Закрыть ... [X]

Our server was good, although service did take quite some time, from sitting down until the food was served.
My steak, which I ordered medium rare (it was a bison steak) came out medium/medium well, depending on which part of the steak you cut in to. Our server asked if I wanted it re-done, but we had a show to get to and didn't have time for them to remake my food (flash back to the comment on how long it took to get our food). You could see from the steak, it cooked for much too long of a time on one side, which was brown through half of the thickness. The other half was a pinkish medium.

My wife enjoyed her meal, which was the game meatloaf.

Our server comped us a dessert to share, due to the over doneness of the steak.

It was a bit loud in the restaurant, which is right next to the bar area. We didn't really mind the noise. The people watching was fun.