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September 18, 2009 By John

parish churchAnother fab photo from the Syd Bird image library (thanks Syd) !

This old image shows the Hoylake Parish Church that was in Trinity Road (formerly Church Road). This photo ties-in with this weeks other news item about the . I mentioned in that post that the terraced houses have a name plaque of Church View – you can see those very houses in the background of this photo. Was the church also known as Trinity Church?

A few readers have now informed me that Hoylake Parish Church was demolished the 1970’s as it was deemed to be structually unsound. I’ve just had a read of one of the books I’ve got from the library and a demolition year of 1976 is given. I gather that the Social Club stands on the site of the old vicarage. There must be many more photos of this old church in the backs of drawers and under beds.

But do you know anything about the tunnel that may have existed in the church grounds?

Sometime next week I’ll publish another Syd Bird photo of the also demolished chapel that used to be on the corner of Market Street and Chapel Road.

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