Jayne Mansfield made her mark in Hollywood as a substitute for bigger, flashier movie vixens. Seriously. They actually called the woman the “Working Man’s Monroe”. Yeah. Like Marilyn Monroe was the dah-ling of the upper crust!

To deliver on the promise of sexy, Mansfield frequently resorted to some Janet Jackson-like costume oopsies. The platinum bombshell twice emerged from swimming pools topless, having “accidentally” lost her bikini top after diving into the water in full view of a bevy of photographers.

Sophia Loren was famously captured looking askance as what was clearly Mansfield’s greatest assets, prominently displayed in the neck-plunging bodice of her dress. No dumb blonde, though, these antics netted Mansfield movie offers and Playboy shoots. And you know she loves to show off:

But nip slips, Playboy pics, and actual nude movie scenes aren’t all Mansfield left the world. Because after all, she did give us Law & Order SVU actress Mariska Hargitay, and that’s worth 50 Marilyn Monroe wannabes. Enjoy her collection of nude photoshoots and scenes from 1963’s Promises! Promises!

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