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Decoding Kristina Bazan’s Chic Style

Decoding Kristina Bazan's Chic Style

Fashion bloggersare aplenty and they appear or disappear at random given intervals, often not calling much attention to themselves.Kristina Bazandoes not fit into this category, however. The 21-year-old fashioniser founded her own fashion blog in 2011 with her partner James Chardon, calling it and turning her hometown of Geneva into a petit Paris with her vogue, style and fashion sense. A model and creative director herself, Bazan wears only the best brands on the market, including Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabanna, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Jimmy Choo, etc. Today we are decoding theincredible style of Kristina Bazan, discussing some of her most inspiration looks that you might like to consider copying!

Decoding Kristina Bazan's Chic Style

Bazan started her blogging “career” in a small village in Switzerland, where she always managed to stand out with her luxurious style. Initially, she wanted to do music, however, she was wise enough to understand that starting her blog could get her more connected to people, which would let her realize her dream. She’s now started her music career too, and we can’t waist to see the first results!

It appears that Ms. Kristina Bazan really stood out when she partnered up with companies such as Chopard, Piaget and Cartier and then had her editorial-quality articles featured in major fashion magazines including Vogue, GQ and Cosmopolitan. Best known for her minimalist, timeless and elegant style (high heels are her best friends), she always feels courageous enough to try new trends and looks, discovering her other sides. She certainly has quite the following and travels the world constantly. Furthermore, the pretty lady has moved her life over to glamorous Los Angeles, where she will be showing off those Alexander Wang shoes and Hermès Constance bags.

Chic, brazen and overall just sexy, Bazan took to the streets of New York in baggy boyfriend jeans ripped up by her hands, a modern well-tailored black blazer on top of nothing but a Stella McCartney bra, a Louis Vuitton bag worn around the waist as a belt bag, or fanny pack as many would call it, and strappy stiletto heels. She looks amazing and it’s no surprise to hear about how many people stopped to compliment her outfit and ingenious way of wearing her bag.

Decoding Kristina Bazan's Chic Style

Los Angeles is certainly not as cold as Switzerland would be, giving the famous fashion blogger an opportunity to wear summer dresses in November. She’s been walking around with an amazing cape as well, complete with a matching Rag & Bone navy blue hat and over the knee boots from Jimmy Choo. A simple black belt from Marni and a quirky Lulu Guinness clutch completed the spectacular outfit. We love the colors, we love the combination and we certainly love Bazan’s style!

Kristina Bazan Street Style

We’ve already mentioned how lovely Bazan is, but it truly should be remarked on once more. Wearing her Dolce & Gabbana key print dress, the fashion blogger couldn’t look more dashing or more impressively glamorous. A golden crown was added to her braid and bejewelled in reds and greens. The makeup she has on matches the crown and dress so perfectly, we cannot help but stare with wonder. That absolutely breathtaking clutch we certainly want for our own collections, looking like a Middle Age precious treasure chest. Those Jimmy Choo over the knee boots are mentioned time and again, which have us really wanting to grab those amazingly comfortable pieces for ourselves!

Kristina Bazan Street Style

LA weather must really be warm for Bazan to be strolling about in a flimsy but gorgeous mini dress by Rebecca Minkoff that had a loose structure with a flattering waist cut. Adding a Filni necklace just completed the look and filled out the deep V cut at the chest while the rest of the look was kept casual with a nude colored bag and comfortable navy blue shoes. She looks chic, sassy and shows off quite an effortless look. The Los Angeles sun is really doing the young fashion princess good!

Kristina Bazan's Style

The latest Michael Kors fall collection had some amazing navy and cream colored pieces that Bazan has incorporated into this look she sports in LA of late. She looks like a professional turned soccer mom, who is most certainly the sexiest woman on the block and she knows it. Those chunkier 5-inch heels with ankle straps look amazing with her Michael Kors bag and Michael Kors perfume as well, apparently. The look suits her complexion and really brings out the blue of her strikingly gorgeous eyes.

Kristina Bazan's Style

Punk rock and slightly country tones come together with this amazing look that was showcased in New York, presenting the Rita & Zia CHAOS collection pieces. Lace top gives off a more elegant vibe, while the tartan shirt adds a punk twist, black leather says chic and gothic and multiple golden eye-catching statement pieces complete the look. This look is amazingly perfect and the hat adds to the stunning allure of it all.

Kristina Bazan's Style

We are left entranced by the fashion sense Kristina Bazan has and know she’s off to a grand start in her career in the fashion industry.

Photos courtesy of Kayture

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Decoding Kristina Bazan’s Chic Style
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