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The iPhone is an incredibly easy device to use, making you want to download apps, movies, books and of course use the camera to take beautiful pictures and videos. Over time, becomes more important as you start to bump up against storage capacities of your device. It’s one of the main reasons that folks opt for a 64GB or even 128GB iPhone. But with iPhones available from Apple to start with only 16GB of storage, some of which is deducted for the operating system, it’s easy to find yourself in a position where you’ve maxed out your storage and unable to take a video or shoot a photo. I was able to drastically increase my storage capacity and so can you without deleting all of your iPhone photos. Here’s how to delete multiple photos on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

delete photos from iPhone

1. Open the Photos app.
2. At the bottom, select the Albums tab. Select from either Camera Roll (pictures taken on your iPhone) or an existing album that you had previously created and synced to your iPhone from your Mac or PC.
3. Tap on ‘Select.’
4. Tap on each photo or video that you would like to delete. As you tap on a photo, you’ll see a blue checkbox appear. Photos will also keep a tally of how many images you’ve selected. If you tap an image by mistake, simply tap it again to remove the checkbox.
5. When you’ve finished selecting images, tap on the trash can icon. You’ll be prompted to click on the red link titled ‘Delete Photos’.

Delete photos iPhone

Tip: Deleting an image from Camera Roll also removes it from your Photo Stream.

Deleting Groups Of Photos

Deleting individual photos can be incredibly time consuming. The fastest way to delete photos would involve connecting your iPhone to your Mac or PC. That being said, there is a more effective way to select groups of images.
1. Open the Photos app.
2. At the bottom, select the Photos tab. Your photos are grouped by Years, Collections and Moments (in that order). You want to be in Moments (as shown below). Tap on a year. Select any collection and you’ll find yourself in ‘Moments’.
3. Tap on ‘Select’ at the top right.
4.Tap on the group of photos you’d like the delete. As you tap on a ‘moment’, you’ll see a blue checkboxes appear next to every photo in that group.
5.When you’ve finished selecting images, tap on the trash can icon. You’ll be prompted to click on the red link titled ‘Delete Photos’.

Delete groups of photos iPhone
Before we declare war on our Photos library, let’s put some things in perspective using the iPhone 6 camera as an example. Below is a photo taken with the iPhone 6 which is 2448 x 3264 and 2.1MB in size. This number will vary based on settings and your camera. The base model iPhone is 16GB, but that number is actually less when you deduct space for the operating system, apps and any media you have on the device. If you took roughly 476 photos, that would equate to 1GB worth of storage. Point being, that deleting a few images might not be the silver bullet you’re looking for when trying to recover storage space.

Photo size

Tip: If you’d like to get an idea of how much space is occupied by your photo library, there are two ways. From the iPhone, navigate to Settings > General > About. You’ll see how many photos are on your iPhone. To find storage space utilized, connect your iPhone to iTunes. This will provide you with a complete inventory of your storage use.


Top 5 Reasons For Wanting To Delete Photos From iPhone or iPad

  1. It’s a great way to reclaim storage on your iOS device.
  2. You have a large number of unwanted photos.
  3. You have already synced to your computer and don’t use your iOS device to show off your photos.
  4. You are letting a sibling use your iPhone and want to remove some personal content.
  5. After a night out that would make The Hangover seem tame and some nights are before off undocumented.

Delete photo iPhone

Regardless of what iPhone you purchase, for many, managing storage can be a tedious task made worse if space issues start to impact your usage. I speak from experience, missing out on taking video of my daughter, due to storage limit issues. One way to avoid this is to regular delete unused apps and media. If done on a regular basis, deleting multiple photos and videos will help prevent untimely capacity issues from impacting your iPhone experience.  If you need help with anything and everything iPhone, please stop by our . It’s a great place to learn and it’s completely free.

Original article published April 28, 2014. Updated on March 27th, 2015.