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DIY- Modern Wall Hanging

Didn’t you know I love wall hangings?  Really wasn’t intending on doing many of these, but the inspiration kept coming.  I see a lot of these types of hangings in stores all over LA, and strangely when I bumped into these gold rings at the craft store, they made me think of the rings I’m wearing on my index finger in , which is what inspired the design for this hanging.  Weird, right?  I like it when inspiration strikes in unexpected ways, mmhmm.


-gold rings in 1.5″ and

-cardboard (about 14″ in length)
-round wood dowel (cut mine to about 7.25″)

string ringI cut a piece of yarn and folded it in half, then put it through the 1.5″ gold ring.

loopTaking the loose ends of the string, I pulled them through the yarn loop and then pulled down, but not all the way.  I kept it loose like shown in the above right photo.  This is called a lark’s head knot and will be done a bajillion more times for this DIY

tied dowelI double knotted the loose ends of the yarn to each end of a wood dowel, then reinforced the knots with a dab of Krazy glue before cutting off the excess yarn.  Weird note- I find watching the glue seep into the knot very satisfying and consider it one of my too-specific favorite craft things.

second loopWith another half-folded piece of yarn, this time knotted at the other end, I tied a lark’s head knot around the 3″ ring., pulling it tight.

connecting ringsI pulled this yarn through the loop of the first lark’s head knot that I left open/loose and tied a Lark’s head knot around THAT.  Larkception (do people still make that joke?).  After pulling that tight, I reinforced the knot with Krazy glue before cutting off the excess yarn.  Then, I pulled the first lark’s head knot tight to secure everything onto the gold ring.

top piece

^Progress report.

yarnI hacksawed a piece of cardboard about 14″ in length from a box and used it to wrap the yarn around it 10 times.  Cutting down one end if the yarn yields this bundle of of half folded yarn.  Guess what I did with it?

yarn hangingsYup, giant lark’s head knot around the the dowel.  I made six of these across the dowel, pulling each one as tightly as possible.


Final step was to give it a hair cut.

DIY yarn hanging-3

Modern yarn hanging DIY-2

DIY Modern yarn hangingsI ended up making two because I couldn’t decide which color yarn to get, so I got both.  I went with the charcoal gray first thinking I’d love it more, but I’m not as impressed with the color as I am with the linen-colored yarn.  It looks much more multi-dimensional than I thought it would, which is what I expected would be the case with the charcoal color, but linen wins this one by far.

What do you think?  What color(s) would you make this in?

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