These days wall clocks are not just used to keep time, they are just as useful (if not more) as a statement of style, flare and fashion. Gone are the days of the white-faced school clock hung in the corner of a room for the sole purpose of telling the time to inquiring eyes. Somewhere along the way, a clever soul realised their immense potential to be used in the pursuit of wall art and home decoration. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see clocks that measure over a meter or two displayed as the centerpiece of a room.

New trends in wall decor

In the past, the term ‘home decor’ would conjure up thoughts of doilies, wall paper and floral sofas. These days, home decor has taken on a completely new meaning. Often, paint on the walls is considered a blank canvas to be carefully moulded into an artistic creation. Rarely will you see a carefully decorated room sans wall clock, therefore it is imperative that we keep up with the latest trends so we can keep you informed. Here are two of the most interesting…

  1. Large clocks

    We’ve noticed a huge increase of people looking for

    . There has definitely been a trend toward using them as art, often as a replacement for a painting or picture. You just need to walk into a few trendy cafes in Sydney or Melbourne to see the difference they can make in the appearance of a room. Often an oversized clock will take up an entire wall, sometimes making it too difficult to get perspective enough to work out the actual time! All jokes aside, the price and logistical issues of purchasing a large clock can be quite a deterrent for some. Luckily, the emergence of decal clocks has eliminated this problem. Now it is possible to find a great big clock that can be packed up and shipped in a small package. How, you ask? Read on…
  2. Modern clocks

    The other trend we’ve been noticing lately is toward minimalist contemporary wall clocks. Grandfather clocks now apparently belong firmly in the past as we are seeing an increasing interest in simple colours and streamlined designs. Take our

    Modern White Wall Clock for example. This is one of our best sellers and we’ve no doubt why. Minimalist colour and contemporary design combine to create a simple and sophisticated clock. This one looks best when placed on a feature wall.

Tips for buying wall clocks online

The single most important thing to check when buying anything online is the shipping and postage costs. Clocks are often quite large and heavy and these two things combine to make shipping them a nightmare and as a result, many online retailers pass these costs on to their customers. It can be so disheartening when you find the perfect clock at the right price only to discover at check-out that the postage prices are just as much as the item itself!! So if you are shopping for online, be sure to check the shipping prices of each new website you visit before you start shopping. If you can find a website that offers free shipping then you can happily browse their store safe with the knowledge that each price you see is the final amount you will end up paying.

The next important thing to check is the returns and exchanges policy. Shopping online means you don’t have the luxury of physically seeing and touching the item you want to buy. Even if the photos of the product are superb, you never really know if you will love the item until you see it for yourself. To alleviate any potential issues, you must check the shipping and returns policy of the online store and only buy from websites that allow you to exchange or return any items that you are not 100% happy with. Keep these two things in mind when shopping online for a wall clock and you can’t go wrong.

Before you buy…

There are a few things you must do before you make a purchase. We’ve created a checklist below that you should complete before you start your browsing. If you have any questions, please

! We’re here to help.
  • Decide on a wall – this is fun part! First and foremost decide what wall you will be hanging your new purchase on. The best place to put a clock is the most obvious place you would look for the time. I know this sounds a little obvious, but it can be tempting to hang a clock in an obscure place for decor reasons. This will probably end up frustrating you and your guests so aim for a big expanse of wall that is easy to see from most places in the room.
  • Consider the colour scheme – you don’t want to buy a bright orange clock and hang it above your lovely red sofa. Look at the colour scheme of the room you will be adding it to and the colour of any large piece of furniture it will be near and find a colour that compliments these. This could either be a contrasting colour (such as yellow and violet) or a complimentary colour (such as yellow and orange).
  • Measure the space – this is an absolute must! Once you know where you’re going to put it, take a tape measure and work out the ideal range. This could be about a 10cm range (e.g. from 25cm – 35cm). When shopping online, make sure you check the dimensions of each clock. You should be able to read the diameter measurements in the description of each item.