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Save an Image from a Photo Stream share to local iPhone or iPad storage

The is a really great way to share photos between friends and family who also have an iPad or iPhone. Each shared Photo Stream and the associated images are kept in iCloud, viewable through the “Shared” tab in the Photos app, where they are cached temporarily as you look at them. Yes, that means Photo Stream pictures are not always directly stored on a device. If you want to save one of those images from Photo Stream to your iPhone or iPad and have the full resolution version directly stored on your device, for editing or offline access, it’s quite easy to do.

You can save a single image from a shared Photo Stream, or use a batch selection process to download locally a group of many photos if you need to save multiple images from a stream to your local iPhone or iPad. The next time someone shares a great picture with you that you want to keep outside of iCloud, you can download it to your iOS local storage using either of these tricks.

Save a Full Resolution Image from a Photo Stream to Local Storage on iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to the Photos app as usual, then choose the “Shared” tab at the bottom of the screen

    Shared photo streams in Photos app

  2. Navigate to the picture you want to save locally to your device, and then tap on it and let the image load on your iPhone or iPad screen
  3. Tap the sharing button in the corner (the box with an arrow flying out of it)
  4. Choose “Save Image” to save that single image to your device locally

Save an image from Photo Stream to iOS local storage

This saves a copy of the picture to your device so that it can be edited, passed along, or viewed offline, but the image will continue to be on the Photo Stream share too (unless it’s deleted, anyway). Repeat as necessary with other images if desired, or use the multiple selection trick to save a variety of pictures at a time.

Save Multiple Pictures from Photo Stream in iOS to Your iPhone or iPad

  1. From the Photos app, be in the “Shared” section and navigate to the shared stream with images you wish to save locally
  2. Tap the “Select” button, then tap on each individual image you wish to save from the Photo Stream to your device, a checkbox will appear on each picture as it’s selected
  3. Choose the sharing button (box with an arrow shooting up) and choose “Save x Images” where x is the number of pictures you have selected
  4. Let the images download

At the moment, there is no ability to select an entire date range like the excellent , but perhaps that feature will arrive to the Shared tab soon which would make saving entire streams much easier.

Keep in mind that each picture from an iPhone is anywhere from 3MB to 6MB, so saving a large amount of pictures from Photo Stream will not only take a while to download, but they can also take up a notable amount of storage space on your iPad or iPhone too.

If the process is interrupted, typically the full resolution image fails to download and you’ll be left with a low resolution version on the device instead. If that happens, simply go back to the Shared stream and elect to download that specific photo again.

Of course this requires that you have iCloud and an iPhone or iPad to save the pictures to, if you don’t have that option or you want to share a picture with someone who does not have an iOS device, generate a website from a Photo Stream and send along the URL to someone, or your own computer or other device, and then save the picture from the web like you would any other.

How do I save a shared video to my iOS device from iCloud Photo Stream?

Apple offers the ability to save photos from iCloud Photo Streams and shared streams. At the moment, Apple does not offer the ability to save video from iCloud shared photo streams. If there was an option to save a video from iCloud Photo Stream, it would be available through the “Sharing” button just the same as saving an image from shared streams exists. Why this limitation is in place is not clear, but it remains in modern versions of iOS. Thus if you want to save a video from a shared photo stream to an iPhone or iPad, ask the person who posted the video to iCloud to share it with you directly instead, perhaps through Messages. However, both the Mac and Windows PC offer an ability to save videos from iCloud shared streams.