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Elizabeth MannehJul 25

From the liveliest toddler to the most sedate senior, these DIY bed plans have the perfect bed for everyone.

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green-bedroom-decor diy bed frame

Walnut DIY Bed Frame With Metal Legs

If you’re looking for simplicity combined with elegance, then look no further than this beautiful . The design features clean, minimalist lines, emphasized by the use of a metal headboard and legs. Full instructions for welding the frame are included. There’s also plenty of space under the DIY bed to allow easy cleaning. And our tips for can help you give your bedroom a full makeover.

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Pottery Barn-Style DIY Bed Frame with Storage

Storage pace is always at a premium in the bedroom, so solve your storage woes by building this classic This DIY bed frame houses six spacious drawers that are not only functional but look gorgeous, too. Painted in cool white, this DIY bed has a touch of Shaker styling, but the finish could be adapted to almost any style. There are full instructions and plans, together with guidance on how to adapt this king-size model into a queen homemade bed frame with storage. And for snuggling up with a book at bedtime, add some .

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Minimalist Canopy Bed Plans

Always dreamed of a four-poster bed? Well now your dream can become a reality. Designed by the acknowledged queen of DIY bed designs, Ana White, this minimalist king-sized can be accessorized to fit your favorite décor style. You can even make a Rennie Mackintosh-inspired to match.

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Floating Bed With Integral Lighting

Floating Bed With Integral Lighting

No it’s not magic! But this superbly designed with integral lighting would make a truly magical centerpiece as it seems to hover effortlessly above the floor. Built from California redwood, this DIY bed uses standard cuts of wood that can be cut with a circular saw. DIY bed frames don’t come much more innovative than this. And when you’re done, check out these ideas for to add a stylish finishing touch to your bedroom.

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Toddler House Bed

It’s not only the grown-ups who want the best in bedroom styling. Let your toddler join in the fun with this great (and create extra storage space with this too). The small dimensions make this the perfect starter bed for the child who’s grown-up enough to move to a ‘big bed’. This DIY bed frame can be easily customized to suit your child and during the day it makes a handy playhouse.

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Race Car Bed

Race Car Bed

Build this fabulous for the small speed-lover in your life and they’ll be racing to get to bed every night. Not only does this bed frame look like a race car, but it also features a concealed trundle bed for those essential sleepovers. The brightly painted finish can be customized to keep your youngster happy, and there’s even a built in books shelf. Full plans and instructions are available to help you every step of the way. And these will keep the bedroom tidy, too.

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Princess Castle Bed

Let your child drift away to dreamland in this fairy-tale Although it’s designed as a loft bed, to allow play space underneath, it would be easy to add a floor-bed within the castle for more earth-bound princesses to enjoy.The basic DIY bed frame with storage is simple to build (there’s even a video to help you), and there’s plenty of scope for embellishing and personalizing it to make it unique to your young royalty.

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Clubhouse Bed treehouse

Clubhouse Bed

They’ll have fun, fun, fun, all summer long in this (and all winter too if you follow our !). The plans tell you all you need to know about constructing this sturdy pine DIY bed frame, which includes railings, windows, a loft ladder and even curtains for some privacy. Underneath the bed, add a couch, floor cushions or even another bed for an extra sleeping place when the surf club comes to call.

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Loft Bed

When your kids hit that awkward age between childhood and adulthood, this is ideal. It features a roomy upper bed and plenty of storage and study space underneath. Take a look at our to create a great homework environment for your tween. This bed frame incorporates into the design.

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Platform Storage Bed

Platform Storage Bed

Do your teens store stuff in a black hole under their bed? Transform their room with these DIY bed plans for a Pre-made cabinets form the base of this bed, creating lots of space for storage underneath. There’s even a handy light and a shelf for books that could double as a bedside table. And this DIY bed frame would also be perfect for a studio flat where space is limited. Check out these for decorating the room to match.

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diy-basement-playground03 Indoor Playground Bed

Indoor Playground Bed

What child (or perhaps even some adults) wouldn’t want their bedroom to double as an complete with sleeping space? You’ll need lots of room to construct this project, so a large room or basement is best, but the DIY bed plans give you all the information you need for how to build a bed frame of their dreams. It includes ample sleeping space for several children (if you can get them to sleep!), play space, and even some sturdy monkey bars. And consider adding some extra as well.

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