Frank ambushes and kills the assault team in the power station. With his assault team dead, Russo arranges a location for a hostage exchange site, demanding that Frank and Micro exchange themselves for Sarah and Zach. ( "")
  • Dinah records Frank and Micro as they testify against Rawlins, which she plans to present to CIA Deputy Director Marion James. The two allies then make their way to the agreed exchange spot, finding Sarah and Zach alive but laden with gasoline canisters. Anticipating Russo's double cross, Frank and David stage the latter's death, with Dinah's DHS team shooting him in order to make the ruse convincing. While Micro reunites with his family, Russo and Rawlins take Frank to the power station for interrogation. Frank, despite being tortured to the brink of death, breaks free and stabs and beats Rawlins to death. DHS then storms the station and wounds an escaping Russo before evacuating Frank for medical attention. ( "")
  • As DHS executes a failed attempt to apprehend Russo, Frank receives medical attention from Dinah's father while Dinah presents the video evidence to James. Russo sneaks into Curtis' apartment and, after confirming suspicions of the latter's knowledge about Frank, prepares to execute him only to be interrupted by Frank in a sniper position. Frank gives Russo the chance to pick an agreed place for a one-on-one confrontation, with Russo picking the carousel where Frank's family died. Russo takes hostages and wounds them in order to gain a tactical advantage, which he uses during his confrontation with Frank. Dinah, having previously deduced Russo's location, intervenes only to receive a headshot wound. Frank then overpowers Russo and repeatedly slams his face against the carousel's mirrored walls, disfiguring him. Few days later, Frank learns from James and Hernandez that DHS and the CIA have erased his criminal record, allowing him to live out his life in anonymity. He also learns that Dinah has survived her headshot wound and Russo has been hospitalized with severe head trauma that may seriously affect his memory. Upon his release, Frank attends Curtis' support group and opens up for the first time. ( "")


  • With the exception of Fitz, Coulson, May, Daisy, Simmons, Mack, and Yo-Yo are taken by an unknown group and transported to a space station through a monolith. Upon arrival, the team quickly regroup and meet Deke, who reveals that the space station was built nearly ninety years prior. Hoping to send a message back to Earth, May and Simmons discover it is no longer inhabitable and appears to have been torn apart by a unknow cataclysmic event. ( "")
  • Mack and Yo-Yo are held captive by the Kree, who maintain control on the station by encouraging bloodshed among its inhabitants. Back in the station, the team attempt to blend in and meet Eve, who saves them during the Renewal. Meanwhile, Simmons is taken to meet Kasius, the leader of the space station, and is inducted as one of his servants. Later on, Daisy confronts Deke in his framework simulation, where he reveals she is the reason the Earth was torn apart. ( "")
  • In preparation for Lady Basha's arrival, Simmons is given the task of helping an inhuman champion control her abilities for a special ceremony. Simmons is successful but becomes distraught when Kasius sells his champion to Lady Basha. While the team adapt to their new jobs, Grill becomes suspicious of the new arrivals and sends one of his men to spy on them. During a space expedition, Coulson, May, Mack, and Tess struggle to make sense of Virgil's notebook and discover a radio transmission supposedly originating from the Earth's surface. Grill’s spy reports back, only to be framed as a traitor and exiled to die on Earth. Meanwhile, Yo-Yo helps Daisy get ahold of a Kree tablet to try and save Simmons. However, her mission is thwarted by Deke, who reports her to Kasius. Daisy is captured and taken to become his new champion. ( "")
  • Daisy meets Ben, one of Kasius' other champions, capable of telepathy. Using Ben to corroborate their story, Kasius interrogates Daisy and Simmons about the others. They are able to convince Kasius they came alone, though he remains suspicious. During the interrogation, Ben learns that Kasius intends to destroy the station and everyone on it once he acquires enough profits to leave. Deke returns to the others to gather new information as they learn about the mysterious Level 35. Recognizing his father's voice on the radio transmission, Deke agrees to help them gain access to the restricted floor. There, they discover that Kasius is attempting to breed Inhumans. May also discovers Deke lied about Daisy's whereabouts, but get interrupted by Sinara's arrival. Coulson leaves with Deke, while May fights her alone. Meanwhile, Grill sends Mack to confront someone who owes him payment. Later, Fitz is revealed to be one of the bidders who've arrived for Daisy's exhibition. ( "")
  • Shortly after the others are taken from the diner, Fitz is taken into military custody and interrogated about their whereabouts, including the assassination attempt on General Talbot, and deaths of and Holden Radcliffe. For the next six months, Fitz is given special privileges that would hopefully allow him to locate the team but fails. With help from , Fitz escapes the military facility and tracks down Enoch, the man who took the others. Enoch explains that a prophecy foretold these events and takes them to meet Robin, the daughter of Charles from Spacetime, who can also tell the future but through drawings. Tracked by the military, Enoch helps them escape to a secret bunker, where Fitz learns that he was left behind so he could save the team. Determined to help them, Fitz and Hunter break back into the same military facility to obtain a cryogenic pod. In the warehouse, they find all their old S.H.I.E.L.D. tech, including Zephyr One, which they use to escape. Back in the secret bunker, Fitz is put to sleep for the next 74 years and is awoken by Enoch, who prepares him for their arrival at the Lighthouse. ( "")



  • Down in the station, the Kree have harvested some of the youth for an annual Terrigenesis ceremony. Flint, a friend of Tess, experiences a successful Terrigenesis and is taken into hiding with the team by Yo-Yo. Tess is killed and hanged for Flint's disappearance. During a dinner with the other bidders, Fitz quickly proves himself as a formidable character, earning Kasius' respect. The first exhibition is then held between Ben and May, resulting in May being sent to the surface, while Ben is killed for lying during Daisy's interrogation. Meanwhile, Grill finds the team and holds them captive, until Flint saves them using geokinesis against Grill, killing him. The unexpected arrival of Kasius' brother prompts Sinara to battle Daisy for her exhibition. During which, Fitz, Simmons, and Daisy are able to subdue the others and escape. ( "")
  • Daisy, Fitz and Simmons are hunted throughout the station and discover the station is being sustained by gravitonium. Fitz gets shot during the chase. Deke finds them and takes them to the rest of the team. Reunited, the team plot their escape to the Earth’s surface by using a trawler and Deke’s antigravity device. After learning about Tess’ death, Flint decides to stay on the station to protect the remaining inhabitants. Mack and Yo-Yo agree to stay behind and help him. Coulson, Daisy, Fitz, Simmons, and Deke fly to the surface, but get caught in the gravity storm. Meanwhile, Kasius kills his brother and plots to regain his father’s acceptance by recapturing Daisy with help from Sinara. On the surface, Enoch finds May, but their meeting is cut short by the approaching storm. A mysterious figure takes them to safety, where they are greeted by an elderly Robin. ( "")
  • Coulson, Daisy, Fitz, Simmons, and Deke survive the crash and reunite with May in the Zephyr. Up on the Lighthouse, Kasius punishes the inhabitants by cutting off their resources. Flint, Mack, and Yo-Yo go to retrieve the weapons hidden by Fitz and discover Kasius has released the roaches onto the lower levels. They defeat the roaches and rescue the remaining inhabitants. On the surface, the team struggle to get answers from Robin and find a machine built into the Zephyr. While Fitz and Simmons attempt to remove Daisy’s inhibitor, May and Coulson find a shard of the time monolith in Voss’ locker. Deke questions Voss about the shard, which belonged to his parents, and gets knocked out. Voss then tries to kill Daisy and impales Robin to prevent her from giving the team answers. In the past, May is shown taking care of Robin and encouraging Fitz to build his machine so they can travel through time. Before dying, Robin is comforted by May as she reveals their history and finally tells May how to save the world, which requires Flint. ( "")
  • As the gravity storm worsens, the team attempt to relaunch the Zephyr. May reveals that using the shard, Flint can recreate the monolith allowing the team to travel back through time. Similar to the Lighthouse, Fitz and Simmons find gravitonium on the Zephyr and realize the designs were manufactured by Fitz himself. On the station, Flint, Mack, and Yo-Yo successfully gain control of the lower levels. Tess is resurrected by Kasius and sent to relay demands for him, who threatens to detonate explosives killing everyone if they weren't met. Mack and Yo-Yo retaliate by placing the explosives on Level 35, the medical floor, which would prevent Kasius from breeding more inhumans. During a standoff with Kasius, Flint evacuates the inhabitants to the upper levels and uses the remaining explosives to separate them from the lower levels, out of Kasius’ reach. Using the gravity storm to her advantage, May navigates the Zephyr into space as Daisy battles Sinara again, this time killing her. Daisy then contacts Mack while the team are heading for the Lighthouse. Kasius however know this because of his seer. ( "")
  • While Enoch stays on the Zephyr, the team focus on getting to Flint and rescuing the other inhumans from captivity. Distraught over Sinara’s death, Kasius infects Tye, the inhuman trainer, with odium, a substance that excites maniacal behavior and sends him after the team. During a fight with Tye, Coulson gets infected with the odium. Kasius' seer is revealed to be Yo-Yo from the future, one who has lived through the time loop and endured endless torture. She reveals that the team's ultimate return will bring the end of the world and that the only solution is to let Coulson succumb to his infection. As Flint recreates the monolith, Mack leaves to find Yo-Yo and witnesses her death by Kasius, who consumes the remaining odium and fights him. With help from Simmons, Mack kills Kasius and reunites with Yo-Yo, who is still alive in their timeline. Deke returns to the Zephyr in time to save Enoch and fix the machine, however at the cost of both of their lives as the team returns to the present. ( "")


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  • Thor has been captured by mysterious enemy forces. He rambles towards a skeleton sharing his cage about seeking the but having found nothing. He says that sometimes you have to get captured to get a straight answer out of someone with that someone being Surtur. Thor drop from his cage, Surtur taunts him with the knowledge that is no longer on Asgard and Thor's absence leaves it vulnerable. He announces that Ragnarok is coming to Asgard at his hand and there is nothing Thor can do to stop it, while foolishly confessing that his crown is the source of his powers. Thor use to escape and destroy Surtur, take his crown. Thor than fight off Surtur's minions and tries to return to , does not respond. His replacement, Skurge, only notices Thor's call when one of the women he is trying to impress points it out. ()
  • Returning to Asgard, Skurge tells Thor that Heimdall has been declared an enemy of the people and is on the run. Thor is unimpressed and goes to find Odin, finding him watching a play about the valiant death of Loki and laying around being pampered by women. Thor eventually sees through "Odin's" deception and forces to drop the charade and has Skurge transport him and Loki to Earth to find Odin, but the retirement home Loki put him in has been demolished. Thor revealed that had broken up with Thor although Thor insists to a fan that it was a "mutual dumping". Loki than suddenly snatched away, leaving an address card behind, which points Thor towards Bleecker Street where he finds in the . Doctor Strange insists on knowing why Loki and Thor are there and whether or not they will leave when they are done. Thor says they are there to find Odin and will immediately leave when this is done. Strange reveals he knows where Odin is, in Norway, and sends Thor and Loki there. ()
  • Thor and Loki find Odin having shaken off the spell Loki placed on him, but he is despondent and dying. In his last moments, he makes a confession , the sister Thor and Loki did not know they had and the Goddess of Death will be released once he dies. She is far more powerful than her brothers and will grow stronger when she returns to Asgard. Odin transforms into energy and presumably dies. Almost immediately Hela escapes from her prison and attacks them. Thor throws Mjolnir toward her but she easily catches it and shatters it in her hands. Loki panics and calls for the Bifrost. However, during their transport, Hela intercepts them and forces both Thor and Loki out of the beam. Hela then turns her eyes towards Asgard, arriving via the Bifrost and easily kills Volstagg and Fandral. She recruits Skurge to her side before almost effortlessly crushing the entire Asgardian army, led by Hogun who is the last to fall. She takes the throne and destroys the mural of her father above it, revealing the original behind it. In fact, it is revealed that she had always been Odin's most powerful weapon, which he used to create the mighty Asgardian empire and only when her ambition outgrew his did he imprison her. ()
  • Hela than breaks into the trophy room, declaring the as a fake, the as a useless object, views Surtur's crown as 'smaller than she thought', becomes interested in the but declares the Eternal Flame the greatest of all. She smashes through the floor to the mausoleum underneath, reviving the fallen Asgardian soldiers and her pet Fenris Wolf using the power of the flame, before dubbing Skurge her executioner. However, Heimdall sneaks into the Bifrost room and steals the sword, rendering the Bifrost useless, before organising a resistance against her. Hela, now unable to begin her conquest of all the realms without it, sends her new soldiers to hunt down this resistance and retrieve the sword. Skurge has civilians rounded up to demand the location of the sword. When nobody would speak, Hela tells him to execute a randomly chosen woman, though Skurge seems to be uncomfortable with this. Just before he can do so, a civillian agrees to tell Hela what she wants to know rather than see an innocent put to death. ()
  • Back in their time, Coulson and the team meet Noah, Enoch’s successor, a Chronicom who has been monitoring the world from the Lighthouse in their absence. Fitting with Voss’ description as the first signs of the end, Coulson, May, Fitz, Simmons, and Mack investigate a beacon originating from the Earth. Reluctant to join the team, Daisy stays behind and discovers that Deke survived the explosion. After being arrested, Daisy is forced to leave the bunker to save him and prevent him from exposing the team, who are now Most Wanted. Upon finding the beacon, Coulson and the team reunite with Agent Piper, who is later revealed to be working for General Hale. The team are then ambushed by a group of Hale's robotic soldiers, led by a mask assassin. During the fight, the assassin attempts to kill Mack with her chakram, but Yo-Yo blocks the attack and loses both her arms. Piper realigns with the team as they retreat to the Lighthouse with the beacon, which detonates as Noah sacrifices himself to save Simmons and Fitz. Later, General Hale criticizes the assassin, revealed to be her daughter, Ruby, for jeopardizing the operation. In Philadelphia, General Hale recruits Carl Creel to join her team, which he reluctantly agrees to. ( "")
  • The destruction of the three Monoliths caused by the beacon's explosion creates a dimensional tear, manifesting the fears of Coulson's team into reality. Fitz creates a device capable of sealing the tear using Gravitonium, but while attempting to argue with the team over his decision to volunteer for the task, Coulson collapses momentarily. The team finds out about his infection, which is a result of the Ghost Rider burning off the Kree blood within him, causing him to slowly die. The team is forced to accelerate their plan when Yo-Yo is attacked in bed by a Simmons LMD. Deke is sent to the surface to call for backup, while Coulson goes in alone to seal the tear. He encounters a manifestation of Mike Peterson, who claims that everything that Coulson has experienced thus far is a dream, and he's dying on an operating table. Coulson manages to overcome his fear, and is saved by the real Peterson, who arrives with several other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents after responding to Deke's call. Coulson and Peterson fight off more manifestations, including Lash and Hive, before managing to close the tear for good. Later, the team organize a wedding ceremony for Fitz and Simmons. General Hale, who came to River's End after learning of Daisy's sighting, investigates the holding cell where Deke was kept it is revealed through her finding, and through Deke's conversation with Peterson, that he is the grandson of Fitz and Simmons. ( "")
  • While the rift is contained, Fitz sends the team to search for more Gravitonium, which went missing with the Principia, a Cybertek ship. The team hunt down a lead in New Orleans, reuniting Mack with his old school mate, Tony Caine, who has been helping redeem scientists coerced into working for HYDRA. The team ask Caine about the Deathlok Program, hoping to find a way to save Coulson and give Yo-Yo cybernetic arms, but he states the program failed. Meanwhile, General Hale continues to form her team by transferring Werner Von Strucker to Blue Raven Ridge. Since being zapped, Strucker’s cognitive abilities have intensified, allowing him to remember everything. Strucker denies Hale’s offer, leading her to ask Ruby to change his mind. After experiencing a manifestation of his mother, Deke realizes the Gravitonium may have been activated by the lightning storm, sending the Principia into the sky. Sure enough, the team find the Principia suspended in the atmosphere and discover most of the Gravitonium is gone, leaving only a small portion to sustain the ship. As Mack collects the remaining Gravitonium, a group of Hale’s robotic soldiers ambush them. Coulson, Daisy, and Mack fend off the robots and successfully get off the ship before it plummets back to Earth. Upon hearing his mother’s saying in an exchange between Simmons and Yo-Yo, Deke realizes Fitz and Simmons are his grandparents. Elsewhere, Ruby convinces Strucker to stay and introduces him to Creel. ( "")
  • As Fitz struggles to figure out a solution to compressing the Gravitonium, he encounters his Framework self, The Doctor, who claims to finish what he had started before. He reprograms the robotic soldiers the team recovered from the Principia to keep Mack, Simmons and Yo-Yo at bay while he incapacitates Daisy and restrains her in order to operate on her and remove her power inhibitor, as he believes it to be the solution to the Gravitonium problem. Simmons, upon finding Fitz and Daisy, realizes that The Doctor was not a manifestation from the fear dimension, and that Fitz had hallucinated his other self while committing the aforementioned deeds. Fitz successfully removes the inhibitor and restores Daisy's power, and was able to compress the Gravitonium. However, he cannot bring himself to face the others due to his actions. Deke attempts to comfort Simmons, while also revealing to her that he is her grandson. Meanwhile, Coulson and the others manage to lure Hale into a trap and capture her for interrogation, but she demands Coulson to accompany her back, along with Creel and Anton Ivanov who threaten to detonate explosives on the Zephyr. Coulson reluctantly agrees to go with them, in hope of learning what Hale knows about the imminent threat. Later, Hale speaks to her mysterious superior, who hands her a vial of odium and remind her of her HYDRA allegiance. ( "")
  • In the past, a young Hale is assigned by Daniel Whitehall to infiltrate the U.S. Air Force, as well as being impregnated with Ruby via in vitro fertilization as HYDRA's next leader. In the present, Hale attempts to convince a recently awakened Talbot to hand over confiscated HYDRA contraband and has Ruby interrogate him when he refused to cooperate. She also reveals to Coulson that HYDRA had made contact with an alien alliance called the Confederacy, warning of an impending invasion, but Coulson fears Earth becoming enslaved as the price of their help. When Hale reveals her plans to use an old machine of Whitehall's combined with gravitonium and Daisy's powers to create a Destroyer of Worlds, Coulson reveals his trip to the future but she doesn't believe him. Meanwhile, Daisy has been left as de facto head of S.H.I.E.L.D. but refuses to trust Fitz to help and instead goes to find Robin for help in finding Coulson. Simmons later visits Fitz and reveals that Deke is their grandson. ( "")


  • and manage to briefly open a tunnel to the . Both Hank and Hope are in hiding after Scott secretly helps during the Avengers civil war that violation of the Sokovia Accords. Scott made a deal to placed under house arrest. receives an apparent message from , who he is quantumly entangled with. Despite having only days left of house arrest, Scott decides to call Hank. Hope kidnaps him, leaving a decoy so as not to arouse suspicion from the FBI agent . Seeing the message as confirmation that Janet is alive, Hank and Hope work to create a stable tunnel so Hope can take a vehicle to the quantum realm and retrieve Janet. Hope arranges to buy a part needed for the tunnel from black market dealer Sonny Burch, but Burch has realized the potential profit that can be earned from Hank and Hope's research and double-crosses them. Hope fights Burch and his men off wearing her , until she is attacked by a quantumly unstable masked woman, referred to as the Ghost. Scott help fight off the Ghost, with the new but she escapes with Hank's portable lab. ()
  • Hank reluctantly visits his estranged former partner Bill Foster who helps them locate the lab. The ghost restrains Scott, Hope, and Hank when they arrive, and reveals herself to be . Her father Elihas Starr, another former partner of Pym's, accidentally killed himself and his wife during a quantum experiment that caused Ava's unstable state. Foster reveals that he has been helping Ava after the accident, who they plan to cure using Janet's quantum energy. Believing that this will kill Janet in the Quantum Realm, Hank refuses to help them and the trio manage to escape. Opening a stable version of the tunnel this time, Hank and Hope are able to contact Janet who gives them a precise location to find her, but warns that they only have two hours before the unstable nature of the realm separates them for centuries. Burch learns their location from Scott's business partners , and , and informs a contact at the FBI. Luis warns Scott, who rushes home before Woo can see him breaking his house arrest. This leaves Pym and Hope to be arrested, and for their lab to be taken by Burch. ()
  • Scott is able to help Hank and Hope escape custody, and they steal the lab back from Burch. Lang and Hope distract Ava while Pym enters the quantum realm to retrieve Janet, but end up fighting Burch and his men allowing Ava to begin the process of taking Janet's energy. Luis, Dave, and Kurt help apprehend Burch, so Scott and Hope can stop Ava. Hank and Janet arrive safely from the quantum realm, and Janet voluntarily gifts some of her energy to Ava to temporarily heal her. Scott returns home once again, in time for a suspicious Woo to release him at the end of his house arrest. Ava and Foster go into hiding, Hank brings Janet to the beach where they set up a new house that he grows. Scott, Hope, and Cassie in a shrink car so they can use a laptop as a screen like a drive-in movie. They are then bothered by a large moths. ()
  • Hale attempts to use Creel as a test subject for the particle-infusion chamber, infuriating Ruby who continues to conspire with Strucker in hope of earning her place as the Destroyer of Worlds. Creel's temporary exposure to the Gravitonium causes him to see memories of . He determines to get answers from Coulson, who then leads him to Talbot's cell. Hale sends Ruby to capture Creel and eliminate the other two, but they use the Confederacy's teleportation device to escape to a snowy mountain area, while Creel remains behind to fight Ruby. Daisy and May locate Robin, who has stopped drawing her visions for some times after seeing her own death in the future. Upon seeing May, Robin begins to draw again, this time showing Coulson and Talbot's location. Back at the Lighthouse, Simmons convinces Yo-Yo to help her free Fitz in order to pursue possible leads on HYDRA's Gravitonium-powered weapon. Together, they trick Mack into releasing Fitz then lock him up. A flashback to four years ago reveals that was tricked by into being absorbed by the Gravitonium. ( "")
  • Ruby pursues Coulson and Talbot at the mountains, but Daisy arrives in time to save them. Deke, in an attempt to cover for Daisy, is shot by Hale and her men, forcing S.H.I.E.L.D. to retreat. Deke is taken back to the Lighthouse, where Mack and Piper operate on him and successfully save him. Ruby, furious about her mother's attitude, decides to rebel and lock Hale in her cell, while she takes over and works with Strucker. FitzSimmons and Yo-Yo travel to a HYDRA facility in England, where they find the particle infusion chamber. Fitz damages one of the components to render it useless, but they are then surrounded by the robot soldiers. Yo-Yo attempts to escape and call for backup, but is forced to fight Ivanov. As she emerges victorious, she learns that Ivanov's body is linked to all the robots, thus is able to disable them altogether. However, Ruby and Strucker arrive and decide to capture FitzSimmons in order to have them repair the infusion chamber. Daisy later attempts to help Talbot contact his family, but in the middle of his phone call with his wife, Hale's subordinate has her reading a script, activating Talbot's brainwashing. ( "")
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. locates Hale's secret base and sends Daisy and May in to apprehend Hale. Hale, who has just learned from Creel about Quinn and Hall's consciousnesses living inside the Gravitonium, willingly surrenders to them, and reveals Ruby's location to them and her plan to infuse with the Gravitonium. They arrive at the site just as the particle infusion chamber is fixed. Ruby begins the infusion process, but is unable to withstand it, forcing Strucker to stop the process at 8%. Unable to control the element, Ruby inadvertently crushes Strucker's skull, killing him. Daisy and Hale remain stationed to attempt to calm Ruby down, while May extracts Fitz and Simmons. Yo-Yo arrives, and upon realizing Ruby is the Destroyer and the one who cut her arms off, she slices Ruby's neck with her own chakram and kills her. Ruby's body begins to float and releases a blast of energy. In the aftermath, Hale mysteriously disappears. Meanwhile at the Lighthouse, Talbot attempts to carry out his programming and kidnap Robin, but Coulson and Mack manage to talk him down before subduing him, preventing him from killing himself. Later, Hale is seen in the Confederacy ship, where she reveals to Qovas of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s possession of the Gravitonium. ( "")
  • Elsewhere, Thor is deposited on an alien planet, Sakaar where time move differently. There are portals from other places all over the sky, where junk and debris from other worlds fall through to the surface. Thor is then approached by hostile scavengers which he easily fights off without Mjolnir until one of them uses an electrified net to capture him. The scavengers proceed to beat Thor until a drunk woman appears from her ship, claiming Thor to be "hers". The woman fights off the scavengers, seemingly rescuing Thor but the woman throws a small disc at his neck and this allows her to electrocute and render him unconscious. With the disc connected to his neck preventing him from escaping, the woman takes him to the planet's supreme ruler, who intends to use him as a gladiator in the games that keep him in power. However, due to the unusual relativistic effects of how they got there, Loki has been there for weeks, earning the Grandmaster's favour. The Grandmaster pays the woman for Thor and tells him that he can have his freedom if he defeats the arena's champion. Thor is thrown in to the gladiator's quarters where he meets , an exiled Kronan resistance fighter, and his friend . Korg states that no one has ever escaped or beaten this champion. Thor is prepared to fight this man, having his hair cut by and choosing his weapons. He finds the woman there who he recognises as an Asgardian . When she is unsympathetic to the plight of her home, he calls her a coward before being forced to go out and fight. ()
  • The champion is revealed to be the . Thor, overjoyed at seeing his former teammate, attempts to talk as well as negotiate with him but makes the mistake of calling him "Banner'. He even tries 's calming technique but it fails to work. Hulk overpowers him during the battle and is close to killing him but Thor sees a vision of his father causing his powers to surge. As the fight continues, the tables have turned and Thor is winning but the Grandmaster, unwilling to see Hulk lose since he is a fan favorite, cheats and "fixes" the fight by activating the disc on Thor's neck. A bruised Thor awakes in luxurious quarters with Hulk. Hulk refuses to return Earth because he believes he is hated there and therefore will not leave. He is shown to be friends and sparring partners with Valkyrie but agrees to trick her into coming to his quarters so Thor can steal her control device and remove the disc from his neck. ()
  • Thor tries to get to the that brought Hulk to Sakaar but Hulk damages it, not wanting to leave. It is only when Thor accidentally activates a recording of Natasha's attempts to get Hulk to turn the Quinjet around that Hulk is pacified and transforms back to himself. Banner has been in Hulk form since and as a result, the Hulk had completely taken over. Because of this, Banner was powerless and does not remember anything that has happened for the past two years since. He fears that if he becomes the Hulk again, Banner will be gone forever. The Grandmaster orders Valkyrie and Loki to track Thor and Banner down. Valkyrie finds them but agrees to help, having knocked out Loki after he made her see a vision of herself and her sisters falling at Hela's hands millennia ago when she was the only survivor which caused her to turn to drink in misery on Sakaar. Loki, not wanting to be stuck on Sakaar, tells Thor he has the Grandmaster's security codes which give him control over his systems. ()
  • Heimdall has told Thor that they need to go through the largest portal in the sky which has the unfortunate nickname "The Devil's Anus" to escape but Valkyrie's ship is not up to the job. They break Korg and Miek out so they can begin a slave revolt as a distraction so they can steal the Grandmaster's personal ship. Loki, inevitably betrays them as they are escaping but Thor quietly placed one of the discs on his back, leaving him being shocked on the floor. Thor tells his brother that he knows Loki will always be the God of Mischief, but had hoped that he would have shown some capacity for growth before leaving with Loki still being shocked and the remote intentionally left out of reach. However, Korg arrives with a group of slaves and turns off the device later. Loki takes leadership of the group and steals a large ship with them. ()
  • Thor, Valkyrie and Banner arrive on Asgard. Hela begins an assault on the fortress where Heimdall is hiding the Asgardian civilians but Thor calls her back to the throne room to fight. Banner and Valkyrie fight to help the civilians escape via the Bifrost but they are cut off from behind by the undead army and in front by the enormous Fenris. Despite knowing he may never turn back, Banner jumps off the ship and is splayed on the Bifrost in front of the Fenris still as Banner, seemingly killing himself but transforms into the Hulk seconds later to fight the Fenris and Loki arrives with Korg and the Sakaaran slaves on the Statesman. Thor is overpowered by Hela who strikes him across the face, cutting out his eye. She is too much for him and once again Thor has a vision of his father. He tells him that Asgard is not a place, it is a people. Thor states he cannot defeat Hela without Mjolnir, but Odin reminds Thor that he is not a god of hammers, that Mjolnir was only ever a focus for his powers and they are greater than Odin's. With his powers in full force, Thor manages to resist Hela and carves through her army but he realises she is still too much for him. He and Loki agree that as long as Asgard exists she will grow more powerful. The prophecy says that in order for Ragnarok must happen, Asgard must fall and it is their place to ensure it, not to stop it. Thor and Valkyrie hold her off while Loki goes to the trophy room to retrieve Surtur's crown, spying the Tesseract along the way. He places it in the fires of Asgard and Surtur is reborn. ()
  • The now much more powerful Surtur begins laying waste to Asgard and even Hela is unable to stop him. She tries to stop the ship carrying the Asgardian refugees and the Sakaaran slaves from leaving but Skurge, who has sneaked aboard in disguise, turns on her and fights off her soldiers before she kills him. Hulk attacks Surtur but Thor calls him off. He carries Thor and Valkyrie aboard the ship which escapes as Asgard is utterly destroyed, leaving only asteroids behind. Thor, wearing an eye patch like his father, is crowned King and decides that they should set course for Earth to rebuild Asgard, perhaps in Norway as Odin suggested. ()
  • Loki asks Thor whether he will be welcome on Earth and Thor assures him he will be. Thor is sure everything will be fine but , much larger ship, the Sanctuary 2 appears behind them. Meanwhile On Sakaar the Grandmaster is faced down by the slaves he had previously been master of. He tries to declare the revolt "a draw" but they are not impressed. ()
  • and his adopted children the , track down the Statesman, the Sakaaran vessel ferrying the survivors of Hela's attack on Asgard. Storming the vessel, Thanos and his minions mercilessly slaughter half the Asgardians until only and remain. Having taken the from Asgard shortly before its destruction, Loki is confronted by Thanos, managing to stall him long enough for the to engage him in battle. But Thanos is able to easily beat the Hulk and prepares to kill him before moments before being slaughtered by Thanos uses the power of the to send Hulk to Earth with the last of his strength. Thanos threatens to kill Thor with the unless Loki gives him the Tesseract. Initially, Loki tells Thanos to go ahead, but has a change of heart and gives him the Tesseract after Thor's head is severely burned by the Power Stone. Thanos shatters the Tesseract to reveal the and sends his children to hunt the Infinity Stones from Earth and Loki offers himself as a guide. He feigns loyalty to Thanos and attempts to stab him, but the Space Stone holds Loki in place while Thanos crushes his neck and kills him and then destroys the rest of the Statesman with the Power Stone, leaving Thor drifting in space. ()
  • Hulk crash lands into the New York on Earth, where he transforms back into and warns Doctor and about the impending threat of Thanos. The three meet with , who learns that Thanos provided Loki the tools when he attacked New York . Bruce suggests that Thanos will come to Earth for the 's and Strange's . Tony reveals that Vision has gone missing, and Banner suggests calling to find him. Tony is reluctant and brings Bruce up to speed on everything that happened after he left Earth Steve is now a wanted man not following the , they are no longer on good terms and The have disbanded. Bruce convinces Tony that what is happening is bigger than anything they can handle alone, so Tony reluctantly agrees to call Steve for help. Before he can, however, Manhattan suddenly falls under attack by and . As the group fight, , on a nearby school excursion, senses the attack and joins in to help. ()
  • During the fight, Maw is able to incapacitate and abduct Doctor Strange, taking him to one of Thanos' ships. Tony is able to stow away on the ship while Peter, who was tasked by Tonyy to rescue Strange and who ended up being beamed to the ship clings to the outside as it takes off. As the ship leaves Earth's atmosphere and Peter runs out of oxygen, Tony calls for the Iron Spider Armor he made for Peter when he was offered membership in the Avengers the suit, built to operate in space, saves his life. Tony then attempts to send the boy back to Earth's surface, but Peter remains on-board. On Earth, Wong returns to the New York Sanctum to defend it with Strange gone, while Banner finds the phone containing Rogers' number. ()
  • Coulson puts the base on lockdown as Qovas and his Confederacy ship appear above River’s End. Despite this, Qovas' troops, the Remorath scavengers, are able to teleport inside in pursuit of the gravitonium. While Coulson, May, Mack, Fitz, and Deke defend the control room, Yo-Yo retrieves Talbot and proceeds to the lab where Simmons, Piper, and Davis are guarding the gravitonium. Yo-Yo, Piper, and Davis attempt to clear the halls when Talbot ices Simmons and places himself in the particle infusion chamber, absorbing the remaining gravitonium. With his new powers, he is able to rescue the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, before taking off with Coulson to the Confederacy ship. Meanwhile, Daisy relocates Robin and Polly with the help of Tony Caine, who also gives her the Centipede Serum, which was once used to keep John Garrett alive. However, Caine fails to retrieve a special ingredient, prompting Daisy to dig up her mother’s grave. ( "")
  • In space, Thor is found drifting through space by the , who responded to the Statesman's distress call. When Thor reveals Thanos' goals to the group, explains that if Thanos is able to obtain all six , he would be able to wipe out half of the universe with the snap of his fingers. Thor knows that Thanos will next be heading to to collect the , which the Asgardians left in the care of after the Dark Elves attacked Earth. In order to kill Thanos, Thor will need to obtain a new weapon. The group split, with Thor, and Teen heading off to to forge a new weapon to replace , while , Gamora, and travel to Knowhere to try and retrieve the Reality Stone before Thanos. Gamora makes Peter promise to kill her if Thanos gets a hold of her, as she has information that he cannot be allowed to have. Although reluctant, Peter agrees and the two share a kiss. ()
  • On Earth, Vision and have been living in Scotland since the Avengers separated, having fallening in love with one another. While walking the streets, the pair is attacked by and , who begins removing the Mind Stone, before they are stopped by steve, , and . Steve, Natasha, Sam, Vision, and Wanda then travel to the where they meet and Banner. Vision suggests that Wanda destroys the Mind Stone in his head, but she refuses, as doing so would kill him. The team heads to in the hopes that will be able to separate the stone from Vision so Wanda can destroy it without her killing him before Thanos take it. ()
  • Coulson and Talbot enter the Confederacy ship, and the latter takes over and demands an audience with the Confederacy leadership. After killing one of the leaders and taking his seat, Talbot is convinced by Kasius' father, Taryan to dig up the Earth and find an untapped resource of gravitonium to power him up, in order to save the world from 's imminent invasion. Coulson and Hale fail to convince Talbot of Taryan's true plan, and are forced to comply. Back at the Lighthouse, Mack has a brief encounter with an odium-powered Remorath warrior, who later succumbs to the substance and dies during interrogation. Simmons proceeds to dissect the Remorath and study the odium, but Daisy returns to the Lighthouse with Jiaying's corpse and the Centipede serum, and tasks the former with working on a cure for Coulson instead. Later, the team manages to modify the Zephyr to be capable of space travel, and heads for the Confederacy ship. Daisy and May infiltrate the ship, but Talbot neutralizes Daisy and forces May to surrender for Coulson's survival, while Hale is killed after attempting to trigger Talbot's brainwashing. Later, Daisy is delivered to Taryan, who plans to take her back to his homeworld. ( "")
  • Taryan expresses his desire for Inhumans as Daisy attempts to use her powers against him, though is prevented from doing so as only her consciousness is projected to Taryan's location via a device, while her body remains on the ship. After Talbot leaves on the Quinjet for Earth, Deke rescues Coulson and May, then reunites with Daisy, who escaped imprisonment by cracking the device. At the hospital, Talbot approaches Creel and offers him peace by absorbing him. Mack and Yo-Yo attempt to track his movements and deduce that he would visit his family next. Though Talbot confronts the two, his son, George, is able to connect with him and prevent him from causing further destruction, prompting him to leave to prove his heroism. After Coulson gave in for his feelings for May by finally kissing her, Coulson than leaves with Daisy on the Zephyr, while May duels with Qovas as Deke redirects the missiles to target the ship itself. May and Deke successfully teleport back to Earth as Qovas perishes with the ship. On the Zephyr, Coulson begins to bleed out as his condition worsens. Reunited at the Lighthouse, the team is faced with a difficult decision as Simmons' cure, created from the last remaining combined with either odium or Jiaying’s DNA, could be used to save the world or Coulson. Elsewhere, Talbot has retrieved Polly and Robin, asking the latter for the gravitonium's location. ( "")
  • After debating on what to do, May destroys the odium vial and Daisy decides that they would save Coulson. Deke advises Daisy to help unite the team and settle their differences. After forcing Robin to tell him where more gravitonium can be found, Talbot travels to Chicago and finds an underground deposit to absorb more gravitonium. Mack is chosen as the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., and he orders the group evacuate and rescue as many civilians as possible. May rescues Robin as Coulson and Daisy approach Talbot. Having been given the decision on what to do with the Centipede serum, Coulson decides not to take it and assures Daisy that she can face Talbot alone. Daisy attempts to talk some sense into Talbot, but he refuses to listen and they fight around Chicago. May, Fitz and Mack rescue Polly, but Talbot's actions causes Fitz to be trapped under rubble. With Coulson secretly placing the Centipede serum in Daisy's gloves, Daisy takes the serum and uses her enhanced abilities to blast Talbot into space, where he freezes May and Mack realize that Fitz has been mortally wounded by the debris, and they stay by his side as he dies. Coulson decides to retire from S.H.I.E.L.D. and Simmons decides to find present-day Fitz, who is still suspended in space. May accompanies Coulson as he decides to spend his last days in Tahiti, and the remaining agents leave for their next mission. ( "")
  • In deep space, Maw tortures Strange in an attempt to learn how he has hidden the Time Stone. While doing so, Peter and Tony are able to blast a hole in the side of the ship, dislodging Maw out into space where he dies from exposure. With Strange saved, Peter and Strange exchange formalities before Tony and Strange argue over heading back to Earth or heading to Titan, the planet where Maw intended to meet with Thanos, to fight the Thanos there in an attempt to catch him off guard. Strange informs his rescuers that his priorities lie with protecting the Time Stone over their lives. Reluctantly, he admits that he will go along with them to Titan and Tony declares Spider-Man an "official Avenger". Meanwhile, The Guardians arrive on Knowhere, where they witness Thanos torturing the Collector for the Reality Stone. Gamora is able to attack and seemingly kill Thanos. However, Thanos reveals that he has already obtained the Reality Stone and used it to manipulate their surroundings, Knowhere having already been largely decimated. He easily incapacitates Drax and Mantis and grabs Gamora. She begs Quill to kill her, as he had promised to do so earlier, and then confesses her love to Quill. Thanos taunts Quill's inability to shoot Gamora until Quill pulls the trigger, but the gun fails, Thanos having already used the Reality Stone to alter the gun to shoot bubbles. Thanos then teleports away with Gamora. ()
  • Thor, Groot, and Rocket arrive at Nidavellir, a large, artificial ring-shaped megastructure encircling a dying star. They find the structure abandoned, with only the dwarf king left. He reveals that Thanos had arrived on Nidavellir and forced the dwarves to construct the , a device that would allow him to utilize the power of all the Infinity Stones at once, and then slaughtered the other dwarves once they did so. With Eitri's help, Thor is able to restart the dying star and create an ax called , which has both the power of Thor's old hammer, Mjolnir, and the Bifrost. Back on Earth, Shuri finds a method to separate the stone from Vision and begins working. Rogers, Banner, Vision, Maximoff, and Romanoff arrive in Wakanda where they are greeted by King , the General , and , who has recovered from his brainwashing and has been given a new arm. ()
  • On the Sanctuary 2, Thanos reveals his motives to Gamora he believes that the universe is overpopulated, and that this will eventually cause the depletion of all valuable resources and destroy the universe entirely. His solution is to use the Infinity Stones' combined power to exterminate a half of the universe's population, maintaining balance and preserving life. When Gamora was a child, Thanos and his army massacred half the population of her homeworld, Zen-Whoberi, when the planet fell under similar threat. Thanos reveals that he has captured Gamora's sister , and through torture, discovered that Gamora had discovered the location of the . In exchange for Nebula's life, Gamora agrees to lead him to it. Gamora and Thanos travel to Vormir where they meet , condemned to guarding the Soul Stone for eternity after his disappearance in 1945. Schmidt guides them to the top of a nearby cliff, where he explains to Thanos that obtaining the stone requires the sacrifice of a loved one. Despite her initial confidance that Thanos is a heartless monster who loves no one, Gamora is horrified when Thanos tearfully sacrifices Gamora, having truly love her, earning the Soul Stone. while back on the Sanctuary 2, Nebula is able to escape from her confinement and alerts Quill, Drax, and Mantis, instructing them to meet her on Titan to ambush Thanos. Tony, Strange and Parker arrive on Titan as well and are attacked by the Guardians, the two groups mistaking each other for Thanos’ ally. After clearing things up, the Guardians, Tony, Strange, and Peter devise a plan to ambush Thanos and remove the gauntlet from his hand. Strange uses the Time Stone to see into the future, where he reveals that there is only one outcome out of 14 million available where the Avengers and their allies stand victorious against Thanos. ()
  • Back on Earth, the Wakandan army, led by T'Challa and and the Jabari Tribe, begin their defense against the Black Order Glaive, Obsidian and Midnight. The battle quickly turns in the favor of the Black Order as the Wakandan forces, Steve, Wanda, Natasha, Rhodes, bucky, and Wilson are overwhelmed by Thanos' enormous army of Outriders, who begin penetrating Wakanda's shields. Shuri is unable to complete her operation on the Mind Stone as Glaive attacks the tower in which Vision is held, forcing him to flee to the battlefield. However, the tide turns in favor of the Avengers when Thor, Groot, and Rocket arrive with the newly-fashioned Stormbreaker. With Thor now back on Earth, the team is able to kill Obsidian, Midnight and Glaive, as well as the herd of attacking Outriders. ()
  • On Titan, Thanos arrives and is greeted by Strange. In a brief but impassioned speech, Thanos explains that Titan used to be his home before overpopulation drove it to ruin. He suggested killing half the population to enable them to survive, but was ignored. Witnessing the destruction of his homeworld influenced Thanos' life goal to rid the universe of half of all being. Refusing to let this come to pass, Strange, Tony, Peter, and the three Guardians engage Thanos in a brutal battle, which Nebula joins by crashing a small ship into Thanos, and they manage to get all his limbs pinned down while Mantis uses her empathic powers to incapacitate him. As Stark and Parker work on getting the gauntlet off, Nebula realizes that Gamora has been killed. As the gauntlet finally starts to come off, Quill is unable to contain his rage and attacks, which breaks Mantis' concentration and allows Thanos to recover and reclaim the gauntlet just as it is finally removed. Thanos then overpowers the team by using the Power Stone to shatter Titan's moon and raining its fragments down upon the heroes. Thanos defeats Strange and seriously wound Tony and prepares to execute him, but is stopped by Strange, who exchanges Stark's life for the Time Stone. With five of the six stones, Thanos teleports away to Earth. ()
  • Thanos arrives in Wakanda to claim the Mind Stone from Vision and complete the Infinity Gauntlet, effortlessly trashing around the heroes who try to stop him. wanda, at Vision's behest, tearfully destroys the Mind Stone, killing Vision, but Thanos uses the Time Stone to reverse the destruction and pulls the Mind Stone from Vision's head, severing the neural connections and killing Vision once more. Thanos places the Mind Stone into the Infinity Gauntlet, completing it and unlocking its full power. He is then attacked and mortally injured by Thor using Stormbreaker, which lodges into Thanos' chest. However, Thanos is undeterred, musing that Thor should have gone for the head, and succesfully snaps his fingers. Thanos goes into a state of limbo, finding himself in a mysterious landscape where he encounters a young Gamora. Thanos tells the vision of Gamora that he has accomplished his goal and Gamora asks what it cost. Solemnly, Thanos replies that it cost him everything. Returning to reality, Thanos disappears through a portal as an ominous rumbling can be heard throughout the universe. ()
  • Back at Wakanda, Steve watch Bucky turn to ash as the devastation that Thanos made with the Infinity Gauntlet begins to take effect. Half the Wakandan army disintegrates, as does T'Challa, Groot, Wilson and Wanda. Steve, Banner, Thor, Rocket, Rhodes, M'Baku, Okoye and Natasha are left with their spirits broken as they realize just what they've lost. Back on Titan, Mantis, Drax, Quill and Strange also disappear into dust. Finally, Peter collapses and fades away in Tony's arms. Nebula, being the only other survivor on Titan, remarks in despair that Thanos has accomplished his goals to wape out half the universe as a distraught Tony. ()
  • On an another planet somewhere across the galaxy, Thanos has taken residence, having fully healed from his injuries from Thor in Wakanda. He gazes out peacefully upon the setting sun with a smile on his face. ()
  • and witness New York City fall into chaos as people begin to disappear. As Hill fades away, Fury establishes a Code Red and sends a distress signal on an old 1990's pager just as he vanishes as well. The pager falls to the ground and successfully connects to its recipient, represented by a starburst pattern on a red and blue background. ()
  • Hank, Hope, and Janet are all disintegrate while Scott is harvesting more quantum energy for Ava. Leaving Scott trap in the Quantum Realm. At Scott's house a oversized ant is playing his drum kit while the TV is broadcasting a state of emergency. ()


  • , the bulletproof hero of Harlem, has become a celebrity. His friend D.W. Griffith attempts to earn him some money through merchandise and an app that tracks Cage's whereabouts. He spends his nights trying to stop a group from distributing drugs under his name. Following the secret battle at Midland Circle, is recovering from the loss of her arm and does not intend to return to police work, until she discovers that up to 30 of the criminals she previously sent to prison have now been released due to her late corrupt partner Rafael Scarfe. One of these criminals is Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton, who is looking to buy 's criminal empire alongside drug smuggler Arturo "El Rey" Gomez III and Jamaican gang leader Nigel Garrison. Griffith helps Cage identify El Rey as the "Luke Cage" drug cartel leader and turns him over to Knight's captain Tom Ridenhour, while Garrison is murdered by John McIver, who call himself "Bushmaster" survives several gun shots and has arrived from Jamaica planning to take Harlem from Dillard. ( "")
  • Bushmaster visits holistic doctor Tilda Johnson to get ingredients for augmenting the plant nightshade, which he uses to heal his wounds and increase his strength. Tilda is Dillard's daughter, and is also visited by her mother who wants to publicly reunite with Tilda, after years apart, to improve her image. Dillard wants to transition to a legitimate business woman, which is why she is selling her gun business. She organizes for El Rey to be released on bail and sends her lover to complete the sale with him. When El Rey refuses, and disrespects Dillard, Shades kills him. Knight is now on "light duty" and unable to pursue leads, but directs Luke to Cockroach. Cage believes he is indestructible, but Cockroach is able to injure him with the force of a close-range, high-power gun. This bothers Luke's girlfriend, former nurse , who is struggling with her inability to help Luke as well as his reluctance to mend his relationship with his estranged father James Lucas. Tilda agrees to give her mother another chance. ( "")
  • When Luke is tipped off that Cockroach is beating his partner and son, he goes to their apartment and severely beats Cockroach himself. A horrified Claire calls Misty, who lets Luke leave the scene before her rival detective Nandi Tyler, as well as Tyler's partner Mark Bailey, arrive. Misty is later reprimanded for this, but Ridenhour explains that he cannot suspend Misty due to her high status within the department as a disabled hero. Misty later practices fighting with one arm, and lets out some frustration, with who Misty had been defending when she lost her arm. With El Rey dead and Cockroach in the hospital, Shades turns to Garrison; he finds Bushmaster instead, who is more than willing to pay Dillard the money. Luke later arrives looking for Garrison, and fights several gang members who are armed with different weapons. Bushmaster secretly films this and trains in front of the footage. After meeting with Lucas, Claire confronts Luke about his anger, and he lashes out. She asks him to leave, and he runs into Bushmaster on the street who attack him. ( "")
  • Bushmaster knocks Luke unconscious, and footage of their fight spreads across the internet. Seeing this and recognizing Bushmaster, Johnson begins investigating the ingredients she sold him. When he wakes up, Luke decides to further investigate the Jamaicans and returns to the site of his fight with the gang members along with Misty. They discover Garrison's body, and Misty is able to talk to the owner of the building who grew up with Bushmaster and explains that he intends to right the perceived wrongs committed against his parents. From evidence at the building, Luke visits Johnson and she gives him medicine to help with his concussion. Bushmaster visits Dillard, and reveals that his ancestors were once in business with hers. Shades follows him back to a restaurant run by his acquaintances, while Shades' friend Darius "Comanche" Jones who has been clashing with Dillard secretly reports to Ridenhour. Cage's friend Bobby Fish leaves to serve as an organ donor for his sick daughter, and Luke is served by a process server. ( "")
  • Cockroach sues Luke for attacking him, Luke calls for help. Foggy encourages Luke to take the deal to pay Cockroach 0,000 rather than risk going to court. Broker Raymond "Piranha" Jones invests the money from Dillard's sale to Bushmaster in the plastics company of Mike Higgins, who Dillard blackmails into agreeing to a corporate merger that increases the profits of her new shares considerably. Higgins subsequently disappears, while Dillard uses her new "legitimate" fortune to open a Family First center in Harlem. She reveals all of this to Johnson, hoping that they can run the center together. Piranha throws a party to celebrate their successful venture, and hires Luke who is looking for a way to pay Cockroach to appear at the party. Luke attend the fundraiser with Foggy. Bushmaster's gang attacked the fundraiser. Luke ultimately saves Piranha when some of Bushmaster's men attempt to kidnap him. Misty is giving a robotic arm by Colleen and Danny. She considers framing Cockroach before finding his body. At the opening of her center, Dillard discovers the severed heads of Cockroach, Higgins, and Shades' employee Ray Ray. ( "")
  • Dillard refuses to cooperate with the police, despite a shared history with Ridenhour. Misty confesses to Ridenhour about wanting to frame Cockroach, but when he chooses not to discipline her she quits out of guilt. Luke and Piranha go into hiding as Bushmaster's men scour the neighborhood for them. Luke insists that he will take Piranha to the police, despite Piranha wanting to pay Cage as a "Hero For Hire". After a discussion about their respective fathers, Luke decides to take Piranha to Lucas's church for protection. Shades and Comanche unsuccessfully search for Piranha, and reminisce about their relationship in prison. Comanche believes that Shades should get rid of Dillard and become the crime lord of Harlem himself. Shades later tells Dillard about following Bushmaster to the restaurant, and she plans what they will do to his acquaintances once they find Piranha, who has control of their money. Luke contacts Bushmaster, and the two meet to fight, ending with him paralyzed by a holistic substance and kicked into a river to drown. ( "")


  • The paralysis wears off in time for Luke to swim to the surface, and he returns to the church to find Piranha missing. Ridenhour attempts to convince Misty to return to work, and tells her about having an informant working for Dillard. She instead works with Cage to find Piranha. Dillard realizes that Ridenhour has an informant herself, and questions the loyalty of her men. Meanwhile, Bushmaster captures Piranha, uses him to take all of Dillard's money and assets, and then kills him. Luke and Misty find the body. Ridenhour meets with Comanche, who is panicking about potentially being caught, but Shades follows Comanche to this meeting. Comanche kills Ridenhour, and then Shades shoots Comanche and makes it look like Ridenhour did it. Dillard rushes to go into hiding with Johnson, but is caught by Bushmaster who leaves them in a burning house as revenge for the Stokes family burning his mother alive. Bushmaster then claims the Stokes family's nightclub Harlem's Paradise as his while Luke saves Dillard and Johnson. ( "")
  • When Bushmaster learns that Luke saved Dillard, he plans to increase his strength with more nightshade. Luke takes Dillard and Johnson to the police precinct, where Misty who had not officially completed her resignation—is now in charge. Shades arrives, and Knight deduces that he likely killed Comanche or Ridenhour, but she does not have any evidence that he did. Dillard and Johnson are shot at by Bushmaster's men outside the precinct, but Luke helps them escape. Misty uses this to get a search warrant for Harlem's Paradise, but they find nothing incriminating. Concerned for the safety of his loved ones, Luke attends a service at the church and is there to protect his father when Bushmaster's men arrive. At the same time, Dillard and Johnson are attacked while Dillard is explaining how she had been forced to give her daughter up to her cousins the Johnson family by Stokes matriarch Mama Mabel. Misty and Tyler arrive to protect them, shortly followed by Luke and Lucas, and Cage asks Misty to call Danny for help. ( "")
  • Misty gets Cage, Lucas, Dillard, and Johnson to an unfinished building belonging to , where Dillard agrees to testify against Bushmaster in exchange for immunity. Misty and Luke are against this, but agree that they can only fight one at a time. Knight returns to the precinct, where Deputy Chief Priscilla Ridley is now in command. Luke tells Johnson that Dillard murdered their cousin Cornell Stokes, and Dillard admits to this when Johnson confronts her. Dillard explains that Stokes was taunting her about how she had been raped as a girl by their Uncle Pete, and reveals that this was how Johnson was conceived and why Dillard does not love her. With Bushmaster putting up a large bounty for Dillard, Tyler tips him off to the group's location. There, Cage is able to defeat Bushmaster. Dillard escapes and reunites with Shades, who has captured Bushmaster's uncle Paul "Anansi" MacIntosh. Bushmaster also escapes, by setting off a grenade and then forcing Johnson to heal him. Luke begins to reconcile with his father. ( "")
  • At the request of Claire, who defends the rest of Manhattan as the Immortal Iron Fist meets up with Luke and insists on helping him find Bushmaster. Realizing that he would need to be healed following his escape from the police, they begin searching for Johnson but do not find her at her shop or at Harlem's Paradise. Working with a tip from , they investigate an abandoned warehouse where the Jamaicans are attempting to grow more nightshade, but it requires the conditions of Jamaica. Luke and Danny fight their way through the men there, and destroy the lab when they do not find Johnson or Bushmaster. Knight and Ridley discover Tyler's betrayal and arrest her. Because Piranha was tortured before giving Dillard's money and assets to Bushmaster, these are legally returned to her and she reclaims Harlem's Paradise. Embracing her Stokes heritage, she has everyone at the Jamaican restaurant murdered, and then burns Anansi alive to send a message to Bushmaster. Shades is unsettled by her new behavior. ( "")
  • As a boy, Bushmaster had been the only child out of a group to survive a bad vaccination. After the business deal between his father, Quincy McIver, and Samuel "Buggy" Stokes broke down in the 1980s and led to their deaths, Bushmaster's mother Gwen tried to sue the Stokes family and Buggy's wife Mabel burned down Gwen's house in response. Bushmaster survived, but was shot by Pete Stokes. He was saved by nightshade, and now Johnson is able to heal him with it again. She warns that it is close to killing him through organ failure. He allows her to leave. Meanwhile, Luke finds Anansi's wife Ingrid, who survived the restaurant shooting, but she refuses to testify against Dillard. He takes her to see her husband's body, where they find Bushmaster he and Luke agree that their next fight will be their last. Going against a Stokes family rule, Dillard makes a deal to start selling heroin in Harlem. Shades confronts her about her recent actions, leading to an altercation and an end to their relationship. He chooses to surrender himself to Misty. ( "")
  • Dillard takes the lead of a coalition of gang leaders from throughout New York, promising to take out Bushmaster, who is angered by the use of his name on the new heroin supply. He attacks the refinery where the drugs are being produced, shutting it down with Cage's help. Bushmaster flees when Luke refuses to let him destroy evidence of the drugs. He then visits Dillard, and tells her that he will no longer protect her. Dillard announces a free concert at Harlem's Paradise to ensure that there will be enough people around that Luke will show up to protect them from Bushmaster anyway. Johnson offers to help Bushmaster kill Dillard, showing him a secret entrance to the club and giving him extra nightshade as a final boost of strength. Shades confesses all he knows to the police, but they need proof that Dillard owns the gun used to kill Anansi. He goes to the club during the concert, and is with Dillard when Bushmaster attacks. Luke and Misty are able to stop Bushmaster, but he gets away when Cage refuses to kill him. Dillard is arrested. ( "")
  • With Dillard in prison, the other gang leaders go to war in the streets of Harlem. Shades suggests to Luke that he replace Dillard to prevent a new crime boss taking over. Luke threatens Italian boss Rosalie Carbone, ensuring she stays out of Harlem. In prison, Dillard makes moves to gain power and orders the murders of all of her former contacts and employees. Johnson helps Bushmaster begin to recover from his nightshade use, and he chooses to return to Jamaica. He tells her that Dillard must still burn. Johnson decides to visit Dillard, who tells her that Harlem's Paradise is her birthright. Johnson then gives Dillard a slow-acting poison, and she eventually dies while Luke is visiting. Johnson has her mother cremated. With Dillard dead, Shades' deal no longer holds and he is arrested. When Dillard's will is read, it has been changed so the club now goes to Cage. This angers Johnson, and concerns Misty who worries that Luke will become a criminal like Dillard. Cage still accepts the club, and establishes himself as the "Sheriff of Harlem". ( "")
  • Young is picked up from ballet by her father, Nathan, while young is dissuaded from stealing a car radio by his brother, Billy, only for them to be chased by cops. A local rig suddenly explodes distracting Nathan causing him and Tandy to crash into the ocean and accidentally causing Detective Connors to shoot Billy who falls in. Tyrone jumps in to rescue his brother, but a strange energy force surges from the oil rig giving Tandy and Tyrone the powers of light and dark, respectively. Years later, Tandy robs rich people with her boyfriend Liam and hardly lives at home with her mother, Melissa, who always comes home drunk while Tyrone deals with problems at school that scare his parents. While at a party, Tyrone and Tandy reunite and discover they have powers. Tandy is later accosted by a man she robbed earlier and accidentally stabs him with a light dagger while Tyrone encounters Connors and briefly fights him before discovering he can teleport. It is revealed that after the accident, Tandy had taken Tyrone's hoodie while Tyrone had taken one of Tandy's ballet slippers. ( "")
  • Detective Brigid O'Reilly begins investigating the stabbing of Rick which frightens Tandy. She confides in Liam about the night and he decides to get her a new identity and skip town. Tyrone becomes obsessed with catching Connors, but ends up neglecting basketball practice. He attempts to make up for it at the suggestion of Father Delgado, but his teammates beat him up due to his absences. When Tyrone returns home, he and Adina make up and his powers allow him to see her greatest fear, losing him after his brother Billy. When Tandy discovers that Melissa took her stolen money for drugs, she and Liam decide to rob a wedding. Tandy's powers cause her to see that Liam genuinely cares about her and wants to help which scares her. Their robbery is successful and they steal a car to escape. As Tandy leaves town, Liam gets arrested by O'Reilly. He calls Bowen, but she ignores him. Johnson takes Adina's gun and confronts Connors. Just as he is about to pull the trigger, Tyrone's anger swells, causing him to unintentionally teleport away. He ends up in the middle of the street where Tandy is driving, and fires a bullet through her windshield causing her to swerve and crash. ( "")
  • Detective O'Reilly confronts Rick in the ICU about his attack on Tandy and while he does not give up her name, she deduces that he was trying to rape Tandy. She nevertheless figures out Tandy's part in his stabbing. After recovering from the crash, Tandy returns home to Melissa and Greg. O'Reilly arrives looking for Tandy, but they protect her with Greg stating that O'Reilly needs a warrant to come in. After O'Reilly leaves, Melissa found that Tandy snuck out the window. She gets on a bus and falls asleep. Tyrone meets with his classmate Evita who invites him to her job as a New Orleans tour guide so they can see voodoo priestess Auntie Clarisse for spiritual guidance. He buys various charms and spices and takes a bath with them. Both experience a surreal vision of each other with Tandy attempting to stop Tyrone from engaging in a revenge mission against Connors and Tyrone stopping Tandy from running away from her problems and confront her past. Both awaken with a clear conscious and a realization that they need each other. Connors meets with O'Reilly who closes her case about the attack, frustrating her. Tandy meets with her privately to explain her story which she accepts. Tyrone pursues a relationship with Evita before confronting Tandy at the church about their connection. ( "")
  • Tyrone and Tandy talk about their personal lives and issues with themselves and each other while scenes taking place afterwards are intercut. Ultimately, the two leave bitter about each other. Tyrone decides to falsify a stolen bike, but cannot stand being in a police station for too long. Otis discovers that Tyrone stole his bolt cutter and fearful that he will become a criminal takes him to see Big Chief Roland Duplantier of the Wild Red Hawks, a Mardi Gras tribe. Tyrone learns that Billy was designing a cloak for the next march and with Otis' approval, decides to finish making it. Tandy is unsure of Melissa's relationship with the married Greg, but discovers that he genuinely cares for her and Tandy and decides to help him research Roxxon for the case. Melissa breaks up with Greg and when Tandy goes to check on him, sees him getting assassinated and his office is burned down. Melissa tries to call Greg unaware of his fate. Tandy tries to commit suicide by drowning, but uses her powers to escape the ropes and chains she tied. Tyrone returns to the police station determined and asks for O'Reilly while Tandy returns to the burnt remains of Greg's office and pulls out some hidden Roxxon files in the back. ( "")
  • Tyrone asks O'Reilly for help in implicating Connors. She agrees, but tells him to keep away for his safety. Tandy later informs Tyrone that she can control her powers. While at home, Tyrone teleports to Billy's friend Duane Porter who now runs a home building enterprise and the two catch up. Tandy applies as an intern at Roxxon Gulf to get close to the higher-ups and uses her powers to see that many of them wish to overthrow their CEO. Tyrone plays the basketball tournament, but during halftime, he accidentally teleports to a Roxxon party Tandy is attending and both discover that the CEO of Roxxon Gulf is Peter Scarborough who was responsible for defaming Nathan. Tandy gets Tyrone to teleport back just in time for the game to resume. As Tyrone plays, he picks up on the opposing team players' fears and ends up throwing the game for them. Tandy meets Scarborough and uses her powers to see that he is a greedy man. O'Reilly is "caught" by Connors huffing cocaine, but he sympathizes, though it is implied that she is setting him up to look for the supplier. After a night with Evita, Tyrone discovers that Duane is working with Connors and that he knows the truth about Billy's death. Tandy meets Mina Hess and learns that her father Ian worked with Nathan on a project for Roxxon Gulf. ( "")
  • Evita and Auntie Chantelle begin studying Tyrone and discover that he is part of the "Divine Pairing" and that either he or Tandy will have to die. Tyrone attempts to get a job with Duane and learns that one of his associates Kev runs drugs for him on the side. Tandy decides to become an intern for Mina to get close to her and they visit a local swamp to study the surrounding nature. At Tandy's suggestion, Tyrone decides to steal Kev's bag. O'Reilly pairs up with Connors to do a drug bust with the latter attempting to stall. Tandy learns a lot about Ivan and Nathan from Mina, but after helping her repair some pipes, Mina realizes who Tandy is and leaves. She follows her to meet Ivan and discovers that he is in a catatonic state in the hospital and that her hope touch cannot see his mind. Mina forgives Tandy afterwards. When O'Reilly and Connors chase Kev and his friends, Kev drops his bag and Tyrone returns it to Duane who reveals that he witnessed Billy's death, angering Tyrone. Connors enters Duane's building and Tyrone hides to hear Connors plan to kill O'Reilly. However, when O'Reilly enters, she shoots and kills Duane and Connors chases Tyrone who manages to teleport away to the church. Tandy reunites with him and Tyrone cries over his dead friend. ( "")


  • As Tyrone recovers, Tandy asks that he help her in entering Ivan's subconscious. They do so and discover Ivan has been reliving the final moments of the Roxxon Oil Rig explosion for the past eight years. He is also optimistically passive as he cannot remember how much time has passed, nor can he remember his name or Mina. The rig is also crawling with Roxxon employees who have been affected by the same energy source that had given them their powers and have turned into psychopathic killers. Ivan informs them that they need to turn off all the valves and press an emergency button. Tyrone does so, but nothing happens. Tandy discovers that her father Nathan has been calling and overcome with longing picks up the phone every loop to call him. Tyrone briefly leaves for a couple of seconds, but returns to discover that time is much longer in Ivan's mind. Tyrone convinces Tandy that she is not talking to her father when she notices an inconsistency. Tandy snaps Ivan out of his passiveness when she brings up Mina's cookies and they work together to escape Ivan's loop. In the real world, Ivan is reunited with Mina and Tandy and Tyrone talk over the phone with him playing a recording of his older brother Bill years ago. ( "")
  • After the collapse of the Roxxon Gulf Platform, Tandy awakens and walks all the way home to discover her mother passed out and calls 911 while Tyrone meets Chantelle and learns about sacrifice before seeing his parents shook up about the event. In the present, Tandy visits Ivan who tells her where Nathan hid his Roxxon documents. She goes home to Melissa where they reminisce over Nathan. She heads to Tyrone's house where she meets Otis and Adina with the former deciding to invite the Red Hawks over for a get together. O'Reilly learns that Connors knows Tyrone's face and goes to warn him. He then reveals to her and her boyfriend Officer Fuchs about his powers and his plan to get Connors to confess by posing as Billy's ghost. The plan works and they arrest Connors. Tandy uses Adina's stolen Roxxon card to kidnap Scarborough so he can confess. He offers her money to get her mother out of the trailer park, but she refuses and simply scares him. Tandy and Tyrone get with Melissa to celebrate the anniversary of the rig collapse, but Tyrone and Tandy accidentally see Melissa's memory and learn that Nathan once slapped her for spilling coffee over his paperwork. Upset, Tandy accepts Scarborough's bribe. The next day, O'Reilly arrives at Fuchs house to celebrate with him only to find his dead body stuffed in the fridge. ( "")
  • Tyrone's parents are informed of Connors' arrest and suspension, but neither react to it. Tyrone lashes out at school, leading to a confrontation with Father Delgado in which Tyrone sees the priest's fear of his drinking addiction and how it either killed a young child once, or could in the future. After learning about her father's abusive behavior, Tandy becomes addicted to stealing the hopes of others, including Mina's. She steal Liam's hope, watch by Tyrone. She confronts him at school, where Evita realises that Tandy is the other half of the Divine Pairing, whom Auntie Chantelle believes will be needed soon due to Roxxon's drilling. Drunk while mourning Fuchs, O'Reilly attacks Connors but he beats her in front of her colleagues. Mina sees an energy leak infect several Roxxon workers. Adina tells Tyrone that she just wants to protect him from the police, but now he is framed for Fuchs' murder. Tandy discovers that Liam has stolen the money she got from Scarborough, and then finds Melissa being held at gunpoint by Greg's killer. ( "")
  • Tandy saves Melissa and Mina, with the latter helping confront Scarborough. He reveals where the core for the city wide system is, and Tandy leaves his mind trapped in a similar state to what Ivan's had been. Tyrone and O'Reilly are arrested, but the infection spreads to the precinct and the police officers begin fighting each other. Tyrone teleports to Tandy in time to stop an infected Mina, before the pair are told of their fate as the Divine Pairing by Evita. O'Reilly helps fend off infected civilians so Tandy and Tyrone can reach the core, but is shot and apparently killed by Connors. Her body is exposed to the energy before he pushes it into the water. Connors is then absorbed into the emitted from Tyrone's cloak. Inside the core, Tandy and Tyrone are able to absorb the leaking energy and release it safely into the sky, saving the city and curing all those infected. Roxxon is blamed for the crisis. Tandy moves back in with Melissa while Tyrone moves into her church, as he is still wanted by the police. O'Reilly later emerges from the water. ( "")


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Marvel's Phase 1 & 2 - A Look Back

Marvel's Phase 1 & 2 - A Look Back

MCU recap

Marvel cinematic universe-chart-upcoming films

In chronological order:

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three

Phase Four


In chronological order:

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three

Television series

In chronological order:

Phase Two

Phase Three

Video Games

In chronological order:

Phase One

Phase Two

References to the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captain America: The First Avenger

  • , is the same place where the war between the and the took place in the beginning of .
  • references 's chamber moments after taking the is in origin.
  • Howard Stark is the father of .
  • The Stark Expo theme introduced in ("Make Way for Tomorrow Today") is heard after Howard Stark's presentation at the 1942 World's Fair.
  • Stark presents an early version of the repulsor technology that his son would perfect in .
  • When is injected with the , the film cuts to a close up of his eyes opening wide, a shot better known in association with the transformation of the Hulk. The film ties 's gamma ray research into trying to re-create the super soldier serum, (Banner's experiment went wrong, which resulted in Banner's first Hulk transformation) which was destroyed here.
  • Consistent with the serum seen in The Incredible Hulk, it is blue in color and is activated by Vita-rays. The canister containing the serum in The Incredible Hulk was labeled with a Vita-ray radiation warning.
  • Tony Stark had a Captain America shield prototype in his lab in the two Iron Man movies. Stark's father, Howard, is depicted here designing the shield and Captain America's armor. also mentions in that Tony's father worked on the Manhattan Project, which ties into his World War II activities depicted here.
  • When the is seemingly destroyed by the Tesseract, he appears to be transported across space rather than destroyed, shooting into what seems to be mentioned in .
  • The , referred to as "gods", are mentioned.

Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter

Iron Man

  • makes an appearance after the credits, discussing the .
  • When Tony was taking off his suit in the background, can be seen. , Tony's father, designed the shield in .
  • mentions that Tony's father worked on the Manhattan Project, which ties into his World War II activities depicted in .
  • In the climatic fight scene, you can see the building behind when he shoots with his back rocket.

Iron Man 2

  • appears as an agent of
  • As debriefs Tony near the end of the film, the television screen on the right shows a news report of a destructive aftermath on a university campus. This is the same news report of the Culver University battle caused by that was featured midway in the film , indicating that the last moments of Iron Man 2 are concurrent with the events of the later film.
  • On the other maps you can see points that are related to , , and , confirmed by .
  • When was looking around Tony's workshop he finds a in a crate. It's heavily hinted to be either actual shield or a prototype of it. It was previously featured midway in . Howard Stark, Tony's father, designed the shield in . Since Captain America's actual shield was trapped with him in the ice, Stark's would have to have been an advanced prototype.
  • The new element Tony creates is the metal the is composed of, which is studied by after finding it in .
  • In New Mexico, finds , the weapon used by , in a crater.
  • mentions problems in the Southwest region which is where was lying.
  • looks at a folder and has printed on it, again a reference to his upcoming participation with the Avengers.
  • is shown on a map.

The Incredible Hulk

  • and names are seen in the intro.
  • logo is also seen in the intro showing they created the used later and it is also on the Cyrosync container containing the .
  • The logo is seen in the intro, it's again seen when is being tracked down in New York.
  • talks about a program in World War II to create Super Soldiers with the which is obviously referring to the creation of depicted in .
  • When first takes the out of its Cyrosync container, the label on the container says it was developed by Dr. Reinstein, the alias of . The label also says the program was called Weapons Plus. The serum is blue, as it is in Captain America: The First Avenger, and the canister is labeled with a warning about Vita-rays, the radiation type used to activate the serum later in the film.
  • When is sitting in a bar, appears and talks to him about . The circumstances leading to Stark's arrival are revealed in and the Marvel One-Shot from the Blu-ray. During this scene Tony says That Super Soldier program was put on ice for a reason. This is obvious reference to who was frozen in ice for almost 70 years.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer

  • The logo is shown.


  • The prologue takes place in Tonsberg, Norway. It is believed that during this time the Asgardians gave or lost the Tesseract to the Earth. Tonsberg is shown early in when aquires the cube.
  • was shown in the post-credits sequence of , a scene that appeared once again in Thor.
  • Clark Gregg returns as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent , who previously appeared in and .
  • references 's gamma incident.
  • has confirmed that the "friend" plans to email is .
  • appears as an agent of
  • Thor temporarily goes under the alias .
  • When arrives on Earth, asks "Is that one of 's?" to which Phil Coulson replies "I don't know... the guy never tells me anything".
  • Thor makes it clear that can consider him an ally.
  • has a conversation with after the credits.
  • shows Selvig a metal case containing the , which was recovered by in . The is one of the .
  • In there is the , and .

Fury’s Big Week

  • is created.
  • picks up atmospheric disturbances above Mexico.
  • ’s team work on a lithium-based solution to ’s palladium poisoning.
  • is engaged to follow both Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.
  • and retrieve and send it to Roswell where it is secured.
  • Nick Fury meets with before the General catches Hulk, to dissuade him from continuing experiments with the Super-Soldier serum.
  • Romanoff finds after his transformation into The Leader, shoots him in the knee then asks for S.H.I.E.L.D. to clean the scene.
  • asks S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists to dismantle the Destroyer and make it a human-size weapon.
  • After Steve Rogers is found in Antarctica, Fury leads Barton to Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. so he can keep an eye on Dr. .

The Consultant

The Avengers

  • Howard Stark found the at the end of , studied it as seen in his notebook in and it was in S.H.I.E.L.D's custody ever since as seen at the end of .
  • is shown to be working on the cosmic cube, trying to find out how to harness its power. This shows that it is a continuation from .
  • In the beginning of the film, Selvig made mention to Fury that the Tesseract was giving off low levels of gamma radiation, nothing harmful to hurt humans. However, Fury reminds him that even low levels of gamma radiation can be harmful, clearly reminding him of what happened to Bruce Banner and how he became the Hulk.
  • is mentioned twice.
  • When and are looking at the files on his teammates from the device that gave them, the footage is taken directly from , and .
  • Steve Rogers has a number of flashbacks to his time in the war as he punches a boxing bag, many of these are events that occurred in . His montage also includes a glimpse of his half-frozen body and a S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist exclaiming that he's alive, a moment that was not seen in the earlier film. Other scenes are taken directly from Captain America: The First Avenger.
  • Steve Rogers discovered that S.H.I.E.L.D. phase 2's contingency plan is to use the Cosmic Cube's energy to make weapons using Arnim Zola's Hydra energy weapons as seen in Captain America: The First Avenger as a reference point to create their own arsenal of weaponry.
  • When Phil Coulson tries to contact Tony Stark in Stark Tower, Stark claims that "This is the Life Model Decoy of Tony Stark." This is a reference to Life Model Decoys (LMDs) that appear in the comics as duplicates for characters.
  • Tony Stark reminds Phil Coulson that he was "unsuitable" for the Avengers Initiative, as stated in Nick Fury's evaluation file on Tony at the end of Iron Man 2. Instead, he remains a consultant.
  • When Thor returns to Earth, Loki asks him how much dark energy Odin had to use to send him there, confirming that the Bifrost is still destroyed.
  • Phil Coulson refers to 's attack on New Mexico depicted in and reveals that S.H.I.E.L.D. is developing weapons made from parts of it.
  • Bruce Banner refers to his fight with in when Stark offers a visit to Stark Tower, saying "Thanks, but last time I was in New York, I kind of broke... Harlem."
  • Bruce Banner is said to have avoided a Hulk incident for over a year, meaning that the events of The Avengers take place over a year after The Incredible Hulk. During this time, he has spent his time travelling Asia to help the sickly.
  • A mid credits scene reveals that Loki's ally and the Other's master was , setting him up as the villain in later films.
  • Agent Coulson tells Thor that his love interest has been hidden from Loki by S.H.I.E.L.D. Her photo is also shown.
  • Nick Fury tells Bruce Banner he has been protecting him from other forces searching for him, meaning .
  • Pepper Potts' friendship with Phil Coulson echoes (much to Stark's dismay) the extended opening sequence of Iron Man 2 as seen on the Blu-ray.
  • Bruce Banner refers to the alternate opening sequence of The Incredible Hulk where Bruce tried to commit suicide. In the Wishbone lab, Banner tells the rest of the team "I got low. I didn't see an end to it, so I put a bullet in my mouth and the "Other Guy" spat it out."
  • Captain America references either Adolf Hitler or when he comes face to face with Loki in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • The song Tony Stark plays from the Quinjet when he makes his grand entrance in Captain America and Loki's fight, by Australian rock band AC/DC,was also played during Tony's arrival at the Stark Expo at the beginning of .
  • When Rogers talks to Stark about Coulson and why he did what he did, Rogers mentions "sometimes there's no way out." Stark replies he has heard that before, refering back to Yinsen, who saved his life in Iron Man. This makes it the first time in any way that Yinsen is somewhat mentioned since Iron Man.

Item 47

  • of appears.
  • A weapon left by the from The Avengers is the titular Item 47.
  • A new S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent is introduced . Benny and Claire are also recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D.

Iron Man 3

  • built 35 new armors since the Invasion of New York in .
  • Scenes of the invasion from are seen in Tony's nightmares.
  • appears in a flashback to 1999.
  • is established.
  • is similar to the , giving its patients superhuman strength.
  • The are referred to multiple times as "aliens".
  • is mentioned.
  • is mentioned by Killian when speaking to Tony, stating "Ever since that big dude with the hammer fell out of the sky, subtlety's kinda had it's day."
  • are referenced. Happy Hogan mentions them as the "".
  • Thomas Richards was an accountant for the .
  • The has a tattoo of on his neck.
  • The government paint the War Machine Mark II with the color-scheme based on Captain America's uniform dubbing it the Iron Patriot.
  • The post-credits scene reveals the entire movie was Stark recounting the events to , who had fallen asleep at the beginning of the story.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


  • appears and despite allegedly dying in The Avengers is alive. His apparent death at the hands of Loki is also acknowledged.
  • It is revealed that Coulson believes Nick Fury faked his death to bring the Avengers together, however, the exact method of his resurrection may have more sinister origins due to an exchange between Maria Hill and Dr. Streiten.
  • appears and oversees Coulson's creation of a team.
  • Agent Ward has the best espionage scores since .
  • is mentioned.
  • The is mentioned.
  • is indirectly mentioned.
  • are mentioned.
    • , and the are mentioned. is also seen flying in recycled footage.
    • is mentioned and seen in recycled footage.
    • is mentioned and seen in recycled footage.
    • is seen in recycled footage.
    • is mentioned and seen in recycled footage.
    • is mentioned.
    • is seen in recycled footage.
    • There are toys of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow and .
  • The are mentioned and seen in recycled footage.
  • , which uses , appears.
  • (New Mexico) and are mentioned.
  • and the are mentioned.
  • The is mentioned.
  • is mentioned.
  • is seen in recycled footage.
  • It seems that Lola is a perfected version of the flying car effortlessly tried to present at the World Exposition of Tomorrow in .


"The Asset"


"Girl In The Flower Dress"


"The Hub"

"The Well"

  • is mentioned and seen in recycled footage.
  • is seen in recycled footage.
  • The is seen in recycled footage.
  • is mentioned and seen in recycled footage.
  • is seen in recycled footage.
  • is seen in recycled footage.
  • The is seen in recycled footage.
  • While examining the wreckage found in the Greenwich University, Agent notes, We don't want anything alien getting into the wrong hands. The comment is an ominous reminder of when just such a thing happened in .
  • The appears.
  • is introduced in flashbacks.
  • The is mentioned.
  • The are mentioned.
  • An appears.
  • Coulson's "death" is mentioned.
  • The interrogation room is revealed to be made from amongst other materials.
  • Coulson recomends that relocate to Portland, saying the city has a great symphony. In , it's implied that Coulson is involved with an unnamed from Portland.


"The Bridge"

"The Magical Place"



  • is referenced and said to be in a cryo-cell in Alaska.
  • and are shown in photographs.
  • is mentioned.
  • Ian Quinn returns and has ties to Cybertek.
  • Mike Peterson returns.
  • is mentioned.
  • The agents are stunned with an evolved form of dendrotoxin, the same substance found in the invented by Fitz and Simmons.
  • Peterson's bionic leg is revealed to be part of .


"Yes Man"

  • makes an appearance.
  • makes an appearance.
  • makes an appearance.
  • are mentioned.
  • is mentioned.
  • is mentioned.
  • and their are mentioned.
  • escaped from the prison during the events of .
  • appears.
  • asks about alien species she's encountered who have blue skin. She lists , , , , , and . Coulson was asking about it because he wanted to know which alien species is
  • is mentioned.
  • is mentioned.
  • and are mentioned.
  • is mentioned.
  • was shown in flashback.
  • is mentioned.
  • is mentioned.
  • The is mentioned.
  • The is indirectly mentioned.
  • The are mentioned as "Thor's mates".
  • is mentioned.
  • is mentioned as "giant metal killing machine".
  • Coulson's "death" is mentioned.
  • are mentioned.
  • Before the two Asgardians engage in their final battle, Lorelei references a love interest of Sif's that she clearly stole away. It's the reference to the Thor's brother
  • is mentioned.
  • The is mentioned.
  • is mentioned.
  • is mentioned.

"End of the Beginning"

"Turn, Turn, Turn"


"The Only Light in the Darkness"

"Nothing Personal"


"Beginning of the End"


"Heavy is the Head"

"Making Friends and Influencing People"

"Face My Enemy"

"A Hen in the Wolf House"

"A Fractured House"

"The Writing on the Wall"

"The Things We Bury"

Thor: The Dark World

  • Jane slaps Loki stating, "That was for New York!", referring to the that attacked New York in .
  • The war that Loki unleashed in the first ends during the fight scene in .
  • logo and name appears on 's device.
  • appearance in is indirectly mentioned.
  • indirectly mentions the during her first talk with .
  • Loki mentions as Thor's new companions.
  • Destroying of the from the first is mentioned twice.
  • Erik is mentally suffering from the events of The Avengers. News reports claim that Selvig was responsible for the Chitauri invasion. He is also relieved when Thor tells him Loki is dead.
  • The is mentioned.
  • Darcy attempts to contact while awaiting Jane's return. She also states how S.H.I.E.L.D. is likely to appear and conceal the strange occurrences. Jane also mentions earlier in the movie.
  • are mentioned by the reporter on the tv as aliens. Same reporter also mentions .
  • Loki has been imprisoned in Asgard for his crimes depicted in and The Avengers.
  • Loki briefly masquerades as while talking to Thor.
  • briefly appears during and fight scene.
  • again names as Meow Meow. She previously mispronounced the name in .
  • is approached by Sif and Volstagg with the , one of the six , entrusting him with its care.

All Hail the King

  • was taken away by the authorities at the end of . This One-Shot reveals where he was taken.
  • The short uses scenes directly from .
  • is introduced.
  • is introduced, and is a member of the .
  • An image of is included in Jackson Norriss file on the Ten Rings.
  • is confirmed to be real, and wants to get even with Trevor for appropriating his name.
  • and his schemes from are referenced.
  • is shown to be incarcerated in Seagate Prison after being arrested at the end of .
  • is introduced as an inmate of Seagate Prisoner.
  • is mentioned.
  • is mentioned and seen on Forbes cover.
  • are mentioned.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  • returns after seemingly falling to his death in .
  • is introduced.
  • The is mentioned.
  • The appears.
  • Several and appear.
  • The appears.
  • returns as an old woman. She also appears in several photographs and a movie in Captain America Exhibition in the Smithsonian.
  • are mentioned. The Captain America Exhibition in the Smithsonian has photos and mannequins dressed in the Commandos clothes.
  • and return and are both revealed to be members of HYDRA.
  • mentions and .
  • wears an arrow trinket on a necklace. This is a link to .
  • makes an appearance when Steve is at and has a flashback of training in the camp before taking the .
  • appears as robot A.I. interface. This mirrors Zola's comic book appearance, where his body is a robot with a similar camera for a head and a screen in the chest with his face on it.
  • There is mention that killed . Photos of Howard also appears in several scenes in the movie.
  • is mentioned and appears in the video that shows to Steve and Natasha.
  • agrees to do a favor if he gets to go to his niece's birthday party.
  • , and are recognized as the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D. in photos on the wall of the S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker that houses .
  • is said to have suggested that S.H.I.E.L.D. update their technology for the Helicarriers and designed repulsor engines for them.
  • is referenced in the and targeted by the Insight Helicarriers.
  • The repaired , now called The Avengers Tower, appears briefly during the targeting sequence. A photo of briefly appears alongside it along with other unknown and unnamed occupants.
  • Several scenes are taken directly from and shown in a movie in Captain America Exhibition in the Smithsonian and in the video that shows to Steve and Natasha.
  • goes to work for at the end of the film.
  • The that was wielded by is seen in the mid-credits scene.
  • and are seen as prisoners of and in the mid-credits scene.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Avengers: Age of Ultron

  • The repaired , now called Avengers Tower, appears.
  • The appears. It first appeared in and was seen briefly in the mid-credits scene of .
  • appears. He first appeared in the mid-credits scene in .
  • appears. She first appeared in , has a cameo in and appeared in her own and .
  • and appear. They first appeared in the mid-credits scene in
  • is introduced.
  • is introduced. It is one of the .
  • appears. He previously appeared in , and .
  • appears. He previously appeared in , and .
  • is mentioned.
  • appears in the mid-credits scene. He previously appeared in , and .


Captain America: Civil War

Doctor Strange

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

  • is introduced.
  • is introduced and is revealed to be Peter Quill's father.
  • and the species are introduced.
  • Adam Warlock is introduced in a post-credits scene as being created by Ayesha to destroy the Guardians.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • is introduced.
  • Liz Allan is introduced.
  • is introduced.
  • Midtown School of Technology and Science is introduced.
  • and are introduced.
  • Aaron Davis is introduced.
  • is introduced.
  • Miles Morales is referenced by Aaron Davis / The Prowler when talking to Spider-Man stating "I've got a nephew living out here". In a deleted post credits scene, Aaron apologizes to Miles for not making it in time telling him "Yeah, sorry, Miles".
  • The film's prologue is set after the events of .
  • The film's opening scene is set in while the rest is set after it.


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