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El Yunque is a sub tropical mountainous rain forest located on the eastern end of Puerto Rico, where the trade winds first meet the island and dump the rain.

The Puerto Rico rainforest is a unique part of the U.S. National Forest System. The El Yunque tropical forest is located 20 minutes east of San Juan. This guide will tell you all about the rainforest, the beaches, little offshore islands and the lodging surrounding El Yunque, some of eastern Puerto Rico's nicest small inns, bed & breakfasts and hotels.

The photo gallery offers pictures of the rainforest and eastern Puerto Rico, including travel tour suggestions and bioluminescent mangrove lagoons.

The upper levels of the rainforest are Mosquito Free!



  level of the forest, just below the dwarf forest. Walk through the Sierra Palms on your hike up to Mt. Britton. Cement path with occasional gazebos. lies at the very top of the El Yunque rainforest. Plants are unique and survive the extreme rainfall and constant wind. is a favorite hiking trail with the tower destination and views over the mountains tops. 45 minutes up from the parking at the top of road #191. Sunny days you can see forever, cloudy days the clouds swirl around and below you! The El Portal Visitors Center lies just below the rainforest and offers an introduction to the rainforest with exhibits, a film, store and snack bar. Entrance Fee. Weekends local artisans set up. various ecological threats and ways to help our environment.

Photos and a little about the Coquis.

• THE NEW wildlife reserve on the northeast corridor of Puerto Rico which is one of the most important turtle nesting sites for the Leatherback turtles in the Caribbean.

Rainforest, biobays, scenic lighthouse views, kayaking, hang gliding, zip lining.

Puerto Ricos many forests. The administration of the reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. There are more than 24 Reserves in the mountains and coastal areas and small offshore islands.

• Camping permits must be picked up before going. Lists of camping facilities and cabins.

• Puerto Ricos' lakes are man made and offer excellent fresh water fishing. The lakes are stockted with bass and other fresh water varieties. Many nationalities and races make up the of Puerto Rico from Spanish to native indian and African.

Coqui frog of Puerto Rico

A translation of a Spanish document concerning the last day of Taino rule. The South coast of Puerto Rico offers a great variety of colonial architecture, historical churches, dry forest, scenic lighthouses and wonderful restaurants. Legend of the last Taino Cacique in what is now Loiza. In response to a letter from Luis Munoz Marin concerning the status of Commonwealth in Puerto Rico. a painter and sculptor who concentrates on the culture of his Loiza heritage , a little history a visit with Alejandro, a traditional artisan who weaves hammocks and baskets.

Ponce is a city rich in Spanish culture, the plaza, museums and churches.

Saints Day Celebration of Loiza Aldea and Ponce.

Some of the more scenic views in PR surround the lighthouse at Punta Tuna.

A tradition that started before the modern day Christmas Day celebration     National Geographic quote: Puerto Rico, a semi-autonomous, internally self-governing U.S. territory, is an extraordinary island—an area smaller than Connecticut, mostly mountainous, with some 300 miles of coastline scalloped by soft sand beaches and lagoons easing into warm tropical water. Inland, rolling coastal plains rise abruptly into the Cordillera Central, a densely forested mountain range running parallel to the island's length and creating an unusual mix of climatic zones and ecosystems... Some of the oldest, most historically significant architecture in the Americas; world-class museums of art, history, and culture