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  • A recent research has noted that intellectual disability is more common among children exposed to air pollution. 

  • According to a new research, consuming water does not help in slowing down the effects of kidney disease for a chronic kidney disease (CKD) patient. 

  • An ancient Indian meditation technique known as Kirtan Kriya can help prevent Alzheimer's disease, says study.

  • Cases of dengue are increasing day by day in Delhi. Last week the capital reported around 285 cases of dengue compared to 290 in the previous week. 

  • A new study has discovered that eating lots of carbohydrates may advance the start of menopause by one-and-a-half years.

  • During a recent study electrical stimulation of spinal cords by a wireless implant has helped three paralysed patients to walk again. All the patients who were included in the study recovered from paralysis and were able to do voluntary actions.

  • According to the report, Indian women’s ovaries age six years faster than Caucasian women.

  • A recent study has suggested that the leading cause of death in infants, known as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which affects significantly healthy children under the age of 1, may have a genetic basis in a subset of cases.

  • A new study has discovered that preschoolers with symptoms of ADHD may have reduced brain volumes in regions vital to behavioural control.

  • A study conducted by researchers at the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health has revealed the benefits of physical activity may reduce the chances of mortality, regardless of whether done in a concentrated session or short bursts.

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