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Below you will find out how to make frames / picture frames / photo frames with crafts ideas for kids. Find out how to make photo frames with the following arts and crafts decorations, instructions, patterns, and activities for children

Make Jar Stand-Up Jar Lid Picture Frames

Photo Frames with Bottle Caps

This is an easy, fun, and thoughtful gift craft to make. Ask your parents to save a jar lid for you. Then paint or decorate the jar lid in colorful designs for an extra nice touch. Then trace a photograph or a drawing with your draw lid. Then cut out the picture and then glue it to the inside of the jar lid. Then cut out a triangle shape from cardboard. Then paint or color it in colorful designs (on only one side). .Then fold a triangle at the top of it. Then glue that folded triangle to the back of teh lid so that the bottom of the triangle is also the bottom of the photograph. Then let it dry completely before using. This is a great gift for somebody you love.

Make Picture Frames with Paper Plates

Make Picture Frames with Paper Plates

To make a frame for your special photograph or art picture, then you might not have to look further than your own kitchen. Get a paper plate from your kitchen. Glue your picture in the exact center of the plate. Now get some decorative paper out and trace the plate on this paper to get the exact circle. Then get a smaller circle bowl and trace inside that circle. Cut out the inner and outer circle. Glue this to the plate so that it fits around the picture, like a matted photo frame does. When it is dry, add a hanger on the back of the plate...look at the picture above to see how to do this...you just need a strip of cardboard with a hole punched on the top of it and folded below the hole. Now you can hang your framed photo or art up on the wall.

Making Ribbon Wrapped Picture Frames

Making Ribbon Wrapped frames

This picture frame is so simple to make and looks so pretty. You can make it of ribbon or raffia or bias-cut strips of any kind of cloth. Cut a piece of cardboard into an oval shape. An easy way to start is by cutting the cardboard into a rectangle 10 inches long and 7 1/2 inches wide. Then lay a saucer upside down on the cardboard. Place its rim at the top edge of the cardboard. Run your pencil halfway around the saucer, as shown in Picture One. Leave some space and then do the same thing at the bottom of the cardboard. In this way, you will get even curves for your frame. Cut along the outline which you have drawn. Now draw another outline 1 1/2. inches in from all sides, as shown by the colored lines in Picture Two. Cut along these lines, thereby making a sort of window. Wind the ribbon around the picture frame. Always wind the ribbon half-way over the under ribbon, so that the hands will be of the same width. When you have covered the cardboard completely and evenly, cut off any extra ribbon. Paste or sew the end in place so that it will not unwind. To make a back for your picture frame, cut out another oval of cardboard just ever so slightly smaller than the first. (Don't cut a window in it.) Now draw a line about two inches down from the top. Cut the cardboard along this line. Picture Three shows in color the part that should be cut off. Smear paste along the grey areas of Picture Three. (As you can see, the cut edge is not pasted.) Now when you paste the back against the frame, you will be able to slide a picture between the backboard and the front frame. You can remove the picture at any time, should you want to put another snapshot in its place. Sew a loop of ribbon to the back of the frame if you want to hang it on the wall. Paste a cardboard easel on the back of the frame if you want to stand it upon a desk or table. To make an easel, bend a small piece of cardboard into three equal parts. Paste the middle part against the back of the frame, bending the other two sections back so that they will flare out like wings.

Make This Cute Hanging Frame with an Empty Lid Top

How to Make Photo Frames with Lid Tops

The illustration above shows you how to make a beautiful photo frame with a cottage cheese lid. Just paint the outside rim whatever color you want (add some Elmer's glue to the paint so that it will stick to the plastic). Then after it dries trace a picture with the circle lid. Then cut out the picture circle a bit smaller than the line that you traced. Now glue the picture to the top of the lid. Poke 2 holes through the photo and the top of the lid. Then lace a ribbon through both holes and then tie a bow at the top of the ribbon. You can now hang the frame on the wall with the ribbon.

Crafting Standing Picture Frames

Crafting Standing Picture Frames

This is a great picture frame craft because it is soooooo easy to make. Cut a piece of card stock or construction paper that is about 3" x 12" long. Fold the strip of card stock in half and then unfold. Then fold the other 2 sides in to the middle and crease. Then unfold ... now you should have 4 squares like the illustration above on the left. Now fold the middle 2 into a triangular-tent shape and then fold the two remaing squares together and paste in place. Now you should have a picture frame. Now cut out a different colored piece of paper that is slightly larger than the photo that you chose. Glue the photo in the center of that piece of paper. Now glue that piece of paper on to the center of the frame, as pictured above.

More Frame Crafts Below

How to Make Tri-Fold Picture Frame from Cadboard and Felt - Most picture frame crafts are for one photograph, but this one holds 3 photos. This would be perfect to make as a gift for Dad or Mom for family photos…and it would look great on their office desk. If you want to learn how to make a tri-fold picture frame, then look at the directions in this arts and crafts activity for children.

Styrofoam Trays Picture Frames - Make a really cool picture frame for your Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, or anybody else special. All you need are a few decorative items, a styrofoam tray, some ribbon or yarn, and a picture of yourself. Find out how to make it here.

A Mounted Sea Shell Painting - Learn how ot make this mounted sea shell painting to remember your beautiful beach stay by taking a souvenir home and using it as canvas for your painting.

Teddy Bear Magnets - Learn how to make 3-dimensional refridgerator magnets with a photograph or illustration of your choice....this is a great way to frame your photos.

Make Picture Frames Holder Gift for Mom on Mothers Day - Here is another gift idea to give to your Grandmother or Mom on Mother’s Day. This would also be great for Dads and Grandfathers for Father’s Day. Make a picture frame from cardboard and the instructions below. If you are looking for something to give Mother for her desk, a picture holder like the one shown here is certain to please.

Shadow Boxing : How to Make Shadow Boxes from Cardboard Boxes - This is a great crafts project idea for kids and teen who want to display their trophies, nick nacks, pottery, and ornaments in these modern shadow boxes. You can make them from corrugated boxes that you find around your house.

Make a Photo Frame with Ribbons - Learn to make a ribbon decorated photo frame.

Popsicle Stick Frames - Make these adorable frames with overlapping popsicle sticks.

3d Shadow Box Pictures - Make a shadow box from a shoe box lid (or other type of box lid).

Tin Foil Photo Frame & Vase - Make this photo frame from cardboard and tin foil...make a matching milk carton vase.

Chocolate Candy Box Frame - Why throw away a perfectly good Valentine's Day heart box...instead use it to make a photo frame.

Bobby Pin Photo Frames -Learn how to make a photo stand frame with Bobby Pins

A FotoFish Fun Frame : Tray Crafts Ideas for Kids - - Turn a tray into a large photo frame. Find out how with our easy to follow guide.

Photo Frame Craft for Kids - Kids can display their favorite photos or pictures in an unusual way by crafting this quirky angled photo frame. A piece of craft wood and some simple tools will yield a delightful result.

Baseball Frame : Baseball Crafts Ideas for Kids - Do you know someone who is buggy about a team sport? Help him make this cute picture frame for his room!

Bear Flower Frame Craft for Kids - Make a flower frame with bears hanging on tight.

Bee Happy Picture Frame - Craft a picture frame that will cause a buzz! Make this bee-themed frame to hold your favorite picture.

BFF, Best Friends Forever Picture Frame Craft for Kids - Decorate a wooden frame, add a favorite photo, and give it to your BFF, best friend forever.

Bright Borders Picture Frame : Grandparents Day Crafts for Kids - - Make memories with this easy-to-make, no-mess frame. Kids can display their own art or photos of themselves, pets, and family members.

Bubble Frame : Crafts with Puzzle Pieces for Kids - - Here's a fun and creative way to frame one of those classic bubble bath shots! Grab some old Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces, paint and some craft gems and you are on your way. These easy and personalized frames make wonderful gifts for relatives.

Camping Frame : Crafts with Craft Foam for Kids - - Create a frame to store and cherish your first camping experience to last a lifetime.

Canoe Photo Frame for Camp <span class="western" style=" line-height: 100%"> : Thanksgiving Indians Crafts Ideas for Kids</span> - - Stitch up a canoe to hold your favorite camp photo.

Card Collectors Frames Craft for Kids- Instructions to make a frame to display your collectible baseball, pokemon, or other cards from old Cd cases

Car Nut Frame Craft for Dad - Is your dad hooked on cars? Are you a mechanic in training? If you love cars, trucks, or anything with a motor, then this frame is a great gift for your father.

CD Box Picture Frames Crafts Project with Recycled Magazines Want an inexpensive but unique picture frame that you could give out as gifts to your loved ones? This is just the craft for you. Bring out the old magazines and clip out pictures to add on to your frame for a blasting style.

CD Case Picture Frame : How to Make Case Holders Craft Instructions for Kids - Our CD photo frame makes a great gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day!

CD Case Picture Frame - This craft idea came from Shane who posted it on our bulletin board. This would make a great Mother's Day or Father's Day gift.

CD Case Frame For Dad : How to Make Case Holders Craft Instructions for Kids - Make Dad glad! Turn an old CD case into a bright and bold picture frame with a message.

CD Photo Frame - Make a photo frame from a CD.

Childhood Photo Frame Crafts Activity for Children - Childhood Photo Frame Activity Page

Child Puzzle Frame : Crafts with Puzzle Pieces for Kids- - Don't throw away that old yucky photo frame. Missing pieces to a puzzle? Turn these items into a work of art to display your family photo in.

Clay Decorated Picture Frame <span class="western" style=" line-height: 100%"> : Salt Dough Crafts Ideas for Kids</span>- - Put cherished photos in something special with this clay decorated picture frame. The added fun is that it's a salt clay craft - you make your own clay out of salt and a few other simple ingredients.

 Cool Cut-Ups Picture Frame : Grandparents Day Crafts for Kids - - Looking for a cool way to jazz up a picture frame? Decorate it with bright bits of Crayola Color Explosion Spinner™ art!

Colorwheel Picture Frame : Crafts Ideas with Plastic Canvas for Kids - – It’s so amusing how plastic canvas can be so pretty and colorful when you get to finish a project such as this one.

Crafty Computer Frame : Crafts with Craft Foam Sheets for Children - - We've all seen decorative mouse pads, but what about the computer itself? This monitor frame, made from craft foam and dotted with photos of your family, will turn Dad's home or office computer into a much more colorful -- and endearing -- place.

Craft Stick Rosebud Picture Frame Project Gift for Mother's Day - Make this adorable picture frame with a rosebud for your Mom on Mother's Day.

Crafty Computer Craft FrameCrafty Computer Frame Craft - We've all seen decorative mouse pads, but what about the computer itself? This monitor frame, made from craft foam and dotted with photos of your family, will turn Dad's home or office computer into a much more colorful -- and endearing – place

Crayon Photo Frame Ornament : Crafts with Craft Foam Sheets for Children - - Personalized with craft foam accents, these foam albums are a kid-friendly way to let them remember their fun days in the sun for summers to come.

Custom Mirror Frame : Crafts with Puzzle Pieces for Kids - - This custom mirror frame project gives your child something to do with their hands that won't get them in trouble, helps with hand and eye coordination, uses the mind and imagination and gives them a chance to explore their own creativity. This craft is one example of things you can find to do with your child.

Dad’s Baseball Frame Father's Day Gift Craft - Dads, kids, and baseball, all three make for great memories. Save those memories with this super easy baseball-themed frame for Dad. It’s a great gift that he can display proudly.

"Daddy's Girl" Picture Frame - You can also write "Daddy's Boy" or "Just like Daddy" instead of "Daddy's Girl".

DAD Picture Frame Craft - A simple-to-make picture frame for Dad - a great gift for Father's Day.

Doily Drawing Frame : Doily Crafts Ideas for Kids - Follow in the footsteps of Horace Pippin, an African-American painter. He got his start by drawing on doilies with colored pencils that he won in an art contest.

Doily Frame : Doily Crafts Ideas for Kids - Make a doily frame to decorate the photo of beloved one.

Dried Flower Framings : Flower Crafts Ideas for Kids - - This is a great idea I couldn’t wait to share after visiting a friend’s house this week. I had never thought to ask if she had created this framed work herself. I assumed she had bought it this way, but I love the natural flowers with such a natural picture. It really draws your attention and adds dimension.

Dried-Flower Wreaths : Flower Crafts Ideas for Kids - - A wreath fashioned from dried flowers is an attractive -- and durable -- decoration for a front door or mantel. It's a simple project, too, requiring only a frame, dried flowers, and a hot glue gun.

Photos Holder Craft for Children - Here's a fun way for your child to display his favorite beach snapshot or a collage of your best vacation photos.

Drinking Straw Frame <span class="western" style=" line-height: 100%"> : Drinking Straws Crafts for Children</span> - - Recycle colorful straws and cardboard to create these cute little frames for small photos, such as wallet-size school pictures. This is great for kids to make and share with friends.

Easter Fun Foam Frame Crafts Idea - Decorate a fun foam frame as a quick and easy Easter project. Makes a great gift for Mom and Dad especially if your photo is in it!

 Faces in Flower Frame : Grandparents Day Crafts for Kids - - Need a great gift for family or friends? Show off your new school photos in a hand-decorated frame.

Fall Leaves Picture Frames : Thanksgiving Crafts for Preschoolers - - Make our fall leaf frame craft and help your children capture the beauty of fall leaves.  Paint unfinished wooden leaves in bold fall colors and use some gold glitter to accent your frame.  This craft makes a great homemade fall decoration and an even better way to display your fall photos.

Fall Refrigerator Frame : Crafts with Craft Foam Sheets for Children - - Choose your favorite fall photo and make a pretty frame you can display right on your refrigerator.

Family Tree Ornaments : Childrens' Photo Albums & Brag Books Crafts - - It's fun to turn your Christmas tree into a family photo album! Select a baby picture of each member of the family to place in little hanging frames. The grandkids can find themselves first, and then try to identify everyone else.

Fashion Girl Locker Frame : Crafts with Crafts Foam for Children - Paper dolls meet craft foam in a cushy picture frame dressed to sparkle with glitter, glue and rhinestones.

Father's Day Picture Frame Craft - Your child can surprise her favorite guy with an easy-to-make stand-up photo frame that reflects his special interests or hobby.

Felt Photo Frames Ornaments Craft for Kids - Decorate your Christmas tree with pictures of loved ones with these felt photo frame ornaments. Kids enjoy seeing small photos of their friends and relatives framed by a craft they've made.

Festive Ornament Frame : Free Plastic Canvas Patterns for Children - - Here's a nice little picture frame ornament for your loved ones this holiday.

Fishing Frame Craft : Fish Crafts Activities for Children- A great wooden frame for the fisherman in your family!  Have the children paint the frame, make the accessories, and add their own special touches to this great craft.

Fish Picture Frame Craft : Fish Crafts Ideas for Kids- What better way for a fisherman to decorate their desk than with a fish shaped frame holding their favorite photo!  This is a great craft for kids to help create, and one that is so cute it always gets a smile!

Flip Flop Photo Frame : Crafts Ideas for Kids & Saving Travel Memories - - Summer fun for more than one! Create a pair of magnetic flip-flop frames--one for you and one to share!

Floppy Disk Photo Cube Father's Day Gift Craft - Your kids will love making this terrific photo frame craft gift for Dad's desk at work or home!

Flower Photo Frame And Card : Grandparents Day Gifts Crafts Ideas for Children - - Perfect for Grandparent's Day or Mother's Day, you can make just one flower photo frame or fill up a vase or bouquet!

Foam-Tastic Frame : Craft Foam Ideas - - Picture this: a frame perfectly themed to accompany a featured photo! Here's a quick & easy way to customize frames for your favorite snapshots.

- Have pictures of your pets all over the refrigerator? Make special picture frames so they really stand out!

Froggie Photo Frame Arts & Crafts Project - Make it a "Hoppy Mother's Day" with this cute froggie photo frame.

Fruity Foam Frame : Craft Foam Activities - - Almost cute enough to eat! This frame looks mighty sweet with cheerful cherry, strawberry & watermelon motifs.

 Gift for a Golfer’s Desk : Grandparents Day Gifts Crafts Ideas for Children - - Need a gift for someone who loves golf? Receiving this picture frame and pencil holder will be as satisfying as scoring a few birdies and eagles!

Halloween Photo Frames   : How to Make Halloween Decorations Crafts - Make these decorative frames to remember all those Halloween moments.

Snowflakes Paper Cutting Crafts for Kids - Children love making handprint crafts! Decorate this one with snowflakes and a current photo from this winter.

Heart Puzzle Frame : Puzzle Crafts Activities for Children - - Want to cherish a loving photo of a loved one? Then follow these instructionso make a memorable piece of art.

Holiday Picture Frame Craft Activity for Kids - Make a Picture Frame with Popsicle sticks; craft glue or hot glue gun and glue sticks; Creative Hands® Mini Forms (assorted holiday pack); green and red markers or paint.

Crafts Activities with Magazines for Kids Give your dad a custom-framed picture of you on Father's Day!

How to Make a Photo Frame Bracelet - Enjoy making this cute craft!

Hunny Bunny Frame : Easy Plastic Canvas Patterns Instructions - - With its versatility, this plastic canvas can be made into virtually anything that one can imagine. You can create picture frames shaped like a bunny’s face.

Jewel Case Picture Frame : Making Cases Crafts Activities for Children This project creates a unique decoration for your child's room, and recycles at the same time. And the best part about this arts crafts for kids project is that one of the three cd cases you use can even be cracked!

Jigsaw Frame : Puzzle Crafts Activities for Children- - Jigsaw puzzles are a lot of fun, but in a house with children, they are not likely to last very long. Before you know it, several pieces are lost. Don't throw away that old puzzle - use it to create a wonderful frame!

Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Picture Frame : Puzzle Crafts Activities for Children - - Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is a great way to spend time as a family, and seeing the completed picture always is an exciting conclusion that gives everyone involved a positive sense of accomplishment. Instead of allowing old puzzles to clutter up your shelves, use them to make fun picture frames to show off pictures of good family times.

Leaf-Motif Frame Craft Activity for Children - Capture nature's spirit by creating a leaf-print picture frame. Gold Crayola® Premier™ Tempera creates a dazzling gift to hold a favorite photo or nature collage.

Locker Magnet Picture : Decorate Lockers Craft for Children - What would spice up your school locker? Make magnetic picture frames to show off your favorite pictures of pets, friends, or family.

Make a Frame : Puzzle Crafts Activities for Children - - If your child enjoys playing with puzzles, you probably know that sometimes orphaned pieces show up. Put those mismatched pieces to use by creating a funky frame with your kindergartner! This activity will let your child practice making patterns, an essential kindergarten math concept.

mermaid photo holder craft - Bestow good luck upon your friends when you place their photos in a mermaid holder made from fun-to-shape Crayola Model Magic® Fusion™ modeling compound.

Mosaic Felt Family Frame Craft for Kids - You can have the warmth and charm of mosaic art without the mess, wait time and expensive materials. Try our family frame and display where all can see!

Mother's Day Homemade Frame Craft for Children - A wooden frame made just for mom! Kids can help paint the frame and heart, come up with the special message for Mom and put all the decorations on the frame. Mom will love this homemade frame with all the personalized touches that make it special from her child.

Mother's Day Frame Arts and Crafts Activity - Using adhesive foam letters to write out your message and add a few decorative designs to make this Mother's Day Frame. The number of letters you need depend on the length of your name. Adult assistance is required with spelling and use of the glue gun.

Multigeneration Hanging Frames - - Show off the family resemblance in one fabulous craft.

- All children deserve the star treatment. This simple, handcrafted photo frame lets kids shine as they create and present a wonderful gift.

Newspaper Puzzle Photo Frame : Puzzle Crafts Activities for Children - – Reuse and recycle trash found in your basement and make those into unique pieces of art. This easy to follow guide will show you how.

On The Beach : Crafts Ideas for Kids & Saving Vacations Memories - - Remember that exciting day on the beach by saving your favorite photo in a cool, custom picture frame! It’s like being there all over again.

- Mounted on a ribbon, the frames look good hung on a doorknob, a bedpost or a Christmas tree branch.

Pasta Wreath Photo Frame : Christmas Wreaths Crafts for Kids - Once you've made a Pasta wreath photo frame, you'll never look at macaroni, fusilli or bow-tie noodles the same way. Uncooked pasta has long been a crafter's best friend - find out why.

Patriotic Magnetic Frames : Patriotic Arts and Crafts Projects - - Great for the refrigerator, our flag frame is perfect for your favorite parade photo.

Personalized Magnets <span style="line-height: 100%"> : Grandparents Day Crafts Activities Ideas</span> - - Display your family's magnetic personalities on your own fridge, or make a gift set for friends and relatives.

- Here's a great gift idea for dads, grandmoms, and anyone who needs reminders! With a little help from you, your child can turn a simple photo frame into a made-to-order message center that showcases his artwork or photo. We designed ours for Dad to take to the office, with a variation below for Grandmom to use by her phone.

Personalized Photo Holder Crafts Activity for Kids - Alphabet blocks aren't just for stacking - they can also be used for showing off favorite pictures and artwork.

- Decorate a plastic photo cube with Crayola Squeezables™ 3-D Paint and your favorite photos, drawings, and mementoes. A cube means you have six times the fun!

Photo Frames from CD Boxes - Why not get your children to help you create some frames with bits and pieces you have lying around your house? You will all have great fun doing it and will produce fun little frames that will be especially treasured because the kids had a hand in making them. Be warned – this idea is addictive!

Photo Frame for Mom Craft - Decorations just peel and stick. No scissors or glue needed.

Photo Frame Postcard : Arts and Crafts Activities to Save Vacation Memories - - Looking for a unique way to share family pictures, travel photos, or great pet shots? Create your own postcard in a photo frame!

Photo Frames from CD Boxes <span style="line-height: 100%"> : Grandparents Day Crafts Activities Ideas</span> - - Grandparents, aunties and uncles and godparents always love to get photos of their favorite children. Nice frames can be expensive to buy and impersonal too. Why not get your children to help you create some frames with bits and pieces you have lying around your house? You will all have great fun doing it and will produce fun little frames that will be especially treasured because the kids had a hand in making them. Be warned – this idea is addictive!

Photo House Card Craft for Dad - Make a picture-perfect frame card that's filled with Mom and Dad's favorite faces.

Picture Frame Present - Decorate a plastic box frame to fill with memories! Great for camps, sports or school events, reunions, or parties. Give one as a Gift !

Picture Frame Serving Tray - - Decorative serving trays can be expensive accessories when purchased from a home décor store. It’s far less expensive - and much more fun - to make your own serving tray out of a picture frame.

Picture Frames for Dad - You can put these frames on a desk, hang them on the wall, or attach a magnet to the back and hang them from the fridge or file cabinet.

Picture Frame with Blue Denim Jeans Craft - Not the most formal project idea ever, but a fun idea that would be great for a teen room bulletin board

<B>Picture Frame of Stones Craft Project</B> - This frame project is fun for kids and adults alike. Any plain wood or craft frame of any size will work for this project.

PineCone Photo Holder Craft for Kids - Using pinecones collected on a Thanksgiving nature walk (or bought at a craft store), let the kids make a simple photo holder for a family snapshot taken during the gathering -- and send everyone home with a craft that will preserve their memories of a wonderful holiday.

Crafts with Pom Poms - You'll never feel alone with our silly pompom frame to keep an "eye" on you.

Popcorn Kernel Frame : Crafts to Make with Popcorn - – Nothing else looks cool than a frame lined up with popcorn craft!

Pumpkin Picture Frames : Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers - - This adorable pumpkin frame craft is the perfect way to display your jack-o-lantern carving pictures or your photos of your visit to the local pumpkin patch.  Using simple materials and techniques, this fall craft is a great one for even young children to do. 

Puzzle Frame Puzzle Arts and Crafts Projects with Puzzles - - Have an old puzzle that is missing some pieces? How about some photographs that need framing? If you said yes, then you and the kids have a fun project ahead of you!

Puzzle Photo Frame Puzzle Arts and Crafts Projects with Puzzles - - Recycle your old puzzles!

Puzzle Photo Magnet Puzzle Arts and Crafts Projects with Puzzles - - This recycled craft project is a great way to recycle those old puzzles that have pieces missing. This project uses a Jumbo piece from a child's jigsaw puzzle.

Puzzle Picture Frame Puzzle Arts and Crafts Projects with Puzzles - - Any type of picture frame will work but ones with a flat frame work the best (it's tough to glue things onto curved frames).

Puzzle Piece Frame Craft Puzzle Arts and Crafts Projects with Puzzles - – This is an easy to make picture frame using old puzzle pieces and craft sticks.

Puzzle Piece Picture Frame - - Give an unusual gift to a parent with this puzzle piece picture frame. With a few old puzzle pieces you can make a cool looking gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Puzzle Piece Picture Frame - - Use up those puzzle pieces and create a unique picture frame.

Crafts with Cereal Boxes Activities for Kids - This photo frame can be completed with the use of old puzzle pieces painted on top of the old cereal box.

Puzzle Wreath Frame - - This is a good craft for small hands if you prepare the frame for them in advance. It could be a good craft for room moms to consider as well! Paint one day - Decorate another! Have parents send in a favorite picture! What a neat present!

Recycled Bottle Cap Christmas card Frames : Crafts with Metal Activities for Children - - This little recycling project reuses plastic or metal bottle caps, to make frames for pictures cut from old Christmas cards. Children should be able to complete the craft quite easily. You can add a hanger to use these bottle cap picture frames as tree trims, or glue on a magnet to make Christmas fridgies.

Recycled Puzzle Piece Photo Frame Craft for Kids - Don't throw out your puzzles with missing pieces. There are plenty of crafting opportunities waiting.

Reindeer Photo Frame - Fun festive frame for all your photos.

Rustic Frame with Sticks Craft - Gather sticks and twigs from your backyard or a walk in the woods. Look for straight sticks from 1/4" to 1/2" thick.

<B>Sand and Pebble Mirrors : Crafts Activities with Rocks, Stones, Pebbles</B> - Even the pesky pebbles from your garden can be put to good use in this Zen garden-inspired frame. A mixture of tile adhesive and craft sand make a textured grout that will hold your found pebbles securely in place.

- Tell your teacher how much you appreciate all they have done for you all year with this name plate designed by the FreeKidsCrafts team. It's a good way to recycle that old Scrabble game that has lost some of its pieces.

Seashell Picture Frame : Arts and Crafts Activities to Save Vacation Memories - - Use sea shells and sand gathered during your vacation to frame your favorite vacation photo.

Sea Life Poem Craft - - Use sticky back foamies to decorate to make sea life frame adorned with wiggle eyes. Use it to frame our poem or think up your own.

Shell Photo Frame : Grandparents Day Crafts Activities Ideas - - Take advantage of a trip to the beach to collect shells for this pretty shell photo frame - it makes a sweet gift which the kids can make themselves, too.

Silhouettes : Grandparents Day Crafts Activities Ideas - - These are a really super keepsake gift kids can make for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day - or any time, just for fun!

Crafts with Cereal Boxes Activities for Kids - Save empty cereal boxes! Recycle them to make super picture frames for yourself or as gifts.

Silly Faces April Fools Fun Arts and Crafts Project for Kids - Draw silly hair, goofy glasses, and funny clothes on your framed photo. Use Crayola® Washable Window Markers to make this fun gift!

Snowflakes Paper Cutting Crafts for Kids - A interesting way to show of your photographs.

Snowman Picture Frame - Nice way to show off your Christmas photos.

Snowflakes Paper Cutting Crafts for Kids - What a cool gift with sparkling snowflakes! Place your favorite photo in this frame for a perfect present

Spirograph Paper Plate Picture Frame Arts and Crafts Project - This project ends up looking remarkably like the spirograph pictures we used to make when I was young. It makes a nice gift for mom or grandma.

Springtime Memory Photo Frames Crafts Project - This photo frame makes a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or as a springtime craft. Kids will enjoy making this picture frame, which works beautifully as a memento

Standing Picture Frame - Instructions to make a picture frame to sit on a table top from old Cd cases.

Star Photo Frame And Card - - Perfect for Grandparent's Day or Father's Day, you can make just one star photo frame or a whole galaxy!

Styrofoam Tray Frame - - In the name of recycling and giving back to Mother Earth, here is a great craft project which you can easily make at home.

Styrofoam tray picture frame - - Making a frame for a family photo is a good activity for children to do on rainy days. Save the Styrofoam trays from meat to make the picture frames. They can be painted or decorated with any materials such as glitter, yarn, sequins, or beads. Also consider natural materials such as dried seeds, beans or flowers.

Terrarium Picture Frames : Terrariums and How to Make Them Directions - You’ve seen terrariums in jars, bowls, domes and more – but have you seen one in a picture frame?

- Make a great tie card for Dad.

- Decorate your bulletin board with this easy original tissue paper craft. Back to School can be an exciting time for kids when they are happily involved with fun and easy craft projects. Put their busy little hands to work crumpling up tissue paper for this fun school bus or other tissue paper crafts.

Photo Frame Craft for Kids - The Tri-Fold Frame was quick to make. The longest amount of time was drawing and cutting up the corrugated cardboard. Parental supervision is recommended.

Tubular Frame Craft Gift for Kids to Make for Mom on Mother's Day - Add a favorite picture or drawing to one of these paper frames and you've got a perfect gift for someone special.

Twig Frame Craft from Nature - A simple-to-make rustic picture frame made from twigs or sticks or pieces of a tree branch.

Vacation Map Picture Frame : Souvenir Crafts Ideas for Children - - Save old maps from your vacation to make this unique picture frame that doubles as a wonderful conversation piece.

Picture Frame Crafts Activity for Kids - We used donated wallpaper books, a cardboard box, cardboard, glue, and a piece of ribbon to make this inexpensive gift. The nice touch is the family portrait drawn by the child and inserted into the frame. Parental supervision is recommended.

Waste Not Picture Frame - Have an old puzzle that is missing some pieces? How about some photographs that need framing? If you said yes, then you and the kids have a fun project ahead of you! These easy and personalized frames make wonderful gifts for relatives.

Wizard Magnetic Picture Frame Craft for Kids Ever picture yourself as a wizard? Now you can when you make this cool craft foam Wizard Magnetic Picture Frame for your refrigerator.

Yarn Covered Photo Album with Crocheted Photo Frame - - Keep your favorite photographs in this yarn covered photo album - your choice of yarn could be pastels for a baby album, crystal white for a wedding, or red and green for Christmas. Using variegated yarn guarantees that each one will be different - but every album will have that treasured homemade look that makes it an heirloom!