Alyssa Milano has had a long and enduring career. She was Tony Danza’s daughter in the 80s, a hot chick regular in Melrose Place and a cute witch in Charmed. Along the way she managed to get naked in several terrible B-movies, which was totally cool with us.

Trying desparately to be taken seriously as a grown-up, a young Milano took on several sexy ‘adult’ roles in the early 90s which involved nudity and sexual imagery. These erotic films included Embrace of the Vampire, Outer Limits and Poison Ivy II. It was kinda sad because after these films, Milano stopped taking off her clothes. Let’s go back in time, shall we?

Way back. Here’s a rare workout video featuring a 15 year old Alyssa Milano. Even if you’re a big Charmed fan, you probably never seen this before. She is absolutely gorgeous:

Embrace of the Vampire

Outer Limits

Poison Ivy 2

Apart from the above movies, Alyssa Milano also found time to do a topless shoot for Bikini Magazine which was alright but the shots of her covered in mud were a little weird. Let’s end this with some candid beach nudity shall we? Paparazzi shots of a young Alyssa Milano happily topless on the beach.