Help for identifying the age and paper manufacturer of Real Photo Old Postcards

Most Real Photo Postcards, abbreviated RPPC, have information on their backs to help in identifying the manufacturer of the photographic paper that was used by the postcard publisher. If you can identify the paper manufacturer, you can approximate the age of the old postcard. If the postcard has a stamp box, click on one of stamp box links below.  If there is no stamp box, or a generic stamp box, go to

Stamp Boxes for Real Photo Vintage Postcards

Select an alphabetical link to identify the paper manufacturer


How to tell the difference between a Real Photo Postcard and a printed Postcard

There is some confusion on what Real Photo Postcards (RPPC) are, and how to differentiate from a printed postcard. Real Photo Postcards are photographs that are reproduced by actually developing them onto photographic paper the size and weight of Postcards, with a Postcard back. There are many Postcards that reproduce photos by various printing methods that are NOT "real photos"...the same methods used when reproducing photos in magazines and newspapers.  The best way to tell the difference is to look at the Postcard with a magnifying glass. If the photo is printed, you will see that it is made up of a lot of little dots, the same as a photo printed in a newspaper. A Real Photo Postcard is solid, no dots.

Quick Reference Real Photo Old Postcard Dating Guide

This chart is not as complete as the detailed information available in the Stamp Box links above.

PAPER Dates Notes AGFA/ANSCO 1930-1940s   ANSCO 1940-1960 2 Stars at top & bottom ARGO 1905-1920   ARTURA 1910-1924   AZO 1926-1940s Squares in corners AZO 1904-1918 4 triangles pointed up AZO 1918-1930 Triangles 2 up, 2 down AZO 1907-1909 DIAMONDS in corners AZO 1922-1926 Empty Corners CYKO 1904-1920s   DEFENDER 1910-1920 Diamond above & below DEFENDER 1920-1945 Diamond inside Devolite Peerless 1950-   DOPS 1925-1942   Du Pont 1945-1950s   EKC 1939-1950   EKKP 1904-1950   EKO 1942-1970   KODAK 1950-NOW   KRUXO 1907-1920s   KRUXO 1910-1920s Xs in corners MULTISCOPE & FILM CO-WISC. Pre-1909 BADGER NOKO 1907-1920s   PMO 1907-1915   SAILBOAT 1905-1908 Sailboat in circle SOLIO 1903-1920s Diamonds in corners VELOX 1907-1914 Diamonds in corners VELOX 1901-1914 Squares in corners VELOX 1909-1914 Triangles: 4 pointed Up VITAVA 1925-1934   Thanks to the following who have helped by identifying or dating
old Postcards stamp boxes/backs we already have, or by adding new ones: Mike Allard Ron Heberlee Kristopher J. Preacher Lewis Baer Gerard Hemmelder Rhonda Randall Margaret Bailey Harry Høberg Heidi Benziger Rautio Barr's Post Card News Allen L.  Hubby Martin A. Riepma Eppe Bosch Nathan Huegel Jeremy Rowe Helen M. Boyden Bryan Jackson Jay Sandeen Andreas Brown Tom Kelly Steven Schainost Peggy Brown Buzz Kinninmont David Shedlock Jill Bullock Joey Know Rosie Shores Robert Carowitz Blaze A. Lanoue Carla Simmons Lois Carroll Mike McDougald Rick Smith Hugh Christie Hal Morgan Simon Smith John Cole Andrew J. Morris William Smith Ned Coleman Bob Murray Donella Spencer Paul Edney Larry Norton Arlen Spingola Chuck Finley John E. Panek Frank Sternad Joyce Fischer John Parsons Bob Swanson Tom Fritz Alan Patterson Gretchen S. Toshach Susan Toomey Frost Skip Peters Robert Whelan Bob Gurske John David Phillips, Sr Jim Whipple Derek Gee John F. Pinel Don Wilson Roger Harvey Ron Playle "Playle's Auctions" Richard A. Wood Dixie Haynes Bill and Jean Poore Sonia Yaco Bill Feldman "Prairie Fires & Paper Moons"

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