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Emergent Readers, Easy to Read Books and Theme Books.

Reading and Language Arts

Teacher's Guide to The Library of Congress

Scholastic Newsletters with ideas to promote practicing skills at home

What Kindergarten Teachers Wish Parents Knew

4 Ways to Help Your Child Focus

Social Skills and Challenges in Kindergarten

Classroom Freebies

Lesson Plan Diva Freebies

Lots of Free Printables!

Teaching Ideas

Heidi's Blog - Free Printables for Language Arts

Do you like blogs? Here's a bunch!

Pinterest - sites I stumbled upon and want to visit again

iPad Basics
Custom Home Screen
Hand Gestures
Creating Folders
1x vs 2x

Apps in Education

Use Google to find Apps

4 YouTube Services Every Teacher Should Know About

125 Top Homeschool Freebies

Kindergarten Nana's Blog -


100 Printable Home-School Activities for Kindergarten in .pdf format
Send home a letter to the family with a fun activity to do to practice
reading and literacy skills. There is a place for both the parent
(or "learning partner") and the child to sign before returning it.

Take a few days to explore Cherry Carl's website:
Mrs. Carl's Literacy Printables

Getting Young Children Ready to Learn

25 Fun Ways to Encourage Reading

10 Tips: Motivating Young Readers

Guys Read is a literacy program to connect boys
with books they will want to read.

Learning To Read: Resources for Language Arts and Reading Research

Get Ready to Read: One-on-One Activity Cards

Reading Posters: Making Connections

K-5 Reading Lady Teacher Tools
Assessment, Printable Lesson Plans and Strategies, Writing, Worksheets, Forms, more!

Beginning, Middle, End Story Map

Sequence Chart

Question Posters, Associations, Opposites, Math, Categories and More

Suggestion Cards for Asking Thick Questions


Pick up the bat then hit the ball. Turn the doorknob then open the door.

Posters to help children tell b, d, p and q apart

b and d Reversal Cue Cards for Student's Desks

Family FUNdamentals Home Learning Activities:
Printable Summer Packets Pre-K to 2

Summer Learning Tips

Do It Yourself Summer Reading Camp
Week 1 starts with

Summer Activity Calendars

Literacy Activities

Pizza Hut: National Reading Incentive - Book It Program

Reading Logs, Story Map, Sequence more

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

Activity Calendars for the Year

Fiction Based Materials for grade 3 - 6
75 free samples in reading, writing, language, math, and games

Enhancing Components of Balanced Literacy Using the Internet in the Primary Grades
Oral Language, Phon. Awareness, Read-Aloud, Shared Reading, Word Solving
Comprehension, Motivation, Independent Reading, Other Resources, Online Articles

Activity Cards

Arkansas Comprehensive Early Literacy Model

Lots of Literacy Links

Reading Strategies for Emergent Readers

Strategies for Struggling Readers by Cherry Carl

Explanation of Strategies - ideas for teachers and parents
Reading, Writing, Oral Language, Guided Reading, Spelling, Word-Making

(These items are no longer free.)
Reading Strategies using Beanie Babies
Individual Strategy Posters, Bookmarks and One Page Strategy Poster

Reading and Comprehension Posters - Beanie Baby Strategies

Bookmark with strategies that good readers use

Hot Spots Reading Strategy


Webbing Into Literacy: A Colorful Printable Head Start Program

Reader's Workshop: Process, Mini Lessons, Examples and Assessment

Assessment, Comprehension,
Reader's Theater Scripts, and Six Trait Writing

How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation and Links

PowerPoint Templates

Powerpoint Collections

Dr. Jean Songs: Powerpoint Collection

Read Online: by Jennifer Allen
by Martha Horn and Mary Ellen Giacobbe

CIERA Archive is a repository for publications that will be useful
to researchers and practitioners in the field of early literacy.

Teaching Reading and Writing With Garfield the Cat
Online activities for matching and blending sounds, segmenting words, rhyming
Instructional and Educational Printables for Parents and Teachers

Measuring Attitude Towards Reading

Measuring Attitude Towards Writing

Life Skill Nursery Rhymes

Also, links to sites to .

Nursery Rhymes Online: printable cards for sequencing

Need a Rhyming Word?

Rhyming Activities

Rhyming Flashcards
Rhyming Picture Cards

Erase a Rhyme, Draw a Rhyme, or Color a Rhyme

Word Finder:
Type in a word and find all the little words you can make with the letters.


Need a Cliché?

US Dept of Education: Helping Your Child Series

Linda's Links to Literature has over 25,000 links to activities
and lesson plans for children's and young adult literature.
This site is no longer free. You must subscribe to get the lesson plans.

Book Ideas and More

K-3 Literature to use for teaching phonemes, onsets, rimes, alliteration, onomatopeia,
opposites, sequencing, rhyming, short and long vowels

Book Treasure Box - Reading Treasure Box

Story Souvenirs or Story Bits for retelling.

Alphabetical List of Titles with suggestions:

Story Retelling Checklist

PQA: Putting the Question in your Answer
PQPA: Part of the Question in Part of your Answer
TTQA: Turn the Question Around
TQA: Turn the Question Around -can sing it to the tune of Turn the Beat Around

Learning Centers   Literacy Centers   Learning Stations
Reading, Writing, Listening, Spelling, Poetry, Math, Science, Art and more

Pictures of Literacy Work Stations

How to Organize a Poetry Notebook
"Read Together" Anthologies and "Family Reading" Notebooks

Poetry for Notebook

Poetry Journals or Notebooks - Teaching Plan

Justification for Center Activities

Center Charts, Center Journal and Recording Sheet for Newspaper Activity

Props/Visual Aids to Help with Retelling Stories

34 titles including: The Kissing Hand, The Three Bears, Charlie Needs a Cloak

Props to Make and Print - scroll to the bottom

Ideas and Resources for popular children's books

Check out the printables at Jan Brett's site!
Large Alphabet Cards, ,
Finger Puppets, Character Masks, Art Projects,
Name Plates, , , Recipes and more!

Masks from The Mitten

More Masks from Jan Brett:
The Umbrella, The Gingerbread Baby, The Hat and City Mouse, Country Mouse

Animal Masks

"Where The Wild Things Are" mask, homework project, and parent letter
Skill - determining whether a story is real or make-believe

Paper Plate Crafts

Paper Plate Projects and Masks

12 Animal Masks, Red Riding Hood, Wolf, Santa, Jack-o'-lantern, and Clown

"Arthur" Character Masks

Crown Patterns

Funny Glasses, Cat, Dog, Butterfly and Pig Masks

Cat Mask

The Three Bears Masks

Witch, Frankenstein, Dracula and a Skull Mask

Chimp Mask

Snowflake Masks

The Ultimate Guide to Online Renaissance Resources

Watch a 9 minute video of "The Three Wishes" a Reader's Theater Performance

menu is on the right

Aaron Shepard’s Stories, Scripts, and More

Reader's Theater Scripts

based on the book by Robert Munsch
by Rudyard Kipling
A Lesson in Cooperation


Thanksgiving Play

Skits, Plays and Scripts

Skits for Scouts and Scouters

Aesop's Fables Online

Literature Circle Models


printable forms

Story Patterns

Quick as a Cricket, From Head to Toe, Go Away Big Breen Monster,
Brown Bear, Chicka Chicka, 5 Little Monkeys, Napping House

Denise Fleming Books and Printable Activities

Brown Bear Ideas and Printables

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Patterns, Ideas and Links

Story Props

Take Home Discovery Packs - Themed Book Collections - Literacy Backpacks

Almost 60 literacy activity cards for parents and children to share together.
Print on card stock, laminate and include in the literacy packs.

Permission Letter to participate in Take Home Packs

Scat the Cat Flannelboard Story and cat pattern

Story Sequencing Activities

How a Pumpkin Grows

Paper Bag Puppets

plus puppet patterns, paper bag puppets, sock puppets, hand puppets, and scripts

Literacy Props

Nursery Rhymes, Poems and Books

Action Stories: Print, Read and Act Out

Glyphs: each detail represents a unique bit of information.

The Kissing Hand Ideas and Printables

school tour

The Chronicles of Narnia Printables

The Polar Express Links


If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Activities

The Gingerbread Man Ideas and Activities

There Was an Old Lady Resources and Link

Books With Repeating Lines

Read Write Sing Lesson Printables

Games: UK Speech Therapy, General education, picture cards, s and more


Find some excellent free downloads: Back to School Poems & Song Cards,
Month Song Cards, ABC Printing Pages, Number Poems, Tooth Chart and more

Free Online Games

Printable Songs

Reading Lady Downloads
Activities - Lesson Plans - Assessment - Comprehension - Reader's Theater
Resources - Teachers - Six Trait Writing - Reading Strategies

Head Template

Clifford the Big Red Dog
Counting Song and Links to Printables

Printable Crafts for Kids

Monthly and Seasonal Crafts and Templates

Monthly Winsock Patterns

Monthly Quilt Patterns

22 Fun Activities

The Best Paper Airplane

Build a Medieval Castle


Lots of Snowflake Projects and Activities

Do2Learn Picture Cards (free and for purchase)

Black and white picture cards to help you make your own schedules,
story strips and talking back cards.

Pictures to use for Visual Directions

write, draw, color, glue, cut, trace, listen, look, think, tell and more

Free Visual Aides for Learning - early childhood, routines, home and school visuals

File Folder Games, Music, Spanish, Teacher Resources and more!

Reading, Phonics, Spelling, Writing, Handwriting,
Fine Motor Printables and Phonemic Awareness Activities
Spelling Pattern Charts, Instant Word Tests, Short Vowel Bingo,
Phonemic Awareness Mats, Dinosaur and Pizza Thematic Units & More

Alphabet Posters with realistic photos

Garfield the Cat Alphabet Posters

Sign Language Alphabet in Videos

ASL for Kids: Photos of Sign Language Letters, Numbers and Words

Free Flashcards, Alphabet, Phonics and Number Worksheets
--cut and manipluate the letters into words,
with and without the phonetic mark

Flashcards: Alphabet Cards and Beginning Sound Pictures for each letter

Lots of Literacy Printables and Ideas
scroll to the bottom: beginning sound picture cards for sorting, rhyming cards

Dolch Sight Flashcards

Make your own word flashcards - choose 6, 12 or 18 cards per page

Pocket Chart Ideas

Grammar Games, Vocabulary Builders, Phonics Programs, Flash Cards,
Worksheets, Bingo Ideas, Blackline Coloring Sheets, Online Flash Games and more


Word Wall Bingo Card Generator

Making and Using a Word Wall

Word Wall Links

Printable Word Wall Word Game: I have (and). Who has (zoo)?

Lots of Printable Games to Make

Word Wall Activities

Rainbow Word Activities

Sight Word and Reading Games to Make

Punctuation Songs, Contraction Songs, Word Wall Activities and Chants

Sight Word Practice Pages  

Ideas for Reading Games to Make

Games to Make, Phonics, Picture Cards, Kdg Assessment, Calendar,
Math Activities, Science Activities, , more

Make and Take
bingo, books, patterns, props, sequence, songs, counting, colors, shapes, more

Games to Print

Links to More Games

Word Game Boards - Print and Play

Reading Game Boards and Posters

More Reading Board Games

Blank Game Boards

9 Concentration Word Games

Alphabet Flashcards in Color

Alphabet Letter Arc Mats

Alphabet Letter Arc Activities
p. 6-10

Alphabet: Letter and Sound of the Week

Alphabet Letter and Rhyme a Day

Alphabet, Number and Shape Posters in Color

List of Diphthongs from the Fry List

Diphthong Activities - Flash and Printable : oo ou oy oi ow au aw ew

Dolch Word Lists, Phrase List, Noun List

Fry's First 300 Instant Word Lists

Sound of the Week

Printable Phonics, Syllable and Accent Rules

BBC Phonics Worksheets   

Phonics Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Phonics Posters

Marvelous Munchers: Alphabet, Letter Sound, Word or Math Review

Alphabet, Emotions, Following Directions, Handwriting, Nursery Rhymes
Phonics, Picture Sentences, Shapes, Time, Words of the Week

Word Wall, Number Family, Dolch Word Lists, Concentration, Themes A-Z,
Flash Cards, Phrase Cards, Game Boards, Bingo, Word Finds, more

Popcorn Word Posters: colors, numbers, days and sight words

Carl's Corner: Go Fish for Sight Words Set I, High Frequency Word Cards,
Pictures and Words for Sorts, Spelling, Word Family Worksheets and more!

Crash! Sight Word Game

Word Games to Make and Play

Word Family Lists

Word Family Printable Letter Cards  

Word Family Ice Cream Cones

Consonant Blends Flashcards

Word Family Flash Cards
This site is no longer free.
ack   op   ing   ide   ay

Word Family: Online Word Maker

Word Family and Rhyming Worksheets

Alphabet Recognition Games, Cryptograms, Consonant Worksheets, Tracers Pages and more

Blank Word Cards: 8 cards on one page

Picture Flashcards

This site is no longer free.

You can do "phonemic awareness" activities in the dark.
by Mrs. Brooks, Retired Lakeview Reading Specialist

Phonemic Awareness Worksheets

Only some of the worksheets are free.
-you need to practice the 31 vowels online.
the letter names, consonants, blends, vowels and digraphs

Printable Art, Science, Math, Social Studies and Language Art Templates

K-3 Worksheets
Reading, Language Arts, Writing, Math, Science, Seasonal, File Folder Games

Writing and Handwriting

Fine Motor Activities

Activities to Develop Handwriting Skills

How to Hold a Pencil : The Correct Pencil Grip

Printing Readiness, trace circles, lines, zigzags, warm-up writing exercises,
journal pages with lines, large letters and numbers with arrows, cursive, more

Ideas on how to draw pictures.

Order to teach letters in handwriting

Move your mouse over a letter to see animated letter formation!

Practice Printing Letters Online using your mouse

Practice the 26 letters on lined paper

Free School Fonts - print, cursive and trace

Kid's Fonts

A textface that has the look of a primer worksheet for teaching handwriting.
Print Clearly is available in three styles Regular, Dashed and Bold.

Thousands of Free Fonts

Writing Ideas and Newsletter!

Joyful Writing-to-Read Kindergartens: Free e-Book

Writing Genre Posters

Onomatopoeia Poster and    

Figurative Language Posters: (scroll to the middle)
Alliteration, Analogy, Idiom, Metaphor, Personification and Simile
includes other printables about reading and writing

6 + 1 Traits Posters
ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency,
conventions, presentation or publish

More Reading and Writing Strategy Posters

Handwriting Readiness

Letter Printing Practice

Number Rhymes - how to form the numbers 0 - 9

Journal Paper from
There are 4 different journal types to use during the year.

Lined Paper: (top line blue, middle line red, bottom line green)

Lined Paper: several kinds

Stages of Writing

Writing Prompts and Online Writing Games

Journal Activities - Writing Activities - Writing Workshop Resources

Writing Process Posters

4 "What If..." Writing Prompts

Seasonal and Holiday Writing Prompts

Story Starters

Candy Cane Story Starters

Writing Prompts

Writing Fun by Jenny Eather Level: Grades 2-8

This Interactive site explains the different types of writing
and allows students to practice their writing skills online.

Math Journals and Other Math Ideas

Kdg Math Problems

Daily Oral Math Journal Prompts: (This site is no longer free.)

Emotions Journal

211 Words to Use Instead of said.

Words to use instead of...
said, good, big, small, went, look, laugh, slow, happy, sad, nice, eat

Story Writing Worksheets 4 All Ages from Author Tabitha Jean D'Agata

, Children's Author
Kids Can Write Contest August 1, 2008 - April 25, 2009
Computer Keyboard

Writing Mini Lessons

Teaching Writing With Touchstone Books:
A Collaborative K-3 Literacy Project

What are touchstone texts? Conferring

What are touchstone texts? Activity

Mini Office to use with Kindergarten

to teach children how to write and read.

Writer's Checklist

Handwriting Worksheet Maker

Choose a handwriting style, enter a name or words and print.

Lined Paper


Printing Practice

Teaching With a Smartboard

Tips for Using the Smartboard, Prometheus, or Interactive Whiteboards

Companies, Resources, Websites and Software for Interactive Whiteboards

Elementary SMART Lessons (in .notebook)
Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Resources, Extras

Kdg Smartboard Links!

Links to Activities for K,1.2. and 3 for the Smartboard

Online and SMARTboard Math and Language Arts Practice

Scholastic - Browse Online Activities by Grade & Subject

Links to Online Stories to Read

Online Reading and Math Games and Activities

Online Word Games and Stories

Online Reading Activities

Online Kdg Learning Games and Activities

Listen to stories online!

Online Picture Match: beginning sounds, short vowels and long vowels

Phonics for Free - Online or Worksheets

Phonics and Phoneme Activities and Online Practice


    Learn to Write the Numbers Online

Online Interactive Literacy and Math Websites

Math Resources Grades K-2   

Basic Math Activities: colors and shapes, numbers, operations and date and time

Math Activities

Mrs. Alphabet's Links to Math Activities Online

Music and Math: Online Activities

Math Stories for The Three Little Pigs

Count Us In - Online Math Games

Online Educational Java Programs for Math

Time, US Money, Pattern Blocks and more

Online Math Activities K-12

Online Math Games

Interactive Math Games and Design Your Own Games

Online Math Dictionary

Printable Math Manipulatives and Games

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: Pre-K to 12

Online Tangram Puzzles

Make Your Own Tangram Puzzle and Tangram Activities

Tangram Puzzle 

What's My Rule? - Online Game

This site provides math quizzes for teachers and students.
You can create a quiz and select the range of numbers you'd like to use.
Students can grade the quiz online and generate new problems for more practice.

These 2 sites are no longer available.
Everyday Math asked them to remove their content.
EveryDay Math Online Games

Online Kdg Everyday Math Activities

Free Printable Math Activities

Over 130 free math teaching and learning articles

Math Worksheets, Lesson, Homework, and Quizzes: free + for purchase
by math teachers trying to make it easier for everyone to learn math

Lego Bingo
Lego Warrior Dominoes

30 page Kdg Math Assessment

Math Their Way K-2
Lesson Plans, Blackline Masters and Assessment Cards

Math Activities, Articles, and Worksheets from

Free Math Worksheets for Kdg (subscribers have access to more)

Numbers, Counting, Patterns, Addition, Subtraction, Money and Fractions

Math Literature - Math Books - Books About Math Concepts

Math Tubs - Math Centers - Lesson Plans

Reading Rainbow: Math is Everywhere

p.9 Program Ideas   p.12 Activities   p.15 Kid's Math Websites

Fun With Numbers: Printable Crafts, Activities, and Resources

Number Rhymes - how to form the numbers 0 - 9

Sorting Mats

Math Activities and Science Samples

Attributes, Numbers, Measurement, Geometry and Patterns are Explored

Dice Games
You can make dice using any blank wooden/plastic cubes you have.
Write directly on the cube or on stickers so you can change them if you need to.

More Roll-a-___: Dice Games

Roll and Build Dice Games


Math Connections at The Virtual Vine
Shapes, Patterns, Numbers and Counting, Odd and Even, Graphing,
Calendar, Ordinals, Addition, Number Words, Money, Time,
Measurement, Fractions, Symmetry and links to Math Websites

Symmetrical Snowflakes - Symmetry

Math Games to Make or Adapt

Greater Than or Less Than Alligator

File Folder Math Games

Matching File Folder Games

Big & Little   Sorting by Categories   Matching by Size   Number Sense

Number Matching Game 1-10

Spatial Concepts: Over, Under, In and Out

Spatial, Number, Pattern, Shape Worksheets and Number Flashcards

Number Posters 1-20 and Number Match Game (Most items are free on this page.)

Shapes Packet and Shape Patterns

Match the Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions
Random Generated Worksheets K-5

Math: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Worksheets

Counting, Money, Addition and Subtraction and more

Math Flashcards, Worksheets, Games and Homework Helper

Monster Squeeze: A Number Guessing Game

Number Family Activities


Hand Made Manipulative Instructions

Pattern Blocks, Base Ten Blocks, Attribute Blocks,
Color Tiles, Rods, Graph Paper and more

Pattern Block Templates

Pattern Block Puzzles - BW and color

Blank Geoboard

Math Manipulatives and more

Manipulatives to Make
Dice, Clock, Fractions, Number Cards, Rulers, Shapes, Spinner, Thermometer

Graph Paper generator and more

Butterfly Counters

Blank Clifford Number Cards

100 Day Printables

0 - 99 Number Chart

Number Game: I have (14). Who has (6)?

100 Chart Designs: Shade numbers to make a letter or picture
or use a 100 pocket chart and have children flip numbers

Online Interactive Hundreds Chart
Use this as a computer station or a place to try your own designs.

Online Sort the Pattern Blocks: use your mouse to move the blocks

100 Number Chart

101 to 200 Chart

Blank 100s Chart and Fill in the Numbers

100 Number Chart - Fill in the Numbers

Graph Paper in cm or inches

Online Missing Numbers

Number Lines 0-15

A Matter of Time: worksheets and lessons about the clock

One Page Large Blank Clock Face

Clock Worksheets

Telling Time Worksheets

Make your own "time" worksheets.
Choose the time to display on the clocks. Use their print button.

Math Worksheets
UK Coins and Money, Shape Dominoes, Magic Square, Time, Missing Number
Body Part Graph, Handwriting, Letter Fans, Hundred Chart, 3D Shapes, more

Number Dominoes

UK Math and Other Printables

Australian Money

Penny Toss Tally Chart
(heads or tails - probability - Lincoln and President's Day - money)

Printable US Coins from Bry-Back Manor

US Coins

Pictures of US Coins - Front and Back

US Paper Money

US Bills and Coins Money Identifier Checklists for Children

Shel Silverstein's Money Value Poem: Smart

Print Your Own Monopoly Money

The 50 States Quarters Lessons and Printable Money Pages K-1

The U.S. Presidential Dollar Coins ()

Bingo Card Generator List

Brown Bear Bingo

Telling Time Bingo

Around the House Bingo

Singular and Plural Bingo

Assorted Math Work Mats

Teeth WorkMat

10 x 10 Graph

Links to Graphing Activities Grades 1-6

Ideas, Lessons, Printables, Photos, Free Graphs and some for purchase

A List of Daily Math Graph & Yes/No Questions

Graph The Question of the Day or The Question of the Week


Weather graph on p. 4

Monthly Weather Graphs

Teacher Tools and Websites

A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet
How to Repair Library Books

Chatboards for all levels

Canadian Teachers.net

Special Education Law, Education Law, and Advocacy for Children with Disabilities

Links to Early Childhood Websites

K-3 Teacher Websites

K-5 Teacher Websites

Looking for a job?

It's FREE to teachers, administrators, speech pathologists
and other personnel looking for a job in education.

Teaching jobs from across the U.S.
Jobs include positions from kindergarten to the college level.

School teachers request materials and supplies while potential donors
search for a teacher in need of their gifts of money or, new and used goods.

Teaching Cheap

Using a Digital Camera in the Classroom

Labels for your classroom: book bins, calendar, center signs, job chart and more!
Parent Handouts: The Value of Play, Readiness, Books & Reading,
Developmental Milestones & Individual Differences, EC Curriculum, Values & Caring

You need to register, but it's free!

Differentiated Instruction

101 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Volunteers

101 Ways Your School Can Change the World

Free Websites for Teachers

The Internet Tourbus -
Learn about computer viruses, search engines, spam, cookies, urban legends, more

Which side of your brain do you use more?

Color Blindness Test

Links to Teacher Tools

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Developmental Checklist for 4 and 5 year olds

Create a Website for your classroom

Kdg Screening Tool    

Kdg Assessment

Phonemic Awareness Assessment

Kindergarten Readiness Exam

Characteristics Checklist for Asperger's Syndrome: Social Interactions
0-3 years old

Free Online Practice Tests: GRE   PRAXIS   MAT   more!

Lesson Plan Search

Lesson Plan Templates
Kdg Core Knowledge Lesson Plans and Printables
Lang Arts, History, Visual Arts, Music, Math, Science

Lesson Plans for the First Six Weeks of Kdg

Plans for 4 quarters of Kdg

Classroom Behavior Management System and Behavior Chart

Behavior Modification including "The Envelope" and "Mystery Student"

Back to School Night Tips

Ideas to Organize Your Classroom

Teacher Forms and Letters

Free Teacher Forms:
7 books of additional forms are available for purchase. Sample forms:
Homework/Assignment Not Done, Homework Record Sheet, Tracking Sheet,
Incident Report, Parent Contact Record Sheet, Home Reading Log, more!

Tammy's Tidbits: Freebies
bookmarks, nametags, behavior charts, holiday thank you notes,
survival kits, certificates, postcards,

Greeting Cards

Thank You Cards

Teacher Freebies

Homework Help

Tic-Tac-Toe Weekly Homework Template

Weekly Homework Ideas

Monthly Homework Calendars

ReadWriteThink Printing Press: Use this interactive site to create
and print your newsletters, flyers, brochures, or booklets.

Newsletter Templates

News Clipping Generator - type in a headline and a story

JibJab - Put you and your friends in a video for fun!

Teacher Tools - Links to Sites to Make Your Work Easier

Past Columns of Harry and Rosemary Wong

Back to School Lesson Plans and Printables

Ice Breakers: Getting to Know You Activities

The New Teacher Guide Book

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About How to Start the Year
But Were Afraid to Ask

Marvin Marshall - 5 Classroom Tips - Promoting Discipline and Learning

Classroom Management Tips and Beginning of the Year Ideas

27 Tips for Communicating With Parents

Tips for Teachers

Curriculum Mapping - Kindergarten Sample

70+ Articles for Teachers, Counselors and Parents

coping, character education, childhood events, solutions, tips for parents

Back to School Welcome Letter Sample

Sample Letters to Parents

includes: Importance of Play Letter

Research and Advocacy: What's New - Alliance for Childhood
Crisis in the Kindergarten: A New Report on the Disappearance of Play

Importance of Play: 8 page article

NPR: Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills

10 Reasons Play Can Make You Healthy, Happy, and More Productive
Recess helps kids do better in school 03/09/09

Recess Research

Welcome Postcards

Free Stuff

Randomizing Class Choices: Changing Up the Monotony

Constructive Classroom Rewards
"It’s just a little treat" -the harm in using food to reward children

Rewards for Grades: local and national

Free Homework Coupons

What We Are Doing Center Signs

Center Sign Labels and Pictures

Book Box Labels, Book Bin Labels and Signs

Desktop Name Tags

101 Positive Principles of Discipline

32 Cheers by Dr. Jean

Recipes for Paint, Dyes, Bubbles, Crayons, Chalk, Playdough and more

Teacher Tips
Nancy P removes food coloring from skin with toothpaste!
Pattey uses toothpaste to remove grass stains!

Kdg Art Lesson Plans  

Are you interested in Culinary School? This list is sorted by state.

: Can you add any?

Food Picture Recipes

Recipes and Photos

Gifts in a Jar Recipes

161 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers or Neighbors
Some printable poems for Gift Tags

Cook With Books - Inspire a love of reading with your kids
and prepare a kid's recipe to elaborate on your reading and learning experience.

Printable Recipes

Iowa State University's Tasty Insect Recipes

PVC Chart Stand Directions

Skill Rings for Assessments

Business Card Size Skill Ring Possibilities

Discovery Bottles

Alphabet Graphics and Fonts

Alphabets Strips and Ideas

Free Teach-nology Worksheets

Early Childhood: Alphabet and Number Practice,
Worksheet Makers: Puzzles and Word Searches,
Graphic Organizers, Rubric Makers, Critical Thinking,
Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and more

phonics materials for teachers, worksheets, free printable ebooks,
phonics workbook, and printable phonics worksheets

Teacher Portfolio Dividers

Help for your Educational Job Search

Tough Interview Questions and Answers

Using the iPOD for learning

Online Timer: counts up or counts down then signals

Online Stopwatch

Running Records Calculator

Grade Slider for the MAC

Database of Leveled Books: Search for books that have been leveled
using either the Reading Recovery or Guided Reading methodologies.

Leveled Reading Correlation Chart
Grade   Reading a-z   Fountas & Pinnell   Reading Recovery   DRA

Level Books Yourself

Picture Book Database: abstracts of over 5000 children's picture books
Keyword Search, Alphabetic Search of Keywords
or by author, publisher, date, abstract provider, etc.

How to Write a Grant Resources

Grant Resources

Corporations & Foundations offering funding for education

Report Card Comments

Teacher Report Card - Rate Your Teacher

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers

Printable Chart for Teachers

"MOOSE" or "BEAR" Binders for Organization and Lists of Acronyms

Chair Pocket Directions

Games to Play Indoors or Outdoors

Daily Physical Activities and Games

Anywhere Games:
Run Around, Paper and Pencil, Sit Still, and With a Bunch of Kids

Physical Education Lesson Plans

Activities and Games: hula hoop, parachute, bean bag, frisbee, balls, scarves,
lummi sticks, tag and group fun, golf, aqua aerobics, jump rope, and more

Parachute Games

  Sport and Lead-up   Tag/Chase/Flee
Combative/Soft War   Dance and Rhythmic   Holiday   Small Space
Misc. Games   Making Teams   Birthday Party Games

Cross the Midline Activities

Birthday Party Games and Printables

Printable Invitations (pdfs are free, you need to purchase the editable cards)

Internet Projects Registry: Join a Project or Announce Your Own

More Internet Projects

Hewlitt Packard Online Courses
Microsoft Outlook 2002, Scanning, Digital Photography and more

Hewlitt Packard Free Activities

Head Lice: Info and FAQ

No Cost Individual and Class Rewards

Teachers.net Printables

ABC Teach Printables

Assignment Sheets, Awards, Bookmarks, Calendars, Center Signs,
Certificates, Labels, Maps, Special Paper, Theme Signs and lots more!

Posters, Bingo Cards, Certificates, Game Boards and more

Bingo Card Generator

Animals, Numbers to 30, Nutrition, Shapes, Christmas, Halloween, Spring,
Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Canada Day, Bible,
Strawberry Shortcake, Veggie Tales, Young Children's TV Shows and Blank

Sayings, Poems and Gift Projects and Crafts for Many Occasions

babies, gag gifts, holidays, teachers, garden, seasons, and more

Gifts in a Cup

Gifts in a Jar

K-2 Webquests

Writing Webquests: an inquiry-oriented activity in which information
that learners interact with comes from resources on the Internet.

Writing Webquests the Aussie Way

Integrating Technology into your Curriculum

Bonnie Fulgham's Computer Lab Links

Forms for Teachers

Mrs. Perkins First Grade Forms and Testing

Dolch Word Lists, 100s chart, Lesson Plan Template, ABC Flashcards,
Assessment Forms, Timed Math Problems, and a Grading Aid

Excel Lesson Plan Template

Links to Lesson Plan Templates

Scroll down for more printables:
Awards, Border Papers, Covers and Coloring Pages, Notes, Poetry Forms,
Report Forms, Skill Booklets, Teaching Extras and Writing Prompts

Holiday, Theme, Games, Templates, Little Books, Paper Dolls,
Stationery, Mini Calendars, Bookmarks and more

American Flags to Color

Canadian Flag

Chore Charts

Awards, Bulletin Boards, Calendars, Center Signs, Certificates,
Finger Puppets, Lesson Plan, Name Plates, Teachers Notes Home, Writing Paper

Preschool: Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Size, File Folder Activities and more

Shelley Lovett's Preschool Printables

Preschool Printables from Pre-Kinders: Rhyming Cards, MiniBooks, Math,
Science, Shapes for Patterning, Assessment and Classroom Management

Preschool Printables from Pre-Kinders: Rhyming Cards, MiniBooks, Math,
Science, Shapes for Patterning, Assessment and Classroom Management

Alphabet and Numbers Worksheets - Traceable letters, numbers and shapes

Links to Awards and Certificates

Online Award Maker

Choose a border, choose a message, fill in info then print.

Student Award Certificates

The Word Document versions can be downloaded to your computer enabling you to alter the text.

Awards to Print for All Ages

Alphabet, Number, Matching, Color, Shape, Animal, Time Flashcards
Name Plates, Awards & Certificates, Bookmarks, Center Signs,
Pocket Chart Helpers, Sticker Charts, Coloring Alphabet, Shape Books,
Cubbie Tags, Days of the Week, Dolch Words / First Words Flashcards

Kathy Schrock's Assessment and Rubric Information

Kindergarten Rhyming Rubric

Graphic Organizers are used to enhance pre- and post-reading experiences during Guided Reading. There are links to examples and directions for some of the more common graphic organizers:

Thinking Maps

Make and Take

stick puppets, alphabet game, barrette graph, hair tie patterns, and more

Teacher Tools

Bookmarks, Nametags, Bulletin Board Border, Student Notes, and Writing Paper

Printable Tools

Stationery, Cards, Envelopes, Calendars, Labels, Signs and Odds 'n' Ends

Cards, Envelopes, Boxes, Baskets

Teacher Printables

bookmarks, no homework coupons, test reminder notices, name tags, more

Printable Checklists for Parents and Teachers

Charts and Printouts for Daycare

toothbrushing chart, signs, coupon books for kids and parents, more

Kid's Coupon Book

Bookmarks, Calendars, Online Games, WordSearch, Stickers and More

Printable Stickers on 'no-cut' label paper
sports, holiday, nature and animal, alphabet, number, transportation, more

Color stickers, High Frequency Words, ABC printable labels
(Avery Address Label 5160: 1 x 2 5/8)

Create Flashcards, Worksheets, Game Boards, Quizzes, Word Bingo Cards
Word Scramble, Word Search, Trace the Words and Big Signs

Create a Word Search

Worksheet Library, Educators' Calendar, Quiz Library, Students Handouts
Graphic Organizers, Awards and Certificates, Blackline and Outline Maps,
Math Flashcards, Internet Guide, and Forms for Assessment, Lesson Planning,
Behavior Management, Classroom Organization, Substitute Teacher

Certificates, Awards and Homeschool Materials

Coloring Pages Search Engine

Reading A to Z offers printables for coping with Katrina

Level W book, activities, charts and diagrams, and coping

Educational Clipart

Monthly Seasonal Clipart and Activities

Monthly and Seasonal Printables - changes weekly

Monthly and Seasonal Activity Kits

Worksheets for Many Subjects

Printable Activities, Games, Crafts, Easy Songs, Online Games and Activities

Ants, Authors and Characters, Bats, Bears, Birds, Butterflies, Character Education and Manners, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, Dinosaurs, How to Draw, Easter, Egypt and Mummies, Spanish Words, Farm, Fire Safety, Grandparent's Day, Groundhog Day, Halloween, Hibernation, 100 Days, Insects, Kites, Math, Mice, The Mitten, Money, Myself, I Am Special, New Year's, St. Patrick's, Penguins, Pets, Plants and Seeds, Puzzles, Recipes, Science, Sea Stars, Dr. Seuss, Sharks, Sing Along Songs, Spiders, Thanksgiving, Trees, Valentine’s Day, Weather, Winter, Word Activities and Zoo Animals

Printables for Many Themes, +emergent readers, +games to print and make

Play 2 Learn Printables

Over 2,000 free printables sorted by subjects like alphabet, math, reading, writing, etc.

Browse by grade, age or topic!

Schoolsparks Worksheets and Activities    
Fine Motor, Visual Discrimination, Math, Phonemic Awareness, Letter and Word

Early Learning Resources
Literacy, Math, Themes, Celebrations, Editable Resources, Songs, Games, and more

Science Experiments for Young Children

Monthly Holidays and Celebrations: List and Websites for each month

Birthdays of authors and famous people, national holidays, monthly celebrations

Bizarre American Holidays


Summer Olympics Resources

Celebrate America, Washington, DC and The Election

Holidays Through the Year Sampler

Weather Bears

Bus Safety Coloring Pages

Head Start Transportation Safety Education Curriculum 112 pages

Let's Have Fun with Fire Safety: Exty and Hydro's 24 page Activity Book

16 page Fire Safety Book

8 page Color and Learn Sesame Street Fire Safety Book

Bicycle Safety Fun Book

Halloween Printables

(scroll down to the last third of the page for the links)


Martin Luther King, Jr. Resources K-5

Monthly Ideas and Patterns: teddy bear, pumpkin, turkey,
snowman, valentine, st. patrick's, plants, star, sun, alphabet

Monthly Family Project Ideas


Monthly Family Project: includes Patterns and Parent Letters

January Centers

February Centers

Seasonal Patterns and Activities

Library of Congress: Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies

Links to Valentine's Day Printables

Valentine, Halloween, and Christmas "Sucker" (Lollipop or Taffy) Wrappers

Preschool Holiday: Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween and more

Rainbow and St. Patrick's Day Ideas and Patterns

St. Patrick's Day Printables

Earth Day Book Downloads

Mother's Day Gift and Craft Ideas - Songs and Poems

National Postal Museum Postal Pack: Guide for K-6

Canadian Kindergarten Worksheets

Kindergarten in Canada

Australian Worksheets and Activities from Teaching Treasures

English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Crossword Puzzles, Health and more

CyberSmart: Using the Internet Safely
K-8 Lesson Plans and Student Activity Sheets

Animal Printouts and Information Sheets

Plus Nursery Rhymes, Art Projects, Geography and more!

Animal Playing Cards

The Learning Page Worksheets

Alphabet, Calendar, Money, Senses, Time, Measure, Numbers
Oceans, Zoo Animals, Dinosaurs, Reptiles, Insects, Space
Lesson Plans for Preschool to 2nd grade
You need to register but it's free!

Kids Astromomy

the sky tonight, online classes for ages 7-11 and 12-18, solar system

Zoo Activity Packets from the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Walkers and Wrigglers Pre-K   Indiana Family Farm Pre-K to Grade 2
Bringing Up Baby Kindergarten  Fur, Feathers, and Scales Grade 1
Related to Reptiles Grade 2  Africa! Grades 2-8  
The Indonesian Rain Forest Grades 2-8  The Australian Adventure Grades 2-8

Teacher's Guides K-2 and 4-8

Arctic Animals, Whales, Sharks, Penguins and more

Science Printables: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians, and Ocean
Games, Quizzes and Activities for primary grades
You need to register but it is free!

Matching, Drawing, Origami, Picture Scramble, Shadows, Name Scramble,
Spot the Differences, Fold-ins, Make a Word, Who Am I?, Word Search
Quizzes on Animals, Weather, Geology and the Night Sky

Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies - many subjects

Animal Flashcards

ESL Flashcards
= pirate, monkey, alphabet, animal habitat, bear, gorilla, monsters, seasons, places
= jobs, scientist, animal bodies, animal behavior, space explorer, wizard,
spaceship, health/safety, superhero, classroom, continents/oceans, rooms
= amounts, team sports, spring, summer, fall, clothes, greek, medieval,
emotions, fairy tales, animal groups, simile, shapes/numbers/colors

Flash cards - Alphabet, ESL and ESOL, Flash Card Games, Holidays, Language Arts,
Math, People, Phonics, School, Science, Social Studies, and Vocabulary

Land Form Flashcards

Dr. Jean's Activity Archive

These printables change every month:

Nick, Jr. Printables

Sponge Bob, Blue's Clues, Dora, Bob, Little Bear and more


Social and Self-Help Activities, Calendar Skills, Basic Skills, Back to School,
Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Summer Fun, Time and Money,
Picture Recipes and Louisiana

Create a Timeline (may be from 1000 AD to the current year)

Who was born the same time as you?

The Food Timeline
Make ancient recipes in a modern kitchen using 21st century ingredients.

Ethnic and Cultural Food Guide Pyramids

2005 USDA Food Guide

The Power of Choice: Lessons on Healthy Eating and Fitness Choices
written for preteens but may be adapted for other grades

Dairy Council of California Printables: some are in Spanish

Cow and Dairy Product Fingerplay

Dairy Product Finger Puppets

Cow Finger Puppets

PreSchool to Kdg Worksheets

Fine Motor, Handwriting, Number, Pattern, Shape and Misc.

Number Posters, Alphabet Posters, Alphabet Worksheets, and Flashcards

50 States Worksheets, Maps and Online Activities

Sing Along: The 50 States That Rhyme Song

Printable Song Sheets

10 Little Elephants, Head and Shoulders, ABC Song,
Rainbow Song and Old MacDonald

Free Coloring Books About The Weather

Bry-Back Manor: 265 Activity Pages for Many Themes and Holidays

Life Skill Nursery Rhymes

Posters aimed at encouraging life-long learning, diversity, appreciation,
creative thinking, positive school communities, and more!

Posters: Educational, Motivational, Inspirational, Famous Sayings, and For Fun

Character Development

Teaching Guides: Discussion Questions, Writing Assignments, Student Activities
and Parent Involvement tips for Character Education and Life Skills.

Book Lists for Character Traits

Character Education: 18 Coloring Pages

Career Coloring Book

Going on a Trip? Printable Car Games and Activities

Travel Bingo:    

Mom, I'm Bored Charts   

Family Tree Template

The Pledge of Alligiance Printout

Good Boy! Movie Reproducibles

KidZone: Free Printable Activity Worksheets in Each Section

Buy worksheets and thematic units in their online store.

Kid's Page Archive Worksheets

Preschool-K, Math, English, Mythology, Geography, History, Science,
Spelling Words, and Miscellaneous Worksheets

ESL Themes and Printables: Lots of Topics

Teach-nology Free Worksheets

Free Worksheets - Many Subjects

Lang Arts: alphabet; Math: estimating, measuring, patterns; Character Education; Health: handwashing and teeth

"Color" Worksheets and Ideas

Colgate Tooth Care Lesson Plans and Printables

Preschool Dental Coloring Book

Teeth and Dental Themes

The 6 Steps of Handwashing

Handwashing Song

Printables for Father's Day and More

Billy Bear Worksheets

Alphabet Coloring Sheets

Printable Activity Sites


Personal Educational Press

Create free educational worksheets such as flashcards,
game boards, and quizzes to print directly from your browser.

A to Z Teacher's Stuff

Clock, Digestive System, World Map, Skeleton and Toothbrushing Chart

Print the Patterns and Assemble
Buildings, Costumes, Toys, Biology, Natural Science, Origami, Seasons and Holidays

Origami Projects

Origami Links

Printable Miniatures

Marilee's Paperdoll Pages and Lots of Links to Other Sites

Recipe Cards, Stationery, Candy Bars Wrappers, Greeting Cards and Gift Tags

Country Candy Bar Wrappers

Candy Bar Wrappers

Calendars, Greeting Cards, Gift Tags, Bookmarks, Simple Legal Documents

Recipe Cards, Shopping Lists, Gift Tags and To Do Lists

Blackline Maps

National Geographic Blackline Maps

Black Outline Maps of the US and Beyond

50 States Activities and Blackline Maps

USA Map with states labeled

Outline Maps

U. S. State Maps:
States   States with Capitals   Physiography

Maps and Map Skills

The CIA World Fact Book

Printable Reference Maps

Mapping Theme Page

Calendars and Numbers

Click here to go to a to print.
Calendar Numbers and Seasonal and Holiday CutOuts

Calendar Math

Free Online Web Calendar Hosting

Links to Other Sites with Free Printables
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