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Magnolia Antiques 

200 Main Street
Bay St Louis, MS 39520

(228) 467-8170

“Grandma had it. Mom threw it out. I bought it back.” - sign at Magnolia Antiques

“Grandma had it. Mom threw it out. I bought it back.” This sign hangs in Magnolia Antiques, and of all the treasures for sale, this sign is not. The smiles and laughs it brings to customers is priceless. 
Walking through the doors of Magnolia Antiques memories come flooding back. It’s truly a world of the past. There are 3000 square feet of furniture, instruments, trinkets and more – all from another, simpler era.  
Glenda and Jack Schornick originally opened Magnolia Antiques on Hwy 90 at Dunbar Ave in January 2005. Magnolia Antiques re-opened in Picayune in late 2006, with the dream of returning to the Bay. In 2008, that dream was realized and Magnolia Antiques opened at 200 Main Street in Old Town. In 2013 Schornick’s daughter, Shay Coss, relocated from California and became part of daily operations.  
She now serves as the Manager and has encyclopedic knowledge of the store and antiques generally – especially mid-century modern pieces.
Magnolia Antiques is one of the cornerstones of the town, right on the corner of Main and Second Streets and is one of the shops that has made Bay St. Louis known for the some of the best antiques on the Gulf Coast.
Locals will remember their spot as Jerome’s Department Store for over 50 years.  “Everyone from the Bay shopped there at one time or another especially for school uniforms, shoes, jeans, dancewear, and everything Boy Scouts,” said Glenda.
It’s still a department store of sorts. There’s the kitchenware department, the linen section, the kid’s toy area, the depression glass display, the jewelry department, the music booth, there’s the specialty items like the vintage cameras, and the quirky knick-knacks spread throughout the aisles of vintage and antique furniture.
Magnolia Antiques also features the late Betty Stechmann’s photography postcards from Bay St. Louis and surrounding area.  Betty was a lifelong resident of the Bay and very involved in community arts and theater.  She passed away in 2013, but her spirit lives on as Magnolia has the bulk of her remaining stock.
The shop also boasts “the largest collection of playable ukuleles on the coast,” according to Jack who is a bit of a ukulele expert.  With his knowledge and passion for ukuleles, he has stocked the shop with a grand selection, whether it’s your first one or a prized one. The store also features lots of mid-century modern furniture and thanks to Coss' keen eye.  It’s a family affair at Magnolia Antiques which makes for a wide variety of finds stocking the shelves.
 “We are the epitome of recycling,” Glenda said. “We have all the things you loved in your Grandmother’s, aunt’s, and Mom’s house, bringing the best of memories right from your heart to your home.”  Indeed, there’s something for every interest from every time period.

For Second Saturday, Magnolia Antiques will host live music by Hadley Hill from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. with light refreshments. 

Trapani's Eatery

 116 N Beach Blvd
​Bay St Louis, MS 39520


Photo by: Shoofly Magazine

"One of Jimmy Buffett's favorite beach bars."

Trapani’s is a Bay St. Louis staple. Although the beachfront is now known for food and drinks, Tony Trapani has been on Beach Boulevard since 1994.

“Our family has been down here a long time,” Trapani said. “My grandfather started a bar across the way called Trapani’s Knock Knock – my uncle took it over and Camille moved it to the highway.” 

Katrina took Trapani’s restaurant, too, but he never questioned leaving. “I love it here,” he says. “Whenever I go somewhere else, I can’t wait to come back.” Like many, he had to relocate temporarily, but now the restaurant is housed in a hurricane-resistant structure on the lot where the business had previously stood. 

Locals cheered the reopening as another sign of rebirth after the storm. Today locals and tourist alike line up for their fresh seafood, and fresh innovative dishes. 

“It’s all home made and hand made here,” said Trapani. “You won’t find pre-cooked sauces here.” Some of the house specialties include Trapani’s Spaghetti and Meatballs and the Eggplant Delacroix - both family recipes that Tony brought to the restaurant.

In addition to fresh seafood and traditional Italian fare, Trapani’s is known for Cajun favorites, steaks, and appetizers like fried green tomatoes topped with crabmeat and hollandaise, crab cakes, fried calamari, and homemade onion rings.

There’s also a crowd favorite called Shrimp Ecstasy, which is bacon-wrapped shrimp with cream cheese and jalapenos. Asian-inspired dishes are also a hit – wasabi tuna, tuna nachos, poke salad are all fresh favorites. 

Each day there’s a lunch special and on Thursdays, locals love the oyster special featuring either raw or chargrilled oysters for a dozen. Tony said they don’t have a proper happy hour, but every hour is a happy one at Trapani’s. 

The Blue Marlin Bar upstairs is the perfect hideaway to have a cold drink, an appetizer (or a few!) grab a comfy chair and sit down for a nice relaxing conversation. 
The upstairs is also perfect for hosting your next party. It features a balcony with some of the best views of the Bay and a fireplace for chilly nights. 

Trapani’s is doing everything it can to stand heads and shoulders above the competition. It’s a slice of authentic Bay St. Louis. You never know who will be bellied up to the bar or buried in a booth behind a delicious plate of food. Jimmy Buffett often eats at Trapani’s when he’s in town.