Most of the people knows Google because of Google search, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Glass, Youtube or an internet startup which is making billions via ad’s network. But few knows that Google has much more to offer and many more hidden products and settings which can be used. These are hidden, because they are not easily visible to the people, but are hidden in the Google settings. Once such feature which the settings has is to download the Orkut photos.

Now, most of us know that Orkut was Google’s first attempt to enter the social networking market. But soon it was out-smarted by Facebook. On June 2014, Google announced that Orkut will be shutdown on September 30 2014 and asked all its users to download all the photos and data. Some of us did download but some did not.

Here is how you can still download those photos and data which you uploaded it to Orkut.

Step 1. Go to your accounts Google settings


Step 2. Scroll down to Accounts tools and click on Download Data


Step 3. Next you will see the below screen listing all the Google applications. Click on Orkut and click next


Step 4. On the Goodbye to Orkut click + to drop down the Save you photos, scraps & testimonials.  Then click Google Takeout


Step5. Next you will see the below screen. Click Next


Step6. On the below screen select the type of file (prefer .ZIP) you want to download. From the Delivery method select Send download like via email


Step7. Once done check your Inbox and click the download link to get the pictures OR on the last screen of the process (shown below) click the Download button to get the pictures.


That’s it, see all your past pictures and get nostalgic.