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Daniel»CA» 2016 Honda Civic Purchased January 2016 | Verified

The is one of the worst I've ever used. If hassle free music playing is something required, consider other car brands. As I've stated, the is very bad. I am looking forward to purchasing a US Type-R, but if it has the same , and/or the software/hardware hasn't been updated, I will no long buy Hondas as my vehicle of choice of preferred vehicle. I've purchased four new Honda in 10 years. Because they were reliable and trusted. But the latest Honda Civic had tarnished that reputation.

Updated on April 30, 2016Overall the quality, , and economics of the 2016 Civic is great. I absolutely love the new front end . The LED and are awesome!. The quality of materials is most areas is great, although the lower use a material that is EASILY and PERMANENTLY marred. The new instrument cluster is great, love the techy look (animations when starting up, great ). Overall, the vehicle is great, and I enjoy driving it. With one exception: The center is an absolute atrocity. Being in the software development field, it is absolutely clear that almost no R&D and Q&A went in to the and implementation of the . The system is riddled with infuriating bugs, glitches, and malfunctions. 1) USB, , and Apple CarPlay will fail to load/initialize when starting the vehicle. Resulting in having to disconnect/reconnect devices. 2a) USB, , and Apple CarPlay will fail to continue playing the song previously playing when starting the vehicle. 2b) Required steps for resuming playback after shutting off and turning the vehicle back on are: Navigate to Source screen -> Press Play (I think) -> Press "Next Song" (I think) -> Maybe Press Play again? This results in 9 times out of 10, never getting to continue to play the current song. 3) Apple CarPlay will a Black Screen on Startup. This will persist indefinitely until the is disconnected. 4) USB, music will distorted, scratchy, and appear to skip if you press "Next Song." It takes several seconds for the system to either catch up or buffer the song. 5) The entire center will randomly crash, shut down, and restart. One one occasion, an ear-piercing squeal proceeded just before the screen flashed blue several times, after which all personal settings stored in the ( , "At the pump" information, previous locations in the , etc.) were completely wiped and lost. 6) Cannot type space as a valild character for the Wifi Password. 7) The cpu/memory power of the is severely lacking. This is noticable by the slideshow startup of the , and probably the reason why the sounds distorted, scratchy and appear to skip if you press "Next Song". The severity of these problems have seriously made me consider trading in the car for another brand. I've been a Honda owner and purchaser since 2006. I have bought four brand new Honda Civics (06, 2012, 2013 Si and now a 2016 Civic Sedan). And over the course of the last 10 years, I have seen a steady decrease in overall and brand image from Honda. I implore Honda to take this feedback seriously and correct their post haste. The software is in dire need of fixing. And the of the system needs addressed. I'd even purchase a factory upgrade , with a better CPU and more RAM. The was designed to be easily replaced.

Originally Reviewed on March 03, 2016The software and hardware is absolutely horrible. It lacks proper processing power. Any time I change a song on my iPod/ /Pandora, the music is scratchy and distorted and take a moment to clean up. When starting the vehicle, the iPod will NOT resume playing the current song. You MUST press play and skip song. Sometimes when starting the vehicle, the will get stuck at LOADING the iPod. Switching sources, scrolling through song lists, etc. show how underpowered the is. PLEASE PROVIDE AN UPGRADED VERSION OF THE . MORE POWERFUL!.