Закрыть ... [X]

To the delight of nerds everywhere, nude photos of Olivia Munn were leaked in March 2012. And they lived up to her reputation as a uber cock tease.

Unlike the other , Olivia Munn personally captioned her super slutty photos with disgustingly explicit sexual vocabulary, apparently directed towards Chris Pine, her boyfriend at that time.

All this time did anyone really know just how kinky Olivia Munn was? Well, now we all do.

These naughty photos show her wearing an assortment of fuck-me clothes: pink bikini with pokey nipples, see-through lingerie, lacey black bra/panties, deep V-necks, toned midriff belly button bearing T-shirts…. while she’s lustfully eye-fucking the camera. It’s filthy. And incredibly hot.

The source of these nasty pictures are allegedly from Olivia’s hacked phone, although she has denied that completely, saying that if anyone ever hacked her phone, they’ll only find .

We don’t believe her. Nobody does. Behold. Here are the infamous naked pictures of Olivia Munn. Enjoy, you pervert. If you’re into more half-chinese half-white chicks like Olivia, you should definitely look at Chloe Bennet and her boobies.

Olivia Munn Nude Scene in Magic Mike

And here’s her famous nude movie scene in 2012’s . Some yummy topless screen-caps of her tits out. That’s the way she rolls.

Olivia Munn Playboy Photoshoot – June 2009

This photoshoot makes no sense whatsoever. She doesn’t have a top but doesn’t show her boobs. Doesn’t take off her panties. We expected a lot more from Playboy. It might as well have been a Maxim/FHM photoshoot.

Included for archival purposes.