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: Hello bros, I am new here.. current ride Kia Rio 1.4M Hatch back....:>

: Any K3 owner is looking for rear trunk lip spoiler??

Painted in different color is available.

Please contact me at below email, if you are interesting on it.

Note: If here are not allow to post the massage, I will remove it.

: Yo bro. anyone selling oem rim for koup 2010, 1.6m??

: hi anyone know koup 2010 using what spark plug model ?

yuguangr: hi all! happy new year! just changed to 2010 forte sx. am considering between Good Year AS2 vs Michelin PS3. any bros have any advise? thanks.

: Kia forte stock car mat - sales

: Anyone know if 2009 cerato forte sx can install the new design 2012 modal side mirRor that can retract?

: Hi Guys, My name is Edric and I just bought a second hand Koup (Manual). Just wondering is it normal that the cluth is very stiff and the biting point is very low.

: ya feel diff when gear shift, go to drain off and use kia mx4.

: erm... hullo???

: ricleo you here too?

: Hi guy, anyone know any good technician can solve my engine check light.

: Have go to at least 6 shop but no one know how to solve it.

: Hey Gary, i found the forte ecu to be very sensitive to changes. Even adding 2T to petrol @ 500:1 ratio to one tank of petrol, without other mods. ALSO makes the engine check light come. Only after i almost finish a 2nd tank of petrol, then it goes off.

: i got the code P2096 as the error. Cleared it using my OBDII but it came back. So waited for it to go away on its own.

: Brembo Pad & Rotor for sales for KIA Picanto, Cerato & Forte 9845 5611

: what coolant to use for picanto?

: Affordable Mando or KYB shock absorber for sales. Drop me a message @ 9845 5611

: anyone know how much to repair crack window seal/trim/gasket surrounding the window on the exterior of your car? sample pictures like this:

: srsly can someone get that velemoochi to shut up. post non stop like a bloody pest